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PAPR Reduction of OFDM Using a New Phase Sequence in SLM
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International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering IJAEEE. II ORTHOGONAL FREQUENCY DIVISION Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is a. MULTIPLEXING special form of multicarrier modulation which is. particularly suited for transmission over a dispersive. With the ever growing demand of this generation channel Here the different carriers are orthogonal to. need for high speed communication has become an each other that is they are totally independent of one. utmost priority Various multicarrier modulation another. techniques have evolved in order to meet these, demands few notable among them being Code Division Two periodic signals are orthogonal when the. Multiple Access CDMA and Orthogonal Frequency integral of their product over one period is equal to zero. Division Multiplexing OFDM Orthogonal Frequency, Division Multiplexing is a frequency division For the case of continuous time. multiplexing FDM scheme utilized as a digital multi. carrier modulation method A large number of closely. spaced orthogonal sub carriers is used to carry data. The data is divided into several parallel streams of. channels one for each sub carriers Each sub carrier. is modulated with a conventional modulation scheme. For the case of discrete time, such as QPSK at a low symbol rate maintaining total. data rates similar to the conventional single carrier. modulation schemes in the same bandwidth,The OFDM has many advantage such as high. bandwidth efficiency robustness to the selective fading. problem use of small guard interval and its ability to. combat the ISI problem The main disadvantages of the Where m n in both cases. OFDM systems is that it exhibits a high peak to average. power ratio namely the peak value of some of the III PROBLEM OF PEAK TO AVERAGE POWER. transmitted signals could be much larger than the typical RATIO IN OFDM. values PAPR Peak Average Power Ratio makes the, amplifiers to work in non linear regions This will cause An OFDM signal consists of a number of.
inter modulation between the different sub carriers and independently modulated sub carriers which can give a. introduce additional interference to the system large peak to average power PAP ratio when added up. Additional interference leads to an increase in Bit Error coherently When N signals are added with the same. Rate BER Large PAPR leads to in band distortion and phase they produce a peak power that is N times the. spectral spreading average power High PAPR of the transmitted signals. results in clipping noise non linear distortions of power. amplifiers BER performance degradation energy, spilling into adjacent channels inter modulation effects. on the sub carriers warping of the signal constellation in. each sub channel increased complexity in the analog to. digital and digital to analog converter, Let the data block of length N be represented by a. vector X X0 X1 X2 XN 1 T Duration of any, symbol Xk in the set X is T and represents one of the. subcarriers fn n 0 1 N 1 set As the N sub, carriers chosen to transmit the signal are orthogonal to. each other so we can have fn n f where n f 1 NT,and NT is the duration of the OFDM data block X.
The PAPR of the transmitted signal is defined as,Figure 1 FFT Based OFDM Model. ISSN Print 2278 8948 Volume 2 Issue 2 2013, International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering IJAEEE. PAPR is defined as a ratio of peak instantaneous power In this technique the actual transmit signal lowest. to the average power Reducing the max x t is the PAPR is selected from a set of sufficiently different. principle goal of PAPR technique signals which all represents the same information SLM. Technique is very flexible as they do not impose any. IV PAPR REDUCTION TECHNIQUES restriction on modulation applied in the subcarriers or. on their number, There are several techniques to reduce PAPR of the. OFDM system 1 2 These techniques are classified VI PROPOSED SCHEME. into two i e Signal Scrambling Techniques and Signal. Distortion Techniques 3 In signal scrambling In proposed scheme we have modified the SLM. techniques we basically scramble the codes to reduce technique Earlier in SLM technique we have used phase. PAPR Coding techniques can be used for signal sequences B 1 B 2 B 3 B 4 1 1 j j. scrambling,In the proposed scheme we have used phase. Signal scrambling technique can be further classified sequences B 1 B 2 B 3 B u 1 1 1 1 1 2. into 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 4 First the data source is, partitioned into blocks and then serial to parallel.
1 With explicit side information conversion of data is done The transformed data is. processed by the modified SLM unit Then IFFT of data. 2 Without explicit side information is done After that one with lowest PAPR is selected. Signal scrambling technique with explicit side,information is of two types i e coding based and. probabilistic schemes Selective level mapping comes. under probabilistic schemes Hence selective mapping. can be said to be a part of signal scrambling technique. with explicit side information,V THE SELECTIVE MAPPING TECHNIQUE. The SLM technique was first described by Bauml et,al 4 Selective mapping scheme is a technique in. which multiple phase rotations are applied to the, constellation points and the one that minimizes the time. signal peak is used Selective mapping involves, generating a large set of data vectors all representing the.
same information The data vector with the lowest,resulting PAPR is selected Information about the. selected and transmitted data vectors is coded and these Figure 3 Block Diagram of Modified SLM Technique. codes are by an additional sub carriers,VI SIMULATION RESULT. We carried out extensive simulation using,MATLAB to evaluate the PAPR reduction performance. of the modified SLM technique OFDM systems with, N 256 subcarriers was used for the simulation with. QPSK modulation The parameters used for simulation. are given in table below,Modulation QPSK,Number of data subcarriers N 256.
Total number of data symbols 1000,Size of the phase sequence 256. We implemented the proposed algorithm of,modified SLM to obtain a design in MATLAB The. Figure 2 Block Diagram of SLM Technique result is shown in figure 5 We compared the result with. ISSN Print 2278 8948 Volume 2 Issue 2 2013, International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering IJAEEE. earlier SLM technique and it is found that proposed VII CONCLUSION. method worked efficiently,In this paper technique for reducing PAPR has. CCDF plot of PAPR using SLM technique,been proposed By modifying the sequence used in.
10 original PAPR new technique improved the PAPR,value near about 6 6dB The PAPR reduction. performances were evaluated using MATLAB, simulation tool Experimental result clearly proves that. there is a significant reduction in PAPR The proposed. scheme reduced the PAPR by about 3 8dB,VIII REFERENCES. X Li L J Cimini Effects of clipping and filtering on. the performanceof OFDM IEEE Com Letters Vol,2 No 5 pp 131 133 May1998. 2 R W Bami R F H Fischer and J B Hber,Reducing the peak to average power ratio of.
Multicarrier modulation by selected mapping IEE,Electron Lett vol 32 pp 2056 2057 Oct 1996. 3 Rakesh Rajbanshi Peak to Average Power Ratio,4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. Reduction Techniques Survey and Analysis EECS,PAPR dB 800 Dec 2004. 4 M Park J Heeyong J Cho N Cho D Hong and, Figure 4 CCDF Plot of PAPR using SLM Technique C Kang PAPRreduction in OFDM Transmission. using hadamard transform IEEEInternational,Conference on Communication vol 1 June 2000.
CCDF plot of PAPR for proposed method,PP 430 433,Modified SLM. 5 L J Cimini Jr Analysis and Simulation of a Digital. Mobile Channel Using Orthogonal Frequency Division. Multiplexing IEEE Trans Communication vol 33,pp 665 675 July 1985. 6 A Zolghadrashi and M H Ghamat An overview of,PAPR Reduction technique for Multicarrier. Transmission and propose of New Techniques for,PAPR reduction Iranian Journal of Electrical and. computer Engineering Vol 7 No 2 Summer Fall,2 2008 pp 115 120.
7 K Kasiri and M J Dehghani A Blind SLM Scheme,for Reduction of PAPR in OFDM Systems Worl. Academy of Science Engineering and Technology 50, 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 8 L J Cimini Jr and N R Sollenberger Peak to. average power ratio reduction of an OFDM Signal,using partial transmit sequences IEEE. Figure 5 CCDF Plot of PAPR for PROPOSED Method Communication Letters Vol 4 No 3 pp 86 88 Mar. The PAPR obtained by using SLM technique with, phase sequence 1 1 j j is nearly about 6 9dB The 9 R W Bami R F H Fischer and J B Hber. PAPR obtained by using modified SLM technique is Reducing the peak toaverage power ratio of. nearly 6 6dB So we are able to reduce PAPR effectively Multicarrier modulation by selected mapping IEE. by nearly 0 3dB by modified SLM technique Electron Lett vol 32 pp 2056 2057 Oct 1996. ISSN Print 2278 8948 Volume 2 Issue 2 2013, International Journal of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering IJAEEE.
10 Rakesh Rajbanshi Peak to Average Power Ratio, Reductionn Techniques Survey and Analysis EECS 17 A Zolghadrasli and M H Ghamat An Overview of. 800 Dec 2004 PAPR Reduction Techniques for Multicarrier. Transmission and Propose of New Techniques for, 11 N vishnukanth I V K Chakka and A Jain SLM based PAPR Reduction Iranian Journal of Electrical and. PAPR reduction of an OFDM signal using new phase Computer Engineering Vol 7 No 2 Summer Fall. sequence IEEE Electronics Letters submitted on 2008 pp 115 120. 18 Ashraf A Eltholth Adel R Mikhail A Elshirbini, 12 P Foomooljareon and W A C Fernando PAPR Moawad I Moawad and A I Abdelfattah Peak to. Reduction in OFDM Systems ThammasaItn t J Sc T Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systems. ech Vol 7 No 3 September December 2002 using Huffman coding World Academy of Science. Engineering and Technology 43 2008, 13 N V Irukulapati V K Chakka and A Jain SLM based. PAPR reduction of OFDM signal using new phase 19 Kojima T Iwamoto S Shida Y Fujino T A. sequence ELECTRONICS LETTERS 19th November novel SLM PAPR reduction of OFDM Signals without. 2009 Vol 45 No 24 side information Signal Processing and Information. Technology ISSPIT IEEE International Symposium, 14 Chin Liang Wang Senior Member IEEE and Yuan on Vol no pp 321 325 15 18 Dec 2010.
Ouyang Student Member IEEE Low Complexity, Selected Mapping Schemes for Peak to Average 20 Yuan Jiang New Companding Transform for PAPR. Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systems IEEE Reduction in OFDM IEEE COMMUNICATIONS. TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS VOL 14 NO 4 APRIL 2010. VOL 53 NO 12 DECEMBER 2005,21 Sulaiman A Aburakhia Ehab F Badran and Darwish. 15 Hyunseuk Yoo Associate Member IEEE Frederic A E Mohamed Member IEEE Linear Companding. Guilloud Member IEEE and Ramesh Pyndiah Senior Transform for the Reduction of Peak to Average. Member IEEE Low Complexity Partial Selected Power Ratio of OFDM Signals IEEE. Mapping for PAPR Reduction of OFDM System TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING VOL 55. published in IEEE SCVT 2010 7th Annual NO 1 MARCH 2009. Symposium on Communications and Vehicular,Technology Enschede Netherlands 2010. 16 Zhongpeng Wang Reduction PAPR of OFDM,Signals by Combining SLM with DCT Transform Int. J Communications Network and System Sciences,2010 3 888 892.

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