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Slide In Section 2 we discussed how a pandemic would affect. 2 your faith based organization and outlined the steps for. developing a plan for your FBO to best survive a pandemic. You have developed your,Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan. for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Now what,for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide In Section 3 you will learn the role of your FBO after the. 4 Section 3 worst of the pandemic is over and how your FBO can help your. Putting Your Community community recover,Back Together. What is the role of your,faith based organization,for Faith Based.
Pandemic Preparedness Organizations, Slide First let s examine the potential roles your FBO can. 5 serve in your community,FBOs can play many roles in. their community or region in,time of crisis,for Faith Based. Pandemic Preparedness Organizations, Slide Does your FBO have large spaces that could be used to. FBOs can provide, 6 shelter people displaced by the pandemic Depending on the.
nature of the pandemic people may not be able to stay in their. homes Volunteers from other cities may need short or long. term shelter Is your FBO equipped with showers or near a. facility with public showers Do you have the facilities to feed. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based,large numbers of people. Organizations, Slide Maybe your FBO doesn t have the facilities to provide. FBOs can provide, 7 shelter but most FBOs have gathering spaces Can you provide. A gathering space for community meetings volunteer meetings or perhaps. space for temporary office work,Flickr Edison Academy FCPS. for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations.
Slide Can your FBO provide meals to volunteers Or prepare. FBOs can provide, 8 meals to be delivered to those who have recovered from the. A gathering place pandemic but are still not able to cook Keep in mind that many. Physical comfort,restaurants may be temporarily out of business. Flickr Judy Baxter,for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Does your FBO have staff or members who can provide. FBOs can provide, 9 emotional comfort services Could your FBO provide a network. A gathering place,of emotional support for your members.
Physical comfort,Emotional comfort,Flickr Jlhopgood. for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Many people will have missed a great deal of work. FBOs can provide, 10 during the pandemic This will create financial hardship for. A gathering place individuals families and businesses Does your FBO have direct. Physical comfort, Emotional comfort financial resources that can assist members during this time. Financial resources Are there indirect ways your FBO can assist with financial. Flickr Dustin Moore, hardship Providing meals Transportation vouchers Job.
Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based,Organizations. Slide Depending on the nature of the pandemic many people. FBOs can provide, 11 may need assistance with day to day tasks in their homes and. A gathering place businesses Can your FBO provide child care free or at a reduced. Physical comfort, Emotional comfort rate Does your FBO have a parish nurse program that could. Financial resources,Human resources,Flickr Myfuture com. provide visitation services Could your FBO assist small. businesses with staffing or accounting services,for Faith Based.
Pandemic Preparedness Organizations, Slide Now that we have identified some of the possible roles. 12 Developing a for your FBO during the recovery from a pandemic it s time to. Community Recovery develop a plan for your FBO to play a vital role in assisting your. Plan for your FBO community in recovery,for Faith Based. Pandemic Preparedness Organizations,Slide Primary planning steps include. Primary Planning Steps, 13 Identify the existing conditions in your community. Identify existing conditions, Identify community needs Identify potential needs in your community following a.
Brainstorm ideas,Develop a plan, Manage the plan Brainstorm ideas for meshing community needs with your. FBO resources,Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based. Develop a plan for using the most feasible of the ideas. Finally manage the plan and update it when conditions in. Organizations,your FBO change, Slide The first step is to identify the resources available in your. 14 FBO This will include both physical resources and human. 1 resources,for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Note to Instructor Refer participants to the Community. Identify Existing Conditions,15 Location within the.
Recovery Plan template and spend some time filling in the. Physical resources Logistical Information and Step 1. Human resources, among staff Start by taking an inventory of the existing conditions in. Human resources, among members your FBO What resources does your FBO have to offer This. includes both your physical building and grounds and your. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based,human resources What are your conditions today. First examine your location s within the community Are you. Organizations, in the middle of town Close to a hospital Along a major. highway What is significant or unique about your location. Next examine each space within your physical location. Record the square footage and number of seats in each. space Also record other assets for each space such as. proximity to kitchen facilities and bathrooms Does the space. have easy to clean surfaces and or a drain in the floor. Next look at your staff What skills do they possess What. are their strengths, Finally look at your members What skills do they possess.
Do you have an extraordinary number of members in one. profession such as education medicine or banking, Note to Instructors Ask participants to attempt each. section Perhaps they will want to start by examining three. primary spaces and just a couple of staff members The focus. here is to get an idea of how to develop this plan with their own. Slide The second step is to identify the needs in your. 16 community,for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Note to Instructor Refer participants to Step 2 of the. Identify Community Needs, 17 Community Recovery Plan template This section may take a bit. Elder care of research after the class FBOs need to become familiar with. Business support,Agency coordination, agencies in their community that would be involved during and. after the pandemic, First what challenges will your community possibly face.
Flickr Scorpions and Centaurs,Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based. following a pandemic Will shelter be a major need Care for. Organizations,the elderly Business support, Next identify key community agencies related to these. challenges Start with your community website If you are. located in a large city you should identify agency offices. closest to your FBO as well as two or three slightly more. distant If you are located in a small town or rural area where. are the closest agencies Identify hospitals medical clinics. and community public health agencies as well as city. government offices and university or college facilities What. other agencies are unique to your area Refer back to Step 7. in your Preparedness and Response Plan for a list of some of. these agencies,Finally check the agency websites for pandemic. preparedness plans or contact them to determine what those. agencies identify as areas of need following a pandemic. Note to Instructor If all the participants are from the. same area or community complete this section as a group If. there are several communities represented divide the large. group into smaller community groups to complete this section If. your space has Internet access you might want to demonstrate. how to find agency information websites, Slide Step 3 involves brainstorming ideas to match your. 18 community needs with the resources of your FBO,for Faith Based.
Pandemic Preparedness Organizations, Slide The idea behind brainstorming is to put as many ideas. Brainstorming, 19 on the table as possible Every idea no matter how strange or. Find a brainstorming, method unreal is treated equally You can use sticky notes on a wall. Every idea is treated, equally large sheets of paper or any of a number of computer. How can your FBO help,your community,brainstorming programs.
Flickr Jez Nicholson, The question is How can your FBO help your community. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based, recover from a pandemic How do the resources or existing. Organizations, condition of your FBO mesh with the potential needs of the. Note to Instructor Provide a method for your, participants to do some brainstorming Sticky notes are an easy. method as individuals in a group can write their own ideas as. quickly or slowly as they like Provide at least 10 minutes for. brainstorming If an FBO is represented by only one person. group similar FBOs together, Slide Step 4 is where all your previous hard work comes.
20 together into a plan,for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations. Slide Note to Instructors Refer participants to Step 4 of the. Develop a Plan,21 Community Recovery Plan,Develop the best of. the brainstorming There are many ways to develop a plan Each will be. Identify primary and unique just as your pandemic plan is unique to your FBO. secondary ideas, Set goals for ideas Developing a plan involves taking those ideas identified during. your brainstorming session and developing them into a unique. Flickr Garry Wilmore,Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based. plan for your FBO,Organizations,Developing Brainstorming Ideas.
First examine every idea from the brainstorming session. 22 Examine and discuss, Even those ideas that at first seem preposterous may hold a. every idea from, brainstorming glimmer of a concept that can supplement another idea. Identify ideas most, feasible for your FBO Discard ideas you are no longer considering Discarded ideas. Arrange ideas into, categories may include those that are not financially feasible for your. Flickr Jez Nicholson, FBO that require more personnel than you have available or.
Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based,that require facilities not available to your FBO. Identify the most feasible ideas for your FBO For example if. Organizations, your FBO has an unusual number of medical professionals. you may want to concentrate on how your FBO can help the. medical community recover If your FBO is located in an. urban area you may want to concentrate on helping your. neighborhood recover financially, Arrange your ideas into categories For example if you have. several ideas that involve medical professionals put them. together If you have several ideas that involve using your. facilities for food and shelter put those together. Slide Identifying Primary and Since a pandemic holds many unknowns you will want. 23 Secondary Ideas,to develop several ideas,What is your most. plausible idea You should first identify the idea that is most plausible. What other ideas, would also work for your FBO It might be the one that best matches your staff.
Can any of the ideas, work simultaneously and members or your facility or your financial limitations. Flickr INPIVIC Family, Maybe you have a large kitchen area and your FBO would be. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based best suited for providing meals Maybe you have an established. Organizations, strong parish nurse program and you can provide follow up. medical monitoring What is your FBO best suited to provide. your community during the pandemic recovery period. If the situation doesn t fit with your primary idea you. should identify a second primary idea a secondary idea or even. several secondary ideas, Finally can any of these ideas work simultaneously Do. they use different parts of your facility or different members of. your FBO Perhaps one could potentially be a heavy financial. burden but another has little or no cost You can identify a. laundry list of ideas and then match them to potential. situations, Slide Each idea now needs a plan For each idea identify who.
Setting Goals for Ideas, 24 you will help and how you will do it who will be in charge what. Who will you help,How will you help,Who will be in charge. you hope to accomplish and when you will know you are. What will you, accomplish finished with your part of the recovery. What resources will be,used Flickr Angie Torres,When will you be. for Faith Based,Pandemic Preparedness Organizations.
Slide A plan isn t effective if it is on a shelf old and out of. 25 date Share information about your plan with staff members. 5 and people in the communities you serve Make sure you. update your plan at least yearly Although a pandemic can occur. at any time the winter season is the most likely time for a. pandemic so make it a policy to update your plan in the late. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based, summer or early fall Look at both the changes that have. Organizations, occurred in your FBO and the changes that might have occurred. in your community, Slide Pandemic Preparedness is Your FBO s Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan is. 26 Critical, only as good as you make it By taking part in this Pandemic. Being unprepared means your, FBO may not survive a pandemic Preparedness for Faith based Organizations program you ve.
Being prepared means, your faith based done everything you can to help your faith based organization. organization could thrive, and remain an important thrive and remain an important part of your community during. part of your community, and after a pandemic Good luck as you complete your plan and. Pandemic Preparedness for Faith Based keep it up to date.

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