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1 Introduction 2,2 Definitions 2,2 1 Dynamic Data Masking DDM 2. 2 2 Static Data Masking SDM Data Obfuscation 2,2 3 Data Encryption 3. 2 4 Data Tokenization 3,2 5 Format Preserving Encryption FPE 4. 2 6 De Identification Anonymization 4,3 Data Classification and Data Security Policy 4. 3 1 Protecting Data at Rest 5,3 2 Protecting Data in Transit 5.
3 3 Protecting Data in Use 5,3 4 Consistent Data Security Policy 5. 4 Deciding Which Method is Most Appropriate 6, 4 1 Internal Policy or Regulatory Compliance Requirements 6. 4 2 Fields with Embedded Logic 6,4 3 Structured vs Unstructured Data 7. 4 4 Field Size 7,4 5 Data Residency 7,4 6 Cloud Hosting 7. 4 7 Hadoop Big Data 8,5 Data Centric Security Solution Checklist 8.
6 Summary 8, 7 About Protegrity Proven Experts in Data Security 9. Methods of Data Protection White Paper 1,1 Introduction. Data protection comes in many forms Conventional methods include good data. governance network firewalls Intrusion Prevention Systems IPS Identity Management. IDM semantic layer row and column level security RLS CLS Role Based Access Controls. RBAC activity monitoring encryption tokenization masking obfuscation and many more. This whitepaper will focus on a data centric approach that provides an essential additional. layer of security for protecting sensitive data today. Data centric protection is focused on the data itself protecting it wherever it is stored at rest. moved or copied in transit and accessed or used in use Protection can be coarse grained. protecting entire disk volumes directory contents or files or fine grained protecting the. individual values in fields or columns Data centric protection can be enforced using a variety. of methods depending on the particular use case or data repository. 2 Definitions, Many of the terms used to describe data protection methods are misused creating confusion. in the marketplace The following provides a lexicon for the different data protection methods. and how these terms are used in this document,2 1 Dynamic Data Masking DDM. DDM does not alter the cleartext data at rest Views are created that mask all or part s of the. data when displayed to the user While many systems require this added security most. databases do this natively within views or other means The term masking is often misused to. describe almost any data protection process,Cleartext vs Dynamically Masked Data.
381 58 6294 XXX XX 6294 OR NOT SHOWN,2 2 Static Data Masking SDM Data Obfuscation. SDM alters the cleartext data to create values that often look much like production data but. contain no real data and is used frequently in development or test environments Obfuscated. data cannot be reversed to return to the original data. One way hash algorithms use encryption technology to achieve this in a consistent way where. the message digest hash value will be binary data which is irreversible and cannot be stored. using the original data type Most data obfuscation tools generate output that looks like. original data and can continue to be stored using the same data type and character set. Methods of Data Protection White Paper 2,Cleartext vs Obfuscated Data. John W Smith Mark S Wilson,2 3 Data Encryption, Encryption technology utilizes mathematical algorithms and cryptographic keys to alter data. into binary ciphertext It is reversible only using the correct key with the algorithm There are. many forms of data encryption various key strengths and other options Encrypted ciphertext. output is binary data and looks nothing like the original cleartext and normally requires. changing the data type for the field,Cleartext vs Encrypted Ciphertext. 4472 8302 9115 3562 J a Bi0 2 5ea a,2 4 Data Tokenization.
Tokenization has existed since before there were computers In its most basic form it is simply. substituting a randomly generated value token for a cleartext value and keeping a lookup. table token vault in a secure place which maps the cleartext value to the corresponding. token The token data type and length typically remains the same as the cleartext and the. token lookup table becomes the key allowing the cleartext value to be retrieved from the. token However as the tokenized data set grows and IT infrastructure becomes more complex. these dynamic token lookup tables quickly become unmanageable. Protegrity provides an elegant and efficient Vaultless Tokenization solution PVT that uses. small static token tables to create unique random token values without the need for a. dynamic token lookup table The result is a highly scalable flexible and powerful protection. method for structured or semi structured data,Cleartext vs Tokenized Data. jsmith protegrity com uycdoi stsrekajvp com,2 5 Format Preserving Encryption FPE. Format Preserving Encryption provides some benefits of both encryption also uses standards. based mathematical algorithm and tokenization also can preserve same data type as original. cleartext data,Methods of Data Protection White Paper 3. However these combined benefits come at a cost FPE requires the same CPU cycles to. encrypt then additional processing to convert the binary ciphertext into the same data type as. the original and avoid collisions the same output for two different input values resulting. from converting a larger binary field into a smaller alpha numeric or alphanumeric data type. Limited support for extreme field lengths and various data types are also negative factors in. the use of FPE FPE may be referred to by other names such as Data Type Preserving. Encryption DTPE,2 6 De Identification Anonymization. De identification is the more general term or catch all phrase for anonymizing data to. render the actual person the records are associated with nearly impossible to identify using the. remainder of the cleartext data For example a customer table where the Name Address. Phone DOB and Email fields are in some way masked obfuscated encrypted or tokenized. while the remainder of the fields like State Country Income Type of Customer and other. fields are left in the clear,Original vs De Identified Record.
John W Smith Owner Detroit MI 248 632 1292,Ueqa K Hvapi Owner Orlaqnt MI 248 999 9999. 3 Data Classification and Data Security Policy, In order to sufficiently de identify or anonymize records the fields which will be protected. must be defined and codified in an organization s data security policy according to industry or. regulatory compliance mandates The data classification schema should specify the minimum. list of fields that must be protected such as SSN Credit Card PAN DOB Last Name etc and. a list of recommended additional fields for less secure or more broadly accessed systems. These additional fields such as First Name City Email Phone Number etc would then also. be protected in situations where it is clearly warranted. Even after de identifying the most sensitive identifying fields a clever data analyst could craft. carefully constructed WHERE predicates and filters on the remaining unprotected fields to. narrow the result set down to a single or small number of individuals if they know enough. about the target However this type of activity is highly abnormal and easy to detect or block. with basic activity monitoring and anomaly detection. A good data classification schema should also specify which data should be protected in. transit at rest and in use The method of protection will more likely be a platform specific. decision using a centralized policy driven approach that supports multiple data protection. Methods of Data Protection White Paper 4, It s also important to consider protecting data at rest in transit and in use Each of these states. are present in different areas of the enterprise and provide different challenges for performance. and usability,3 1 Protecting Data at Rest, At rest protection depends on the media and circumstance Full media encryption coarse. grained is the obvious choice for portable or removal media such as off site archive tapes or. laptop hard drives or cell phone flash memory cards At rest encryption at a fine grained field or. column level has particular disadvantages Data type changes to VarByte binary larger field. size support issues for systems or applications not supporting binary data fields etc. Tokenization is an excellent solution for at rest data protection for many reasons Data can. readily move between systems transparent to databases or applications where access to. original cleartext values are not required No changes are made to data type field size or. supported character sets In addition some applications and data repositories do not support. VarByte data so tokenization may be the only option. 3 2 Protecting Data in Transit, In transit is most often the domain of network traffic encryption protocols SFTP HTTPS SSL.
TLS but field level protection such as tokenization or encryption can also be used to add an. additional layer of security for data as it flows between systems. 3 3 Protecting Data in Use, The biggest challenge to protecting these particularly sensitive data fields is when they are in. use by users and business processes Typically only 1 to 3 of the total data volume in a. large database warrants the application of fine grained protection In addition up to 80 to. 90 of all business analytics can be performed on the data in its protected form Therefore. only 10 to 20 of the access to only 1 to 3 of the data will require any additional. processing overhead, Business users and organizations are consistently surprised at how infrequently sensitive data. fields like SSN or Credit Card PAN actually need to be accessed in full cleartext Both. encryption and tokenization can be used without compromising referential integrity A unique. primary index field will still be a unique primary index A tokenized field can still be used as an. Index Column or Primary Foreign Key Pair PK FK The same database joins can be performed. on protected columns without unprotecting the data. In many ways fine grained security can become a business enabler by allowing legitimate. business users broader access to data while simultaneously improving the overall security. posture and achieving policy and regulatory compliance The same applies to analytics. performed within less mature environments such as Hadoop or data stored and processed. through Cloud Services or Software as a Service SaaS providers. 3 4 Consistent Data Security Policy, Another important consideration for a data centric approach is being able to apply data. security policy consistently across all data states in all environments throughout the. organization The same protection method s limited access rights accountability and tamper. Methods of Data Protection White Paper 5, proof audit trail needs to be applied consistently all the way upstream and downstream in the. data flow A customer SSN first entered into a web form should remain protected on the web. server the application server enterprise data warehouse data lake or archive media The data. should be equally protected consistent with policy at all times from cradle to grave regardless. of the platform used for data processing analytics or storage. Protection of Data At Rest In Transit In Use,UxisVUn6i gKFdqkSnPiQ raIf S70q53.
PmhICkD M1Aukzj9B7Zn sTymjw21a,At Rest In Transit In Use. File Applications,Database Cloud,Hadoop Web,4 Deciding Which Method is Most Appropriate. In many circumstances the choice of protection method is obvious For instance using data. obfuscation when copying data tables containing sensitive data from a secure production. environment to a less secure development environment or using masking to hide the. characters being typed into a web form field containing a password Situations where data. masking or data obfuscation are the obvious choice are normally straight forward and are not. the focus of this document, The choice of data centric data protection becomes much more challenging when more. complex environments with multiple conflicting variables are involved The most challenging. decision typically comes down to when to tokenize and when to encrypt This is not a black or. white decision It is better to visualize a continuum where tokenization and encryption are on. opposite ends each representing the best option where the other would be impractical or a. poor fit and a grey area between where either protection method could be used. An enterprise solution must support multiple options to provide the necessary flexibility to. protect all sensitive data and meet or exceed all unique data privacy protection and. governance requirements, 4 1 Internal Policy or Regulatory Compliance Requirements. In some situations internal policy or regulatory security standards may mandate one method. over the other Today most regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA allow both methods but. these standards usually lag behind newly available or emerging data protection technology. 4 2 Fields with Embedded Logic, If there is logic embedded in specific character positions within a field e g Credit Card PAN.
or SSN that need to be accessed frequently then tokenization is probably a better fit For. example exposing the first two and last four digits of a credit card PAN or the last 4 of a SSN. while protecting the rest of the field enables the vast majority of access to the column to only. need access to the protected form Tokenization provides a lot more flexibility in configuring. rules specific to different data field contents,Methods of Data Protection White Paper 6. 4 3 Structured vs Unstructured Data, The more standardized and consistent the contents of a field the better the fit for. tokenization For example SSN is a great candidate Fields with data quality issues or complex. irregular fields such as Passport Number which could contain alpha and or numeric characters. in different positions in different lengths are more complicated to configure for tokenization. Tokenization is also more sensitive to data quality issues If a field is supposed to contain only. numeric digits and records are added that contain alpha characters for example the token. lookup tables would have to support an alphanumeric character set versus a much smaller. numeric digits only character domain However tokenization can easily be configured to. bypass or skip over specific characters such as the dashes in a SSN field. 4 4 Field Size, When protecting a particularly small field 1 or 2 characters encryption is the only option Even. T F logical fields can be encrypted with an initialization vector Tokenization is limited by the. width of the token lookup table used and is generally only practical for fields of three or more. characters Very large fields like freeform comment fields CLOB greater than 100 characters. that could contain hundreds or thousands of characters are also not good candidates for. tokenization, If a protected field must be accessed most frequently in cleartext encryption can also be faster. than tokenization especially for large fields as encryption requires the same processing for a 2. character field as for a 16 character field However for standard structured fields of limited. length 3 to 15 characters tokenization is more often the ideal solution. 4 5 Data Residency, Data residency regulations are becoming a significant challenge for data that must cross.
borders as in some cloud applications Often they require data to be de identified but in. some cases they do not allow particular sensitive data to cross borders at all in the original. clear text form or even encrypted In such cases only tokenization can be used as the data is. considered replaced rather than encoded,4 6 Cloud Hosting. The growing use of cloud services Application Service Providers ASP Software as a Service. SaaS and other outsourcing of data center operations database or application hosting. introduces another significant dimension to be considered and managed Cloud services can. be provided in a private cloud or public cloud Data may also reside on shared or dedicated. infrastructure and servers This ultimately results in a shift in data security management from. managing technical controls to managing contracts that stipulate the implementation of. equivalent technical controls CISO s need to shift from managing security technology to. incorporating their industry and policy compliance requirements into cloud hosting contracts. There are several options to consider for protecting sensitive or regulated data while. leveraging external cloud services besides the obvious shift to more of a contractual. management approach This can result in security being a business enabler if done right New. lower cost data processing opportunities may be enabled by the CISO finding a way to achieve. the same or improved data protection and compliance through a cloud services model. Methods of Data Protection White Paper 7,Approaches to consider include. 1 Contractually migrate the same data security controls to the cloud environment making the. cloud service providers contractually responsible An important factor to consider with this. approach is who the end consumer trusted with their PII Being protected contractually. may not be aligned with customer perception of responsibility for protecting their PII. 2 Keep data privacy and access control in house by de identifying or protecting data prior to. sharing with external cloud services providers then unprotecting for authorized users at. run time when data is retrieved or accessed This can be achieved through gateway. services that intercept data being sent over a Virtual Private Network VPN to a cloud. services provider and protect encrypt tokenize mask the outbound data and re identify or. unprotect the data coming back from the cloud hosting provider. Remember the old adage Outsource everything but common sense and security For heavily. regulated industries such as finance and healthcare outsourcing security may be the only. choice but that doesn t mean you should abandon common sense measures. 4 7 Hadoop Big Data, Hadoop and associated technology offers great promise for organizations to reduce data. analytics costs and achieve scale when leveraging big data However this is also a very new. technology where the focus has traditionally been on scalability and performance with data. security or privacy as only very minor considerations. Although the emphasis is changing in the open source community and the leading Hadoop. distribution vendors are increasingly focusing on data security features and functionality. Hadoop still has a long way to go to match the security features and functionality provided by. traditional RDBMS data repositories Adding an additional data centric layer of security. becomes even more important when there are fewer traditional layers of security to rely on. 5 Data Centric Security Solution Checklist, Each of the following are important functional and operational requirements to look for in a. data centric fine grained data protection solution. A single centralized solution that works across all core platforms. Scalable flexible protection methods, Separation of duties between DBA Sys Admin and Security Admin.
Enterprise grade encryption key or token lookup table management. Tamper proof audit trail,Transparent as possible to authorized end users. High availability HA,Accountability at the end user level. Optional localized or remote unprotect functionality. No single data protection method is ideal for all situations It is important to select an enterprise. solution that provides comprehensive functionality a flexible range of data protection options. broad platform and data type support and with a proven record of success in production. implementations,Methods of Data Protection White Paper 8. Also keep in mind that one method by itself may not address all of your needs and that a. combination of multiple methods may better address a particular use case For instance you may. choose a non data centric method such as volume encryption for data at rest while protecting. certain structured sensitive data fields with tokenization for security in use. Due to the variety of data being generated today in addition to the increased adoption of new. platforms flexibility may be the most important aspect to your data security solution Careful. review of your requirements should allow you to easily match them with the appropriate data. security methods and ensure that your selected security vendor or in house solution includes. everything you need to meet the requirements, 7 About Protegrity Proven Experts in Data Security. Protegrity is the only enterprise data security software platform that leverages scalable data centric. encryption tokenization and masking to help businesses secure sensitive information while. maintaining data usability Built for complex heterogeneous business environments the Protegrity. Data Security Platform provides unprecedented levels of data security certified across applications. data warehouses mainframes big data and cloud environments Companies trust Protegrity to. help them manage risk achieve compliance enable business analytics and confidently adopt new. Protegrity is headquartered in Stamford Connecticut USA with regional offices around the. For additional information visit www protegrity com or call 1 203 326 7200. Copyright 2015 Protegrity Corporation All rights reserved Protegrity and the Protegrity logo are trademarks of. Protegrity Corporation All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Corporate Headquarters United Kingdom,Protegrity USA Inc 3 Regius Court.
5 High Ridge Park 2nd Floor Church Road,www protegrity com. Stamford CT 06905 Penn Buckinghamshire,Phone 1 203 326 7200 HP10 8RL. Phone 44 01494 857762,Methods of Data Protection White Paper 9.

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