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chem TE ch09 fm Page 261 Thursday April 14 2005 2 47 PM. Naming Binary Ionic Compounds A binary compound is composed Word Origins Binary Ionic Compounds. of two elements and can be either ionic or molecular If you know the for Binary comes from the Latin. mula for a binary ionic compound you can write its name First you must. verify that the compound is composed of a monatomic metallic cation and. word bini meaning two by,two or twofold Binary,Word Origins L2. a monatomic nonmetallic anion The compound Cs2O is composed of the compounds consist of two A binary star is a system of two stars. metal cesium and the nonmetal oxygen Both cesium and oxygen are Group elements Predict what a that revolve around each other. A elements so each ion has only one charge To name any binary ionic binary star might be and. compound place the cation name rst followed by the anion name The then check your prediction. name of Cs2O then is cesium oxide The name of NaBr is sodium bromide in the dictionary Relate L1. and the name of SrF2 is strontium uoride But suppose you want to name. the binary ionic compound CuO Following the rule above you would name Ask Do you or someone you know. this compound copper oxide However the name copper oxide is incom have a nickname Does the nick. plete Recall that copper commonly forms two cations Cu and Cu2 The name tell something about the per. names of these ions are copper I ion and copper II ion respectively How son Students will have a variety of. can you tell which of these cations forms the compound CuO Working. responses Guide students to recog, backward will help The formula indicates that the copper cation and the. oxide anion combine in a 1 1 ratio You know that the oxide anion always has. nize that nicknames are somewhat like, a 2 charge Therefore the charge of the copper cation must be 2 in order the common names used to describe. to balance the 2 charge The compound CuO must be copper II oxide compounds Use sodium carbonate. The formula for copper I oxide is Cu2O Na2CO3 as an example Its common. Table 9 2 lists the symbols and names of the common metal ions that form name is soda or soda ash Ask Which. more than one ion Recall that the charges of monatomic anions can be deter. mined from the periodic table those of polyatomic anions are shown in Table. tells you more about the compound, 9 3 Using these sources you can write the names of SnF2 and SnS2 Tin Sn soda or sodium carbonate sodium. forms cations with 2 and 4 charges Fluorine is a Group 7A element so the carbonate. charge of the fluoride ion is 1 In SnF2 the ratio of cation to anion is 1 2 There. fore the charge of the tin cation must be 2 to balance the combined 2 charge Figure 9 8 Tin II fluoride and. of two fluoride ions The name of SnF2 is tin II fluoride or stannous fluoride tin IV sulfide have different CLASS Activity. However the name of SnS2 is not tin II sulfide Sulfur is a Group 6A element so compositions and uses. its charge is 2 The charge of the tin cation must be 4 to balance the com a Tin II fluoride is added to. toothpastes to prevent cavities,Naming Ionic Binary.
bined charges of two sulfur anions Thus the name of SnS2 is tin IV sulfide or. b Tin IV sulfide is used in Compounds L2, stannic sulfide Figure 9 8 shows examples of uses of stannous fluoride and stan. glazes for porcelain fixtures and Purpose Students practice naming. nic sulfide,dishes Inferring What are the,charges on the tin ions in the. binary compounds, Checkpoint What are the charges of the two ions of copper. two compounds Materials chalkboard chalk,Procedure Divide the class into. a b teams Have each team write the,names of ionic compounds on a sheet.
of paper as you write formulas on the,board Use chlorides bromides phos. phides and oxides of the elements of,Groups 1A 2A and aluminum in 3A. Mix in sulfides oxides chlorides and,bromides of lead tin iron cobalt cop. per and zinc Have the teams compare,their lists of names When a discrep. ancy occurs have them discuss it and,come to agreement on the correct.
name Save the lists of names for the, Section 9 2 Naming and Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds 261 activity on page 263. Differentiated Instruction,Less Proficient Readers L1. Cut index cards to obtain pieces that are one each card write the formula for an ion hav. third and two thirds of a card Keep some ing the appropriate charge Have students. cards whole On some whole cards mark match single positive and negative signs. three large positive signs on others mark Have them match double positive signs with. three large negative signs Mark some of the double negative signs and with two single Answers to. one third pieces with single positive signs positive signs Continue with all possible. Figure 9 8 2 and 4, others with single negative signs Mark the combinations Then have students turn the. two thirds pieces with two positive signs or cards over to see the formulas of the ionic. Checkpoint 1 and 2, two negative signs On the opposite side of compounds they produced. Chemical Names and Formulas 261, chem TE ch09 fm Page 262 Monday April 17 2006 11 43 AM.
Section 9 2 continued Figure 9 9 In the process for. making steel iron is extracted,from hematite an ore. containing iron III oxide,TEACHER Demo Applying Concepts What is. the formula for iron III oxide,Making and Naming an Ionic. Compound L2,Purpose Students see a reaction in,which an ionic compound is formed. and then name the compound and,write its formula,Materials 1 g powdered zinc 4 g.
iodine I2 watch glass eyedropper Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds If you know the. name of a binary ionic compound you can write its formula Write the. 8 mL water, symbol of the cation and then the anion Add whatever subscripts are needed. Safety Wear goggles and perform the to balance the charges The positive charge of the cation must balance the. For Links on Ionic, demo in a fume hood Place the zinc Compounds negative charge of the anion so that the net ionic charge of the formula is. iodide in a plastic or cardboard con Visit www SciLinks org zero The ionic compound potassium chloride is composed of potassium. Web Code cdn 1092 cations K and chloride anions Cl so potassium chloride is a binary. tainer and dispose of it in an approved, ionic compound The charge of each K cation is balanced by the charge of. landfill site each Cl anion so in potassium chloride the potassium and chloride ions. Procedure Wear safety goggles and combine in a 1 1 ratio Thus the formula for potassium chloride is KCl The. use a fume hood Mix 1 g of powdered net ionic charge of the formula unit is zero. zinc Zn and 4 g of iodine I2 on a The binary ionic compound calcium bromide is composed of calcium. cations Ca2 and bromide anions Br The two ions do not have equal. watch glass With an eyedropper care numerical charges Thus each calcium ion with its 2 charge must com. fully add 8 mL of water one drop at a bine with or be balanced by two bromide ions each with a 1 charge. time After the reaction is complete That means that the ions must combine in a 1 2 ratio so the formula for. show students the zinc iodide that was calcium bromide is CaBr2 The net ionic charge of the formula unit is zero. formed Write the formula unit for zinc Figure 9 9 shows one step in the process of making steel from iron ore. Hematite a common ore of iron contains iron III oxide What is the for. iodide ZnI2 along with its name on, mula for this compound Recall that a Roman numeral in the name of an. the chalkboard Ask What happened ion shows the charge of the metal ion Thus iron III oxide contains Fe3. to elemental Zn and I2 during the cations combined with oxide anions O2 How can you balance a 3. reaction Zinc and iodine reacted to charge and a 2 charge You must find the least common multiple of the. form an ionic compound composed of charges which is 6 Iron s three charges taken two times equals six 3 2. 6 Oxygen s two charges taken three times also equals six Thus two. Zn2 and I ions Use the criss cross, Fe3 cations a 6 charge will balance three O2 anions a 6 charge The.
method to show how the formula unit balanced formula then is Fe2O3. for zinc iodide was derived Why is Another approach to writing a balanced formula for a compound is to. ZnI2 named zinc iodide and not use the crisscross method In this method the numerical value of the. zinc II iodide Zinc forms only one charge of each ion is crossed over and becomes the subscript for the other. ion ion Notice that the signs of the charges are dropped. Expected Outcome The masses of Zn Fe, and I2 are the stoichiometic amounts Simulation 9 Simulate. combining ions and deriving Fe2O3, The reactants should be used up and the chemical formulas for 2 3 3 2 0. white crystalline ZnI2 formed several ionic compounds The formula is correct because the overall charge of the formula is zero. with ChemASAP and the subscripts are in the lowest whole number ratio. 262 Chapter 9,Facts and Figures,Download a worksheet on Ionic. Compounds to complete and find Lattice Energy in Ionic Bonding. additional teacher support from Ionic compounds tend to be stable energy in electron transfer can take place Some energy. NSTA SciLinks the form of heat or electricity is needed to electron affinity is released when the non. decompose them Thus energy must be metal gains one or more electrons but this is. released when ionic bonds form But the not enough to make the entire process exo. released energy is not primarily from the trans thermic It is lattice energy that makes the dif. fer of electrons Forming a cation is an endo ference Lattice energy is the energy released. thermic process In addition both the metal when gaseous cations and anions settle into. and the nonmetal must be vaporized the orderly crystal structure characteristic of a. another endothermic process before solid ionic compound. 262 Chapter 9, chem TE ch09 IPL fm Page 263 Sunday August 8 2004 12 53 PM. If you use the crisscross method to write the formula for some com. pounds such as calcium sulfide Ca2 and S2 you will obtain the result CLASS Activity. Ca2S2 The 2 2 ratio of calcium and sulfide ions is not the lowest whole. number ratio The formula for calcium sulfide is CaS Formulas for Binary Ionic. Compounds L2, Ca2S2 reduces to CaS Purpose Students become more pro.
1 2 1 2 0 ficient in writing formulas, Of course if the magnitudes of the charges of the cation and anion are Materials The lists of names of ionic. the same as they are in this case the ions combine in a 1 1 ratio and the. compounds generated in the activity,charges are balanced. Checkpoint Explain why the formula CaS is correct Procedure Have teams of students. write the formulas for the names on,the lists When the formulas on two or. more lists do not agree have the teams,CONCEPTUAL PROBLEM 9 2. resolve the discrepancy by using the, Writing Formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds criss cross method to write the formula.
Write formulas for these binary ionic compounds on the board. a copper II sul de shown in the photo,b potassium nitride. CONCEPTUAL PROBLEM 9 2, Analyze Identify the relevant concepts Balance the formula using appropriate. Binary ionic compounds are composed of a mon subscripts Answers. atomic cation and a monatomic anion The ionic a 10 a BaS b Li2O c Ca3N2 d CuI2. charges in an ionic compound must balance add Cu S. 11 a NaI b SnCl2 c K2S d CaI2,up to zero and the ions must be in the lowest CuS. whole number ratio The symbol for the cation b Practice Problems Plus L2. appears rst in the formula for the compound K N,Write formulas for these compounds. Solve Apply concepts to this situation a lithium fluoride LiF. The ions are in the lowest whole number, Write the symbol and charge for each ion in each ratio and the net ionic charge is zero.
b aluminum chloride AlCl3, compound 1 2 1 2 0 and 3 1 1 3 0 c sodium nitride Na3N. a Cu2 and S2 b K and N3 d ferric oxide Fe2O3,Practice Problems. 10 Write formulas for compounds formed from,these pairs of ions. a Ba2 S2 b Li O2,c Ca2 N3 d Cu2 I,Problem Solving 9 11 Solve. 11 Write formulas for these compounds Problem 11 with the help of an. a sodium iodide b stannous chloride interactive guided tutorial. c potassium sul de d calcium iodide with ChemASAP, Section 9 2 Naming and Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds 263.
Answers to,Figure 9 9 Fe2O3,Checkpoint The charges are. balanced and the subscripts are in,the lowest whole number ratio. Chemical Names and Formulas 263, chem TE ch09 IPL fm Page 264 Friday August 6 2004 9 48 AM. Section 9 2 continued Compounds with Polyatomic Ions. The pearl and the oyster shell shown in Figure 9 10 are both made of cal. Compounds with cium carbonate CaCO3 Calcium carbonate is obviously not a binary com. pound because it contains more than two elements Remember that an ate. Polyatomic Ions or ite ending on the name of a compound indicates that the compound. contains a polyatomic anion that includes oxygen This compound. contains one monatomic ion Ca2 and one polyatomic ion CO32. TEACHER Demo Figure 9 10 also shows a typical automobile battery called a lead storage. battery The energy producing reaction inside the battery uses the ionic. Making and Naming Lead compound lead II sulfate PbSO4 which consists of the monatomic ion. L2 Pb2 and the polyatomic ion SO42 The fertilizer mixture also shown in the. illustration could have been produced from such compounds as potassium. Purpose Students watch the form hydrogen phosphate K2HPO4 potassium sulfate K2SO4 or sodium. ation of an ionic precipitate and postu nitrate NaNO3 Each contains a polyatomic anion How would you write. late possible formulas the formula for an ionic compound with a polyatomic ion You would do. what you did for binary ionic compounds Write the symbol for the. Materials 50 mL 0 1M lead II nitrate cation followed by the formula for the polyatomic ion and balance the. 50 mL 0 1M sodium carbonate 100 mL charges For example calcium nitrate is composed of a calcium cation. beaker Ca2 and a polyatomic nitrate anion NO3 In calcium nitrate two. Procedure Wear goggles and gloves nitrate anions each with a 1 charge are needed to balance the 2 charge. of each calcium cation,Slowly mix the two solutions Make. sure students see the precipitate of Ca NO3 1,lead carbonate that forms Write on the Ca NO3 2.
board the symbols or formulas for the 1 2 2 1 0, four ions that are in the two solutions The charge is balanced and the ions are in the lowest whole number. Pb2 NO3 Na CO32 Tell students Figure 9 10 Some examples of. ratio so the formula is correct Parentheses are used around the nitrate ion. in the formula because more than one nitrate anion is needed The sub. that the two solutions contained these ionic compounds containing. polyatomic ions are shown script 2 that follows the parentheses shows that the compound contains. four ions and that the precipitate is an a Oysters produce calcium two nitrate anions Use parentheses to set off the polyatomic ion in a for. ionic compound formed by the combi carbonate to form their shells mula only when the compound contains more than one polyatomic ion. nation of two of them Ask students to and sometimes pearls The formula for strontium sulfate SrSO4 has no parentheses because one. b Lead II sulfate is an important polyatomic sulfate anion balances the charge of the strontium cation. list all possible formula units for the component of an automobile. solid and to name each possibility battery c Compounds such as Checkpoint When are parentheses used in a formula containing a. Identify the solid as lead II carbonate ammonium sulfate or polyatomic ion. ammonium phosphate are,PbCO3 common fertilizers,Safety Wear goggles and gloves. because lead II nitrate is toxic For dis,posal combine the reaction mixture. with 10 g of solid NaCl in a beaker Stir,and allow to settle Filter or decant to. isolate the precipitate Place the dry,precipitate in a plastic or cardboard.
container and dispose of it in an,approved landfill Flush the filtrate. down the drain with excess water,Use Visuals L1,Figure 9 10 Tell students that the 264 Chapter 9. compounds mentioned in this caption,are only a small fraction of the com. pounds with polyatomic ions that they, may encounter daily Ask What are Differentiated Instruction. the formulas for calcium carbonate,Gifted and Talented L3.
lead II sulfate ammonium sulfate, and ammonium phosphate CaCO3 Have interested students research the possi sium which are normally present in substan. PbSO4 NH4 2SO4 NH4 3PO4 ble mechanisms for the alleviation of symp tial concentrations in the body do not have. toms of bipolar disorder by lithium ions the same effects as lithium ions even though. Challenge students to explain why other they have the same charge. Group 1A ions such as sodium and potas,264 Chapter 9. chem TE ch09 IPL fm Page 265 Sunday August 8 2004 12 56 PM. Chem Chap09 fm Page 265 Friday May 21 2004 6 53 AM. CLASS Activity, Lithium carbonate is a compound composed of lithium cations Li Naming and Writing Formulas L2. and polyatomic carbonate anions CO32 Purpose Students gain experience in. 2 naming and writing formulas for com,pounds with polyatomic ions. In lithium carbonate two lithium cations each with a 1 charge are Procedure iD vide the class into. needed to balance the 2 charge of one carbonate anion Parentheses are groups of two to four students Have. not needed to set off the polyatomic carbonate anion Lithium carbonate one student in each group randomly. can be prescribed for patients who have mood disorders such as manic chose ions from Tables 9 2 and 9 3 The. depressive or bipolar disorder A person with bipolar disorder experiences. distressing mood swings from elation to depression and back again. other member or members of the, The exact mechanism is not known but lithium ions may exert a mood group must write the formula and.
stabilizing effect on neurotransmission Neurotransmission is the process name the compound Rotate the posi. by which messages are sent and received between nerve cells including tion of ion chooser through the. those in the brain group lA l students in the group should. agree on the names and formulas,CONCEPTUAL PROBLEM 9 3 Relate L1. Milk of magnesia shown in the Con, Writing Formulas for Compounds with ceptual rP oblem photo is a suspension. Polyatomic Ions,of magnesium hydroxide Mg OH 2 in,What are the formulas for these ionic compounds. a magnesium hydroxide shown in the photo as,water and is useful as an antacid and. milk of magnesia laxative In the stomach the hydroxide. b potassium sulfate ion reacts with excess acid that causes. the discomfort of indigestion In larger, Analyze Identify the relevant concepts Two hydroxide anions with 1 charges.
are needed to balance the 2 charge on one,amounts magnesium hydroxide also. Write the formula for each ion in the order, listed in the name Use subscripts to balance magnesium cation The formula for magne acts as a muscle relaxant and relieves. the charges If more than one polyatomic ion is sium hydroxide must make use of paren constipation. needed to balance a formula place the poly theses,atomic ion formula in parentheses followed b. 2 CONCEPTUAL PROBLEM 9 3,by a subscript showing the number needed. Solve Apply concepts to this situation Answers,Two potassium cations with 1 charges.
a 2 1 are needed to balance the 2 charge on one 12 a NH4 2SO3 b Ca3 PO 4 2. sulfate anion The formula for potassium 13 a LiHSO4 b Cr NO2 3. Mg OH 2 sulfate is K2SO4,Practice Problems Plus L2. Practice Problems Write formulas of compounds,12 Write formulas for compounds formed from these. formed from these pairs of ions,pairs of ions a Pb2 NO3 Pb NO3 2. a NH4 SO32 b iron III ion and sulfate ion, b calcium ion phosphate ion Problem Solving 9 12 Solve Fe2 SO4 3. 13 Write formulas for these compounds Problem 12 with the help of c Cr3 OH Cr OH 3. a lithium hydrogen sulfate an interactive guided tutorial. d sodium ion and hydrogen phos,b chromium III nitrite with ChemASAP.
phate ion Na2HPO4,Facts and Figures,Lithium Carbonate as Medication. When John Cade a doctor in the Victoria bonate The results were so astonishingly. Department of Mental Health in Victoria positive for this patient and for many others. A stralia injected guinea pigs with a lithium who followed that within 10 years the treat. salt of uric acid in 1949 he found that the ment had spread throughout u E rope and Answers to. usually hyperactive animals became calm into the n. U ited States aP tients who had, and lethargic for a period of time fA ter fur been confined to mental institutions for vir Checkpoint aP rentheses are. ther experimentation Cade injected a tually their entire lives were able to return to used in a formula when the formula. severely disturbed patient with lithium car normal living contains more than one unit of the. same polyatomic ion,Chemical Names and Formulas 265. chem TE ch09 fm Page 266 Wednesday April 26 2006 11 33 AM. Section 9 2 continued Naming Compounds with Polyatomic Ions You have learned to. write formulas for compounds containing polyatomic ions when you were. given their names Now if you were given the formulas for these com. 3 ASSESS pounds could you name them When naming compounds containing. polyatomic ions follow these guidelines First recognize that the com. Evaluate Understanding L2 pound contains a polyatomic ion If the ion is unfamiliar nd its name in. Write the following cations on one side Table 9 3 How would you name the compound LiCN You could easily. think that this compound is composed of individual atoms of lithium car. of the board NH4 Mg2 Pb4 Write bon and nitrogen But you know that lithium is a Group 1A element and. the following anions on the other side that this group forms 1 ions In addition carbon is a Group 4A element. of the board Br S2 PO43 Ask stu that does not form a monatomic ion From this you might suspect that the. dents to write formula units for all the carbon and nitrogen atoms are part of a polyatomic ion with a 1 charge. possible ionic compounds that these Table 9 3 con rms your conclusion and tells you that the ion s name is cya. nide ion To name a compound containing a polyatomic ion state. ions could form and name them Ask, the cation rst and then the anion just as you did in naming binary ionic. them to explain how they arrived at compounds The name of LiCN is lithium cyanide. their answers The compound NaClO is used as a bleach and a disinfectant for swim. ming pools as shown in Figure 9 11 The metallic cation in this compound. Reteach L1 Figure 9 11 Sodium is sodium Na a Group IA element that forms 1 cations The poly. hypochlorite NaClO is often, Point out that three things must be atomic ion must be ClO This ion is called hypochlorite ion so the name.
added to the water in swimming, considered when naming an ionic pools to prevent bacteria from for NaClO is sodium hypochlorite. exceeding safe levels Some ionic compounds containing polyatomic ions do not include a. compound 1 the identity of the ions metal cation Instead the cation may be the polyatomic ammonium ion. 2 the order of the names and 3 the NH4 What is the name of NH4 2C2O4 The ammonium cation has a. possibility that an element may form charge of 1 The anion must have a charge of 2 to balance the combined. cations with more than one charge 2 charge of two ammonium ions Table 9 3 shows that the name of the. 1 For binary compounds ions can be anion C2O42 is oxalate ion so NH4 2C2O4 is named ammonium oxalate. identified from their symbols The suf,fix ide is used when naming the non. 9 2 Section Assessment,metal ion For compounds with. polyatomic ions the polyatomic ion 14 Key Concept Describe how to determine the 19 Identify any incorrect formulas Explain your. can be obtained from Table 9 3 names of binary ionic compounds answer. 2 The name of the cation always pre 15 Key Concept Describe how to write the for a Mg2 SO4 3 b Rb3As. cedes the name of the anion 3 For mulas for binary ionic compounds c BeCl3 d NaF. elements that form more than one cat 16 Key Concept How do you write the formulas. ion the correct charge is shown by a and the names of compounds with polyatomic. Roman numeral in parentheses ions, 17 Write the formula for these binary compounds Report Investigate the role of lithium carbonate in. directly after the cation name Ask stu the successful treatment of bipolar disorder Write a. a beryllium chloride, dents to use the three step naming brief report that includes information on bipolar.
b cesium sul de, procedure to name FeN and Mg NO3 2 disorder and why lithium carbonate is used to treat it. c sodium iodide, iron III nitride and magnesium nitrate d strontium oxide. 18 Write the formula for these compounds contain,ing polyatomic ions. a chromium III nitrite, b sodium perchlorate Assessment 9 2 Test yourself on. Answers should mention that lith the concepts in Section 9 2. c magnesium hydrogen carbonate,ium carbonate is used because it is.
d calcium acetate with ChemASAP,effective in regulating the patient s. mental state,266 Chapter 9,If your class subscribes to the. Section 9 2 Assessment, Interactive Textbook use it to 14 Write the name of the cation followed by ion and balance the charges Name the. review key concepts in Section 9 2 the name of the anion cation first followed by the anion. 15 Write the symbol of the cation followed 17 a BeCl2 b Cs2S c Nal d SrO. with ChemASAP by the symbol of the anion then use sub 18 a Cr NO2 3 b NaClO4. scripts to balance the charges c Mg HCO3 2 d Ca C2H3O2 2. 16 Write the symbol for the metal ion fol 19 a incorrect charges are not balanced. lowed by the formula of the polyatomic MgSO4 c incorrect charges are not bal. anced BeCl2,266 Chapter 9, chem TE ch09 fm Page 267 Monday April 17 2006 12 08 PM. Small Scale,Small Scale,Names and Formulas for Ionic Compounds.
Purpose Names and Formulas for Ionic, To observe the formation of compounds and to write. Compounds L2,their names and formulas,Materials Objective After completing this activ. pencil ity students will be able to,paper recognize and describe precipitates. ruler write the names and formulas for the,reaction surface precipitates. chemicals shown in Figure A,Prep Time I hour,Solution Preparation.
On separate sheets of paper draw two grids similar to. Figure A Make each square 2 cm on each side Draw black 0 05M AgNO3 2 1 g in 250 mL. Xs on one of the grids Use the other grid as a data table to. You re The Chemist 0 2M Pb NO3 2 16 6 g in 250 mL, record your observations Place a reaction surface over the. The following small scale activities allow you to develop. grid with black Xs and add the chemicals as shown in. your own procedures and analyze the results 0 5M CaCl2 13 9 g in 250 mL. 1 Analyze It Repeat the experiment using the chemi 1 0M Na2CO3 26 5 g in 250 mL. Analyze cals in Figure B Identify the precipitates write their. formulas and name them,0 1M Na3PO4 9 5 g Na3PO4 12H2O in. Using your experimental data record the answers to the. following questions below your data table 2 Explain It In ionic equations the precipitate is written. 1 Describe each precipitate solid product that forms to the right of an arrow and the ions that produced 0 5M NaOH 20 0 g in 1 0 L. Use terms such as milky grainy cloudy or gelatinous it are written to the left Write ionic equations for the. Which mixture s did not form a precipitate precipitates formed from the reactions related to 0 2M Na2SO4 7 1 in 250 mL. 2 Write the formulas and names of the chemical com Figure B For example 0 2M CuSO4 12 5 g CuSO4 5H2O in. pounds produced in the mixings 2Ag CO32 Ag2CO3 250 mL. AgNO3 Pb NO3 2 CaCl2 FeCl3 MgSO4 CuSO4 0 2M MgSO4 6 0 g in 250 mL. Ag Pb2 Ca2 Fe3 Mg2 Cu2,0 1M FeCl3 6 8 g FeCl3 6H2O in 25. a e i a e i,Na2CO3 Na2CO3,mL of 1 0M NaCl for sta,CO32 CO32 bility dilute to 250 mL. b f j b f j Class Time 30 minutes,Na3PO4 Na3PO4,Expected Outcome In Figure A a f g.
h and j milky white b and k cloudy,c g k c g k white e cloudy tan i and l grainy. white c muddy brown d no visible,reaction In Figure B a b and c orange. d h l d h l e f and g white i j and k blue d h,Na2SO4 Na2SO4. and l no visible reaction,Analyze and Conclude, Figure A Figure B 1 AgNO3 and Na2SO4 did not form a. precipitate, Small Scale Lab 267 2 a Ag2CO3 silver carbonate b Ag3PO4.
silver phosphate c AgOH silver,hydroxide Note The product is. actually Ag2O silver oxide,e PbCO3 lead II carbonate. You re The Chemist c Fe3 3OH Fe OH 3 s f Pb3 PO4 2 lead II phosphate. 1 a Fe2 CO3 3 iron III carbonate e Mg2 CO32 MgCO3 s g Pb OH 2 lead II hydroxide. b FePO4 iron III phosphate f 3Mg2 2PO43 Mg3 PO4 2 s h PbSO4 lead II sulfate. c Fe OH 3 iron III hydroxide g Mg2 2OH Mg OH 2 s i CaCO3 calcium carbonate. e MgCO3 magnesium carbonate i Cu2 CO32 CuCO3 s j Ca3 PO4 2 calcium phosphate. f Mg3 PO4 2 magnesium phosphate j 3Cu2 2PO43 Cu3 PO4 2 s k Ca OH 2 calcium hydroxide. g Mg OH 2 magnesium hydroxide k Cu2 2OH Cu OH 2 s l CaSO4 calcium sulfate. i CuCO3 copper II carbonate For Enrichment L3,j Cu3 PO4 2 copper II phosphate. Have students design an experiment to make,k Cu OH 2 copper II hydroxide. 2 a 2Fe3 3CO32 Fe2 CO3 3 s a measureable amount of a precipitate sepa. b Fe3 PO43 FePO4 s rate it dry it and determine its mass.

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