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PAL RSI and PAL RTC Sample Prep and Injection
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PAL System s new generation of,sample preparation and handling. instruments,Introduction 4 7,Features Benefits of the PAL RTC and RSI 8 9. PAL RTC 10 11,PAL RSI 12 13,PAL DHR Dual Head 14 15. Tools and Modules 16 23,PAL Sample Control 24 25,PAL Method Composer 26 27. Applications 28 31,PAL Accessories Consumables 32 33.
Specifications 34 35,The PAL System is one of the most widely used. and successful sample preparation and handling,The PAL System is one of the most widely. used and successful sample preparation and,handling platforms. PAL System is your tool box for sample preparation from a simple liquid. injection to complete workflows A PAL System can be adapted or extended. to meet almost any requirement, Numerous options allow to increase sample capacity or add further modules. for sample preparation Listed below are the method steps that a PAL System. can perform,Liquid injection GC and LC Dilution,Gas injection Standard addition.
Liquid addition Liquid liquid extraction LLE,Headspace sampling Derivatizations. Dynamic headspace sampling Solid phase extraction SPE. SPME and SPME Arrow sampling,Incubation 35 200 C,Tool change PAL RTC only. Transport of vials and other objects,Vortex mixing. More than 50 000 users in gas and liquid chromatography. mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy can t be wrong. Read about their success stories in Ingenious News where. you get regular application updates from users, Sample preparation is the key to success to achieve. precise and accurate results, For a typical chromatographical analysis 61 of time is spent on sample prep.
30 of errors are linked to sample prep, Time Spent on Typical Chromatographic Analysis Sources of Error Generated During Chromatographic Analysis. Columns Operator,Data Contamination 11 19,Management Sample. Introduction,30 6 Chromatography,Collection,Analysis Sample. 9 Integration,Preparation Preparation Instrument,Calibration. data taken from the book SAMPLE PREPARATION FUNDAMENTALS FOR CHROMATOGRAPHY from Agilent Techologies. PAL RTC Highest Productivity Flexibility, The PAL RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical r evolution of.
the successful PAL xt product line It is a robotic platform for the. efficient and safe automation of most sample preparation steps. The robotic change of tools enables unattended 24 7 operation even. for multistep workflows and thereby greatly increases the productivity. of labs At the same time process safety is optimized since all. operations become traceable,PAL RSI The Workhorse, The RSI is the robust workhorse for analytical labs It is the cost effective. solution for labs in need of robustness and uncompromising perfor. The PAL RSI is a safe investment if your requirements grow an. upgrade to the full RTC functionality is possible and gives access to. complete workflow automation,PAL Sample Control Software for. Efficient Operation of PAL RTC RSI, The latest generation of PALs can all be controlled by the user friendly. PAL Sample Control software It interfaces seamlessly with many com. mon CDS and MS data systems e g Agilent Chemstation Masshunt. er Sciex Analyst or Thermo Scientific Xcalibur or can be used for. offline sample preparation With a few clicks you can import or. generate sample lists and start the data acquisition Or you can quickly. set up workflows to eliminate tedious manual operations PAL Sample. Control allows overlapping of time consuming steps This increases. sample throughput greatly and boosts productivity,PAL Method Composer. If a PAL System is already integrated in a GC MS or LC MS system PAL. Method Composer lets you easily create and test sample prep meth. ods for running it, The graphical user interface allows the creation of a method by drag.
drop The check for validity of the method is performed automatically. on the fly,Innovative Features saving time, Robotic Tool Change PAL RTC only The unique Park Station enables the Robotic Tool Change. for productivity With different syringes available always the ideal one can be selected. for instance one syringe is reserved for standard addition to minimize. carryover while 2 others are used for dilution steps. The RTC speeds up SPME method development by allowing automatic. sampling of different types of SPME fibers, The PAL RTC identifies type of tool and its position automatically. Increased Vial Capacity 162 x 2mL or 60 x 10mL or 20mL vials tray holder other vial types and. microtiter plates can be handled, With temperature controlled stacks a maximum of 9216 samples out of 24 MTPs. can be handled,Cooled Stack with position control, Complete injection cycle time 100msec Discrimination free Injection. Ultrafast injections down to 100,ms reduce discrimination in GC.
down to C40 C20 0 98,Step 1 Step 2 Step 3,Injector port Fast Needle. penetration injection retraction,and avoiding mistakes. correct position wrong position detected Missing vial detected. Process safety Position detection means process safety Missing vials or the correct position of. the injector are detected and traced, Position detection for the temperature controlled stack ensures that the drawer is. in the correct position open closed and the temperature is monitored. Minimized carryover and,reproducible injection of,minute sample volumes. Bottom sensing makes sure that,small volumes can be injected out.
of a few L of sample e g 3 x,1 L out of 5 L,With Constant Force Technology. the PAL detects the correct posi,tion of the needle in the specially. designed needle seal Potential,carryover is avoided. Bottom sensing Needle retraction,Efficient Mixing,The vortex mixer is indispensable. for serial dilutions or extraction,steps Supported vial sizes are 2.
10 and 20mL,Vortex 20mL Vortex 2mL,The PAL RTC is all about increasing productivity. Robotic Tool Change takes productivity to a new level. PAL RTC with extended x axis for LC MS,Automation improves process safety. Automation is the way to increase productivity and Every process requires a number of different tools for best. process safety in the laboratory Transferring repetitive performance e g a 10 L syringe for the accurate addition. or dangerous manual tasks to a robot improves safety of small volumes followed by the dilution with a 1mL. The possibility to run the instrument 24h day increases syringe Robotic Tool Change allows to switch between. throughput especially for long sample preparations different tools automatically. The PAL RTC was developed to maximize productivity in This additional versatility in combination with the large. analytical and clinical labs Robotic Tool Change RTC number of available tools enable the design of tailored. brings sample preparation to a higher level automation processes. Park Station for,Robotic Tool Change,PAL RTC with standard x axis for GC GC MS. Ingeniously productive, Automatic selection of the syringe with optimal accuracy Automated optimization of methods e g by selecting. for adding standards or preparing serial dilutions the most suitable Solid Phase Micro Extraction SPME. On the fly switching between a syringe tool for the fiber from an array of 4 different ones. addition of an internal standard and the LC MS Tool for Derivatization reactions performed without manual. subsequent analysis intervention for productivity protection against. Possibility to permanently configure several workflows hazardous chemicals and process safety. on one system for a walk up prep station e g Liquid Automation of labor intensive manual workflows like. Liquid Extraction and Solid Phase Extraction SPE protein digestion. For detailed examples of workflows see p 28 31,The PAL RSI is the reliable workhorse for.
analytical labs, The PAL RSI defines the industry standard for intelligent sample preparation. PAL RSI with extended x axis for LC MS,Ingeniously reliable. Laboratories work under time pressure and often with. a tremendous workload The reliability of hardware and. software should not be something the user has to worry. about Reliability is just expected from every tool. That is exactly what the PAL RSI was designed for It is a. tool that you can rely on 50 000 PAL systems worldwide. are proof of this,PAL RSI with standard x axis for GC GC MS. The most flexible system on the, RSI is a flexible tool Its open and modular architecture. makes it the most versatile system on the market Tools. can be exchanged readily within minutes, PAL customers working with GC love the possibility to use.
liquid headspace or SPME sampling on the same system. LC customers use the PAL because of its huge sample. capacity the range of syringes and valves available. Add sample 1 Transport vial 1 Place vial 1,Weigh sample 1. to vial 1 to balance back,Get weighed Injection using. vial 1 Head 2,Add sample 2 Transport vial 2,to vial 2 to balance. Workflow 1 Head 1,Workflow 2 Head 2,PAL DHR DUAL HEAD. Productivity x2,Two heads can move independently,The heads can execute two independent workflows.
Headspace sampling with standard addition,Parallel injections into two GC or LC systems. The software optimizes the time table to maximize productivity. Collision control process safety and easy programming. 120 or 160 cm wide working area,Combinations of RTC RSI heads. With an RTC head toolchange expands the options further. Application Examples, Automated weighing of samples combined with the analysis of a weighed sample. High troughput LCMS injections with 2 completely independent LC streams. 2 injection valves 2 columns or staggered injections into mutltiple streams. Sample prep combined with parallel headspace GC analysis. Aspirate Inject into Clean tool Prep,Next sample,sample 1 valve 1 and valve ahead. Aspirate Inject into Clean tool Prep,Next sample,sample 2 valve 2 and valve ahead.
Add int standard Vortex,Clean syringe Next sample,sample 1 sample 1. Aspirate Inject into Clean tool,Next sample,sample 1 valve 1 and valve. Workflow 1 Head 1,Workflow 2 Head 2,acquisition,Place vial 2. Weigh sample 2,Get weighed Injection using Data,vial 2 Head 2 acquisition.

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