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Peugeot Style 4,The range 8,Dynamism 12,Confidence 16. Comfort 22,Specifications 28,Personalisation 34,Peugeot You 38. When it came to building the new reassured that it lives up to the It means vehicles that you can trust video camera that fulfil your need. Boxer we set our designers and same values that every Peugeot is Like all Peugeot vans the new Boxer for smarter ways to keep your. engineers the task of creating created around style practicality is built to the very highest business running smoothly These. From professionals to professionals something that was far more than dynamism and innovation specifications ensuring reliability are the strands of Peugeot DNA. just a vehicle to transport your So what does that mean to you durability and safety for all your that you ll find running through. cargo from A to B The result It means form that follows function precious cargoes including your every commercial vehicle that. A range of vans that have been practical features like one of the drivers bears our name today and every. totally redesigned to work for your lowest loading sills on the market one that we ll build tomorrow So. business as well as your drivers an interior that s carefully planned It also means dedication Because we whichever Boxer you choose you. to help you get the optimum use put as much thought and effort into can be sure that it s been bred for. Because we recognise that no two from it and large optional doors designing and building our vans as business Making it a very attractive. businesses are the same Boxer that open up to 270 to make we do our cars you ll find they re proposition for you whatever. offers a range of models available in loading up fast and easy All designed just as enjoyable to drive Making your needs. different heights and lengths plus a into a vehicle that looks the business long journeys more comfortable. choice of three different HDi diesel too One that enhances your and less stressful whatever the load The new Boxer A vehicle built by. engines So you re sure to find the company s image every time you And it goes without saying that it professionals for professionals. perfect Boxer And no matter which take it out on the road means intelligence practical. one you choose you can be features like an optional rear. Peugeot Style,First impressions that count, Carefully designed down to the Viewed from the rear the Boxer s With the Boxer you win on two. smallest detail the new Boxer was sheer breadth commands respect counts Its assertive and innovative. built with just one purpose in mind The square lines of the hinged style projects a professional image of. to be a modern innovative working doors hint at how much it can hold your business to the outside world. tool It s got all the style you could The bumper used also as a step while its intelligent design means you. expect from a Peugeot plus confirms its functionality have a vehicle perfectly suited to. dynamism and sheer functionality your activity, that lets you know it means Take a look from the side Its. business whatever your business smooth flanks are fitted with wide. rubbing strips The bodywork also, Viewed from the front its expansive benefits from an anti corrosion and.
plunging front windscreen offers a anti perforation treatment while the. wide field of vision the contour of body sills and wheel arches receive a. its bonnet and its distinctive raised non chip treatment for optimal. headlights adding to the impression durability,of dynamism The wide grille and the. imposing bumper affirm its powerful,and sure footed personality. The perfect Boxer for your business Construction industry delivery. landscaping whatever you do,your commercial vehicle has to be. The Boxer is available in a number,of different configurations including. The Boxer range comprises three,330 333 and 335 with a gross.
able to cater for your needs And panel vans and window vans vehicle weight of 3 0 tonne 3 3. with a whole multitude of possible tonne and 3 5 tonne respectively. Boxers out there you re sure to be floor cabs and chassis with single. able to find the right configuration or crewcab to serve as a base for Lastly the Boxer offers a choice of. for your company conversions different lengths and heights to fit in. with your business,Panel van p 28,Window van p 30,Chassis Cab p 32. Chassis Crew Cab p 32, The Boxer is available in a number of different forms and gross vehicle. weights GWV including,300 Range GVW kg,from 3 0 T to 3 5 T. 335 3 5 2 254 m and 2 524 m,from 4 963 m to 5 998 m. from 8 m3 to 13 m3,The Range 9,The right combination.
On vans you can combine a useable from 8m3 version L1H1 to 13m3 As a result you can be sure that. Van bodies Volume, roof height of 1 662 m or 1 932 m version L3H2 with doors large your Boxer meets your specifications. with a load floor length of either enough to accommodate whatever perfectly whatever the job L1H1 8 0 m3. 2 670 m 3 120 m or 3 705 m you need to transport L2H1 10 0 m3. Which gives you the choice of up, to four different combinations on Beyond that you have the option of L2H2 11 5 m3. panel versions or four different a wide range of additional L3H2 13 0 m3. volumes of useable space ranging equipment and accessories. L3H2 L2H1 L2H2 L1H1,from 3 0 T to 3 5 T,2 254 m and 2 524 m. from 4 963 m to 5 998 m,from 8 m3 to 13 m3,Model shows an optional second sliding door. Simply more efficient,Model shows an optional second sliding door.
In order to maximise your load one of the lowest rear sill heights on bumper sill and hinged doors that 1 Stowing rings. space we haven t wasted a single the market from 53 5 cm to 56 5 cm open up to 270 optional We ve The floor comes ready fitted with. cubic centimetre The wheel arch for for versions with normal suspension even made a second sliding side between 8 and 10 stowing rings. kg example is as small as possible and door available as an option depending on which version you. from 3 0 T to 3 5 T, its clearance has been optimized to Even the doors have been choose straps not supplied. give you the largest possible effective intelligently designed to help you. load width i e a width of 1 422 m take loads on more easily Not only 2 12 volt connector. 2 heights at the wheel arch for a maximum do you have a choice of heights The Boxer is equipped with a 12 V. 2 254 m and 2 524 m interior width of 1 870 m plus sliding side doors sizes vary connector in the load area. according to versions but we ve, And to make working life even also added practical touches like a 3 Courtesy lights. 3 lengths easier for you the Boxer also boasts non slip covering on the rear For your convenience two courtesy. from 4 963 m to 5 998 m lights are fitted in the load space. one only on length L1 1 2 3,from 8 m3 to 13 m3,Easy to get around Being a Peugeot the Boxer s. capable of pulling its weight for any,What s more the rigid tube rear. suspension means it is possible to,offset the wheel axis enabling the.
Three other types of rear,suspension are also available. as an option,Combined with 15 inch wheels,the Boxer s suspension has been. engineered to offer comfort, rear sill to be lowered for easier safety and stability under all. Whichever model you choose the loading while the longitudinal double leaf reinforced suspension circumstances whatever the. pseudo MacPherson type wishbone single blade mechanical suspension option load being carried. front suspension with its anti roll offers a quieter more comfortable single leaf comfort suspension. bar offers real stability excellent ride a pneumatic suspension which Only available on window vans intended for. conversion, road holding and exceptional guarantees a constant ride height. drivability under all load conditions a lower,load sill and enhanced comfort.
Dynamism 15,Performs as well as you do, 2 2 l HDi 100 bhp 2 2 l HDi 120 bhp 3 0 l HDi 157 bhp. This four cylinder engine with cast iron engine The 2 2 l HDi 120 bhp gives you everything you A completely new engine this powerhouse s. block aluminium cylinder head 16 valves and dual get with the 2 0 l HDi plus a double flywheel second generation Common Rail injection system. overhead camshaft is equipped with a turbo This DVA a piston cooling mode and a special engine is capable of regulating the pressure from 450 to. gives it real pulling power combined with superb map making easy work of town traffic or open 1800 bar according to demand Combined with. economy two considerable advantages in urban roads 157 bhp and an exceptional 400 Nm of torque. traffic this technology gives you all the performance you. need for long hauls up and down the motorway,100 100 120. Torque N m,Torque N m,Torque N m,60 500 60 500 80,50 300 50 300 70 500. 200 200 400,40 100 40 100 60 300,30 30 50 100,2000 3000 4000 2000 3000 4000 2000 3000 4000. Engine speed rpm Engine speed rpm Engine speed rpm. Maximum power 60 kW 100 bhp at 2900 rpm Maximum power 88 kW 120 bhp at 3500 rpm Maximum power 115 5 kW 157 bhp at 3600 rpm. Maximum torque 250 Nm at 1500 rpm Maximum torque 320 Nm at 2000 rpm Maximum torque 400 Nm at 1700 rpm. A choice of three engines Gearboxes, To meet all your needs the Boxer The Boxer comes with two manual.
comes with three different new HDi gearboxes,the 2 2 l HDi 100 bhp a 5 speed gearbox. the 2 2 l HDi 120 bhp on the 2 2 l HDi 100 bhp, the 3 0 l HDi 157 bhp a 6 speed gearbox HDi technology. on the 2 2 l HDi 120 bhp, These proven and reliable engines a 6 speed gearbox The Common Rail injection system is featured on. which conform to Euro 4 anti pollution on the 3 0 l HDi 157 bhp every Boxer HDi engine for cleaner more efficient. standards offer all the pulling power motoring By injecting fuel at high pressure directly. flexibility and economy you could into the combustion chamber this system reduces. ask for Additionally their specifications fuel consumption and emissions and provides. mean they can pull their weight extra power,whether they re just running around. town or making long hauls up and,down the motorways.
Confidence 17,A trusted working tool, The new Boxer offer a wide range of active safety features enabling you to react as effectively. as possible in even the most difficult situations,Power assisted steering Fog lamps. Variable power steering comes as standard with the 2 2 l HDi 120 bhp and To improve your visibility the optional fog lamps are integrated in the. 3 0 l HDi 157 bhp engines The level of assistance is linked to vehicle speed bottom of the lower front panel. allowing firmer steering at high speed for greater safety and lighter. steering during low speed manoeuvres for greater convenience. Fixed power steering on the 2 2 l HDi 100 bhp engine. To retain optimal balance in difficult situations the Boxer can be fitted. with the following safety equipment, Anti lock braking system ABS Electronic Brake Force. which allows you to control Distribution EBFD which. your trajectory by preventing controls the braking of each. the wheels from locking during individual wheel for greater. emergency braking efficiency particularly in bends. Emergency Brake Assist EBA ESP Electronic Stability. which gives your braking Program which as far as the. maximum power in the event laws of physics allow returns. of an emergency reducing your your vehicle to its trajectory if. stopping time to a minimum the computer detects any. incipient understeer or,Disc brakes Traction control ASR This oversteer. system stops the wheels, The Boxer is equipped as standard with a high performance braking system skidding if grip is lost during Optional.
including disc brakes on all four wheels for optimal efficiency endurance and acceleration. reliability,Confidence 19,Safety first, When you drive for a living you have a right to be as safe as possible. That s why the Boxer incorporates a series of innovations designed to protect you and your. passengers effectively in the event of an accident. 3 point seat belts Door open locator,Reinforced structure Air bags Fuel failsafe. The front seat belts are height This system detects doors left open. Accidents happen even to the safest The Boxer doesn t compromise In the event of impact the system adjustable and are equipped with anywhere in the vehicle including in. drivers Which is why the vehicle s when it comes to passive safety automatically disconnects the fuel pretensioners and force limiters This the load area and displays a warning. structure is critical The Boxer has either which is why it protects its supply to limit the risk of fire system increases levels of restraint light on the instrument panel and the. been designed to absorb as much as occupants with six air bags while minimising the risk of physical multifunction display. possible of the energy created in a One 60 litre driver s air bag and injury particularly at chest level. frontal collision keeping its occupants one front passenger air bag with Safety anti pinch on driver s electric. protected in their own safety cell a capacity of 120 litres Except central passenger seat on two seater bench seat window. Other features that contribute to its Two 10 litre side air bags. high level of safety include incorporated in the sides of the Driver s fasten seat belt alert The driver s one touch electric. A rigid steel structure which serves front seats window is equipped with a safety. as a barrier to protect passengers Two curtain air bags each with a The driver s seat is equipped with anti pinch function which is activated. Strengthened front doors which capacity of 15 litres incorporated a fasten seat belt alert The warning the moment the window detects an. increase overall rigidity in the roof and designed to light on the instrument panel and an obstacle. Front axles specifically designed to protect the heads of the front audible signal both turn off when you. deflect part of the energy under passengers against hitting the fasten your seat belt. the body in the event of frontal windscreen,Available as an option. An active footrest which limits the Only available with the individual passenger seat. backward movement of the pedal,bracket and steering column to. protect the driver,Confidence,Extra security, The Boxer has also been designed Transponder electronic immobiliser Automatic locking of doors while Exterior alarm and anti lift alarm 1 Central locking and independent 2 Identification marking.
to protect your belongings and your system driving locking. goods That s why it comes with The exterior alarm system detects To make it easier to find and identify. multiple anti theft devices This high The Boxer is equipped with the For added security all the Boxer s and signals any attempted break in The Boxer s twice as secure with your vehicle if it is stolen its chassis. level of security means you also latest generation transponder doors lock automatically at speeds in that involves opening the doors or two independent central locking number is visible at the bottom. benefit from lower insurance rates electronic immobiliser system when excess of 12 mph In the event of the bonnet This system includes an zones the cab and the load space of the windscreen. the ignition is switched on a code is impact the locks are released anti lift alarm which goes off if your A button on the centre console. transmitted to the ECU which vehicle is loaded onto a truck allows all of the vehicle s doors. unlocks the engine and enables it to Deadlocks on front and rear doors and windows to be locked while. Available as an option,be started another button located on the. Even if would be intruders break a driver s door panel allows the load. window they ll find it impossible to area to be locked separately A plip. open that door 1 key lets you control all the doors. and windows separately,Comfort 23,Feel at home, If you re going to spend most of occupants and providing more than The Boxer s large front windscreen there either The fascia panel boasts. your working day driving you need enough room for everyone to make not only means the driver has a multiple storage spaces and a. to be comfortable The Boxer is full themselves feel at home really wide field of vision but it also number of practical functions. of little touches designed to make makes the whole cab feel airy while the overhead rack gives you. your life easier Get into the cab and The attractively trimmed seats have spacious and welcoming the instant an additional 22 litres of storage. you ll be impressed by its meticulous multiple settings to ensure maximum you get inside Plus just in case you as standard. design comfort brightness and support and we ve paid particular need it additional cab lighting is. practicality attention to soundproofing to keep provided. your environment as calm as by a double courtesy light located Storage spaces Overhead storage unit Desk panel. The passenger compartment possible The optional bulkhead is in the centre of the roof. comfortably seats up to three designed to further reduce stress The clever thinking doesn t stop The pockets in the door panels are Above your head you have direct Got something to write down The. handy for storing your cards and access to a 22 litre overhead storage desk panel serves as a mini office. documents unit,Not available with front passenger air bag. Air conditioning Additional heating Mono CD Radio, Manual or automatic air conditioning To heat the passenger compartment The mono CD radio sits in the. comes with a pollen filter and an air up faster additional heating can be front panel and has controls on. recirculation system that keeps the installed under the driver s seat the steering wheel MP3 compatible. passenger compartment free from the as an option, dust and exhaust fumes from outside Only available with optional carter seats.
Glove boxes Suspended driver s seat Lumbar support. The fascia panel includes two glove The variable suspension driver s seat Use the small knob on the side of. boxes one of them lockable to adjusts the stiffness of the your seat back to adjust the lumbar. keep your belongings secure suspension to match the driver s support of your seat. weight so everyone gets a really,comfortable ride,Incompatible with the following options. additional front heating side and curtain air bags. and heated seats,Comfort Cruise control, Help when you need it Designed to take the strain out. of longer journeys this lets you,maintain your programmed speed. The Boxer is one van that really They include programmable overspeed alarm whether you re on the flat or going. knows what it s doing It comes with automatic lights on as soon as which emits an audible signal if the uphill without using the accelerator. a number of systems designed to the light level drops programmed speed is exceeded. help you do your job and make automatic windscreen wipers Optional. driving easier safer and more which go into action the moment. enjoyable the first drops of rain start to fall,Webasto Heater. Programmable this pre heats the,cooling circuits to warm up the.
engine and passenger compartment,Electronic tachograph. Dual glass door mirrors,In accordance with legislation vehicles. with a GVW of 4 0 tonnes are Practical for driving and. equipped as standard with an manoeuvring the upper section. electronic tachograph and a fixed of both mirrors offers visibility. speed limiter set to 90 km h comparable to that of a private. car while the lower section gives,Optional on vehicles with a GVW under 4 tonnes. you a clear view of the lower part,of the sides of your vehicle. They can also be adjusted folded,and heated electrically.
Audible rear parking assistance,An electronic rear parking aid warns. you of the presence of an object or a,person when you re reversing thanks. to ultrasonic sensors installed in the,lower rear panel The nearer you get. to the object the faster the audible,signal beeps,Rear video camera. To make it even easier to reverse you,can equip your Boxer with a video.
camera Incorporated in the third,brake light it transmits images from. the rear of your Boxer to an LCD,screen incorporated in the overhead. storage compartment as soon as you,put it into reverse. Try the Boxer experience,www peugeot co uk, So now you ve been introduced according to the level of finish. to the new Peugeot Boxer Its and the options you d like You. innovative design is sure to have will also find information there. caught your eye And about our network of, its safety specification has dealerships our service offers.
doubtless left you impressed the Peugeot marque and all the. latest news,But that s only the beginning, Because at Peugeot we believe Or if you re already convinced. that nothing comes close to the visit your nearest Peugeot Dealer. experience of discovering the to experience the Boxer s. Boxer for yourself commercial benefits first hand, The best place to start is to go And find out how you could add. to www peugeot co uk to find extra dynamism to your business. out more about your future,Boxer configure it exactly as you. would like and calculate its cost,Specifications 29. Up to 4 different volumes available,L1H1 L2H1 L2H2 L3H2.
Panel Van Volume m3 8 10 11 5 13,Dimensions,kg from 3 0 T to 3 5 T. 2 254 m and 2 524 m,External dimensions Doors Load Space. from 4 963 m to 5 998 m Sliding side doors Rear doors. Length Height Width Height Width Height Length Height. L1H1 4 963 m 2 254 m 1 075 m 1 485 m 1 562 m 1 520 m 2 670 m 1 662 m. from 8 m3 to 13 m3 L2H1 5 413 m 2 254 m 1 250 m 1 485 m 1 562 m 1 520 m 3 120 m 1 662 m. L2H2 5 413 m 2 524 m 1 250 m 1 755 m 1 562 m 1 790 m 3 120 m 1 932 m. L3H2 5 998 m 2 524 m 1 250 m 1 755 m 1 562 m 1 790 m 3 705 m 1 932 m. Overall width Height of load sill Load width above wheel arches 1 870 m. with door mirrors folded 2 508 m from 0 535 to 0 565 m Width between wheel arches 1 422 m. Payloads kg, 300 Range 2 2 l HDi 100 2 2 l HDi 120 3 0 l HDi 157. 330 1155 1140,333 1455 1440 1390,330 1115 1100,333 1415 1400 1350. 333 1390 1375 1325,335 1575 1525,333 1340 1325 1275.

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