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Tinte n No 9 September 2009,Tinte n is a publication of the. Australian Irish Heritage Network, 2 Letters and What s on Irish History Circle Jageurs and Redmond. PO Box 13095 Law Courts 4 News A worthy cause Irish Dancing competition Irish History Group SA. Melbourne 8010 7 Editorial An ongoing dynamic Elizabeth McKenzie. Tel 03 9670 8865 8 Music In a neat little town they call Belfast Stuart Trail. Email info tintean org au 9 Bolg an tSol thair Odds Ends Val Noone. Web http tintean org au 10 Dublin miscellany Joseph Murphy. Published four times per annum 12 Word Watch The Fairy Headland Felicity Allen. ABN 13643653067 15 Irish language Eil s n cheallach in Criost ir Maonaigh. ISSN 1835 1093 16 Profile The resounding echo Catherine Arthur. 32 Poetry Maria Wallace, Editor 44 Traveller s tales Twenty years later Robert J F Butler. Liz McKenzie Features, Deputy Editor 13 Save St Joe s Collingwood Val Noone. Felicity Allen 14 Irish economy shrinking Felicity Allen. Business Manager 19 Irish republicanism in Australia David McKenna with Dr Val Noone OAM. Rob Butler 20 Active Christianity in the secular state Mary Elizabeth Calwell. Advertising 22 Calwell an addendum Peter Kiernan, Rob Butler tel 03 9670 8865 24 A Finishing School for the Irish Bruce Kenna.
Production 25 The Australian diaspora Patrick McNamara. Andrew Macdermid 26 No more memoirs Chris Ashton, Other workers on this issue 28 The Irish Law Reform Commission Kevin Cahill with Mair id Sullivan. Peter Kiernan Frances Devlin 30 The Irish summer Chris Ashton. Glass Bob Glass Catherine Arthur 31 John B Keane crossed the Ivy Bridge Mattie Lennon. Meg McNena Kate Clifford Patrick,McNamara Don McKenzie John Reviews. McMahon Maureen Pollard 34 Academics and poets Chris Watson. Elizabeth Benfell 36 Voices from the land food for thought Jan Watson. Views expressed in the articles letters and, 37 An ascetic in the midst of turmoil Peter Kiernan. advertisements are those of the contributors 37 Luscious sensuous London Frances Devlin Glass. and not necessarily those of the Australian 38 A long winding and busy road Carmel Brown. Irish Heritage Network or of the editor 39 A steady hand on the tiller P R Wilkinson. Cover Cliffs of Moher 40 Joyce and Wilde Adrian Beavis. Tourism Ireland Imagery Library 41 Informed insiders in critical mode Bob Glass. 42 Grave humour Frances Devlin Glass,The Australian Irish Heritage Network. Objectives is to explore and celebrate the playing out of the Irish heritage. The Australian Irish Heritage Network aims to build the social in Australia past present and future. cultural sporting historical and literary consciousness of Irish Activities. Australians and to explore and celebrate the development of As well as the magazine AIHN plans to conduct social and. Irish heritage and culture in Australia educational events disseminate news and information via. Principal Activity the internet offer recognition for service to literary and his. As its first priority AIHN produces the literary magazine torical endeavours issue cultural and political comment and. Tinte n meaning hearth in Gaelic and pronounced Tintawne research and record our heritage. the fada on the giving the syllable the dominant stress Membership. and the augh sound as in taught The focus of the maga Anyone identifying with Irish heritage is welcome to join. zine is to build and explore the Australian Irish identity The AIHN Committee 2008 2009. magazine welcomes material which explores the big themes President Peter Kiernan. of exile diaspora and settlement It also encourages the tell Vice President Frances Devlin Glass. ing of the micro stories that express narratives of individuals Secretary Bob Glass. and families There will be a continual study of the political Treasurer Patrick McNamara. and economic evolution of Ireland and of the contribution Committee Members Felicity Allen Catherine Arthur Rob. which Irish Australians have made to Australia The intention Butler Don McKenzie Liz McKenzie. Tinte n September 2009 1, Irish History Circle memorial which was built during his VHHPHG QR ORQJHU ZDQWHG VWRULHV RI UVW.
Many thanks for your magazine A very lifetime and is now in a sad state of dis contact in New Guinea Yet in 1973. praiseworthy effort indeed repair I happened to be in Dublin on 1 under their Arkon label Angus and. In Issue 8 you were kind enough to September 2006 the 150th anniversary 5REHUWVRQ UHSXEOLVKHG DOO EXW WKH UVW RI. mention the Irish History Circle The of Redmond s birth where the only the four accounts by Jack Gordon Hides. information stated was fundamentally acknowledgement was a couple of brief my maternal grandfather s uncle one. sound but my phone number was incor newspaper items one protesting that of the earlier explorers in Papua and New. rect Redmond had been unjustly airbrushed Guinea mostly in Papua of his expedi. Should you wish to include mention from Irish history Later though while tions in 1930 1931 1933 and 1934 origi. of us in future issues and we would be researching the massive Redmond nally published in the 1930s Through. grateful if you did please include my papers at the National Library in Dublin Wildest Papua originally published. correct number which is 03 5978 6326 EULH PHW HUPRW 0HOHDG WKH DXWKRU in1935 Papuan Wonderland 1936. Thanking you of the recent Redmond biography When Savages in Serge 1938 and Beyond the. Yours sincerely I informed him that I had also met two Kubea 1939 the latter two originally. Dan O Connor other researchers planning to publish on published by Angus and Robertson In. Convenor Irish History Circle Redmond Dermot s comment was Yes addition in 1963 Melbourne based pub. it s like the Dublin buses nothing for lisher F W Cheshire published Patrol into. Jageurs and Redmond ages and then they all come at once Yesterday J K McCarthy s account of. I would like to comment on a couple of There may never be any statues of John his explorations in the 1920s and 1930s. items in your last very interesting issue Redmond in Ireland but there certainly and reprinted it in 1964 1965 and 1967. Firstly the impressive promotion of is renewed interest among historians in This is perhaps unsurprising given that. the Jageurs Literary Award included this important leader there was a considerable general interest. a brief biographical sketch which is Pat Naughtin in Papua New Guinea in Australia in the. seriously erroneous in several aspects Beechworth late 1960s and early 1970s especially. Morgan Jageurs achievements in the Cheshire Hence this group. promotion of Irish culture in Australia Dodgy theology at St Mary s LQ SXEOLVKHG KDUOHV 5RZOH V. ZHUH LQGHHG UHPDUNDEOH DQG LW LV WWLQJ Frances Devlin Glass predictably pres The New Guinea Villager reprinting it. that a prestigious literary award bears ents the events at St Mary s Brisbane as in 1972. his name However he did not introduce a clash between liberal and conservative LQ ZLWK WKH XVWUDOLDQ QVWLWXWH. the Celtic cross to Australia or assist in versions of Catholicism 7LQWH Q June of International Affairs published Peter. the building of St Patrick s Cathedral 2009 It is in fact a clash between those Hastings New Guinea Problems and. Nor did he host the Redmond brothers who hold Christian beliefs and those Prospects and brought out a second edi. when they visited Melbourne in 1883 who don t Fr Kennedy has revealed tion in 1973. he would have been twenty at the time see The Australian May 30th that he LQ SXEOLVKHG OEHUW 0DRUL. Also the quote from Patrick O Farrell does not believe in Christ nor the Resur Kiki s Ten Thousand Years in a Lifetime. that Jageurs personally sustained rection and that until recently he kept Hardly evidence of the lack of inter. virtually all Irish organisations in these positions beneath the radar But est claimed by Ashton. Melbourne ignores contemporaries it has been clear for many months by In the concluding paragraph of the. such as Nicholas O Donnell Jageurs his abjuring of the Sign of the Cross and article Ashton refers to the documentary. himself in his own extensive writing the Christian baptismal formula that he and book First Contact by Bob Con. insisted on historical accuracy and he was a non believer For him personally nolly and Robin Anderson What Ashton. would not have been impressed by any this is OK what is not proper is that he fails to mention is that large parts of this. PLVLQIRUPDWLRQ IDOVHO DWWHULQJ KLP I tried to continue to be a Catholic priest book are taken from Mick Leahy s own. required I can assist with more accurate Worse still he practised a deception account of these travels The Land That. biographical details on his large congregation of believing Time Forgot Adventures and Discover. The second item that I would like to Christians over a long period of time ies in New Guinea written in conjunc. comment on is Bill Anderson s well It is mischievous that this deception is tion with Maurice Crain and published. written review of the recent biography being continued in the pages of 7LQWH Q in New York and London by Funk and. of John Redmond Morgan Jageurs was Patrick Morgan Wagnall in 1937 Connolly and Ander. a great admirer of Redmond and after Boolarra Vic son perform the useful additional role of. the latter s death in 1918 Jageurs wrote recording some of the remembered reac. to John Dillon that some day Redmond s Taking issue with Ashton tions of the New Guineans to the advent. achievements would be acknowledged I wish to comment on several aspects of Europeans Further confounding. with a monument Still to this day of the the article No More Memoirs on Ashton s claim of lack of interest of. however the only commemoration of pages 30 31 of Tintean No 8 contact stories amongst publishers in. John Redmond s name in Ireland is in Firstly Ashton claims in the article Australia in recent times in 1994 Craw. Wexford town on the Redmond family that in the early 1970s The world it ford House Press in Bathurst published a. 2 Tinte n September 2009, variant of Leahy s narrative of explora by Landsdowne Press in 1969 and There was a controversy at the time. tion edited by Douglas E Jones with reprinted in 1971 comments that the about the relative merits of the efforts of. the title Michael J Leahy Explorations PRVW VLJQL FDQW GLVFRYHU HYHU PDGH LQ the respective explorers though it seems. into Highland New Guinea 1930 1935 Papua or New Guinea was the penetra their efforts were complementary a view. None of this to deny as Ashton tion by the Leahys and J L Taylor of UVW SURPXOJDWHG E 5 5REVRQ HGLWRU. argues that the Leahy brothers played the Central Highlands inhabited by half RI WKH 3DFL F VODQGV 0RQWKO LQ. an important part in the European dis a million people p 177 a story well and endorsed by Sinclair The Outside. covery and settlement of New Guinea recorded in Leahy s 1937 book Indeed Man pp 176 177. Indeed J P Sinclair in his biography according to Sinclair the Leahy s cor Bob Glass. of Hides The Outside Man published rected some of Hides maps p 175 Mont Albert North Vic. Australian Irish Welfare Bureau,The Irish History Circle. Afternoon Tea Dance,Meets every third Monday at the Celtic Club. 2pm 5 30pm Everyone welcome there is no charge, Last Sunday each month at the Celtic Club Melbourne. Dr Dan O Connor 5978 6326 or Nell McGettigan 9419 6882. Australian Catholic History Society,Australian Irish Heritage Network.
Conference, Catholics in Australian Public Life since 1788 Quantock and Mannix. 9 30am 5pm Saturday 12 September 2009 The Australian Irish Heritage Network presents a special. Catholic Institute of Sydney Strathfield performance by Rod Quantock Mannix in Melbourne. John Luttrell 02 9752 9513 jluttrell cis catholic edu au Wednesday 7 October at 7pm at The Celtic Club. Free entry for members of the Network and subscribers to Tinte n. Melbourne Irish Studies Seminars 20 charge for others Finger food provided drinks at bar prices. 2nd Semester 2009 Program Bookings absolutely essential info tintean org au or 9670 8865. 6 15pm Tuesdays as per schedule Newman College Melbourne. Contact Dr Philip Bull p j bull latrobe edu au Amy Sherwin Commemorative Concert. The Story of Amy Sherwin The Tasmanian Nightingale in Narrative. Drama Music and Song by John Clancy will be presented by the. Famine Rock and Orphan Girls Bendigo Irish Association Amy Sherwin 1855 1935 was Australia s. first internationally acclaimed prima donna and a champion of Irish. Sunday 22 November 2009 at 2 30pm songs and the operas of Irish composers All profits to the Bendigo. Bushfire Relief Appeal via the St Vincent de Paul Society. The Annual gathering on the 2nd last Sunday of November will take. place at The Famine Rock The Strand Williamstown Sunday 1 November at 5 30pm and Friday 6 November at 8pm at. All are invited to enjoy the history music uillean pipes fiddles and The Bendigo Bank Theatre Capital Theatre Bendigo. whistles and readings of verse and diaries, The first ship Lady Kennaway with 191 girls arrived on the 6 Bookings John Clancy 03 5442 6649 after 8 pm. December 1848 at Williamstown or ovens town hotmail com. Tinte n September 2009 3, A worthy cause other at the end of each day in the Cham. The Irish Australian Chamber of Com pion of Champions The Judges were. merce came out in force to support a wor tested even further in having to determine. thy cause by attending the annual Mary the dancer most advanced in each age. of The Cross dinner held at the San category to determine the winner. Remo Ballroom in Carlton The value of The Championships were sponsored. items donated for auction by the chamber by the Irish Australian Chamber of Com. totaled nearly 8000 thanks in part to merce Etihad Airways international. Etihad Stadium which donated a catered UHDO HVWDWH UP OREDO DQG 4XHVW. corporate box for the August rematch of hotels The junior Champion of Cham. Essendon and St Kilda AFL clubs Cham pions came from the AAB Global 13. ber supporter Slav of SK Chairs gave a years and under Miss Shaelli Kelly from. QH UHSOLFD KDUOHV DPHV UHFOLQHU FKDLU the McAleer school whilst the senior. with foot stool a true design icon from Champion of Champions went to Miss. 1950 s Americana Erin McArthur of the Scoil Rince Kil. Mary of The Cross is a charity of murray school who had earlier taken out. Centacare Catholic Family Services and the Etihad Airways 15 years and under. provides help and counseling for suffer QDO QWHUQDWLRQDO MXGJH DUHQ 0F XLUH Shaelli Kelly with Darren Maguire and. ers of addiction and their families IACC from America addressed the crowd stat Michael Keating Stephen Watts. President Michael Keating said whilst ing that he was not at all surprised at. this is not the most fashionable of causes the very high standard of competition as Kapunda copper mine in 1844 brought. it is certainly one of great worth Helping so many Irish dancers in his shows are Irish labourers and their families to the. the families of people addicted to drugs from Australia and New Zealand IACC district Over time around 500 settled on. and alcohol is a task which deserves president Michael Keating congratulated D DW SLHFH RI JURXQG VRXWK RI WKH PLQH. greater recognition and the sisters Fiona McAleer Holmes and her many and close to the River Light The land. priests volunteers and staff who do this helpers on the continued staging of the was owned in part by the Bakers who. on a daily basis cannot be praised enough championships and wished her and the left the land lying idle and neglected So. for their efforts and deserves our support other schools participating the very best the Irish squatted there digging into the. It is wonderful to see the Irish once again of luck for the up coming nationals ULYHUEDQNV IRU VKHOWHU DW UVW WKHQ EXLOG. out in force for not only their own but for Kim Morrison ing wattle and daub cottages and later. the greater community also stone cottages until Baker s Flat began. IACC Vice President Christina Irish History Group SA to resemble a bit of the old country some. Mologhney also presented a cheque for The Irish History Group organised two knew it as Little Dublin. 1000 to Marian O Hagan of the Irish very successful functions as part of SA St John s Cemetery The Cemetery. Welfare Bureau at the Celtic Club for the LVWRU HHN 7KH UVW ZDV D EXV WRXU Curator and Catholic archivist Peter. fund established to repatriate Siobhan to Kapunda on 24th May Over 40 par Swann pointed out the many items of. Collins home to Ireland to continue her ticipants left the Irish Club at 9 45am in interest There is a fascinating history. recovery pouring rain but by the time we reached attached to St John s which people can. Kim Morrison Members Coordinator the outskirts of Adelaide the sun was revisit at any time to pay their respects to. shining and remained that way for the our pioneers. Irish Dancing competition entire trip At Kapunda we met local St Rose of Lima Catholic Church. The McAleer Irish Dancing Champion historian Simon O Reilley who gave a Simon s Dad and sister greeted us and. ship was held in the Dame Elizabeth most informative talk on the settlement of provided a special tour of this impressive. Murdoch Performing Arts Centre in Kapunda with particular emphasis on the Church built in 1938 and is still used by. Langwarrin on the beautiful Mornington Irish in the community We had guided the Catholics of Kapunda and district. Peninsula over the Queen s Birthday tours around two Museums Then it was today The Sisters of St Joseph had a. long weekend More than 2500 people time for lunch in the Sir John Franklin school at this site from 1868 to 1894. watched dancers from Canada New Hotel where we had a most delicious After visiting the Church we returned. Zealand Tasmania New South Wales two course meal We then continued our to Adelaide All had a really happy and. and Victoria perform in front of judges tour of Kapunda and surrounding areas informative day. from America and Australia The cream Kapunda Mine Young Kildare born. of Australian and New Zealand dance Charles Bagot who arrived on the Bir Open Doors in the Irish. schools took part in this annual event the man LQ ZLWK KLV IDPLO UVW GLV Australian Clubrooms. lead in championship to the Australian covered copper here His father Charles The afternoon s entertainment com. National Championship to be held this Hervey Bagot from Kildare bought the menced with Ivy Kennedy playing Irish. year in Geelong Victoria in September VXUURXQGLQJ ODQG DQG EHFDPH WKH UVW tunes on the organ The donor of the. The winners of each of the age groups mine manager organ Mrs Elma Wylie was thanked by. were invited back to dance against each Baker s Flat The opening of the IAA President Malachy O Reilly who. 4 Tinte n September 2009, Mary Bourke inducts Paddy Fitzgerald Dram take a bow at Lake School Launch. as Legend of the Lake, explained that a plaque commemorating of jigs and reels accompanied by Nicki director thanked the Moyne Shire for its.
her gift would be installed on the side of UDPHU GGOH DQG HRII 0F UWKXU support of every lake School event The. the organ Mrs Wylie s husband from guitar evening had a sad note as Jamie McKew. Belfast was the musician of the family Earlier the Lake School said farewell spoke about the passing of Micky Bourke. and on his passing she donated the organ to Dram the Paddy O Neill Award win legendary publican giving the hotel its. music and other books ning band Dram is the third band to name and also Rick Merrigan a good. The main feature was the play have been created under the auspices of friend and committeeman on the Geelong. Cathleen ni Houliha by Yeats and the Paddy O Neill Award Tutor Ade Folk Music Club and Port Fairy Folk. performed by the Irish Drama Group Kelly described the CD the band had Festival who had passed away in the. Cast Musicians Malachy O Reilly and made which sold out and the number of Geelong shortly before. Liam Thompson Actors Michael Perth festivals at which they had played suc The Lake School welcomed two new. Geraldine O Reilly Cate Rogers Ernie cessfully sponsors Tir na nOg Skin and Body. O Neill Caila Perth and David O Keefe Ade also thanked the Port Fairy Folk Therapy from Warrnambool and the The. Director Richie Walsh and Assistant Festival for its support of the Paddy Quiet Man Hotel in Kensington Victoria. Director Margaret Walsh Sound Neil O Neill Award program Dram per owned by Koroit native Tony Molan. Waller The play was followed by lots formed a forty minute set including a Felix Meagher. of Irish music and craic All present number of original tunes and songs and. expressed their pleasure at being part of received a standing ovation Jenny McK St Brigid s Crossley. a lovely afternoon echnie singer guitarist with Dram is the As we go to press hopes are freshly. Margaret Walsh winner of Maity Swallow Scholarship raised that the decommissioned Catho. Convenor Irish History Group with a cash prize of 500 by the Maity lic Church and hall at Crossley near. Meeters from the Upwey Belgrave RSL Koroit Victoria will remain in the. Legend of the Lake The Award will be presented at Upwey hands of the community It may become. The launch of the eleventh Lake School Belgrave in September what the Friends of St Brigid hope for. at Micky Bourke s Hotel in Koroit was The Lake School celebrated the hard An Australian Gaeltacht or at least a. attended by 120 people who witnessed work of some members by inducting heritage centre and keeping place for the. an evening of great music Mary Bourke Dennis Taberner Margie Brophy and Australian Irish in the Western District. made a moving speech as she inducted Christine Meagher as life members Mary of Victoria and a focal point for commu. Paddy Fitzgerald as a Legend of the Bourke spoke about their work and the nity activities sessions dances child. Lake Mary compared Koroit during the evolution of the Lake School since 2000 care The Friends have been engaged. Lake School to the musical life of Vienna The Moyne Shire Mayor Ken Gale wel in a successful heavy duty fundrais. and Salzburg with music and musicians comed visitors to the Moyne Shire and ing campaign to purchase it from the. HYHU ZKHUH 6KH SUDLVHG WKH VHO HVV Koroit spoke about the many festivals Catholic Church Support has come from. work of Paddy Fitzgerald and the Lake in the Moyne Shire and about the refur beyond the borders of Moyne Shire. tutors who passed on musical traditions bishment of the Koroit Stadium which he There will be a more comprehensive. without the promise of riches in return KRSHG ZRXOG EH QLVKHG LQ WLPH IRU WKH report in the next issue of Tinte n For. Paddy Fitzgerald accepted the award and Lake School event 3 9 January 2010 details see web me com goanna FOSB. delighted the audience with a few sets Felix Meagher Lake School program Home page html. Tinte n September 2009 5,Pulses race to,Celtic rhythm at. Portarlington Trouble in the Kitchen s Ben Stephenson Ferne Millen. It was a case of you take the high road I ll take the low road. and I ll see you back in Portarlington next year as thousands. of Celtic performers fans old and new found friends bade a. reluctant farewell as the National Celtic Festival closed in Por. WDUOLQJWRQ WRGD ERXW SHRSOH RFNHG WR WKH SLFWXUHVTXH. seaside town on Victoria s Bellarine Peninsula over the long. weekend to pack out the many heated venues from morning. till the wee small hours The entertainment was non stop as the. cream of Celtic acts from around Australia and across the globe. had revellers hands clapping and toes tapping Festival goers. were treated to an amazing array of crossover styles including. Celtic jazz punk rock blues and folk Of course there were. also plenty of traditional songs and driving Celtic rhythms. SOD HG ZLWK SDVVLRQ RQ EDQMRV ERGKUiQV ERX RXNLV DQG GGOHV. 2XWVLGH WKH VHD DLU ZDV FULVS DQG OOHG WKH VHQVHV ZLWK WKH. smells sights and sounds of the festival Crowds browsing the. Celtic market and food stalls were entertained with buskers. DSOHQW IURP FXWH HOWLF NLGV SOD LQJ D PHDQ GGOH WR HQWLUH The Bastard Children s Chris Winterton Ferne Millen. pipe bands in full Scottish regalia, Exhausted but ecstatic festival director Una McAlinden said. today that with record attendances and performers counting this. as their favourite festival she couldn t be happier It could not. possibly get better than this Ms McAlinden said The feedback. we have received from everyone at the festival is that this was. WKH EHVW RQH HW DQG GH QLWHO WKH EHVW LQ XVWUDOLD PRQJ WKH. PDQ KLJKOLJKWV DW WKLV HDU V IHVWLYDO ZDV WKH UVW FHOHEUDWLRQ RQ. Aussie soil for Guinness s 250th birthday Yes many a sore head. ZDV QXUVHG DIWHU WKH GLVWLQFWO ULVK DYRXUHG FRQFHUW H WUDYD. ganza on Sunday evening that featured visiting Irish acts Gr da. HUHN DU HOG DQG The Young Wolfe Tones Gavin Moore and. top class Aussie bands Trouble in the Kitchen Squeebz and. Claymore Scottish performer Gibb Todd hosted another 250th. anniversary celebration for Scotland s favourite poet and lyricist. Robbie Burns families gathered together to take part in the c il. group dance and Trouble in the Kitchen band members hosted. WKH IHVWLYDO V UVW WUDG GLVFR RQ 6DWXUGD QLJKW FRPSOHWH ZLWK Festival goers enjoy a Guinness Ferne Millen. mirror ball and smoke machine Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones Ferne Millen. This was the seventh National Celtic Festival to be held in. Portarlington and every year the entire community throws itself. right behind the event with a huge team of local volunteers. assisting with every facet and local families billeting the major. ity of the festival s performers The town s pubs The Grand. Hotel and The Ol Duke again became music venues while the. local halls hosted workshops dances and recitals Even the local. St Andrew s Uniting Church embraced the festive spirit with a. special Celtic Christianity worship on Sunday morning. But even before the sun set across the misty bay the planning. had begun for next year s National Celtic Festival Will it be. bigger and better than ever Yes of course,Rochelle Smith www nationalcelticfestival com au. 6 Tinte n September 2009,An ongoing dynamic, We all love a good story and the stories we like best are those that ULVK DWKROLF DQG QJOR 3URWHVWDQW EHOLHYH WKDW LW LV ZLWKLQ RXU. echo our own We nod in agreement and or empathy when we Australian Irish heritage that the seeds of multiculturalism the. meet someone who has had similar or familiar experiences and we welcoming and nurturing of other cultures entering our society. FDQ KDUGO ZDLW XQWLO WKH QLVK WKHLU DFFRXQW VR WKDW ZH WRR FDQ are found Being part of a global and ongoing diaspora has made. share our common narrative Telling our story is very important us experts in inclusivity. WR XV ZLWQHVV WKH UHFHQW 9LFWRULDQ XVK UHV 5R DO RPPLVVLRQ Several patterns have emerged from the material that we. Heartrending story after heartrending story elicited our empathy receive for publication and which our readership obviously. EHFDXVH RI WKH FRPPRQ IHDU RI EXVK UHV LQ RXU FXOWXUH H NQRZ enjoys and indeed expects Stories as such fall into two distinct. now that recounting such experiences that we are being listened categories On the one hand are the personal intimate familial. to attentively although there is little the listener can do to redress insights threading through the tapestry of our past the micro view. WKH WUDJLF VLWXDWLRQ LV RIWHQ WKH UVW VWHS RQ WKH URDG WR KHDOLQJ of history In this category the wealth of stories anecdotes even. Perhaps this is why our history is so important It is certainly epics thrown up by genealogies letters diaries personal memo. our common story It gives us a sense of community establishes ULHV DUH LQFOXGHG DPSOHV WKDW VSULQJ WR PLQG DUH DOZHOO DQ. common values grounds us in continuity provides a context for addendum by Peter Kiernan p 22 Issue 9 which brings into. our lives We are moulded by it both as individuals and as a culture focus a now little known but in its day a hugely topical political. Perhaps this also explains the ongoing dynamic of Tinte n controversy which might otherwise have been consigned to the. The initial motivation to take on producing a magazine where footnotes of historical scholarship Another example is the per. Val Noone and Mary Doyle left off seems to have been the craic VRQDO UHPLQLVFHQFH RI 5LFKDUG LFN 6XOOLYDQ RI 1RUWK DUROLQD. we enjoyed as Val s unruly editorial committee Great conver PDJQL FHQW PDQ S VVXH D FORVH IULHQG RI PDQ HDUV. sations heated debate food wine and song may be getting a who in a casual conversation revealed his father s and uncle s. bit carried away here under Val s benign dictatorship are my UHYHUHQWLDO UHJDUG IRU RKQ R OH 2 5HLOO RQH RI P RZQ. enduring memories of T in editorial committee meetings Giving heroes and indeed a favourite subject in both the pages of T in. it all up not to mention giving up the magazine itself was and Tinte n Of course these are just two examples plucked from. out of the question So we launched into producing Tinte n the the vast store of material which would qualify for the six degrees. magazine of the Australian Irish Heritage Network with ter of connection syndrome. UL F VXSSRUW JUHDW HQWKXVLDVP DQG HYHQ JUHDWHU LJQRUDQFH H Other stories belong to a much broader canvas Historic. progressed from a gathering to a comfortable group around tales of failed rebellions of tragic miscalculations or betrayals. the hearth but other more noble aspirations soon emerged Our of mindless or bloody minded oppression but there are also. mission statement see our website www tintean org au is if accounts of historic political initiatives of successful negotia. nothing else ambitious tions of adversities faced and overcome Very often in the telling. Tinte n aims to build and explore the Australian Irish and retelling of such events comes a new perspective an added. identity The magazine welcomes material which explores the insight into how things were and from that a new understanding. big themes of exile diaspora and settlement It also encourages of both the world of our ancestors and our own. the telling of the micro stories that express narratives of Providing a forum to debate and discuss current issues in which. individuals and families The magazine is a continual study our contemporary society is engaged is another pattern which has. of the political and economic evolution of Ireland and of the emerged in the pages of Tinte n Of ongoing interest are Aus. contribution which Irish Australians have made to Australia WUDOLD DQG WKH 5HSXEOLFDQ GHEDWH VHH WKLV LVVXH KRZ XVWUDOLDQ. The intention is to explore and celebrate the playing out of the KLVWRU LV SUHVHQWHG WR WKH QH W JHQHUDWLRQ YDULRXV FRQWURYHUVLHV. Irish heritage in Australia past present and future ZLWKLQ WKH DWKROLF KXUFK SDUWLFXODUO LQ WKH XVWUDOLDQ GRPHVWLF. The exploration and celebration of the lives of the Australian VFHQH QGLJHQRXV XVWUDOLDQV DQG LVVXHV VSHFL FDOO FRQFHUQHG. Irish has continued in subsequent issues of Tinte n There seems with contemporary Irish society the demographics of present day. to be an ongoing interest as well as a growing hunger to keep LPPLJUDWLRQ WR XVWUDOLD WKH IDLOLQJ ULVK HFRQRP WKH RQJRLQJ. alive and vibrant the Australian Irish cultural basis of our society problems and achievements of Northern Ireland Another wel. There is an eagerness if not an anxiety to preserve and celebrate come development is the interest in the magazine and contribu. the contributions made by our forefathers in forging a uniquely tions to it emanating from a band of adherents in Ireland itself and. Australian society We have become aware of the vital importance the backbone of the magazine the regular columnists and our. of sustaining the connections with and values of our Irish book reviewers must surely rate a mention. Australian heritage But there is a danger that by emphasising the Of course none of this would have been possible without the. exotic and more recent aspects of multiculturalism the wit and JHQHURVLW RI 1 PHPEHUV DQG VXEVFULEHUV RI FRQWULEXWRUV. wisdom the lessons learnt the ancient roots of our own ethnicity editors clerks and accountants often the same people who. ZLOO EH VXEVXPHG Q WKH UVW HGLWRULDO 7HUU 0RQDJOH SRLQWHG RXW give of their time and expertise without recompense apart from. that perhaps the Australian Irish are so integrated into the society the satisfaction of a job well done Special mention must be made. at large that they are not perceived as contributing to the vibrant of our long suffering ever patient and good humoured Produc. multiculturalism of Australia today In the so called History tion Manager Andrew Macdermid who manages to remain sane. DUV ZDJHG RYHU WKH FRQWHQW RI WKH 1DWLRQDO LVWRU XUULFX in a sea of geriatric eccentricities Of course we remember Terry. lum Greg Melleuish has observed that unlike the USA whose Monagle without whose unfailing wisdom encouragement and. cultural basis was formed by its Puritan Protestant ascendancy optimism we might not even be a footnote in history ourselves. Australian society has from the outset been predominantly both Elizabeth McKenzie. Tinte n September 2009 7,In a neat little town they call Belfast.
Once described as the only leading DEOH NP RYHUDOO VXLWHG WR DQ DIWHUQRRQ line twice but press on and you reach my. female exponent of bass guitar she was stroll but never will it get you to Donegal favourite stretch From Richview Street. as Irish as they come Pictured here in her It heads in the general direction and at its to Monarch Street we have character in. heyday but who was she See the end end will unceremoniously deposit you at bucketloads Explore Donegall Avenue. of story but meanwhile come on a trip XQFWLRQ RI WKH 0 PRWRUZD 5DLVLQJ leading down to the football ground or. Two of the most interesting thorough your eyes here will reveal Black mountain see the real life Broadway as immortal. fares in Belfast are the Antrim road and Divis and the television transmitters in the ised in the song Black Velvet Band Just. the Donegall road The former will take distance but no rural vista and no cottages GRQ W JR DXQWLQJ RXU JROG 5ROH ELW. you from Carlisle Circus to Antrim Town ZLWK WXUI UHV 7R EH IDLU WKH RQHJDOO further and the industrial estate over on. some 25km away but for most city folks road was never laid out as a road to Done your right was the site of the old Monarch. the name conjures up images of only the gal Its original name was Blackstaff Lane Laundry Everyone over a certain age. UVW NP ZKLFK JHWV RX WR WKH 6DQ In pre electricity days the minor rivers remembers the cartoon and song for the. dyknowes roundabout and the gateway like Blackstaff powered the old linen TV commercial that went the Monarch. to county Antrim Travelling along those mills These days the lower section of the lion is your guar an tee that their dry. UVW NP LV D MRXUQH WKURXJK HOIDVW V Blackstaff has been mainly covered but cleaning is the best you ll see Once you. history Names like Cliftonville Fortwil still emerges triumphantly into the Lagan hear it it s lodged in your brain forever. liam Bellevue and then Glengormley near the site of the old Gasworks Right up there with the jingle for Ken. testify to the expansion of the city Many Walking the Donegall Road involves nedy s Bread. landmarks along the route have become one hill adjacent to the former public We digress As usual there is a musical. part of the collective subconscious Every library which is now a listed building point to it all and it s this Those roads. school child remembers a trip to the Zoo EXLOW LQ DQG JUDFLRXVO IXQGHG E produced two singers who made quite an. and the time they climbed all the steps American philanthropist Andrew Carn impact on the record buying public back. at Hazelwood The vista from Bellevue egie On the other side of the road is the LQ WKH IWLHV URP HOIDVW WKH PRYHG RQ. is lovely naturally and many families City Hospital built on the site of the old to fame television appearances and suc. talk in glowing terms of a student who workhouse and now big enough to have cessful careers but who were they See. scored a place at St Malachy s or Belfast its own stop on the railway line Even if anyone in your family knows and all is. Royal Academy though the road runs reasonably straight revealed in the next issue. The Donegall Road is a more walk it manages to bridge the same railway The girl pictured above was of course. 6KLUOH RXJODV ERUQ LQ LQ WKORQH,in a trunk as they say With the family. trio she toured variety theatre and concert,halls all over Britain and Ireland She. MRLQHG WKH KDV 0F HYLWW 6NLI H JURXS LQ,DV UHSODFHPHQW IRU 1DQF KLVNH. whose name sounds like enough material,for a mini series Shirley was auditioned. over a link to the BBC studios in Belfast,and topped the hundreds of hopefuls She.
joined the group in the year they had their,one and only hit with Freight Train a. song destined to provide the soundtrack,for a million coffee bars She was very. SUR FLHQW RQ EDVV JXLWDU DQG HYHQ SDYHG,the way for later stars Suzie Quatro and. Chrissie Hynde For a time Shirley and,Chas had their own publishing venture. known as Beatnik music Her Easy,guide to R B for Bass Guitar which.
originally sold for a modest seven and,sixpence is now a collectible It contains. very early photos of many big name acts,including the Beatles Shadows Jay. walkers and Johnny and the Hurricanes,described in it as a slick combo. Stuart Traill,Find out more at the website,chasmcdevitt com and even send an. email to Chas who is now in his 75th,year and still plugging away.
8 Tinte n September 2009,Bolg an tSol thair, Between blind rage and blind as alternatives to hierarchical leadership. faith selected contemporary artistic works, The Ryan commission s report in May SRHPV SDLQWLQJV QRYHOV DQG SOD V DV. on the abuse of thousands of children FDUULHUV RI UHOHYDQW VSLULWXDO WHDFKLQJ HYHQ. in Irish Catholic institutions has moved when their surface text seems anti reli. PDQ SHRSOH WR MXVWL HG DQJHU DQG ODPHQW JLRXV 0RVW SHRSOH PHHW DUH D PL WXUH. Readers will know the details of these RI EHOLHYLQJ DQG XQEHOLHYLQJ DQG WKHVH. PDWWHUV IURP WKH QHZVSDSHUV Q WKLV FRO DXWKRUV VSHDN WR VXFK UHDGHUV PRQJ WKH. umn I want to mention two recent books FUHDWLYH JXUHV GLVFXVVHG DUH WKH UHWRQ. about Irish Catholicism which seem to me novelist Jean Sulivan multi media artist. to lie between the extremes of irrational Dorothy Cross poets Eil an N Chuille. attack on one hand and blind defence of an in and Brendan Kennelly Dublin nov. WKH FKXUFK LQVWLWXWLRQV RQ WKH RWKHU Q HOLVW HUPRW ROJHU SOD ZULJKWV UDQN A group of Irish writers are trying to. Irish and Catholic Louise Fuller John 0F XLQQHVV DQG 7RP 0XUSK ULDQ separate the message from the crimes. Littleton and Eamon Maher have collected RVJUDYH IURP 0D QRRWK ORRNV DW DPHV of messengers. HVVD V IURP IWHHQ FULWLFDO ZULWHUV ZKR WU R FH V UHQGLWLRQV RI KHOO UH VHUPRQV DQG. WR VHSDUDWH WKH PHVVDJH RI HVXV KULVW links them with themes from the Book RI WKH WUDGLWLRQ UH WKHUH ULVK HTXLYDOHQWV. and the Catholic church from the crimes RI RE 7KHUH DUH DOVR HVVD V E VRFLDO RI WKH DWLQ PHULFDQ EDVH KULVWLDQ. RI VRPH RI WKH PHVVHQJHUV 7KLV ERRN LV scientists educationalists media analysts FRPPXQLWLHV ZKLFK RIIHU SUDFWLFDO JXLGHV. DOVR DERXW UH DVVHVVLQJ DWKROLFLVP LQ WKH DQ KLVWRULDQ RI ULVK PHULFD DQG RWKHUV IRU OLYLQJ RXW DOWHUQDWLYH ZD V RI EHLQJ. OLJKW RI RWKHU UHFHQW FKDQJHV LQ ULVK VRFL The Fuller Littleton and Maher book Catholic In past decades many Catholics. HW LQ UHFHQW GHFDGHV 7KH VHFRQG ERRN QLVKHV ZLWK DQ HVVD E 7LPRWK KLWH LQ UHODQG DQG XVWUDOLD KDYH EHHQ SDUW RI. is Contemporary Catholicism in Ireland RQ VHFXODULVDWLRQ ZKLFK VHHPV LJQRUDQW RI OD JURXSV ZKLFK HTXLSSHG WKHP WR SOD. HGLWHG WKLV WLPH E LWWOHWRQ DQG 0DKHU FDSLWDOLVP ZDU DQG JOREDO ZDUPLQJ D JUHDWHU SDUW LQ FKXUFK OLIH W ZRXOG EH. Their collection heads further in the direc Nonetheless interested in what people LQWHUHVWLQJ WR NQRZ ZKHWKHU WKH DUH FRQ. WLRQ RI UH WKLQNLQJ WUDGLWLRQ LQ WKH OLJKW RI believe these days and the related task of GXFWLQJ WKHLU RZQ OD ULWXDOV UHDGLQJV DQG. RXU FRQWHPSRUDU VLWXDWLRQ SURPRWLQJ VRPHWKLQJ PRUH WKDQ WKH SXU GLVFXVVLRQV. Both books discuss not only the sexual VXLW RI ZHDOWK DQG SOHDVXUH ZLOO QG ERWK Both books are published by Columba. DEXVH VFDQGDOV EXW DOVR WKH HOWLF 7LJHU WKHVH ERRNV ZRUWK UHDGLQJ FRXSOH RI WKH Press in Dublin and are available from. 3ROLVK LPPLJUDWLRQ WKH HQG RI LPER WKH HVVD V DUH KHDY JRLQJ EXW RQ WKH ZKROH 5DLQERZ RRNV DW ZZZ UDLQERZERRNV. ORVV RI 6W 3KLORPHQD DQG PRUH RZHYHU WKH ERRNV DUH RXWVWDQGLQJ LQ SUHVHQWLQJ FRP DX RU IURP WKHLU ZDUHKRXVH DW. WKH JLYH VHULRXV FULWLFDO DQG VHDUFKLQJ FKDOOHQJLQJ QHZ LGHDV LQ DFFHVVLEOH SURVH UWKXU 6WUHHW DLU HOG 9LF RU E. attention to the spiritual riches of Catho 0LVVLQJ IURP ERWK YROXPHV LW VHHPV WR SKRQH DW XJK 0F LQOD. OLF FXOWXUH 2YHUDOO WKH YROXPHV ZKLFK PH LV D UHSRUW RQ ZKDW LI DQ WKLQJ ULVK IURP 5DLQERZ KDG D YHU JRRG WDEOH RI. accept that the Catholic Church is in a SHRSOH DUH GRLQJ GD E GD RU DW DVWHU books about Irish topics on display at this. FULVLV DOORZ D ZLGH UDQJH RI RSLQLRQV WR EH DQG KULVWPDV LQVWHDG RI JRLQJ WR 0DVV HDU V ULJLG HVW DW WKH HOWLF OXE. KHDUG 6HYHUDO FRQWULEXWRUV SXW IRUZDUG WR NHHS DOLYH WKHLU FULWLFDO XQGHUVWDQGLQJ Val Noone. LONERGAN FAMILY FUNERALS,INCORPORATING W G RAVEN EST 1849. Secure pre paid funeral plan, Providing Melbourne s Irish Australian Community with personalised funeral servces at realistic prices. Tinte n September 2009 9,Dublin miscellany, I met Maria Wallace a slim elegant lady was a faraway exotic land to translate it from the Irish in school.
casually dressed in sweater and jeans It must have been a very traumatic time I loved it as much as they hated it Peig. an artist and a poet We met in the foyer for you and for your parents was an old woman when she wrote. of the Plaza Hotel in Tallaght Dublin It was but as children we soon about life on the Blasket Islands She. where she lives This is her story adapted Not so much my parents who knew that theirs was a dying way of life. I was raised on a hillside farm over always talked about going back to Spain and knew that it had to be told for future. looking the sea in Platja d Aro Costa My uncle was a wine merchant and generations. Brava It was a beautiful calm isolated my father had a job waiting for him when I can certainly sympathise with your. place I had very few friends though my he arrived We went to boarding school children because I also went through. parents being farmers knew everyone I Education opened a world to me that I that purgatory Peig s story is similar to. believe I was a wild child and I did not never dreamed existed a world I may WKH IDPRXV OP 0DQ RI UDQ ZKLFK ZDV. like school a one roomed class where I never have discovered if I had remained also about the theme of identity Peig. was the youngest in it When the Span in Spain For that I will be forever grate was a very well known storyteller at a. ish Civil War erupted in 1936 there was ful We spent eight years there I loved time when storytelling in Ireland was. an elected republican government in it When I was eighteen we returned to an important part of the social life of a. Madrid but in 1939 after three years Spain and I began my working life I community and was done around many. of carnage and terrible atrocities by both had to readjust try to forget the friends D UHVLGH SDUWLFXODUO LQ UHPRWH SDUWV RI. camps the extreme right under Franco I had left behind I pined for Chile for a the country It must have been a welcome. took over long time relief from the hard life on the Blaskets. How did the Civil War affect your family KDW FKDQJHV GLG RX QG LQ 6SDLQ Yes Life was so harsh Their exis. My father was called to the front but Back home nothing was as I remem tence was so precarious that when in bad. after a few months he was sent home to EHUHG LW XH WR WKH LQ X RI YLVLWRUV weather a ship was wrecked around the. recover from some gastric illness He people were better off and having been islands they searched the coastline for. never went back to the army even know away for so long again I felt like a anything that could be of use to them. ing that as a deserter he could be shot on foreigner though this time it was worse UHZRRG IRRG HYHQ WKH FORWKHV RI WKH. sight and he very nearly was but that is because I was in my own country I still drowned were sometimes taken Joe do. another story Post war years were years get the feeling of not quite belonging you know about their Aran sweaters. of repression and a defeated population and to belong is a basic need Perhaps Each clan or family had a different pat. were exhausted hungry sick and dimin that was the reason why I wanted to tern so that if one of them was lost at sea. ished I was born in a time of rationing study Celtic culture folklore and tradi and the body smashed beyond recogni. and poverty when even to speak Cata tions part of an unconscious effort to tion against the rocks the pattern on that. lan our own language was considered feel rooted somewhere garment would identify the person. sedition After years of struggling in the Well the extent to which you did absorb It s extraordinary that a people would. IDUP P SDUHQWV WU LQJ WR QG D EHWWHU Irish culture and traditions is obvious in stay in such a place. quality of life emigrated to Chile My the number of prestigious awards you Young people began to leave the. mother had a brother living there I was have won and in competition with native island and those who stayed could no. ten My father sold a piece of land to pay Irish poets longer survive there If memory serves. for the passage I think that having a different back me well it was in the late 1950s that the. Joe just imagine a girl who up to ground gives me a different perspective last of the islanders were re housed in the. then had hardly ever met any strangers 7KDW VDLG KDG WR QG P RZQ YRLFH mainland. UVW WDNLQJ D WZHQW RQH GD MRXUQH LQ D as a poet before I could win any award How sad Now Maria tell us about Cold. large ship then landed wham right in the That is very important and I believe that Atlantic winds. middle of a noisy capital city Santiago I have found my voice KHQ YLVLWHG WKH ZHVW IRU WKH UVW. A week after we arrived my sister and Now Maria let us choose a few poems for time though it was spring the cold was. I were in school We knew very little Tinte n First That hand painted plate intense The day was so bitter that the. Spanish and what we knew was spoken behind glass your Hennessy Award win wind and the rain needled my face and. shyly I remember how at break time we ning poem I kept on thinking about the people that. were in the centre of the yard two small Okay Well even though I have my had to settle there after being displaced. girls holding hands in the middle of a father in it this is completely the work by the Cromwellian invasion It s a bleak. circle formed by older much taller girls of my imagination I wanted to put to stony place with very poor soil That s. who looked at us like two aliens who had poetry some of the myths in Ovid s Meta how the idea for the poem started I was. come from Spain sorry from Europe morphoses I used Orpheus and Eurydice in a hurry to abandon sightseeing and go. You see when you were in South Amer but in a modern context into a warm place I could do that They. ica Europe is Europe and people didn t The sound of an identity is a very evoca could not condemned as they were to. distinguish between different European tive poem live there. countries that is Spain France etc For Thanks I read the English version Let s talk about The Meenybradden Bog. them that long ago the full continent of Peig Sayers book My children had Woman. 10 Tinte n September 2009,In 2003 I saw in a museum the pho. tograph of the body of a woman found,in a bog in the Meenybradden bog in. Donegal I was fascinated by her picture,and without knowing how or why I felt. a connection with her Something passed,between us I learned that she was about. 25 years of age and by her clothing the,experts said she had died sometime in.
the late medieval period but they did,not know what had caused her death. I couldn t take my eyes off her face I,could see her eyelashes her hair and all. her features so well preserved Well from,then on I permanently felt her presence. by me like a shadow at my shoulder,I realised she wouldn t leave me till. I wrote about her She was probably,ignored during her time and then ignored.
for centuries I was aware of giving her a,smidgeon of life again The poem has got. many prizes and commendations It even,took me to Italy where it got an award in. an international poetry competition,Tell me about Ogham. Ogham is the name of a very ancient,writing Cuts are or were carved on the. edge of memorial stones Little is known,about the people who used this type of.
writing carving The poem is divided in Maria Wallace poet and artist. two parts The second one is the carver, speaking his thought and questioning the legend associated with the beginning of my divided loyalties Writing is a need. afterlife the Erne and a poem shaped itself a powerful need And I write because I. And last but not least Where the Erne Maria where do you feel that you belong don t want to die silent. meets the sea I think I will always feel divided Thank you for talking to me Maria. I went to Ballyshannon in Donegal loyal to Ireland and loyal to Catalonia My pleasure Joe. where this river meets the sea Driv I belong to both but I am happiest in 6LQ D EKIXLO JR IyLO y 6HRVDPK 2 0XUFKX. ing north east the landscape changes so the world of my imagination If I am 6OiQ DJXV EHDQQDFKW. much that I thought it didn t know if creating a piece it makes no difference Joseph Murphy. to exist above or below water so many to me where I am In fact I believe that Joseph Murphy is our Dublin. lakes pepper the land I read about the the creative spark is in the friction of correspondent. Read Ireland, The only Internet Bookstore dedicated exclusively to Irish interest books. Our aim is to make every book of Irish interest readily available to all customers local and global The Read. Ireland online database contains the most comprehensive and up to date catalogue of Irish Interest books available. H KDYH EHHQ VHOOLQJ ERRNV IRU RYHU HDUV DQG JXDUDQWHH IDVW HI FLHQW DQG IULHQGO VHUYLFH IRU DOO FXVWRPHUV. www readireland com,Tinte n September 2009 11,Word Watch The Fairy Headland. Strontium named after Strontian in Scotland is a, Gaelic word The correct name of the village is Stron an. t Sithein meaning the fairy headland Sith pronounced. shee is the Scots term for the fairies Strontianite was. first noticed as a strange yellowish powder in 1787 in. the lead mines for which Strontian was once famous. Strontian is the only locality in the British isles to have. an element named after it, Metallic strontium was first isolated by Sir Humphry.
Davy inventor of the miners safety lamp in 1808, Mainly used in various metallic alloys it s also used as a. trace element in archaeology The ratios of the different. isotopes help to pinpoint the origins of ancient archae. ological materials such as timber and bone in sites in. New Mexico and other places where the mineral is rea. sonably common,For the 200th anniversary of Davy s discovery the. school children of Strontian wrote The Strontium Song. Sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic its. lyrics are available on the net,Felicity Allen,Top Strontium. Bottom Strontian flickr LHOON,PIERCE Australian,BODY WORKS Irish. Had an accident Welfare,H FDQ ORRN DIWHU WKH SDSHUZRUN.
Not your fault,Bureau inc,The Australian Irish Welfare. XUHDX LV D QRQ SUR W,9 FFUHGLWHG voluntary organisation. whose aims are to assist,where possible any person. 5HSODFHPHQW FDUV DYDLODEOH or persons in the Irish. community of Victoria,OHHW DQG 3ULYDWH ZRUN or any person who may. be associated with the,Irish community who,XWKRULVHG QVXUDQFH 5HSDLUHU is in distress.
81 85 Gadd Street Northcote Victoria 3070,440a High Street. P 03 9482 4007 F 03 9482 6644 M 0412 348 876 Northcote 3070. E info piercebodyworks com au W www piercebodyworks com au. 03 9482 3865,12 Tinte n September 2009,Save St Joe s Collingwood. Members of St Joseph s Catholic parish and later founder of the Grey Sisters KLOH SDULVK QDQFHV DUH SRRU WKH. Otter Street Collingwood have launched Margaret Oats mother grandmother war day to day life of the parish is good The. a campaign to save their historic church In widow and known as the angel of Colling SHRSOH LQ WKH 2I FH RI RXVLQJ HVWDWHV DUH. June this year Archbishop Denis Hart told wood for her work with St Vincent de Paul nearby and there is a pastoral opening to. the parish priest Father Peter Varengo society Ted Regan and Charlie Utting respond to the needs of the thousands of. that the church was to be demolished who played football for Collingwood and young professionals who have moved into. This decision was taken without adequate Kevin Murray who played for Fitzroy the private apartment developments in. consultation and in the face of nearly uni Norm Gallagher trade union organiser for renovated warehouses and so on. versal opposition from parishioners past the builders labourers but for each famous Part of the problem is one familiar to. and present one there are a thousand others many other parishes namely that the dio. In April 2007 the church was burnt The parish school continues to offer cese has too few priests and is not putting. out leaving the brick walls standing good education to local children The par enough money and personnel into lay par. Insurance of 2 2 million was available to ish hall known as the Wellington is home ish workers Nor is the hierarchy willing. UHVWRUH URRI DQG RRU IRU D PRGHVW FKXUFK to a variety of community services some to have married priests or women priests. As requested architect Arthur Andronis RI WKHP QDQFLDOO VXSSRUWHG E 5RWDU The present parish priest has to look. produced initial drawings Part of the hall known as the Cottage is after the Clifton Hill parish as well as St. In the meantime the Archbishop s home to a lively Foodbank Joseph s and he has other teaching duties. RI FH KDYH WDNHQ VRPH RI WKLV Regular attendances are in the 200 to around the diocese leaving him little time. UH LQVXUDQFH SD PHQW DV SD PHQW IRU 300 a week range of whom the majority for the tasks on hand in Collingwood. other outstanding debts incurred in the are Vietnamese Archbishop Hart s plan is A sensible diocesan policy decision. beautiful renovation of the church and to pull down the church replace the Cot would be to appoint an experienced lay. repairs to the parish house led by Father tage with a chapel for about 80 people and pastoral worker with full time duties. Ernie Smith in the early 2000s Parishio link the chapel via sliding doors to part of Such a person could assess the current. ners regard the Archbishop s diversion of the hall for feast days pastoral needs of the parish and submit a. the parish s insurance money to diocesan This adversely affects the present con plan for the most suitable restoration or. funds as unfair gregation and causes problems for the redevelopment of the church. St Joseph s Collingwood is one of Wellington and Cottage services There is Concerned parishioners have held a. 0HOERXUQH V ROGHVW FKXUFKHV 7KH UVW widespread suspicion that the Archbishop series of successful public meetings and. SDUW RI WKH EXLOGLQJ ZDV SXW XS LQ DQG SODQV WR VHOO RII RU OHDVH IRU QDQFLDO JDLQ formed a working group called Save. St Vincent de Paul society has been based the land on which the church currently St Joe s They are asking supporters to. there since 1888 Since 1979 a strong stands contact Archbishop Denis Hart and his. Vietnamese community have worshipped The diocesan policy seems to be aimed Business Manager at Catholic Diocesan. in the church alongside old Aussies Ital at providing a place of worship for the 2I FH 9LFWRULD 3DUDGH 0HOERXUQH. ian and Maltese Australians and so on smaller English language component of RU E SKRQH RQ RU HPDLO. What looks like a ruin is indeed a worshippers and at forcing the Vietnam at info melbourne catholic org au. sacred place Tens of thousands of mostly ese group to move away to some as yet Further details about the campaign. working class people put in their pennies XQVSHFL HG RWKHU FKXUFK DUH DYDLODEOH IURP RU HPDLO. and their sixpences to build it they wor A striking feature of the present savestjosephs hotmail com. shipped and prayed there were baptised group of Vietnamese parishioners is the Val Noone. married or buried from there large percentage of young marrieds with Val Noone has just this year retired. Some of the famous ones are Maude children who are actively involved Inci after 20 years as one of the co ordina. O Connell trade union organiser for GHQWDOO WKHLU VWURQJ FKRLU LV ZRUWK tors of St Joseph s parish Bible and Life. women in the cigarette making factories coming to hear Study Group. The Tinte n office requires the service of rostered. volunteers to undertake approximately two,hours unpaid clerical work per week Tasks. include checking and forwarding of emails,basic data entry and credit card processing. Training will be provided, Enquiries to the Tinte n office info tintean org au.

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Institutional Self-Study

Institutional Self Study

Institutional Self-Study report September 2009 new england association of schools and colleges commission on institutions of higher education

Plans Submittal Requirements

Plans Submittal Requirements

Revised September 2008 Revised October 2008 Revised December 2008 Revised January 2009 Revised February 2009 Revised July 2009 Revised October 2009 Revised November 2009 Revised December 2009 Revised April 2010 Revised June 2010 Revised July 2010 Revised February 2011 Revised June 2012 Revised August 2013 Revised July 2015 Prepared by Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services ...

NASA Procedural Requirements NPR 7120

NASA Procedural Requirements NPR 7120

NASA Procedural Requirements NM 7120-81 NPR 7120.5D NID for NPR 7120.5D Effective Date: September 22, 2009 Expiration Date: September 22, 2010



NGR 600-100, Officer Promotions l. NGR 600-200, Army National Guard Enlisted Personnel Management Implementing Draft, 27 September 2006 m. NJARNG Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL) Standing Operating Procedure, 13 May 2010 n. Department of the Army WTU Consolidated Guidance 20 March 2009 2. Purpose. The Medical Management Unit (MMU), formerly known as the Medical ...

September 1, 2009 Missouri Register Page 1921

September 1 2009 Missouri Register Page 1921

tain a weekly log, on a form supplied by the board, documenting the total number of training hours the apprentice obtained on a daily basis. The training hours shall be allocated by subject in the core areas listed on the form. The weekly log shall be kept on premises at all times and made available to the board or its rep-resentative upon request.



hook-up name : instrument electrical assembly 01 wednesday, september 23, 2009 2:57:39 pm plant: standard project: domain: as built osi_ss item upc code no. description conduit fitting nipple long tbe material 1 qty 3/4"x6" size rating t he rm o c o up l e o r rt d he a d e q ui p m e nt ri w i t ho ut di s c o nne c t i ng e l e ct o c a l o p i t h e rm o c o up l e l a d t o a l l o w e l e ...

U.S. Army Report and Message Formats -

U S Army Report and Message Formats GlobalSecurity org

FM 6-99.2 (FM 101-5-2), C-1 PIN: 083973-001 Change No. 1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC, 30 September 2009 U.S. Army Report and Message Formats

Publication and Outreach Activities

Publication and Outreach Activities

Annual Report 2009-2010 186 Materials Science and Engineering 29. A Digital Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing and Applications; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA, published in September, 2009, B.

C a n a d i a n T a x H i g h l i g h t s

C a n a d i a n T a x H i g h l i g h t s

2 Volume 17, Number 9 September 2009 C a n a d i a n T a x H i g h l i g h t s The decision in is contrary to the informal procedure TCC case of Goar ...

NW 6.5 SP8: Apache Web Server Administration Guide

NW 6 5 SP8 Apache Web Server Administration Guide

10 NW 6.5 SP8: Apache Web Server Administration Guide novdocx (en) 17 September 2009 Additional Documentation Refer to the following online resources for official Apache documentation and related information:

The stm report

The stm report

The stm report September 2009 Mark Ware Consulting - 5 Executive summary Scholarly communication and STM publishing 1. STM publishing takes place within the broader system of scholarly communication, which includes both formal and informal elements. Scholarly communication plays



September 2009 JEL No. C81,D31 ABSTRACT Although the vast majority of US research on trends in the inequality of family income is based on public-use March Current Population Survey (CPS) data, a new wave of research based on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return data reports substantially higher levels of inequality and faster growing ...

September/October 2009 - Amazon Web Services

September October 2009 Amazon Web Services

September/October 2009 Activity Directory 6 Nevada Senior Magazine - May/June 2008 Free Lieburn Cooking Network (ages 50+) Tuesday, may 13, 1 to 3 p.m. Howard Lieburn senior Center, 6230 Garwood ave., (702) 229-1600. Learn to cook southern style this month. sampling mandatory! Scrap-a-Thon (ages 50+) Friday, may 16, 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.