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National Research,Foundation Strategy,NRF Strategy 2020 1. NRF Strategy 2020 will enable the organisation to intensify and. strengthen African and global networks to position South Africa in. the international arena in order to drive the knowledge economy. The NRF is strategically positioned to ensure the deployment. of additional resources that may accrue from the government s. intended investment target of GERD increasing to 1 5 of GDP. A new strategy for a globally relevant organisation. In identifying a five year strategy that, complements the NRF Act and supports Through NRF Strategy 2020 the organisation will. the execution of the NRF mandate Continue to stimulate transformation across the sector. the organisation took stock of past through the use of targeted funding instruments. Continue to support excellence with relevance i e the. performance and the realisation of its, organisation will support knowledge generation that. previous strategy NRF Vision 2015, continues to have a positive impact on the quality of life of. the people of the Republic,In the new NRF Strategy 2020 the.
Leverage off the NRF brand to accelerate engagement. organisation places renewed emphasis between countries on the African continent and globally. on the agency function of the NRF and by funding human capacity development and knowledge. its role as a policy implementer within generation for the benefit of Africa and the world. the National System of Innovation NSI Ensure that the organisation continues to practice. Playing a critical integration role across the highest standards of corporate governance fiscal. the National Science System the NRF management and compliance whilst ensuring business. as an agency of government has the efficacy,ability to catalyse societally beneficial. research and development in support of The core intent will remain an unwavering commitment to. the transformation of the research landscape and a focus on. knowledge generation human capacity,excellence thereby ensuring global relevance. development and innovation,NRF Strategy, NRF Strategy 2020 is built on the organisation s changes that will culminate in the achievement of the. values and in recognition of the NRF s unwavering strategic outcomes at the end of the five year cycle. commitment to transformation excellence service, culture and sustainability The strategic objectives and their related implementation. plans were selected to support the achievement of, The NRF strategic outcomes have been created to the strategic outcomes The organisation approaches.
embody the legislative mandate of the organisation the implementation of NRF Strategy 2020 as an. which ultimately contributes to the priorities set out in evolutionary process and will continue to develop. the Medium Term Strategic Framework MTSF which customised instruments to address new challenges. is National Government s strategic plan for 2014 to In doing so the NRF will engage within and beyond. 2019 in line with the National Development Plan 2030 government funded programmes and include the private. Ultimately an efficiently executed strategy needs to sector in its endeavours to address the planned initiatives. remains flexible in order to accommodate systemic as set out below. Systemic level National Plan for Higher, interventions Education Strategy for Human Capacity. The national plan for higher education Development for Research. provides an implementation framework for Innovation and Scholarships. realising the objectives of the white paper The strategy identifies a set of inter. on transforming the higher education connected objectives that aim to. system to meet the social and economic significantly increase national capacity in. development needs of the country research and innovation. DST Science,Human Resource,Engagement Framework,Development Strategy. This framework provides an overarching,strategic context to advance science. National Strategy for The HRDS recognises the need to. engagement in South Africa It is intended, Multiwavelength Astronomy implement a systemic strategy for human. to encourage and improve the coordination, The strategy aims to leverage off the resource development in order to address.
of science promotion communication and, strong international collaborative network the disparities in wealth and poverty through. engagement activities across the DST public, to strengthen astronomy on the African the institutionalisation of HRD planning. entities universities other government,continent and implementation as well as the. departments and science councils,effective monitoring of progress. museums and partners outside the,against national targets.
public sector,South African Research National Research and. Infrastructure Roadmap SARIR Development Strategy NRDS. SARIR is a proactive instrument that supports The NRDS articulates the need for a. strategic planning and evaluation of the need competitive research funding system to be. for large scale research infrastructure in the NSI built on international best practice as well as the. Through the roadmap the investment in research benefits of and need for knowledge generation and. infrastructure will now be supported by high innovation The strategy identifies HCD as essential. level planning and evaluation that will ensure to transform the system through the upliftment of. alignment to national priorities optimise return designated groups and advocates the pursuit. on investment and ensure sustainability of excellence in global terms The NRF. subscribes to and implements all,aspects of the strategy. NRF Strategy 2020 3, In the NRF Strategy 2020 the organisation places renewed emphasis on its agency function. and its role in influencing and implementing policy within the National System of Innovation NSI The NRF plays an. integration role across the science and technology system and has the ability to catalyse focused societally beneficial. research and development in support of knowledge generation human capacity development and innovation. 1 MANDATE To promote and support research through funding human resource development. and the provision of the necessary facilities in order to facilitate the creation of. knowledge innovation and development in all fields of science and technology. including indigenous knowledge and thereby strengthen the relationship between. science and society to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all the. people of the Republic, The NRF Strategy is underpinned by an enabling and complementary system of values. The NRF Vision is achieved through the organisation s unwavering commitment to. these four tenets which form the basis for the strategy implementation plan as. guiding principles,Respect Ethics Integrity, Excellence Service Culture Transformation Sustainability.
Passion for World class,excellence People Accountability. service centred,Catalysing knowledge production,for societal benefit. To contribute to the knowledge economy in South Africa by attaining at least. 1 of the global research and development R D output by 2020. 4 NRF Strategy 2020,PROPOSITION,research and,strategies and. Facilitates,collaboration and,Performs research through. platform provisioning and,the national research,science in society facilities.
Our value proposition is premised on the fact that we have a dual role in the NSI. As an agency of government the NRF provides a role as a policy implementer and funder and. As a research performer the NRF provides cutting edge research platforms staffed by world class researchers. 6 Strategy, 2020 The suite of five strategic outcomes is a five year expression of the NRF. Vision In implementing its strategy the NRF has aligned its strategic outcomes. to eight strategic objectives The strategic objectives will be executed by. the NRF business units through clearly articulated implementation plans that. will ensure delivery,STRATEGIC OUTCOMES STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES. Promote globally competitive research and innovation. 1 An internationally competitive transformed Enhance strategic international engagements. A vibrant and globally connected national system of innovation. and representative research system,Provide best practice systems in support of. grant making reviews and evaluations,2 Leading edge research and. infrastructure platforms Establish and maintain research infrastructure and platforms. Grow NRF influence impact and reputation,3 A reputable and influential agency shaping.
the science and technology system,Optimise return on investment. 4 Scientifically literate and,engaged society Entrench science engagement. 5 A skilled committed and representative, NRF research and technical workforce Improve talent management. The NRF has taken an integrated approach to strategy implementation by setting clear objectives for each of the five diverse yet interconnected. programmes The implementation has been supported by structural and systemic realignment and renewal. The NRF recognises that the strategic outcomes reflect a mix of organisational and system level outcomes It is imperative that the organisation as. an agency and policy implementer attempts to orchestrate system level shifts that are measurable. NRF Strategy 2020 5,Programme 1 Corporate, The NRF Corporate Programme is a cross cutting support function. Finance and Human Corporate, that is responsible for the provision of enabling systems activities Business Resources and Relations.
and structures The programme has three sub programmes Systems Legal Services. STRATEGIC OUTCOME,STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5,A reputable and influential agency shaping the. Grow NRF influence impact and reputation,science and technology system. The NRF is mandated to fulfil a dual role within the NSI Primarily Strategy indicator. the organisation fulfils an agency role by interpreting influencing. and implementing national strategy and policy and by supporting Number of. and promoting research through its grant making and science internal and. engagement activities In line with this the NRF aims to support external users of. strategy development through the provision of system intelligence the NRF business. to the DST and other strategic stakeholders via its mature and intelligence. integrated business intelligence channels, The organisation will continue to build the NRF brand by Projected. contributing to systemic benefits and impacts through the. support of research and capacity development evidence 2016. based policy making and the delivery of high level market 2020 50. attractive entrepreneurial expertise As a research performer the. organisation will continue to provide domain specific cutting. edge national research facilities charged with creating globally 2017. competitive research competence for South Africa and Africa 65. Through the organisation s reputation for excellence further. opportunities exist to build partnerships in the public and private 80 2018. sectors locally and globally 70, As a public entity the NRF has a responsibility to the. citizens of the country to manage the business in a. compliant efficient and transparent manner The,NRF recognises that its governance environment.
is a strategic asset and will continue to focus on. strengthening the system of governance across, the organisation while imparting the values of good. governance to staff and stakeholders,6 NRF Strategy 2020. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 6 Optimise return on investment. Strategy indicators, Unqualified audit Total overheads Corporate overheads. report Calculated as a percentage Calculated as a percentage. of total expenditure of total expenditure, Actual 2012 2014 Actual 2012 2014 Actual 2012 2014. yes 8 8 average 1 9 average,yes Actual 2015 7 9 Actual 2015 2 Actual 2015.
clean audit award,Projected Projected Projected,2020 2016 2020 2016 2020 2016. yes yes 10 10 3 3,2019 2017 2019 2017 2019 2017,yes yes 10 10 3 3. 2018 2018 2018, 5 STRATEGIC OUTCOME A skilled committed and representative NRF research and technical workforce. Over the five years the NRF will provide opportunities for a transformed staff complement to continue to develop and. improve their skills levels In line with MTSF priorities 4 and 5 the NRF ensures it attracts retains develops and trains. the right number equity and quality of staff The organisation moreover takes cognisance of the unique complexities of. the business and provides customised training and development solutions that complement business needs in order. to ensure that the business is appropriately capacitated. Strategy indicator STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 8 Improve NRF talent management. Proportion of South Africans from designated groups in senior technical. and managerial positions including SKA Peromnes 1 8. 294 300 306,300 Female 291,250 223 230, Actual Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected. 2012 2014 Actual 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,NRF Strategy 2020 7.
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 8 Improve NRF talent management continued. Number of staff with Investment in staff training, Percentage postgraduate qualifications and professional membership. staff turnover Masters and PhD fees Rm, Actual 2012 2014 Actual 2012 2014 Actual 2012 2014. 9 7 average 360 average 8 6 average,8 9 Actual 2015 292 Actual 2015 13 2 Actual 2015. Projected Projected Projected,2020 2016 2020 2016 2020. 6 6 310 290 9 3 12 1,2019 2017 2019 2017 2019,6 6 305 295 8 8 2017.
2018 2018 2018,8 NRF Strategy 2020,Programme 2 Science Engagement. Programme 2 has an externally focused mandate that transcends the NRF stakeholder community The new Strategic. Framework for Science Engagement positions the NRF to extend the reach nationally which will allow science engagement. to play a pivotal role in the national landscape, 4 STRATEGIC OUTCOME Scientifically literate and engaged society. Over the next five years the NRF will work towards the sustainable. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 7, implementation and resourcing of the new Science Engagement. Entrench science engagement, Framework At the core of the framework are four strategic aims. each with several proposed or existing interventions or initiatives. The strategic aims have been defined as follows, To popularise science engineering technology and innovation.
as attractive relevant and accessible in order to enhance. scientific literacy and awaken interest in relevant careers. through science education support science literacy for the. public and career support, To develop a critical public that actively engages and participates. in the national discourse of science and technology to the. benefit of society This will be achieved through citizen centred. dialogues public engagement in research and the use of the. media as a form of dialogue between science and society. To promote science communication that will enhance science. engagement in South Africa through science communications. media and science communication as a professional field. To profile South African science and science achievements. domestically and internationally demonstrating their. contribution to national development and global science. thereby enhancing the public standing of South African. It is important that the successes of the South African science. and innovation system be effectively communicated and profiled. to demonstrate how the country s science system has advanced. and contributed to national development It is envisaged that the. South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement. SAASTA will give effect to a national coordinating role with respect. to the DST Science Engagement Framework,NRF Strategy 2020 9. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 7 Entrench science engagement, Interactions with the public learners educators and general public focusing on science awareness activities SAASTA. Strategy indicator,Approximate number of public reached. 526 797 Actual 2013 2014 average,972 547 Actual 2015.
1 080 000 1 080 000 1 090 000,Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020, Figures may be reviewed as additional resources become available. Interactions focusing on educator development and learner performance in Mathematics Technology and Science. Educators reached,9 592 Actual 2013 16 395,2014 average Actual 2015. 15 210 15 800,15 500 16 000,Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,Learners reached,306 888 Actual 2013 280 494.
2014 average Actual 2015,360 320 375 000,Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,10 NRF Strategy 2020,Programme 3 Research and Innovation Support and. Advancement RISA, As the grant making programme within the NRF RISA translates the science and technology strategies and policies of. government into initiatives that support research researchers and the provision of world class research infrastructure The. key function of RISA is to ensure that the country has appropriate qualified human resources and the necessary high level. infrastructure to produce knowledge that is globally competitive and can transform the socio economic landscape of. South Africa Ultimately RISA contributes to the creation of a vibrant NSI that is sustainable and globally relevant. STRATEGIC OUTCOME Leading edge,2 research and infrastructure platforms. Access to cutting edge research platforms is a critical. component of globally competitive research outputs In order to. provide researchers with access to cutting edge infrastructure. within the economic constraints of the country the NRF. will continue to broker local and international agreements. to leverage off existing and new high end infrastructure In. addition the NRF will ensure inter institutional collaboration. Over the next five years the NRF will pay specific attention to. the life cycle planning and maintenance of existing and new. research platforms, The NRF will contribute to relevant aspects of the infrastructure.
roadmap in support of the DST objectives, STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4 Establish and maintain research infrastructure and platforms. Strategy indicators, Number of publications emanating from the use Number of users of equipment funded by. of equipment funded by the NEP and NNEP the NEP and NNEP programme. 1 667 2016,1 049 2020,2 000 Actual 2013 2014 2020 1 800. Actual 2012 2014 2 900 average 2 300,1 700 2017,1 700 2019. 2 800 Actual 2015,Actual 2015 2018,Projected 2 600 2 100.
NRF Strategy 2020 11,STRATEGIC OUTCOME,1 An internationally competitive transformed. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1 Promote globally,competitive research and innovation. and representative research system, In promoting globally competitive research and innovation the NRF adopts the Human Capacity Development Excellence. Pipeline The success of the pipeline is entrenched in the targeted investment strategies for researchers from undergraduate. to established levels in the system by providing support and stimulating competitiveness while pursuing excellence throughout. research careers The pipeline considers the systemic need for supervisory capacity which is the determining factor in the. productivity of a system The pipeline includes support of established researchers as well as strategic investments such as. the South African Research Chairs Initiative SARChI where the objective is to attract and retain leading supervisory capacity. The pipeline further addresses the need for innovative infrastructure to support globally competitive research outputs Through. strategic investment in among others SARChI and the Centres of Excellence CoEs the NRF is able to support multidisciplinary. research that contributes to the exploration of innovative solutions to nationally and globally relevant issues The various. instruments encompassed in the Human Capacity Development Excellence Pipeline ensure that the NRF through the national. research facilities and specifically RISA meets its mandate. Next generation researchers Emerging researchers Established researchers Strategic investments. Free Competitive Incentive Competitive,Thuthuka Targeted. standing Thuthuka Thuthuka funding for funding funding Blue skies. Postdoc Post PhD strategic SARChI CoE, scholarships PhD track rating track unrated for rated for rated research.
track investments,Grantholder researchers researchers researchers. Discipline based,Strategic focus, Investment in human capital development Investment in human capital development. HCD pipeline HCD pipeline,Next generation Rm Emerging Rm. 353 Actual 2012 2014 average 90 Actual 2012 2014 average. 624 Actual 2015 167 Actual 2015,715 608 Projected 2020. 2019 637 2019 203,12 NRF Strategy 2020,Investment in human capital development.
HCD pipeline,Established Rm,151 Actual 2012 2014 average. 205 Actual 2015, 236 Over the next five years to 2020 strategic investments will. grow by an additional R3 6 bn SARChI will receive R2 2 bn. and CoEs R794 mil,Strategy indicators,Number of black and female researchers supported. 3000 Black,Female 2 450 2 550,2500 2 438,2 209 2 193. 1 997 1 960,1500 1 514 1 543, Actual Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected.
2012 2014 Actual 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020,Number of black Projected. postgraduate students supported 10 350 11 360,5 407 Actual 2012. 2014 average, 7 057 Actual 2015 Projected Projected Projected Projected Projected.

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