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Many interested in their family histories, may find that their family had a history THE BOARD OF. in the Civil War period as family TRUSTEES,members were soldiers sailors nurses 2018 2019. teachers etc and were active, participants in our history It is exciting Steven Garrett. to make these discoveries History is,made by many not just generals VICE PRESIDENT. admirals or even politicians don t tell Gardner Shaw. Mark Mahnke,Lastly I d like to remind you that we re.
always in need of members willing to SECRETARY, step up to be a member of the board Carol Manchester. become an officer provide an article for,PROGRAM DIRECTOR. First Call and or just help us setting up Bill Attick. or cleaning up after our meetings All,your efforts are greatly appreciated If MEMBERS. you are not a member please join us Dan Cunningham. and bring your ideas and interests to Lucy Cunningham. Ken McAfee, us We look forward to seeing you very Bill St Louis. soon Linda Schlegel,TREASURER S REPORT,MARK MAHNKE.
BEGINNING BALANCE December 31 2018 5 103 76,INCOME January May 10 2019. 210 00 Memberships,186 00 Book Raffle,42 00 Donations. 0 00 Adopt A Speaker,35 00 Sales Books etc,7 00 Coffee Sales. EXPENSES January May 10 2019,350 00 Speaker Fees,300 85 Speaker Meals. 166 78 Speaker Hotel,0 00 Speaker Mileage,0 00 Gift Certificates.
0 00 Post Office Box,0 00 Miscellaneous Printing,ENDING BALANCE May 10 2019 4 766 13. A report for the period ending June 30 2019 will, appear in the September 2019 First Call newsletter. 2 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. AROUND THE CAMPFIRE,WE RE CELEBRATING A,FANTASTIC YEAR AT THE. JOSHUA L CHAMBERLAIN,CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE,Please plan on arriving early on June 13th. to join us in celebrating our 2018 2019,season We expect to have light.
refreshments set up at 6 15 and look,forward to enjoying friendships and making. new acquaintances It is also a great,opportunity for you to share any of your. thoughts or suggestions with members of,the board As always if you have friends. that may be interested in participating in,our round table please feel free to extend. an invitation to join us The regular, program will begin at 7 00 Campaign sketches The coffee call Homer Winslow.
Artist and Publisher L Prang Co Campaign sketches,The coffee call H W i e W H Boston Mass Lith pub. by L Prang Co Photograph Retrieved from the Library. of Congress www loc gov item 2013650297, Many thanks to our program director Bill Attick for lining up another. ensemble of presentations on a variety of topics for this past year. September 2018 Dr March 2019 Clay,Paul Kahan The Feeter Mowed Down. Presidency of U S at Manassas The,Grant Tragic Civil War Loss of. Colonel Fletcher,Webster and His 12th,October 2018 Ned Massachusetts.
Smith Two Regiments Volunteers,from Maine the 22nd. Maine Infantry and the,2nd Maine Cavalry April 2019 Diane. Mike Bell Dr Elizabeth Leonard Phil Schlegel Smith Grant and the. Overland Campaign,November 2018 Phil,Schlegel From Soldier. to Sailor May 2019 Bill Quigley,Pure Heart The Faith. of a Father and Son in,December 2018 Mike the War for a More.
Bell The Iron Brigade Perfect Union,January 2019 Dr June 2019 Mark. Elizabeth Leonard Leslie Maine and the,General Benjamin Underground. Butler Railroad,February 2019 Brian Clay Feeter Bill Quigley. Swartz The 1st Maine,Cavalry Rides at Brandy, 3 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, As the signs marking Civil War sites flashed by on.
another family trip I found myself wondering how JLC CWRT MEETINGS. many of the other travelers noticed the history in ARE HELD ON THE. SECOND THURSDAY, their midst And how going forward do we make OF EACH MONTH. sure that these sites and the stories that, accompany them stay forever enshrined in our 7 00 p m. hearts and minds Morrell Room,Curtis Memorial Library. 23 Pleasant St, For myself it is all about making connections In Brunswick ME. the past two years a renewed interest in family, history has yielded a number of relatives on both Weather Cancellations.
Channels 6 8 13, sides of the conflict Being able to affix names to. the host of books etc about the war has made it If the library closes due. come alive again to a storm the meeting,will be cancelled. Members will receive an, But how do groups such as ours keep those sorts email notification of. of connections It is easy to see that we are by and cancellation from the. large an older group Time is not on our side CWRT Secretary. And younger generations have new ways to forge a,bond with the past The best museums now have. high tech displays that make history real Reading,a plaque is one thing viewing a hologram of a.
soldier is another,Each month round tables such as ours host talks. given by experts on a variety of topics relating to. the War Between the States We have an amazing,program here and there is something for each. member to ponder and enjoy But if we are to have,a future we need to find new ways to connect with. these stories,What do your family stories tell you about the. war And have you shared with your children and,grandchildren about those connections How can.
we help them to see that those honored dead did, not die in vain Maybe there is a favorite book or Really who signed. this guy up ca 1973,movie you can share Perhaps you can take them. on a trip to a battlefield Better yet give them a,membership to this august body and bring them to. the next meeting, As the war fades further and further into the ATTENDANCE. recesses of history it is up to us here and now to. take steps even thinking outside the box to make January 2019 52. sure that this story is not forgotten February 2019 36. March 2019 47, Hey kids let s stop and see where they buried April 2019 52.
Stonewall Jackson s arm May 2019 40, 4 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. A CALL FOR CANDIDATES CIVIL WAR TRIVIA,BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The JLC CWRT Board of Trustees recently, The JLC CWRT members listed sanctioned a project to scan the previous. below have volunteered to remain issues of First Call As the project got. in their current positions as underway we discovered that at one time. officers and members of the Board there was a trivia quiz It seemed kind of. of Trustees for the 2019 2020 fun so we thought that we would. season but two vacancies reintroduce that feature P J S L L S. remain The election of officers and, board members will take place at 1 What was Gen Meade s favorite horse named. the June 13 meeting Please 2 Which Civil War battle is often. consider joining our leadership characterized as Lee s finest battle. team your input and support 3 What annual personal financial requirement. are important to leading our CWRT was first implemented in 1861 shortly after. into the future the beginning of the Civil War,4 What security faux pas could have led to.
Steve Garrett President Confederate disaster in 1862. Gardner Shaw Vice President 5 When did the Emancipation Proclamation. go into effect,Carol Manchester Secretary,Mark Mahnke Treasurer. Bill Attick Program Director,The Abraham Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin. Ken McAfee, Republican ticket won the Presidential election of. Linda Schlegel,1860 with 180 electoral and 1 865 908 popular. Bill St Louis,votes Who did they defeat Clue There are 3.
Vacant Answers on page 20,LOOKING AHEAD TO 2019 2020. MARK YOUR CALENDARS, The 2019 2020 season will kick off on Thursday September 12 2019 We. plan on gathering from 6 15 to 7 00 to celebrate Joshua Chamberlain s 191st. birthday September 8 1828 with some light snacks cake and coffee The. regular program will start at 7 00, September 12 2019 Mark Dunkelman Gettysburg s Coster Avenue The Brickyard Fight and the Mural. October 10 2019 Elizabeth Hallett Sacred to the Memory Mourning Customs of the Civil War. November 14 2019 Curtis Mildner The Soldiers in the Windows 5th Maine Regiment. December 12 2019 Kerck Kelsey Abel Streight Benjamin Grierson and the Tale of Two Cavalry Raids. January 9 2020 Cathi Belcher Harriet Beecher Stowe The Brunswick Years and Beyond. February 13 2020 Libby Bischof Photography Memory and the Civil War. March 12 2020 Rev Alan Andraeas Shepherds of the Sea Civil War Naval Chaplains. April 9 2020 Scott Mingus Sr The Battle of Second Winchester. May 14 2020 Jim Hessler Gettysburg s Peach Orchard Longstreet Sickles and the Bloody Fight for. the Commanding Ground Along the Emmitsburg Road, June 11 2020 Wally Heimbach Phil Kearny Fighting General. 5 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. FIELD REPORTS,HOW I BECAME A REENACTOR,Dan Cunningham.
I first heard about the Joshua L Chamberlain CWRT in October 1994 I was on. a tour sponsored by the Pejepscot Historical Society that was following the. career of Joshua Chamberlain by visiting the sites of various Civil War battles. that he participated in, On this trip I met Al Obery and his wife At the time they were running the. raffle for the CWRT Al was also a previous president Al mentioned the round. table to me and I went to my first meeting and became a member that month. In 2001 I was asked by then president Bill Racine if I would be willing to serve. on the board of trustees, Since then I have helped with the raffle been vice president and served as. president for two separate terms It has been an honor to serve on the board. and as the president of the Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table In. addition I ve had the opportunity to meet some extremely nice people who have. a tremendous knowledge of the Civil War I would encourage everyone to serve. on the board if they have the time,Joining the Civil War Round Table also had. another unforeseen but tremendous benefit,that had a huge impact on my life I had met. Dick Thompson on the Civil War tour and,found out that he was also a member of the.
round table and very interested in the Civil,War We found out that in 1995 there was. going to be a re enactment at Gettysburg with,over 100 cannons We decided that it would. be something we would like to see,The re enactment was in July on the. anniversary of Gettysburg and we spent,several days there touring the battlefield and. Dan near Devil s Den at Gettysburg watching the re enactments When the day. 1998 Photo courtesy Dan came to watch the cannon barrage we drove. Cunningham,over in Dick s truck only to be told to park.
way down in a wet muddy field After the, 6 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. cannon barrage we had to wait until around 10 00 that evening to be towed out. by one of the farm vehicles that was used to tow everyone s vehicle out of the. mud Between that experience and seeing the reenactors camped in the mud. with their clothes drying on lines and on tents I told Dick that re enacting was. something I would never be interested in As you will see those words were. soon forgotten, The following year I mentioned to a college fraternity friend that I had joined. the round table after hearing about it on a Civil War tour I had just taken My. friend mentioned that he had just joined a Civil War re enacting group the. Third Maine Regiment He then said they had a meeting and drill in December. and asked if I wanted to come and watch I said sure. What I didn t realize was that I wasn t expected to watch As soon as I showed. up I was given a greatcoat the accouterments and a musket to drill with The. next hour was spent drilling where I was pushed and pulled and had no idea. what I was doing However after finishing I found that for some strange reason. I actually enjoyed myself,I joined the Third Maine. Regiment on March 17 1997,Being part Irish I thought I would. join on St Patrick s Day as I,would need all the luck I could.
get Over the next 20 plus years,I ve had many wonderful. experiences as a reenactor,My first big re enactment was the. Re enactment at Antietam 1997 Photo courtesy Dan,135th anniversary of Antietam in Cunningham. 1997 We were told that the, total number of reenactors at this event was around 18 000 to 20 000 This. was my first big out of state re enactment I remember it as I was told by the. veterans to pretend to take a hit get shot early in my first battle to watch how. things went Unfortunately we were flanked and the left side of the line went. down The sergeant then grabbed me as I was the tallest on the right and told. me not to take a hit because he needed to use me to mark the line So much. for taking a hit and watching the battle, The next year 1998 was the 135th anniversary of Gettysburg At this event I.
heard that there were between 25 000 and 30 000 reenactors There were so. 7 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. many of us that we were formed up two hours before the battles were to take. place just so there would be time to move everyone into position. On the last day we did Pickett s Charge,where there were enough Confederates to. simulate the actual number that charged,the Union lines in the battle I ll never. forget the sight of seeing thousands of,Confederates charging us from across a. wide open field At one point a,Confederate did the rebel yell and charged. directly toward me For a brief second it,seemed real and I had all I could do not to.
Re enactment at Gettysburg 1998 Photo level my musket and fire directly at him. courtesy Dan Cunningham,Instead I elevated my musket and fired it. up in the air well above him as we are, trained to do if someone is too close After the battle it was a very moving. experience to see hundreds if not thousands of Confederates lying on the. ground pretending they had been shot during the battle. I ve had many other experiences as a reenactor I ve done Bull Run twice where. both times it was extremely hot and humid In 2001 so many reenactors went. down with heat exhaustion that our site was declared a medical disaster area. In 2011 the heat index while we set up our tent was 121 degrees Again a large. medical tent was set up for those who went down with the heat. One of the high points of my re enacting career was the opportunity to go to. West Point and show the students Civil War tactics One of our fellow re. enacting groups from New Jersey invited us to go to West Point with them to. illustrate to the cadets Civil War formations and how to load and fire a musket. As part of this experience we were invited to have lunch with the cadets on the. first day and then in the officers club the second day. We ve had many other experiences in the 3rd Maine Regiment We ve marched. in parades throughout the state and participated in encampments to help. towns celebrate various anniversaries We were asked to fire a volley at a. certain point at a wedding on Peaks Island The volley was almost fired sooner. than expected when the minister said that since he was from Massachusetts. he was the real native of Maine That didn t sit well with us who were mostly all. native born Mainers and it was only quick thinking from the captain who said. something like steady lads hold your fire that stopped us from firing a volley. at the minister Of course we would have just fired blanks but hearing. 8 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. someone from Massachusetts call themselves the true native of Maine got our. Speaking of weddings my wife and I were married in 2011 We thought since. we were both reenactors with the 3rd Maine we would have a Civil War wedding. where we and our friends dressed,up in 1860 s costume Because. our uniforms are wool we picked,October 9th as our wedding day. thinking it would be cooler that,time of year Of course instead of.
being cool the temperature that,day was in the mid 80 s Despite. the heat we all had a great time,with many people saying it was. one of the most enjoyable,Dan and Lucy Cunningham 2011 Photo courtesy. weddings they had ever been to Dan Cunningham, Re enacting has been a wonderful experience Even though we certainly don t. use real ammunition at the re enactments we still get a flavor for what the. soldiers went through in a battle Trying to form a line of battle with companies. from different states can be chaotic with many people pushing and hollering. and the noise of the battle around us I also realized that after firing several. shots on a hot summer s day the muskets get so hot you have to hold onto the. strap to load them There have been many re enactments where I ve fired 60. rounds and found the musket barrel too hot to touch even for a second I have. enjoyed my 25 years as a member of the Joshua L Chamberlain Round Table. Serving on the Board of Trustees for the last 18 years has been a wonderful. and satisfying experience As mentioned above my involvement in the CWRT. played a large part in my becoming a reenactor in which I have also had many. wonderful experiences My thanks go to Al Obery who told me about the CWRT. in 1994 on the Pejepscot Historical Society s trip to follow Joshua L. Chamberlain s career If any of you are interested in serving on the board or. know someone who may be interested in re enacting please do so It s been an. extremely rewarding experience,FOR YOUR INFORMATION.
If you are interested in learning about the day to day life of Union soldiers through the eyes. of a veteran you may enjoy John Billings Hard Tack and Coffee The Unwritten Story of. Army Life 1887 A text and audio version of John Billings book is available at. https archive org details hardtack and coffee mk gg 1612 librivox the Internet. Archive A full description of the book is available at the webpage P J S. 9 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. RECALLING THAT SERVICE WAS RENDERED IN MANY WAYS,Photograph shows portrait. of Susie King Taylor who,served more than three,years as nurse with the. 33rd U S Colored Troops,Infantry Regiment during,the American Civil War. although officially enrolled,as a laundress She also. taught children and adults,to read while serving with.
the regiment,Susie King Taylor known as the first African. American Army nurse Boston Published by the,author from a photograph taken earlier. Photograph Retrieved from the Library of Congress,www loc gov item 2018663038. IT S IMPORTANT BRING A FRIEND, Members are encouraged to invite a friend to join us for our monthly gatherings It is. always a pleasure to meet and greet fellow Civil War enthusiasts and every new. member invigorates our organization Each of us was a new face at one point and we. welcome everyone to join us,Miss Major Pauline Cushman.
the Union spy and scout who,was captured and sentenced. to death as a Federal spy,and was rescued at,Shelbyville by the Union. Army under Gen Rosecrans,Brady s National Photographic Portrait Galleries. photographer Miss Major Pauline Cushman the Union spy. and scout who was captured and sentenced to death as a. Federal spy and was rescued at Shelbyville by the Union. Army under Gen Rosecrans From photographic negative. in Brady s National Portrait Gallery New York E H T. Anthony 501 Broadway between 1861 and 1865,Photograph Retrieved from the Library of Congress. www loc gov item 2016646209, 10 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019.
GRANT CHAMBERLAIN CONNECTIONS,Noma Petroff,SECOND IN A SERIES. The following article is taken from Noma Petroff s ongoing study of the life and. times of Ulysses S Grant Understanding Ulysses S Grant Character. Context and Stories The piece is an abridged version of Chapter 31 A Small. College in Maine The Greatest Jam I Ever Saw from the manuscript It. focuses on Grant s visit to Brunswick on August 2 1865 to receive an. honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Bowdoin College The article below is. adapted from Noma s original text to highlight Grant s continuing relationship. with our namesake Joshua Chamberlain, It was late summer 1865 The war had ended and the government was feeling. its way along with a new president at the helm Ulysses S Grant was also. trying to learn how to deal with the dramatic change of Commander in Chief. Spring and early summer found him struggling with Andrew Johnson to make. sure that Johnson kept faith with the terms of surrender negotiated at. Appomattox and elsewhere terms which guaranteed that as long as those men. and officers who surrendered faithfully observed the law they would not be. arrested and tried by U S authorities Correspondence shows that Grant was. heavily involved in the draw down of the armies and also with individual. petitions for pardon or amnesty from former rebels He was also involved in. coordinating troop movements along the Texas border to threaten the puppet. French government of Emperor Maximillian and in support of the. democratically elected Romero In addition he was occupied by conflicts with. Native Americans on the plains,But at last matters seemed to be. enough in hand for Grant to load his,family onto a train and head for home. as tens of thousands of his soldiers had,already done It was a sweeping trip.
Beginning on July 24 Grant traveled to,West Point Saratoga Boston Maine. Montreal Niagara Falls Detroit,Chicago Galena Iowa Minnesota and. finally to his Ohio boyhood homes in,Georgetown and Bethel returning to. Washington via Pittsburgh by the, beginning of October 1 Fig 1 Grant and his family Library of Congress. The trip marks a pivotal point in Grant s life as he makes the transition from. war to peace It also marks a supremely pivotal point in the lives of Northerners. as they make their own transition A close up of his one day visit to a small. college community in Maine gives us a chance to see Grant as he makes his. 11 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. victory lap and a chance to view the attitudes of those who come to see their. celebrated hero A look behind the scenes gives us a glimpse of the tumultuous. past they have just emerged from and the radically changed future that they. are about to enter, There are two major accounts of Grant s visit to Bowdoin College found in the.
college archives Both are newspaper articles The first account was apparently. published at some point after 1910 is titled Gen Grant s Visit to Bowdoin. College Recalled by One of the Alumni Who Was Present For the sake of this. article we will call the unnamed author Old Timer The second Letter from. Maine September 11 1865 is an article from the Sacramento Daily Union by. Samuel Roland Crocker Bowdoin class of 1855 2, It appears that the graduation program was stretched out over several days On. Sunday President Leonard Woods gave the baccalaureate sermon Monday was. a presentation of the prize declamation by the junior class won in 1865 by the. nephew of Secretary of State William Seward Tuesday marked presentations. by the college s literary societies followed by a concert by the Germania concert. band of Boston Then came the unexpected news, General Grant would arrive on the following day and be present at. the distribution of diplomas The huge church fairly rocked with the. applause that this announcement drew forth There had been. rumors of his coming throughout the week but it was not generally. believed that the College would be so honored 3,At half past one on Wednesday August 2. the alumni and guests had reconvened at,the chapel From there they marched. under the direction of Brigadier General,Thomas Hyde Bowdoin 50 to the train.
depot preceded with great enthusiasm by,the Germania band Old Timer notes that. the dignitaries included Grant s patron,former Congressman Elihu Washburne of. Illinois General Oliver Otis Howard,Bowdoin 50 ex Governor of Maine and. Fig 2 Brunswick Railroad Station ca 1857 Elihu s brother Israel Washburn. 1899 Courtesy of Pejepscot Historical,Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson. later to become Grant s vice president,and George Evans former U S Senator from Maine.
Crocker notes the interior of the depot was a solid mass of humanity and the. region round about was more densely populated than it ever was before But. they all had their reward for a train dashed into the station and soon stepped. out from one of the cars the foremost man of the age Ulysses S Grant 4. 12 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. Old Timer elaborates Gen Grant was immediately, waited on by a committee of the boards of the college. and thereafter appeared on a stand erected for the. occasion and an immense concourse of people greeted. him with wild applause to which he responded by,removing his hat and bowing He was then with his. wife and several of his staff escorted to a barouche in. waiting and attended by the procession to the,residence of Gen Chamberlain where a cordial. greeting took place which Gen Grant returned with, fervor The general s appearance everywhere elicited. the utmost excitement 5 John Furbish future founder. Fig 3 Portrait of Ulysses S of Brunswick s Pejepscot Historical Society notes that. Grant ca 1865 Library of it was a momentous occasion and the greatest jam I. Congress ever saw in this place 6,Crocker notes, I am inclined to believe that there was cheering just at that time but.
amid it all the cool quiet looking man with three stars on his shoulder. accompanied by his family and Staff entered the carriages provided. and the procession moved to the house of Major General Chamberlain. Here General Grant was permitted to remain long enough to wash his. hands but not to smoke a cigar and was then escorted to the. Congregational Church Please understand that there was no. cessation of applause until the General had entered the sacred walls. and then the ladies inside took their turn at it 7. On the stage of the church Grant was introduced by the venerable George. Evans Bowdoin 15 and former U S Senator from Maine The illustrious. chieftan Ulysses S Grant has turned by to honor our institution and I have. the pleasure to present him to you The audience gave three cheers for Grant. three more for General Oliver Otis Howard three more for General Joshua. Chamberlain and a final three cheers for General Romeyn Ayers 8 Members of. Grant s staff including Colonel Ely Parker the famous Indian were also. present on the stage 9, Fig 4 Generals left to right Oliver O Howard Joshua L Chamberlain Romeyn Ayers Colonel. Ely Parker Library of Congress, 13 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. The Master s oration was delivered by yet another esteemed professor the. legendary Alpheus Spring Packard Bowdoin 16 Old Timer indicates that it. was given by Edward Newman Packard but that seems unlikely since Edward. had just graduated in 1862 At last the degrees were presented by President. Woods including a Doctor of Laws for Ulysses S Grant In keeping with his. habit Grant did not speak but simply bowed appreciatively in the wake of the. applause that followed, Upon completion of the ceremonies the crowd adjourned to the. commencement dinner which both of the alumni reporters rate as sub. standard Old Timer tells us that it was deemed the meanest dinner of. Bowdoin s commencement history He suspects that the paltry menu might. have had something to do with President Woods a Buchanan democrat who. promoted the bestowal of the degree of LL D on Jefferson Davis Davis s. honorary degree was bestowed in 1858 partly in recognition of the fact that. Davis had been Secretary of War for President Franklin Pierce Bowdoin class. Nevertheless Woods rose to the occasion,proclaiming The war is over peace has. returned Those who went out with,sorrow return with joy bringing their.
sheaves with them Cheers And now,comes to us that great leader cheers to. whose ability we owe this prosperous,condition and I feel it a privilege to give. voice to the gratitude of this college in, Fig 5 Bowdoin College Campus ca 1865 common with that of the people of the. Courtesy George J Mitchell Dept of Special United States to this great general The. Collections Archives Bowdoin College Library,president s comments were followed by a. lengthy applause Again Grant bowed, graciously but could not be induced to open his reticent lips 10.
Crocker notes that Grant ate very sparingly thus exhibiting his usual. shrewdness and observes sympathetically, His personal appearance has been so often described that I won t try. my hand at a new picture but I cannot help remarking that the great. dignity of his manner was something especially to admire He was. dressed in a far from new uniform his shoulders displaying the three. stars of his rank His face which is as familiar to almost every man. woman and child in America as seen in his photographs wore a. slightly care worn look as if which seems very probable he was. heartily tired of being received 11, 14 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019. After the address by President Woods General Oliver Otis Howard was. summoned by the crowd who responded with enthusiastic applause as he. arose With equal fervor the crowd summoned General Chamberlain who. responded briefly I have tried to get Gen Grant to speak but he says No. and when he says that word he means it Lee knows it means something Old. Timer notes that at this point General Grant amid cheers parenthetically. said I continue to fight it out on that line 12,After the dinner Grant and his party were. returned to Chamberlain s home on Potter,Street to rest for about an hour At five. thirty he was escorted to the president s,reception or levee Old Timer notes that.
Grant was made captive by crinoline and,beauty He was here as everywhere quiet. unostentatious and not given to overmuch,talking but several belles put honey on. his lips tis said and opened them The, levee was if the briefest the only immortal Fig 6 The Chamberlain House on Potter. one in the history of the annual Street Brunswick Maine Courtesy of. Pejepscot Historical Society,sociables 13, At 8 00 p m the crowd returned to the Congregational Church this time for a. special service to memorialize fallen classmates and to honor sons of Bowdoin. who had returned from the war Old Timer notes that. Large numbers of the bronzed heroes were on the platform and more. would have been there had not all pervading crinoline reached even the. seats on the stage set apart for them Among the officers present. Alumni were Generals Howard Chamberlain Brevet Generals Sewall. Hyde Hubbard Cols C P Mattocks I W Starbird J F Appleton. Enos T Luce C W Roberts Lieut Cols John M Brown C E Shaw. C H Butterfield Brevet Col Manning Majors A W Bradbury A B. Twitchell F M Drew Belcher W W Eaton Capt Q Gilman U S A. Paymasters Charles A Robbins Myron M Bovey and many others 14. Crocker informs us that soon after the opening prayer there was a crash of. music from the gallery a mighty shout from the audience and the cool little. man with three stars walked up the aisle Professor Alpheus Packard delivered. the address noting that forty eight of Bowdoin s warriors were undergraduates. and forty had fallen by bullet or disease About 300 Bowdoin men fought for. the Union 15, After an interlude by the band the honorable Peleg W Chandler of Boston.
declared his high regard for Bowdoin s soldiers Reverend Dr Samuel Harris. offered a tribute to the women of America for their steadfastness labor and. 15 First Call Joshua L Chamberlain Civil War Round Table June 2019.

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