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HEALTH GAMES How Do They Compare, Both the Xbox Kinect by Microsoft and Sony s PlayStation. Exer gaming Exercise gaming is a new and very exciting Move use motion detection to give you more options for. form of physical activity that seamlessly blends sensor controlling and interacting with games than are possible. technologies cameras body sensors and hand held with a basic gamepad The PlayStation 3 Move uses two. remotes and video gaming technologies in such a way that pieces of technology a wand controller and a camera The. you are required to move to fully interact and camera detects the position and movement of the wand to. best experience the exergame Furthermore they can help determine what you re doing with it Steering wheels. to motivate participants by responding to specific player blasters and other controllers are available with built in. actions and challenging them at each level of expertise thus wands for specialized games like racing games and first. encouraging children to continue playing the game The person shooters By contrast the Xbox 360 Kinect uses. type of workout you receive will depend on the game and only one piece of technology It s a motion and depth sensor. often into the energy you put into playing There are that also responds to voice commands It uses skeletal. different exergaming categories such as camera tracking and face recognition essentially making your body. exergaming rhythm exergaming exergaming machines the game controller 10 The quality in graphics and. workout exergaming and sensory exergaming Exergaming gameplay is determined by each individual game not the. can be enjoyed by anyone as there are games to suit people controller Both the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move. of any gender ability fitness level or age Games consist of support up to four players assuming the game you select. different levels so even beginners can enjoy the games has a multi player mode To have two to four players. They are accessible in many forms such as online in playing simultaneously with the Move you need a separate. arcades or at home 8 hand held controller for each player The Kinect of course. doesn t require controllers For the Wii all the motion. control magic is in the remote An accelerometer tracks. Many games that incorporate the use of dance as a major movement while an IR sensor monitors the positioning of. gameplay mechanic often using the dancing of a player to lights emitted by the sensor bar Its motion sensing abilities. trigger on screen events in the game itself are excellent weren t so great at first initially your movements with the. examples of such games designed for fun but incorporating Wiimote were reflected only approximately in games with. physical exercise 9 gestures and broad motions 10 The Wiimote is not as. responsive as you might expect but it does add more. A very popular example of this form is DDR interactivity The Xbox controller is nice for those who are. Dance Dance Revolution Players stand on a familiar with gaming and want to just sit down and have. dance platform or stage and hit colored arrows fun The Wii is more focused upon casual or new gamers. laid out in a cross with their feet to musical and and includes many easy to use and family friendly games. visual cues Players are judged by how well they Xbox is better if you want to play shooters or games. time their dance to the patterns presented to them centered around online gaming and communication The. and are allowed to choose more music to play to if Wii s biggest weakness is its graphics unlike the. they receive a passing score PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 the Wii doesn t display high. definition content While Kinect and PlayStation Move are. Kinect for Xbox 360 Based around a webcam, both very new the Wii has been around since 2006 and it. style it enables users to control and interact with. has developed a very large library in that time,their console computer without the need for. a game controller through a natural user interface. using gestures and spoken commands Multi and,single player games include boxing volleyball. kung Fu track and field soccer and more,PlayStation Move Employing a camera and a.
motion controller remote this gaming console,offers exercise game titles for single and multi. player play including beach volleyball disc golf,archery dance table tennis kickboxing and more. Nintendo Wii Fit Featuring multi and single,player games including skateboarding hula kung. fu skiing dance games and more the Wii Fit uses,a balance board and remote both of which. translate real life movement into game play Fig 1 Images of the Xbox 360 Kinect Playstation Move. and Nintendo Wii 11, Advantages 13 This game was created when researchers realized the.
The primary benefits of exergames is that they assist in lack of nutrition based games targeted for adults This game. calorie burning and weight loss They also can help specifically targeted African Americans in the Southeastern. improve coordination and body movements Exergaming part of the U S due to the problems endured by this. helps to decrease stress levels and allow for an aerobic demographic when it comes to their diet and health The. workout which has cardiovascular benefits all while user acts as a server in a restaurant and has to suggest the. having fun The variety that exergames offers leads to more healthiest menu option out of three randomized choices to. benefits For children who are not talented at sports this the customer The healthiest option is determined by a. provides a way for them to get exercise without the pressure health value using nutritional data such as fat cholesterol. to perform on a sports team For kids who do not have fiber sodium content and etc The gamer is given feedback. many friends around and whose parents are too busy to play after their choice has been in the form of a stoplight green. sports with them it provides with them with the opportunity for the best choice yellow for the next best choice and red. of still being active by playing against virtual players It s for the unhealthiest option The gamer has six seconds to. also an option for kids who find other forms of fitness serve their customer before he she left angry The team at. training boring Georgia Tech deployed their game to 12 African Americans. Social and cognitive benefits are also produced by engaging in the Atlanta area and overall found that OrderUp. in exergames Online exergaming communities offer a helped the gamers engage in processes of change Some. place where gamers can meet and compete Exergaming particular processes identified were consciousness rating. can be played when kids have their friends over It can also they became more aware of good and bad nutrition self. be a family activity facilitating family bonding because re evaluation process they documented that they began to. exergaming has options for all ability levels and think before the order their meals as well as the helping. ages Playing against other people promotes competition relationships process they discussed the game and nutrition. and therefore offers more of an incentive to exercise with co workers and family 6 13. Cognitively these games have a very positive effect on Another casual game that has been created to assist in. executive functioning as well as on attention working proper nutrition training is Lunchtime 7 This mobile. memory planning multi tasking and problem solving game is similar to the idea of OrderUp in terms of the. skills This can be particularly beneficial to seniors as it design feature the user once again has to choose the. helps delay dementia and improve cognitive skills 9 For healthiest meal option out of a list of three However this is. example cognitive benefits of iDANCE range from better a multiplayer slow casual game The term slow essentially. ordering and sequencing skills to pattern recognition and just eliminates the time restriction on making a decision. higher overall competence level 12 this was done so that the gamer could have time to reflect. and gather as much information as they could about the. Casual Games food options before making a decision The game consists. Casual games are another form of persuasive technologies of ten rounds where the user and friends pick a restaurant. used to increase one s knowledge about health They differ from a list as well as their health goal They have an option. from typical video games due to their simplistic nature of five manage weight manage diabetes manage blood. they are easy to learn and use The time required to play or pressure build muscle and general well being This allows. complete a normal level also differs from the video game for the game to be personalized to different health issues. genre Rounds or levels on video games can take up to two different gamers could actually be facing The game ends. hours to complete whereas casual games can be completed after ten rounds and the player with the highest score wins. in less than ten minutes 13 10 points are awarded to the player picking the healthiest. choice also based on a similar health value as mentioned. Examples above then 5 points the next best choice and 2 to the last. One mobile casual game developed specifically for adults is The evaluation a study was ran with six participants. entitled OrderUp created by members of the School of showed that it accomplished the researchers original goals. Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology of facilitating learning reflection and attitude change They. Fig 2a c a Initial instruction screen for OrderUp b c Screens. displaying meal options as well as total health score the player s name. and the timer 13, also noticed that their gamers encountered similar processes play aspects of these games also add to the amount of. of change as the OrderUp participants people that casual games can reach Though the ones. discussed were targeted to certain group casual games have. Casual games have also been explored in other areas not. the potential and ability to reach all demographics. related to diet nutrition Cytrarius was a casual computer. game developed to educate children and teenagers about. Serious Games, cancer health 14 It straddles the serious casual line As discussed in the Origins of Serious Games paper. because of its use of a narrative to convey the information serious games are designed for educational healthcare. about different cancers and the variety of treatment options defense art religion corporate training and advertising. The gamer is given the tasks of strategically protecting two purposes 15 While there are other options for educating. planets which represent leukemia and tumors by blasting people on the healthy food choices serious games provide. the invaders with weapons simulating the treatment expanded educational entertainment for the player The. options The game and its graphics was found to be more goal is to train the players slowly throughout the game and. enjoyed by younger children than the older teenagers 80 eventually change the player s health behavior The. of the participants parents thought the game would be a training is provided in a slow process of levels or. useful to technique to introduce the scary issue of cancer in objectives adding small amounts of additional health. a more kid friendly way behaviors along the way These games try to keep the. attention of the players which are mostly aimed for teens. How Do They Compare,and children, K Gerling et al 14 listed some important characteristics. essential for all casual games usability accessibility. positive feedback high game responsiveness and an appeal Pyramid Pile Up is a serious game that slowly introduces. to large audiences These three casual games all which food groups are healthier choices The game starts. demonstrated usability accessibility and responsiveness out by placing different food groups with the healthy. but they differed in terms of feedback and its appeal to a choices as the foundation of the pyramid and the less. large group of users OrderUp overly simplistic stoplight healthy on the top As the levels continue the gamer has to. feedback was not favorited by the users 13 We believe it determine which foods are better by reading the nutrition. diminished its level of possible persuasiveness by not facts on the products and choosing the foods that are low in. telling the user why the choice was an unhealthy one In fat and sugar The game keeps the attention of the gamer. comparison Lunchtime gives feedback at the end of by keeping a move count and a score There is also a. each round with a comparison of each of the three choices Chompie a creature out to eat your food that you must. health values This allows the user to see why their choice crush with the unhealthy food to keep them from eating all. was incorrect and what choice should have been made and of your pyramid 16. why Also Lunchtime did the best job of appealing to the. widest group of people all mobile users OrderUp, targeted African American adults living in the Southeastern. part of the United States The food options reflected that. and offered soul food options such as collard greens. Cytarius while it intended to educate cancer and cancer. free youth the researchers found that it primarily appealed. to younger children In order to broaden the appeal of these. games in particular the researchers could make multiple. versions of the game for different cultures in the case of. OrderUp or have customization features and implement. a level selector for Cytarius that would change the. graphics and information given based on a player s age. Advantages, The ability for games to be completed so quickly makes.
Fig 3 Screenshot from Escape from Diab 17, casual games exceptional candidates for cell phones and. other mobile devices These types of games can be played Another serious game Escape from Diab shows a world. while traveling or on a lunch break without the need to be where everyone eats junk food and no one exercises When. tied down to a desktop machine The age range for mobile the main character the gamer who is a star athlete and. device users is ever increasing so casual games are an healthy person wakes up in the city He must convince. excellent way to disperse information for people of all ages others to join him in his mission to escape diab and return. from toddlers to senior citizens The easy to learn easy to to a healthy lifestyle but to do so he has to first get them to. make healthy choices This game has a learning and or accomplish the task at hand The benefit of serious. interactive design It has a deep storyline to keep the games for the gamer comes from the gradual learning. gamer s interest and shows the importance of healthy curve There is a longer game design that requires the. living The only way to escape and win the game is by gamer to slowly learn the health choices Without the. choosing to live the healthy lifestyle by eating vegetables learning the game cannot be won The goal of this process. and fruit as well as exercising 17 is to instill the healthy choices by slowly introducing the. information to the gamer instead of just telling them a large. An older serious game is Packy and Marlon developed. amount of information at the beginning, and implemented in 1997 This game was analyzed in a. clinical trial with positive results This game was CONCLUSION. developed to try and help children manage their diabetes by We discovered that each type of game successfully. teaching the children to monitor blood sugar manage food promoted better health yet they differed on their means of. intake and provide insulin The number of cases where doing so Casual games are better suited for those on the go. these children had to go to the hospital due to a glucose because of their ability to be adapted to mobile devices and. crisis decreased by 77 compared with the group who did do not require much time and attention However for. not play the game 18 serious and exergames more time is required The. narratives and story lines immersed in serious games. How Do They Compare necessitates the gamer s attention Without investing longer. These games Pyramid Pile Up Escape from Diab and periods of time more than ten minutes exergamers would. Packy and Marlon all try to accomplish the same goal of reap no benefits of the technologies Because of the. increasing a healthier lifestyle They all differ however in attention needed along with other factors some games are. gaming style targeting goal and when they were more suitable for some ages than others For example kids. developed Pyramid Pile Up and Escape from Diab are would probably lean more towards exergames than serious. both games that were recently developed and used while games because they are more entertaining and less. Packy and Marlon was developed in the late 1990 s educational Older adults may appreciate the knowledge. Even though Packy and Marlon is older it is a good given by serious games whereas casual games can suit the. example of positive results of serious games It proved in widest range of individuals. the paper by Brown et al that there is a connection between. serious games and the gamer s real world development REFERENCES. 1 Ogden C L Carroll M D Kit B K Flegal K M, Also Pyramid Pile Up and Packy and Marlon are 2012 Prevalence of obesity and trends in body mass. focused on connecting with younger children The game index among US children and adolescents 1999. style is easier to use with a variation in difficulty level as 2010 Jama 307 5 483 490. the game progresses Both of these games are goal or level. based within the difficulty levels while Escape from 2 Aronne L J Segal K R 2002 Weight gain in the. Diab is more focused on storyline It is intended to hold treatment of mood disorders The Journal of clinical. the gamer s attention longer with a distant end goal of psychiatry 64 22 29. winning the game by escaping the city 3 Wright S M Aronne L J 2012 Causes of. obesity Abdominal imaging 37 5 730 732, There is also a difference in targeting goals between the. three games Pyramid Pile Up is trying to teach the 4 Rolls B J 2003 The supersizing of America portion. gamer how to choose healthy foods The user has to learn size and the obesity epidemic Nutrition Today 38 2. how to group the foods into categories and compare them 42 53. Escape from Diab is developed to also promote a healthy 5 Fogg B J 2002 Persuasive Technology Using. life but it is promoting the dangers of too much junk food Computers to Change What We Think and Do. mixed with inadequate exercise Lastly Packy and Interactive Technologies. Marlon is more specific in the health benefits by targeting. children with diabetes It is focused on helping only these 6 Spencer L Wharton C Moyle S Adams T. children make healthier and possible life changing 2007 The transtheoretical model as applied to dietary. decisions behaviour and outcomes Nutrition research. reviews 20 01 46 73,Advantages 7 Orji R Vassileva J Mandryk R L 2013.
Serious games are designed to have either a storyline that LunchTime a slow casual game for long term dietary. allows the user to immerse themselves into the game have behavior change Personal and ubiquitous. many levels that vary in difficulty or have a specific computing 17 6 1211 1221. purpose type such as health art education etc 15 All. of which require the gamer to play the game for more than a. couple of minutes to achieve a higher score win the game. 8 Peng W Lin J H Crouse J 2011 Is playing, exergames really exercising A meta analysis of energy 14 Gerling K Fuchslocher A Schmidt R Kr mer N. expenditure in active video games Cyberpsychology Masuch M 2011 Designing and evaluating casual. Behavior and Social Networking 14 11 681 688 health games for children and teenagers with cancer. 9 Staiano A E Calvert S L 2011 Exergames for In Entertainment Computing ICEC 2011 pp 198 209. physical education courses Physical social and Springer Berlin Heidelberg. cognitive benefits Child development 15 Djaouti D Alvarez J Jessel J P Rampnoux O. perspectives 5 2 93 98 2011 Origins of serious games In Serious Games and. 10 Tanaka K Parker J R Baradoy G Sheehan D Edutainment Applications pp 25 43 Springer London. Holash J R Katz L 2012 A comparison of 16 Brox E Fernandez Luque L T llefsen T 2011. exergaming interfaces for use in rehabilitation programs Healthy Gaming Video Game Design to promote. and research Loading 6 9 Health Appl Clin Inf 2 128 142. 11 Price Comparison Kinect vs Move vs 17 Thompson D Baranowski T Buday R Baranowski. Wii Examiner com N p n d Web 20 Apr 2014 J Thompson V Jago R Griffith M J 2010. 12 Yang S Foley J 2011 Exergames get Kids Serious video games for health how behavioral science. moving In Breakthrough Teaching and Learning pp guided the development of a serious video. 87 109 Springer New York game Simulation gaming 41 4 587 606. 13 Grimes A Kantroo V Grinter R E 2010 18 Brown S J Lieberman D A Gemeny B A Fan Y. September Let s play mobile health games for adults C Wilson D M Pasta D J 1997 Educational. In Proceedings of the 12th ACM international video game for juvenile diabetes results of a controlled. conference on Ubiquitous computing pp 241 250 trial Informatics for Health and Social Care 22 1 77.

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