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6 Intimate Secretary,7 Provost and Judge,8 Intendant of the Building. 9 Elu of the Nine,10 Elu of the Fifteen,11 Elu of the Twelve. 12 Master Architect,13 Royal Arch of Solomon,14 Perfect Elu. 15 Knight of the East,16 Prince of Jerusalem,17 Knight of the East and West. 18 Knight Rose Croix,19 Pontiff,20 Master of the Symbolic Lodge.
21 Noachite or Prussian Knight,22 Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus. 23 Chief of the Tabernacle,24 Prince of the Tabernacle. 25 Knight of the Brazen Serpent,26 Prince of Mercy. 27 Knight Commander of the Temple,28 Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept Part 1. 28 Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept Part 2,28 Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept Part 3.
28 Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept Part 4,30 Knight Kadosh. 31 Inspector Inquistor,32 Master of the Royal Secret. MORALS and DOGMA by ALBERT PIKE, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry prepared for the. Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. Charleston 1871,SHORT BIOGRAPHY, Albert Pike born December 29 1809 was the oldest of six children. born to Benjamin and Sarah Andrews Pike Pike was raised in a. Christian home and attended an Episcopal church Pike passed the. entrance examination at Harvard College when he was 15 years old. but could not attend because he had no funds After traveling as far. west as Santa Fe Pike settled in Arkansas where he worked as. editor of a newspaper before being admitted to the bar In Arkansas. he met Mary Ann Hamilton and married her on November 28 1834. To this union were born 11 children, He was 41 years old when he applied for admission in the Western.
Star Lodge No 2 in Little Rock Ark in 1850 Active in the Grand. Lodge of Arkansas Pike took the 10 degrees of the York Rite from. 1850 to 1853 He received the 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite in. March 1853 from Albert Gallatin Mackey in Charleston S C The. Scottish Rite had been introduced in the United States in 1783. Charleston was the location of the first Supreme Council which. governed the Scottish Rite in the United States until a Northern Supreme Council was. established in New York City in 1813 The boundary between the Southern and Northern. Jurisdictions still recognized today was firmly established in 1828 Mackey invited Pike to join. the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction in 1858 in Charleston and he became the. Grand Commander of the Supreme Council the following year Pike held that office until his. death while supporting himself in various occupations such as editor of the Memphis Daily. Appeal from February 1867 to September 1868 as well as his law practice Pike later opened. a law office in Washington D C and argued a number of cases before the U S Supreme. Court However Pike was impoverished by the Civil War and remained so much of his life. often borrowing money for basic living expenses from the Supreme Council before the council. voted him an annuity in 1879 of 1 200 a year for the remainder of his life He died on April 2. 1892 in Washington D C, Realizing that a revision of the ritual was necessary if Scottish Rite Freemasonry were to. survive Mackey encouraged Pike to revise the ritual to produce a standard ritual for use in all. states in the Southern Jurisdiction Revision began in 1855 and after some changes the. Supreme Council endorsed Pike s revision in 1861 Minor changes were made in two degrees. in 1873 after the York Rite bodies in Missouri objected that the 29th and 30th degrees revealed. secrets of the York Rite, Pike is best known for his major work Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry published in 1871 Morals and Dogma should not be confused. with Pike s revision of the Scottish Rite ritual They are separate works Walter Lee Brown. writes that Pike intended it Morals and Dogma to be a supplement to that great connected. system of moral religious and philosophical instruction that he had developed in his revision. of the Scottish ritual, Morals and Dogma was traditionally given to the candidate upon his receipt of the 14th degree. of the Scottish Rite This practice was stopped in 1974 Morals and Dogma has not been given. to candidates since 1974 A Bridge to Light by Rex R Hutchens is provided to candidates. today Hutchens laments that Morals and Dogma is read by so few Masons A Bridge to Light. was written to be a bridge between the ceremonies of the degrees and their lectures in Morals. MORALS and DOGMA by ALBERT PIKE, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry prepared for the. Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. Charleston 1871,1 Apprentice,THE TWELVE INCH RULE AND THE COMMON GAVEL.
FORCE unregulated or ill regulated is not only wasted in the void like that of. gunpowder burned in the open air and steam unconfined by science but striking in the. dark and its blows meeting only the air they recoil and bruise itself It is destruction and. ruin It is the volcano the earthquake the cyclone not growth and progress It is. Polyphemus blinded striking at random and falling headlong among the sharp rocks by. the impetus of his own blows, The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized and also managed. as the blind Force of steam lifting the ponderous iron arms and turning the large wheels. is made to bore and rifle the cannon and to weave the most delicate lace It must be. regulated by Intellect Intellect is to the people and the people s Force what the slender. needle of the compass is to the ship its soul always counselling the huge mass of wood. and iron and always pointing to the north To attack the citadels built up on all sides. against the human race by superstitions despotisms and prejudices the Force must. have a brain and a law Then its deeds of daring produce permanent results and there is. real progress Then there are sublime conquests Thought is a force and philosophy. should be an energy finding its aim and its effects in the amelioration of mankind The. two great motors are Truth and Love When all these Forces are combined and guided. by the Intellect and regulated by the RULE of Right and Justice and of combined and. systematic movement and effort the great revolution prepared for by the ages will begin. to march The POWER of the Deity Himself is in equilibrium with His WISDOM Hence. the only results are HARMONY, It is because Force is ill regulated that revolutions prove failures Therefore it is that so. often insurrections coming from those high mountains that domineer over the moral. horizon Justice Wisdom Reason Right built of the purest snow of the ideal after a long. fall from rock to rock after having reflected the sky in their transparency and been. swollen by a hundred affluents in the majestic path of triumph suddenly lose themselves. in quagmires like a California river in the sands, The onward march of the human race requires that the heights around it should blaze. with noble and enduring lessons of courage Deeds of daring dazzle history and form. one class of the guiding lights of man They are the stars and coruscations from that. great sea of electricity the Force inherent in the people To strive to brave all risks to. perish to persevere to be true to one s self to grapple body to body with destiny to. surprise defeat by the little terror it inspires now to confront unrighteous power now to. defy intoxicated triumph these are the examples that the nations need and the light that. electrifies them, There are immense Forces in the great caverns of evil beneath society in the hideous. degradation squalor wretchedness and destitution vices and crimes that reek and. simmer in the darkness in that populace below the people of great cities There. disinterestedness vanishes every one howls searches gropes and gnaws for himself. Ideas are ignored and of progress there is no thought This populace has two mothers. both of them stepmothers Ignorance and Misery Want is their only guide for the. appetite alone they crave satisfaction Yet even these may be employed The lowly sand. we trample upon cast into the furnace melted purified by fire may become resplendent. crystal They have the brute force of the HAMMER but their blows help on the great. cause when struck within the lines traced by the RULE held by wisdom and discretion. Yet it is this very Force of the people this Titanic power of the giants that builds the. fortifications of tyrants and is embodied in their armies Hence the possibility of such. tyrannies as those of which it has been said that Rome smells worse under Vitellius. than under Sulla Under Claudius and under Domitian there is a deformity of baseness. corresponding to the ugliness of the tyranny The foulness of the slaves is a direct result. of the atrocious baseness of the despot A miasma exhales from these crouching. consciences that reflect the master the public authorities are unclean hearts are. collapsed consciences shrunken souls puny This is so under Caracalla it is so under. Commodus it is so under Heliogabalus while from the Roman senate under Caesar. there comes only the rank odour peculiar to the eagle s eyrie. It is the force of the people that sustains all these despotisms the basest as well as the. best That force acts through armies and these oftener enslave than liberate Despotism. there applies the RULE Force is the MACE of steel at the saddle bow of the knight or of. the bishop in armour Passive obedience by force supports thrones and oligarchies. Spanish kings and Venetian senates Might in an army wielded by tyranny is the. enormous sum total of utter weakness and so Humanity wages war against Humanity in. despite of Humanity So a people willingly submits to despotism and its workmen submit. to be despised and its soldiers to be whipped therefore it is that battles lost by a nation. are often progress attained Less glory is more liberty When the drum is silent reason. sometimes speaks, Tyrants use the force of the people to chain and subjugate that is enyoke the people.
Then they plough with them as men do with oxen yoked Thus the spirit of liberty and. innovation is reduced by bayonets and principles are struck dumb by cannonshot while. the monks mingle with the troopers and the Church militant and jubilant Catholic or. Puritan sings Te Deums for victories over rebellion. The military power not subordinate to the civil power again the HAMMER or MACE of. FORCE independent of the RULE is an armed tyranny born full grown as Athene. sprung from the brain of Zeus It spawns a dynasty and begins with Caesar to rot into. Vitellius and Commodus At the present day it inclines to begin where formerly dynasties. Constantly the people put forth immense strength only to end in immense weakness. The force of the people is exhausted in indefinitely prolonging things long since dead in. governing mankind by embalming old dead tyrannies of Faith restoring dilapidated. dogmas regilding faded worm eaten shrines whitening and rouging ancient and barren. superstitions saving society by multiplying parasites perpetuating superannuated. institutions enforcing the worship of symbols as the actual means of salvation and tying. the dead corpse of the Past mouth to mouth with the living Present Therefore it is that it. is one of the fatalities of Humanity to be condemned to eternal struggles with phantoms. with superstitions bigotries hypocrisies prejudices the formulas of error and the pleas. of tyranny Despotisms seen in the past become respectable as the mountain bristling. with volcanic rock rugged and horrid seen through the haze of distance is blue and. smooth and beautiful The sight of a single dungeon of tyranny is worth more to dispel. illusions and create a holy hatred of despotism and to direct FORCE aright than the. most eloquent volumes The French should have preserved the Bastile as a perpetual. lesson Italy should not destroy the dungeons of the Inquisition The Force of the people. maintained the Power that built its gloomy cells and placed the living in their granite. sepulchres, The FORCE of the people cannot by its unrestrained and fitful action maintain and. continue in action and existence a free Government once created That Force must be. limited restrained conveyed by distribution into different channels and by roundabout. courses to outlets whence it is to issue as the law action and decision of the State as. the wise old Egyptian kings conveyed in different canals by sub division the swelling. waters of the Nile and compelled them to fertilize and not devastate the land There. must be the jus et norma the law and Rule or Gauge of constitution and law within. which the public force must act Make a breach in either and the great steam hammer. with its swift and ponderous blows crushes all the machinery to atoms and at last. wrenching itself away lies inert and dead amid the ruin it has wrought. The FORCE of the people or the popular will in action and exerted symbolized by the. GAVEL regulated and guided by and acting within the limits of LAW and ORDER. symbolized by the TWENTY FOUR INCH RULE has for its fruit LIBERTY EQUALITY. and FRATERNITY liberty regulated by law equality of rights in the eye of the law. brotherhood with its duties and obligations as well as its benefits. You will hear shortly of the Rough ASHLAR and the Perfect ASHLAR as part of the. jewels of the Lodge The rough Ashlar is said to be a stone as taken from the quarry in. its rude and natural state The perfect Ashlar is said to be a stone made ready by the. hands of the workmen to be adjusted by the working tools of the Fellow Craft We shall. not repeat the explanations of these symbols given by the York Rite You may read them. in its printed monitors They are declared to allude to the self improvement of the. individual craftsman a continuation of the same superficial interpretation. The rough Ashlar is the PEOPLE as a mass rude and unorganized The perfect Ashlar. or cubical stone symbol of perfection is the STATE the rulers deriving their powers from. the consent of the governed the constitution and laws speaking the will of the people. the government harmonious symmetrical efficient its powers properly distributed and. duly adjusted in equilibrium,If we delineate a cube on a plane surface thus. we have visible three faces and nine external lines drawn between seven points The. complete cube has three more faces making six three more lines making twelve and. one more point making eight As the number 12 includes the sacred numbers 3 5 7. and 3 times 3 or 9 and is produced by adding the sacred number 3 to 9 while its own. two figures 1 2 the unit or monad and duad added together make the same sacred. number 3 it was called the perfect number and the cube became the symbol of. perfection, Produced by FORCE acting by RULE hammered in accordance with lines measured by. the Gauge out of the rough Ashlar it is an appropriate symbol of the Force of the. people expressed as the constitution and law of the State and of the State itself the. three visible faces represent the three departments the Executive which executes the. laws the Legislative which makes the laws the Judiciary which interprets the laws. applies and enforces them between man and man between the State and the citizens. The three invisible faces are Liberty Equality and Fraternity the threefold soul of the. State its vitality spirit and intellect, Though Masonry neither usurps the place of nor apes religion prayer is an essential. part of our ceremonies It is the aspiration of the soul toward the Absolute and Infinite. Intelligence which is the One Supreme Deity most feebly and misunderstandingly. characterized as an ARCHITECT Certain faculties of man are directed toward the. Unknown thought meditation prayer The unknown is an ocean of which conscience is. the compass Thought meditation prayer are the great mysterious pointings of the. needle It is a spiritual magnetism that thus connects the human soul with the Deity. These majestic irradiations of the soul pierce through the shadow toward the light. It is but a shallow scoff to say that prayer is absurd because it is not possible for us by. means of it to persuade God to change His plans He produces foreknown and. foreintended effects by the instrumentality of the forces of nature all of which are His. forces Our own are part of these Our free agency and our will are forces We do not. absurdly cease to make efforts to attain wealth or happiness prolong life and continue. health because we cannot by any effort change what is predestined If the effort also is. predestined it is not the less our effort made of our free will So likewise we pray Will. is a force Thought is a force Prayer is a force Why should it not be of the law of God. that prayer like Faith and Love should have its effects Man is not to be comprehended. as a starting point or progress as a goal without those two great forces Faith and Love. Prayer is sublime Orisons that beg and clamour are pitiful To deny the efficacy of. prayer is to deny that of Faith Love and Effort Yet the effects produced when our. hand moved by our will launches a pebble into the ocean never cease and every. uttered word is registered for eternity upon the invisible air. Every Lodge is a Temple and as a whole and in its details symbolic The Universe itself. supplied man with the model for the first temples reared to the Divinity The arrangement. of the Temple of Solomon the symbolic ornaments which formed its chief decorations. and the dress of the High Priest all had reference to the order of the Universe as then. understood The Temple contained many emblems of the seasons the sun the moon. the planets the constellations Ursa Major and Minor the zodiac the elements and the. other parts of the world It is the Master of this Lodge of the Universe Hermes of whom. Khurum is the representative that is one of the lights of the Lodge. For further instruction as to the symbolism of the heavenly bodies and of the sacred. numbers and of the temple and its details you must wait patiently until you advance in. Masonry in the mean time exercising your intellect in studying them for yourself To. study and seek to interpret correctly the symbols of the Universe is the work of the sage. and philosopher It is to decipher the writing of God and penetrate into His thoughts. This is what is asked and answered in our catechism in regard to the Lodge. A Lodge is defined to be an assemblage of Freemasons duly congregated having the. sacred writings square and compass and a charter or warrant of constitution. authorizing them to work The room or place in which they meet representing some part. of King Solomon s Temple is also called the Lodge and it is that we are now. considering, It is said to be supported by three great columns WISDOM FORCE or STRENGTH and.
BEAUTY represented by the Master the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden and. these are said to be the columns that support the Lodge because Wisdom Strength. and Beauty are the perfections of everything and nothing can endure without them. Because the York Rite says it is necessary that there should be Wisdom to conceive. Strength to support and Beauty to adorn all great and important undertakings Know. ye not says the Apostle Paul that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God. dwelleth in you If any man desecrate the temple of God him shall God destroy for the. temple of God is holy which temple ye are, The Wisdom and Power of the Deity are in equilibrium The laws of nature and the moral. laws are not the mere despotic mandates of His Omnipotent will for then they might be. changed by Him and order become disorder and good and right become evil and. wrong honesty and loyalty vices and fraud ingratitude and vice virtues Omnipotent. power infinite and existing alone would necessarily not be constrained to consistency. Its decrees and laws could not be immutable The laws of God are not obligatory on us. because they are the enactments of His POWER or the expression of His WILL but. because they express His infinite WISDOM They are not right because they are His. laws but His laws because they are right From the equilibrium of infinite wisdom and. infinite force results perfect harmony in physics and in the moral universe Wisdom. rower and Harmony constitute one Masonic triad They have other and profounder. meanings that may at some time be unveiled to you, As to the ordinary and commonplace explanation it may be added that the wisdom of. the Architect is displayed in combining as only a skillful Architect can do and as God. has done everywhere for example in the tree the human frame the egg the cells of. the honeycomb strength with grace beauty symmetry proportion lightness. ornamentation That too is the perfection of the orator and poet to combine force. strength energy with grace of style musical cadences the beauty of figures the play. and irradiation of imagination and fancy and so in a State the warlike and industrial. force of the people and their Titanic strength must be combined with the beauty of the. arts the sciences and the intellect if the State would scale the heights of excellence. and the people be really free Harmony in this as in all the Divine the material and the. human is the result of equilibrium of the sympathy and opposite action of contraries a. single Wisdom above them holding the beam of the scales To reconcile the moral law. human responsibility free will with the absolute power of God and the existence of evil. with His absolute wisdom and goodness and mercy these are the great enigmas of. the Sphynx, You entered the Lodge between two columns They represent the two which stood in the. porch of the Temple on each side of the great eastern gateway These pillars of bronze. four fingers breadth in thickness were according to the most authentic account that in. the First and that in the Second Book of Kings confirmed in Jeremiah eighteen cubits. high with a capital five cubits high The shaft of each was four cubits in diameter A cubit. is one foot and 707 1000 That is the shaft of each was a little over thirty feet eight. inches in height the capital of each a little over eight feet six inches in height and the. diameter of the shaft six feet ten inches The capitals were enriched by pomegranates of. bronze covered by bronze net work and ornamented with wreaths of bronze and. appear to have imitated the shape of the seed vessel of the lotus or Egyptian lily a. sacred symbol to the Hindus and Egyptians The pillar or column on the right or in the. south was named as the Hebrew word is rendered in our translation of the Bible. JACHIN and that on the left BOAZ Our translators say that the first word means He. shall establish and the second In it is strength, These columns were imitations by Khurum the Tyrian artist of the great columns. consecrated to the Winds and Fire at the entrance to the famous Temple of Malkarth in. the city of Tyre It is customary in Lodges of the York Rite to see a celestial globe on. one and a terrestrial globe on the other but these are not warranted if the object be to. imitate the original two columns of the Temple The symbolic meaning of these columns. we shall leave for the present unexplained only adding that Entered Apprentices keep. their working tools in the column JACHIN and giving you the etymology and literal. meaning of the two names, The word JACHIN in Hebrew probably pronounced Ya kayan and meant as a verbal.
noun He that strengthens and thence firm stable upright. The word Boaz is Baaz which means Strong Strength Power Might Refuge Source of. Strength a Fort The prefix means with or in and gives the word the force of the Latin. gerund roborando Strengthening, The former word also means he will establish or plant in an erect position from the verb. Kun he stood erect It probably meant Active and Vivifying Energy and Force and Boaz. Stability Permanence in the passive sense, The Dimensions of the Lodge our Brethren of the York Rite say are unlimited and its. covering no less than the canopy of Heaven To this object they say the mason s. mind is continually directed and thither he hopes at last to arrive by the aid of the. theological ladder which Jacob in his vision saw ascending from earth to Heaven the. three principal rounds of which are denominated Faith Hope and Charity and which. admonish us to have Faith in God Hope in Immortality and Charity to all mankind. Accordingly a ladder sometimes with nine rounds is seen on the chart resting at the. bottom on the earth its top in the clouds the stars shining above it and this is deemed to. represent that mystic ladder which Jacob saw in his dream set up on the earth and the. top of it reaching to Heaven with the angels of God ascending and descending on it The. addition of the three principal rounds to the symbolism is wholly modern and. incongruous, The ancients counted seven planets thus arranged the Moon Mercury Venus the Sun. Mars Jupiter and Saturn There were seven heavens and seven spheres of these. planets on all the monuments of Mithras are seven altars or pyres consecrated to the. seven planets as were the seven lamps of the golden candelabrum in the Temple That. these represented the planets we are assured by Clemens of Alexandria in his. Stromata and by Philo Judaeus, To return to its source in the Infinite the human soul the ancients held had to ascend. as it had descended through the seven spheres The Ladder by which it reascends has. according to Marsilius Ficinus in his Commentary on the Ennead of Plotinus seven. degrees or steps and in the Mysteries of Mithras carried to Rome under the Emperors. the ladder with its seven rounds was a symbol referring to this ascent through the. spheres of the seven planets Jacob saw the Spirits of God ascending and descending. on it and above it the Deity Himself The Mithraic Mysteries were celebrated in caves. where gates were marked at the four equinoctial and solstitial points of the Zodiac and. the seven planetary spheres were represented which souls needs must traverse in. descending from the heaven of the fixed stars to the elements that envelop the earth. and seven gates were marked one for each planet through which they pass in. descending or returning, We learn this from Celsus in Origen who says that the symbolic image of this passage.
among the stars used in the Mithraic Mysteries was a ladder reaching from earth to. Heaven divided into seven steps or stages to each of which was a gate and at the. summit an eighth one that of the fixed stars The symbol was the same as that of the. seven stages of Borsippa the Pyramid of vitrified brick near Babylon built of seven. stages and each of a different colour In the Mithraic ceremonies the candidate went. through seven stages of initiation passing through many fearful trials and of these the. high ladder with seven rounds or steps was the symbol. You see the Lodge its details and ornaments by its Lights You have already heard what. these Lights the greater and lesser are said to be and how they are spoken of by our. Brethren of the York Rite, The Holy Bible Square and Compasses are not only styled the Great Lights in. Masonry but they are also technically called the Furniture of the Lodge and as you. have seen it is held that there is no Lodge without them This has sometimes been made. a pretext for excluding Jews from our Lodges because they cannot regard the New. Testament as a holy book The Bible is an indispensable part of the furniture of a. Christian Lodge only because it is the sacred book of the Christian religion The Hebrew. Pentateuch in a Hebrew Lodge and the Koran in a Mohammedan one belong on the. Altar and one of these and the Square and Compass properly understood are the. Great Lights by which a Mason must walk and work, The obligation of the candidate is always to be taken on the sacred book or books of his. religion that he may deem it more solemn and binding and therefore it was that you. were asked of what religion you were We have no other concern with your religious. The Square is a right angle formed by two right lines It is adapted only to a plane. surface and belongs only to geometry earth measurement that trigonometry which. deals only with planes and with the earth which the ancients supposed to be a plane. The Compass describes circles and deals with spherical trigonometry the science of the. spheres and heavens The former therefore is an emblem of what concerns the earth. and the body the latter of what concerns the heavens and the soul Yet the Compass is. also used in plane trigonometry as in erecting perpendiculars and therefore you are. reminded that although in this Degree both points of the Compass are under the Square. and you are now dealing only with the moral and political meaning of the symbols and. not with their philosophical and spiritual meanings still the divine ever mingles with the. human with the earthly the spiritual intermixes and there is something spiritual in the. commonest duties of life The nations are not bodies politic alone but also souls politic. and woe to that people which seeking the material only forgets that it has a soul Then. we have a race petrified in dogma which presupposes the absence of a soul and the. presence only of memory and instinct or demoralized by lucre Such a nature can never. lead civilization Genuflexion before the idol or the dollar atrophies the muscle which. walks and the will which moves Hieratic or mercantile absorption diminishes the. radiance of a people lowers its horizon by lowering its level and deprives it of that. understanding of the universal aim at the same time human and divine which makes the. missionary nations A free people forgetting that it has a soul to be cared for devotes all. its energies to its material advancement If it makes war it is to subserve its commercial. interests The citizens copy after the State and regard wealth pomp and luxury as the. great goods of life Such a nation creates wealth rapidly and distributes it badly Thence. the two extremes of monstrous opulence and monstrous misery all the enjoyment to a. few all the privations to the rest that is to say to the people Privilege Exception. Monopoly Feudality springing up from Labour itself a false and dangerous situation. which making Labour a blinded and chained Cyclops in the mine at the forge in the. workshop at the loom in the field over poisonous fumes in miasmatic cells in. unventilated factories founds public power upon private misery and plants the greatness. of the State in the suffering of the individual It is a greatness ill constituted in which all. the material elements are combined and into which no moral element enters If a people. like a star has the right of eclipse the light ought to return The eclipse should not. degenerate into night, The three lesser or the Sublime Lights you have heard are the Sun the Moon and the. Master of the Lodge and you have heard what our Brethren of the York Rite say in. regard to them and why they hold them to be Lights of the Lodge But the Sun and Moon. do in no sense light the Lodge unless it be symbolically and then the lights are not they. but those things of which they are the symbols Of what they are the symbols the Mason. in that Rite is not told Nor does the Moon in any sense rule the night with regularity. The Sun is the ancient symbol of the life giving and generative power of the Deity To the. ancients light was the cause of life and God was the source from which all light flowed. the essence of Light the Invisible Fire developed as Flame manifested as light and. splendour The Sun was His manifestation and visible image and the Sabaeans. worshipping the Light God seemed to worship the Sun in whom they saw the. manifestation of the Deity, The Moon was the symbol of the passive capacity of nature to produce the female of. which the life giving power and energy was the male It was the symbol of Isis Astarte. and Artemis or Diana The Master of Life was the Supreme Deity above both and. manifested through both Zeus the Son of Saturn become King of the Gods Horus son. of Osiris and Isis become the Master of Life Dionusos or Bacchus like Mithras become. the author of Light and Life and Truth, The Master of Light and Life the Sun and the Moon are symbolized in every Lodge by.
the Master and Wardens and this makes it the duty of the Master to dispense light to the. Brethren by himself and through the Wardens who are his ministers. Thy sun says ISAIAH to Jerusalem shall no more go down neither shall thy moon. withdraw itself for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light and the days of thy. mourning shall be ended Thy people also shall be all righteous they shall inherit the. land forever Such is the type of a free people, Our northern ancestors worshipped this tri une Deity ODIN the Almighty FATHER. FREA his wife emblem of universal matter and THOR his son the mediator But above. all these was the Supreme God the author of everything that existeth the Eternal the. Ancient the Living and Awful Being the Searcher into concealed things the Being that. never changeth In the Temple of Eleusis a sanctuary lighted only by a window in the. roof and representing the Universe the images of the Sun Moon and Mercury were. represented, The Sun and Moon says the learned Bro DELAUNAY represent the two grand. principles of all generations the active and passive the male and the female The Sun. represents the actual light He pours upon the Moon his fecundating rays both shed their. light upon their offspring the Blazing Star or HORUS and the three form the great. Equilateral Triangle in the centre of which is the omnific letter of the Kabalah by which. creation is said to have been effected, The ORNAMENTS of a Lodge are said to be the Mosaic Pavement the Indented. Tessel and the Blazing Star The Mosaic Pavement chequered in squares or lozenges. is said to represent the ground floor of King Solomon s Temple and the Indented Tessel. that beautiful tessellated border which surrounded it The Blazing Star in the centre is. said to be an emblem of Divine Providence and commemorative of the star which. appeared to guide the wise men of the East to the place of our Saviour s nativity But. there was no stone seen within the Temple The walls were covered with planks of. cedar and the floor was covered with planks of fir There is no evidence that there was. such a pavement or floor in the Temple or such a bordering In England anciently the. Tracing Board was surrounded with an indented border and it is only in America that. such a border is put around the Mosaic pavement The tesserae indeed are the squares. or lozenges of the pavement In England also the indented or denticulated border is. called tessellated because it has four tassels said to represent Temperance. Fortitude Prudence and Justice It was termed the Indented Trassel but this is a misuse. of words It is a tesserated pavement with an indented border round it. The pavement alternately black and white symbolizes whether so intended or not the. Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed It is the warfare of Michael. and Satan of the Gods and Titans of Balder and Lok between light and shadow which. is darkness Day and Night Freedom and Despotism Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary. Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible. and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel. The edges of this pavement if in lozenges will necessarily be indented or denticulated. toothed like a saw and to complete and finish it a bordering is necessary It is completed. by tassels as ornaments at the corners If these and the bordering have any symbolic. meaning it is fanciful and arbitrary, To find in the BLAZING STAR of five points an allusion to the Divine Providence is also. fanciful and to make it commemorative of the Star that is said to have guided the Magi. is to give it a meaning comparatively modern Originally it represented SIRIUS or the. Dog star the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile the God ANUBIS companion of. ISIS in her search for the body of OSIRIS her brother and husband Then it became the. image of HORUS the son of OSIRIS himself symbolized also by the Sun the author of. the Seasons and the God of Time Son of ISIS who was the universal nature himself. the primitive matter inexhaustible source of Life spark of uncreated fire universal seed. of all beings It was HERMES also the Master of Learning whose name in Greek is that. of the God Mercury It became the sacred and potent sign or character of the Magi the. PENTALPHA and is the significant emblem of Liberty and Freedom blazing with a. steady radiance amid the weltering elements of good and evil of Revolutions and. promising serene skies and fertile seasons to the nations after the storms of change and. In the East of the Lodge over the Master inclosed in a triangle is the Hebrew letter. YOD In the English and American Lodges the Letter G is substituted for this as the. initial of the word GOD with as little reason as if the letter D initial of DIEU were used. in French Lodges instead of the proper letter YOD is in the Kabalah the symbol of. Unity of the Supreme Deity the first letter of the Holy Name and also a symbol of the. Great Kabalistic Triads To understand its mystic meanings you must open the pages of. the Sohar and Siphra de Zeniutha and other kabalistic books and ponder deeply on. their meaning It must suffice to say that it is the Creative Energy of the Deity is. represented as a point and that point in the centre of the Circle of immensity It is to us in. this Degree the symbol of that unmanifested Deity the Absolute who has no name. Our French Brethren place this letter YOD in the centre of the Blazing Star And in the. old Lectures our ancient English Brethren said The Blazing Star or Glory in the centre. refers us to that grand luminary the Sun which enlightens the earth and by its genial. influence dispenses blessings to mankind They called it also in the same lectures an. emblem of PRUDENCE The word Prudentia means in its original and fullest. signification Foresight and accordingly the Blazing Star has been regarded as an. emblem of Omniscience or the All seeing Eye which to the Egyptian Initiates was the. emblem of Osiris the Creator With the YOD in the centre it has the kabalistic meaning. of the Divine Energy manifested as Light creating the Universe. The Jewels of the Lodge are said to be six in number Three are called Movable and. three Immovable The SQUARE the LEVEL and the PLUMB were anciently and. properly called the Movable Jewels because they pass from one Brother to another It is. a modern innovation to call them immovable because they must always be present in. the Lodge The immovable jewels are the ROUGH ASHLAR the PERFECT ASHLAR or. CUBICAL STONE or in some Rituals the DOUBLE CUBE and the TRACING BOARD. or TRESTLE BOARD, Of these jewels our Brethren of the York Rite say The Square inculcates Morality the.
Level Equality and the Plumb Rectitude of Conduct Their explanation of the. immovable Jewels may be read in their monitors, Our Brethren of the York Rite say that there is represented in every well governed. Lodge a certain point within a circle the point representing an individual Brother the. Circle the boundary line of his conduct beyond which he is never to suffer his prejudices. or passions to betray him, This is not to interpret the symbols of Masonry It is said by some with a nearer. approach to interpretation that the point within the circle represents God in the centre of. the Universe It is a common Egyptian sign for the Sun and Osiris and is still used as the. astronomical sign of the great luminary In the Kabalah the point is YOD the Creative. Energy of God irradiating with light the circular space which God the universal Light left. vacant wherein to create the worlds by withdrawing His substance of Light back on all. sides from one point, Our Brethren add that this circle is embordered by two perpendicular parallel lines. representing Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist and upon the top rest. the Holy Scriptures an open book In going round this circle they say we. necessarily touch upon these two lines as well as upon the Holy Scriptures and while a. Mason keeps himself circumscribed within their precepts it is impossible that he should. materially err, It would be a waste of time to comment upon this Some writers have imagined that the. parallel lines represent the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn which the Sun alternately. touches upon at the Summer and Winter solstices But the tropics are not perpendicular. lines and the idea is merely fanciful If the parallel lines ever belonged to the ancient. symbol they had some more recondite and more fruitful meaning They probably had the. same meaning as the twin columns Jachin and Boaz That meaning is not for the. Apprentice The adept may find it in the Kabalah The JUSTICE and MERCY of God are. in equilibrium and the result is HARMONY because a Single and Perfect Wisdom. presides over both, The Holy Scriptures are an entirely modern addition to the symbol like the terrestrial and.
celestial globes on the columns of the portico Thus the ancient symbol has been. denaturalized by incongruous additions like that of Isis weeping over the broken column. containing the remains of Osiris at Byblos, Masonry has its decalogue which is a law to its Initiates These are its Ten. Commandments, I God is the Eternal Omnipotent Immutable WISDOM and Supreme INTELLIGENCE. and Exhaustless Love,Thou shalt adore revere and love Him. Thou shalt honour Him by practising the virtues, II Thy religion shall be to do good because it is a pleasure to thee and not merely. because it is a duty, That thou mayest become the friend of the wise man thou shalt obey his precepts.
Thy soul is immortal Thou shalt do nothing to degrade it. III Thou shalt unceasingly war against vice, Thou shalt not do unto others that which thou wouldst not wish them to do unto thee. Thou shalt be submissive to thy fortunes and keep burning the light of wisdom. IV Thou shalt honour thy parents,Thou shalt pay respect and homage to the aged. Thou shalt instruct the young, Thou shalt protect and defend infancy and innocence. V Thou shalt cherish thy wife and thy children,Thou shalt love thy country and obey its laws. VI Thy friend shall be to thee a second self,Misfortune shall not estrange thee from him.
Thou shalt do for his memory whatever thou wouldst do for him if he were living. VII Thou shalt avoid and flee from insincere friendships. Thou shalt in everything refrain from excess, Thou shalt fear to be the cause of a stain on thy memory. VIII Thou shalt allow no passions to become thy master. Thou shalt make the passions of others profitable lessons to thyself. Thou shalt be indulgent to error, IX Thou shalt hear much Thou shalt speak little Thou shalt act well. Thou shalt forget injuries,Thou shalt render good for evil. Thou shalt not misuse either thy strength or thy superiority. X Thou shalt study to know men that thereby thou mayest learn to know thyself. Thou shalt ever seek after virtue,Thou shalt be just. Thou shalt avoid idleness, But the great commandment of Masonry is this A new commandment give I unto you.
that ye love one another He that saith he is in the light and hateth his brother remaineth. still in the darkness, Such are the moral duties of a Mason But it is also the duty of Masonry to assist in. elevating the moral and intellectual level of society in coining knowledge bringing ideas. into circulation and causing the mind of youth to grow and in putting gradually by the. teachings of axioms and the promulgation of positive laws the human race in harmony. with its destinies, To this duty and work the Initiate is apprenticed He must not imagine that he can effect. nothing and therefore despairing become inert It is in this as in a man s daily life. Many great deeds are done in the small struggles of life There is we are told a. determined though unseen bravery which defends itself foot to foot in the darkness. against the fatal invasion of necessity and of baseness There are noble and mysterious. triumphs which no eye sees which no renown rewards which no flourish of trumpets. salutes Life misfortune isolation abandonment poverty are battle fields which have. their heroes heroes obscure but sometimes greater than those who become illustrious. The Mason should struggle in the same manner and with the same bravery against. those invasions of necessity and baseness which come to nations as well as to men He. should meet them too foot to foot even in the darkness and protest against the national. wrongs and follies against usurpation and the first inroads of that hydra Tyranny There. is no more sovereign eloquence than the truth in indignation It is more difficult for a. people to keep than to gain their freedom The Protests of Truth are always needed. Continually the right must protest against the fact There is in fact Eternity in the Right. The Mason should be the Priest and Soldier of that Right If his country should be robbed. of her liberties he should still not despair The protest of the Right against the Fact. persists forever The robbery of a people never becomes prescriptive Reclamation of its. rights is barred by no length of time Warsaw can no more be Tartar than Venice can be. Teutonic A people may endure military usurpation and subjugated States kneel to. States and wear the yoke while under the stress of necessity but when the necessity. disappears if the people is fit to be free the submerged country will float to the surface. and reappear and Tyranny be adjudged by History to have murdered its victims. Whatever occurs we should have Faith in the Justice and overruling Wisdom of God. and Hope for the Future and Lovingkindness for those who are in error God makes. visible to men His will in events an obscure text written in a mysterious language Men. make their translations of it forthwith hasty incorrect full of faults omissions and. misreadings We see so short a way along the arc of the great circle Few minds. comprehend the Divine tongue The most sagacious the most calm the most profound. decipher the hieroglyphs slowly and when they arrive with their text perhaps the need. has long gone by there are already twenty translations in the public square the most. incorrect being as of course the most accepted and popular From each translation a. party is born and from each misreading a faction Each party believes or pretends that it. has the only true text and each faction believes or pretends that it alone possesses the. light Moreover factions are blind men who aim straight errors are excellent projectiles. striking skillfully and with all the violence that springs from false reasoning wherever a. want of logic in those who defend the right like a defect in a cuirass makes them. vulnerable, Therefore it is that we shall often be discomfited in combating error before the people. Antaeus long resisted Hercules and the heads of the Hydra grew as fast as they were. cut off It is absurd to say that Error wounded writhes in pain and dies amid her. worshippers Truth conquers slowly There is a wondrous vitality in Error Truth indeed. for the most part shoots over the heads of the masses or if an error is prostrated for a. moment it is up again in a moment and as vigorous as ever It will not die when the. brains are out and the most stupid and irrational errors are the longest lived. Nevertheless Masonry which is Morality and Philosophy must not cease to do its duty. We never know at what moment success awaits our efforts generally when most. unexpected nor with what effect our efforts are or are not to be attended Succeed or. fail Masonry must not bow to error or succumb under discouragement There were at. Rome a few Carthaginian soldiers taken prisoners who refused to bow to Flaminius. and had a little of Hannibal s magnanimity Masons should possess an equal greatness. of soul Masonry should be an energy finding its aim and effect in the amelioration of. mankind Socrates should enter into Adam and produce Marcus Aurelius in other. words bring forth from the man of enjoyments the man of wisdom Masonry should not. be a mere watch tower built upon mystery from which to gaze at ease upon the world. with no other result than to be a convenience for the curious To hold the full cup of.

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