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Abstract 3,Introduction 3,Why Penetration Test 3,Need for Omni Channel 3. Types of Penetration Testing 3,External Network Penetration Testing 3. Internal Network Penetration Testing 3,Penetration Testing Approach and Methodology 4. Profiling 4,Discovery Enumeration 4,Scanning 4,Exploitation 5. Reporting 5,Reference Testing for system takeover 5.
Tools and Techniques 6,The best practices and recommendations 6. 2 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved. Abstract Types of Penetration Testing, Penetration Testing is an authorized proactive attempt to External Network Penetration Testing. measure the security of an IT system by safely exploiting The goal of the external network Penetration Testing is to. its vulnerabilities mostly to evaluate application flaws demonstrate the existence of known security vulnerabilities. improper configurations risky end user behavior Be that that could be exploited by an attacker as they appear outside. as it may why would you voluntarily perform a self hack in the perimeter of the network usually from the internet. the first place What are the different types of Penetration External testing involves analysis of publicly available infor. Testing What are the principal approaches methodolo mation a network enumeration phase and the behavior of the. gies tools techniques and the best practices of the security devices is analyzed It is the traditional approach to. same This whitepaper interestingly addresses the above Penetration Testing and it involves assessing the servers. concerns and throws light on this subject in more detail technology infrastructure and the underlying software com. prising the target It is performed with no prior knowledge of. Introduction the target environment All web servers mail servers. A Network Penetration Testing is crucial to demystify iden firewalls routers IDPS etc should undergo the Penetration. tify the security exposures that are used to surface when Testing activity to evaluate the security posture. launch a cyber attacks are launched from internet and Internal Network Penetration Testing. intranet The security assessment of internet intranet Internal network Penetration Testing reveals the holistic view. facing system test helps discover the vulnerable network of the security posture of the organization. services that can be exploited by unknown threat sources An internal network security assessment follows a similar. The common categories of vulnerabilities present in technique to external assessment but with a more complete. networks can personify polar differences in characters It view of the site security Testing will be performed from a. can vary from remote system password compromise number of network access points representing each logical. web server database network service network device and physical network segments For example this may. directory and miscellaneous non configuration to informa include tiers and DMZ s within the environment the corporate. tion disclosure to weak cryptography This array of vulner network or partner company connections Internal network. abilities propel the imperative need for a holistic Penetra Penetration Testing is used to determine If a disgruntled inter. tion Testing Process nal employee of the organization penetrates the network with. the amount of IT knowledge he has If a hacker breaks into. Why Penetration Test the internal network by compromising the weak perimeter. security controls and steals the sensitive information and If. Apart from the host of afore mentioned vulnerabilities the the guest visitor walks by the company and steals sensitive. reasons that press harder for the need for Penetration data from the internal network. Testing encompass concerns like threat identification. perimeter security evaluation certification of industry. regulations IT security cost control anti vulnerability. solutions legal compliance validation of security protec. tion and most importantly justify return on security invest. ment While Penetration Testing as a generic phenome. non helps improve the operational efficiency of IT security. different types of Penetration Testing addresses different. concerns Types of Penetration Testing, 3 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved. Penetration Testing Approach and Methodology,DNS MxToolbox WHOIS CentralOps. Foot printing or,Google Searches Client Inputs Reconnaissance.
Identi cation System Identi cation of,Port Scanning Operating. of targets Fingerprinting Vulnerabilities,exploitation. Web Servers,Deeper network Penetration,exploit all Possible vulnerabilities. Non destructive,exploitation of,vulnerabilities,Result collation. and report writing, Profiling involves gathering as much as information as possible about the target network for discovering the possible ways to.
enter into the target organization This involves determining the target operation systems web server versions DNS informa. tion platforms running existence of vulnerabilities exploits for launching the attacks The information can be gathered using. various techniques such as Whois lookup enquiring the DNS entries google searches using GHDB social networking sites. emails websites etc,Discovery Enumeration, Discovery involves using the automated tools and manual techniques to identify the live hosts present in the network deter. mining the target system s operating system through banner grabbing presence of open ports services running versions. of the services technology information protocols and its version. Enumerating an internal network allows the penetration tester to identify the network resources shares users groupsus. ers groups routing tables audit serviceaudit service settings machine names applications bannersapplications. banners and protocols with its details The identified information would allow the Penetration tTester to identify system. attack points and perform password attacks to gain unauthorized access to informationsystems. Scanning involves identifying the vulnerabilities present in network services information systems and perimeter security. controls by enterprise class tools with most updated feeds and using the best manual scripts In addition manual assess. ments helps eliminating the false positives reported by the tools and to identify the false negatives. Scanning will identify network topology OS vulnerabilities application services vulnerabilities application services. configuration errors etc In the scanning phase the pPenetration tTester will identify exploits and evaluate attack surface. 4 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved. Exploitation, This stage uses the information gathered on active ports and services with the related vulnerabilities to safely exploit the. services exposed Attack scenarios for production environment will use a combination of exploit payloads in strict accord. ance with agreed rules of engagement It involves research test exploits and launch payloads against the target environ. ment using Penetration tTest frameworks such as meta sploit. All exploitable security vulnerabilities in the target system are recorded with associated CVSS v2 based scores are reported. to the client The identified security vulnerability is thoroughly assessed and reported along with appropriate recommenda. tion or mitigation measures,Reference Testing for system takeover. Identifying and determine the status of vulnerable service on port 6667 on remote system. Selecting and launching the relevant attack exploit and payload to compromise the remote system. 5 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved. Tools and Techniques,Category Tools, Frameworks Kali Linux Backtrack5 R3 Security Onion. Reconnaisance Smartwhois MxToolbox CentralOps dnsstuff nslookup DIG netcraft. Discovery Angry IP scanner Colasoft ping tool nmap Maltego NetResident. LanSurveyor OpManager, Port Scanning Nmap Megaping Hping3 Netscan tools pro Advanced port scanner.
Service Fingerprinting Xprobe nmap zenmap, Enumeration Superscan Netbios enumerator Snmpcheck onesixtyone Jxplorer Hyena. DumpSec WinFingerprint Ps Tools NsAuditor Enum4Linux nslookup Netscan. Scanning Nessus GFI Languard Retina SAINT Nexpose, Password Cracking Ncrack Cain Abel LC5 Ophcrack pwdump7 fgdump John The Ripper. Rainbow Crack, Sniffing Wireshark Ettercap Capsa Network Analyzer. MiTM Attacks Cain Abel Ettercap,Exploitation Metasploit Core Impact. The best practices and recommendations, The following are the best practices that could be followed in applying the defense in depth strategy across.
the internal network services, Establish technical standards for Systems Security Network Security device hardening. Security assessments to be integrated with change management processes to avoid introduction of. vulnerability in the technology environments, Patch and vulnerability management must be tracked closely with platform teams or system owners. Firewall configuration reviews and change management must be conducted periodically. Periodically conducted internal and external network security assessment that include compliance checks. against the build standards if package operating systems i e hardened builds are deployed across the. organization, Security benchmark can be found on center for internet security. 6 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved. About the Author, Karthik Palanisamy Technical Security Assessment Professional with 4 plus years of consulting experi. ence in network web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing thick client security. database security mobile application security SAP application penetration testing source code audit. configuration review of devices and security architecture review Applications and Infrastructures Cur. rently holding a position with Happiest Minds Technologies to deliver technical security assessment and. penetration testing services covering application security infrastructures security mobile application. security and source code review,Karthik Palanisamy.
About Happiest Minds, Happiest Minds the Mindful IT Company applies agile methodologies to enable digital transformation for enterprises and. technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience business efficiency and actionable insights We leverage a. spectrum of disruptive technologies such as Big Data Analytics AI Cognitive Computing Internet of Things Cloud. Security SDN NFV RPA Blockchain etc Positioned as Born Digital Born Agile our capabilities spans across product. engineering digital business solutions infrastructure management and security services We deliver these services across. industry sectors such as retail consumer packaged goods edutech e commerce banking insurance hi tech engineering. R D manufacturing automotive and travel transportation hospitality. Headquartered in Bangalore India Happiest Minds has operations in USA UK The Netherlands Australia and Middle East. Happiest Minds All Rights Reserved,Business Contact business happiestminds com. Visit us www happiestminds com,Follow us on, This Document is an exclusive property of Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd. 12 Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights Reserved.

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