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National Traffic amp Transport Sector Strategy for Kuwait
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I United Nations Development Programme,State of Kuwait. I Project Document,I Project Title,Implementation of the Comprehensive and Long Term. National Traffic and Transport Sector Strategy for Kuwait. I Expected CP Outcome s, 2 4 Enhancing the implementation of the National Strategy of Traffic. I Expected Output s, 1 Building National Integrated Road Safety Information System NIRSIS with Geographic. I Information System function, 2 Establishment of a National Accident Black Spot System NBSS 1.
I 3 Capacity building and training of national cadres in the Ministry of Interior MOl and. relevant Ministries and assist in the establishment of a National Traffic Training Center of. Excellence NTICE,Implementing Partner,Supreme Council for Planning and Development SCPO. Executing Agency,General Directorate of Traffic GOT MOL. i Responsible Parties, Ministry of Public Works MPW Kuwait Municipality KM Ministry of Communications MOC. and others,GlaCk 5 a er r l SAd road safety a aqernent. b8E f onc er r ilted,Brief Description, The Project aims to 1 build a national integrated road safety information system NIRSIS.
I which will enable the gathering and analysis of road accidents data traffic features. geographical information and related issues to provide decision makers and practitioners. with reliable data for efficient policy development and implementation schemes 2 establish. I national accident black spot system to facilitate identification and treatment of frequent road. accident locations to minimize the social and economic cost and 3 develop capacity building. and human resources development program which will provide training and better skills to. I strengthen institutional performance learning and transfer of modern techniques and improve. ability to implement work plans efficiently The Project will improve planning and design. I process reduce the severity frequency and cost of road accidents to the community. alleviate congestion optimize movement of people and goods enhance public transport. service strengthen law enforcement and contribute to the reduction of gases which. I contribute to climate change,I Program Period,Atlas Project Number. Project Budget,General Management Support Fee,I Start date. 15 December 2009,31 December 2013,Total UNDP Allocated Resources 772 500. i PAC Meeting Date 25 November 2009 In kind GDT Contributions 300 ooo J. I Agreed by Implenting Partner,Dr Adel AI Wugayan General Secre ll lj l ll Date. I Agreed by UNDP, Dr Salah Bourjini Resident Representative Date 10 12 2009.
I Agreed by Executing Partner GDT MOI, General Mahmoud AIDosari Assisatnt Undersecretary for Tra ie s. Date 10 12 2009, I Figure 1 Benefits of the National Integrated Road Safety Infonnation System at. Various Levels,1 IIDecision Makers I National Bodies. National Strategic National Strategy I Action Plans. L Development Plan,J Ii Budget Allocation I Annual Reports. Economic Social Growth l,Urban Land Use Planning,I Road Design I Traffic Management.
I I E ng i ne e r in g,Road Safety,I Public Transport Operations. Integrated System,Enforcement,Driver Vehicle Inspections. i Legislation Courts I Monitoring J,Road User Behaviour 1. i Traffic Operations,ILMedical mergency,1 Ambulances I Fire I First Aid. Hospital Facilities,Improve Understanding I,E ffi e cti v e n es s I.
Education Schools I Community,1 Driver Training,I Promotion. Targeted Remedial Programmes,Community Awareness I Media I. Figure 2 National Inputs and Outputs of the Project and Relationship Between the. Components,Police Accident,Health Fire, Investigation I r Police Traffic Offences f Roads Traffic. Emergency Service,Police Report, Police Road User and legal Investigations Awareness Police. f Public Transport,Vehicle Checks Actions Education.
New Police,Social Economic,f GIS r Smart Accident,Diagram Project. f land Use,National Information Inputs,Police Management. CD NIRSIS Outputs,Decision Makers,i Mainframe National Integrated Road Safety. On Une Service, Ministry of Interior Information System NIRSIS External Organizations. General Directorate for Traffic,Ad Hoc Requests,I J General Road and.
Transport Authority, National Traffic Training National Black Implementation of the. Center of Excellence Spot System National Traffic and. Transport Strategy, B Figure 3 2015 Target to Reduce Road Traffic Fatalities in Kuwait in Line with the Latest. UN Recommendations 2, 2 The target is based on the June 2009 recommendations of the UN s EconomIC and Social CommIssions for. Western Asia ESCWA which aim to reduce road traffic fatalrtJes in the relevant countries of the region by 30 in. The baseline is the average of road traffic fatalities in 2006 460 and In 2007 447 due to the absence of previous. baseline and strategy targets,I CONTENTS,Abbreviations 8. I I Sector Analysis Problems and Opportunities 9, II National Traffic and Transport Sector Strategy 2009 2019 for Kuwait 14.
I III United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait 15. I VI Relevant Ministry of Interior 2009 2013 Plan 15. V The Proposed UNDP GDT Project for 2009 2013 17, I VI Result and Resources Framework and Anunal Work Plan 25. VII Management Arrangement,I VIII Cost and Financing Plan. I IX Monitoring and Evaluation 37,X Legal Context 39. I Annexes 40, i Specifications of the National Integrated Road Safety Information System. 2 Specifications of the National Black Spot System. I 3 Terms of Rererence for Consultants,I 4 Cost Estimate and Finacing Plan.
5 Implementation Schedule of the Project,I ABBREVIATIONS. I CP Country Programme,CPAP Country Programme Action Plan. I CPO Country Programme Document,GAF General Authority of Fire. General Directorate for Investigation,General Directorate of Information System. Gross Domestic Product,General Directorate of Traffic Affairs.
Geographic I nformation System,General Road and Transport Authority. KM Kuwait Municipality,I LPAC Local Project Appraisal Committee. Me Ministerial Committee of the Project,I MOE Ministry of Education. MOH Ministry of Health,Ministry of Interior,National Black Spot System. National Integrated Road Safety Information System. National Strategic Development Plan five year,National Traffic Training Centre of Excellence.
National Traffic and Transport Sector Strategy 2009 2019 for Kuwait. PA Project Assistant,I PC Project Coordinator,PFA Project Financial Officer. I PM Project Manager,PT Project Team,Road Accident Investigation Unit. Smart Accident Diagram Project,SC Steering Committee. SCPO Supreme Council for Planning and Development,UN United Nations. UNDP United Nations Development Programme,I I SECTOR ANALYSIS PROBLEMS AND OPPURTUNITIES.
I A Introduction, 1 The State of Kuwait is a sovereign Arab emirate bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and. I Iraq to the north and west It has a population of over 3 5 million and an area of 17 818 km 2. The economy is predominantly urban and 99 of the population live in the major Governorates. and in 8 of the total area of the country Kuwait currently ranks as number 7 in the world in. I connection with the most populated cities, 2 Kuwait now is in a state of refonn and is aspiring to achieve its national vision The country s. I five year National Strategic Development Plan NSDP 2009 to 2013 which is currently awaiting. the National Assembly s Le parliament s endorsement reflects a policy of renewal and. continued growth With its liberal market based economic policy and openness to the world of. international investment Kuwait is striving to become a hub for foreign and regional. I investments by 2030 To ensure effective implementation of relevant plans and programs to. fulfil this vision industrial and commercial zones are being established with the necessary. infrastructure needs and various policies are being established to address planning population. I industrial commercial health housing transport and pollution issues. 3 Current tremendous growth in motor vehicle s use heavy vehicle operations the population. I and economy along with more people attracted to urban areas for work or leisure have led to a. sharp increase in the demand for road space and transport services All key roads and ports. have reached or will reach soon the design capacity Essential as the movements of people. and goods are to the economic and social aspects of community life they also present people. I and their surrounding with the problems of congestion road accidents and environmental. impacts which impose a huge impact on the socioeconomic development Figure 3. i Figure 3 Percentage Increase of Traffic Indicators during 2000 2008 in Kuwait. Population Vehicles Accidents License Fatalities Offences Roads Area. I 4 Given Kuwait s rapid economic growth low price of old vehicles and easy access to loans to. finance new vehicle purchases the vehicle fleet is expected to continue to grow in the coming. I years and this will not be matched by similar growth in the capacity of road networks and. transport facilities There is an increasing pressure therefore to find solutions for the escalating. problems of the transport system, I B Institutional Obstacles of Transport Sector in Kuwait. 5 Issues and constraints that contribute to traffic and transport sector problems in Kuwait. include the following, Supply of transport facilities has not matched the increased demand due to inadequate. I infrastructure development, Limited skills and resources in various areas of traffic and transport sector associated with.
I absence of sustainable training program, Need for a reliable information system in depth research and monitoring regime to fully. I understand causes create effective countermeasures and assess effectiveness of. performance Current information is not coordinated or exchanged. Lack of safety conscious road design and black spot procedures and guidelines and need. I for improved traffic signal sign and marking systems. Transport planning is lacking through which roads ports and airports land use and urban. features can be integrated with community needs, Transport sector s management practices are characterized by unavailability of overall vision. i and integrated strategy, Different agencies are responsible for the transport sector creating problems in planning. coordination and efficient project implementation, Expressways are built on the outskirts of key urban areas but connections to the city center. and residential areas are insufficient Financial resources are also being diverted from local. I roads to expressways,C Transport Sector Problems in Kuwait.
I 6 The length of total roads in Kuwait is over 6000 km The density is 584 people per kilometer. The number of vehicles has increased sharply since 2000 reaching around 1 5 million. I registered motor vehicles in 2008 Most of the people travel by private vehicles 85 Public. transport bus services are provided by a private company City Bus and state owned Kuwait. Public Transportation Corporation The government plans to build around 700 km of new high. standard roads during the next five years and to construct US 11 billion rail network which will. include a city metro, 7 Kuwait International Airport serves as the principal hub for international air travel Kuwait also. has one of the largest shipping industries in the Gulf region The Ports Public Authority. manages and operates ports across Kuwait Construction of another major port iocated in. Bubiyan island is under preparation There is an increase in the heavy vehicle operations across. the international borders The key problems of the transport system entail the followings. I 1 Road Safety, I 8 Road accidents are a human tragedy that result in health environmental and social. problems and have significant impacts on national economic growth strategies 3 In recognition. of this the United Nations UN has integrated road safety into its policies of sustainable. development in 2003 for the 1st time In 2004 and 2008 the UN General Assembly plenary. I sessions also addressed road safety and called on member states to stimulate a new level of. non traditional and urgent commitment to improve road safety The World Health Organization. WHO forecasts that road accident deaths will move from the ninth to the third most serious. I health problem facing the world within the next 10 years The problem of road safety is acute in. the developing nations which has only around 20 of the world s motorized vehicle fleet but. accounts for around 80 of global road deaths The estimated economic loss to the Gulf States. I from road traffic accidents is between 2 5 4 5 of the Gross Domestic Product GOP Rapid. development and increasing vehicular growth in Kuwait have resulted in a substantial increase. in road accidents and loss of life The extent of adverse impacts of road accidents on the. economy in Kuwait is characterized as follows, i In 2008 there were 58 578 accidents 410 fatalities and over 7 600 serious. I ii Economic losses from road traffic accidents are between 3 4 of the Kuwait s. GOP per annum, ii i Road accident costs have a significant adverse impact on the Government s. investment plans medical services and scarce resources of relevant agencies. The situation will likely deteriorate unless urgent and effective action is taken to make roads. safer in Kuwait,2 Traffic Congestion, 9 Traffic congestion is a condition that occurs when a volume of traffic generates demand for.
space greater than the available road or intersection capacity 4 Congestion is associated with. several causes such as limited road capacity traffic incidents work zones weather conditions. I traffic control devices and special events, 10 The most serious congestion is that related to the limited road capacity 5 Traffic congestion. I has a number of negative impacts such as,Wasting time of motorists and passengers. Economic impact, Delays which may result in late arrival for employment meetings and education. resulting in lost business or other personal losses. Inability to forecast travel time accurately, 3 Jralw K GuangxI Roads Development II Project Report A pproved by the Government and International. Development Organizations In 2004 for a total cost of 726 Million China. Jralw K Geometric DeSign and Traffic CapaCity Transportation Planning and Engineering Program UrllVersily of. SOLJthalnpton UK 1981 and f JlklpedI3 2009, Jra lfi K Urban n ASia S CO mt les and USA T lI sportat1c n.
Researu BoarCl TR8 2 2 ruai H d TRB J JUfr 8 No 1846 2C O. I Wasting fuel which increases air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions which may. contribute to global warming Increased fuel use may also cause a rise in fuel costs. I Wear and tear on vehicles as a result of frequent acceleration and braking which create. increase in economic cost e g spare parts and cost impact on balance of payment. Stressed and frustrated motorists encouraging road rage and reduced health of. Emergencies blocked traffic may interfere with the passage of emergency vehicles. Spillover effect from congested main roads to secondary roads and side streets as. I alternative routes which may affect neighborhood amenity and real estate prices. 11 In Kuwait Traffic congestion is a major problem The congestion cost is over 3 of the. GOP per annum 6 At international congestion level Kuwait currently ranks as number 4 in the. I world in connection with the number of registered vehicles per kilometer of road. 3 Data Collection, I 12 In Kuwait like other countries traffic police are the key source of all road safety traffic. enforcement and some traffic operation data, I 13 Review of the existing road accident form used by police in Kuwait revealed that it fails to. include provision for entering all relevant information which is found essential in the developed. nations to analyze factors and develop effective programs for reducing the frequency severity. I and cost to the community of road accidents One of the key deficiencies of the form is the lack. of a uniform method for identifying the location on a particular roadway at which the accident. occurred Other information not currently called for include meaningful classification of the. I accidents action of road users immediately before the accidents and some road and. intersection issues Another critical deficiency is the failure to enter all relevant data on the. current Ministry of Interior MOl mainframe system There is also a need to improve practice of. i classification definition and recording of traffic offences There is no practical and uniform traffic. data collection and forecasting system in Kuwait and there is no system for data exchange and. interface between the traffic police road and transport agencies hospitals and fire and. ambulance services The official statistical figures are therefore not appropriate for in depth. analysis comparison and efficient strategy development. 14 Research has also shown that under reporting is a common problem sometimes because of. I lack of resources and spreading of responsibility between various agencies and sometimes. because road accidents and casualties are simply not reported to the police by those involved. Consequently the actual number of road accident deaths and injuries IS often significantly higher. than official statistics show and this is common case in most developing countries where the. underreporting situations exceed 42, 15 The definition of road accident fatality and classification of injuries in most developing. countries are also not clear unlike the developed countries where they define for example death. as dead on the spot and dead within 30 days after the accident There is also no clear health. and hospital record and there is no protocol between the police and other agencies for data. 16 Definition of causes of accidents is another limitation According to discussion With the. police and field observations some of the common causes of accidents on the road networks. Wh K RG8e T 8tfc Probjerr s General ecto dtE for r affrc r Jwa t 2 09. T arsDcrt c ese f h L 1t or8tor j R J Rer oi 45 Glob j RO FJ Fatd lt s UK. I are unsafe distance between vehicles overtaking incorrect turn disobey traffic signal. speeding poor road conditions and mechanical problems But according to the official. statistics driver error stands out clearly as the dominant major cause of road accidents over. 90 However it should be appreciated that while driver error is identified as the main cause of. accidents and may be amenable to improved driver education and enforcement of safety. I related regulations other factors such as poor road conditions road side obstacles weather. conditions road design and mechanical problems may contribute to the conditions in which. driver error occurs and so should also be addressed This argument also can be supported by. the fact of existence of a large number of black spots on the road networks. I 17 In addition there is no meaningful link between road accidents and offences data to asses. causes and conditions scientifically Data problem therefore should be addressed efficiently in. I order to tackle current accident and other traffic problems in Kuwait in line with the recent UN. resolutions and experience of the developed countries 8. I 4 Road Accident Investigation, 18 The responsibility for investigation road accidents lies presently with the General. I Directorate of Investigation GDI of the MOL The GDI has a primary responsibility for. investigation and reporting of all activities which are legally defined as crime related as well. as road accidents In addition the GDI is responsible for reporting on road accident disputes. which cannot be settled by the individual persons involved The limitations of this practice. GDI activities are not efficent du to hJgh workload staff shortage and priorty of other. areas which results in little attention is paid to the traffic matters. Accident reports are being done so primarily to satisfy the legal requirements with. little data that can provide insight into road accident causes and traffic conditions. which aid in the development of efficient socioeconomic programs and reduce. accident frequency and severity, GDI duties are more related to accidents involved personal injuies and fatalitis as basis.
I for legal procedues court actions and punitive measures So that road safety and traffic. management matters are receivng little attention and not considered as a priority. 19 On the other hand the General Directorate for Traffic GDT which is in charge of the day. I to day functions of traffic management road safety traffic enforcement and other tasks. involved in maintaining an orderly flow of traffic in Kuwait has no control on the road accident. data and investigations, I This has a negative impact on road safety improvement reliability of data identification of. accident black spots and development of effective strategy There is a need therefore for urgent. I actions to address this matter and reassign the duties of all data analysis and road accident. investigations to the GOT in order to help in eliminate the various traffic problems in Kuwait. 5 Staff shortage, 20 There is a sever staff shortage at the UniverSities and in all Government agencies which. deals with road and transport issues The key research institutes have no mandatory role to. deal with the traffic and transport issues There is also no sustainable training or human. I resources development program in the place Shortage of road and transport projects during the. past years has resulted in the lack of practical experience of the local staff There is an urgent. I need to establish a national training center of excellence to fill the current gap and provide. relevant agencies with the required skills and capacity and to build efficient national work force. I II NATIONAL TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT SECTOR STRATEGY FOR KUWAIT. 21 To remove major bottlenecks in Kuwait a long term comprehensive National Traffic and. Transport Strategy NITS was developed in 2009 under the umbrella of the Government and. I United Nations Development Programme UNDP in Kuwait The NITS has identified major. obstacles characteristics and role of each agency and included various elements such as. institutional reform human resources development environmental impacts interagency. I coordination engineering enforcement legislation education community awareness driver. licensing and emergency service, I 22 The NITS aims to improve planning and design of the sector reduce the severity. frequency and cost of road accidents to the community alleviate congestion optimize. movement of people and goods enhance public transport service assist in determining. causes developing suitable solutions and national policies and strengthen traffic law. I enforcement in Kuwait Figure 4 9, Figure 4 Key Components of the National Traffic and Transport Strategy 2009 2019 for. I National, 23 The strategy will benefrt the community and improve economic development through.
implementation of i efficient components integrated with policy and institutional reforms better. infrastructure and urban development and ii a monitorable action plan to ensure quality and. facilitate national implementation, 8 National Road and Transport Sector Strategy 2009 2019 for Kuwait Kuwait Government and UNDP Programme. Author Jraiw K 2009, I 24 The NTTS will complement the programs of the Government in strategically focused areas. help GDT in its leadership role and enhance the capacity of road and transport agencies. I Cross disciplinary skills development tools to enhance implementation operation and. management together with international expertise and best practice exposure are crucial to the. success of the Strategy and the selected components of this Project are converted to practical. I projects to address these issues, 25 The Government is keen to implement the NTTS during 2009 through 2019 According to. the Ministers Council s resolution number 532 on 6 7 2009 technical and legal teams have. been established to monitor implementation of the Strategy and facilitate establishment of the. General Road and Transport Authority GRTA to manage all activities of the transport sector in. Kuwait which are currently under responsibilities of the Ministry of Public Works Ministry of. I Communications Kuwait Municipality Ministry of Interior and other organisations. 26 The UNDP financing for the NTIS and this Project represents a significant step forward as. I it is the first time that the UNDP has been involved in traffic and transport sector in Kuwait as. part of the Country Programme Action Plan CPAP 2009 2013. I III UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME IN KUWAIT. 27 The State of Kuwait and the UNDP have a rich history of partnership and cooperation that. dates back to 1968 The latest manifestation of this partnership is the adaptation of a CPAP. I aimed at implementing the Country Programme Document CPO for the period of 2009 2013. 28 The UNDP technical assistance programme for 2009 to 2013 is fully consistent with the. Government Action Plan and the CPO and aligned with the national agenda The CPO. identified four main priority outcomes covering,Governance and Development Planning. Gender and Social Development,Economic and Private sector Development.
4 Environment, I While the proposed programme will support substantially all four core outcomes it will be. concentrated on those areas that because of its comparative advantages experience and. I capacities UNDP can contribute significant value to the development process in Kuwait. 29 The CPAP has been signed on April 2009 and its first phase begins with the preparation of. I Project Documents to be used as roadmaps for each individual programme implementation. 30 The Government of Kuwait has requested continued support in implementing the NTTS. 2009 2019 for Kuwait and the UNDP included the Project under the Social Development Area. I 2 above for the period of 2009 2013, IV RELEVANT MINISTRY OF INTERIOR PLAN FOR 2009 2013. A NTTS 2009 2019 Implementation, 31 The official MOl Action Plan which is part of the Government Plan for the period of 2009. 2013 has included the following relevant project regarding the implementation of the NTTS.

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