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P ARTA L UNC H E O N M E E T I N G M I N U T E S D E CE M BE R 3 2018. President Abby Humbles welcomed everyone Ninety Abby thanked the Nominating Committee of Lee. eight people were present Peggy Bragg led the Pledge Ann Meinhold Peggy Shane and Pat Hampton. and gave the Invocation Abby thanked today s She recognized the outgoing 1st Vice President. greeters Lillie Foreman and Joyce Moore Abby Nancy Miller Lee Ann installed the following. recognized two first time attendees officers for 2019 2020 Treasurer Jeff Vallosio. After the luncheon Abby opened the Secretary Kathy Simpson 1st Vice President. business meeting Dixie Wheeler and President Abby Humbles. If you want to pay dues today pay Jeff Vallosio Ann Winget introduced the storyteller presenter. If you need a ride to a meeting let Frances Farraher Chris Mangold who told stories and sang Next. or Abby Humbles know and they will find you a ride we played a Christmas Trivia Game prepared by. Roger had a petition to sign for Douglas Strand Pat Hampton The winners will receive a free. IRTA s TRS Annuitant Trustee Candidate PARTA Lunch Denise Adams Maxine Blane. The minutes were approved with the correction of Peggy Bragg Camilla Ratcliff Laura. Ann Winget sending in her idea for a bench instead of Shane Luan Stoskopf. being present Peter Wessler and Sandy, Copies of the Treasurer s reports were on the tables White Then we enjoyed. A summary is in the Soundings The report was filed a Sing along led by Denise Adams. for audit The meeting was adjourned,Respectfull y Submitted Kathy Simpson Secretar y. PARTA meetings begin after lunch around 12 20 Meetings are free. 9 issues of Soundings The February and September issues are mailed The other issues are. published each year available at the monthly meetings All issues are on the PARTA webpage. AT EVERY MEETING, B OOK E XCH ANGE T ABLE Bring books calendars magazines USED BATTERY. and other paper goods to share with our members RECYCLING COLLECTION. Investment Balance 40 700 28,Savings Balance 6 970 16. Checking Balance 1 396 54,Working Cash cash boxes 100 00 Vallosio.
Post Office Bulk Mail Fund unchanged 359 92,Post Office Returned Mail Fund unchanged 45 62. Grand Total 49 572 52,2019 PARTA MINI VERSION DIRECTORY. Due to a lack of a volunteer to publish a 2019 PARTA directory only a mini. edition will be created late February 2019 This mini edition will only list. All NEW PARTA MEMBERS since the Known changes to contact information. last publication in March 2017 of members listed in the 2017 Directory. If your information is listed incorrectly in the 2017 PARTA Directory please send that information to. John Rathbun on or before Friday February 15 2019 John s Email genrebun aol com. ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 2, P L E AS E M AK E T H E F O L L O W I N G C H AN G E S T O Y O U R D I R E C T O R Y. Arney Helen Phone Disconnected,Behrends Jeanette Phone Disconnected. Fahnestock Richard Phone Disconnected,Gillett Grant Phone Disconnected.
Grewell Johanne Phone Disconnected,Hay Gail Phone Disconnected. Heiricksen David 309 648 4477 New phone,Johnson Eric 309 453 1029 New phone. Johnson Janice 309 472 5209 New phone,Kosier Jeannette 309 251 1642 New phone. Meisinger John Phone Disconnected,Rastatter Maryanne 309 415 0120 New phone. Rathbun John 309 231 0042 New phone, Redlinshafer Toni 604 Harbor Pointe DR East Peoria IL 61611 5805 309 698 4656 New member.
tredlingshafer att net 309 690 5905 C,Thomas William Phone Disconnected. Triliksis Betty Phone Disconnected,Wagner Connie Phone Disconnected. Wiest Susan 313 Pine Ridge DR Washington IL 61571 2005 309 645 2540 New member. swiest49 yahoo com, Dorothy Vallosio January 2 1927 December 7 2018 91. Glenda Leverett June 20 1939 December 25 2018 80,DAT ABASE M AINTAINED BY JOHN RATHBUN. N EW Y EAR T IME for A NNUAL PARTA M EMBERSHIP D UES. For many of our members the new year represents the beginning of a new. membership year Dues for Annual Members and Associate Members is. 15 00 Dues may be paid at a regular PARTA meeting or sent to John. Rathbun Membership Chair,John Rathbun Membership, Checks should be made out to PARTA If you joined last fall.
308 James Pkwy, your first year s membership extends through 2019 If you. have a question about your membership please contact Washington IL 61571. John at genrebun aol com Life Members are not impacted by this announcement For anyone. wishing to be a Life Member the onetime fee is 120 BEST OPTION For anyone you may know. who wishes to join PARTA a membership form may be obtained from https pa rta weebly com. An elderly shopper at our supermarket used a check to buy such items as cotton balls. cotton swabs powder and cold cream On the memo line she d written Repairs. ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 3, TRS will hold an election on E LECTRO NIC VO TI NG for the P APER B ALLO TS. May 1 2019 for two active nominated candidates will will only be. teacher trustees and be available April 1 through mailed if we do. ONE ANNUITANT TRUSTEE 10 a m on May 1 To vote not have your. to serve on the Board of by electronic ballot please email address or. Trustees for 4 year terms ensure we have your valid you request a. beginning July 15 2019 email address on file paper ballot. ALL TRS ANNUITANTS PLEASE VOTE,TEACHER SALARIES TRS PENSIONS. BOOST THE ILLINOIS ECONOMY BY 16 1 BILLION, The after tax earnings of active TRS members was 6 5 billion. which generated a total economic impact of 9 5 billion. The after tax payments to TRS benefit recipients who live in. Illinois was 4 5 billion which generated a total economic. impact of 6 6 billion, ISSUE The salaries paid to Illinois public school teachers and the pension benefits received monthly.
by retired teachers and their families who live in Illinois have a positive economic impact on the state. that is estimated to be 16 1 billion per year In addition active and retired TRS members earnings and. benefits support more than 110 600 jobs in Illinois with a payroll of 4 7 billion. DISCUSSION The cascading impact of wages and pension benefits on Illinois or its individual. counties can be calculated using formulas and standards established by the Bureau of Economic. Analysis in the U S Department of Commerce the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U S Department of. Labor and the Office of Trade Investment in the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic. Opportunity, At the time of the study TRS had a total of 412 451 members Of that 160 500 were active 108 000. were retired and 12 000 were benefit recipients such as spouses of deceased members and. dependent children Of the retirees and benefit recipients 79 percent lived in Illinois. Using statistics compiled during the spring of 2018 the wages paid to active TRS members public. school teachers working in districts outside the city of Chicago and pensions paid to TRS retirees. who lived in Illinois translated into a total economic impact of 16 1 billion. Nationally a new study released in May by the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement. Systems reported that in 2016 retired public employees in the United State received 303 1 billion. which in turn generated a 757 8 billion boost to the economy including 151 9 billion in state and local. tax revenues Updated October 1 2018 Source trsil org. In America the you are always ready to give to those who are older. than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience. ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 4,I R T A F o u n d a t i o n IRTAF 2 0 1 9. 22 000 IN IRTAF SCHOLARSHIPS,A PPLICATION D EADLINE. MARCH 7 2019, The IRTA Foundation awards six 1 500 scholarships to incoming juniors or. seniors in college that are pursuing a degree in education Thanks to a very. generous private donation from one of our members Areas 4 and 6 each will. award a second scholarship of 3 000 The eight winners were chosen through. competition with other applicants from their own area of the state Applications are. available on the IRTA website www irtaonline org under Foundation or by contacting. Susan Goetz at the IRTA Office 1 800 728 4782, IN ADDITION Moler Austin Scholarships 2 3 500 each.
Applicants must be graduates of a Kendal County High School. 36 500 IN IRTAF TEACHER GRANTS,APPLICATION DEADLINE. JUNE 1 2019, Excellence in Education Grants for Teachers Educators often think of this. phrase Extra Funds Needed when it comes to planning special projects for. their students Due to state budget cuts teachers may find that additional. revenue sources are no longer available for such unique activities This special. grant will provide additional funds to public school educators Pre K through 12 so that. their students will have the means to participate in special projects. Please download complete and submit the application online at. https goo gl forms 9ZnwdK5eQDewEfqp1,TWO BUYOUT PROGRAMS for TRS MEMBERS AVAILABLE. A voluntary accelerated annual increase program for retiring Tier 1 members began in. January and TRS continues to make steady progress on implementing a separate. buyout program for eligible inactive members in spring 2019. A CCELERATED A NNUAL I NCREASE I N A C T I V E M E M B E R B U Y O U T. For the next two years when a Tier 1 member Inactive members in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 may be. informs TRS that he she wants to retire TRS will eligible for this program The buyout amount will equal. ask whether the member has any interest in 60 of the present value of the member s anticipated. participating in what is being called the pension benefits In return a member who accepts the. Accelerated Annual Increase program or buyout will give up any future rights to a reoccurring. AAI If a member is interested the program TRS benefit when they get older. will be explained and he she will be given an Currently approximately 20 000 TRS members are. estimate of the AAI payment and a formal eligible for this accelerated payment out of a total of. election form 131 812 inactive members, An elementary teacher was preparing to discuss magnetism with her. class She held a magnet over a box filled with pins and ten said. My name begins with an M and I pick up things What am I. A boy in the front row immediately yelled out MOM,ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 5.
SPOTLIGHT ON IRTA MEMBER BENEFITS,L I B E R T Y M U T U A L I N S U R A N C E. IRTA partners exclusively with Liberty Mutual Insurance to help save members up. to 782 on auto and home insurance IRTA member benefits information and. resources are online under the Members Only tab at www irtaonline org. Members from the Peoria Area joined other IRTA,members aboard the Celebrity Equinox for a 7 day. Eastern Caribbean Cruise Making new friends,experiencing new adventures and creating awesome. memories are some of the perks of retirement,Jerry Carla Stokowski. Experiences,Dale Dixie Wheeler,Pat Roger Hampton,Cubs Cardinals Game.
October 20 28,IRTA Irish Adventure,Details Online irtaonline org. I LLINOIS R ETIRED T EACHERS A SSOCIATION IRTA M EMBERSHIP. As the voice of Illinois s retired educators the Illinois. Retired Teachers Association IRTA defends pension, and healthcare protection via its lobbying efforts. advocates for retirees provides group rate dental and. vision insurance among other benefits and provides. travel and entertainment options for its members,WHY JOIN IRTA. Pension Protection Legislative representation,and advocacy for improved retirement benefits. health insurance pension funding etc,Legislative Updates Member Benefits.
Pension Protection Supplemental Insurance,New Friendships Domestic and International. A n d S o M u c h M o r e,YOUR IRTA MEMBERSHIP WILL ENRICH YOUR RETIREMENT. ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 6, EARLY 2019 IMPORTANT RETIREE TAX PAYMENT REMINDERS FROM TRS. A RRIV AL OF 1099 R, If you received a TRS benefit in 2018 the If you do. Office of the Comptroller will mail an IRS not receive. Form 1099 R to you by January 31 2019 a 1099 R form by February 15 2019 or you need a. This form will report your income received duplicate copy sent to you please log in to the secure. from TRS during 2018 Member Account Access area, If you have not yet set up your online member account please watch the video at.
www trsil org videos accessing your trs member account online. to learn how Your Member ID is required to set up an account. A NNU AL I NCRE AS E R EFLECTED ON F EBRU ARY 1 2019 C HECK. TRS pays your monthly The annual 3 COLA will be reflected on your February 1. benefit in arrears The check 2019 check With some exceptions recipients of monthly. issued January 1 2019 is your survivor benefits will also see a 3 increase The COLA. payment for the month of December 2018 Cost increase is first effective on January 1 following either. of living adjustment COLA increases certain your first retirement anniversary or your 61st birthday. insurance premiums and federal tax whichever is later TRS only sends a notification letter. withholding changes will be reflected on the before your first COLA occurs Retirees may log in to the. check issued February 1 2019 which is your secure Member Account Access area to view their. monthly annuity for January 2019 monthly and annual earnings statements. F EDER AL I NCOME T AX W I THHOLDING T ABLES C H ANG ES. Revised federal income tax withholding tables If you would like to change your withholding election. went into effect on January 1 2019 As a result the you must complete a new Form W4 P. federal taxes withheld from your January 1 2019 You may print a personalized Form W4 P online within. annuity payment may increase or decrease based the TRS secure Member Account Access area after. on your filing status you have signed in,RE ENROLLMENT IN TRIP TRAIL. AN IRTA INITIATIVE, A new law signed in August of 2018 allows TRS members and their. THANK YOU IRTA, dependents who have previously opted out of the Teachers. Retirement Insurance Program TRIP or the Total Retiree Advantage Illinois Medicare plan TRAIL. to re enroll in the programs if they wish TRS members and their dependents who are still otherwise. eligible for TRIP and TRAIL can re enroll during any applicable annual open enrollment. period set up by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services CMS which. administers TRIP and TRAIL Historically the open enrollment periods are. TRIP the spring of each year TRAIL the fall of each year. I got a call from my contractor complaining that his work had been completed over a. year ago and I had not yet paid him Boy oh boy did we go around I proceeded to tell. him just what his fast talking sales guy had told me last year He said that in one year. the windows would pay for themselves There was silence on the other end of the line. so I just hung up and he hasn t called back Guess he was embarrassed. ISSUE FEBRUARY 2019 PARTA PAGE 7,Peoria Area Nonprofit. Retired Teachers Association U S Postage,308 James Parkway PAID.
Washington IL 61571 1041 Permit 378,Address Service Requested. Unit 32 of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association. PARTA OFFICERS 2019 2020,Abby Humbles President,Dixie Wheeler 1st Vice President. Ann Winget 2nd Vice President,Kathy Simpson Secretary.

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