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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,OSPREY NEST REMOVAL POLICIES. A significant percentage of osprey, Pandion haliaetus pairs in Florida nest on Exceptions to these regulations are pro. power poles or other man made structures vided in rule 68A 9 002 F A C which al. Under permits issued by the Florida Fish lows the Executive Director of the Com. and Wildlife Conservation Commission mission to issue permits authorizing the tak. Commission a number of these nests are ing or possession of wildlife or their nests. removed each year This document out for management or other justifiable pur. lines osprey nest removal policies and re poses Such permits are subject to any. porting requirements that help us determine terms conditions or restrictions that might. the effects of these activities on Florida s be prescribed. osprey populations,State permits to take active and inactive. Osprey Protection and Nest Removal osprey nests are issued for the Executive. Regulation Director of the Commission by the Section. Leader of the Species Conservation Plan, The osprey is federally protected by the ning Section Division of Habitat and Spe. Migratory Bird Treaty Act 16 U S C 703 cies Conservation 620 South Meridian. 712 and state protected by Chapter 68A of Street Mail Station 2A Tallahassee Florida. the Florida Administrative Code F A C 32399 1600 Requests for such permits. Pursuant to the federal act it is unlawful to should be submitted to that office see At. take possess buy sell purchase or barter tachment A for application form Federal. any migratory bird including the osprey permits to take active osprey nests are issued. including feathers or other parts nests eggs by the U S Fish and Wildlife Services Re. or products except as allowed by imple gion IV Division of Law Enforcement Spe. menting regulations Although both active cial Agent in Charge 1875 Century Boule. and inactive osprey nests are protected Fed vard Atlanta Georgia 30345 404 679. erally only active nests require Federal 7049 There are no provisions in state law. permits for taking for verbal authorizations to remove active or. inactive nests Likewise there is no provi, The specific state regulation protecting sion in Federal law for verbal authorizations.
ospreys is rule 68A 4 001 F A C which to remove active nests. prohibits the taking or transporting of,wildlife or their nests eggs young. homes or dens Additional state protec Description of Permit Conditions. tion is provided in rule 68A 13 002 F A C, which adopts as state rules the federal Mi 1 Only inactive nests may normally be. gratory Bird Treaty Act and all rules prom taken Inactive nests may be deter. ulgated therefrom Ospreys and their nests mined by the absence of any egg or de. in Monroe County are provided even further pendent i e flightless young in the. protection by virtue of that population being nest Permittees may take inactive os. listed as a species of special concern rule prey nests at any time while the permit. 68A 27 005 F A C thereby protected by is valid,rule 68A 27 002 F A C. 2 Replacement nesting structures of com structure during the nesting season. parable or better quality than the nest immediately following nest removal. support structure removed or destroyed See attachment B. must normally be erected by the permit, tee The replacement nest structure 2 Enter the state nest removal permit. shall be located in the immediate vicin number s and the full name of the. ity of the old nest if possible Extenu permittee Enter the unique identifier. ating circumstances may prevent the for the nest site as used in your records. placement of an replacement nest struc to differentiate among osprey nest sites. ture In these circumstances the per Give a brief but accurate written de. mittee shall explain why replacement is scription of the replacement nest site. not an option on the Species Conserva location with enough detail to allow our. tion Planning Section application and personnel to locate the nest structure. the situation will be reviewed on a case Enter the county. by case basis Suggested guidelines for, constructing replacement osprey nest 3 Record the dates the original osprey.
structures are attached but other de nest was removed and the replacement. signs may be used if the permittee pre nest structure was erected. 4 Send completed forms to The Florida, 3 The permit is not transferable but other Fish and Wildlife Conservation. qualified personnel designated and in Commission Division of Habitat and. structed by the permittee may assist in Species Conservation Species Con. the permitted activities servation Planning Section Protected. Species Permit Coordinator 620, 4 The permit must be readily available for South Meridian Street Mail Station. inspection at all times while engaging in 2A Tallahassee Florida 32399 1600. the permitted activities by June 30 each year, 5 The permit does not authorize access to These data will be used to assess the. any public or private properties overall success of our nest removal policies. and are designed to help us better manage, 6 Permits include an expiration date but Florida s osprey population. are subject to revocation prior to that,time pursuant to Chapter 120 F S.
Reporting Requirements The Division of Habitat and Species. Conservation in Tallahassee maintains a file, Blanket permittee holders are required of permits to take osprey nests and sends. to submit annual reports to the Species Con copies to the appropriate Commission re. servation Planning Section documenting all gional offices and Regional U S Fish and. nest removal Permittees removing only 1 Wildlife Service office for active nests. nest are exempted Annual reports are received reviewed and. filed by the Species Conservation Planning, 1 Complete 1 report form for each re Section SCPS staff will analyze data col. located nest site or replacement nest lected in these reports. Enforcement by Mr Don Wood Major Kyle Hill Ms,Julie Hovis Dr Doug Runde and Dr Brad. Enforcement of illegal nest take active Gruver of the Commission Helpful com. or inactive and permit adherence is the re ments were also provided by Dr Michael. sponsibility of the Commission s Division Collopy Mr Mark Westall and Mr Peter. of Law Enforcement Quincy, Acknowledgements This report was revised by Ms Angela T. Williams of the Florida Fish and Wildlife, This report was prepared by Ms Susan Ce Conservation Commission Species Conser.
rulean and Mr Brian Millsap of the Florida vation Planning Section in response to. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis changes in Federal policy. sion Review and comments were provided, Effective July 1 2004 the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Commission. restructured as follows, Division of Wildlife DOW became Division of Habitat and Species Conservation HSC. Bureau of Wildlife Diversity Conservation BWDC became the Species Conservation Plan. ning Section SCPS, These changes are reflected throughout this document. State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Division of Habitat and Species Conservation,MIGRATORY BIRD NEST REMOVAL PERMIT APPLICATION. Please Print or Type,Applicant Name Date of Application.
Applicant Signature,Affiliation,Mailing Address,Telephone Number s. Voice line Fax Email address, Certification I hereby state and confirm by signature that the information submitted in this application and supporting. documents is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief I understand that any false statement herein. may subject me to criminal penalties I further state that I will abide by all applicable State Federal and local laws Finally I. hereby confirm by signature that representatives of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Commission. have my permission as the applicant and that of the landowner s to enter on and inspect the property ies described in. the application for all reasonable purposes pertaining to applicable Commission rules. Bird species Burrowing Owl Osprey Other, Did you previously have a state permit for the proposed work at this site Permit number. Nest information, Number of nests or burrows to be removed Duration of work. Location of nest i e what structure light pole tree tower etc block lot street address city county Town. ship Range Section T R S, Are eggs or flightless young present Yes No Are any adult birds present Yes No How many.
You must also contact Special Agent in Charge US Fish and Wildlife Service 1875 Century Boulevard Atlanta GA. 30345 404 679 7049 for a federal permit if any eggs and or flightless young are in the nest. Has an environmental consultant or other trained or experienced person inspected the nest s or owl bur. row s Yes No If yes please provide written confirmation of the inspection from the environmental. consultant or other trained individual indicating they have inspected the nest s or owl burrow s and. have verified the current status, Justification for removal of nest s or owl burrow s i e location of nest conflicts with proper function. ing installation of a structure or prohibits construction. Describe proposed measures to i e placement of T perch on site starter burrows erecting replacement. nest structure etc mitigate for this loss of nesting habitat for this species refer to appropriate species. policy guidelines, Those applying for a permit to remove a burrowing owl nest burrow must include a site plan or scaled diagram of the. property that shows the location of the burrow s relative to the proposed construction. The Florida Statutes require state agencies to approve or deny complete applications within 90 days of re. ceipt This office operates on a self imposed policy to make every effort to approve or deny complete appli. cations within 45 days of receipt Therefore we ask you to submit a complete application and include all. relevant information as attachments i e scientific project proposals site plans etc Complete permit appli. cations should be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to the requested effective date. Mail to Protected Species Permit Coordinator Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis. sion Division of Habitat and Species Conservation 620 South Meridian Street Mail Station 2A. Tallahassee Florida 32399 1600 850 921 5990 ext 17310 Fax 850 921 1847. Nest removal application doc,Revised 30 September 2004. GUIDELINES FOR CONSTRUCTION OF REPLACEMENT,OSPREY NEST STRUCTURES. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conserva forms should have side dimensions of. tion Commission requires that osprey nests no less than 2 feet on any side with a. removed under migratory bird permits be minimal 3 foot diagonal Circular. replaced by replacement structures of com platforms should have a diameter of. parable or better quality The reasons for at least 3 feet. this policy are two fold First it helps en, sure that osprey populations will not decline c Whenever possible the old nest.
as a result of nest removal activities Sec should be relocated intact onto the. ond ospreys are strongly attached to nest new platform When this is not fea. sites and will often rebuild a nest in the un sible arrange sticks in the shape of a. desirable location unless a superior site is nest on the platform. provided nearby,d Pole top mounted nest platforms are. An acceptable replacement nest struc preferred replacements for nests on. ture and site meet the following conditions power transmission poles light. 1 It is as tall or taller than the original nest, site If the original nest support struc If the support structure for the original nest. ture is to be removed the replacement is to be left intact it should be modified to. structure should be as tall or taller than discourage ospreys from rebuilding This is. other surrounding structures The alter best accomplished by covering the original. native nest structure should never be less nest site with material that will prevent os. than 15 feet above ground preys from perching Flexible rubber high. way detour cones work well on open struc, 2 It is located as close as possible to the tures such as power pole crossarms if they. original nest site no further than 300 are placed close together and cover all the. feet and preferably less than 150 feet potential nesting surface. 3 It is in an exposed location e g not un Woodworking for Wildlife Homes for Birds. der or within the canopy of a tree Mammals by Carrol L Henderson con. tains diagrams for building raptor platforms,4 It consists of a suitable platform. mounted securely on an adequate sup,port structure.
a The platform and structure should be, capable of supporting a nest that Osprey policies doc. may weigh 100 to 200 pounds Revised 30 Sept 04,b The platform may be either circular.

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