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Table of Contents,l About the Game 1,1 Getting Started. l Things you need to Duel 2,l The Game Mat 4,2 Game Cards. l Monster Cards 6,l Effect Monsters 9,l Pendulum Monsters 12. l Xyz Monsters 14,l Synchro Monsters 16,l Fusion Monsters 18. l Ritual Monsters 19,l Summoning Monster Cards 20,l Spell Trap Cards 22.
3 How to Play,l Let the Duel Begin 28,l Preparing to Duel 29. l Turn Structure 30,Table of Contents,4 Battles and Chains. l Monster Battle Rules 37,l Chains and Spell Speed 40. 5 Other Rules,l Other Rules 45,l Glossary 48,What is the Yu Gi Oh TRADING CARD GAME. With the Yu Gi Oh TRADING CARD GAME you can take part in the. exciting card game action seen in the family of Yu Gi Oh TV and. comic mega hits, In this game two players Duel each other using a variety of Monster.
Spell and Trap Cards to defeat their opponent s monsters and be the. first to drop the other s LP Life Points to 0, Everything you need to start playing is in this Deck but there are. thousands more cards to choose from so collecting additional cards. in Booster Packs will let you customize your Deck and increase your. chances of winning, This is the official Yu Gi Oh TRADING CARD GAME rulebook It is. important to learn how to play correctly so you should read this. rulebook before playing if you are new to the game Understanding. the rules will help you make the best use of your cards so keep. the rulebook handy during your first few games You can also visit. www yugioh card com for more information,ABOUT THE GAME. CREATE YOUR OWN DECK, With thousands of cards to choose from you can create and. customize your own Deck with your favorite cards Every Duelist. will have their own unique Deck completely different from every. other Duelist s Deck which makes it really exciting to play. BATTLE WITH FANTASTIC MONSTERS GREAT COMBOS, Even if a card does not have enough power on its own Timegazer Mag.
ician DARK,it may become powerful when combined SPELL. with other cards It is fun to collect all the Mystical Space SPELLCCARD. S PELL ARD,different cards available and create your 8. You must control,Monster you control monsters to activate this. card If a Pendulum,activate Trap Cards attacks or is attacked your. a Magician card until the end of the Damage Step,opponent cannot.
own combos then unleash them in a Duel,or Unless you have. card s Pendulum Odd Eyes card in your other,Pendulum Zone. Scale becomes,Each turn the TER PENDULUM E,first card s in. would be destroyed FFECT,your Pendulum,destroyed by an opponent s Zone. card effect is that,YS14 EN010,ATK 1200 DEF,YS14 EN024.
destroy that target,Card on the field,Target 1 Spell Trap. POWER UP YOUR DECK WITH BOOSTER PACKS,Booster Packs are released every few months. bringing new cards and new combos to add new,strength to your Deck Duels evolve every time. a new Booster Pack is released keeping your,Duels cool and exciting. 1 Getting Started,Getting Started,Things you need to Duel.
Deck 40 to 60 cards, Assemble your favorite cards into a Deck that follows these rules. lThe Deck must be 40 to 60 cards, lYou can only have up to 3 copies of the same card in your Deck. Extra Deck and Side Deck combined, Also some cards are Forbidden Limited or Semi Limited in official. tournaments See page 45 for details, Try to keep your Deck close to the 40 card minimum Having a Deck. with too many cards makes it hard to draw your best cards when you. need them This Deck is called your Main Deck,Extra Deck 0 to 15 cards.
This Deck consists of Xyz Monsters Synchro Monsters and Fusion. Monsters which can be used during the game if you meet certain. requirements The rules for Extra Decks are,lYou can have up to 15 cards in the Extra Deck. lThe Extra Deck can contain Xyz Monsters Synchro Monsters and. Fusion Monsters in any combination, lThese cards are not counted towards the 40 card minimum limit. of your Main Deck,Side Deck 0 to 15 cards, This is a separate Deck of cards you can use to change your Deck during. a Match After each Duel in a Match you can swap any card from. your Side Deck with a card from your side Deck and or Extra Deck to. customize your strategy against your opponent The number of cards in. your Side Decks must not exceed 15 The number of cards in your Side. Deck before and after you swap any cards must be exactly the same. Additional items you may need,Getting Started, Some cards require a coin toss If you Just like the coin there are some. play with these have a coin ready to cards that need a die roll If you play. flip with these have a standard die ready,with numbers 1 through 6.
Counters Monster Tokens, Some cards will require markers Tokens are used to represent. called counters to keep track of monsters that can be created by card. things like the number of turns or a effects Any object used for a Token. card s power level You can use small needs to have two distinct ways to. objects like glass beads paper clips place it that can clearly indicate the. or pennies for the counters which are monster s battle position See page. then placed on these face up cards 45 for details,Items which can help during a Duel. Calculator Card Sleeves, LP changes quickly during a Duel It is Plastic sleeves can prevent your. smart to use a calculator to keep track cards from getting bent or scratched. of your LP During important Duels If you use card sleeves they all have. you should track your LP on paper as to be the same so your cards are not. well to be extra careful marked,The Game Mat,Getting Started. The Game Mat helps you organize your cards,during a Duel When you use your cards you.
place them on the Game Mat Different kinds of 7,cards are placed in different Zones. Each Duelist needs their own Game Mat place,them together while Dueling This combined. space is known as the field The Game Mat 6, contained in this product is just for your half of. the field The cards you control are the cards,on your side of the field. You can also Duel without using the Game Mat as,long as you remember where to place the cards.
This is where you put your monsters when they are played You. 1 can have up to 5 cards here There are 3 main ways to position your. Monster Monster Cards face up Attack Position face up Defense Position. Zone and face down Defense Position Place the card vertically for. Attack Position and horizontally for Defense Position. This is where you put Spell and Trap Cards You can have up to. 2 5 cards here You place them here face up to activate them or. Spell Trap place them face down Because a Spell Card is placed in this. Zone zone when it is activated no further Spell Cards can be used if all. 5 spaces are occupied already, When Monster Cards are destroyed and when Spell Trap Cards. 3 are used they are sent face up to this space The contents of both. players Graveyards are public knowledge and your opponent. Graveyard can look through yours at any time during the Duel The order of. the cards in the Graveyard should not be changed,Getting Started. Your Deck is placed face down in this space Players draw cards. 4 from here to their hands If a card effect requires you to reveal. cards from your Deck or look through it shuffle it and put it back. Deck Zone in this space after resolving the effect. Special Spell Cards called Field Spell Cards are played here Each. 5 player can have 1 Field Spell Card on their own side of the field To. use another Field Spell send your previous one to the Graveyard. Field Zone Field Spell Cards do not count towards the 5 card limit of your. Spell Trap Zone, Place your Extra Deck face down in this space You can look at. 6 the cards in your own Extra Deck during the game This area was. Extra Deck formerly for the Fusion Deck Any card effects applied to the. Zone Fusion Deck are now applied to the Extra Deck. When you activate a Pendulum Monster Card as a Spell Card you. 7 place it face up in this space Pendulum Monster Cards played as. Pendulum Spell Cards do not count towards the 5 card limit of your Spell. Zone Trap Zone or Monster Zone See page 12 for details on Pendulum. Monster Cards,2 Game Cards,Monster Cards,HOW TO READ A CARD. 1 Card Name Blue Dragon Summoner,3 Attribute,Game Cards.
7 Card 5 Card Number,Description,YS14 EN017,4 Type SPELLCASTER EFFECT. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard You. can add 1 Dragon Warrior or Spellcaster Type Normal. 6 ATK Attack Points, Monster from your Deck to your hand DEF Defense Points. ATK 1500 DEF 600,1 Card Name 2 Level, This is the card s name When a Count the number of stars here. card name is mentioned in card to find out the monster s Level. text it appears in quotations If For Xyz Monsters the number. cards have the same name they of stars is the Rank of the. are considered to be the same monster and is on left. 3 Attribute,DARK EARTH FIRE,Every monster has an Attribute. This Attribute is sometimes,important for card effects.
LIGHT WATER WIND,Game Cards, Monsters are divided into various Types Some monsters with. specific abilities will have additional information here too next to. their Type,5 Card Number, A card s identification number is found here This number is useful. for collecting and for sorting your collection,6 ATK Attack Points DEF Defense Points. ATK is a monster s Attack Points and DEF is a monster s Defense. Points High Attack and Defense Points are good when battling. 7 Card Description, Card effects are written here describing the monster s special. abilities and how to use them Normally the effects of monsters. cannot be used while they are Set face down on the field Yellow. Normal Monster Cards do not have effects and have a description. of them written here that does not affect the game. WHAT IS A MONSTER CARD, Monster Cards are used to battle and defeat your opponent Battles.
between Monster Cards are the foundation of any Duel. There are many kinds of Monster Cards This game is more than a. simple slugfest so monsters with high Attack and Defense Points will. not be enough There are also monsters with strong special effects. Game Cards, even though their ATK and DEF points are low Therefore your. success in a Duel depends on how skillfully you can make use of the. different kinds of cards Let us take a look at the different kinds of. Wattaildragon,LIGHT Normal Monsters,These are basic Monster Cards. without special abilities Many,Normal Monsters have higher. Attack Points and Defense,Points than Effect Monsters. instead of having special,YS14 EN001, Capable of indefinite flight Attacks by wrapping its body with.
electricity and ramming into opponents, IMPORTANT Capturing the Wattaildragon is forbidden. by the Ancient Rules and is a Level 6 offense the minimum. sentence for which is imprisonment ATKfor no less DEF. heliocycles,ATK 2500 DEF 1000,Blue Dragon Summoner. Effect Monsters,An Effect Monster is a monster,that has special abilities. The effects of these monsters,are split into four categories. Game Cards,Continuous Effect,Ignition Effect,Quick Effect.
SPELLCASTER EFFECT,YS14 EN017,Trigger Effect including Flip. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard You. can add 1 Dragon Warrior or Spellcaster Type Normal. Monster from your Deck to your hand,ATK 1500 DEF 600. Continuous Effect, This effect is active while the Effect Monster Card is face up on. the field The effect starts when the face up monster appears. on the field and ends once that monster is gone or is no longer. face up there is no trigger for its activation These monsters. are most useful if you have a strategy to protect them while. they are on the field,Monsters with 2000 or less ATK cannot declare. Example an attack,Ignition Effect, You use this type of effect just by declaring its activation during.
your Main Phase See Turn Structure page 30 There are some. Ignition Effects that have a cost to activate like discarding cards. from your hand Tributing a monster or paying LP Because you. can choose when to activate this type of effect it is easy to. create combos with them,Game Cards,You can Tribute this card then target 1 monster. Example on the field destroy that target,Quick Effect. These are special monster effects that you can activate even. during your opponent s turn These types of effects have a Spell. Speed of 2 even though all other monster effects have a Spell. Speed of 1 See Spell Speed page 41 Since it is difficult for. your opponent to predict these cards they can give them an. unexpected surprise,Formerly called Multi Trigger Effects. During either player s turn when an effect is activated. Example You can target 1 card in your Graveyard Special Summon it. Trigger Effect, These effects are activated at specific times such as during. the Standby Phase or when this monster is destroyed These. cards can make for some great combos but it is easier for your. opponent to predict what will happen so they might try to stop. Game Cards, When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the.
Example Graveyard Target 1 card on the field destroy that target. Flip Effect,Flip effect is a part of the Trigger Effect. This is an effect that is activated when a face down card is. flipped face up This can happen when it is Flip Summoned. attacked while face down or flipped face up by a card effect. These effects start with the word FLIP on the card When. you have a face down monster your opponent must be wary. because they do not know if it has a Flip effect or not.

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