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Intel IoT Hannover Messe 2016 2,IoT Based Solutions. Intel has been a leading provider of technology products and its partners provide a flexible scalable and secure path to. and services to the manufacturing industry for more than 30 this opportunity with a building block portfolio of processors. years This includes purpose built solutions that meet specific chipsets networking software security and service solutions. industrial grade extended product lifecycle and deterministic Intel is bringing a new level of IoT capabilities to manufacturing. requirements of the industry IoT is now providing an opportunity. The following pages describe a few examples of how Intel. for manufacturers to evolve their platforms and systems to open. and its partners are delivering IoT based solutions that. standards based technologies while supporting their specific. manufacturers can adopt right now to realize the benefits of. requirements around industrialization and determinism Intel. smart manufacturing,IoT Based Solutions for Asset Optimization. IoT asset optimization solutions built on Intel processor. based platforms improve asset utilization reduce operating. expenses and increase revenue The solutions accomplish this. by connecting dark industrial devices analyzing the assets. data in real time recommending options and implementing. relevant actions Designed to integrate information from. Single Chip PLC, multiple systems and sources Intel s asset optimization for Industry 4 0. solutions provide a single point of access to critical data being. generated by key assets such as manufacturing equipment and. machines electricity and wind turbines oil and gas exploration. equipment and other industrial devices Feeding historic. trends and real time data into predictive models operations. teams can instantly identify maintenance and upgrade. requirements before failures occur, Vibration Analytics Enables Predictive Maintenance. Figure 2 Altera s PLC on a chip reference design connects. The potential production loss from unplanned downtime. manufacturing systems to the cloud and an HMI, drives factory and operations managers to schedule preventive.
maintenance PM routines that are often not optimal At regular Secure Cloud Enabled PLC on a Chip Enables. intervals service engineers run diagnostics grease parts and Smart Factories. swap out components that wear down whether they need to Programmable logic controllers PLCs are at the heart of a. be replaced or not smart factory control network and they now connect to the. This demo shows a predictive maintenance solution that offers enterprise to enable the Industrial IoT. a more cost effective alternative whereby vibration data is The smart factory demo features three coordinated Altera. used to predict machine failure A vibration sensor mounted based PLCs over a time sensitive networking TSN backbone. to a crankshaft sends data to the cloud via an IoT gateway for controlling a delta robot RFID reader and a conveyer. analysis by machine learning algorithms Users can train the connecting to an Intel based SCADA HMI and the cloud It. system to differentiate between normal wear and problematic features the award winning Altera secure cloud enabled PLC. behavior for individual pieces of equipment Maintenance reference design with OPCUA and TSN The solution provides. personnel are alerted when equipment failure is imminent the flexibility low cost low power and small footprint needed. The solution enables a more intelligent and cost effective to quickly develop a complete Industry 4 0 ready PLC with. maintenance plan integrated HMI in a board half the size of a credit card. Vibration 270 Developed in partnership with 3S Smart Software Solutions. Wear debris or Exor International TTTech and Barco Silex the solution. performance degradation implements various real time industrial Ethernet protocols. IR thermography 90 including EtherCAT PROFINET and Ethernet IP over an 802 1. Quantitative PM 60 TSN backbone The solution supports peripherals such as. Audible noise 30, USB CAN Ethernet timers and UARTs as well as secure cloud. communication to the Enterprise with OpenSSL encryption. Hot to touch 5,over OPCUA,0 50 100 150 200 250,Time Range in Days. Figure 1 Vibration provides a relatively long advance warning of. potential failure compared to other indicators, Source Machine Monitoring Systems machinemonitoring co uk reliability. Intel IoT Hannover Messe 2016 3, Predictive Quality and Maintenance Solution Boosts ERP. Equipment Uptime CRM, A high priority for manufacturers is maximizing utilization INFORMATION Gateway.
and performance of their equipment and machines while TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONAL. minimizing costly unscheduled downtime This is possible. with smart manufacturing solutions that predict when where. Supply Chain,TECHNOLOGY, why and how an asset is failing Traditional statistical process. control SPC techniques are no longer effective in predicting. poor quality issues SPC only identifies the problem after. The demo shows a conveyor system with image scanning that. can be found on a typical factory floor Sensors capture images. and conveyor performance including measurements on motor. performance heat output vibration and resistance levels. The data is analyzed by the ADLINK PMQi end to end data. analytics platform that includes IBM s Predictive Maintenance. and Quality PMQ Business Analytics and Vortex Data. Distribution Services PMQi provides predictive perspectives. via health scores to the running equipment and information is Figure 4 The GE Predix software platform helps merge OT and IT. presented in a customized user interface ADLINK s gateways infrastructure. based on the Intel IoT Gateway collect the sensor data. Industrial Platform as a Service Minimizes,Unplanned Downtime. Every year USD 20 billion is spent on the maintenance of. industrial machines and massive data is collected often in. or D silos about the performance of these assets Historically it has. been very difficult to store analyze and act on this invaluable. information to save maintenance costs and improve performance. That is until today Predix GE s cloud platform for the Industrial. PMQi Models Internet is an end to end platform as a service PaaS for. ns at the Edge developing deploying and monetizing IoT applications from the. Ac User Interface, ctive edge to the cloud The demo shows how the Predix platform. Corre Generated, at the Edge is used to collect sensor data from industrial equipment and. then aggregate process and analyze all sensor data on the. edge using Predix Machine which is running on a Predix ready. Figure 3 ADLINK s and IBM s predictive quality and maintenance gateway device Based on the result of the analytics sensor data. solution detects imminent equipment failure, is streamed to the Predix cloud using the Predix data service to.
ingest data into the time series database for advanced analytics in. the Predix cloud Industrial customers can use the results to take. action to optimize asset performance and minimize downtime. Intel Works with Ecosystem Partners to Develop,Industrial Equipment. On display are various industrial devices industrial PCs PLC. PACs HMI gateways test and measurement etc offered by. Intel s ecosystem partners,Intel IoT Hannover Messe 2016 4. IoT Based Solutions for Operations Optimization Data Data Streams. Manufacturers require production agility and visibility across. their entire value chain to optimize and drive IoT business. value throughout the operation Manufacturers need to collect. analyze and extract intelligence from the deluge of data. coming from sensors equipment and machines Based on. volume velocity and criticality of the data collected it may be. more effectively managed at the edge of the network or sent to. the cloud A robust scalable and secure end to end platform Data Storage Intelligent Filter Transform. is required The following demonstrations showcase Intel s. sensor to cloud platform that enables manufacturers. to optimize their operations, Time Coordinated Computing Improves Control System. Response Time, Many manufacturing processes demand deterministic Deploy. performance which requires the supporting systems to Model Dev Execute Monitor Streaming Model Execution. receive information and send back responses in a consistent. and repeatable amount of time One example is industrial. F x Deploy, robotic systems where an unexpected communication N50 1.
delay measured in milliseconds could lead to misprocessed x. products or even damage to the robots themselves, To meet the need for fast and deterministic responses Intel. processor based control systems are designed with time. Alerts Reports Decisions, sensitive networking TSN chips This along with other time. coordinated computing features built into Intel silicon allows. the system to respond to sensor input in a deterministic period. of time which includes the delay for networking MAC PHY. operations and the interrupt service routine,IEEE 802 3 Ethernet. Figure 6 SAS Event Stream Processing predicts asset failures and. problems by analyzing streaming data, IoT Analytics Supports Intelligence for the Connected. QUALITY OF SERVICE The IoT is having a dramatic effect on manufacturers in all. aspects of their business Connected devices will radically. GUARANTEE OF SERVICE change the way manufacturers manage the product lifecycle. and enable new business models, Immunity The demo showcases SAS models running on an Intel platform.
at the edge and analyzing streaming sensor readings such. IEEE 802 1 TSN as motion light and sound As an example the solution can. SAE AS6802 be used by predictive maintenance solutions to forecast. Time Triggered Ethernet, impending failures and generate notifications in real time. so issues can be addressed proactively SAS for IoT applies. the power of advanced analytics to high throughput IoT. Figure 5 Time coordinated computing allows time synchronized data so that even the most complex things can be answered. low latency streaming services through Ethernet networks at the right time before the opportunity passes Whether. data generated is machine readable human readable or a. combination of both SAS scales to analyze millions of events. per second helping users decide what is important to action. what can be ignored and what should be stored The solution. covers the full analytics lifecycle starting with data capture. and integration and extending to analytics and deployment. Intel IoT Hannover Messe 2016 5, Connected Assets Improve Utilization and Reduce Control Node Compute Node Data Plane. Operating Expense,Carrier Grade VIM and,Accelerated Virtual Port for Guest OS. As equipment maintenance becomes more complex asset Telco Middleware. intensive organizations are seeking ways to work smarter and VIM VNF High Avail Mgmt. reduce their operating costs through the Industrial Internet Software Mgmt OAMP Accelerated. of Things IIoT Connected assets can interact with their Fault Performance Mgmt. environment and pass data along to other smart devices Real Time KVM Extensions. networks and applications with results ranging from reduced OpenStack. operating and maintenance costs to improved uptime and Control Plane Linux. production,Titanium Server Wind River Value Add Open Source. The Accenture Connected Asset Management solution, empowers companies to proactively manage their assets Figure 8 The Wind River Titanium Server delivers deterministic.
and make quicker more informed decisions through the performance. enablement and unlocking of digital content edge analytics. and prescriptive actions and alerts The solution allows for Comprehensive Tool Set Simplifies the Migration to Smart. easy integration of business workflows and analytical models Manufacturing. with the scalability to add new devices systems and processes Bringing smart manufacturing to the shop floor requires. as well as role based visualization for an enhanced user connectivity among machines people and systems Once. experience The demonstrated use case is an oil production this is achieved it s possible to digitize manufacturing. facility but the features and possibilities are easily transferable processes across a connected landscape analyze production. to other industries data to enable predictive maintenance and support real time. MAINTENANCE COSTS CLAIM Providing foundational capabilities for IoT connected. factories Dell offers a comprehensive tool set of hardware. software and services developed to help manufacturers and. systems integrators deploy smart manufacturing solutions. of operating, The facilities energy management demo connects a motor. and sensor to a Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series designed to. expenses revenues, aggregate secure and relay data from diverse sensors and. equipment The Intel Atom processor provides capacity. Figure 7 Across industries maintenance continues to claim a large to perform local analytics so only meaningful information. share of operating expenses 2 is sent to the next tier which could be another gateway the. datacenter or the cloud This minimizes consumption of. Software Defined Industrial Systems Increase, Manufacturing Agility expensive network bandwidth and reduces overall solution. By integrating software into manufacturing processes latency. software defined industrial systems enable manufacturers. to analyze data in real time and make results based decisions. Production becomes more fluid and flexible as systems can. be reconfigured anytime to modify production sequences at. Internet of Things Internet of Things,short notice Infrastructure Security. This demo shows how control systems can be virtualized. resulting in less physical hardware on the factory floor as Internet of Things Internet of Things. Analytics Services, well as the ability to maintain and upgrade existing plant.
equipment with new features The solution is based on the Figure 9 Dell s IoT solution portfolio lowers the risk and increases. the speed of deploying IoT initiatives, Wind River Titanium Server an OpenStack and KVM based. virtualization software solution It is designed to meet six. nines availability and supports many real time enhancements. to provide deterministic and high performance behavior of. user virtual machines and the network With interoperable. scalable and modular architectures the Wind River Helix. portfolio is well suited to address the system level challenges. facing the manufacturing sector such as producing smaller lot. size to satisfy customer requests,Intel IoT Hannover Messe 2016 6. IoT Based Solutions for Workforce Optimization, Manufacturers can increase worker safety and efficiency with. solutions that take advantage of environmental awareness. Wearable HMI Increases Worker Productivity and Safety. Connected wearable technologies are enabling manufacturers Emergency Robot Control. Shutoff Ethernet, to optimize operational efficiency and workflows by capturing Error. and integrating real time employee and environmental data Injection. Wearable technology is minimizing the non value added. movement of people by providing relevant and actionable. data to workers at the right time to avoid safety hazards and VM1 VM2. improve efficiency Test Application Robot Control Application. This demo shows how and an Intel powered DAQRI SMART Wind River VxWorks Microsoft Windows. HELMET enhances human abilities in industrial settings by. seamlessly connecting the user to the work environment while Multicore Intel Processor Based Platform. providing relevant contextual information instantaneously. This wearable human machine interface HMI is setting a new Figure 11 Intel s functional safety solution does not require. standard for industrial professional grade wearables and additional hardware. realizes the true potential of augmented reality and 4D in the. enterprise space Powered by an Intel Core m7 processor Functional Safety Solution Protects Workers. the solution integrates various peripherals including quad When a manufacturing system malfunctions it should have. microphone array output audio jack video and thermal a safeguard to prevent physical injury or damage a concept. cameras and two USB expansion ports for adding peripherals referred to as functional safety The safeguard is typically a. Intel RealSense R200 enables industrial IR depth mapping watchdog function implemented as an independent piece of. 360 degree situation awareness and other functions hardware or software. Intel s functional safety solution uses virtualization technology. on a multicore Intel processor to run safety critical software. on a dedicated processor core in a virtual machine VM. The demo shows a robotic arm being controlled by software. running on Microsoft Windows in a VM along with safety. monitoring software running the Wind River VxWorks real. time operating system An error is injected in the system and. the safety monitoring software initiates an emergency shutoff. Intel is currently seeking ISO61508 certification for functional. safety level 3 and safety integrity level SIL 2 Since the. solution does not require additional hardware it saves cost. and space and minimizes development time, Figure 10 DAQRI SMART HELMET provides contextual information.
in visual and audio formats, For more information about Intel solutions for industrial applications visit intel com industrial. 1 The Internet of Things Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype McKinsey Global Institute June 2015 pg 66 http www mckinsey com business functions business technology our insights the internet. of things the value of digitizing the physical world. 2 Wireman Terry Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance Reliability and Asset Management Third Edition Industrial Press August 2014 http new industrialpress com benchmarking best. practices for maintenance and reliability html, Copyright 2016 Intel Corporation All rights reserved Intel the Intel logo Intel Atom Intel Core and Intel RealSense are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U S and or other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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