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Dr Mark Gold s Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation by. president Obama s Drug Czar 2016,Granted Patents Sold. Clonidine as an Opiate Like Drug Method of eliminating opiate withdrawal symptoms with clonidine in humans 4 312 878. January 26 1982 See Gold Redmond Kleber Lancet 1 8070 929 930 1978 Patent Gold Redmond Kleber Aghajanian sold to. Boerhinger, Dopamine Depletion Hypothesis of Cocaine and Amphetamine Addiction Brompocriptine Dopamine Augmentation method of. eliminating cocaine withdrawal 731 102 and 791 188 20 1941 2 1986 US 7 611 858 BI April 20 2007 Gold and Dackis Clin Ther. 7 1 6 21 1984Dackis and Gold Lancet 1 8438 1151 1152 1985 Sold to Novartis. Granted Patents Licensed, Detection of Cannabinoid Receptor Biomarkers and Uses Thereof Patent Method and Apparatus for Detecting Environmental. Smoke Exposure 7 052 468 May 30 2006 Baclofen Naltrexone Combination Therapy for Suppressing Binge Eating of Palatable. Food UF 13854 Filed November 2011,Filed Licensed Patents. Marker Detection Method and Apparatus to Monitor Drug Compliance 60 164 250 Filed November 8 2000. Method and Apparatus for Detecting Illicit Substances 60 292 964 filed May 23 2001. Novel Methods and Apparatus for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Using Exhaled Breath 10 788 501 Filed February 26 2004. Methods and Systems for Preventing Diversion of Prescription Drugs 11 578 332 Filed September 20 2004. System and Method for Monitoring Health Using Exhaled Breath 11 301 911 Filed December 13 2005. System and Method for Monitoring Health Using Exhaled Breath Propofol Claims 11 512 856 Filed August 29 2006. A Novel System for Monitoring Environmental Contamination from Controlled Substances UF11458. Diagnosis and Treatment of Neurological Inflammation WO 2008 008819. System and method for monitoring health using exhaled breath 20070167 853 Filed July 19 2007. System and Method for Real Time Diagnosis Treatment and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 20070258894 filed November 7 2007. Medication Adherence Monitoring System 12 064 673 filed February 25 2008. Methods and Systems for Preventing Diversion of Prescription Drugs 20080059226 filed March 6 2008. Varenicline Appetite and Weight Reduction UF 12961 Filed August 6 2008. Nicotine Agonist in Varenicline in the Treatment of Attention Disorders UF 12964 Filed August 7 2008. Closed Loop Medication Delivery System Employing Photoplethysmography to Improve Safety UF 13420 Filed December 10 2009. Rat Screening Protocol to Predict Novel Treatments for Obesity UF 14007 April 2012. Canadian Patent No 2 678 969 Medication Adherence Monitoring System TH Reference 292401 2231 UF Ref 12393 XHALE. Ref 10457 132CA Nov 13 2012, Intelligent Drug and or Fluid Delivery System to Optimizing Medical Treatment of Therapy Using Pharmacodynamic and or.
Pharmacokinetic Data UF 13535 January 30 2013, Central Site Photoplethysmography Medication Administration And Safety UF 13843 Xhale Ref XH 191PCT Filed February 15. 2013 REF 290106 103, Devices and methods for the Collection and Detection of Substances CIP UF 13294 Issued Patent No 8 388 907 Gold et at. Issued March 5 2013 3, Devices and Methods for the Collection and Detection of Substances Gold et al UF 12604 Serial No 12 208 896 filed September. 11 2008 US Patent No 8 414 846 April 9 2013, Devices and Methods for the Collection and Detection of Substances Gold et al UF 14626 Ref UF 600XC2D1 Serial No. 12 763 924 Filed February 2013,Most Cited MSG Articles and Citation Classics.
High Citation Recognition, Citation Classics Hypothyroidism and depression evidence from complete. 1 New concepts in cocaine addiction the thyroid function evaluation. dopamine depletion hypothesis MS Gold et al Jama 1981 jama jamanetwork com. CA Dackis MS Gold Neuroscience Comorbid cigarette and alcohol addiction epidemiology. Biobehavioral Reviews 1985 Elsevier and treatment, 2 Opiate withdrawal using clonidine a safe effective and NS Miller MS Gold Journal of addictive diseases 1998. rapid nonopiate treatment,Taylor Francis,MS Gold AC Pottash DR Sweeney HD Kleber Jama 1980. jama jamanetwork com Cocaine abuse Neurochemistry phenomenology and. 3 Problematic internet use proposed classification and. diagnostic criteria MS Gold AM Washton CA Dackis Cocaine use in. ST Szabo M Lazoritz MS Gold Depression and America 1985 books google com. 2003 Wiley Online Library, Methamphetamine causes microglial activation in the. 4 Noradrenergic hyperactivity in opiate withdrawal brains of human abusers. supported by clonidine reversal of opiate withdrawal. H Matsuzaki T Ueki N Mori MS Gold The Journal of, MS Gold DE Redmond HD Kleber The American journal of 2008 Soc Neuroscience.
1979 psycnet apa org, 5 Neurobiology of food addiction Body mass index and alcohol use. DM Blumenthal MS Gold Current Opinion in Clinical KD Kleiner MS Gold K Frostpineda Journal of addictive. Nutrition 2010 journals lww com 2004 Taylor Francis. 6 Opiate addiction and the locus coeruleus the clinical Setting the standard for recovery Physicians Health. utility of clonidine naltrexone methadone and,buprenorphine Programs. MS Gold Psychiatric Clinics of North America 1993 AT McLellan WL White LJ Merlo MS Gold Journal of. psycnet apa org Substance 2009 Elsevier, Dackis CA Gold MS Sweeney DR The physiology of cocaine craving and. crashing Arch Gen Psychiatry 1987 Mar 44 3 298 300. Gold MS Washton AM Dackis CA Cocaine abuse neurochemistry. phenomenology and treatment NIDA Res Monogr 1985 61 130 50. Citation Classic Dackis CA Gold MS, New concepts in cocaine addiction the dopamine depletion hypothesisNeurosci. Biobehav Rev 1985 Fall 9 3 469 77, Euphoric properties of cocaine lead to the development of chronic abuse and.
appear to involve the acute activation of central DA neuronal systems This is. based upon known effects of cocaine on DA neurons and the role played by DA. in reward states and self stimulation behavior With chronic cocaine use. neurotransmitter and neuroendocrine alterations occur DA depletion is. hypothesized to result from overstimulation of these neurons and excessive. synaptic metabolism of the neurotransmitter DA depletion may underlie. dysphoric aspects of cocaine abstinence and cocaine urges Neurochemical. disruptions caused by cocaine are consistent with the concept of physical. rather than psychological addiction Possible pharmacological interventions in. cocaine addiction are outlined and the psychological approach to these patients. is discussed,1985 Dopamine Depletion Theory,2016 Nida Cocaine Model Is Our. 1985 Model The Model For High,What Drugs do Have in Common. They Affect Dopamine Signaling in Brain,Dopamine cognition reward movement. motivation inhibits prolactin sleep mood,attention working memory learning. Dopamine implicated in Parkinson s disease,substance abuse schizophrenia ADHD.
narcolepsy,Dopamine transporter regulates dopamine. by sequestering it terminating its signal,METH causes increased release of. dopamine in the brains of rats,Nora Volkow MD,iSAM Montreal Canada 2016. Hedonic Overeating Dopamine,Obesity and BED,Dopamine D2 Receptors in Addiction. DA D2 Receptor Availability,My Other Favorites,Evidence Base Has Been Established But CASA.
REPORT Where Is The Funding For US MD,Education Residency And Fellowships. 10 Year Work on Panel,Too little Medical and Provider. Absence of Fellowship slots to train,interested MDs. Too few MDs trained and Board,Too few Addiction Treatment. Too many children adolescents,college age young adults adults and.
even geriatric addicts,Training of MDs needed and only. 1 10th the number of ASAM ABAM,MDs as needed 13,What are Outcomes for MDs or. Health Safety Workers,Setting the standard for,Physicians Health Programs. DuPont RL McLellan AT White WL Merlo LJ Gold MS Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2009 36 159 171. 904 physicians admitted to 16,state PHPs studied for 5 years. Elements of success,Abstinence based,Frequent random tests.
for 5 years,Close linkages to 12 step,residential outpatient. programs rated excellent,Regular and random urine,tests and consequences. Prescription Opioid Abuse and Dependence Among,Physicians Hypotheses and Treatment. Merlo LJ and Gold MS Harvard Review of Psychiatry 2008 16 3 181 194. Rates of prescription opioid abuse,high and suicide more prevalent. among physicians than general public,Prevention education begin before.
high school repeat during college,and continue improve in medical. Best treatment available consists of,Medical psychosocial support group. interventions,Extensive post treatment monitoring and.

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