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About MRCP UK, The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians The Specialty Certificate Examinations SCEs. of the United Kingdom sets internationally are developed in close collaboration with the. acknowledged standards in medicine building various specialist societies Physicians in training. on a proud tradition of professional excellence must pass the appropriate SCE in order to. established over centuries by British physicians gain admission to the GMC Specialist Register. Achievement of the SCE certifies physicians as, The Federation is a partnership between having sufficient knowledge of their specialty to. practise safely and competently as consultants, The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh The SCEs are a relatively new requirement. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons for specialist physicians in the UK and they. of Glasgow are gaining recognition internationally The. examination provides an international benchmark, The Royal College of Physicians of London for postgraduate medical education. Working together the Colleges develop and,deliver membership and specialty examinations.
that are recognised around the world as quality, benchmarks MRCP UK works closely with the exam teams. in the three Colleges and is accountable to the, The Federation is responsible for a portfolio of Federation Staff handle applications coordinate. examinations logistics and communicate results to candidates. The team also works with the examining boards, The Membership of the Royal College of to develop the content of the tests and set the. Physicians UK Diploma tests the skills standards required to pass the exams MRCP UK. knowledge and behaviour of doctors in training monitors performance in the examinations and. The MRCP UK Diploma has been approved by the generates statistical analyses which are crucial to. General Medical Council GMC as the knowledge maintaining academic quality. based assessment for core medical training and,the successful completion of the entire three. part examination is a requirement for physicians, wishing to undergo training in a medically related.
specialty in the UK Internationally the MRCP UK, Diploma is also an integral part of medical training. in Hong Kong and Singapore and a valued MRCP UK, professional distinction in many other countries 11 St Andrews Place. Regent s Park,London NW1 4LE,www mrcpuk org, MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Introduction 4,Preventing academic,misconduct 5,Investing in the best. technology 6,Specialty Certificate,Examinations 8,Meeting the rising demand.
for PACES 10,Best measure 12,Reliable results 14, MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Introduction, This year has been busy and productive so there is. much to report here in our third annual review In,my first year as Medical Director at MRCP UK I am. finding it a privilege to work with the team that,produces our world class examinations. In 2010 these high standards were maintained while we. also responded to urgent developments in UK medical. training and regulation Many of these issues will carry A zero tolerance policy on cheating in our written. over into 2011 and we are well equipped not only to papers was launched reminding candidates to act in. react but to lead in shaping the debate accordance with good medical practice which includes. a strict code of ethics and honesty, Under the rules for the latest UK curriculum completion.
of the MRCP UK examination is now a requirement for Our successful international programme remains a. applicants seeking their first higher specialist training priority and our new International Associate Medical. ST3 posts This development affects individuals who Director Dr Lawrence McAlpine leads this work We. entered core medical training CMT in or after August are reviewing capacity at our international centres. 2009 and this cohort is expected to take up ST3 posts for the MRCP UK examination especially PACES and. in August 2011 This is placing significant pressure on promoting continued uptake of the SCEs. candidates deaneries and MRCP UK A shortfall in Three additional SCEs were launched in 2010 acute. recruitment could also have consequences for hospital medicine medical oncology and rheumatology We. staffing levels and patient care Therefore we are taking are also broadening eligibility to allow many more. early and proactive steps We are experienced trainees to take the SCEs. alerting candidates and trainees making sure the, These achievements lead to major changes in the work. timetable is crystal clear, of the staff at MRCP UK We are streamlining procedures. exploring earlier release of results and retakes for the emphasising efficiency and investing in a new state of. clinical component of the examination PACES the art question bank. giving UK trainees priority at UK centres In the year ahead we will continue to build on our. recruiting more examiners and hospitals to position of excellence for example by supporting. host PACES new research to ensure our examinations remain. evidence based To this end MRCP UK and University, There has also been a different source of anxiety for College London are jointly funding a research project. some UK physicians who have already completed all which will be investigating the part played by the. or part of the MRCP UK There is controversy about MRCP UK Diploma in the development of good. whether examinations completed outwith an approved doctors Our aim as always is to provide examinations. training programme could count towards a Certificate that are up to date fit for purpose and the first choice. of Completion of Training CCT We are actively for aspiring physicians wishing to demonstrate their. working to resolve these uncertainties and we will knowledge and clinical skills. continue to liaise with the GMC and others to reach a. satisfactory conclusion for all UK trainees In the midst Professor Jane Dacre. of all this change some principles remain constant Medical Director MRCP UK. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Preventing academic misconduct,Zero tolerance policy. The MRCP UK examinations are an objective,measure proving that a physician has acquired.
a defined standard of knowledge Cheating,devalues that standard compromising the. integrity of the examinations and patient,safety Therefore ensuring honest conduct in all. aspects of the examinations is one of our,primary responsibilities. attempts If they then appeared in a second incident. This duty must be balanced with an equal obligation of an anomalous pair this was seen as corroboration. to treat candidates fairly and protect their privacy From the third quarter of 2010 diet 2010 3 this has. False accusations against an innocent doctor have the changed we now notify both candidates immediately. potential to cause great professional and personal harm by letter when they appear as part of an anomalous pair. Candidates are reassured that there is no assumption of. Now that the MRCP UK examinations are mandatory, guilt towards either individual and to safeguard them. for entry into UK higher specialist training fairness and. against any possibility of being implicated in any future. steps to eliminate cheating are even more important. examination MRCP UK will make arrangements for, Allegations of cheating are promptly and thoroughly.
both candidates to sit the next written examination they. investigated and all confirmed cases of misconduct are. may enter in isolation with only an invigilator present. reported to the General Medical Council GMC, The arrangements are completely confidential and are. This year we have adopted additional measures to designed to protect innocent candidates as well as to. remove opportunities for cheating and to further preserve the overall integrity of the examinations. improve detection when in rare cases it does occur. One example is our new policy on anomalous pairs Invigilation. There is no substitute for good supervision on the day. Anomalous pairs and we have increased the number of invigilators on. It is statistically improbable for two candidates to duty for each examination There is now a ratio of 1. give identical answers on a lengthy multiple choice invigilator to every 25 candidates at all times during. examination When this does occur the result is the examination In addition each invigilator is now. referred to as an anomalous pair Software to detect assigned specific candidates in a defined zone within. these patterns was introduced in 2007 The Acinonyx the examination hall. system developed by Professor Chris McManus,is run after every MRCP UK written examination. Our procedure for dealing with anomalous pairs has. Candidates responsibilities, changed to become more transparent and proactive As part of the documentation they receive candidates. following recommendations from the Academic Quality are reminded of the importance of academic integrity It. Management and Research Committee AQMRC and is also made clear that they are responsible for guarding. consultation with trainees and lay members In the their own papers from the eyes of others to reduce. past when anomalous pairs were detected and there any opportunity for copying answers A candidate is. was no corroborating evidence the candidates were responsible for reporting anything that makes them. not alerted but were monitored more closely at future suspect cheating has occurred. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Investing in the best technology,Managing our question bank. The successful launch of the Specialty Certificate. Examinations SCEs has been a notable,accomplishment see page 8 Over the space.
of two years we have introduced 11 new,examinations and another is on the way in 2011. An enhanced database,With the MRCP UK Part 1 and Part 2 written papers. and the SCEs we are now administering a bank of has the potential to. well over 20 000 questions These questions must,be kept up to date mapped to the curriculum and. built into examination papers through an extensive. Store questions for all of our,process of peer review. examinations which include written, Now the challenge is to manage this rapid growth papers and computer based.
efficiently while maintaining the very highest academic tests CBT. standards Over the past year our medical and, administrative staff have been reviewing coding Classify and reference images. and updating questions to ensure they are fit for,purpose and of the right standard We have also. been streamlining and standardising the question Manage associated information for. writing editing and paper production processes each question such as when it was. last used and where it maps to the, To support this work we will require increasingly curriculum. powerful technology Therefore we have been, considering competitive tenders to update our existing. software system which has been in use for 10 years Manage the content production. This update will allow faster and more sophisticated and quality of our multiple choice. data entry retrieval and analysis Investing in the examination papers. latest technology to manage our question bank will. have many benefits in terms of efficiency quality and Organise information for staff as they. security see illustration select edit and analyse questions in. Using the best technology will help us keep standards the bank. high thus continuing to satisfy all of our stakeholders. the General Medical Council which regulates,postgraduate medical assessment the hundreds.
of physicians who contribute to our examinations,educators and NHS employers and above all the. candidates who invest significant time and money,to attain respected professional credentials. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Efficiency, Makes best use of question writer and reviewer time. Speeds up administrative tasks,Offers automated templates for editing. Manages production of both pen and paper and computer based examinations. Allows multiple users to access the bank simultaneously. Facilitates faster construction of new examination papers. Tracks progress of each question through the review process. Reduces administrative errors,Aids editorial consistency.
Flags up topic gaps,Meets regulator requirements,Automates review deadlines for each question. Provides full audit trail authors source date, Preserves the high value of MRCP UK and SCE qualifications. Eliminates need to email material to reviewers, Locks completed questions to prevent further changes. Regulates individual access rights, Restricts display of sensitive information to authorised users. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Specialty Certificate Examinations,Coming of age, This year included several milestones for the volunteer their time to write and peer review questions.
Specialty Certificate Examinations SCEs which at the level of knowledge required of a newly appointed. specialist An examining board made up of experienced. are maturing past the launch phase and becoming, clinicians from the specialty selects questions and sets. an established part of the academic calendar an examination that relates to the curriculum During. The SCEs are demanding assessments for physicians this process questions are reviewed to ensure they are. nearing the end of specialist training which test still up to date. knowledge at an advanced level They consist of The SCE standard setting groups are responsible for. 200 best of five multiple choice questions and are evaluating the level of difficulty of each question in. administered via a computerised system at test centres an examination paper in order to set a pass mark The. around the world composition includes recently appointed specialists. All but one of the 12 SCEs have now been rolled out to ensure that the examination content represents an. An additional examination in palliative medicine is appropriate level of knowledge. scheduled for 2011 This is a tremendous achievement. and a testament to the hard work of all the physicians Feedback for candidates. and staff members who have been developing the, examinations over the past few years They have been This year in line with the MRCP UK Part 1 and Part 2. led by Dr John Mucklow Associate Medical Director for Written Examinations detailed candidate feedback was. the Written Examinations introduced to indicate areas of strength and weakness. Candidates sitting the SCE in dermatology in October. Since their introduction almost 1 500 candidates have 2010 were the first to receive performance feedback. sat the SCEs worldwide Uptake is encouraging in the. UK and internationally Demand for places will continue Under this system every candidate will now receive a. to increase as more candidates are required to pass report with a breakdown of their performance for each. the examination in order to gain a CCT Certificate of curriculum topic tested This will be rolled out for all SCEs. Completion of Training a prerequisite for entry to the UK in 2011. Specialist Register In 2009 very few candidates sitting. the SCEs were obliged to pass in order to acquire a CCT International reach. However in specialties offering the SCE the examination. is now mandatory for candidates who are following The International Associate Medical Director Dr. curricula that started in 2007 2009 for acute medicine Lawrence McAlpine has been raising the profile of. or later and are seeking a CCT the SCEs outside the UK by highlighting the exams as. a valuable next step in a physician s career, Setting the standard Most recently to encourage uptake of the SCEs around. The SCEs have been developed in collaboration the world the majority of the specialist societies. with the relevant specialist medical societies Aided have agreed to extend the eligibility criteria In these. by experienced question writers recruited from the specialties candidates will not be required to hold the. MRCP UK Specialty Question Groups Dr Mucklow MRCP UK Diploma or an equivalent This change will. recruited and trained new teams of writers from the allow many more experienced trainees the opportunity. membership of the specialist societies Physicians to sit the SCEs. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. I started my preparation as soon as I came to know. about the SCEs from the MRCP UK website Dr Mohan,says She hit the books reading extensively from. authoritative medical texts in her field Dr Mohan also. found continuing medical education CME programmes, useful for staying abreast with the latest developments.
Over and above I have noted that every patient that. Dr Dhanya Mohan I have seen in my clinical practice in nephrology has. enriched my learning experience she adds This helped. MD DNB MRCP UK me immensely when I finally appeared for the SCE as. many of the questions were clinical scenarios similar to. those we see in regular nephrology practice,Specialist Registrar Nephrology Unit. Although she had spent more than two years preparing. Dubai Hospital Dubai Health Authority,and had taken many examinations before Dr Mohan. Dubai United Arab Emirates, felt nervous on the day Her diligence paid off though. Examination passed Passing the examination in the first attempt has boosted. Specialty Certificate Examination my confidence as a nephrologist she says I consider it. in nephrology to be an important achievement, Examination centre Learning never stops with an exam Dr Mohan adds. Dubai United Arab Emirates and she is determined to continually acquire new. knowledge and stay updated, Dr Tillett was one of the first candidates to sit the SCE in.
his specialty and he was not sure exactly what to expect. As this was the first outing for the rheumatology SCE. the exam was a bit of an unknown quantity for us Dr. Tillett says, Dr William Tillett Ahead of time information filtered down through. his Registrars at Training RATS representative and. MBChB BSc hons Dr Tillett was reassured this would be a test of useful. MRCP UK clinical knowledge and not esoterica He decided to. focus his study time on key clinical guidelines and this. contributed to his successful pass, Research Registrar Royal National Because this was the first SCE we were given the. Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases Bath reassurance of a free retake if we failed which took the. United Kingdom pressure off the exam day itself he says It was a real. relief to find clinically relevant well structured questions. Examination passed, Specialty Certificate Examination Dr Tillett advises other potential candidates If future. in rheumatology exams are structured in the same way you should be. reassured the rheumatology SCE is a very sensible,Examination centre. eminently passable clinical exam for a trainee in the. Bristol United Kingdom,latter stages of their training.
MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Meeting the rising demand for PACES,Recruiting clinical examiners. If medicine is indeed an art as well as a science performance of junior doctors is also necessary Finally. there will never be a substitute for assessing a an examiner should be able to articulate the service. physician s skill in caring for real human beings development value of this work to win the support of. his or her NHS Trust both to obtain leave to examine. with all their unpredictability and emotional as,and to use hospital premises to host PACES. well as physical needs, We are committed to fairness and respect in all aspects. The practical element of examinations has a history that of our work so examiners must show they are up to. stretches back hundreds of years and it continues today date with equality and diversity legislation and that they. underpinned by a modern approach based on evidence understand its importance in their role as assessors We. and fairness The MRCP UK Part 2 Clinical Examination welcome applications from qualified physicians from all. PACES also preserves that essential contact between backgrounds. student and mentor thanks to the involvement of, examiners Working in teams of two PACES examiners All senior physicians feel pressure on their time and this. assess each candidate s clinical skills as demonstrated may seem like an obstacle for some individuals who. during set scenarios with patients or surrogates are nevertheless interested in becoming an examiner. according to a standardised marking scheme However the commitment is more manageable than. many physicians might believe A minimum of two days. We need to recruit more examiners to meet rising given over to examining every year is enough to keep. demand for PACES Between 2008 and 2010 the this skill current. number of candidates for PACES in UK centres rose from. 2 950 to 4 254 an increase of 44,Support for examiners.
Becoming an examiner We provide substantial resources and ongoing support. for examiners see panel on page 11 Staff and clinical. Many physicians who are qualified to act as examiners leaders at each of the three Colleges co ordinate. might hesitate to come forward either because they do examiners locally and they offer an accessible point. not believe they have the necessary credentials or the of contact For examiners who need to update their. time These assumptions are often mistaken and as a equality and diversity training we have identified good. result patients and the profession do not benefit as fully online resources. as they might from the talents of potential examiners. Communicating this message is a priority for the year The Colleges reimburse reasonable travel and meal. ahead We are also actively seeking ways to remove expenses and accommodation Full details are available. barriers real or perceived so that more physicians feel from the three Colleges PACES teams. able to come forward to fill this important role, Of course examiners must possess a high level of clinical Opportunities and benefits. skill Knowledge of current best medical practice and Working as an examiner also contributes to a physician s. guidelines is essential continuing professional and career development. Leadership qualities and enthusiasm matter as much Examiners can claim up to 12 external credits a year. as clinical qualifications Examiners must enjoy helping By visiting different centres attending the training. to train younger doctors and working with colleagues workshops and spending time with colleagues. to further the profession and patient care A fair and examiners can build their professional networks and. consistent approach to making judgments about the share best practice. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. The chance to become an examiner is a privilege that. comes with election as a Fellow and many physicians are To become an examiner a physician must. proud to take advantage of this opportunity It is one of Be a Fellow of one of the Royal Colleges in the Federation. the best ways to support the role of the Colleges in their Have an active role in the supervision and training of. obligation to safeguard standards of care junior doctors. Be involved in clinical medicine in an in patient or out. patient setting,Some of the resources available include. Have fulfilled CPD requirements for the last 5 year cycle. Regular training events for PACES examiners, Have undergone Equality and Diversity training in the. An email newsletter and updates covering hot topics past 3 years. just before each examination cycle diet,Be subject to a formal appraisal process in their. A comprehensive handbook covering regulations and current post. procedures Be registered with a licence to practise with the General. Multi media materials on the MRCP UK website Medical Council UK only. Dr Fiona Clarke FRCP,Dr Andrew Smith FRCP,Consultant Rheumatologist.
James Cook University Hospital Consultant in Respiratory. Middlesbrough and Tutor on the Medicine Wishaw General. Masters in Clinical Education Hospital Wishaw,course Newcastle University. Like many examiners Dr Clarke took up the role with Dr Smith has been a PACES examiner for one year Work. encouragement from a colleague who knew about colleagues who were established PACES examiners. her interest in education Five years on she still finds the encouraged him to become a Fellow of the Royal. work rewarding College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and to. undertake PACES examiner training which he found to be. It s a team effort and she enjoys working with the excellent Colleagues and the College continue. other examiners registrars administrators patients and to provide all the support he wants. surrogates, It is very rewarding to be part of such a prestigious and. There is a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction in helping important exam which is an essential requirement for. medical trainees Dr Smith says He also enjoys networking. to enable the College in its important role in maintaining. with colleagues from different specialties and parts of. standards she says,the country, In addition Dr Clarke is motivated by the knowledge In addition it is excellent continuing professional. that she is helping to raise the profile of women in the development The PACES examination tests a wide. profession Despite the numbers of women in medicine range of knowledge and clinical skills and being an. and female students are now the majority in medical examiner helps keep you up to date. schools the majority of examiners are men I would, particularly encourage women to consider this role Remaining focused during the examination is essential. because it is such an important moment for the candidate. The work is especially suited to physicians who have Dr Smith believes When there are failings he provides. the ability to remain calm good organisational skills and detailed comments to help the candidate develop. attention to detail she adds Fitting the work into a busy and improve for a future attempt. schedule is not always easy but every year examining The time commitment to be a PACES examiner is not. takes only between two and four days of her time onerous Dr Smith says Examination dates are announced. Dr Clarke also dedicates about three days per year to well in advance so planning cover for clinical duties. hosting a PACES examination at her hospital is straightforward. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Best measure,Assessing the quality of examinations.
Much is at stake when a physician attempts our on to the next level are clustered nearer to the top of. examinations Many years of study experience the ability range This is what happens when an ever. more able pool of candidates passes each element of. and hard work are put to the test The outcome, the MRCP UK Diploma and then finally the Specialty. determines whether the candidate may progress Certificate Examinations SCEs Reliability is also a less. on a chosen career path The examinations also illuminating measure for an examination with a small. protect patient safety by ensuring that physicians number of candidates which is the case for the SCEs as. have the necessary knowledge and skills the range of candidate abilities is more dependent on. Therefore it is essential that our examinations are robust. and can be trusted to provide a consistent level of The standard error of measurement SEM is a less. complex calculation and it can be calculated without. quality Quantitative evaluations play an important role. knowing either the standard deviation of the scores. in monitoring and demonstrating the validity of high. obtained in a given examination see panel or their. stakes examinations This is an evolving field in which. reliability In many ways the SEM is equivalent to the. many of our academic partners clinical leaders and. conventional measure of accuracy that is reported with. internal research team are involved, measuring instruments such as rulers or thermometers. where results are reported as say 23 C 1 or 142 3 cm. Different yardsticks 0 2 cm The SEM is an indicator of how a single student. would perform on an examination were they to take it. This year saw the publication of an important study repeatedly. 1 comparing two statistical measures of quality for. postgraduate medical examinations The authors of this study tested the hypothesis that. reliability the traditional measure required by the SEM is a better measure of the quality of an assessment. regulator of UK medical examinations and because it is unaffected by the ability range or number. of candidates taking an examination,standard error of measurement SEM which the. investigators suggest could be more appropriate,Methods and findings. Reliability for medical postgraduate examinations is. most often expressed as Cronbach s alpha coefficient The research team approached the problem with a. see panel It is a measure of the internal consistency of study in three parts. an examination A value of between 0 8 and 0 9 is seen 1 Using a mathematical simulation of 10 000. as a marker of quality 2 candidates taking a postgraduate examination. to determine the interrelationships of standard, When this calculation is applied a larger number of deviation SEM and reliability.
questions increases the reliability of the examination as. does wide variation in the knowledge or ability displayed 2 Studying reliability and SEM in results from the. by the candidates MRCP UK Part 1 and Part 2 Written Examinations. from 2002 to 2008, This approach becomes problematic when evaluating 3 Studying reliability and SEM in results from eight. more advanced examinations because as a proportion SCEs introduced in 2008 and 2009. of candidates progresses at each stage those passing. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. As expected in the simulation reliability decreased when This is just one contribution in the constant effort. the successful candidates who had a narrower range of to produce examinations that are fair accurate and. ability went on to take the second test while the SEM valid Many questions remain and it is an active area of. did not research MRCP UK is committed to supporting further. work in this area and to leading the academic debate. In the analysis of the MRCP UK Part 1 and Part 2 Written. Examinations Part 2 had a lower reliability than the. Part 1 examination However it also had a smaller SEM. indicating a more accurate assessment,Definitions,The SCEs had small numbers of candidates and as a. result the reliability measures varied widely between Cronbach s alpha. different examinations However overall the SEMs were. Reflects the consistency of the questions within an. comparable with MRCP UK Part 2, examination paper and its ability to test the desired. The authors conclude that SEM is a better measure knowledge The value of will vary according to. of quality for postgraduate medical examinations the length of the examination and the ability range. especially when the range of candidate abilities is of the candidates. narrow or the number of candidates is small or when. candidates have to pass one part of the examination in Standard deviation. order to enter the next,Within a set of examination data the spread of. One outcome of this study is the decision to include marks in relation to the average An examination. SEM values as well as reliability coefficients when where the lowest and highest scores are far. reporting SCE results MRCP UK will routinely display apart would have a large standard deviation An. the two figures side by side so that over time people examination where most of the candidates had. will become more familiar with the SEM as a measure similar scores clustered around the average would. of accuracy and see how it compares to the reliability have a smaller standard deviation. coefficient To illustrate the point the article on the next. page sets out the results of all SCE diets to date. The authors of the study References, Dr Jane Tighe 1 Tighe J McManus IC Dewhurst NG Chis L Mucklow.
Former Chair MRCP UK Part 2 Written Examining Board J The standard error of measurement is a more. appropriate measure of quality for postgraduate, Professor I Chris McManus medical assessments than is reliability An analysis. Educational Advisor MRCP UK of MRCP UK written examinations 2002 2008 and. Specialty Certificate Examinations BMC Med Educ 2010. Dr Neil G Dewhurst 10 40 doi 10 1186 1472 6920 10 40. Former Medical Director MRCP UK, 2 General Medical Council Reliability issues in the. Liliana Chis assessment of small cohorts Supplementary guidance. Senior Statistical Officer MRCP UK Accessed November 2010 at http www gmc uk org. Reliability issues pdf 31299860 pdf,Dr John Mucklow. Associate Medical Director for Written Examinations 3 OECD OECD glossary of statistical terms Accessed. MRCP UK http stats oecd org glossary November 2010. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. Reliable results,Specialty Certificate Examinations. MRCP UK is committed to rigorous evaluation of the Specialty Certificate Examinations SCEs and transparent reporting. of this anaylsis Therefore key statistics for all of the SCEs to date are set out below Reliability is the traditional measure. of consistency and the figures are within the desired range of 0 8 to 0 9 The standard error of measurement SEM is. reported as an additional measure It is independent of the ability range of the candidates and is the preferred index of. consistency for small cohorts, Specialty Date of No of Pass mark Overall UK Reliability SEM.
and diet number exam candidates pass rate trainee,UK trainees pass rate. Gastroenterology 1 24 06 08 8 6 66 76 62 50 83 30 0 84 2 80. Geriatric medicine 1 04 03 09 15 12 59 41 100 100 0 48 2 52. Nephrology 1 18 03 09 33 16 66 88 57 60 81 30 0 86 2 99. Respiratory medicine 1 22 04 09 25 14 64 27 60 00 85 70 0 85 2 90. Neurology 1 20 05 09 25 16 56 46 80 00 87 50 0 89 2 86. Endocrinology 20 05 09 39 14 65 95 38 50 64 00 0 89 2 97. Diabetes 1, Dermatology 1 24 09 09 39 30 67 58 92 30 97 10 0 88 3 03. Infectious diseases 1 24 09 09 6 0 63 71 0 N A 0 94 2 92. Gastroenterology 2 11 11 09 105 78 64 91 61 00 61 50 0 81 2 89. Geriatric medicine 2 24 03 10 160 154 58 00 83 10 83 10 0 74 2 96. Nephrology 2 24 03 10 97 65 63 00 60 80 80 00 0 83 2 95. Respiratory medicine 2 05 05 10 147 125 56 78 68 00 74 40 0 81 3 03. Neurology 2 19 05 10 75 55 53 03 73 30 85 50 0 91 3 07. Endocrinology 30 06 10 174 98 60 00 69 50 86 70 0 89 2 98. Diabetes 2, Infectious diseases 2 15 09 10 23 17 67 50 82 60 94 10 0 96 2 53. Rheumatology 1 15 09 10 82 37 70 85 87 80 91 90 0 89 2 66. Gastroenterology 3 30 09 10 156 111 61 62 75 00 77 00 0 82 2 93. Dermatology 2 21 10 10 72 59 68 50 83 30 88 10 0 89 2 63. Acute medicine 1 24 11 10 137 112 61 73 74 50 80 40 0 78 2 93. Medical oncology 1 24 11 10 57 44 58 60 57 90 63 60 0 86 3 07. All diets from launch to November 2010,Acknowledgements. Copywriting Colleen Shannon,Design Greg Macoy,Illustration Simon Turner.

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