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Industry Relations Update,Meeting of the UNC CH Board of Trustees. Innovation and Impact Committee,David S Routh,Vice Chancellor for Development. Mark Meares,Associate Vice Chancellor for Corporate and. Page 2 10Foundation Relations,Industry Research Support. UNC ranked 9th in all research expenditures in the. UNC ranked 35th in business and industry support,for research 28 5M.
Duke ranked 2nd 177M,NC State ranked 16th 46M,UNC Industry Relations. Proactive approach,2 5 FTE industry relations officers. Create virtual and actual portal,Individual grants to complex partnerships. Cross campus collaboration with vice chancellors for. commercialization economic development and, Goal Triple industry research support in five years. Finding a cure for HIV AIDS will require,a new model of industry academy and.
government collaboration,Other partners,THERAPEUTICS. Funding Facilities and,50 50 Ownership infrastructure. Holds partners cash,and intellectual property,World class. IP World class researchers,and know how,researchers and. HIV Access to federal and other,sources of funding.
Cure Center,Collaborative research,in an academic setting. Page 5 10 Other, Putting Important Ideas to Use Advancing Innovation. Entrepreneurship,Commercialization,Economic Development. UNC Board of Trustees,Innovation Impact Committee Chair Phil Clay. Judith Cone Interim Vice Chancellor for Commercialization. Economic Development, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Innovation Entrepreneurship.
May 27 2015,Innovation Entrepreneurship,Phase 1 Timeline. Funding Governance Communications Engagement,Cross campus Initiatives Curricular Co curricular. 5 13 11 14 3 15,Phase 2 Timeline BOG Releases,BOG Holds Mtg on. Governor s,Task Force on,Innovation to,seeks funding. for I2J from,Directions Plan Commercializatio Jobs Legislature.
1 11 7 13 5 14 8 14 1 15, BOT Members BOT Carol Folt BOT I I BOT I I BOT CRVF. involved with Hired Innovation Committee Committee Carolina. Roadmap Impact Memo to Leadership Research Venture. ONGOING Committee Holds Leadership Response Fund 5M. 1st mtg 2 14,1 10 Chancellor Folt 2 15, Chancellor Holden Thorp 10 13 presents on Chancellor Folt. Kicks off the Innovation Carol Folt Installed Commercializatio Creates VC of. Roadmap Process as 11th Chancellor n to BOG Commer. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015,1 10 10 10 1 11 11 11 10 12 11 13 9 13 11 14. Strategy Group Roadmap Roadmap Innovation Two Year Innovation UNC MOU Kickstart. Four Year Innovation, of Faculty Released Implementation Circle Mtg Progress Report Circle Mtg I E Network Kenan Institute Progress Report Summit. Students Innovation 1st Mtg CES OTD I E,Innovation Circle Mtg.
11 10 3 13 08 13 4 14 7 14 2015, Biomedical Task Force Task Force Data Studies Applied Physical Strengthen. BUILDING BLOCKS OF, Engineering Industry Relations Commercialization Faculty Working Sciences Dept Computer Sciences. Applied Group Approved and other Data,INNOVATION,Sciences Competencies. Expert Coaches EIRS CRVF,Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Investment. 3 12 5 13 6 13 7 13 7 14 2 14 4 15 2015,Space Space Space Space Space Space Space Space.
CUBE at Launch Chapel CreatorSpace 1789 Venture Faculty Working Lost Space for Start planning Opening of. Campus Y Hill Opens Faculty Working Lab Opens Group Presents to Faculty Innovation Hubs CreatorSpace in. Opens CS E rs Page,Group 8 10 Provost Entrepreneurs Murray Hall. Phase 3 Planning Timeline,Administrative Communications Engagement. Phase 3 Working Group Innovation Summit Planning, OCED Office of Commercialization Economic Development. Bryant M Moore PhD, Director of Strategic Partnerships Office of Commercialization Economic. Development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Bryant is an executive with over 30 years of broad leadership experience developing. medical products He has an extensive background in product development technology. evaluation and business development which spans the areas of clinical diagnostics. endoscopy and sports medicine cardiology and ophthalmology Most recently he was. Global Head Refractive R D for Abbott Medical Optics a division of Abbott. Laboratories Prior to Abbott he held several key leadership roles in Medtronic s Cardiac. Rhythm Disease Management business He was Vice President External Partnerships. and Technology Assessment having accountability for developing strategic partnerships. with early stage start ups universities and other external research organizations to. help the business grow the product pipeline Prior to this role he held the positions of. Vice President Biotechnology and Technology Scouting Vice President Product. Development and Technology and Vice President Applied Technology and Central. Engineering, Prior to Medtronic he was Worldwide Vice President Research and Development for.
Smith Nephew s endoscopy business He was accountable for development of. minimally invasive surgery products for the Arthroscopy Sports Medicine marketplace. Prior to Smith Nephew he worked for Johnson Johnson where he held several. leadership positions within their clinical diagnostics business These positions were Vice. President Assay R D Vice President Research Development and Director of. Technology and Hemostasis, Prior to Johnson Johnson he worked as Manager of Hemostasis for Organan Teknika. a division of Dutch Multinational Akzo, He began his career as a scientist working in clinical chemistry R D for the DuPont. Company in Wilmington DE, Bryant holds a BS degree in Chemistry from North Carolina A T State University. Greensboro NC and a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of North Carolina.

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