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Copyright 2013 by OriginLab Corporation, All rights reserved No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in. any form or by any means without the written permission of OriginLab Corporation. OriginLab Origin and LabTalk are either registered trademarks or trademarks of OriginLab. Corporation Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of. their respective owners,OriginLab Corporation,One Roundhouse Plaza. Northampton MA 01060,413 586 2013,800 969 7720,Fax 413 585 0126. Table of Contents,Origin 9 1 User Guide 1,Table of Contents iii. 1 Introduction 1,2 Installing and Updating Origin 3.
2 1 Notes for Upgrade Users 3, 2 2 Notes for Administrators of Multi user Packages 3. 2 3 Installing Origin 3,2 4 Selecting a User Files Folder 5. 2 5 Licensing Origin 5,2 6 Registering Origin 6,2 7 Maintenance 6. 2 8 Updating your Current Version 7,2 9 Upgrading you Origin Version 7. 2 10 Setting the Origin Display Language 7,2 11 System Transfers Deactivating a License 7.
2 12 Uninstalling Origin 8,3 Origin Resources 9,3 1 Direct Support Resources for Origin 9. 3 2 Resources Installed with your Origin Software 10. 3 3 Online Resources for Origin 11,4 OriginPro 13,5 The Origin Interface 15. 5 1 The Origin Workspace 15,5 2 Numbers in Origin 21. 6 Origin File Types 23,7 Import Data 25,7 1 ASCII Import 25. 7 2 CSV Import 27,7 3 Binary Import 27,7 4 Copy Paste and Clipboard Data 28.
7 5 Excel 28,Origin 9 1 User Guide,7 6 Third Party Formats 29. 7 7 Database 30,7 8 Digitizer 30,8 Workbooks Worksheets Columns 31. 8 1 Workbook Worksheet and Column Basics 31,8 2 Workbook Templates 37. 8 3 Creating a New Workbook from a Custom Template 38. 8 4 Simple Utilities for Filling Columns with Data 40. 8 5 Setting Column Values 42,8 6 Processing Worksheet Data 44. 9 Matrix Book Matrix Sheet Matrix Objects 47, 9 1 Matrix Books Matrix Sheets and Matrix Objects 47.
9 2 Virtual Matrix 53,9 3 Matrix Templates 54,9 4 Simple Manipulation of Matrix Data 56. 9 5 Set Values 56,9 6 Converting Worksheets to Matrixes 57. 9 7 Converting Matrixes to Worksheets 59,9 8 Profiling Matrix Data 60. 10 Graphing 61,10 1 The Page Layer Plot Hierarchy 61. 10 2 Creating a Graph from Worksheet Data 62,10 3 Adding Plots to Existing Graph 64.
10 4 Changing a Data Plot 67,10 5 Graphs from Worksheet Data 68. 10 6 Graphs from Matrixes Virtual Matrixes and XYZ Columns 73. 10 7 2D and 3D Function Plots 78,11 Customizing Graphs 81. 11 1 Introduction 81,11 2 Toolbars 81,11 3 Menus and Dialog Boxes 81. 11 4 Customizing Page Layer and Data Plots 83,11 5 Customizing Graph Axes 88. 11 6 Graph Legends 89,11 7 Annotating Your Graph 92.
Table of Contents,11 8 Arranging Graphs and Layers 97. 11 9 Themes and Templates 99,12 Graphical Exploration of Data 103. 12 1 Magnifying or Zooming 103,12 2 Reading Coordinate Values 105. 12 3 The Data Info Window 105,12 4 The Data Reader Tool 107. 12 5 The Annotation Tool 107,12 6 The Data Cursor Tool 108.
12 7 Gadgets for Data Exploration 109,13 Gadgets 113. 13 1 Introduction to Origin Gadgets 114,14 Data Analysis 117. 14 1 Selecting Data 117,14 2 Data Masking 124, 14 3 Drawing or Deleting Data Points in the Graph 126. 14 4 Mathematics 127,14 5 Curve Fitting 130,14 6 Peak Analysis 132. 14 7 Signal Processing 133,14 8 Image Processing 136.
15 Statistics 137,15 1 Basic Statistics 137,15 2 Statistical Graphs 139. 15 3 Comparing One Two or More Groups 140,15 4 Advanced Statistics 142. 16 How to Handle Repetitive Tasks 145,16 1 Recalculation 145. 16 2 Dialog Themes 146,16 3 Project and Workbook Templates 148. 16 4 Batch Plotting 149,16 5 Batch Analysis 152, 16 6 Repeating Analysis on Other Datasets or Data Plots 157.
16 7 Repeating Analysis using Data Filters 157,Origin 9 1 User Guide. 16 8 Automating Tasks using Programming 159,17 Publishing and Export 161. 17 1 Exporting Worksheets and Matrices 161,17 2 Exporting Graphs and Layout Pages 162. 17 3 Pasting or Embedding Graphs 162,17 4 Sending Graphs to PowerPoint 163. 17 5 Slide Show of Graphs 163,17 6 Creating Movies 164.
18 Programming in Origin 165,18 1 LabTalk 165,18 2 Origin C 165. 18 3 X Function 166,18 4 Automation Server 166,18 5 LabVIEW 166. 18 6 Developer Kit 166,18 7 Orglab 167,18 8 MOCA 167. 19 Customizing Origin 169,19 1 Customizing Default Settings 169. 19 2 Customizing Menus 171,19 3 Customizing Toolbars and Buttons 172.
19 4 Customizing the Status Bar 173,19 5 Customizing the Origin Workspace 174. 19 6 Templates and Themes 174,20 Sharing Origin Files 179. 20 1 Drag and Drop Sharing 179, 20 2 Sharing Files with Multiple Machines for Single Users 179. 20 3 Sharing Files with Other Users in a Network 179. 20 4 Packaging Files 180,21 Origin Toolbars 181,21 1 Standard 181. 21 2 Edit 183,21 3 Graph 183,21 4 2D Graph 184,Table of Contents.
21 5 3D and Contour Graph 187,21 6 3D Rotation 188. 21 7 Worksheet Data 189,21 8 Column 190,21 9 Layout 190. 21 10 Mask 191,21 11 Tools 191,21 12 Object Edit 193. 21 13 Arrow 193,21 14 Style 194,21 15 Format 195,21 16 Auto Update 196. 21 17 Database 196,21 18 Markers Locks 197,1 Introduction.
Welcome and thank you for using Origin, Origin is a powerful data analysis and publication quality graphing software tailored to the. needs of scientists and engineers What sets Origin apart from other applications is the ease. with which you can customize and automate your data import analysis graphing and reporting. Customizations can range from simple modifications to a data plot saved as a graph. template for later use to customized data analyses which produce publication quality reports. saved as an Analysis Template Batch plotting and analysis operations are also supported. wherein templates are used for repeat analysis of multiple files or datasets. We are confident that you will find Origin to be an effective tool for analyzing your data and. presenting your findings And to help you get the most from Origin we offer first class. customer and technical support training and consulting services. In this guide unless otherwise noted Origin will refer to both Origin and OriginPro OriginPro. offers all the features of Origin plus extended analysis tools for Peak Fitting Surface Fitting. Statistics Signal Processing and Image Handling, The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to Origin We hope that new users will find this to. be a valuable orientation to the Origin workspace and primary features For those who are. already using Origin we hope you will find useful information on new features and perhaps. learn a thing or two about Origin that you had overlooked previously. More detailed information is provided in the Origin Help file Help Origin from your Origin. software s main menu and numerous other learning resources exist For a complete listing of. available resources see the Origin Resources chapter of this guide. A couple of things to look for in this guide, We have added short tutorials to numerous topics throughout this guide These. short tutorials are intended to give you a quick introduction to some key Origin. feature To locate these look for the page icon, Also sprinkled throughout this guide you ll find tips on using Origin These tips. are marked with the light bulb icon, We like to get feedback from our users on ways to improve and expand Origin s data analysis.
and graphing capabilities We would love to hear from you You can find contact information in. the Origin Resources chapter of this guide,2 Installing and Updating Origin. 2 1 Notes for Upgrade Users, The Origin upgrade installs into a new program folder it does not update a previous version It. is therefore not necessary to have a previous version of Origin installed prior to upgrading. Origin license management is version specific Thus after installing the upgrade you must. complete the license management process A license dialog will display when your upgrade is. launched for the first time and this dialog will step you through the license process. Origin project files OPJ files created in earlier versions of Origin can be opened updated and. saved in Origin 9 1 We do not recommend however opening and working with Origin 9 1. project files in earlier versions of Origin as you may suffer some loss of information or data. that is specific to the new version For more information see the Support area of the OriginLab. website originlab com Support, If you have custom Origin files from your previous version such as graph templates themes. fitting functions LabTalk Script or Origin C files you can transfer them to your Origin 9 1 User. Files Folder From the Tools menu select Transfer User Files. Lastly we want to point out that Origin 9 1 has some great new features For more information. on key features by version see the originlab com VersionComparison page on our website. 2 2 Notes for Administrators of Multi user Packages. Instructions for getting started with the multi seat node locked and concurrent network. packages are available on the OriginLab website originlab com GetStarted. In addition to the script based Origin installer that runs from the DVD startup program an MSI. installer and sample transform are available The MSI installer is ideal for use at multi user. sites as it can be used to build an Origin installation package for distribution Further. information on the MSI installer and other deployment techniques are provided on the. GetStarted web page,2 3 Installing Origin, Origin is a Windows application You can run Origin on an Intel based Mac if you have installed. virtualization software and set up a virtual computer running Microsoft Windows For more. information see the OriginLab website originlab com. 2 3 Installing Origin, There are three steps that must be completed to prepare Origin for use.
Installation,Selection of a User Files folder,License management. Both the Origin upgrade and the full product install into a new program folder Origin does not. overwrite previous versions when upgrading so your original version does not have to be. installed when running the upgrade, The startup program that launches when you insert the Origin DVD includes an Origin. installation button If the startup program does not automatically run you can browse the DVD. to launch the startup program or the installer,Installing on a 64 bit Computer. When installing on a 64 bit computer you have the option to install 32 bit or 64 bit Origin or. both The 64 bit version has much more memory at its disposal so it is useful for large data. sets However some data import formats are only available in 32 bit Origin See the Support. area of the OriginLab website originlab com Support for more information about 32 bit. versus 64 bit installations, If you install 32 bit only or 64 bit only and you later want to install 64 bit or 32 bit run the. Origin Add or Remove Files program located in the Origin program icon folder or rerun the. Origin installer both require a log in account with administrator permissions When the Origin. setup program starts select the Modify option, How to Proceed if You Already Have the Origin Evaluation.
If you already have the evaluation version of Origin installed on your computer you can. convert it to the full product or upgrade To do this run the Origin Add or Remove Files. program located in the Origin program icon folder or rerun the Origin installer both require a. log in account with administrator permissions When the Origin setup program starts select. the Modify option and then select Install Product requires serial number. How to Correct or Change your Serial Number after you. Complete an Installation, If you installed Origin with an incorrect serial number you can correct it by running the Origin. Add or Remove Files program located in your Origin program icon folder or rerun the Origin. installer both require a log in account with administrator permissions When the Origin setup. program starts select the Modify option and then click Yes to change your serial number. 4 Installing and Updating Origin,2 4 Selecting a User Files Folder. 2 4 Selecting a User Files Folder, After installing Origin each Windows login user must select a User Files folder at the first. Origin startup The User Files folder is the default location for saving and opening files for that. login user, Consider these points in selecting your User Files folder. If you have a mobile computer it is best to select a User Files folder location on your. computer rather than on your network, For non mobile computers you can select a User Files folder location on the computer.
or the network as long as you have stable access to the folder. Do not select the same User Files folder as other Origin users To learn how to share. custom files with other Origin users please review the Origin Help file. If you upgraded from an earlier version of Origin you must select a User Files folder. different from your previous installation s User Files folder To transfer files from your. previous installation s folder select the Tools menu and then select Transfer User. At each Origin startup Origin will check that your User Files folder is accessible If Origin. cannot connect to the User Files folder you must select a new folder at startup Also you can. change your User Files folder when you are running Origin From the Tools menu select. Options and then click the System Path tab,2 5 Licensing Origin. All Origin packages include license management The type of license management provided. with your package is determined at the time of your Origin purchase. Node locked, Each Origin computer requires a license to run Origin The license is obtained from the. OriginLab website using a licensing wizard provided when you start Origin This process. requires a log in account with administrator permissions Instructions are provided for. computers with no internet access,Concurrent Network. Each Origin computer must connect to a FLEXnet license service to run Origin Your IT. department or Origin administrator installs a FLEXnet license server provided by OriginLab. available from the Origin DVD obtains a license for this server from the OriginLab website. and then sets up a license service The license service counts and restricts the number of. Origin computers that can run concurrently For more information see the Help Center on the. OriginLab website originlab com HelpCenter,Installing and Updating Origin 5. 2 6 Registering Origin, A dongle USB hardware key is provided with the Origin package and must be present in the.
computer s USB port to run Origin Dongles are version specific The dongle license is installed. 2 6 Registering Origin, Although registration is optional it is recommended Registering Origin is a prerequisite for. Origin support from OriginLab and the team of Origin distributors Registration also activates. Origin s Check for Updates command available in the Help menu Check for Updates. allows you to check if patches or updated Help files are available for your Origin install and to. obtain those updates, If you have an Origin package with node locked license management your Origin install is. automatically registered when you successfully complete the licensing process To verify this. select About Origin from the Help menu The About Origin dialog will display the Registration. ID assigned to your Origin, For all other license management packages a Registration dialog box displays when starting. a licensed but unregistered Origin installation Use the Registration dialog to register your. Origin installation on the Origin website During this process a Registration ID is issued Enter. or copy and paste this Registration ID into the Registration dialog to complete the process. The About Origin dialog will now display your Registration ID. 2 7 Maintenance, Most Origin packages are sold with the first year of maintenance included Maintenance. provides you with free Origin upgrades and may also include priority technical support. discounts on Origin training and consulting services and a home use license. To check if your Origin package includes maintenance select the Help menu and then. select About Origin If your package includes maintenance the About Origin dialog. will show your maintenance expiration date, To learn about the benefits of your maintenance contact OriginLab or your local Origin.
distributor, As your maintenance expiration date approaches Origin will display a maintenance. expiration message with a link to the OriginLab website to learn how to renew your. maintenance This reminder message provides a check box to prevent showing in the. 6 Installing and Updating Origin,2 8 Updating your Current Version. 2 8 Updating your Current Version, Within an Origin version OriginLab publishes free updates service releases patches A. service release provides bug fixes and feature improvements for the current version All. customers are encouraged to apply the service releases To check if a patch is available. select the Check for Updates command from the Help menu Patches are also available from. the Support area of the OriginLab website originlab com Support. 2 9 Upgrading you Origin Version, OriginLab publishes a new version of Origin each year providing features and improvements. based on customer input Customers with maintenance are entitled and encouraged to use. the most recent Origin version After a new version release OriginLab and the team of Origin. distributors notify maintenance customers by email However to make sure you receive. notification of a new version release please join the OriginLab website originlab com if you. do not already have an account and select the check box in your user profile to receive. product updates,2 10 Setting the Origin Display Language.
Origin packages sold to organizations in a limited number of countries including Japan. Germany Switzerland Austria and Liechtenstein may support running Origin with English. display or with Japanese or German display To access this language control select Change. Language from the Help menu,2 11 System Transfers Deactivating a License. Node locked Licenses Computer ID based, A system transfer is required if you plan to replace your licensed Origin computer with a. different computer,If Origin can still run on your computer. Run Origin and select Deactivate License from the Help menu After successful deactivation. your Computer ID will be removed from OriginLab s server so that you can install and activate. on another computer, If your licensed Origin computer is no longer available. Complete the license computer transfer form available from the Support area of the OriginLab.

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