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Acknowledgements , l 1 0 Executive Summary 03 l 4 0 What do people say about food 20. Key findings 04, l 5 0 Public perspectives of Our Food Present 22. Key themes 05, 5 1 People s experience of Our Food Present . Method and approach 12 key themes 22, l 2 0 Introduction 13 5 2 Confronting complexity and global. 2 1 Introduction and background 13 challenges 29, 2 2 Building on existing evidence l 6 0 Where are we going 34.
and expertise 13 6 1 How views developed during research 34. 2 3 How to read this report 14 6 2 Public view key themes 35. l 3 0 Research design 16 l 7 0 What needs to be done 42. 3 1 Research aims and objectives 16 7 1 What is the food future people. 3 2 Methodology in summary 16 want to avoid 42, 3 3 Scoping stage Online qualitative 7 2 What are people s key priorities. forums 17 for the future 43, 3 4 Scoping stage Online omnibus survey 17 7 3 Deliberation changes minds . 3 5 Main stage Deliberative workshops 17 and sometimes behaviour 47. OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 i, The Food Standards Agency exists to put consumers. first to try and ensure that the interests of the people. who eat food are properly understood and protected. CATHERINE BROWN,Chief Executive of the Food Standards Agency. There are huge pressures facing the food and that citizens are engaged with the future food system which provides. system Increasing global demand and issues that affect their food supply and enough safe authentic food for us all to. the impacts of climate change are already empowered to help shape the system to have healthy lives now and in the future . significantly affecting our food supply meet their needs . We are looking forward to working in, There is a high degree of consensus that partnership with others as we start to.
the pace of change is likely to quicken that We are committed to playing fulfil the commitment we made in our. its exact effects are hard to predict and our part effectively and know recent strategy review to play our part in. that all of us citizens the scientific and that engaging with others who supporting the development of the best. business communities and government food future possible . agencies would do well to engage now have different perspectives and. The Our Food Future project is our opening, to try to ensure that we are in the best overlapping objectives to work contribution to what we believe is an. place possible to take advantage of the, opportunities that will come and to out system wide approaches important discussion we look forward. mitigate the risks that are also coming is a key part of that to hearing your contribution . The Food Standards Agency exists to, put consumers first to try and ensure that We know that NGOs citizens industry. the interests of the people who eat food and policy makers are already thinking. are properly understood and protected about how they should contribute to a. OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 01, The FSA would like to thank . The steering group Research and evaluation partners. Which TNS BMRB, Wellcome Trust Icarus, Sense about Science We are grateful to members of the FSA.
Sciencewise Social Science Research Committee for. their challenge and scrutiny , Full report including a comprehensive. Global Food Security, literature review and methodology can be. Food and Drink Federation found at www food gov uk foodfuture. Food Standards Scotland,02 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 , SUMMARY. Understanding the public view on an urgent issue, We do not yet know what Our Food Future look like exploring people s priorities and. will bring However it is unlikely that we ll needs and their initial expectations about. simply be able to continue as we are the what should be done and by whom . difficulties facing us are too great to ignore , In doing so we have not asked our.
Current consumption patterns demand too participants to solve the world s challenges. much from finite resources environmental for us or even to offer views on all of the. pressures increasingly introduce instability issues we face our approach has been. and unpredictability into global supply targeted and selective . chains the global population is set to rise, to over 9 5 billion by 20501 Can consumers By focusing on consumers needs and core. influence how decision makers respond to values we hope that this research provides. these challenges an early roadmap for where the UK public. would like to go and how they would prefer,This research was commissioned to to get there . add to a growing evidence base2 on UK GLOBAL POPULATION. consumers views of the world we live in ,where we are headed and what we want. It is a next step in an ongoing journey part, of a crucial and ongoing effort to ensure. IS SET TO RISE TO OVER, to see from Our Food Future public views count in decision making .
Co funded by the Food Standards,Agency Food Standards Scotland and. Sciencewise3 this work focuses on,understanding public hopes fears and. By focusing on,aspirations about what the future could. consumers needs, and core values , we hope that this. research provides, an early roadmap for, where the UK public.
2015 Revision of World Population Prospects United 3. ciencewise is the UK s national centre for public. S government by increasing the effectiveness with would like to go. Nations http esa un org unpd wpp dialogue in policy making involving science and which public dialogue is used and encouraging. emerging technology issues funded by the its wider use where appropriate to ensure public. I n particular by the Government Office for Science Department for Business Innovation and Skills views are considered as part of the evidence base . Which the Global Food Securities Programme Defra BIS Sciencewise aims to improve policy making http www sciencewise erc org uk . the Wellcome Trust and the Food Ethics Council involving science and emerging technology across OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 03. FINDINGS, People are not yet used to thinking globally about food. but recognise the importance of the challenges we face. Though there was a wide range of When confronted with potential to have on themselves their loved ones . engagement and knowledge levels future challenges including scarcity and their communities In part this was. about the global food system in general participants began to interrogate their because the discussion was new territory. thinking globally about food was new own consumption patterns and whether for them . and challenging these were sustainable in global context . With more time and more public discussion , Participants were surprised and Some were inspired to examine the participants thought we might be more. concerned to realise they knew so little UK consumer lifestyle and consider ready as a society to change what we do . about the complex global food system change for example by buying less . There was a strong desire to know more eating less meat or re thinking their. about the processes that bring food to demand for non seasonal. our tables in particular food availability , the links between our food production Others were reluctant to change. systems and climate change their own behaviour They were most. the complexity of the global farm to concerned that steps be taken to. protect the future food supply in the, CHALLENGES . fork process , UK ideally so that we can maintain our.
the role of the food industry in shaping current consumer lifestyles . global food trends and A changing world , the role of Government in working with Food is a personal and emotive issue Environmental impact . global industry Throughout the research participants A complex food system . Participants were used their personal experiences and. surprised and concerned priorities as a lens through which to. to realise they knew so understand and interrogate the often. little about the complex complex issues at hand Are we willing to. change our ways , global food system There They remained most comfortable. was a strong desire to, THINKING GLOBALLY thinking about the impact of global food. challenges at the consumer level the, ABOUT FOOD WAS NEW AND CHALLENGING impact that developments were likely. 04 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 , THEMES, Across the research we witnessed a broad range of opinions among.
participants with differences in lifestyle life stages values social. contexts and geography providing for vibrant discussion and debate. However both when thinking about what,characterised Our Food Present as well. as what they hoped for in Our Food Future ,discussion tended to crystallise around four. key themes , OR CONNECTION ,Convenience versus connection. Participants felt that one of the key, trends characterising Our Food Present. Food readyy iin Online, was an increase in convenience in an instant.
ta t for groceries , relation to food They noted a rise in. instant or quick prepare foods digital, technologies enabling faster shopping . a rise in eating out and on the go eating , and increased availability and variety. of food Ea i out and, Eating Shops, Shops open, on the go . o 24, Convenience was seen to offer clear, benefits enabling modern busy.
lifestyles and reducing the time spent Everything available. on buying preparing and eating food all year round . Participants neither, wanted a return to, the old days i e . involving a sacrifice of, An almost OVERWHELMING amount convenience nor a. of choice in terms of what to eat connectionless future . OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 05, However there was also widespread Looking to the future participants largely. concern that convenience can at expected that market forces including. times come at a cost a decrease in the influence of the food industry and. consumers connection to and through marketing but also consumer demand . the food they eat would result in a further shift towards PARTICIPANTS WORRIED ABOUT. convenience in our relationships with, For example participants worried about food Some participants welcomed this A LOSS IN SOCIAL CONNECTION. others expressed real concern and a, A perceived loss of social connection AN INCREASE IN FOOD WASTE.
sense of loss , with food a move away from making. LOSING TOUCH, food from scratch and cooking and The future scenarios explored in research. sharing special meals together helped to confirm that participants. They worried that we are losing neither wanted a return to the old days . opportunities for cultural transmission i e involving a sacrifice of convenience. via the food we eat nor a connectionless future They felt. it was critical that as Our Food Future, Increasingly complex fragmented. develops a careful balance is struck , food production and retail processes . People felt that as the food system is, becoming more opaque consumers.
are losing connection with where their, food comes from and how it gets to. their tables , Increase in waste There was concern. that if we value and connect with food, less we are more likely to waste it . with obvious detrimental impact on, the environment and the sustainability. of the food supply ,There was also widespread,concern that convenience.
can at times come at a cost ,a decrease in consumers PEOPLE FELT THAT THE FOOD. connection to and through,the food they eat SYSTEM IS BECOMING. MORE OPAQUE,06 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 , Health and quality versus price. A key issue that participants raised was Participants felt that it was critical that consumers. around how to strike a balance between, health and quality and price have access to nutritious and healthy food. On one hand participants felt that, it was critical that consumers have.
access to nutritious and healthy Many were hopeful about the potential. food associated with fresh natural for nutraceuticals4 and technological. whole foods developments to help us support global. nutrition although there were some, On the other hand people recognised. concerns about the unnaturalness of, that consumers are drawn to cheaper. synthetic food production , food and were concerned about. potential long term health impacts However most viewed developments. from processed food consumption in this area positively so long as. development supplemented rather, Participants expressed anxiety that food than substituted healthy diets and. is becoming a class issue increasingly consumers could choose to eat these. perceiving a divide between the haves kinds of foods or not . and have nots in terms of the kind of, food they eat .
Participants expected that this trend, would continue in the future and even. worried about a two tier food society , Is processed Will healthy. They were eager for intervention to food good food become. help ensure that all consumers can for me a luxury . make healthy choices and have access PARTICIPANTS EXPRESSED. to whole affordable nutritious foods , even if they don t always choose to. ANXIETY THAT FOOD IS, have them BECOMING A CLASS ISSUE A key issue that. participants raised was, around how to strike a, balance between health.
and quality and price, Nutraceuticals or functional foods food with natural. or artificially added nutritional value or health benefits OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 07. Information education, and transparency, Participants felt that one of the most In the future consumers hoped. positive evolutions in Our Food Present, is the trend for increased information. and education available about the food, the food industry might provide. additional information to support, decision making on a wider range.
AND FEARS , we eat of food issues e g food labelling. including information about the global, People felt they were more aware. environmental impacts of production , of their food than people had been. in the past e g a rise of interest in, Ultimately participants wanted people to Will we. mo Who will lo, health and nutrition and discussion.
be educated about the challenges facing about, ourr for peop. peoples , of food and health in schools Some food . ood needs , the food system so that they can make. hoped that this would produce more, more informed decisions about food . educated consumers in the future , And they wanted the skills and education.
Increased clarity in labelling was to be able to navigate the food market. widely praised e g around allergies and make healthier choices . Wi we still have, ave Will young, o g people, fat salt and sugar and additives convenientt food. food d fforr know, modern life , ife to cook , This kind of information was. considered a key consumer right , even if sometimes this was a right. to ignore Clear labelling helped, consumers feel confident that they. could make empowered choices Can technology Willll time and mone. make us limitt healthy, about their food and reassured healthier .
healthier choices , them that the food industry was. being encouraged to act in, consumers interest ,People felt they were. more aware of their, food than people had Ultimately participants wanted people to be educated about the. been in the past e g challenges facing the food system so that they can make more. a rise of interest in, health and nutrition informed decisions about food. 08 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 , Power trust and empowerment.
Participants tended to ascribe the most Looking forward people wanted much politically assuming more impact of. influence and power to market forces more visibility from Government in both individual choices and coordinated. in shaping Our Food Future followed terms of its role in protecting consumer consumer action Regardless . by Government and then the public interests particularly in terms of participants widely hoped that consumer. However this hierarchy was the reverse providing checks and balances to interests would be taken into account as. of who they most trusted to keep the corporate power Our Food Future develops and relied on. public s best interests to heart Government to protect their interests. People hoped that Government would, on their behalf . As they reflected on the global food push harder to support public interests. market participants typically became via education and information support . more concerned about the role of but also intervention in marketing and. large food businesses They sought retailing that promoted unhealthy or. reassurance that limits could be set wasteful food choices . around the proportion of the food chain, Participants expected that global. influenced by profit seeing this as, governments would work together. potentially detrimental to consumers , public health and the environment . cooperatively to address the global THEY SOUGHT REASSURANCE. challenges facing the food supply , Participants were largely unaware of the However they also had concerns.
THAT LIMITS COULD BE SET, exact role of Government and regulators about the feasibility of impact given AROUND THE PROPORTION. in relation to protecting consumers , interests in the UK or globally Although. limited budgets and the complexity, of the challenge OF THE FOOD CHAIN. there was a sense that someone was, protecting food safety there was much Participants had divergent views INFLUENCED BY PROFIT. less certainty about what was being regarding the role of consumers in. or could be done around ensuring the shaping the world we live in Some took. availability of affordable safe healthy a very passive approach assuming that. food or ensuring transparency in nothing they could do would result in any. food marketing real change Others viewed food more. Participants expected, that global governments, would work together.
People wanted much more visibility from Government cooperatively to address. the global challenges, in terms of its role in protecting consumer interests facing the food supply. OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 09, What do consumers want done. to secure the future they want , After reflection debate and discussion Government to intervene to ensure. participants generally shared the same that consumer interests are protected. vision for a positive Food Future as necessary e g in terms of. They wanted protecting the stability of UK soil and. agriculture and our food supply chains , To ensure that consumer interests. are protected even amidst growing, complexity and the rising influence.
Participants varied in terms of how, much responsibility and authority they. PEOPLE WANT , of transnational power , thought consumers should have in. To preserve a balance between terms of generating the Food Future we. convenience and connection with food wanted Those that were willing to take. responsibility believed consumers should , A reduction in food waste at every. stage of production and consumption Start to reduce waste at a. household level Food waste Food is Good quality food. To ensure that consumers are able to is reduced good quality. afford good quality food that supports Use education to transfer key cooking. consumer health skills and food traditions engage. in more sustainable consumption, To be provided continued access. patterns e g buying locally or, to safe and healthy food as well as.
seasonally or eating less meat , variety and easy availability of food People People have a Food is still. Use the information provided to have choice good understanding social. Consumers to have access to the of food, them to vote with their feet to place. information and education they, pressure on industry e g wastage . needed to make empowered choices, perceived unhealthy foods or. about food , practices with negative impact on, Increased transparency and the global environment or.
awareness of what is in our food and Soil and land Investment in Increased. Participants varied in Potentially even organise consumer management research for transparency. how it gets to our plates in the UK is sustainable and data sharing. terms of how much efforts to demand action from looked after production by industry. Continued investment in research for Government and industry. responsibility and, sustainable production techniques and to respond to global challenges . authority they thought new food innovations and,consumers should have. in terms of generating the,Food Future we wanted,10 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 . There was a strong desire for more Finally participants hoped that. national conversation about the Government would play a highly visible. challenges facing our food system role in Our Food Future in terms of . Participants recognised that it was, Holding industry to account and. unlikely that the UK public would protecting consumer and global. spontaneously educate themselves interests in relation to health and. and so were eager for ongoing and safety food quality sustainability of the. widespread dialogue via all food supply and environmental impact . forms of consumer media and, Help reduce, waste at all stages information support Increased communication with.
of the food production consumers about any actions taken to. journey and They hoped that broad and continuing protect consumer interests . help educate, consumers coverage across documentaries . TV programmes newspapers political Efforts to tackle public obesity and. INDUSTRY messaging food labelling and so on overall public health by ensuring access. would help cut through and force our to healthy convenient food options . Join up to, develop strategy for society to face uncomfortable issues Support for education around. safeguarding food, supply production Participants thought that the food cooking skills making healthy choices . and sustainability, industry s responsibilities centred and understanding the challenges we. in the future, on working collaboratively to reduce face and.
GOVERNMENT food waste at all stages of the food Coordinating global strategy and. chain from production techniques action to intervene in global challenges. Reduce waste , teach the next to retail and marketing practices to the food supply . generation and, consider changing They also desired increased. their consumption, habits transparency about what is in our food . and about the processes and systems, which bring food to our tables . Participants wanted more than just INCREASED COMMUNICATION. data provision they hoped that the, conversation, that informs.
better choices, food industry would play a critical role WITH CONSUMERS ABOUT Participants hoped that. in consumer education raising, ACTIONS TAKEN, Government would play. awareness of global challenges and a highly visible role in. empowering consumers to make, Our Food Future, better decisions about food TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS. OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 11, AND APPROACH, The research was developed in an iterative A range of stimuli and perspective taking. fashion across exercises were used to help encourage. and inspire debate , a scoping exercise consisting of.
an online quantitative survey of 1 383 This included the use of scenario . exercises in which participants were, UK participants and. asked to imagine living in four very ONLINE QUANTITATIVE. online qualitative forum research with, 22 participants. different projections of Our Food Future, in order to help challenge assumptions . SURVEY PARTICIPANTS, a deliberative dialogue involving a total identify priorities and encourage. of 63 participants across London Cardiff participants to consider the implications. Edinburgh and Belfast with participants of differing trade offs within and between. engaging in two in person workshops in the scenarios . each location , ONLINE QUALITATIVE, FORUM RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS.
A range of stimuli and,perspective taking,exercises were used. to help encourage,and inspire debate,12 OUR FOOD FUTURE 2016 . 2 0 INTRODUCTION,2 1 Introduction and 2 2 Building on existing. background evidence and expertise, Today s population of about seven billion is impact them in terms of both their In conducting this research we were. likely to rapidly rise over the coming decades immediate and longer term interests supported by an extensive network of. potentially to over nine billion by 2050 5 And partners and contributors all of whom have. In light of a desire to ensure that the, of course all of those people will need to eat informed the questions asked and the.
consumer voice is included in ongoing, and to do so in a way that is safe materials used to explore the public s view . decision making about Our Food Future This work was designed. sustainable and ideally health affirming , FSA commissioned research from This included the ongoing involvement of an to understand the key. The global citizens of today are faced with specialist social research agency expert Steering Group established by the FSA consumer concerns . the urgent challenge of how to feed more TNS BMRB including representatives from Defra Which aspirations and values. people within the reality of finite resources Government Office for Science Wellcome which characterise their. As we plan for the future we need to This work was designed to understand the Trust Sense about Science Sciencewise . key consumer concerns aspirations and current relationships with. respond to growing uncertainty and Global Food Securities Programme and the. values which characterise their current food and to understand. unpredictability in relation to global Food and Drink Federation . relationships with food and to understand their priorities for how Our. challenges around sustainability climate,change water shortages over consumption. and waste , their priorities for how Our Food Future. The evidence and insight reported here is, We have also benefitted greatly from a wide.
range of recent work on 1 the challenges, facing our food supply as well as emerging. Food Future develops , One of the driving principles of the FSA is that opportunities and 2 consumer views on the. consumers have the right to the best food gathered from a highly iterative research future of food and the acceptability of potential. future possible and should be empowered project including both quantitative and solutions to safeguard the food supply . and informed to be active players in shaping qualitative scoping exercises as well as a. that system series of deliberative workshop events with We offer our thanks to the Government and. public participants from across the country scientific bodies who have recently. Specifically it wishes to support consumers undertaken extensive research on some of. to 1 feel empowered to make informed Further details of the exact research aims the challenges we face as we advance. decisions about food now and in the future and approach taken are contained in towards Our Food Future including reports. and 2 consider how future changes might Section 3 0 from the Government Office for Science 6. 5 Government Office for Science Foresight Report 2015 The Future of Food and Farming Challenges and choices for global sustainability . https www gov uk government uploads system uploads attachment data file 288329 11 546 future of food and farming report pdf.

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