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OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER,CLASS TEACHER CLASS TEACHER. 4A Assistant Principal S2 5F Assistant Principal S3. Miss Chamberlain M T W Miss Feeney M T W,Mrs O Donnell Th F Mrs Pease Th F. 3A Miss Perger 5K Mrs Koller M Th Mrs Bigeni F,3C Mrs Cameron 5P Mrs Paterson. 3I Ms Insuasti 5W Mr Wicks,4B Mrs Barnett 6B Mrs Body M Th Mrs Gill F. 4C Miss Vallentine 6C Mr Chapman,4D Mrs Dixon 6FB Mrs Fulton Boote.
6L Miss Lord,Assistant Principals, Along with the responsibilities of their class the assistant principal is also responsible for the. leadership of the programs and initiatives of their stage These teachers do not have a full time. teaching load They spend two days per week working with their teams in their classrooms supporting. literacy and numeracy programs mentoring and coaching teachers to develop lesson plans They. also co deliver lessons and assess student learning The assistant principals work alongside teachers. enabling learning and professional development to occur with and from each other. Lower Oval Rectification, In 2019 our Stage 2 Years 3 4 science and technology students were given an authentic design. task of correcting the erosion and washaway occurring on the lower oval following drought and then. heavy rain Their task was to work in teams to design a usable space as a part of their playground. Their designs included a river bed to allow water to escape boulders to retain dirt synthetic grass. and soft fall for children to sit on and a sandpit to replace the large patch of dirt This remediation work. is now under way Our students are eagerly watching from beyond the fencing as this work. progresses I can t wait for the students who designed this area to see their work come to a realisation. This is real life learning Our students applied their knowledge of design to an authentic task They. had to think like designers and use the skills of questioning predicting planning communicating. analysing data and researching to name a few We are excited to reveal the final outcome and. congratulate those young designers, As part of the PDHPE curriculum our students have been learning about manners There is nothing. more important than being seen as a considerate and respectful person It defines a person and is the. thing that is remembered most about a person It is all parents and teachers responsibility to teach. decency and the importance of making others feel comfortable Not just because it is the right thing. to do but because it dictates how you are treated in return As parents and educators we have a. responsibility to demonstrate these behaviours to our children. How to be last in line, There will be times when letting someone go first in line such as an elderly person or someone who. only has a few items to buy will be the right thing to do Similarly allowing others to walk ahead of you. through a door Teaching children that sometimes the nice thing to do is to sacrifice a few minutes of. your time for the sake of kindness,How to use your device in company.
When eating in company no devices If you re spoken to when you re on your phone look up and. reply Keep your voice low,Sorry and Thank you can save a relationship. Do you want to be right Or do you want to be happy Sometimes a simple sorry that you made. someone feel a certain way is all a situation needs Learning to say thank you is about gratitude. being grateful for what s happened That s one of the keys to happiness and satisfaction. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER. Say hello properly, Be welcoming look at the other person in the face and make it clear you want to engage It sets the. tone for this interaction,Door etiquette, Teach children to knock on a door wait for an answer and then enter Hold doors open for others. Elders deserve respect and courtesy, It s an acknowledgement of the contribution people much older have made to society This includes.
giving up a seat allowing them to jump the queue, Parents are in a position to model these behaviours to children in real life Children need to know that. the role plays they learn about in class are what really happens out in the big wide world. Department of Education DoE Maintenance, I have been advised by the DoE that they will be painting interiors and exteriors of our school as early. as next week Each classroom in Block A upstairs and down will be painted some rooms will be. recarpeted To facilitate this program of works each teacher needs to pack up the room and vacate. their room for up to three days Each group of students will move into the LIBLAB the room attached. to the library while their classroom is painted External painting will occur on weekends KN Room. 1 will be the first class to have their room painted We are expecting this work to last for the remainder. of the term and possibly into the Easter school holiday break. Parent Teacher Interviews, We have traditionally held parent teacher interviews at the end of Term 1 however with the upheaval. involved in the painting program and the reduced number of rooms available to us we have decided. it will be best to postpone these meetings until the beginning of Term 2 Parents who need to speak. to teachers about their children ahead of Term 2 are encouraged to connect with the teacher and. arrange a suitable time to meet,Staff Car Park, At Oakhill Drive Public School there is no parking available to parents on site We ask parents to use. the two gates on David Rd to enter and exit the grounds This does not include the driveway gate It. is not safe to walk children through the car park Please do not walk through our car park We have. some carers in our school e g grandparents who may not read the newsletter Please advise. them of this information,Skoolbag App, I urge all parents to load the Skoolbag App and update the grade their child ren are in We use this.
daily as a means of updating and reminding you of events. Calendar of Events, We provide a calendar of events one term in advance to families as a courtesy Sometimes these. dates may need to be changed We thank parents for their understanding when this occurs. Betty Ploeg,School Crossings, This week there was an incident at the Oakhill shops crossing where a car did not obey the road rules. for crossings To ensure that our children are safe Please note the rules below. When the flags are displayed you must slow down and. stop before the stop line if a pedestrian is on or entering. the crossing, If a school crossing monitor displays a STOP sign you. must stop your vehicle at the stop line,Respect Responsibility Resilience. OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, You must not proceed until all pedestrians have left the crossing including the crossing.
supervisor You may proceed only when the sign is no longer displayed towards you. You must not stop on or within 20 metres before or 10 metres after a children s crossing. Helen Paris,Deputy Principal,Scripture Ethics, Special Education in Religion SRE and Special Education in Ethics SEE classes will begin this. Friday 28 February Students have been placed in classes according to permission received from. you in 2019 or for students new to ODPS in 2020 according to your child s enrolment. This year the following SRE SEE classes are available. Protestant Year group classes Buddhist K 2 and 3 6 Orthodox K 2 and 3 6. Catholic Year group classes Islamic K 2 and 3 6 Sikh K 2 and 3 6. Ethics Years 2 5 and 6 only, During the time that SRE SEE classes are being held students not attending SRE SEE will be located. in a separate space and will participate in meaningful activities including reading private study or. completing homework Please note that are due to SEE teacher availability placement in SEE classes. has been based on participation in 2019 Other students whose parents nominated SEE will attend. non scripture during this time Any changes to SRE SEE should be communicated in writing and. marked to the attention of Julie Torney,Parent Teacher Interviews. Due to availability of rooms to meet parents this term we have moved the parent teacher interviews. planned for the end of Term 1 to Week 1 Term 2 Tuesday 28 March to Friday 1 April At this meeting. parents carers are invited to share information about their child with teachers It will also be an. opportunity for teachers to communicate areas of your child s strengths and target areas for growth. Please do not hesitate to contact your child s class teacher if you have any concerns prior to this. meeting time as usual,Parent Volunteers, Last week 45 enthusiastic parents and carers attended our workshop on how to help in classrooms. at school We appreciate the many gifts and talents that our parents have and we love the expertise. that you can bring to our classrooms To ensure that the time spent in classrooms is worthwhile the. workshop covered ways in which parents carers can help and provided specific guidance on. supporting the development of reading skills In addition responsibilities of volunteers including. maintaining confidentiality and following WHS requirements were outlined. Parents carers who were unable to attend the session are invited to view the presentation here and. confirm that you have read and understood the content by sending a brief email to Ms Mesiti including. the name s and class es of your child ren Please email natalie nairn det nsw edu au. Julie Torney,Deputy Principal,Respect Responsibility Resilience.
OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, Year 2 The Gruffalo s Child Excursion Thursday 27 February. Stage 2 Sydney Zoo Excursion Thursday 5 March, P A I R Parent Volunteers Year 1 Parents Tuesday 3 March. P A I R Student Participation selected students only Tuesday 3 March. Stage 3 Narrabeen Camp Medical and Code of Conduct Thursday 12 March. Swimming Carnival, This is a reminder that the Swimming Carnival will be held tomorrow Thursday 27 February and. students will travel by bus to Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre Students will need to be at school by. 7 45am to allow for a punctual departure at 8 00am and a 9 00am carnival start at the pool A. copy of the program can be found on the school s website under the School Notes tab Parents are. most welcome to attend There is a 3 30 fee to enter the pool. Ribbons for final places in each event will be given out at the 3 6 assembly on Thursday 2 April. Week 10 commencing at the earlier time of 1 50pm Year 2 students will also attend the assembly. on this day Please note the change of date and time for the assembly presentation. Anna Chamberlain,Relieving Assistant Principal,School Photos. The 2020 school photos will take place on Tuesday 10 March Week 7 Please note that this date is. different to the one on the term calendar and was changed so as not to interfere with Sport in Schools. Australia program On this day class photos individual student photos and sibling photos will be. taken The whole grade Year 6 photo will be taken on an alternative date to be advised Photo. envelopes were handed out this week If your child did not receive one please contact the office. All students will be required to wear their full summer school uniform for these photos including the. correct coloured socks and black leather ette school shoes All girls hair accessories must be in. school colours, On photo day sibling photos will begin at approximately 8 30am for students with last names.
beginning with letters A through to K Students will be called over the loud speaker when the. photographers are ready to begin Should we get through these photos quickly more students will be. called Parents please do not enter the hall during these photo times The remaining sibling. photos L Z last names will take place at 1 05pm eating and lunch time Any remaining photos will. be taken at the end of the school day if needed, Students will be solely responsible for making their way to the hall at their allocated time for their. sibling photo These cannot be made up at another time so it is important that students listen for. announcements, Sibling photo envelopes can be collected from the front office Payments must be made prior to. photo day for these particular photos It is preferred that these sibling envelopes are sent in earlier. for safe keeping and organisational purposes Only students attending Oakhill Drive Public School. can be in the sibling photographs, Please remember to make payments and ensure students have all necessary parts of their full. summer school uniform in preparation for photo day All students must bring their individual. envelopes with them on photo day,Emily Koller,School Photo Organising Teacher. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER.
Introducing our School Leaders for 2020, It is my great pleasure to be looking after our School Leaders for 2020 In the few short weeks we. have had to get to know one another our 10 School Leaders have impressed me with their respectful. and diligent attitudes towards their role as leaders In our Leadership Induction program the students. have learnt to raise lower and fold flags with respect and care They have recorded announcements. and reminders on the student noticeboard with commitment demonstrating their organisational skills. They have developed their interpersonal skills by supervising canteen lines Overall they have. demonstrated their commitment to their role and to making our school an even better place to be. Please read below to get to know our School Captains and Vice Captains a little better. Miss Feeney,Relieving Assistant Principal,School Captain Abigail. Hi my name is Abigail I play the saxophone in the concert band and I m in the PSSA. netball team I have been at Oakhill Drive Public School since Kindergarten and I. love our school My dream was to become School Captain so I am thrilled that I was. elected to this position for 2020 Being School Captain is a huge responsibility but I. am excited about working with the other school leaders students and staff at ODPS. to build on our already amazing school Following leadership camp Angus Bianca. Ewan and I have some fun ideas for the year ahead I am a kind compassionate and approachable. person so feel free to come up to me in the playground I m often playing handball to say hello or. when you see me performing one of my leadership responsibilities like taking down the flags or. monitoring the canteen lines I look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for us all. School Captain Angus, Hi I m Angus your 2020 boy school captain I live with my sister Madeleine who is. in Year 4 my dad my mum and my dog Mikey I play rugby basketball and. swimming I am in PSSA and I also play percussion in the concert band My hobbies. are swimming drawing and playing video games I wanted to be a School Captain. because I am very proud of my school and want to make it a better place. Vice Captain Bianca, Hello I am Bianca and I am Oakhill Drive Public School s girl Vice Captain It is a. great honour to have this responsibility My interests include dancing writing. drawing and helping other people whenever I can I look forward to undertaking. responsibilities to the best of my ability with dedication and diligence. Vice Captain Ewan, My name is Ewan and here are some things you may not know about me Firstly I.
love sport especially soccer and running It keeps me fit and I get to play with my. friends from my team Something else I like to do is play with friends at lunchtime. no matter what we re playing Secondly I live in a family of five with my parents and. an older brother and sister who also attended ODPS I m very grateful to be Oakhill. Drive s Vice Captain and I m looking forward to the rest of 2020. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER. Kitchen Garden Education for Sustainability, This year students in classes 2P and 2 3W are participating in a new Kitchen Garden program. Students will be learning life skills including gardening cooking cleaning up and food preparation. The Kitchen Garden program makes learning authentic as it is integrated with learning from other key. learning areas such as English Mathematics Science Technology and HSIE The first lesson was. a success with the help of Mr Bleakley, This is what students have to say about kitchen gardens. Cooking is super fun because we got to grate carrots Adrian. We got to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers Florence, I really enjoyed eating the salad wrap especially the carrots Leon. I really liked propagating plants because I had never done it before Annabelle. I tried some vegetables for the first time Plantastic Jaden. I can t wait until the next cooking lesson Samuel, I enjoyed weeding the plants because I know this is really important for the garden Allison.
Mrs Weigand,Kitchen Garden Teacher,Respect Responsibility Resilience. OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER,PSSA SPORT,PSSA Sport 28 February. Sport Venue,Touch Football Boys and Girls BYE,Cricket Fred Caterson. Basketball Boys and Girls Fred Caterson,T Ball Softball Caddies Creek. PSSA Results Friday 21 February,SPORT OPPOSITION RESULT SCORE.
Junior Girls T Ball Kellyville Win 10 8,Junior Boys T Ball Kellyville Loss 7 15. Senior Girls Softball Kellyville Loss 0 1,Senior Boys Softball Kellyville Win 7 1. Senior Girls Basketball Sherwood Ridge Win 28 0,Senior Boys Basketball Sherwood Ridge Win 15 13. Junior Cricket Castle Hill Loss 13 21,Senior Cricket Castle Hill Loss. Junior Girls Touch Football Castle Hill Win 6 2,Senior Girls Touch Football Castle Hill Win 2 1.
Junior Boys Touch Football Castle Hill Win 2 1,Senior Boys Touch Football Castle Hill Draw 1 1. Janelle Lord,PSSA Sport Coordinator,Representative Sport. Over the last fortnight a number on students have represented Oakhill Drive Public School at either. the Beecroft Zone or Sydney North trials Congratulations to each of you for researching this level in. your chosen sport, Basketball Kavil S 6FB and Lucas M 6B attended the Beecroft Zone trials Well done for being. recommended by your PSSA coach to attend these trials Hannah K 5W Junhee S 5K and Emma. O 6C also attended their Beecroft Zone trials and were all selected to attend the Sydney North trials. on Tuesday Well done girls for competing at this level. Cricket Sethin G 6C went to the Beecroft Zone trials last week and played well on the day. Soccer Tamryn L 5F and Calli B 5P both attended the Beecroft Zone trials last week and were. selected to attend the combined zone trials this Thursday Good luck girls. Tennis Sethin G 6C and Samay G 6FB both attended the Beecroft Zone trials on Tuesday. They both played well and Sethin was selected in the team for Sydney North to play on Tuesday 10. It is important that Miss Lord is aware of your child s high level of participation or representative sport. outside of school This then gives your child an opportunity to be asked to attend zone trials Refer to. the information in newsletters already published this year. Janelle Lord,Beecroft Zone PSSA Coordinator,Respect Responsibility Resilience. OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER,Stage 1 Dance Group.
Stage 1 Dance Group Auditions will be held next week on Friday 6 March at lunch time Successful. candidates will be invited to join the 2020 Stage 1 Dance Group All Stage 1 students will be reminded. of these auditions on the day Auditioning students are not required to bring any particular clothes or. footwear for the audition,Miss Rawnsley and Miss Vallentine. Stage 1 Dance Group Teachers,Canteen News,Thank you to our volunteers Next week s roster is. Mon 2 3 Lydia Seung,Tues 3 3 Young,Wed 4 3 Summer Katrina. Thurs 5 3 Kathryn,Fri 6 3 Adeline Sania Jennifer,Helen Liz and Jenny. Canteen Managers,Uniform Shop,TERM 1 2020 SHOP HOURS.
Thursday 27 February Flexischools Orders Only Shop Closed. Thursday 5 March 8 30am to 9 30am,Thursday 12 March Flexischools Orders Shop Closed. Thursday 19 March 8 30am to 9 30am,Stocktake 25 March Winter Uniform. Thursday 26 March Flexischools Orders Shop Closed winter uniform orders. Thursday 2 April 8 30am to 9 30am winter uniform sales. Thursday 9 April 8 30am to 9 30am winter uniform sales. FLEXISCHOOLS ORDERS CAN BE MADE AT ANYTIME AND WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR. CHILD S CLASSROOM ON THURSDAY,Georgina Brown,Uniform Shop Coordinator. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER.
Community News,DISCLAIMER, We sincerely thank our advertisers for their support of our school While Oakhill Drive Public School. is selective in the advertisements it runs parents are advised to use their own discretion in supporting. these services,Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER. Respect Responsibility Resilience,OAKHILL DRIVE PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSLETTER. Supervision of Students, Our teachers supervise children at the following times in the playground. 8 30am 9 00am Before school,10 55am 11 20am Recess.
1 10pm 2 00pm Lunch,3 00pm 3 30pm Bus children only. No child should be at school before 8 30am, No child should remain playing on site without parent supervision in the afternoon. SCHOOL SECURITY, If you see trespassers in the school out of hours please call school security. 1300 880 021 24 hours,1 5 Oakhill Drive Castle Hill 2154. T 9634 1033,E oakhilldr p school det nsw edu au,Respect Responsibility Resilience.

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