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MIID: Preventing Contaminating Cross Connections in Semiconductor Process Toolsin Semiconductor Process Tools A presentation to the CMP Users Group

Chemical Cross Connections
z Bulk pressurized delivery
systems create a need to
cross connect the DI Water
system with various
chemical delivery systems
z Typical arrangements
provide only single
Typical Cross Connection
z Resulting in the potential arrangement
cross contamination of
these interconnected
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
tt solution
z Sometimes we ll add check valves to mitigate
the potential This solution isn
isn tt allowed in
potable water systems because of its
3 2009 Malema Sensors
Simplest form of Backflow Prevention
z Simple reliable
It s h your sink
dishwasher avoid
cross connection
z Approved fro use in
Potable water
4 2009 Malema Sensors
Common Products for Potable Water Systems
Pressure Hose Bib
Backflow Backflow
Preventer Preventer
Industrial Reduced Pressure
Backflow Preventer
5 2009 Malema Sensors
z The MIID product functions as a backflow
preventer in cross connected high purity
critical liquids applications
z Markets serviced include
Semiconductor manufacturing
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
z Backflow prevention utilizing the Double
Block Bleed
Bleed method
z Malema proprietary ultra low level by pass
leak detection
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
Classic Double Block Bleed
Vent Active Open or protective mode
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
Classic Double Block Bleed
Vent Inactive Closed or dispense mode
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
T i l DI Water
Typical W t Loop
z DI Water Loops like
this exist in most
every wafer fab
z Under normal
circumstances they
work dependably DI Water
10 2009 Malema Sensors
T i l Tool
Typical T l Connections
z A major usese of DI
Water in any
process tool is for
the safe flushing
and dilution of
chemical piping
systems during
11 2009 Malema Sensors
W t Slurry
z If either pump shuts
z The fab level pressure
z Gravity continues
working on the
contained liquid and
the pressure not only
drops but can generate
significant vacuum at
the POU valve Bulk
manifold Sl
12 2009 Malema Sensors
How does the MIID address this problem
z The MIID eliminates these problems
z The design of the MIID prevents back
i h even if a valve
l or valves
Cross Connect manifold leak s
z Th MIID incorporates
The i t a Malema
M l lleakk sensor
that warns of leaking valves before a back
siphonage event occurs and before cross
contamination results
13 2009 Malema Sensors
MIID standing
t di guard
z MIID acts to
prevent cross
from occurring
z A Malema leak
sensor provides
id Cleanroom Level
a warning prior to
a backflow event
Sub Fab Level
11 May 09 2009 Malema Sensors
Malema Double Block Bleed
Vent Active Open or protective mode
15 2009 Malema Sensors

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