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The Basics Slayer is the only act whose intensity remains undiminished. and in many regards unmatched,Band Members Reuters. Kerry King guitars 1981 present,Jeff hanneman guitars 1981 present. tom araya bass vocals 1981 present R I A A Certified. dave lombardo drums 1981 1986 Reign in Blood Gold nov 20 1992. 1987 1992 2002 present South of heaven Gold nov 20 1992. SeaSonS in the aBySS Gold april 9 1993,tony Scaglione drums 1986 1987. Paul Bostaph drums 1992 1996 divine inteRvention Gold december 6 1994. 1997 2001 WaR at the WaRfield video Gold february 6 2004. Jon dette drums 1996 1997 Still Reigning video Gold July 20 2005. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he undoubtedly would be listening to Slayer. Seattle Post Intelligencer,SL AYER Thr o ug h the Y ear s. Tom Araya Dave Lombardo,Jeff Hanneman Kerry King,Araya Hanneman.
King Paul Bostaph,Lombardo King,1993 Hanneman Araya p. Tom Araya Jeff Hanneman 2006,Paul Bostaph Kerry King. Araya King Jon Dette Hanneman, Slayer still snarls every syllable slams every chord and never lets its pace slacken below all hell s breaking loose level. New York Daily News, one of the great American rock bands of the last 30 years forget about genre. Chicago Tribune,Jeff Hanneman with James Hetfield,CLASH OF THE TITANS 1991 1990.
Megadeth s Dave Mustaine Rick Rubin with Slayer at a. Anthrax s Scott Ian Slayer s Tom Araya Tower Records Hollywood in store. Awards and other Notables, esquire s esky award Resurgence of heavy Metal for Christ illusion 2002. grammy nomination disciple Best Metal Performance from god hates us all 2002. Revolver Reader Poll Best Band 2004,Revolver Readers Poll Best live Band ever 2004. Metal hammer golden god award Best live act, grammy award eyes of the insane from Christ illusion Best Metal Performance 2006. Kerrang hall of fame award presented to Slayer 2006. Kerrang Special Best album of the last 20 years award for Reign in Blood 2006. Metal hammer icon award for Slayer 2006,SPin Readers Poll Best live Band 2006. Revolver Readers Poll Best guitarist guitar team Kerry King and Jeff hanneman 2007. Revolver Readers Poll Best drummer dave lombardo 2007. grammy award final Six from Christ illusion Best Metal Performance 2007. Metal hammer golden god award Kerry King 2008, Revolver golden god award Kerry and Jeff Most Mind Blowing guitarists 2009.
aol Radio s top Metal Songs for 2009 hate Worldwide at 4. grammy nomination hate Worldwide Best Metal Performance 2010. grammy nomination World Painted Blood Best Metal Performance 2011. If Black Sabbath is the bride,of Satan Slayer is his trusted. whore they do it faster and,more consistently,New York Mag Vulture. 1992 Slayer collaborates with,Ice T on Disorder written and. recorded for the Judgment,Night soundtrack, Slayer Goes For the GOLD Rick Rubin hosted a Gold Record. Presentation party at Hollywood s famed Magic Castle in August. 1993 L R Kerry King Paul Bostaph Jeff Hanneman Tom Araya. band manager Rick Sales American s Renay Palome Rick Rubin. Main CD Discography brutal malevolent and inhumanly fast Revolver. SHOW NO MERCY December 1983 Metal Blade Records UNDISPUTED ATTITUDE May 28 1996 American. Exec Prod Brian Slagel Producer Slayer Exec Prod Rick Rubin Producers Slayer Dave Sardy. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums. HELL AWAITS 1985 Metal Blade Records DIABOLUS IN MUSICA June 9 1998 American. Producers Slayer Brian Slagel Producers Slayer Rick Rubin. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums. REIGN IN BLOOD October 1986 Def Jam GOD HATES US ALL September 11 2001 American. Producers Rick Rubin Slayer Exec Prod Rick Rubin Producers Slayer Matt Hyde. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums. SOUTH OF HEAVEN July 5 1988 Def Jam CHRIST ILLUSION August 8 2006 American. Producers Rick Rubin Slayer Exec Prod Rick Rubin Producers Slayer Josh Abraham. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums. SEASONS IN THE ABYSS October 9 1990 Def American WORLD PAINTED BLOOD November 2 2009 American. Producers Rick Rubin Slayer Andy Wallace Exec Prod Rick Rubin Producer Greg Fidelman. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums. DIVINE INTERVENTION October 3 1994 American,Exec Prod Rick Rubin Producers Slayer Toby Wright.
King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums still crazy after all these years Mojo. STILL REIGNING DVD November 2 2004, Live CDs Compilations Video DVD American Recordings Director Dean Karr. Recorded live July 11 2004 at the Augusta Civic Center. HAUNTING THE CHAPEL EP 1984 Metal Blade Records in Augusta GA. Exec Producer Brian Slagel Producer Slayer,King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums. UNHOLY ALLIANCE LIVE DVD Octobet 30 2007,American Recordings Director Adam Rothlein. LIVE UNDEAD 1985 Metal Blade Records King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums. Producers Slayer Bill Metoyer Includes performances by Lamb of God Mastodon. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums Children of Bodom and Thine Eyes Bleed. SOUNDTRACK TO THE APOCALYPSE Box set 3 4 CDs 1, DECADE OF AGGRESSION October 22 1991 American DVD November 25 2003 American Recordings. Producers Slayer Rick Rubin Recorded live in 1990 and Producers various Studio live demo rehearsal and other. 1991 in Lakeland FL London and San Bernardino CA rarity recordings King Hanneman guitars Araya bass. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Lombardo drums Dave Lombardo Paul Bostaph Jon Dette drums. LIVE INTRUSION Video October 31 1995 American, Director Phil Tuckett Filmed on March 12 1995 at the SLAYER LIVE DVD 3 PAK Box set 3 DVDs.
Mesa Amphitheatre in Mesa AZ August 17 2010 American Live Intrusion. King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums War at the Warfield Still Reigning reissued. first time Live Intrusion had been available on,DVD King Hanneman guitars Araya bass. Dave Lombardo Paul Bostaph drums,WAR AT THE WARFIELD DVD July 29 2003 American. THE VINYL CONFLICT October 12 2010 High, Recordings Director Anthony Bongiovi Filmed at the. end limited edition Box set American All of, Warfield Theatre in San Francisco CA on December 7 2001. Slayer s main albums from REIGN IN BLOOD to, Kirk Hammett and Scott Ian make special appearances.
WORLD PAINTED BLOOD remastered from the origi, King Hanneman guitars Araya bass Paul Bostaph drums. nal analog flat master tapes pressed on 180 gram,vinyl house in high quality litho wapped jackets. Slayer Timeline Satan s house band sounds meaner and more poignant than ever Details. 1981 Slayer has its genesis in Huntington Park CA Jeff Hanneman a telemarketer at the time and Kerry. King first met when they auditioned for the same band Tom Araya had played with Kerry in another band. called Quits and at the time was working in a hospital as a respiratory therapist Dave Lombardo was the. last to join his path crossed Kerry and Jeff s when he delivered a pizza to them Slayer plays its first show. as a band at the Southgate Park Auditorium on Halloween. 1982 Metal Blade founder president Brian Slagel sees Slayer for the first time at a club in Anaheim CA. playing mainly Iron Maiden and Judas Priest covers. 1983 Slayer signs with Brian Slagel s Metal Blade Records and begins recording their first album SHOW NO. MERCY Upon its release the band embarks on its first major U S tour Slayer records their Haunting the. Chapel EP which consists of three tracks the title song Chemical Warfare and Captor of Sin. 1985 Hell Awaits the band s second album is released and sells more than 100 000 copies in the U S. alone Slayer tours Europe for the first time their first show being in Belgium as part of the Dynamo Fes. tival The band comes to the attention of producer Rick Rubin who signs them to his Def Jam Recordings. 1986 Reign in Blood is released and hailed as the best thrash metal album of all time Angel of Death. a song that deals with Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele and the experiments he did on his patients during the. Holocaust plus Hanneman s interest in and collection of Nazi era paraphernalia led people to believe that. Slayer were Nazis Reign in Blood which ran only 23 minutes sold well over a half million copies becom. ing Slayer s first Gold album Dave Lombardo quit the band just before the Reign in Blood tour was set to. begin Tony Scaglione from Whiplash joined Slayer for that tour Dave rejoined the band in time for the. RiB European dates, 1988 Slayer records South of Heaven With the speed intensity and over the top success of Reign in Blood. for the first and last time the band members discussed slowing their playing down for South of Heaven Tom. sang more than screamed and the album was much heavier and more instrumental than was Reign in. Blood It wasn t until later that everyone fans and the band realized that while it had a different sound. than its predecessors it was still a classic It also yielded two of the best songs the band ever wrote and. recorded the title song and Mandatory Suicide, 1990 Slayer writes and records Seasons In The Abyss then traveled to Egypt to shoot the video for the title. track Slayer co headlines with Megadeth the inaugural. Clash of the Titans tour first in Europe and then in the U S. the following May, 1991 The Seasons in the Abyss limited edition single was.
packaged and released as a blood pack and featured the title. track an experimental mix of the title track and a fast ver. sion of Aggressive Perfector Dave Lombardo leaves Slayer. for the second time I was absolutely burned out It was. album after album tour after tour it was never ending I was done. 1992 Paul Bostaph formerly drummer with Forbidden joins Slayer and the band heads out on the Mon. sters of Rock tour, The band collaborates with Ice T on Disorder written and recorded specifically for the Judgment Night. soundtrack The song also appeared on Slayer s Soundtrack to the Apocalypse box set in 2003. 1994 Slayer releases Divine Intervention the first album recorded with Paul Bostoph on drums The album. debuts on the Billboard charts at 8 and quickly achieves Gold status The CD booklet for Divine Interven. tion also boasts the controversial photo of Mike Meyer the fan who carved the word Slayer on his arm with. 1996 Slayer is sued by the parents of a 15 year old girl who claim that the band s lyrics influenced their. daughter s murderers It took five years for the suit to be thrown out of court Undisputed Attitude an. album of punk song covers Black Flag Minor Threat plus three new Slayer tracks is released Paul Bostaph. quits Slayer to concentrate on his new band The Truth about Sea Food John Dette drummer for Testa. ment signs on Slayer plays major festivals in Europe and then co headlines the first edition of Ozzfest in. America Things didn t go smoothly with Dette and The Truth about Sea Food didn t work out so Bostaph. returned as Slayer s drummer, 2001 God Hates Us All was recorded in Vancouver and released on September 11 The night before Amer. ican Recordings hosted a release party in a mausoleum at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery the band then. drove to an in store where they autographed copies of the new disc from midnight to about 4AM Slayer. Best Live Band,Revolver SPIN Metal Hammer, had been scheduled to fly to Europe the evening of the 11th to begin the Tattoo the Planet tour but all flights. had been halted due to the terrorist attacks and the tour was postponed The band toured the U S behind. God Hates Us All and a few days before that tour ended. Bostaph quit again And Dave came back to stay, July 11 2004 Slayer films the DVD Still Reigning in Au. gusta ME plays the entire Reign in Blood album start to fin. ish and gets drenched in fake blood at the end of the. performance, 2006 Slayer begins work on Christ Illusion a blistering cri.
tique of the Bush administration and the first album in 15. years recorded with the original band lineup The album was. released on August 8 and debuted at 5 on Billboard s 200. Albums charts the band s highest ever chart debut Kerry. The album was originally supposed to come out on 6 6 06 but we decided we didn t want to be part of what. ended up as parody With the vocals for just one song Final Six to complete Tom Araya has to have. an emergency gall bladder operation, June 6 2006 The first International Day of Slayer is celebrated 6 6 06 Those who observe the IDoS. are encouraged to stage Slay outs Listen to Slayer at full blast in your car in your home at your place of. employment and in any public place you prefer Headphones are considered an offense to the movement. The objective is to have the Government declare June 6 an official national holiday. August 2006 The City of Fullerton CA demands that 17 promotional bus benches scattered throughout. the city promoting Christ Illusion be immediately removed The city does not like the name of the band which. they feel refers to murderers They are also offended by the Antichrist and skull logo on the bench artwork. October 2006 Christ Illusion is banned in India due to the album s cover art and the track Skeleton Christ. as the lyrics are an insult to Christianity stated Joseph Dias General Secretary of the Mumbai based Catholic. Secular Forum CSF The CSF also sent a memorandum to. Mumbai s police commissioner adding that the album will af. fect the sensibilities of the Muslims on the track Jihad and sec. ular Indians who have respect for all faiths EMI India recalled. November 2006 Slayer makes its first visit to a military base. 52nd Services Squardron located on the Spangdahlem U S Air. Force base in Germany to hang out with the troops, January 19 2007 makes network TV appearance on Jimmy. Kimmel Live, February 11 2007 Slayer wins its first Grammy Award Eyes. of the Insane Best Metal Performance from Christ Illusion. February 25 2008 Slayer s Rockhard Limited Edition Helmets go on sale. October 2008 Slayer records three brand new songs to be included on what. will be their next album, January 2009 Slayer returns to a Los Angeles studio with producer Greg Fi. delman to finish recording their next album, April 18 2009 Psychopathy Red the first new track from Slayer s next.
album is made available as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl single for Record. Store Day The blood red vinyl disc is packaged in a special Russian crime scene evidence envelope as the. song was inspired by the henious Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo who confessed to murdering 56 chil. June 24 2009 Slayer kicks off a four date Canadian tour co headlining with Megadeth These are the first. dates these bands have played together in more than 15 years. July 10 2009 The Mayhem Festival 2009 begins in Sacramento with Slayer and Marilyn Manson co headlining. November 2 2009 World Painted Blood is released and debuts at 12 on Billboard s Top 200 Albums chart. and was a Top Ten debut in numerous countries outside of the U S including Germany Australia Japan and. Canada The album is named one of the Top 40 Extreme Albums for 2009 by Decibel magazine In ad. dition Playing with Dolls a 12 episode video graphic novel created by Metalocalypse direc. tor and huge Slayer fan Mark Brooks is released The short a visual nightmare that breathed cor Pinball Rocks. rupt life into Slayer s syllabus of stalkers psychopaths and serial killers took its title from. Hanneman s Playing With Dolls track was inspired by all of the songs on World Painted Blood. and blended elements of animation and still photography into a visual style similar to that of a. graphic novel, December 3 2009 Hate Worldwide is nominated for a Grammy Award as Best Metal Per. formance This is Slayer s fourth Grammy nomination. January 7 2010 After postponing its UK and European tour dates originally set for Novem. ber December 2009 and then rescheduling them for March 2010 Slayer cancels all tour dates. through April due to Tom Araya s severe pain numbness and muscle spasms that he had been suf. fering for months Right now said the band s manager Rick Sales our main concern must be. the full and permanent recovery of Tom so we have decided to clear the calendar and give him. the extra time he needs to concentrate on good health. Late January 2010 Tom Araya undergoes surgery to deal with his ongoing neck and spine prob. lem After three months of healing the procedure is proclaimed a success. May 20 2010 For the second time Slayer is the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live For. broadcast the band performs Hate Worldwide and for the web only World Painted Blood. June 22 2010 Slayer along with Metallica Megadeth and Anthrax The Big Four perform to. gether for the first time ever at the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia Bulgaria Portions of the bands. sets were aired in more than 1000 theatres worldwide on the same day The Big Four played at a. total of seven Sonisphere Festivals Slayer s Pinball Rocks an app for the iPhone iPad and. iPod Touch is released through iTunes, July 23 30 2010 Slayer co headlines the Canadian Carnage tour with Megadeth performing. its Seasons In The Abyss album in its entirety, August 10 2010 Slayer makes its debut performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon performing Hate Worldwide on air and an exclusive web performance. of Dead Skin Mask, August 11 September 4 2010 The American Carnage tour kicks off in Glens Falls NY with Slayer. and Megadeth co headlining, August 17 2010 Slayer s live in concert DVDs War at the Warfield and Still Reigning are reis.
sued and Live Intrusion originally released only on video is made available as a DVD The three. DVD titles are also available as a special 3 pak box set. September 24 October 21 2010 Slayer co headlines with Megadeth the 2010 Jagermeister. Fall Music Tour Anthrax supports uniting the original 1991 Clash of the Titans tour lineup. October 12 2010 The Vinyl Conflict high end box set is released with the tech publication Tone. Audio commenting The Vinyl Conflict takes its unique place as the hands down best sounding. metal package ever produced, November 26 2010 For Black Friday Slayer releases a special limited edition red vinyl 7 inch. single Atrocity Vendor exclusively through,Metal Club the North American indie store. consortium Written by Kerry King the previously unreleased track was recorded dur. ing the 2009 World Painted Blood sessions The 7 inch also featured the album s title track. December 1 2010 Slayer receives its fifth Grammy Nomination Best Metal Performance for the track. World Painted Blood, February 26 March 7 2011 Slayer plays the Soundwave festivals in Australia North American dates to come. Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau January 22 2010,Outstanding. NY Mag Vulture,MEDIA CONTACTS, United States Heidi Ellen Robinson Fitzgerald International Mike Mathewson.
herfitz mac com 818 705 1267 Mike Mathewson sonymusic com 1 212 833 7781.

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