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Tickets for the PAC Spring Social,can be purchased online at. alumni utoronto ca spring social,Table of contents. PAC News Page 2,Message from the Chair Page 3,PAC Events in Review Page 4 5. 17th Annual Spring Social in Review Page 6,Portland by Bike Page 7 9. Letter to the Friends of Planning Page 10,Make a Donation Form Page 11.
Thank you to PAC s 2012 2013 Members,Carly Bowman Chair Joyce Kwong. Melissa McEnroe Vice Chair Yi Luo,Michael Noble Vice Chair Graham Macdonald. Aderonke Akande Leigh McGrath,Dema Ali Geoffrey McGrath. Matt Armstrong David McKay,Heather Inglis Baron Adam Molson. Craig Cal Evan Roberts student rep,Lauren English student rep Kirsten Stein.
Lori Flowers Auvniet Tehara,Inger Jenset Michael Thorpe. Lee Koutsaris, PAC Members recognized for outstanding Jenny Lass BSc 97 presents the Outstanding Service Award to. service at the UTAGA 2013 Awards Night Joyce Kwong top and Auvniet Tehara bottom. Three PAC members were recognized in 2013 for their outstanding contribu. tions Joyce Kwong MScPl 09 Geoff McGrath MScPl 08 and Auvniet Tehara. MScPl 09 received 2013 UTAGA Outstanding Service Awards for their work on. promoting and organizing the Friends of Planning Spring Social as well as Planning. Skills Modules Thank you for your hard work Joyce Geoff and Auvniet. PAC Thanks the student representatives, Thank you to Lauren English and Evan Roberts the first and second year student. representatives for their commitment to PAC in the 2012 2013 school year We. really appreciated their direct feedback from current graduate students and their. hard work promoting PAC initiatives The first and second year student. representatives for the 2013 2014 year are Anna Wynveen and Joseph Milos. Thank you for volunteering with PAC,PAC Thanks the Friends of Planning. In 2009 2010 with the help of the Division of University Advancement PAC. launched an online donation form to recognize individual donors to the Program. in Planning as Friends of Planning PAC sincerely thanks the 2012 2013 Friends. of Planning If you would like to become a Friend of Planning Donor in 2014. please click here to donate www donate utoronto ca geography Further details. on the program are found on page 10 11,message from the Co chairs.
By Michael Noble MScPl 08 and Melissa McEnroe MScPl 09. PAC Co Chairs,2013 at a Glance, he University of Toronto Planning Program boasts some of. Mentorship Networking and Career Development, the most active and involved alumni in the province who. contribute their money time knowledge and creativity towards. PAC held the Mentoring Meet and Greet in the fall which kicked. a rich calendar of events throughout the year This commitment is a. off another year of our annual Mentorship program pairing stu. testament to the strength of the program and the enjoyment that we. dents with alumni volunteers, all receive from spending time with each other and contributing to the. PAC hosted events such as the Fall Planning Mixer at the begin. student experience, ning of the school year providing the opportunity to strengthen. the bonds between current and former students, On April 10 2014 the Planning Alumni Committee will welcome over.
At the annual Matthew Hanson Planning Opportunities Workshop. 300 alumni and other industry professionals to the 18th Annual Friends. a panel of five alumni shared their internship experiences career. of Planning Spring Social With the funds raised through the social and. paths and gave insight on finding exciting opportunities in planning. the time and effort of alumni volunteers PAC is able to enrich the. learning experience of graduate students in the Planning Program by. Skills Development and Planning Workshop, organizing and subsidizing many events and initiatives The sidebar on. this page outlines PAC s work from 2013 and in the pages ahead you. PAC hosted four skills modules in 2013 which provided students. can learn more about these great programs and other initiatives that. an opportunity to interact with practising planners and narrow the. PAC coordinated, perceived gap between theory and practice This year s modules. were Retail Planning and Development in January Pan Am Games. PAC would not be where it is today if not for the leadership of our for. and West Don Lands in March Planning 101 in October and. mer Chair Carly Bowman MScPl 07 who was instrumental in the ex. Planning and Transportation in November, pansion of PAC activities Carly has been an active member of PAC since. With the support of PAC and the Program in Planning the. 2007 serving as Vice Chair from 2009 2011 and Chair from 2011 2013. second year Workshop in Planning presentations have become. Carly handed over the reins in the fall but she continues to be active on. public events with the six student groups bringing a standing room. PAC and we benefit from her guidance Thank you Carly. only crowd to Committee Room 3 at City Hall in December. We also want to welcome David McKay MScPl 07 as PAC s new. Scholarships, Vice Chair David is a partner at MacNaughton Hermsen Britton. Clarkson Planning Limited and has been an active member of PAC for. Through the Friends of Planning Fund PAC raises money for. many years bringing exceptional leadership skills and experience to. scholarships We have established five over the years Two Mat. PAC s executive, thew Hanson Scholarships in Planning The Planning Alumni Gradu.
ate Scholarship University of Toronto Planning Alumni OGS Award. We encourage you to join us in the activities like those discussed in the. and most recently The Friends of Planning Graduate Scholarship. 2013 At a Glance sidebar Join PAC become a mentor lead a module. for Innovation,there are many ways to get involved Email us at. In September second year students travelled to Portland Oregon. planning alumni committee gmail com, to learn from this famously progressive city utilizing PAC s financial. contribution to subsidize the trip and lower costs for students. See you at the Social, With PAC support students were able to attend conferences like. OPPI CIP and others to present their work attend presentations. and learn from a broad range of students and professionals. Melissa McEnroe and Michael Noble,PAC events in review. Planning Class of 93 Reunion A Great Success,Rita Mezei and Joseph Guzzi 9T3 Reunion Committee.
n July 27 and 28 the Class of 1993 held its 20th Year Reunion. It was a fun and exciting opportunity for classmates and fac. ulty to re connect and celebrate this important milestone It. was well attended by many classmates including by those that travelled. from across the United States Asia and South America to attend. A welcome reception was hosted by the Planning Program at the. Department of Geography on Saturday afternoon and it was a pleasant. atmosphere as friends and faculty became reacquainted and it appeared. as the twenty years were compressed in time We all enjoyed our tour. of the 5th floor and other favourite spots in the Sid Smith building. including the Taylor Room and the computer room We were impressed. with the changes to the classroom and work spaces but also equally. impressed with how much was still the same, Of course the highlights were well beyond the bricks and mortar It was. an opportunity to re connect with our old professors like Joe Whitney The class of 93 stand with Professor Paul Hess back left corner Professor Vir. who showed all of us up by cycling to the event and our esteemed Aid ginia Maclaren front right corner and Emeritus Professors Aiden McQuillan. en McQuillan Both professors agreed that teaching was fabulous but and Joe Whitney Back row second and third from the right. retirement was better Virginia Maclaren Chair Department of Geogra. phy and Planning Department helped to coordinate the event along with This reunion was also a celebration of the contribution by this class to. the U of T development office Paul Hess the current Director of the the planning programme It was several members of this class that were. Planning Program was also in attendance to greet us and tell us about the pioneers of the school s Planning Alumni Committee PAC includ. the current achievements and experiences of the Planning program ing Catherine Cieply Joe Guzzi Geoffrey McIlroy and Mike Skelly This. group developed the vision for Alumni Faculty and Student interaction. The rest of the reunion was held in two new emerging neighbourhoods and established the foundation for PAC s activities such as the Spring So. in the City of Toronto Liberty Village and the Distillery As planners it cial and several scholarships The class was impressed with the success. was an opportunity to re discover these neighbouroods that were of PAC and how it has evolved over the years. derelict twenty years ago and now are vibrant livable places integrated. into the City These neighbourhoods are truly new successfully planned It was agreed that the class looks forward to meeting again in 5 years. neighbourhoods and a great addition to the City of Toronto Curiously to the best of the Department s knowledge no other class. has held this type of occasion Like the birth of PAC we hope to have. At the evening dinner brief presentations were made reminiscing started a new tradition of Planning Alumnae reunions. of memories shared by the class of 9T3 with a photo presentation. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the casual event as there was plenty of We thank the Faculty and Alumni office for helping us with the planning. time to catch up and share laughs with one another of the reunion weekend. Subways Subways Subways,By Matt Armstrong MScPl 08. he debate about transportation infrastructure raged in Toronto On November 5 2013 the Planning Alumni Committee amassed practi. in 2013 What kind of infrastructure is best Where should this tioners to discuss planning and transportation Former PAC Chair Carly. infrastructure go How do planners deal with changes new Bowman discussed the history and politics of transit infrastructure in. demands and the political complexities of the issue And most perti Scarborough and the complex issues planners face when Council direc. nent to planners how do we plan our cities with new transportation tions change Hans Riekko of the City of Toronto s Eglinton Connects. infrastructure Planning Study team provided an overview of their plan to create a. Continued on next page, complete street along Eglinton a future opportunity resulting from Union as a student and how some of the classes she took had an impact. the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Line Emily Wall of Brook McIlroy on her. hired by the City to assist in the Eglinton Connects project explained. the general planning directions emerging from the Study In addition to Overall the students were very engaged and eager to hear about the. creating a complete street Emily explained how planners are working experiences of past alumni One of the greatest struggles that students. to create conditions to beautify and sensitively intensify Eglinton Habon face is dealing with the unknown Finding that summer internship and. Ali of Urban Strategies provided background on a similar project from first job can be challenging and it helps to hear from people who have. the Region of Waterloo called the Central Transit Corridor Community gone through the experiences before. Building Strategy A video shown by Habon demonstrated some of the. measures being taken to leverage investment in rapid transit for the Making Workshops Work. benefit of the many communities along the coming Waterloo Light Rail By Leigh McGrath MScPl 07. and Adapted Bus Rapid Transit Line Matt Armstrong who works with. Hans Riekko on Eglinton Connects introduced the planning framework he Workshop In Planning Practice is a second year course re. and moderated the session quired of all Masters in Planning students Focused on addressing. a planning issue for a real life client students work in teams to. Over 20 students attended this PAC module and engaged from the be develop a work plan execute tasks and craft deliverables as negotiated. ginning Interest ranged from decision making concerning infrastructure with their clients The workshop course forges important connections. options to street layout and bike lanes to land use designation changes to the world of planning practice and has benefitted considerably from. to the community consultation process Students offered thoughtful in PAC s efforts to enhance the course s curricular role in providing profes. sightful original questions and pondered through bites of pizza provided sional exposure. Taught this year by two academic faculty Professors Katharine Rankin. mhpow and Lindsay Stephens and professional course instructor Leigh. Auvniet Tehara MScPl 09 McGrath Senior Associate at Urban Strategies the class provides a. balance between academic and professional instruction Students apply. his school year s Matthew Hanson Planning Opportunities learning from earlier courses in their degree such as selecting appropri. Workshop MHPOW was a success bringing together a great ate research methods designing questionnaires or sketching out land. panel of diverse speakers Panellists included Laurie Payne a use concepts In so doing they have to act quickly to respond to com. Director from the Toronto Community Housing Corporation She ments from instructors and clients in order to ensure the outcomes of. emphasised the importance of networking as an important way to make their efforts balance the theoretical with the practical and culminate in a. connections and further one s career and open doors Heather Inglis useful product for their client group. Baron a planner at the City of Toronto surprised the students revealing. her prior career as a baker She shared with the students that becoming Workshop has benefited from PAC s support in identifying projects and. a municipal planner for the City of Toronto was her dream job potential clients generously donating time to attend student presenta. tions serving as outside advisors to student groups and in some years. One of the goals of the MHPOW is to address the struggles and also and in years past providing a healthy spread of sandwiches and coffee. real life challenges in finding employment Edward Birnbaum a current during the end of course project presentations. Executive Assistant to Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon described. some of the struggles he faced as a new graduate ultimately ending The fall of 2013 Workshop included six projects on topics of affordable. up in a role that he enjoys very much but did not anticipate Edward home ownership and development charges waterfront redevelopment. encouraged students to examine the political realm as a possible career impacts of gentrification and community service provision inclusion in. option community economic development strategies the ambiguities of the. Private Tree By law and improving communication with the public about. Craig Cal presently a writer for Spacing Magazine spoke of his experi planning processes. ences with Urban Strategies and his passion for urban planning He. shared how being involved in the planning community has been instru We welcome suggestions for future projects from our Planning alumni. mental to his career His passion for the field of planning resonated with as the best projects tend to come from former students The best. students time to provide this input is in the Spring before planning for Fall gets. underway We thank PAC for their ongoing support and look forward to. Andie Garcia spoke of her experience working for the Toronto Cyclist sharing news of our student project with you again next year. 17th annual spring social in review, Left Paul Hess Associate Chair and Director Planning Program Centre Featured Speaker Jeanhy Shim President Housing Lab Toronto. Right Carly Bowman PAC Chair 2011 to 2013, he 17th Annual Friends of Planning Spring Social was held on the impact of these changes on the city Ms Shim looked at current and.
April 17 2013 and was well attended by over 300 planning historical trends in the market the role of developers in city building. students alumni faculty and professionals The event was held the likelihood of families embracing the condo lifestyle and the oppor. at the Great Hall in Hart House and featured great food and live jazz tunities and constraints of future condo development. from talented University of Toronto students As usual it was an excel. lent opportunity to reconnect with old friends and network with many The University of Toronto s Planning Alumni Committee PAC and the. prominent industry representatives Department of Geography and Program in Planning would like to thank. the many individual Friends of Planning Fund Donors whose donations. The featured speaker was Jeanhy Shim Ms Shim is the Founder and directly support student success in graduate planning programs at. President of Housing Lab Toronto and a 20 year veteran of Real Estate U of T PAC also wishes to recognize the substantial long term contri. Market Analyst through such organizations as Urbanation Inc and Mat bution of the event promotional sponsor NRU Publishing Inc as well as. tamy Homes the ongoing support from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. Finally the generosity of the Social s many corporate sponsors is deeply. Ms Shim s presentation was the Condo fication of Toronto The good appreciated. the bad and the ugly The speech was set against the background of. unprecedented vertical growth in Toronto and much discussion about The following are the Corporate sponsors of the 2013 Social. Speaker Sponsor TD Insurance Meloche Monnex, Premiere Sponsors Hemson Consulting Aird Berlis LLP Cassels Brock Lawyers Davies Howe Partners Dentons LLP Lea Consulting. MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning, Platinum Sponsors Bousfields Malone Given Parsons planningAlliance R J Burnside Associates RAW Design Wood Bull LLP. Gold Sponsors Armstrong Hunter BA Group Transportation Consultants Bratty Parnters Concord City Place Crozier and Associates Fasken. Martineau DuMoulin LLP Fogler Rubinoff LLP Goodmans LLP IBI Group Tate Economic Research Tridel Urbanation Urban Strategies Walker. Nott Dragicevic Dillon Consulting, Silver Sponsors Altus Group Economic Consulting HDR Corporation Johnston Litavski Planning Consultants JKO Planning Service. R E Millward and Associates Sorensen Gravely Lowes Planning Associates Stikeman Elliot Turner Fleischer Architects urbanMetrics VGA Wellings. Planning Weston Consulting Group, Melissa McEnroe Anthio Yuen Auvniet Tehara Jason Stillman Benjamin Hognestad Jeanhy Shim Heather Inglis Baron Linda Warth. Joyce Kwong Brandon David Mark Ballyk, Left Director Park in downtown Portland Centre Stopping to hear our tour guide explain bike boxes Watching the automatic bicycle counter go up.
Photographs by Katie Wittmann,Portland by Bike, 2nd Year Planning Students use Portland s Advanced Cycling Network. to tour the City s Planning Initiatives,By Evan Roberts 2nd Year MScPl Student. n March 2013 the first year planning class voted to hold our sec He told us how TriMet has payroll taxing powers so its funding is more. ond year field trip in Portland Oregon over the other candidates predictable than what we re used to in Toronto TriMet is also con. Philadelphia and Mexico City Portland is known as a pioneer in structing a new bridge over the Willamette River which will be free. progressive city planning and we wanted to see what lessons we and of private automobiles Only transit cyclists and pedestrians will have. Toronto could learn from it So in early September we journeyed to access to the bridge which will complete an LRT loop on both sides of. Portland to see firsthand how planning is practiced in the city of food the Willamette River. carts bicycles and Voodoo Doughnuts, The next day we embarked on our custom guided study tour with First. Arriving from the airport most students boarded the convenient LRT Stop Portland an initiative run out of Portland State University Our. line for a transfer less trip to our hostel in northwest Portland Being a first stop was City Hall recognizable from the TV comedy Portlandia. close knit group all fifteen students had decided to share a dorm room We met with Amalia Alarcon de Morris the Director of the Office of. in a hostel for the four night stay Some early arrivers were treated to Neighborhood Involvement and Dante James the Director of the new. a lunch with Mark Lakeman an urban place maker who leads the City Office of Equity and Human Rights to learn how planning and politics. Repair Project Once everyone had arrived including our faculty super come together in Portland We were intrigued to learn that Portland. visor department chair Virginia Maclaren we set off on foot for a group has formal neighbourhood associations that get citizens engaged in city. welcome dinner downtown issues and projects They are similar to Toronto s neighbourhood as. sociations except that every part of the city is represented by one and. We began our first full day in Portland by renting bicycles for the dura there is a city department dedicated to their support. tion of the trip As Portland is known for being bike friendly we. had voted to make cycling our main form of transportation So. together we biked to the famous post modern Portland Building. to meet with Sarah Huggins from the city s Parks and Recreation. department Portland has one of the largest municipal parks in the. United States Forest Park a 5 000 acre nature reserve The city. has also developed great programmed parks in the downtown such. as Director Park and Jamison Square Ms Huggins showed us how. Portland is focusing their investment on underserved areas of the. city through a GIS based proximity analysis, Next we biked to the headquarters of TriMet the tri county trans. portation authority to hear from Eric Hesse a strategic planning. analyst Eric was a dedicated presenter continuing his presentation. in the photocopy room after our meeting room booking expired. Listening to our tour guide at City Hall courtesy of First Stop Portland. This is especially interesting since Portland has no local councillors The. city council is made up of the mayor and four commissioners elected at. large all of whom manage their own bureaus We heard from Mr James. how this distributed governance model makes it difficult to advance. equity goals across the entire city service Nevertheless the Office is. pushing ahead with a current focus on people of colour and people with. disabilities, We felt rather important when the Mayor himself showed up and joined.
our planning discussion although the feeling subsided somewhat once. we learned that our tour leader was also the Mayor s wife Neverthe. less we were encouraged to hear the mayor speak highly of the planning. profession and the steps Portland is undertaking to plan the city Before. leaving City Hall we were given a quick tour of the council chamber. Next we rode the Portland Streetcar a recent transit improvement. owned by the City but operated by TriMet to the South Waterfront The water fountain in Jamison Park photo by Evan Roberts. District There the Oregon Health Sciences University has built a new. campus to anchor a new mixed use community The University wanted. to expand but it had no more room at its hilltop location So it chose After returning to the riverfront we rode the streetcar up to another of. the waterfront location and built an aerial tram in partnership with Portland s redeveloping areas the Pearl District Similar to the Distillery. the city to connect the two campuses Though it was multiple times District in Toronto or Yaletown in Vancouver this is a formerly industrial. over budget the tram affords a speedy connection between campuses and warehousing district which has been converted for residential use. avoiding the hillside terrain and the I5 freeway Privacy concerns from Here we found Jamison Park with its playful cascading water fountain. a residential neighbourhood beneath its path were partially offset by Our tour guide demonstrated to us how social housing and private. the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the freeway We had the housing in the area were designed to be indistinguishable from one. pleasure to ride the tram up to the top and appreciate the views of another on the outside. downtown the river and Mount Hood in the distance, A pod of food carts outside a municipal building photo by Katie Wittmann. Our tour concluded at the offices of Williams Dane where we had a Portland s cycling network is more than just bike lanes On our tour. discussion with local developer Homer Williams and Charles Brucker of the east side of the river we rode on recreational trails cycle tracks. a placemaking consultant from PLACE Studio both of whom had done and traffic calmed bicycle boulevards Some of us encountered our first. work in the Pearl District cyclist activated bicycle signal which connected the riverside recreation. al trail to a cycle track diagonally across an intersection On the bridge. We ended our day with a Greek family style dinner with Jan and Tuck back to downtown we found an automated cyclist counter By late. Shaeffer Jan consults for the Energy Trust of Oregon on green energy afternoon it had reached over 2600 cyclists Downtown Portland has. retrofits and Tuck was an attorney for TriMet before retiring They some bike lanes positioned between the parking lane and the sidewalk. shared their insights on planning in Portland over the years including which removes the danger from parked cars re entering traffic There. how Portland was one of the first cities to enforce an urban growth are bike lanes criss crossing the downtown and in general motorists. boundary back in the 1970s respect the right of cyclists to share the road. Our final day began at the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability The The last stop on our bike tour was Tom McCall Waterfront Park This. city planners there spoke to us first about their climate change and strip of trails and green space on the downtown riverfront replaced the. food strategies Then we enjoyed a well animated presentation on land freeway which ran through there until the mid 1970s In a pioneering. use planning in Portland from Mark Raggett and Karl Lisle who is an move the city and state tore down the freeway and built the park in its. alumnus of U of T s planning program We were surprised to hear that stead It was a fitting place for us planning students from Toronto to. rezoning for development is rare in Portland most developers build conclude our Portland tour. within the allowed zoning, All the second year planners would like to thank the Planning Alumni. Our final event was one of the most enjoyable we crossed to the east Committee for their financial support of the student field trip and. side of the Willamette River for a bike tour of cycling infrastructure led Professor Maclaren for accompanying us Thanks are also due to the. by Nick Falbo a consultant at Alta Planning Design Alta is an active student Organizing Committee Basma Gaber Helen Huang Jacob. transportation consultancy known for building cycling infrastructure Nigro and Seth Wright The trip was a great opportunity to learn about. After a demonstration of bike parking stall technologies we hopped on professional planning as practiced in Portland and a wonderful shared. our rented bikes for a guided tour of Portland s cycling infrastructure experience for us as we enter our second year of the program PAC s. continued support of our academic and professional education is very. much appreciated, Below At the top of the aerial tram courtesy of First Stop Portland. Dear Friends of U of T Planning, Every year the Planning and Alumni Committee PAC at the University of Toronto provides financial. support and career development opportunities to dozens of planning students Through the Friends of. Planning Fund we fund scholarships field trips workshops and other activities which offer students a. rewarding opportunity to enhance their education as well as a competitive advantage after they graduate. Please consider making a contribution to the Friends of Planning Fund to help us sustain these important. initiatives throughout 2014, The Friends of Planning Fund allows PAC to offer programming to the approximately 60 students en.
rolled in the Masters program each year This includes our Fall Planning Mixer Mentoring program pro. fessional development workshops and planning skills modules The events have become so popular that. we have had to expand our offerings every year providing additional planning skills modules on relevant. topics that engage and energize the students In addition programs such as the Fall Mixer and Mentor. ing program are supported through the direct involvement of over 70 alumni who are eager to meet and. interact with current students The fund has also contributed to turning the second year Workshop in. Planning presentations into public events with the six student groups bringing standing room only. crowds to their City Hall Committee Room, The Friends of Planning Fund also helped to support a field trip to Portland Oregon that was attended. by 15 students in the Class of 2013 Like earlier field trips to Las Vegas New York Detroit Indonesia. and Mexico City this trip allowed students to engage directly with practicing planners tour development. sites and observe planning in an environment very different to what they are familiar with in Toronto. The Fund also supports several annually awarded PAC sponsored scholarships and subsidizes students. attendance at OPPI and CIP conferences, We need to replenish the Friends of Planning Fund so that we can maintain and even expand our support. of these essential activities With your help we can create more scholarships and increase funding for. conferences and workshops Every M Sc Pl student has access to the Fund and is encouraged to take full. advantage of all of the opportunities that PAC offers. Please consider making a donation to the Friends of Planning Fund For any donation of 50 or more re. ceived before March 31 2014 you will receive complimentary admission to the 2014 Friends of Planning. Spring Social as a Friend of Planning as well as a tax receipt. Thank you for your support,Michael Noble and Melissa McEnroe. Co Chairs Planning Alumni Committee, You can now give online at www donate utoronto ca geography. For more information about PAC please visit www geography utoronto ca alumni pac. Yes I would like to make a donation to the Friends of Planning Fund. 1 YOUR INFORMATION,Name Email,Address Phone,May we recognize you in published donor listings.
Yes please recognize me as No,2 YOUR GIFT Please select one option. a Here is my single donation of,Visa Mastercard Amex. Card Number Exp,Name on card Signature, Cheque which is enclosed payable to the University of Toronto. b Here is my monthly donation of, Please charge my credit card on the 1st day of each month Visa Mastercard Amex. Card Number Exp,Name on card Signature, Blank cheque marked VOID which is enclosed I authorize the University of Toronto to deduct.
the amount I have specified from the account number on the cheque on the 1st day of each month. Signature Date,3 HOW TO DONATE Please select one option. a Return this completed form to University of Toronto Donations Management. 21 King s College Circle,Toronto ON M5S 3J3, b Donate online Visit www donate utoronto ca geography to make a secure online gift. Your Privacy The information on this form is collected and used solely for the administration of the University s advancement activities undertaken. pursuant to the University of Toronto Act 1971 If you have any questions please refer to www utoronto ca privacy or contact the University s. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator at 416 946 7303 McMurrich Building Room 201 12 Queen s Park Crescent West. Toronto ON M5S 1A8, Monthly Donation You have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement For example you have the right to receive re. imbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this PAD Agreement To obtain more information on your recourse rights. contact your financial institution or visit www cdnpay ca. Charitable Registration BN 1081 62330 RR0001 Solicitation Code 0570050636 Project ID 0560001546.

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