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Links to books, Follow the links to read about the book that interests you. Getting Started in Options 9th Ed,Getting Started in Advanced Options. Options Trading for the Conservative Investor,Options Trading for the Institutional Investor. The Options Trading Body of Knowledge,Options for Risk Free Portfolios. Options for Swing Trading,Getting Started in Stock Analysis.
Getting Started in Stock Investing and Trading,Bloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting. Profiting from Technical Analysis and Candlestick Indicators. A Technical Approach to Trend Analysis,Trading with Candlesticks. Getting Started in Options 9th Ed, This is the all around beginner s guide to trading options It has. been in print for nearly 30 years and is currently in its 9th. edition The book had expanded over the years so much that for. this edition it was divided into two separate books The. seconds part Getting Started in Advanced Options is. described in the next section,This was the first book in the successful Getting. Started series published by John Wiley Sons The design of. the book includes many examples checklists illustrations. valuable resources key points and definitions in sidebars This. makes it easy for the novice options trader to move through the. chapters and to absorb information every options trader needs. The success of this best selling book with over 300 000. copies sold is due to its design simplicity of explanations. and thorough treatment of the topic,Table of Contents.
Introduction, Chapter 1 Calls and Puts Defining the Fields of Play. Chapter 2 Opening and Tracking How It All Works,Chapter 3 Buying Calls Maximizing the Rosy View. Chapter 4 Buying Puts The Positive Side of Pessimism. Chapter 5 Selling Calls Conservative and Profitable. Chapter 6 Selling Puts The Overlooked Strategy, Chapter 7 Closing Positions Cover Close Exercise or Roll. Chapter 8 Paper Trading A Test Run of the Theory, Chapter 9 Calculating the Return A Complex Aspect to Options. Recommended Reading, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from John Wiley.
Getting Started in Advanced Options, This book originally was part of the Getting Started in Options. project However with the 9th edition the book had gotten so. extensive that it was broken into two books In this expanded. book topics are more advanced than in the basic book. Once traders become familiar with the world of options. trading this book helps them to expand their horizons beyond. the basics and to begin to understand specific types of higher. level strategies This includes volatility strategies spreads. straddles synthetics and also explains specific markets such as. index options and options on futures The value in expanding. the topic is not to focus on speculative ways to use options but. to demonstrate how a broad and diverse set of strategies help. manage portfolios and reduce risks Even conservative minded. investors will find many ways to apply options to reduce or. eliminate portfolio risks,Table of Contents,Introduction. Chapter 1 Strategies in Volatile Markets Uncertainty As An Advantage. Chapter 2 Combinations and Spreads Creative Risk Management. Chapter 3 Hedges and Straddles More Creativity, Chapter 4 Options for Specialized Trading Leveraging the Technical Approach. Chapter 5 Options on Futures Leveraging Your Leverage. Chapter 6 Trading Index Options Playing the Broader Market. Chapter 7 Synthetic Positions Tracking the Stock,Chapter 8 Risk Rules of the Game. Chapter 9 Taxes The Wild Card of Options Trading, Chapter 10 Choosing Stocks Finding the Right Ingredients.
Recommended Reading, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from John Wiley. Options Trading for the Conservative Investor, When this book was first proposed to the publisher he asked. How long a book can you write about covered calls Like. many people familiar with this market the idea of conservative. options seemed like a contradiction however there are. numerous ways to use options to reduce risks while also. increasing current income, This book sets up a model portfolio of 10 stocks and then. examines them in application of several different options. strategies all conservative and designed to reduce risks The. covered call is explained in great detail Beyond this the book. also examines contingent purchase strategies rescue strategies. after paper losses occur specific uses of long and short options in. down markets spreads straddles short option combinations and. more One special feature in this book is the calculation of return. scenarios for all 10 stocks for every strategy introduced applying. a variety of strike prices and expiration terms,Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Setting the Ground Rules,Chapter 2 Option Basics.
Chapter 3 Options in Context,Chapter 4 Managing Profits and Losses. Chapter 5 Options as Cash Generators,Chapter 6 Alternatives to Stock Purchase. Chapter 7 Option Strategies in Down Markets,Chapter 8 Combination Conservative Techniques. Chapter 9 Stock Selection and the Option Contract,Appendix Option Trading Strategies. This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press. Options Trading for the Institutional Investor,This book expands on the same approach as Options.
Trading for the Conservative Investor but aimed at a. different audience the manager of an institutional portfolio. This manager faces a dilemma in holding two conflicting. goals maximizing net return while adhering to a strict set of. risk tolerance rules For this reader options are the perfect. Even with widespread knowledge about options in, general many professional investors continue to view. options as high risk Many well publicized instances of. institutional losses from derivatives only support this point. of view However in this book rather than focusing only on. profit potential the importance of risk is also included The. purpose is to provide conservative strategies that will reduce. risks while yielding annualized double digit returns Is this. possible Yes but it also demands discipline an ability to. set and stick to a series of key rules for avoiding big losses. Like the previous book this book is based on a study of a model portfolio of 10 stocks. and each strategies is tested based on a series of strike and expiration outcomes This allows a. reader to compare outcomes between companies and also to evaluate risk and profit potential for. a range of companies and outcomes,Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Setting the Ground Rules,Chapter 2 Option Basics. Chapter 3 Options in Context,Chapter 4 Chart Based Analysis. Chapter 5 Managing Profits and Losses,Chapter 6 Options as Cash Generators.
Chapter 7 The 1 2 3 Iron Butterfly,Chapter 8 The Dividend Collar. Chapter 9 Alternatives to Stock Purchase,Chapter 10 Option Strategies in Down Markets. Chapter 11 Combination Conservative Techniques,Chapter 12 Rick Evaluation Techniques. Chapter 13 Stock Selection and the Option Contract. Appendix Option Trading Strategies, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press. The Options Trading Body of Knowledge, This encyclopedic reference contains a large amount of.
detail about options It includes market overview and a. complete analysis of risks elements of value and, methods for calculating returns and criteria for option. selection Strategies cover more than 100 pages with all. strategies illustrated completely The glossary takes 80. pages and includes all of the popular terminology options. traders will encounter,With more than 80 charts and graphs this highly. visual book is an authoritative reference for the options. industry Traders at all levels of experience will find. value in the 280 pages of information contained here. One feature worth note is the extensive listing of. strategies For each one a chart summarizes outcomes as. of expiration for stock movement at several different. prices This helps articulate risk levels in a particular. strategy helping readers appreciate which strategies. match their risk tolerance,Table of Contents,Introduction. Chapter 1 Market Overview,Chapter 2 Market Risks,Chapter 3 Elements of Value. Chapter 4 Return Calculations,Chapter 5 Options and Stock Selection.
Chapter 6 Option Taxation,Chapter 7 Option Strategies A C. Chapter 8 Option Strategies D P,Chapter 9 Option Strategies R Z. Chapter 10 Online Resources,Chapter 11 Option Print Resources. Chapter 12 Option Glossary,Appendix Options Listings. This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press. Options for Risk Free Portfolios, This book is devoted to one strategy the dividend collar This.
strategy combines ownership of stock with a covered call and. a long put The purpose is to open positions for little or no. cost the short call pays for the long put in time to earn a. quarterly dividend and then close the position By rolling this. through different stocks every month it converts quarterly. dividends to monthly dividends As a result dividends are. increased substantially,For example a series of companies paying 4 annual. dividends consists of 1 per quarter Earning these dividends. every month yields 12 a set of four quarterly dividends for. each of three different companies,There are numerous variations of the strategy and. these are not always easy to find However with patience and. diligence traders can find plenty of opportunities in timing of. dividend based trades,Table of Contents, Introduction The Quest for High Return and Low Risk. 1 The Dividend Portfolio an Overview,2 Managing and Reducing Risk with Options. 3 The Advantage of the Covered Call,4 Downside Protection the Insurance Put.
5 The Collar Removing All of the Risk,6 Rolling the Stock Positions Turning 4 into 12. 7 Examples of the Basic Strategy,8 Modification The Installment Collar Approach. 9 Expanding into the Ratio Write Dividend Collar, 10 More Expansion Creating the Variable Ratio Write Dividend Collar. 11 Modifying the Strategy with Synthetic Stock Positions. Epilogue The Great Value in Patience, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from Palgrave Macmillan. Options for Swing Trading, Options traders tend to adopt swing trading naturally as a.
logical method for maximizing current income The problem. with using stock is that great risks are involved especially in. shorting stock to time bearish moves The risk problems are. solved with a variety of option based swing trading. strategies, Many swing traders using shares of stock are involved. only in bullish timing due to the high risks and costs of. shorting stock The same advantage is gained using long puts. or short calls to engage in bearish timing This and many. additional options based strategies make swing trading more. practical Options are highly flexible so market risk is. controlled with skillful use of options in a timing strategy. Options combine risk management and leverage to, expand swing trading into a working system to create added. profits without increasing risks A short term trader faces the. unending dilemma of timing trades and managing risks. Options solve both of these concerns while adding to a. trader s flexibility in selecting strategies for trading. Table of Contents, Introduction Problems of Risk in Most Trading Systems. 1 Options Trading Basics,2 Swing Trading The Basics. 3 Dangerous Waters Risk Inherent in Comprehensive Swing Based Strategies. 4 Marginal Potential Leverage Limitations in Swing Trading with Stock. 5 Elegant Solutions Options to Address the Risk and Leverage Issues. 6 In and Out Entry and Exit Criteria for Swing Trading. 7 Powerful Timing Tools Expanding Swing Signals with Candlestick Reversals. 8 Flexing Your Muscle The Power of Options Close to Expiration. 9 Swings Maximized Timing the Swing with Ex Dividend Date. 10 Strategy 1 Long Option Approach a Basic Solution. 11 Strategy 2 Long Short Call Strategy Uncovered Short Side. 12 Strategy 3 Long Short Call Strategy Covered Short Side. 13 Strategy 4 Long Short Call Strategy Ratio Writing on the Short Side. 14 Strategy 5 Long Short Put Strategy,15 Strategy 6 Short Option Strategy.
16 Strategy 7 Synthetic Option Positions Strategy, 17 Strategy 8 Multiple Contracts and Weighting with Ratio Calendar Spreads. 18 Strategy 9 Expanded Iron Butterfly Swing Trading. Epilogue The Big Picture Swing Trading and Your Portfolio. Notes Bibliography, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from Palgrave Macmillan. Getting Started in Stock Analysis,This book examines two broad forms of analysis. fundamental and technical The concept here is that. investors and traders need both because they work, together and affect one another Focusing on only the. fundamental or only the technical eliminates half of the. world of valuable insight about how and why stock,prices move.
The book is heavily illustrated with graphs and, charts including stock charts highlighting specific. formations for price volume and other indicators, Traders interested in short term trades and investors. pursuing a more conservative buy and hold strategy will. both benefit from the information in this book It is. aimed at the new investor so the numerous examples and. definitions in sidebars help speed up the learning curve. Valuable resources and key points provide additional. sidebars to break up the narrative and make the process. both interesting and thorough,Table of Contents,Part I Fundamental Analysis. Chapter 1 Financial Statement sin Overview,Chapter 2 How Reliable Are the Financial Reports. Chapter 3 Balance Sheet Ratios Testing Working Capital. Chapter 4 Income Statement Ratios Trends and Profits. Chapter 5 Five Key Trends Every Investor Needs,Chapter 6 The Annual Report and What It Reveals.
Chapter 7 Fundamentals Not on the Statement,Part II Technical Analysis. Chapter 8 Theories and What They Mean,Chapter 9 Charting and Its Value. Chapter 10 Trends and How to Study Them,Chapter 11 Moving Averages and Their Value. Chapter 12 Price Indicators,Chapter 13 Volume Indicators. Chapter 14 Momentum Oscillators,Chapter 15 Confirmation the Key to Timing.
This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from John Wiley. Getting Started in Stock Investing and Trading, This edition contains the same useful features as other books in. the Getting Start In series definitions in context examples. checklists illustrations key points and valuable resources. This all makes the learning process easier and reduces. confusion or uncertainty, The book contains two major sections investing and. trading In the first section topics include investment risks. strategies and fundamental analysis among other topics In the. second section the topics are more technical trading risks. methods and the use of charts and chart based signals. The purpose of this book is to provide a novice investor. or trader with a broad overview of the market terminology and. important things to know or to investigate further No one can. easily just begin investing or trading without some education. and this book is designed to take a reader through all of the. necessary steps,Table of Contents,Part I Investing. Chapter 1 The Nature of Stock Investing,Chapter 2 Investment Risks. Chapter 3 Value Investment and Growth Investment,Chapter 4 Market Strategies.
Chapter 5 Fundamental Analysis,Chapter 6 Dividend Strategies. Chapter 7 Alternatives Stocks or Mutual Funds,Part II Trading. Chapter 8 The Nature of Stock Trading,Chapter 9 Trading Risks. Chapter 10 Trading Methods Day and Swing Trading,Chapter 11 Charting Tools and Interpretation. Chapter 12 Essential Technical Indicators,Chapter 13 Signals and Confirmation.
Chapter 14 Technical Analysis Dow Theory and Practice. Recommended Reading, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from John Wiley. Bloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting,This encyclopedic treatment of candlesticks. provides details on all of the signals both,reversal and continuation In addition to the. introductory sections the alphabetical,summary of candlesticks covers more than. 200 pages all with illustrations of the,signal as well as how they appear on charts.
and what price action follows,A second alphabetical section. explains numerous technical confirmation,signals also with actual stock chart. examples The book is fully illustrated with,detailed explanations of all candlestick. signals This will provide a valuable reference for technicians chartists and traders at all levels of. experience,Table of Contents,Introduction The Value of Candlestick Charting. Chapter 1 Types of Charts,Chapter 2 The History of Candlesticks.
Chapter 3 Candlesticks and Their Attributes,Chapter 4 Pitfalls of Candlesticks. Chapter 5 Confirmation,Chapter 6 The Six Basic Candlesticks. Chapter 7 Candlestick Alphabetical Entries, Chapter 8 Noncandlestick Confirmation Indicators and Terms. Appendix Bloomberg Functionality Cheat Sheet,Bibliography. This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from John Wiley. Profiting from Technical Analysis and Candlestick Indicators. This book was written to explain a trading theory, developed over two years of trading in a virtual portfolio.
The author completed 578 trades using option contracts. of which more than 91 6 were profitable Average, annual return was 35 The results of all of these trades. can be viewed at Virtual Portfolio Results,The elements that went into developing this. trading system are carefully and completely documented. This includes the core idea that signals are most, meaningful near resistance and support and the strength. of signals relies on the strength and momentum of the. preceding trend The book examines the nature of reversal. and continuation signals consisting of candlesticks and. confirmed by traditional signals and price patterns. moving averages volume and momentum oscillators,The hypothesis underlying this book was further. documented in a paper submitted to the peer review. publication Journal of Technical Analysis JOTA That. paper will be published in late 2015,Table of Contents.
Introduction The Self Fulfilling Prophecy, Chapter 1 Charting Techniques Predicting the Future. Chapter 2 Traditional Analysis the Power of Pattern Recognition. Chapter 3 Candlestick Patterns Recognizing Evolving Strength or Weakness. Chapter 4 Reversal Signals Spotting the Turning Point. Chapter 5 Continuation Signals the Mid Trend Signs. Chapter 6 Combining West and East Candlesticks and the Technical Signs. Chapter 7 Confirmation an Essential Second Part of a Signal. Chapter 8 Support and Resistance Key Price Points in the Trend. Chapter 9 Moving Averages Finding Statistical Correlation. Chapter 10 Volume Indicators Confirmation of Price. Chapter 11 Momentum Indicators the Exhaustion Point. Chapter 12 Signals Failures and False Indicators the Misguiding Signal. Chapter 13 Beyond the Signal Candlestick Pattern Moves. Chapter 14 Risk Reduction Methods Using Charting Techniques to Manage Risk. Appendix A Hypothesis Summary,Appendix B Hypothesis Testing. This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press. A Technical Approach to Trend Analysis, This is a thorough study of the nature of stock trends. Unlike many theories this book suggests that there are. three trend directions upward downward and sideways. consolidation Many have identified consolidation as a. period of indecision between trends however this book. makes the case that consolidation is a trend in its own. right that specific methods can be applied to forecast. breakout and that a sideways price pattern can be studied. just as well as bullish or bearish price moves,The book also lays the foundation for trend. analysis by explaining trend theories and by, demonstrating why statistical analysis is so difficult.
Unlike fixed population statistical calculations the stock. price is constantly changing so other methods of analysis. are required including the probability matrix approach. to the trend itself This is a method for determining the. likely trend duration and strength and forecasting reversal. The book also makes a distinction between reversal. and continuation found in signals based on price volume. moving averages gaps and momentum,Table of Contents. Illustration List,Introduction Defining the Trend, Chapter 1 The Theory of Trends Dow EMH and RMH in context. Chapter 2 Statistically Speaking Trends by the Numbers. Chapter 3 Resistance and Support A Trend s Moment of Truth. Chapter 4 Trendlines and Channel Lines The Shape of Things to Come. Chapter 5 Reversal Patterns End of the Trend, Chapter 6 Continuation Patterns A Bend in the Trend. Chapter 7 Confirmation Signals Turning the Odds in Your Favor. Chapter 8 Consolidation Patterns The Sideways Pause. Chapter 9 Volume Signals Tracking Price Trends, Chapter 10 Mind the Gap When Price Jumps Signal Change. Chapter 11 Moving Averages Order in the Change, Chapter 12 Momentum Oscillators Duration and Speed of a Trend.
Chapter 13 Volatility Marking Risk within the Trend. Chapter 14 Fundamentals Connecting the Two Sides,Chapter 15 Overview Putting It All Together. Bibliography, This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press. Trading with Candlesticks,This book introduces the trader to the world of. candlesticks Although many traders are familiar with. candlestick charts and the patterns they reveal they may. not be aware of the power of the candlestick signal nor. how to maximize its use In this book all of the popular. candlestick signals are demonstrated both in appearance. and in application using actual stock charts,The book is heavily illustrated and use friendly. in many ways For example as terms are introduced they. are defined in sidebars While the intended audience is any. trader who wants to find out more about candlesticks it is. also a good reference for experienced technical traders. who want to master the skill of using candlesticks for. improved timing of entry and exit, As the sub title says candlesticks are visual tools.
for improved technical analysis and timing The goal of. this book was to provide readers with all they need to. effectively use candlestick charts and signals,Table of Contents. Introduction,Chapter 1 The Basic Candlestick,Chapter 2 Single Stick Signs. Chapter 3 Double Stick Moves,Chapter 4 Complex Stick Patterns. Chapter 5 Reversal Pattern Analysis,Chapter 6 Volume and Volatility. Chapter 7 Buy and Sell Setup Signals,Chapter 8 Swing Trading with Candlesticks.
Chapter 9 Spotting Trends and Using Trendlines,Chapter 10 Technical Indicators. This book can be ordered on Amazon com or directly from FT Press.

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