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ONE HUNDRED,Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. David Francis and Michael Kelley,David Francis, Director of Sunday School at LifeWay Member of the Minister of Education. tribe Preschool Sunday School teacher with wife Vickie Dad to 3 sons. Grandaddy to 5 Author of 13 books 12 are free on iTunes or at LifeWay com. DavidFrancis,Michael Kelley, Director of Groups Ministry at LifeWay Father of three Husband. of one Jana Church elder Author of Wednesdays were Pretty Normal. Faith Limps Holy Vocabulary Hard Sayings of Jesus and Boring Blogger. MichaelKelleyMinistries com,2016 LifeWay Press, Permission is granted to photocopy this resource Free downloadable versions are available online at. LifeWay com DavidFrancis or the iTunes store,ISBN 978 1 4300 6374 2.
Item 005791352, By completing a study of this book you can receive course credit in the Christian Growth Study. Plan For more information visit LifeWay com CGSP,Dewey decimal classification 268 0. Subject headings SUNDAY SCHOOLS RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. Unless otherwise noted all Scripture quotations are taken from the HCSB 1999 2000 2002. 2003 2009 by Holman Bible Publishers Used by permission. Printed in the United States of America,Groups Ministry. LifeWay Church Resources,One LifeWay Plaza,Nashville TN 37234 0175. One Hundred 4,Understand the Numbers 9,Acknowledge the Power of One 13.
Encourage Four Great Expectations 15, Expect New People Every Week Expect a Great Bible Study Experience Every. Week Expect to Follow Up Aggressively Expect People to Say Yes. Develop Six Dynamics of a Culture of Invitation 29. Invigorate Incorporate Intercede Invest Invite Involve. Act on Five Proven Steps to Growth 36,Dream Declare Develop Determine Deploy. Embrace Four Foundational Principles 39, Care for Every Person Open Groups Open Enrollment The Irreducible Law of. Kingdom Growth,Divide the Work around Four Age Groups 51. Preschool Kids Students Adults,Balance Three Dimensions 53.
Disciple Making Community Building Culture Impacting. Take it to the Next Level 56,Class Community Commission. One Revisited 61,Endnotes 63, One person One baby One preschooler One second grader One middle. school boy One high school girl One college student One young couple. One senior saint One man mowing the grass on Saturday One deacon. arriving early to unlock the doors One smocked lady in her place in. the nursery bright smile ready to greet a new little one whether one. comes or not One couple using the resources they have to create the best. experience they can for a room of kids Another one with donuts in hand. eagerly circles up with the youth group One teacher prepared to lead an. or the adult class in a discussion of the day s Bible passage One class that. leads the way in growth One pastor called by God to serve and lead this. flock as shepherd teacher One enthusiastic person who comes alongside. him as Sunday School Director Smaller churches know the value of one. 100 One hundred times one Half of Southern Baptist churches over. 20 000 churches will host between one and 100 people in worship and. Bible study next Sunday In another 40 percent of SBC churches between. 100 and 200 will gather for fellowship and discipleship A church that. averages over 200 in Sunday School is in the top 10 percent They are big. churches So what s another adjective for the smaller church How about. normal Averaging less than 100 in attendance is remarkably normal. Good News for Smaller Churches, Everybody doesn t want to go to a mega church The reality is most people. aren t thinking about going to any church So they go to the big church. because they got a fancy postcard in the mail Actually no Or because. they saw the scrolling message on the fancy sign Again not really Those. things may have created an awareness of the church for them Most. people will not respond to those things alone What they will respond. to is an invitation An invitation from someone they admire or trust who. talks enthusiastically about how his or her church is making a difference. in his or her life An invitation that leads to a positive experience on. that trial visit An experience that is followed by a gracious invitation to. come back again A church of any size can do that The advantage for a. 4 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. smaller church is that the first visit to the church is not like going to the. super center It s more like going to the neighborhood market It s a lot. less intimidating In this book we will learn how to make it even less. intimidating,Congregational Self esteem, Many people faithfully attend churches they never invite anybody to visit. Why Partly because the congregation has low self esteem Acting on. some of the ideas in this book will help you feel great about your church. Some people think it is music or architecture or something else that. attracts people to a church It s not Churches grow for one main reason. people invite other people And people only invite other people when they. feel good about what they are inviting them to How would you rate your. congregational self esteem,Conversations, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman have long emphasized that excellence.
is not about doing any one thing 100 times better but doing 100 things. a little better 1 The purpose of this book is to provoke conversations about. the 100 little things that can be done better Conversations allow people to. think and process thoughts The opportunity to process thoughts through. conversation can bring people a sense of agreement about actions that. produce incremental positive changes in the life of a church And with. each improvement the guest experience is better the congregation s self. esteem goes up and members invite people more naturally. on a Path Past 100, If your pastor has given you this book it is because he believes you can. contribute to a conversation among members of a church that. averages less than 100 in Sunday School attendance and. wants to move beyond the 100 barrier and, intends to provide an excellent Bible study experience for every one on. both sides of 100, What might it look like for a church to reach 50 then 75 then 100 then. 150 Even 200 Let s look at a typical example, O N E H U N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 5. 50 75 100 150 200,Preschool Babies Twos Babies Twos Babies Babies.
Ones Twos Ones Twos,Threes Threes Threes Pre K Threes. Kindergarten Kindergarten Pre K,Kindergarten Kindergarten. Kids Grades 1 3 Grades 1 3 Grades 1 2 Grade 1 S,Grades 3 4 Grade 3 e. Grades 4 6 Grades 4 6 Grade 4,Grades 5 6 Grade 5 a. Students Students Middle School MS Boys 7 8 Boys,MS Girls 7 8 Girls.
High School High School HS Boys, Adults Adults Young Adults Young Adults College Career. Young Married,Special Needs Special Needs,Parents Parents. Empty Nesters Empty Nesters, Senior Senior Adult Senior Adult Senior Adult Senior Adult. Adults Women Women Women Women,Senior Adult, Senior Adult Senior Adult Senior Adult Senior Adult. Men Men Men Men,Senior Adult Senior Adult Senior Adult.
Coed Coed Coed,The Law of 10, 6 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. We are going to explore some of the key numbers next We need to state. one now The example on the facing page is built on it Simply stated. attendance will seldom exceed a class attendance ratio of 1 10. A Foundation for 50, At a minimum any size Sunday School should have four classes one each. for preschoolers elementary age kids students youth and adults That. foundation plus an additional adult class is probably sufficient to sustain. an attendance of up to 50 For over 10 000 SBC churches getting to 50 is. the next goal,Beating the Average at 75, What would it take to be above average in attendance Maybe three. more classes What changes in the example What are some other. configurations that might take a church past 75 Another significant thing. happens at about 75 church budget approaches 100 000 Ten or eleven. classes may be enough to put a church into triple digits. From Broadly Graded to Narrowly Graded, Something significant happens at 150 You have the opportunity to choose. curriculum that is more targeted Perhaps more significant a church can. rarely sustain an attendance above 150 without adding vocational staff. Into the Top Ten Percent, We get sort of tickled when someone from a church of 200 or more tells.
us We re just a little church A church with 200 in Sunday School is. larger than 90 percent of churches It likely has at least 20 classes It has. begun to target more precise groups of people At 200 and probably way. before the church can provide Sunday School for kids and adults with. special needs Budget giving has likely exceeded a quarter of a million. dollars plus whatever the people who only attend worship give. Why We Focus on Sunday School Attendance, Sunday School attendance is a much more reliable gauge of church health. than worship attendance People who attend Sunday School and worship. give up to six times more money than those who attend worship only. O N E H U N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 7. Out of 100 people who attend worship and Sunday School over 80 will. still be active five years from now Of 100 who attend only worship fewer. than 20 will be,It s More than Numbers, Have you ever stood between a set of railroad tracks and looked down. the rails The tracks appear to get closer and closer to each other in the. horizon Eventually they appear to merge together into one rail Sunday. School has two rails One rail is numerical growth more people being. reached with the gospel The other rail is spiritual growth individuals. being matured in Christ Are you better at one rail than the other Can. you accelerate both numerical and spiritual growth at the same time If. you said yes that s the spirit of One Hundred,Excellence One Class at a Time. Whether you have 4 classes or 40 the Bible study experience can be. excellent in every class There is no reason that a class for kids in a smaller. church can t be just as good as one in a bigger church Same for any other. age group The room can look just as appealing The workers can be just. as well trained The curriculum can be just as effective Especially if you. invest in the works Some smaller churches decide too soon they can t. afford resources like music and video and posters and activity sheets The. reality is you can t afford not to provide these resources You can t afford. not to outfit the rooms with the best equipment And if you do the Bible. study experience will not only rival one at the big church it may surpass. it More importantly the boys and girls will have a superior discipleship. experience too Our motivation for excellence is not to compete with the. nearest mega church Rather it is to effectively compete for the minds and. hearts and souls of the people we are entrusted to disciple whether we. grow or not That said we do well to understand the numbers. 8 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. Understand the Numbers, Let s talk about some of the key numbers You may want to put a tab on. this page in case you want to refer back to it again. W L Gore Associates has been perpetually named as one of the top. 100 companies to work for Although it employs thousands of employees. around the world the size of each of its facilities is normally limited to. 150 people Malcolm Gladwell brought attention to this number in Tipping. Point 2 It is called Dunbar s Number after the Oxford anthropologist. who popularized the theory He contends that 150 is sort of a universal. maximum for social groupings He ties it to brain size thus a maximum. number of cognitive relationships most humans can keep up with A. company in the U S Army seldom exceeds 150 soldiers Many villages. around the world have about 150 residents The examples go on and on. This fascinating topic suggests an important question What if 150 is just. sort of normal the maximum number of people a typical pastor can. effectively shepherd by himself To move beyond that he needs help And. the willingness not to know everything about everybody. The average percent of worship attenders who also participate in Sunday. School on an average Sunday in SBC churches On a typical weekend. about 6 million people will be at church during worship and 4 million will. come before or stay after worship for Sunday School Smaller churches. often have a much higher ratio But 2 3 is the average. Have you done the math already An average church with 150 during. worship including preschoolers and kids elsewhere in the building is. going to have how many in Sunday School That s right 100 Fortunately. in smaller churches the gap is often lower,82 of 100 plus 8 of 50.
In research findings reported by Thom Rainer in the book High. Expectations an analysis was made of people who had come to Christ and. O N E H U N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 9. joined a sampling of churches five years earlier 3 We ve already mentioned. this earlier but the findings demand us to look at this more closely Of. those who attended both worship and Sunday School 82 were still. active Of those who attended only worship just 16 remained active. So take a church with 150 in worship 50 who attend worship only and. 100 who attend both Sunday School and worship If the research plays. out in that church five years later 82 of the 100 will still be around But. of those who attend only worship only 8 of those 50 will still be there. Eight How do these dynamics impact the way you view the importance of. getting people into Sunday School, The percentage of people enrolled in Sunday School who attend on any. given Sunday This 1 2 ratio has held for many decades with fluctuations. up or down rarely exceeding one percent This percentage may vary. considerably by church or by class A normal range is 40 60. The typical church in North America will have about 75 people in the. house on any given Sunday Are you starting to see a pattern 75 is half. of 150 The big number is always the driver I don t know why it is but. when churches cull non attenders from the Sunday School roll average. attendance will eventually settle into you guessed it 50 percent of. enrollment Yes even if the people culled were inactive. The Sunday School enrollment required in the typical church to net an. average attendance of 100 What is your current enrollment. Active Enrollment, You minister to more people than you think You will probably be. encouraged by this number Calculate it by determining how many. members attended at least once during a given month Do you count. guests Only if they agree to enroll as members Most will if asked What. was your active enrollment average for October or March whichever was. most recent, 10 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. Percentage of churn in the typical church What is churn It is the. number of new people required each year for attendance to just stay even. You can count it Just add up the number of people who no longer attend. because they have dropped out moved away or gone to heaven If you. can go back five years If you don t have the records or memories then. assume 20 percent of attendance 10 percent of enrollment So a church. that averages 60 in attendance is going to need to reach about 12 new. people next year just to stay at 60, The average attendance per class across age groups over time I David. have tested this across the country in churches of all sizes If you will tell. me how many classes you have I can get pretty close to guessing your. average attendance by multiplying by 10 Or if you ll tell me your average. attendance I can make a pretty good guess about how many classes you. have by dividing by 10 Preschool classes tend to have less than 10 Adult. classes tend to average a few more But over time the overall average will. be about 10 per class, The number of dollars a new class of 10 will add to the annual budget.
receipts That is a conservative number assuming 20 per person per. week for 50 weeks At 25 per person the annual budget would be. 125 000 when attendance reached 100 That includes the kids who are. included in the per person total If you calculate per person giving using. worship attendance it will be lower People who attend only worship give. six times less than those who attend both worship and Sunday School 4. A typical ratio of attendance in adult classes and in non adult classes in. a healthy church The 40 includes the adults working with preschoolers. kids and students If the second number is higher than 40 you probably. have a real challenge enlisting enough leaders to teach and care for. preschoolers kids and students If the first number is higher than 60 you. probably don t have a healthy number of preschoolers kids students and. their parents, O N E H U N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 11. Percent of the total attendance that will be in a preschool kids or student. class including the adult leaders Since you have 3 age groups we need. to multiply by 3 That s 12 times 3 or 15 times 3 So a healthy range of. 36 45 percent Or a center cut number of about 40 percent total in. preschool kids and student classes, Standard number of leaders for each class Ideally you will have a person. in each class who is primarily responsible for each of the three priorities. of Sunday School An adult class can operate with one A class for kids. should never have fewer than two Three are better especially if two are a. married couple One of the teachers in a class for preschoolers or children. will serve as the lead teacher or director All the teachers in a kids class. will also function as care group leaders There s another more important. reason why it s best to have at least a three person team in every child s. room for the safety and security of the children and the protection of. the workers, The ratio of attendance to parking spaces almost every church needs. If you want to grow past the 100 barrier how many parking spaces are. required How many do you need if your goal is 150 How many spaces. do you have now, The number of years it usually takes for an existing adult class to plateau It. will likely still continue to cover its churn That is a class of ten that loses. two will make up that two But it is the rare class that gets bigger after. two years Unless of course it experiences a revival by doing something. like committing to some of the things in this book Seriously some. churches have not started a new class in years It s not a failure on the part. of the teacher It s just normal,There is power in one.
12 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School. Acknowledge the Power of One, The Greek New Testament word for power is dunamis It is the word from. which we get the English word dynamic And the word dynamite The. power of one can be positive or negative One can propel things forward. or shut things down The latter is usually motivated by a desire to retain. the power of one The former has discovered or is willing to discover. the joy of being a channel for the power of the Holy Spirit I am going to. assume that s the kind of power you enjoy,One Teacher. Perhaps no one has more influence over people than Adult Sunday School. teachers If they are for something it goes If they oppose something it. does not at least in that class A path past 100 will absolutely require the. support of adult teachers, One class dedicated to the goal is enough to propel a church past. 100 in Sunday School attendance even if that class is acting alone It will. take a while longer but one motivated class led by one visionary teacher. can lead the way Here s another thing about one class Contrary to the. popular myth there is absolutely no reason that a preschool class a kids. class a student class or an adult class in a smaller church can t be just as. great a learning experience as a similar class in a big church In fact there s. no reason for it not to be better The class is the foundational unit of the. Sunday School A large church just has more of them It is just a matter. of scale Dedicated teachers equipped with great curriculum in a bright. clean safe environment and empowered by the Holy Spirit can absolutely. create a Bible study experience in a smaller church that is equal to or. better than what happens in a big church,One Growing Disciple. Whether we grow past 100 or not we still have a responsibility for. helping the disciples we have to grow Jesus said a good shepherd leaves. the 99 to search for the one that is lost How did the shepherd know one. sheep was missing He counted them This story is a perfect picture of the. spirit of One Hundred, O N E H U N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 13.
One Antagonist, Just one insatiably negative person can mess all our plans up Satan is. having a heyday in too many churches of all sizes People may attend a. church or class that is out of sorts but I ll promise you this few of them. are going to invite someone else to come watch the fight. If you are the church antagonist please repent or leave But if you leave. please don t join another church I know that sounds harsh but this is a. very serious problem in far too many churches and is probably one of the. key factors preventing us from accomplishing the Great Commission. Let s be clear We re not talking about the person who offers occasional. feedback about things that could be done better All of us do that and. should We re talking about the person who is consistently negative about. everything He or she has been acting the same way for a number of years. through a number of pastorates and with a virtually inexhaustible list of. grievances The kind of person who is not happy unless he is unhappy The. kind of person also sets himself up as the grand permission giver Why do. such people even want to go to church They usually represent a very tiny. minority of the church membership usually only one or two people who. work behind the scenes to maintain power How do these people retain. their negative power in a church Usually it s because the new people. and the nice people just leave or cower Often the very antagonists who. cause others to leave blame the church leadership and usually the pastor. specifically for the departure It s sick At the very heart of all this is the. desire on the part of the antagonist to stay in power no matter what If the. church grows they reason in their warped mind they may lose power So. the way to retain power is to keep the church small Oh they ll deny it s. so But it usually is 5, What s the solution Serious situations may require some form of. intervention All require intercession Something remarkable happens. when people in a church start praying for their church their pastor their. class their teacher and the other people in the church. One can make a difference Will you be one of those ones If so here s. 14 ONE HU N D R E D Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School.

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