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UML 2 for Dummies, Guides programmers architects and business analysts through. applying the UML to design large complex enterprise. applications that enable scalable secure and robust solutions. Authors Michael Jesse Chonoles James A Schardt,Publisher John Wiley Sons 22 Jul 2003. ISBN 10 0764526146,ISBN 13 978 0764526145, Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML Theory and Practice. Shows how to drive an object oriented software design from use. cases all the way through coding and testing based on the. minimalist ICONIX process Makes extensive use of examples. and provides exercises at the back of each chapter. Authors Doug Rosenberg Matt Stephens,Publisher Apress Academic new edition 24 Jan 2007. ISBN 10 1590597745,ISBN 13 978 1590597743, Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications.
Learn to apply object oriented methods using new paradigms. such as Java the Unified Modeling Language UML 2 0 and. NET This is an essential reference for anyone who wishes to. use object oriented technology to manage the complexity. inherent in many kinds of systems, Authors Grady Booch Robert A Maksimchuk Michael W Engel. Bobbi J Young Ph D Jim Conallen Kelli A Houston,Publisher Addison Wesley 3 edition 9 May 2007. ISBN 10 020189551X,ISBN 13 978 0201895513,Applying UML and Patterns An Introduction to. Object Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development. A practical introduction to the UML Learn object oriented. analysis and design through two start to finish case studies. These case studies incrementally introduce key skills essential. object oriented principles and patterns UML notation and best. Author Craig Larman,Publisher Prentice Hall 3 edition 4 Nov 2004. ISBN 10 0131489062,ISBN 13 987 0131489066,Books Recommended by.
UML Notation Books,UML 2 0 Pocket Reference, This is a handy pocket sized reference book for UML It helps. readers to decipher the many UML diagrams they encounter. when developing and delivering modern software systems It also. incorporates the UML s Object Constraint Language OCL. Author Dan Pilone, Publisher O Reilly Media Inc revised edition 14 Mar 2006. ISBN 10 0596102089,ISBN 13 978 0596102081,UML 2 0 in a Nutshell. This succinct book provides a quick reference to all UML 2 0. diagram types It also explains key concepts in a way that. appeals to readers already familiar with UML or object oriented. programming concepts,Authors Dan Pilone Neil Pitman. Publisher O Reilly Media Inc 2 edition 20 Jun 2005. ISBN 10 0596007957,ISBN 13 978 0596007959,The Unified Modeling Language User Guide.
A definitive guide to using the UML An excellent clear reference. book that addresses all of the various aspects and notations of. Authors Grady Booch James Rumbaugh Ivar Jacobson,Publisher Addison Wesley 2 edition 2 Jun 2005. ISBN 10 0321267974,ISBN 13 978 0321267979, UML 2 Certification Guide Fundamental and Intermediate Exams. A comprehensive and very technical explanation of the UML. Systematic coverage of Fundamental and Intermediate exam. topics and practical advice on passing the Object Management. Group s certification exams This book includes practice exam. Authors Tim Weilkiens Bernd Oestereich,Publisher Morgan Kaufmann 18 Dec 2006. ISBN 10 0123735858,ISBN 13 978 0123735850,Books Recommended by. SysML Books, A Practical Guide to SysML The Systems Modeling Language.
A comprehensive and practical guide for modelling systems with. SysML This book includes a full description of the language. along with a quick reference guide and shows how the SysML. can be applied to specify analyse and design systems. Authors Sanford Friedenthal Alan Moore Rick Steiner. Publisher Morgan Kaufmann 1 Oct 2009,ISBN 10 012378607X. ISBN 13 978 0123786074,Design Pattern Books, Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software. Although this book pre dates the UML it has become a definitive. standard for design patterns It is essentially a catalogue of. design solutions to common object oriented problems Examples. are provided in C and Smalltalk, Authors Erich Gamma Richard Helm Ralph Johnson John Vlissides. Publisher Addison Wesley 14 Mar 1995,ISBN 10 0201633612. ISBN 13 978 0201633610,Design Patterns for Dummies.
Explains how to use 23 leading design patterns Helps to simplify. and reduce the amount of code Covers the famous patterns. developed by the Gang of Four plus some additional ones. Author Steve Holzner Ph D,Publisher John Wiley Sons 9 May 2006. ISBN 10 0471798541,ISBN 13 978 0471798545,Design Patterns Explained. A New Perspective on Object Oriented Design, This book explains design pattern concepts very simply using. analogies It represents an ideal first book on patterns It shows. programmers and srchitects how to use patterns to design. develop and deliver software far more effectively,Author Alan Shalloway James R Trott. Publisher Addison Wesley 2 edition 21 Oct 2004,ISBN 10 0321247140.
ISBN 13 978 0321247148,Books Recommended by,Use Cases Requirements Books. UML for the IT Business Analyst, A Practical Guide to Object Oriented Requirements Gathering. A detailed introduction to the UML and object oriented. requirements gathering for software system development A case. study of a business analysis project conducted by the author s. company is used throughout to illustrate each step of the process. Author Howard Podeswa,Publisher Delmar 1 edition 7 Jun 2005. ISBN 10 1592009123,ISBN 13 978 1592009121,Writing Effective Use Cases. This is a practical tutorial for those involved with requirements. definition in UML projects The book includes many examples of. use cases written in different styles and suggests formats and. guidelines for use case specifications It also covers the more. advanced ideas on structuring use cases,Author Alistair Cockburn.
Publisher Addison Wesley 24 Oct 2000,ISBN 10 0201702258. ISBN 13 978 0201702255,Use Cases Requirements in Context. This book describes a process based on employing use cases to. gather and define software requirements It shows system. analysts and designers how use cases can provide solutions to. the most challenging requirements issues resulting in effective. quality systems that meet the needs of the user,Authors Daryl Kulak Eamonn Guiney. Publisher Addison Wesley 2 edition 14 Aug 2003,ISBN 10 0321154983. ISBN 13 978 0321154989,Scenarios Stories Use Cases.
Through the Systems Development Life Cycle, Extending the scenario method beyond interface design this. book shows developers how to design more effective systems by. soliciting analysing and elaborating stories from end users. It present a range of scenario techniques from the light sketchy. and agile to the careful and systematic,Editors Ian Alexander Neil Maiden. Publisher John Wiley Sons 20 Aug 2004,ISBN 10 0470861940. ISBN 13 978 0470861943,Books Recommended by,Use Case Modelling. Benefit from the authors considerable experience making use. cases work well in a number of different environments With the. advice tips and tricks presented in this book the reader will have. a better understanding of how to exploit the power of use cases. and construct better applications,Authors Kurt Bittner Ian Spence.
Publisher Addison Wesley 2 Sep 2002,ISBN 10 0201709139. ISBN 13 978 0201709131,Requirements Modeling with UML. This book reports on the results of an empirical study aimed at. assessing the usability of the UML for developing software. requirements It addresses UML s ease of use and usefulness for. communicating requirements to various project stakeholders. Author Cynthia Phillips, Publisher Lap Lambert Academic Publishing 6 April 2009. ISBN 10 3838300440,ISBN 13 978 3838300443,Requirements Engineering. From System Goals to UML Models to Software Specifications. Provides a systematic and practical approach to the engineering. of high quality requirements Covers the entire requirements. lifecycle and integrates state of the art techniques for. requirements elicitation evaluation specification analysis and. Author Axel van Lamsweerde,Publisher John Wiley Sons 9 Jan 2009.
ISBN 10 0470012706,ISBN 13 978 0470012703,Books Recommended by. BPMN Books,The Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN. A succinct and accessible book on BPMN Clearly lays out the. role of decisions and business rules An easy to read book giving. solid grounding in the core Business Process Modelling concepts. Includes some real world practical experience and suggestions. Authors Rick Geneva Tom Debevoise,Publisher Booksurge Llc 11 Jul 2008. ISBN 10 1419693107,ISBN 13 978 1419693106,Business Process Driven SOA Using BPMN and BPEL. Provides a detailed understanding of the BPMN standard for. business process modelling and analysis Explains how to. automatically translate BPMN into Business Process Execution. Language BPEL and execute business processes on Service. oriented Architecture SOA platforms,Authors Kapil Pant Matjaz Juric.
Publisher Packt Publishing Limited 28 Aug 2008,ISBN 10 1847191460. ISBN 13 978 1847191465,The Process Business Process Modeling Using BPMN. This book is about process thinking and process modelling as. the path to business innovation The book is written in a novel. format and based on a real company that the authors guided. through the process modelling process, Authors Alexander Grosskopf Gero Decker Mathias Weske. Publisher Meghan Kiffer Pr Mar 2009,ISBN 10 0929652266. ISBN 13 978 0929652269,BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide.
Understanding and Using BPMN, This book is aimed at business users and process modelling. practitioners It provides an easily understood introduction to the. key components of BPMN Starting off with simple models it. progresses into more sophisticated patterns Exercises help. cement comprehension and understanding,Authors Stephen A White Derek Miers. Publisher Future Strategies Inc 10 Sep 2008,ISBN 10 0977752720. ISBN 13 978 0977752720,Books Recommended by,Development Lifecycle Books. The Rational Unified Process An Introduction, A helpful introduction to the Rational Unified Process RUP.
Short and easy to read Describes the motivation and ideas that. define RUP and outlines the overall structure and content of the. development process,Author Philippe Kruchten,Publisher Addison Wesley 3 edition 18 Dec 2003. ISBN 10 0321197704,ISBN 13 978 0321197702,The Rational Unified Process Made Easy. A Practitioners Guide to the RUP, A comprehensive guide to modern software development. practices using the Rational Unified Process This book teaches. the key points involved in planning and managing iterative. projects the fundamentals of component design and software. architecture and the proper application of use cases. Authors Per Kroll Philippe Kruchten,Publisher Addison Wesley 17 April 2003. ISBN 10 0321166094,ISBN 13 978 0321166098,The Art of Agile Development.
Explains Agile development clearly and entertainingly This book. does a good job of presenting all the ideas and concepts needed. to start putting Agile into practice A very digestible book written. in a down to earth manner,Authors James Shore Chromatic. Publisher O Reilly Media 1 edition 26 Oct 2007,ISBN 10 0596527675. ISBN 13 978 0596527679, Changing Software Development Learning to Become Agile. This book explains why software development is an exercise in. change management and organisational intelligence It contains. lots of practical advice and case studies to explain how and why. knowledge learning and change are important in the. development process,Authors Allan Kelly,Publisher John Wiley Sons 11 Jan 2008. ISBN 10 047051504X,ISBN 13 978 0470515044,Books Recommended by.
Succeeding with Agile Software Development Using Scrum. A definitive realistic and practical guide to implementing Scrum. This book presents detailed recommendations powerful tips and. real world case studies drawn from experience helping hundreds. of software organisations make Scrum and Agile work. Authors Mike Cohn,Publisher Addison Wesley 1 edition 5 Nov 2009. ISBN 10 0321579364,ISBN 13 978 0321579362,DSDM Business Focused Development. This book explains how DSDM helps to deliver business benefits. more rapidly It contains a wide variety of case studies showing. DSDM in practice in both large and small organisations and. details new guidelines for using DSDM in conjunction with other. methods and notations like XP and UML, Authors Sanford DSDM Consortium Jennifer Stapleton Editor. Publisher Addison Wesley 2 edition 15 Nov 2002,ISBN 10 0321112245. ISBN 13 978 0321112248,Software Project Management Books.
Principles of Software Engineering Management, Provides an insight into the critical success factors for software. development projects Full of practical guidelines examples. methods and templates for solving some of the most challenging. aspects of project management Very easy and enjoyable to read. Authors Tom Gilb Susannah Finzi,Publisher Addison Wesley 1 Jan 1988. ISBN 10 0201192462,ISBN 13 978 0201192469,The Mythical Man Month. A classic reference for software project managers Many of the. principles and insights still hold true This updated version. includes additional chapters that inspect the current state of. software development and project management,Author Frederick P Brooks Jr. Publisher Addison Wesley 2 edition 8 Aug 1995,ISBN 10 0201835959.
ISBN 13 978 0201835953,Books Recommended by, Object Solutions Managing the Object Oriented Project. Written by one of the founders of the UML this book addresses. the specific challenges of managing object oriented projects A. very practical approach with lots of shared experiences. Author Grady Booch,Publisher Addison Wesley 13 Nov 1995. ISBN 10 0805305947,ISBN 13 978 0805305944, Surviving Object Oriented Projects A Manager s Guide. This book has an interactive format that is light and easy to read. Includes lots of observations and principles Based specifically on. object oriented projects,Author Alistair Cockburn,Publisher Addison Wesley 6 Feb 1998. ISBN 10 0201498340,ISBN 13 978 0201498349,Managing The Software Process.
This book provides a practical guide to improving the software. development and maintenance process The content draws on. the authors experience gained at the Software Engineering. Institute SEI,Author Watts S Humphery,Publisher Addison Wesley 1 Jan 1989. ISBN 10 0201180952,ISBN 13 978 0201180954, Software Estimation Best Practices Tools and Techniques. A practical and accessible guide to software estimation for. anyone involved in software development This book provides a. detailed explanation of the various tools and methods available in. estimating software size development effort cost and schedule. Author Murali Chemuturi,Publisher J Ross Publishing 10 Sep 2009. ISBN 10 1604270241,ISBN 13 978 1604270242,Books Recommended by. ArchiMate and TOGAF Books,ArchiMate 2 1 Specification.
This book provides the official specification of ArchiMate 2 1 from. The Open Group ArchiMate is an open and independent. modelling language for enterprise architecture This book defines. concepts and notation to enable enterprise architects to describe. analyse and visualise the relationships between business. domains in an unambiguous way ArchiMate is fully aligned with. Author The Open Group, Publisher Van Haren Publishing 3rd edition 18 Dec 2013. ISBN 10 9401800030,ISBN 13 978 9401800037,Mastering ArchiMate. Mastering ArchiMate is a book about the ArchiMate enterprise. architecture modelling language which is a standard published. by The Open Group This book gives an introduction to the. language and then goes on to show you many different patterns. for its use from business to infrastructure risk security to. application exploitation and maintenance,Authors Gerben Wierda. Publisher R A 2 edition 21 Mar 2014,ISBN 10 9081984047. ISBN 13 978 9081984041,TOGAF 9 1 Specification, This book provides the official specification of TOGAF 9 1.
TOGAF is a standard published by The Open Group TOGAF. provides a proven enterprise architecture methodology and. framework used by the world s leading organisations to improve. business efficiency,Authors The Open Group, Publisher Van Haren Publishing 10th edition 7 Dec 2011. ISBN 10 9087536798,ISBN 13 978 9087536794,Books Recommended by. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Books,Inside Enterprise Architect. This book shows details of the internal structure of Enterprise. Architect inside its database The information gathered in this. book is a summary of knowledge gained by numerous Enterprise. Architect end users If you need to dive into details which the. official API does not provide this book is what you might have. been looking for,Authors Thomas Kilian,Publisher Leanpub. Scripting Enterprise Architect, This book provides a guided tour to Enterprise Architect s.
scripting capabilities It gives you a kick start for creating your. own scripts within Enterprise Architect The API is explained in. detail with a step by step introduction showing how to locate. elements in the repository create simple and complex structures. and access element methods and attributes,Authors Thomas Kilian. Publisher Leanpub,Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks. This book contains tips and tricks for getting the maximum out of. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect From working with elements. connectors and diagrams to more advanced features like. toolboxes stereotypes and tagged values The user is guided. through the complex user interface of Enterprise Architect. Authors Peter Doomen,Publisher Leanpub,Books Recommended by.

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