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Instruction,Disclaimer Warning, Please read this disclaimer carefully before using the product By using this product you hereby. agree to this disclaimer and signify that you have read them fully THIS PRODUCT IS NOT. SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, This product is an autopilot system designed for serious multi rotor enthusiasts providing excellent self leveling and. altitude holding which completely takes the stress out of flying RC multi rotors for both professional and hobby. applications Despite the system having a built in autopilot system and our efforts in making the operation of the. controller as safe as possible when the main power battery is connected we strongly recommend users to remove. all propellers when calibrating and setting parameters Make sure all connections are good and keep children and. animals away during firmware upgrade system calibration and parameter setup DJI Innovations accepts no liability. for damage s or injuries incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product in the following conditions. 1 Damage s or injuries incurred when users are drunk taking drugs drug anesthesia dizziness fatigue nausea. and any other conditions no matter physically or mentally that could impair your ability. 2 Damage s or injuries caused by subjective intentional operations Any mental damage compensation caused. by accident, 3 Failure to follow the guidance of the manual to assemble or operate. 4 Malfunctions caused by refit or replacement with non DJI accessories and parts. 5 Damage s or injuries caused by using third party products or fake DJI products. 6 Damage s or injuries caused by mis operation or subjective mis judgment. 7 Damage s or injuries caused by mechanical failures due to erosion aging. 8 Damage s or injuries caused by continued flying after low voltage protection alarm is triggered. 9 Damage s or injuries caused by knowingly flying the aircraft in abnormal condition such as water oil soil. sand and other unknown material ingress into the aircraft or the assembly is not completed the main. components have obvious faults obvious defect or missing accessories. 10 Damage s or injuries caused by flying in the following situations such as the aircraft in magnetic interference. area radio interference area government regulated no fly zones or the pilot is in backlight blocked fuzzy. sight and poor eyesight is not suitable for operating and other conditions not suitable for operating. 11 Damage s or injuries caused by using in bad weather such as a rainy day or windy more than moderate. breeze snow hail lightning tornadoes hurricanes etc. 12 Damage s or injuries caused when the aircraft is in the following situations collision fire explosion floods. tsunamis subsidence ice trapped avalanche debris flow landslide earthquake etc. 13 Damage s or injuries caused by infringement such as any data audio or video material recorded by the use of. 14 Damage s or injuries caused by the misuse of the battery protection circuit RC model and battery chargers. 15 Other losses that are not covered by the scope of DJI Innovations liability. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 3, DJI and Naza M are registered trademarks of DJI Innovations Names of product brand etc appearing in this. manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner companies This product and manual are. copyrighted by DJI Innovations with all rights reserved No part of this product or manual shall be reproduced in. any form without the prior written consent or authorization of DJI Innovations No patent liability is assumed with. respect to the use of the product or information contained herein. Certifications, This product is approved with quality standards such as CE FCC and RoHS.
Symbol Instruction,Forbidden Important Cautions Tip Reference. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 4,Assembly Connection. In the Box, Main controller X1 PMU X1 GPS X1 GPS Bracket X1 LED X1 Servo Cable X8 Micro USB Cable X1 3M Adhesive. Step1 Port Description,EXP Connect to PMU module,LED Connect to LED module. A For roll control left right,E For pitch control front back.
T For throttle control,R For rudder control,U For Control Model Switch. X1 For gimbal pitch control For gain tuning, X2 For D Bus S Bus S Bus2 compatible For gain tuning For IOC switch. X3 For voltage monitor Connect to PMU V SEN port,Pointing to the aircraft nose direction. M1 To 1 ESC,M2 To 2 ESC Main Controller,M3 To 3 ESC. M4 To 4 ESC,M5 To 5 ESC,M6 To 6 ESC,F1 To gimbal roll servo or To 7 ESC.
F2 To gimbal pitch servo or To 8 ESC,NAZA output is 400Hz refresh frequency. V SEN Connect to Main Controller X3Port PMU, Important the continuous output of the Power Management Unit. PMU is 3A 5V and the maximum,instant current is 7 5A If PMU cannot afford. Main Controller the working current for your servos please. use an independent power supply otherwise,it may cause the PMU safeguard and lead to. the main controller reboot,2S 6S Powered by 2S 6S LiPo 7 4V 26 0V.
GPS Connect to GPS Compass module,Extended CAN port EXP Connect to Main. Controller EXP port,Connect to Main Controller LED port. Micro USB PC connection,for parameter configuration. and firmware upgrade,Pointing to the aircraft nose direction. Connect to GPS port of PMU,GPS Compass,ESC Electronic Speed Controller.
2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 5,Step2 Assembly Connection. Step1 Prepare an aircraft supported the following Mixed Types. The direction of the arrow in diagram indicates the rotation direction of the motor propeller. Important To coaxial propellers Blue propeller is at TOP Red propeller is at Bottom Otherwise all propellers are at top. Quad rotor I Quad rotor X Hexa rotor I Hexa rotor V Hexa rotor IY. ESC MC Connection,Aircraft Main Controller, Hexa rotor Y Octo rotor I Octo rotor V Octo rotor X M8 F2. Note The NAZA M V2 flight control system doesn t support Gimbal function when used on the Octo rotor aircraft. For big aircraft that is larger than 650 or with heavy load WKM is recommended. Step2 Assembly and Connection,Main Controller MC ESCs Motors. Mount 1 The DJI logo should face the sky DO Please use the ESCs and motors recommended by the manufacturer. NOT mount the MC upside down 2 The MC sides of your aircraft We recommend you use DJI motors and ESCs Refer. should be parallel to the aircraft body 3 The arrow to its manual for details Connect all ESCs to MC by the motor. should point to the nose direction of aircraft 4 he numbering method introduced in mixed types Supported. MC is best positioned near the aircraft s center of Important If you use 3rd party ESCs make sure the ESCs travel. gravity Make sure all ports are accessible midpoint is at 1520us DO NOT use 700us travel midpoint ESC as it. T i p It is recommended to f i x the MC until all may lead aircraft to fly away or cause injury and damage After ESCs. wirings and configurations are completed using 3M connection calibrate ESCs one by one through the receiver directly. gummed paper provided to fix the MC before connect them to your MC Make sure program all of them into. Governor off Break off and Normal Start up to get best experience. Connect the gimbal servos to,the ports of F1 and F2 if a. Traditional Receiver gimbal is used and use the,ESCs software for configurations.
S Bus S Bus2 PPM Receiver,Power Supply,Optional GPS Compass. Transmitter TX Receiver RX Mount GPS Compass is sensitive to. 1 Refer to you TX Manual setup the magnetic interference should be far. Aileron Elevator Throttle Rudder PMU Module away from any electronic devices If. channels on your TX first and choose a 3 Mount DO NOT attach the PMU on you use your own mounting rod. position switch as control mode switch other device Sufficient air flow over make sure it is NOT magnetic. 2 Attach the matched RX to aircraft then the PMU is highly recommended Procedures. connect your RX to the right ports on MC Tip If use with DJI multi rotor you 1 You should use epoxy resin AB. The following diagram shows the can solder the power cable to power glue to assemble the GPS bracket. connection example for traditional RX pads on frame bottom board Please first Mount the bracket on the center. A refer to DJI multi rotor manual for,AILE plate of craft Position the bracket at. ELEV E details If use with 3rd part aircraft,least 10 cm from any propeller. JR THRO T MC you can make a connecter by,2 The DJI logo marked on the GPS. RUDD R yourself to connect PMU and battery,3 position Switch U should face the sky with the.
orientation arrow pointing directly,LED Module forward then fix the GPS on the plate. 2 E Mount Make sure You can see the of the bracket by 3M glue provided. Futaba light during the flight Leave the USB,3 T MC Tip The GPS Compass is packaged. Hitec 4 R interface to be accessible Use the with a special indication line for. 3 position Switch U 3M gummed paper provided to fix mounting for the first time. Step3 Double Check, In this step turn on the transmitter connect the battery to the PMU and then watch the LED if you can see the LED blinks. the system is working,2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 6. Assistant Software Installation and Configuration,Step1 Software and Driver Installation.
Installing and running on Windows, 1 Please download the driver and the Assistant installation software in EXE format from www dji com. 2 Switch on the transmitter and then power on your autopilot system. 3 Connect your autopilot system and PC via a Micro USB cable. 4 Open the driver installation software and follow the instructions to complete installation. 5 Run the Assistant installation software and follow the instructions to complete installation. The installer in EXE format is supported on Win XP Win7 Win8 32 or 64 bit. Installing and running on Mac OS X, 1 Download the Assistant installer in DMG format from the download page of NAZA M V2 on the DJI. 2 Run the installation software and follow the prompts to finish installation. 3 When launching for the first time if use Launchpad to run the NAZA M V2 Assistant Software Launchpad. won t allow access because the software has not been reviewed by Mac App Store. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 7, 4 Locate the NAZA M V2 icon in the Finder and open the file by Control or right clicking the icon and. selecting Open from the menu, 5 After the first successful launch double clicking the NAZA M V2 icon in the Finder or using Launchpad. will open the application, Installer in DMG format is supported on Mac OS X 10 6 or above.
The NAZA M V2 Assistant on Mac OS X and Windows are exactly the same The Assistant appear in. other places of this manual is based on Windows version. Step2 Configuration by Assistant on a PC, 1 Power on the PC Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet for the first time you use. 2 Switch on the transmitter first and then power on the autopilot system Connect the autopilot system to. the PC with a Micro USB cable DO NOT break the connection until setup is finished. 3 Run the Assistant Software, 4 Observe the indicators on the left bottom of the software They are the connection indicator and. communication indicator in order If the communication indicator is blinking that the software is ready. please go to next step, 5 Select the Info option Check the software firmware version If the upgrade is available you may update. the assistant software,2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 8. 6 Select the Upgrade option Check the Main Controller GPS and IMU firmware version. 7 Select the Basic option Please follow step by step for your first time configuration Basic configuration. is necessary including Mixer Type Mounting RC and Gain settings. 8 You can click the Advanced option for more parameter settings Advanced setting is optional There are. settings of Motor FailSafe Intelligent Orientation Control IOC Gimbal Low Voltage Alert and Flight. Limits Read the instruction in the assistant software to obtain more details. 9 Select the Viewer option to check all parameters. 10 Then break the Micro USB cable power off the aircraft Finished. 1 You may be required to fill register information for your first time usage. 2 If the communication indicator is blue on please double check the connections. 3 Basic configuration is necessary before you go to the Basic Flying Test. 4 Users are required to install a Windows system since the software can only run on Windows. 1 If the firmware upgrade is available please upgrade it by referring to the Firmware Upgrade. in the Appendix, 2 This step is required to use together with the assistant software to obtain more details.
Recommended Parameters,Recommended Settings for using F330 F450 F550. Configuration Information Basic Gain Attitude Gain. Motor ESC Propeller Battery Weight Pitch Roll Yaw Vertical Pitch Roll. F330 DJI 2212 DJI 18A DJI 8 Inch 3S 2200 790 g 140 140 100 110 140 140. F450 DJI 2212 DJI 30A DJI 8 Inch 3S 2200 890 g 150 150 100 105 150 150. F550 DJI 2212 DJI 30A DJI 8 Inch 4S 3300 1530 g 170 170 150 140 170 170. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 9,Basic Flying. Control Mode Knowledge, Please read the Control Mode Knowledge clearly before usage to know how to control the aircraft. Different control modes will give you different flight performances Please make sure you understand the features. and differences of the three control modes,GPS ATTI Mode. ATTI Mode Manual Mode,With GPS Module,Rudder Angular.
Maximum rudder angular velocity is 150 s,Max angular velocity is 150 s. Command Stick Multi attitude control Stick center position for 0. No attitude angle limitation,Meaning attitude its endpoint is 35. and vertical velocity locking, Altitude Lock Maintain the altitude best above 1 meter from ground NO. Lock position if GPS signal, Stick Released Only attitude stabilizing NOT Recommend. is adequate,When GPS signal has been Only performing attitude.
GPS Lost lost for 3s system enters stabilizing without. ATTI Mode automatically position lock,Attitude speed mixture control ensures stability. Enhanced Fail Safe Position Auto Level Fail Safe Depends on experience. lock when hovering Attitude stabilizing, With GPS Compass module and the failsafe requirements are satisfied in each Control. Mode including GPS Mode ATTI Mode Manual Mode and IOC Mode the aircraft will. enter the failsafe Mode,Applications AP work Sports flying. Start Stop Motor Knowledge, 1 Both Immediately Mode and Intelligent Mode are available in the Assistant Software. Advanced Motor Stop Type, 2 Stop Motor method is defaulted to Immediately Mode.
Please get to know well about this section before flying. 1 Start Motor Pushing throttle stick before takeoff will not start the motors You have to execute any one of. following four Combination Stick Commands CSC to start the motors. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 10, 2 Stop Motor We provide two options to stop motors in the assistant software Immediately and Intelligent. 1 Immediately Mode If you select this mode in any control mode once motors start and throttle stick is. over 10 motors will not stop immediately only when throttle stick is back under 10 the motors will. stop In this case if you push the throttle stick over 10 within 5 seconds after motors stop motors. will re start CSC is not needed If you don t push throttle stick after motors start in three seconds. motors will stop automatically, 2 Intelligent Mode By using this mode different control mode has different way of stopping motors In. Manual Mode only executing CSC can stop motors In ATTI Mode or GPS ATTI Mode any one of. following four cases will stop motors, a You don t push throttle stick after motors start within three seconds. b Executing CSC, c Throttle stick under 10 and after landing for more than 3 seconds. d If the angle of multi rotor is over 70 and throttle stick under 10. Notes of Intelligent Mode, 1 In ATTI GPS ATTI Mode it has landing judgment which will stop motors.
2 Start motors in ATTI GPS ATTI Mode you have to execute CSC and then push throttle stick. over 10 in 3 seconds otherwise motors will stop after 3 seconds. 3 During normal flight only pull throttle stick under 10 will not stop motors in any control mode. 4 For safety reason when the slope angle of multi rotor is over 70 during the flight in ATTI. GPS ATTI Mode may be caused by collision motor and ESC error or propeller broken down. and throttle stick is under 10 motors will stop automatically. Notes of Intelligent Mode Immediately Mode, 1 If you choose the Immediately Mode you should not pull throttle stick under 10 during flight. because it will stop motors If you do it accidentally you should push the throttle stick over 10 in. 5s to re start motors, 2 DO NOT execute the CSC during normal flight without any reason or it will stop motors at once. 1 If you choose the Intelligent mode and the throttle stick is under 10 this will trigger the landing. Procedure in any control mode In this judgment pitch roll and yaw controls are denied except. the throttle but multi rotor will still auto level. 2 In any control mode DO NOT pull throttle stick under 10 during normal flight without any. 1 Any of these two cut off types will only work properly if TX calibration is correct done. 2 In failed safe CSC is denied by the main controller motors will hold their state. 2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 11,Step1 Compass Calibration. Without GPS module please skip this step If you use with GPS module follow step by step for calibration. 1 DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is magnetic interference such as magnetite car. park and steel reinforcement under the ground, 2 DO NOT carry ferromagnetic materials with you during calibration such as keys or cell phones. 3 Compass module CANNOT work in the polar circle, 4 Compass Calibration is very important otherwise the system will work abnormal.
Calibration Procedures, 1 Switch on the transmitter and then power on autopilot system. 2 Quickly switch the control mode switch from GPS Mode to Manual Mode and back to GPS Mode or. from GPS Mode to ATTI Mode and back to GPS Mode for more than 5 times The LED indicator will. turn on constantly yellow so that the aircraft is ready for the calibration. 3 Fig 1 Hold your Multi rotor horizontal and rotate it around the gravitational force line about 360o until. the LED changes to constant green and then go to the next step. 4 Fig 2 Hold your Multi rotor vertically and rotate it its nose is downward around the gravitational force. line about 360o until the LED turns off meaning the calibration is finished. Fig 1 Fig 2, 5 If the calibration was successful calibration mode will exit automatically If the LED keeps flashing quickly. Red the calibration has failed Switch the control mode switch one time to cancel the calibration and. then re start from step 2, 1 When the GPS is abnormal the Main controller will tell you by the LED blinking Red and Yellow. alternately disable the GPS Module and automatically enter the aircraft into the. 2 You don t need to rotate your multi rotor on a precise horizontal or vertical surface but keep at. least 45 difference between horizontal and vertical calibration. 3 If you keep having calibration failure it might suggest that there is very strong magnetic. interference around the GPS Compass module please avoid flying in this area. 4 When to do re calibration,1 The flight field is changed. 2 When the multi rotor mechanical setup has changed. a If the GPS Compass module is re positioned, b If electronic devices are added removed re positioned Main Controller servos batteries etc.
c When the mechanical structure of the multi rotor is changed. 3 If the flight direction appears to be shifting meaning the multi rotor doesn t fly straight. 4 The LED indicator often indicates abnormality blinking when the multi rotor spins It is normal. for this to happen only occasionally,2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 12. Step2 Assembly Checking List,Please check each item to make sure for safety. Any of the following mistakes will lead to a dangerous accident double check all these items. 1 Rotation direction of motor is opposite,2 Infirm connection between the motor and the ESC. 3 Wrong or infirm installation of Main controller, 4 Wrong or infirm connection between the main controller and ESC. 5 Propeller installation mistake,6 Magnetization of the compass.
Make sure the following items are correct, 1 Make sure you have assembled your multi rotor correctly. 2 Make sure you have done the configuration procedure correctly. 3 Make sure all connections are in good condition, 4 Make sure batteries are fully charged for your transmitter autopilot system and all devices. Step3 Before Flight, Carry out the following procedures is based on Intelligent Mode of Motor Stop to make sure all. configurations are correct Refer to the Appendix LED Description for more LED details. 1 Always switch on the transmitter first then power on multi rotor. 2 Keep the aircraft stationary until the system start and self check has finished. After that the LED may blink Yellow 4 times quickly Start motor is disable during LED blinking. Yellow 4 times quickly as the system is warming up. 3 After the 4 times Yellow LED disappears toggle the control mode switch on your transmitter to make sure it. is working properly For example LED blinks which means the system is in ATTI Mode and the. GPS signal is worst Check it with LED indicator to specify the current working mode for MC See following. table for details about LED indicator, 1 There are Manual Mode and ATTI Mode without a GPS Compass module no GPS signal status LED. 2 After connecting to the GPS Compass module GPS ATTI Mode is available and GPS signal status. LED indicator is available, Control Mode LED Indicator GPS Signal Status LED Indicator.
Signal is best GPS satellites 6 NO LED,Manual Mode NO LED. Signal is well GPS satellites 6,ATTI Mode indicates that is stick s not at center. Signal is bad GPS satellites 5,GPS Mode indicates that is stick s not at center. Signal is worst GPS satellites 5,2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 13. 4 Keep the aircraft stationary and then push both sticks to the left bottom or right bottom shown as the. following chart defined as Combination Stick Commands CSC to start the motors. 5 Release the yaw roll and pitch sticks and keep them at the mid point and the throttle stick under the mid. point Then check whether all propellers are rotating correctly. 6 Stop motors power off the Multi rotor, 7 Make sure all settings and configurations are correct and then you can take off you aircraft.
After power on if abnormal LED Indicator occurs please refer to the Abnormal LED instruction in the FAQ and. aids troubleshooting,Step4 Flying Test, 1 Choose an open space without obstruction tall buildings and crowds as flying filed Place the aircraft 3. meters away from you and others to avoid accidental injury. 2 If in GPS ATTI Mode place the aircraft in an open space without buildings or trees Take off the aircraft. after 6 or more GPS satellites are found Red LED blinks once or no blinking If in Manual Mode or ATTI. Mode you can skip this step,3 Start up, 1 Switch on the transmitter first then power on multi rotor Keep the aircraft stationary until the. system start and self check has finished, 2 Please wait for the system to warm up gradually with the LED blinks Yellow 4 times quickly. You should not start the motors until the blinking disappears. 3 Keep the aircraft stationary and execute the CSC to start the motors. 4 Release the yaw roll and pitch sticks and keep them at the mid point at the same time raise the. throttle stick from the bottom The motors will stop if you do not push the throttle stick from the. bottom within 3 sec and you will need to re start the motors. 5 Keep raising the throttle stick until all the rotors are working push the throttle stick to the mid point. and then take off your multi rotor gently pay attention not to push the stick excessively. 6 Pay attention to the aircraft movement at any time when flying and use the sticks to adjust the. aircraft s position Keep the yaw roll pitch and throttle sticks at the mid point to hover the aircraft. at the desired height, 4 Lower the aircraft slowly Pull the throttle stick to the bottom and then execute the CSC to stop the motors. after landing, 5 Please always power off the Multi rotor first and then switch off the transmitter after landing.
2013 DJI Innovations All Rights Reserved 14,FLYING NOTES VERY IMPORTANT. 1 If the warm up waiting is longer than 2 minutes the 4 times Yellow blink continues please power. off for 10 minutes cold start and then connect the assistant software enter the Tools IMU. calibration carry out the Advanced calibration, 2 If you enable the Immediately Mode of Motor Stop you should not pull throttle stick under 10. during flight because it will stop motors If you do it accidentally you should push the throttle. stick over 10 in 5s to re start motors, 3 DO NOT execute the CSC during normal flight without any reason or it will stop motors at once. 4 Pay attention to the GPS satellite status LED indicator Bad GPS signal may lead the aircraft to. drift when hovering, 5 DO NOT fly near to ferromagnetic substances to avoid strong magnetic interference with the. 6 Please avoid using GPS ATTI Mode in the areas where GPS signal is most likely bad. 7 If the LED flashes quickly Red then this indicates battery voltage is low land ASAP. 8 If the transmitter indicates low battery alarm please land ASAP In this condition the transmitter. may cause the aircraft to go out of control or even crash. 9 In GPS ATTI Mode make sure that the home point is recorded when the GPS signal is well. otherwise the home point recording may be not so precise. 1 In ATTI Mode throttle stick center position is for 0m s along the vertical direction You should. keep the position of throttle stick higher than 10 from cut throttle during the flight In any. control mode DO NOT pull throttle stick under 10 during normal flight without any reason. 2 It is recommended to land the aircraft slowly to prevent the aircraft from damage when landing. 3 If Low Voltage Alarm is set the aircraft will act according to the configuration of the Assistant. Software once Low Voltage Alarm is triggered Make sure you remember what you have set. 4 If Fail Safe function is set the aircraft will act according to the configuration of the Assistant. Software once Fail Safe is triggered Make sure you remember what you have set before.

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