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MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION OF ONTARIO,ROAD SAFETY RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM. Ontario s roads are among the safest in North America Despite that and despite the significant. improvements in road safety in recent years motor vehicle collisions take an unacceptable toll. in human life and personal injury Traffic collisions are a leading cause of death among persons. of all ages Similarly motor vehicle collisions are among the leading causes of injury and. disability as demonstrated by analyses of injury data The Ministry of Transportation MTO. continually pursues road safety research with a focus on road user behaviour and social issues. surrounding this complex field Research into driver behaviour the causes of collisions and. other issues impacting road safety provide helpful insights into the areas that MTO needs to. target in the development of new initiatives, Accordingly MTO provides research funding through the Road Safety Research Partnership. Program RSRPP which promotes a productive relationship with road injury researchers in the. academic community The research conducted under this program will identify causes of traffic. collisions and suggest ways to reduce the resulting tragic loss of life The purpose of this. program is to fund research into the behavioural and social aspects of road user safety in order. to identify the factors involved in motor vehicle collisions suggest ways to reduce the impacts. on individuals and society as a whole and monitor the effectiveness of road safety initiatives. This work will support Ontario s efforts to improve road safety and keep the province among the. safest jurisdictions in the world MTO looks forward to seeing the results of the innovative and high. quality research that Ontario s hospitals colleges universities and other public institutions are. capable of conducting, A set of application forms can be found with this package Additional copies are available upon. request Please direct applications and inquiries to mary gallucci ontario ca with RSRPP in the. subject line and copy rsrpp ontario ca, The application deadline is July 15 2015 The deadline for forms of approval from the ethics. committee of the sponsoring institution is July 31 2015 The electronic copy of the application. package must be received by the application deadline along with indication that hard copies are in. transit Please send hard copies to,Mary Gallucci,Road Safety Research Partnership Program.
Road Safety Research Office Safety Policy and Education Branch. Ministry of Transportation,1201 Wilson Avenue Building A Room 212. Toronto Ontario, The successful candidate s will be notified by August 15 2015. 1 0 PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM, This program is administered by the Road Safety Research Office within the Safety Policy and. Education Branch The purpose of the program is to encourage applied research on the behavior and. social aspects of road user safety to facilitate the transfer of knowledge skills and methodologies. from another discipline to road user safety research and to promote work that complements the. research projects and research expertise within MTO that are available in the academic and broader. public sector community Novel and innovative approaches population based research using hospital. and other administrative databases data collection pilot studies or feasibility studies are of particular. 2 0 SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH FUNDING PROGRAM,2 1 Eligible Institutions. Ontario hospitals colleges universities including their affiliated colleges research centres. institutes and hospitals and other public institutions are eligible for funding by the RSRPP. sponsoring institution The principal investigator must be a member of the faculty full or part. time or an employee of the sponsoring institution Faculty carrying out behavioural and social. research in road user safety in departments such as Economics Engineering Geography. Medicine Psychology and Sociology are encouraged to apply for assistance under this program. An institution that is listed on MTO s Vendor of Record pool for procurement services may not be. the sponsoring institution The successful proponent may not subcontract to outside vendors. 2 2 Eligible Topics, Possible topics for research on road user safety are diverse Research activities supported by this.
program will be in the behavioural and social sciences including the development of methodology. by which behavior and social factors in traffic crashes are analyzed The program will not fund. research on aspects of highway and vehicle engineering or medical research on the traumatic effects. of traffic crashes Faculty in these disciplines are still encouraged to apply provided they investigate. the behavioural or social aspects of road user safety or the methodology studying them To be. eligible for funding research projects must cover at least one of the following topics as it relates to. the Ontario population Examples of relevant topics are included in Appendix 1. 2 3 Ministry Assistance in Conducting Funded Research. Research staff in the Road Safety Research Office within the Safety Policy and Education Branch. have extensive experience in carrying out road user safety research in a variety of areas They are. available to assist the principal investigators of accepted proposals in their research whether to. provide names of contacts in the field advice on the relevance of the research to government. stakeholders or data from MTO databases subject to availability and confidentiality requirements. 2 4 Available Funds, The total value of the awards will be 150 000 Up to five projects may be funded In cases where. more than one project is to be funded the total available funds of 150 000 will be split between. projects in a manner decided by MTO MTO reserves the right not to grant any funds Projects may be. funded by other grant agencies simultaneously sources of additional funding including in kind. contributions must be disclosed to MTO Projects may span a period up to two years however. funding from MTO must be incurred and paid prior to March 15 2016 and no additional funds will. flow from MTO for expenses beyond that date Funding for project work occurring after March 15. 2016 must come from other funding sources and researchers cannot apply for additional funding. under RSRPP in upcoming grant years for continuation of this project. 3 0 BUDGET,3 1 General, The detailed budget must include a full account of purchases and activities to be financed by the. award The budget breakdown and supporting information must be in sufficient detail to justify the. items relative to the project description Other sources of funding for the project should be. indicated on application including in kind contributions The provided information must be signed. off by the Vice President of Finance or designated official of the sponsoring institution along with. the principal investigator The proposed budget will be considered by the selection committee when. reviewing applications The selection committee reserves the right to disallow expenditures in the. budget that are not adequately justified Partial support of a project may be recommended by the. 3 2 Eligible and Ineligible Expenditures, Expenditures will only be eligible for funding under the RSRPP an Eligible Expenditure if it. meets all of the following general criteria 1 directly related to and necessary for the successful. completion of the research 2 specifically identified in and made in accordance with the budget. provided to MTO as part of its application for funding under RSRPP No changes to the budget will. be allowed without the prior written approval of MTO 3 incurred and paid after the date of award. and prior to March 15 2016 No expenditures incurred outside of this period will be eligible for. payment under the RUSRFP Program and 4 documented through paid invoices or original receipts. Salaries and Benefits The number of persons in each line item should be specified along with the. amount of time each individual will spend on the project e g in person days Salaries will be in. accordance with those considered appropriate by the institution Salaries of professional. assistants graduate and senior undergraduate students post doctoral fellows research associates. overhead technical clerical and secretarial staff working on the proposed project under the. direction of the applicant are eligible for inclusion The salary of the principal investigator will. not be funded by this program, Equipment Hardware includes all equipment essential to the project that is to be purchased. including operating and maintenance costs Hardware and software should be listed separately and. broken down into two categories purchase and rental If equipment or supplies are to be purchased. consideration should be given first to Canadian manufacturers and suppliers Purchases from non. Canadian manufacturers and suppliers will be acceptable if adequate justification is provided in the. proposal Equipment purchased under this program will be retained by the sponsoring institution for. further research or teaching Desktop and portable microcomputers will not usually be eligible for. funding unless sufficient argument is made in the proposal for this otherwise standard equipment. Other costs include computing costs direct administrative costs travel and accommodation. consulting costs overhead maximum of 15 of total budget supplies and services and. contingency costs Request details on overhead rates from your institution s office of research and. state in the application how the value for overhead was calculated Funds may be requested for. travel that is essential for the collection of data for fieldwork or for the presentation of papers. resulting from the project Travel to centres performing similar work to obtain first hand. information essential to the project will be considered Travel and accommodation costs should be. in accordance with the sponsoring institution s internal guidelines Supplies and services include. expendable materials telephone postage printing photocopying and the like Requests for. common office items are not eligible for inclusion. 4 0 APPLICATION PROCEDURE, The application package consists of the following components.
1 Application Form form included,2 Summary Research Proposal form included. 3 Research Proposal,4 Summary Budget form included. 6 Curriculum Vitae of principal investigator and other principal research staff. 7 List of referees who are familiar with the principal investigator s scientific work. 8 Certificate from the ethics committee of the sponsoring institution sample form included. Research Proposal Item 3 above The detailed proposal for the project should include the. title background e g objectives relevance and rationale research questions overview of. relevant literature methods e g study design study population procedures data source. measures analytic strategy and a time schedule of the activities to be undertaken during the. project The proposal must be no more than 10 pages including a Table of Contents. Ethics Guidelines Item 8 above Research involving human subjects in an experimental or. observational setting or the use of data or records concerning them collected by any agency must. meet ethics guidelines of the sponsoring institution and professional associations of which the. principal investigator is a member A certificate from the ethics review committee at the applicant s. institution indicating acceptability of the study on ethical grounds is required This certificate must. be signed by the head of that committee If necessary the applicant may indicate that the proposed. project is put before this committee for review and that the certificate will be sent thereafter This. certificate must be received by the MTO before funds are released to the institution. Applicants must submit five copies of the application package including one copy with. original signatures by mail along with one electronic copy of the application package by email. The electronic copy must be received by the application deadline along with indication that. hard copies are in transit Information contained in project proposals will be treated as. confidential by the reviewers,5 0 SELECTION CRITERIA. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprising of members of the Road. Safety Research Office within the Safety Policy and Education Branch One or more traffic. safety research experts external or internal to the MTO may be requested to review. applications at the discretion of the MTO The selection committee may request clarification. of points contained in the proposal of any applicant. The selection criteria for new applications are as follows. 1 Clarity of research objectives, 2 Demonstrable understanding and expertise on topic area. 3 Relevance of the proposed research to road user safety and to current ministry priorities or. emerging issues, 4 Appropriateness of the study design methods and proposed analysis.
5 Capacity in project management and quality control. 6 Feasibility of accomplishing the stated aims within the estimated time and budget. 7 Experience and qualifications of the researcher s in road user safety or related fields. 8 The potential for the research to result in important significant understanding of or. improvement in road user safety in Ontario, 9 A realistic and justifiable budget including the optimal use of proposed personnel. Each of the above requirements will be assigned a score on a scale from 0 to 2 where 0 indicates the. reviewer lacks confidence in the research proposal in meeting said criterion 1 indicates partial. confidence and 2 indicates full confidence Proposals will be given a bonus of 2 points for. demonstrating innovation Items 3 Relevance and 8 Potential will be given a weighting of 1 5. 6 0 NOTIFICATION OF AWARD, A letter announcing an award is sent to the principal investigator at the beginning of the award. period and a copy is sent to the Vice President of Finance or designated official of the. sponsoring institution designated in the proposal Awards for researchers at hospitals that are. affiliated with teaching institutions are awarded to the teaching institution not the hospital nor its. research department Upon receipt of notification of award the principal investigator will sign an. agreement to accept of the terms of these Guidelines. The letter of award provides authority to incur project expenses for items and amounts specified in. the approved detailed budget Expenses incurred in excess of the approved budget are not the. responsibility of MTO The holders of research awards and their associates are not considered. employees of MTO,7 0 FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. At the beginning of the award period MTO will flow funding for 25 of the approved budget. The remaining funds will be paid after commencement of work Researchers will be required to. provide periodic fiscal reports to MTO containing proof of funds spent to date Upon receipt of. these reports MTO will flow additional funding to cover expenses incurred in the preceding. period as outlined in the corresponding report, The first report must be submitted immediately after November 15 2015 and will cover expenses. incurred and paid between the beginning of the award period and November 15 2015 The second. report must be submitted immediately after February 15 2016 and will cover expenses incurred. and paid between November 16 2015 and February 15 2016 The third and final report must be. submitted immediately after March 15 2016 and will cover expenses incurred and paid between. February 16 2016 and March 15 2016, Reports will include an itemized list of purchases and activities financed by the RSRPP including.
equipment that was purchased in whole or part with those funds The following headings will be. included in the reports salaries and benefits equipment and other costs MTO reserves the right to. question discrepancies or disallow expenditures that are not adequately justified or previously. approved MTO also reserves the right to audit any project The institution is required to keep any. records that may be required for a financial audit for the duration of the current fiscal year plus an. additional 7 years These rights are in addition to any rights provided to the Auditor General. pursuant to section 9 1 of the Auditor General Act Ontario. All financial communications and transactions will occur between MTO and the principal. investigator along with the Vice President of Finance or designated official of the sponsoring. institution,7 1 Appropriation of Funds by the Legislature. MTO reserves the right to terminate an award without cause at any time by providing written. notice of termination Furthermore funding for the RSRPP is subject to appropriation of funds by. the Legislative Assembly of Ontario If MTO fails to receive the necessary appropriation of funds. MTO may terminate funding immediately by giving notice to the recipient. If MTO terminates funding due to non appropriation of funds it may a cancel the payment of all. further RSRPP funds b demand repayment of any RSRPP funds remaining in the possession or. under the control of the recipient and or c determine the recipient s reasonable costs to end the. RSRPP project and permit it to offset these costs against the RSRPP funds remaining in the. possession or under the control of the recipient,7 2 Conflict of Interest. A recipient receiving RSRPP funds must ensure the RSRPP project is carried out and RSRPP funds. are used without an actual potential or perceived conflict of interest A conflict of interest includes. any circumstances where the recipient or any person who has the capacity to influence the. recipient s decisions has outside commitments relationships or financial interests that could or. could be seen to interfere with the recipient s objective unbiased and impartial judgment relating. to the RSRPP project and the use of the RSRPP funds. 8 0 AMENDMENTS TO A PROJECT, MTO must be notified in writing in advance of any intention to alter the direction or intent of the. research deviate from the allocation of funds as outlined in the proposal terminate the research. project re assign project responsibilities to researchers other than those named in the original. proposal or alter the project schedule The principal investigator must obtain written approval from. MTO before any alterations in the project are implemented If the recipient is uncertain what. constitutes a major alteration in the project he she may contact MTO to discuss this matter If the. principal investigator is to be absent for a time during the award period alternative arrangements for. responsible supervision of the project must be submitted for MTO approval prior to the start of the. 9 0 PROGRESS AND FINAL REPORTS,9 1 Progress Report. Researchers must submit periodic progress reports alongside the periodic fiscal reports outlined in. Section 7 0 Progress reports must details the project s completed activities to date and work that. has yet to be completed The summary should also discuss any unforeseen circumstances that. have led to any deviations from the original project timelines This section does not replace the. requirement of the researchers to inform MTO of any alterations to the project schedule. 9 2 Final Report, Researchers must submit a final report no later than 3 months after completion of the research project.
The final report should include the following,An Abstract about 250 words. A Table of Contents including figures tables and appendices. A comprehensive description of the objectives procedures and methods of the research. A statement of results obtained with supporting data. Conclusions and discussion of applications of the new findings to the reduction or monitoring. of risk on Ontario roadways, Plans for publication and for dissemination of results to other traffic safety professionals and. organizations, A copy of a student thesis or dissertation is not a substitute for a final report according to the. above format The final report for each award will be kept in the Road Safety Research Office for. future reference,10 0 OWNERSHIP OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The research team owns all work funded by this grant Should researchers chose to. publish their findings e g in conference proceedings or in scientific journals MTO. requires a copy of the final manuscript accepted for publication at least 30 days prior to. the publication date Should MTO choose to post the final report online MTO will. coordinate with the principal investigator to ensure no impact on the candidacy of the. research for future publication,Appendix 1 Examples of Eligible Topics.
LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE ROAD SAFETY e g AUTOMATED VEHICLES. IN VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY TELEMATICS, A wide range of information and communication technologies that have the potential to improve road. safety have emerged in recent years and more advanced technologies are undergoing rapid. development Research will examine these technologies and their applications to the road user and or to. existing ministry driver licensing sanctioning remediation programs to determine effects on driver. performance and safety related driving outcomes and or to improve the effectiveness of existing. ministry programs,VULNERABLE ROAD USERS, Research will address the need for a systematic examination of the reasons for serious crashes. involving pedestrians cyclists and motorcyclists in Ontario Research will look at the safety issues. related to vulnerable road users in Ontario and provide recommendations on how to reduce the. frequency and severity of collisions involving vulnerable road users. DRUG IMPAIRED DRIVING, Research will promote an understanding of how drugs other than alcohol impair driver ability and or. affect collision risk at different drug levels or concentrations Examples would include a literature review. systematic review scoping review or meta analysis to determine the current state of knowledge on this. topic As with Alcohol Impaired Driving see below research will contribute to a deeper understanding. of drugs and driving behaviour the relationship of this behaviour to other cognitive and psychosocial. factors e g psychiatric disorders cognitive decline other forms of medical fitness levels of social. support etc and of the relationship between drug use and vulnerable road user groups e g passengers. pedestrians and cyclists Research may also encompass a review and comparison of field sobriety tests. such as the Standardized Field Sobriety Test and others that are used in other jurisdictions to consider. the effectiveness of their applicability and use within Ontario. SAFETY ON RURAL ROADS, Research will study rural roads as opposed to urban roads from several perspectives including the mix. of road users and vehicles road conditions infrastructure speed limits and actual speeds travelled in. order to identify factors contributing to a higher incidence of fatalities on rural roads. ALCOHOL IMPAIRED DRIVING, Research will contribute to a deeper understanding of drinking and driving behaviour its relationship.
to other cognitive and psychosocial factors e g psychiatric disorders cognitive decline other forms. of medical fitness levels of social support etc and of the relationship between alcohol use and. vulnerable road user groups e g passengers pedestrians and cyclists. HIGH RISK DRIVERS, Research will examine self reported behaviours and attitudes of drivers who engage in risky driving. behaviours and the deterrent impact of Ontario s various countermeasures and laws e g aggressive. drivers suspended drivers drivers convicted of street racing etc Alternatively research may involve. engaging in an objective analysis of driver behaviour via driving records. MEDICAL FITNESS TO DRIVE DRIVERS WITH COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENTS DECLINES. Research will contribute to an increased understanding of how driving performance and or collision risk. are affected by declines in cognitive ability Research will examine the specific functions i e. cognitive motor sensory etc that are affected either by the aging process or by different types of. trauma to the brain,OFF ROAD VEHICLES, Research will investigate the road safety and operational implications of allowing additional off road. vehicles ORVs on road Studies may involve a longitudinal analysis of fatalities and injuries before. and after allowing extended on road access to other types of ORVs Alternatively studies may. involve researching and evaluating different off road vehicle rider training models delivery methods. to improve the ORV licensing and the interaction between riders and the environment e g. greenhouse gas emissions,DRIVER DISTRACTION AND INATTENTION. Research will examine how and whether different types of driver and passenger behaviour and other. external stimuli divert attention from the driving task Research will also contribute to an. understanding of the effects of cellphone use handheld devices and other technology on driver. behaviour and road safety,DROWSY DRIVING, Research will provide information on the incidence of drowsy driving in the Ontario driving. population and how fatigue affects driver performance and or collision risk Research will contribute. to an understanding of how drowsy driving incidence can be reduced Research may be based on an. analysis of collision data simulator laboratory experiments and or survey data. LARGE TRUCKS, Potential research projects may include a systematic analysis of crash causation involving large trucks.
in Ontario A study of this type would involve collision reconstruction at the scene of the crash. DRIVER TRAINING, Research will provide information as to how new technologies such as telematics online education. and or driving simulators could be used to effectively complement replace the in class on road.

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