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Contact Information Nexus is published by Skretting and. 26 Maxwells Road Cambridge Tasmania Australia 7170 is distributed free to all our custom. PO Box 117 Rosny Park Tasmania Australia 7018 ers involved in the Australian and New. Telephone 61 3 6216 1201 Zealand Fish Farming Industry. Email sophie noonan skretting com,All rights reserved No part of this. www skretting com au,publication may be reproduced with. out the prior written permission of the,publishers. Cover photograph,This publication is not intended to re. Southern Star Aquaculture,move the need to take advice when.
Fitzgerald Bay South Australia,dealing with specific situations and. readers should contact the editor be,fore taking any action in reliance on. the articles in Nexus,About this issue, Stephen Scott Sales Marketing Manager Skretting Australia. Welcome to the winter edition of Nexus Hobart hosted the 2010 Australiasian Skretting also hosted 2 mill tours at our. This edition provides informative Aquaculture Conference The Cambridge feed manufacturing plant. articles on subjects such as our latest conference was a great success These were well attended and we. hatchery and transfer diets and tuna and congratulations must go to the received positive feedback. feed developments locally and around organisors for their efforts. the globe We also feature Southern No conference of course would be. Star Aquaculture one of our customers Skretting Australia hosted international complete without the usual Skretting. involved in yellowtail kingfish farming in visitors from Skretting Norway who social outing and we thank all those. South Australia presented our new hatchery range who joined us to make the night a. Thank all those who attended and memorable and enjoyable one. During May our beautiful city of took interest in the session. Skretting tuna research, Skretting Australia has been involved with southern least as high as for SBT fed bait fish. bluefin tuna SBT feed research since 1997 In the early. years the feasibility of formulating moist pellets accepted During 2009 Skretting Australia commenced. by SBT was demonstrated successfully manufacture of a new tuna diet named Aurora Gel The. new diet met the following criteria,Whilst these early diets were consumed by SBT the.
pellets were not ideal Acceptability was not high resu. Shelf stable product that does, manufacture was difficult and the moist pellets required not require freezing refrigeration from this tr. refrigeration freezing and were not easy to handle. Furthermore the early trials were undertaken on a small. More robust seen increase, scale research farm with results not readily transferable Easy to manufacture improved FCR. to commercial farming situations Build on the existing nutrient of shelf life imp. formulation of previous diets, In 2001 Skretting Australia increased its efforts to Maintain high energy density. quality and, manufacture a SBT diet and started the world s first increase in c. commercial scale trial of a commercially manufactured. feed in collaboration with Australian Tuna Fisheries Pty Ltd. The new diet was produced on a trial scale index,plant at Cambridge Tasmania and shipped.
ATF and latter Blaslov Fishing Pty Ltd Trials continued weekly to Port Lincoln in South Australia Aurora Gel was. from 2001 until 2003 and investigated a number of packaged in bags that had all oxygen removed Thus. extruded moist and dry pellet options In general the shelf life was extended beyond one month without the. results indicated that SBT fed manufactured pellet had need for refrigeration. growth rates that were comparable with SBT fed bait. fish FCR s that were significantly lower than SBT fed bait Results from this trial have previously been reported. fish an increase in condition index that was equivalent in Nexus with increased growth improved FCR a. to SBT fed bait fish and improved flesh quality doubling of shelf life improved flesh quality and a greater. increase in condition index, The prices paid for SBT fed commercial pellets were at. 2 Skretting Nexus Winter 2010,Global Update, More recently Skretting Australia commissioned a tuna. feed manufacturing plant in Port Lincoln South Australia. The plant is currently producing a patent protected. feed AquaSoft Tuna Commercial trials involving full. cages of SBT are underway Global tuna research, Elsewhere in the world Skretting is also investing in tuna. research In Japan Pacific Bluefin Tuna that started out. at 2kg have been feeding on AquaSoft Tuna since early Eyre Peninsula Skretting. 2009 These fish are currently 20 kg and doing very. Commercial trial growing out, well Further trials are planned in Japan for latter this 500 tuna fed Aurora Gel Results. year Skretting Canada is also conducting research on showed improved growth. Pacific Bluefin in Baja California and investigations are condition index increase. underway on the possibility of feeding tuna in Mexico FCR and flesh quality when. compared with baitfish fed tuna, In Cartagena Skretting Spain are working in New trials with AquaSoft Tuna.
collaboration with the SELFDOTT project to produce now underway. feeds for broodstock and hatchery reared Northern, Bluefin Tuna larvae The first larval rearing trials were. completed in 2009 with considerable success More,Baja California. fertilised eggs are expected during 2010 when the next. Skretting Canada, round of research trials will begin Hatchery work on. yellowfin tuna using, Also in Europe Skretting Italy are manufacturing Skretting Gemma. AquaSoft Tuna for feed trials in Zadar and Dardanelles products. In Turkey and Croatia small scale trials of AquaSoft Tuna. on larger Northern Bluefin Tuna have been completed. and more are planned using an improved product, based on production changes that were optimised in.
Skretting companies around the world are supported Stavanger Skretting ARC. by the Aquaculture Research Centre ARC in Norway Developing innovative feed technologies and. This world renowned research institute focuses not only nutritional requirements for tuna for example. on nutrition but also on feed production technology fish AquaSoft and Aurora Gel. health consumer safety and productivity Skretting,sults is committed to developing a successful. Cartagena Skretting Spain,tuna diet and concurrent research efforts. s trial have around the globe are speeding up,Zadar Skretting Italy and. Dardanelles Skretting Italy, ased growth developments Growout trials for northern. CR a doubling bluefin tuna,Skretting Australia is taking a leading.
improved flesh role in developing AquaSoft Tuna and is. d a greater also actively involved with larval rearing. trials currently being conducted by Clean, in condition Seas Tuna at the hatchery in Arno Bay. ex South Australia Specialty larval tuna diets, have been manufactured by Skretting France Nagasaki Prefecture Skretting Japan. these diets along with other specifically formulated. Trial feeding 500g wild caught, feeds manufactured in Tasmania Pacific bluefin tuna using AquaSoft. Trial ongoing with tuna feeding, During 2010 much more tuna research will be strongly. conducted Further results will be published in future. issues of Nexus For more information on our tuna,research please contact Gavin Shaw gavin shaw.
skretting com or 61 3 6216 1281,Skretting Nexus Winter 2010 3. New freshwater and smolt,feeds improve salmon,profitability. Skretting Australia is launching a new range of specialty discharge Skretting is the first to launch this type of. feeds for freshwater salmonid hatcheries and a smolt feed Hauler says. feed The new diets which are sold globally offer, solutions for farmers from first feeding fry until smolt Nutra RC gives more efficient removal of solid particles. input that will help improve profitability for salmon as Hauler puts it In other words the fish faeces. farmers are more solid so that these are caught in the. filter instead of passing through Nutra, The benefits to recirculation hatcheries allows farm. The new series begins with Nutra XP a feed available in is that the carrying capacity of farms. sizes of 0 5 0 7 and 1 0mm which will eventually replace can be increased as there is less stress. recirculation, Nutra ST and HP The feed is produced at Skretting s on the systems designed to remove through syst.
centre of excellence in Vervins France on an extruder suspended and nitrogenous waste. specifically designed to produce high quality fry feeds discharge re. Hauler continues The benefits are not to produc, Roar Sandvik Global Product Manager for freshwater just for recirculation hatcheries More. and smolt feeds at Skretting explains We have been conventional hatcheries have also seen fish. developing Nutra XP as our next generation fry feed improvements in water quality and fish health. over the last 12 months We have made significant as the waste is bound up and more easily removed. developments to the product making for a very from the farm. consistent pellet with superior sinking characteristics. Trials in hatcheries have been very encouraging and Finally rounding out the new feed range are diets. the feedback has only been positive designed to assist with seawater transfer. NUTRA RC NUTRA SUPREME AND SPIRIT SUPREME, Following on from Nutra XP is the new parr feed Nutra Sandvik explains Transfer diets are not new and their. RC which comes in sizes of 1 2 1 8 and 2 3mm This benefits have been known for some time However. feed will eventually replace the existing Nutra Alpha through extensive research undertaken at the Skretting. RC refers to one of the key benefits of the feed That is Aquaculture Research Centre ARC in Norway we. its use in modern recirculation hatcheries have identified novel micronutrients that can further. assist with this physiologically challenging time In. Rhys Hauler Product Manager at Skretting Australia particular once salmon go to sea it is very common to. expands New Nutra RC generates less discharge see a decline in feed intake Nutra Supreme and Spirit. so farms with recirculation and flow through systems Supreme specifically target this problem. which have discharge restrictions can produce, more fish Nutra RC contains a faecal stabilizer which These new feeds will be available in 3 and 4mm sizes. increases faecal viscosity elasticity and particle size Nutra Supreme which is designed to be used in the. This means that more particles can be filtered thereby hatchery 5 6 weeks prior to seawater transfer and. reducing soluble components and overall limiting Spirit Supreme designed to be used for 5 6 weeks. Pellet size mm 0 5 0 7 1 0 1 2 1 8 2 3, Fish size g 0 12 0 5 0 4 1 8 1 8 3 0 2 5 15 0 15 30 30 60. Product name Nutra XP 0 5 Nutra XP 0 7 Nutra XP 1 0 Nutra RC 1 2 Nutra RC 1 8 Nutra RC 2 3. 4 Skretting Nexus Winter 2010,Product Update,post transfer.
Following transfer to sea there is always a critical. period before the fish reach full appetite The length of. Profile Roar Sandvik, this period has a significant impact on the profitability of. growing salmon,Roar is 43 years old and is a qualified marine. Encouraging smolt to quickly adapt to their new biologist from NTNU in Trondheim Norwegian. seawater home and improving their feed intake has University of Technology and Science. an important compound interest effect on growth This where he became a research assistant at the. means each fish is bigger by the time it is ready Trondheim Biologiske Stasjon. for harvesting We can demonstrate that this, tra RC improvement has significant cost benefits He started at Skretting in 1999 joining the team. at harvest Sandvik explains as a sales consultant In 2001 he was promoted. arms with to product manager fresh water hatchery,The feeds have been developed for. on and flow use both in freshwater and saltwater In. in 2002 he became product manager for,specialties in 2007 he became senior product.
ystems with freshwater the growth is the same but,manager Global Operations His current title is. after transfer to sea growth improves, e restrictions significantly We have measured a 12. Sales Manager fresh water,per cent improvement in growth after. uce more two months in the sea Sandvik says Roar is extremely competetive in a various. sh range of sports Last year he ran a half marathon. ACTIVE NUTRITION in Stavanger and a relay race in Oslo together. with a team from Skretting,Nutra Supreme and Spirit Supreme take transfer. feeds one step further with a concept that involves. strengthening the fish with health modulators including. beta glucans Also included are active substances that. affect organs and processes so that the fish are more. readily able to cope with the transfer from freshwater to. The new feeds will be launched at the Australasian. Aquaculture Conference in Hobart in May this year and. will be available in the second half of 2010 Roar Sandvik. will present the latest findings during the conference. and Skretting will also host a workshop for freshwater. hatchery farmers that will provide a range of practical. solutions and the latest developments in freshwater. hatchery technology including these exciting new, For further information about these diets please contact.
Matthew Bransden matthew bransden skretting,com or 61 3 6216 1214. 50 150 150 400,Normal smolt Large smolt,Nutra RC 3 0 Nutra RC 4 0. Nutra Supreme 3 0 Nutra Supreme 4 0,freshwater freshwater. Spirit Supreme 3 0 Spirit Supreme 4 0,seawater seawater. Skretting Nexus Winter 2010 5,Customer Profile,Southern Star Aquaculture.
Southern Star Aquaculture commenced operation on background in both commercial fishing and mixed. the Feb 1st 2001 in the Spencer Gulf South Australia farming In the early years 18 000 fish were stocked. Nine years later and the company is now one of only and grown through to harvest in 80 metre sea cages. two yellowtail kingfish producers in South Australia and serviced by 1 boat The first fish were harvested in May. produces high quality yellowtail kingfish year round 2002 at an average weight of 2 7kg Today SSA grows. We caught up with director Lyndon Giles to talk about around 80 000 kingfish per year supplying markets. kingfish farming and developments over the last 9 throughout Australia. The kingfish juveniles are sourced from third party. FAMILY BEGINNINGS hatcheries and stocked into sea cages at around 4g. The fish grow quickly and are harvest at 3 5 4kg and. Southern Star was founded by 4 family members with a the lease site allows harvest of up to 300 tonnes per. annum The farm has recently had a 2 boats purpose,built the first a 12 metre aluminium. feeding and,Lyndon Giles director of,Southern Star Aquaculture. 6 Skretting Nexus Winter 2010,Southern Star s,picturesque site at. Fitzgerald Bay in,South Australia, harvest boat built called the Southern Star and the sold domestically around Australia More recently some. second a 7 metre aluminium work boat fish has been sent to export markets and this will be a. growth area in the coming years, All fish are farmed on an aquaculture lease situated in.
Fitzgerald Bay which is 20 km north east of Whyalla In the future Lyndon would like to close the full cycle. Southern Star also have a further 4 leases available to of kingfish farming in Fitzgerald Bay and that means. them giving them potential to expand in the future with developing a hatchery capable of supplying the. the aim of producing 1250 tonnes per year All on shore 80 000 juveniles that they require each year. operations occur in Whyalla, One thing that hasn t changed since the first days of. WINTER CHALLENGES operation is the marina or lack thereof that Southern. Star uses to load feed nets and all other operating. Kingfish produced in Fitzgerald bay are renowned for equipment Southern Star launch all boats and. their high quality and the lease site aids this greatly The equipment from a rocky beach launch directly adjacent. lease is situated on the edge of a strong consistent to their farming lease The launch is close to the site. current line ensuring excellent water exchange but makes moving heavy equipment to sea very. and high dissolved oxygen levels year round Water challenging and dependent on favourable weather. temperatures at the site are ideal throughout summer and tides Plans are underway for the development of. autumn and spring however winter poses production a marina to service the area but until then the beach. problems During winter water temperatures drop to launch will be used. as low as 11 C and yellowtail kingfish do not like water. temperatures below 15 C Good management is the key There is no doubt that the fish produced by Southern. to nursing the fish through this difficult period Research Star are farmed with much pride and passion Visit their. is also underway to improve feeding during periods of website for more information. low water temperatures,www yellowtailkingfish com au. The company employs eight,staff that are all kept busy. operating in all facets of,the business from feeding Kingfish Tartare. net changes bathing and,harvest right though to, packaging and distribution to Spring onion Coriander.
their customers Red capsicum Sea salt,Spanish onion Pepper. Vine ripened tomatoes Olive oil,PASSIONATE PEOPLE,Kingfish Lime juice. There is no doubt the quality,of the fish produced is in part. due to the enthusiasm and,commitment of Southern, Star s staff Many of their Finely dice spring onion red capsicum. customers have been Spanish onion tomato and Kingfish Mix. purchasing fish from them for and season with salt pepper limejuice. and olive oil Arrange ingredients on a,the last 8 years Sydney fine.
plate with caramelised balsamic Place,dinning restaurants account. spring onion curls on top Enjoy,for 70 of Southern Star s. produce with the remainer,Skretting Nexus Winter 2010 7. Product in focus, Specialised extruder delivers superior salmon starter feed. A newly installed twin screw Clextral extruder at the. Skretting plant in Vervins France is producing an Mark Weir of Skretting UK took a road show around. advanced salmon starter feed with extremely regular freshwater customers in Scotland to present the. pellets even down to the smallest size The Nutra XP benefits of the Nutra XP ready for its arrival in the UK. micro pellets which are available from 0 5 mm to 1 0 at the beginning of 2010 He explains The improved. mm exhibit slow sinking speed with high water stability physical characteristics in Nutra XP result from the. and are now available in Norway the UK and Australia precisely controlled extrusion technology at Vervins. which is Skretting s centre of excellence for starter. Roar Sandvik of the Skretting Norway freshwater team feeds Heating starches in the raw materials gives. introduced the first batches of Nutra XP to Norwegian the pellets their water stability while the twin extrusion. customers in March this year Although well into the technique provides greater control over physical. season many of our customers were keen to try Nutra properties for the slower sinking speed As a specially. XP They say the slow sinking and high water stability designed small scale extruder it produces very small. gave the salmon fry have more time to feed on the pellets with high quality and consistent precision in size. pellets and the water quality stayed good throughout We believe Nutra XP represents an important advance. Combined with the homogeneity in pellet size these in starter feeds for salmon offering efficient use of feed. features led to more uniform growth rates among resources and good growth with uniform sized fish in. groups of fish Now our customers know Nutra XP each batch. works well we expect a strong demand this winter,AquaVision 2010.
Demand for food from an expanding world population talking on new technologies for aquaculture. is good news for the aquaculture industry Growth in. production may be outpacing the other food sectors Online registration for AquaVision 2010 is now operational. but there are important issues and challenges for and early bird registrations gain a useful discount. aquaculture as it gears up to meet this demand Further information the conference programme and. AquaVision 2010 is an opportunity to meet industry registration is available at www aquavision org. leaders and other stakeholders from NGOs and, legislators to processors and retailers and debate the. AquaVision 2010 will focus on ways to Enable, Sustainable Growth What Drives Perception and Driving. Innovation in three half day sessions packed with fact. and opinion Leading speakers include Albert Tacon on. alternative feed raw materials Andrew Jackson of IFFO. on responsible sourcing of marine raw materials Phillip. Smith on the new Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Karl Rose the chief strategist at Shell on scenario. planning for sustainable growth and that is just in the. first session, Other sessions feature speakers such as Dr Jingjie Chu When 7 9 June 2010. an expert on aquaculture perception at the World Bank Where Stavanger Norway. Group and Knut Molaug CEO of the AKVA Group, 8 Skretting Nexus Winter 2010 www skretting com au.

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