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CHF MEDIA FUND,IMPORTANT NOTICE, The CHF Media Fund is a Complying Fund and so is not a UCIS. This means that the CHF Media Fund is not subject to the. marketing restrictions introduced by the Financial Conduct. Authority FCA in respect of non mainstream pooled,investments and can be marketed to retail clients. Key risks are explained on pages 30 to 35 of this Information. Memorandum and should be carefully considered, This document describes arrangements by which Investors who. wish to make venture capital investments in Seed EIS and EIS. qualifying companies which carry on the business of developing. producing and monetising family and children s entertainment. shows or concepts have appointed Sapia Partners LLP a limited. liability partnership registered in England and Wales with the. registered number OC354934 and whose registered office. is at 134 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1W 9SA the. Manager to act as their common discretionary investment. fund manager and to manage the investments which are made. on their behalf The Manager is authorised by the FCA to act. as an investment fund manager its FCA registration number. is 550103 In connection with its discretionary investment. management services the Manager will be advised by CHF. Enterprises Limited an English private limited company with the. registered number 08321672 and with its registered address at 2. Hurle Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2SY CHF Enterprises These. arrangements constitute the CHF Media Fund, This document constitutes a financial promotion relating to. the CHF Media Fund and is both issued and approved by the. Manager for the purposes of section 21 of the Financial Services. and Markets Act 2000 FSMA, The Manager has taken all reasonable care to ensure that this.
Information Memorandum is fair clear and not misleading but. the statements of opinion or belief contained in this document. regarding future events constitute its own assessment and. interpretation of information available to it at the date of issue. of this document and no representation is made that such. statements are correct or that the objectives of the CHF Media. Fund will be achieved Additionally some information contained. in this document has been obtained from published sources. prepared by other parties and no responsibility is assumed for. the accuracy or completeness of such information Accordingly. each prospective Investor must determine for himself herself. what reliance if any he she should place on such statements. and information and no responsibility is accepted by the. Manager in respect thereof The information and illustrations in. this document are stated as at 1st March 2016,INFORMATION MEMORANDUM. The information contained in this Information Memorandum. makes reference to the current laws of England and Wales. concerning SEIS EIS Relief and associated tax benefits as at. the date of the Information Memorandum The levels and bases. of relief may be subject to change The Tax Reliefs referred to. herein are those currently available and are of summary nature. only The application and value of such Tax Reliefs depends. upon individual circumstances of each Investor Accordingly. the Tax Reliefs may or may not apply to any specific individual. depending on their circumstances and may change or be. withdrawn by the government or the taxation authorities If you. are in any doubt as to your position you are strongly advised to. consult your professional adviser before making an investment. This Information Memorandum does not constitute an approved. prospectus within the meaning of section 85 7 of FSMA. and it does not constitute an offer to the public in the United. Kingdom or elsewhere You must represent and warrant to the. Manager that amongst other things you are able to receive the. Information Memorandum without violating applicable laws. This Information Memorandum should not be considered as a. recommendation or advice in any form by the Manager CHF. Enterprises or their respective subsidiaries parent undertakings. affiliates including their respective directors shareholders. partners officers employees agents or advisers to invest and. each potential Investor must make his her own independent. assessment of the merits or otherwise of investing in the CHF. Media Fund and should take his her own professional advice. Prospective Investors should not regard the contents of the. Information Memorandum as constituting advice relating. to legal taxation or investment matters It is very important. that prospective Investors carefully read and fully understand. this document and the risks involved with the arrangements. described in this document The opportunity described in this. document is not suitable for all investors, You should seek your own independent advice and then rely. on your own independent assessment of the CHF Media Fund. nothing in this document constitutes tax legal or investment. advice The value of any investment may go down as well as up. and an Investor may lose all or any of the amounts originally. invested Please note that applications may only be made and. will only be accepted subject to the terms and conditions of the. Investor s Agreement a copy of which can be found on page 40. of this Information Memorandum,CHF MEDIA FUND,THE MANAGER TAX ADVISERS SOLICITORS. Sapia Partners LLP a limited liability R W Blears LLP an English limited liability. partnership registered in England and Wales partnership with the registered number. with the registered number OC354934 and OC349449 and whose registered address is 125. whose registered office is at 134 Buckingham Old Broad Street London EC2N 1AR. Palace Road London SW1W 9SA Authorised,and regulated by the FCA under number. 550103 CREATIVE SECTOR TAX CREDITS, STRATEGIC ADVISER Saffery Champness an English private limited.
company with the registered number 01851581, CHF Enterprises Limited an English private and whose registered address is Lion House. limited company with the registered number Red Lion Street London WC1R 4GB. 08321672 and with its registered address at 2,Hurle Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2SY. ADMINISTRATOR Studio Six Bristol www studio6 co uk. Creation Design Bristol www creationdesign,The City Partnership UK Limited a private co uk. limited company incorporated in Scotland with,the registered number SC269164 and whose. registered address is Thistle House 21 Thistle,Street Edinburgh EH2 1DF.
CHF Nominees Limited an English private,limited company with registered number. 09060750 and with its registered address at 2,Hurle Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2SY. INFORMATION MEMORANDUM,Introduction to Cosgrove Hall. Foreword by Sir David Jason OBE,CHF Media Fund Investment Strategy. Development Production and,Investment Process LEGAL NOTES.
Exit Strategy,ABOUT US Tax Advantages,The CHF Creative Commercial How to Apply. Fund Mechanics,12 Regulatory Information,Creative Sector Tax Credits 30. 15 Risk Factors,Monetisation of the Shows or Concepts 36. 16 Definitions,The Market and Potential Investment 40. Returns Investor s Agreement,Fees and Charges,www chfenterprises co uk.
INTRODUCTION TO COSGROVE HALL, Manchester based Cosgrove Hall was formed in 1976 by Brian Cosgrove and his business partner the late Mark. Hall Their enthusiasm and creative brilliance was immediately recognised resulting in the studio quickly. establishing itself as the leading producer of animated programmes in the UK creating shows and films that. have entertained and are continuing to entertain millions of people all over the world. Over the past four decades Cosgrove Hall have created it does best producing high quality imaginative and. or produced such iconic children s programmes as trusted family entertainment for children and their. Danger Mouse which was regularly watched by 21 families across the globe. million viewers Count Duckula The BFG The Wind, CHF s new suite of shows and concepts are produced. in the Willows Postman Pat and Roary the Racing, in the UK by a highly talented creative team CHF fully. Car to list just a few During their illustrious careers. support the Government s Creative Sector Tax Credits. Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall chalked up over 25 000. and use of the EIS and the SEIS to fund and monetise. minutes or approximately 1 000 episodes of animation. new animation productions and concepts through, and scooped a host of awards including six BAFTAs and. broadcast digital and organic media,two international Emmys.
By investing in the CHF Media Fund an Investor,More recently the success of Cosgrove Hall was. not only has the opportunity to become part of the. highlighted at the 2012 British Academy Children s. Cosgrove Hall tradition of creating or producing,Awards when Brian Cosgrove was presented with a. internationally renowned original intelligent and, special award for his outstanding creative contribution. educational family entertainment much loved by,to the industry. children and their parents but also sharing in the. In 2011 Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall came out of potential of commercial returns enjoyed by the likes of. retirement to form CHF Entertainment the production Peppa Pig Thomas and Friends Bob the Builder and. arm of Cosgrove Hall which has become a creative many other children s favourites. force to be reckoned with and is now back doing what. FOREWORD BY SIR DAVID JASON OBE,Having been involved with Cosgrove Hall.
Films for many years I was delighted to join,forces with Brian Cosgrove Simon Hall and. Adrian Wilkins when they set up the new,Cosgrove Hall CHF Media Group I knew the. production company CHF Entertainment,would be vibrant and imaginative with. wonderful exciting new characters to,emerge I was absolutely delighted to have. helped to launch Pip Ahoy and to have been,invited to voice some of the characters I am.
now enjoying seeing these new characters,come to life on our television screens. capturing the hearts of families across the,UK and beyond. SIR DAVID JASON OBE, CHF were delighted when long time friend of Cosgrove Hall Sir David. Jason OBE agreed to come on board as a voice actor in CHF s new suite. of animated shows But what is more the good news did not end there Sir. David also accepted the invitation to become an ambassador of CHF Media. Group as well as personally investing in the underlying companies. With a long and established relationship with Cosgrove Hall Sir David has. provided the voices for a number of the studio s animation series in the past. including Wind in the Willows Count Duckula BFG and the iconic Danger. Mouse and more recently to a number of characters in Pip Ahoy CHF s. latest show on television,CHF MEDIA FUND INVESTMENT STRATEGY. The CHF Media Fund may invest in companies which individually own the intellectual property rights to a new. family entertainment concept or show either originated or developed by CHF The capital raised will be used to. develop produce and monetise the shows or concepts. The CHF Media Fund aims to invest in a selection of EIS SEIS AND CREATIVE SECTOR. shows or concepts both those in development and,TAX CREDITS.
or in production An explanation of what constitutes. a show or concept in development and a show or, concept in production is set out on page 6 of this. The CHF Media Fund s investments in investee,Information Memorandum. companies with shows or concepts in production, The success of investee companies will derive from should qualify for EIS Relief while Investments in. all revenue inflows relating to their intellectual investee companies with shows or concepts in. property rights such as broadcasting licensing and development should typically qualify for SEIS Relief. merchandising sales The potential returns to Investors. As a consequence the Investors in the CHF Media Fund. are not capped and so will be shared with other, should benefit from a blend of the EIS and SEIS reliefs. investors according to their respective shareholdings. and other tax advantages as follows, and in accordance with the provisions in each investee.
companies Articles of Association Please see Exit l between 30 and 50 upfront income tax relief. Strategy for further information,l unlimited Capital Gains Tax CGT deferral in. CHF Media Group will typically hold 50 of each respect of EIS investments. investee company s voting rights with Investors holding. l 50 CGT wipe out in respect of SEIS investments, the balance On a sale of any investee company sale. proceeds will be distributed pro rata their shareholding l 100 CGT free gains upon disposal. The CHF Creative Commercial Committee the CCC l Loss relief available assuming an investor has. is at the heart of the CHF Media Fund and is key to its capital gains to invest an investor risks 13 5p on. success It is responsible for identifying prospective a 1 SEIS investment and risks 38 5p on a 1 EIS. shows or concepts that not only offer excellent investment. family entertainment but also offer the potential to. l 100 inheritance tax relief provided that, generate significant commercial returns to Investors. investments are held at the time of death and,The members of the CCC are set out on page 8 of. have been held for two years,the Information Memorandum together with brief.
biographies In addition it is anticipated that the shows or concepts. in which the CHF Media Fund invests will qualify for. tax credits under the Creative Sector Tax Credits, introduced by the Finance Act 2013 The relief is in. effect a 20 rebate on certain qualifying expenditure. incurred by each investee company in producing the. show This 20 boost may serve to accentuate investee. company profits and reduce any potential losses,therefore further mitigating investment risk. DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION,AND INVESTMENT PROCESS, CHF Entertainment the production arm of CHF has a team of industry leading animators illustrators and other. creatives who are employees of CHF or independent contractors whose job it is to not only produce and de. velop the shows or concepts but also to come up with ideas to be considered for development by the CCC On. occasion if the concept is strong enough the CCC will consider proposals from external sources. The CCC aims to choose the best of these ideas those EXIT STRATEGY. with potential for critical acclaim and commercial. success for development and production Generally It is anticipated that the optimum holding period of. the CHF Media Fund will consist of animated family investment in each investee company will be 3 5 years. entertainment shows but will also on occasion include from the date of first broadcast for a show or the date. book concepts app designs other similar concepts and of first release for other concepts This is due to the. non animated family entertainment concepts 3 year holding period for S EIS investments coupled. with industry standard models for family entertainment. Once the CCC has made its decision the intellectual. shows return profiles and the fact that an Investment in. property rights to that show or concept are transferred. an investee company may commence before the date, to a newly incorporated investee company one for each. of the first broadcast,potential show or concept, Pursuant to the rules of EIS an exact exit cannot be.
Each investee company will have at least one director. prescribed at the point of investment However at,who is wholly independent of CHF This Independent. the relevant time with input from the Independent, Director will act as the shareholders champion and. Director a decision will be made as to the exit likely. will assist with monitoring the affairs of the investee. to provide the highest return for all shareholders The. companies on a regular basis, intention is that CHF will be able to leverage against. its shareholding to buy out the Investors in each, investee company It is very important to have various. exit strategies for each investee company as Investors. including CHF can only make a profit upon a successful. sale or buy out Exit Strategies to be considered,are a trade sale of an investee company through.
management buy outs share buy backs refinancing, and liquidation The Independent Director will take. appropriate advice concerning any exit strategy acting. always to best protect Shareholders rights, Jean Hawkins will act as the Investors Champion and as the Independent. Director for each investee company in the CHF Media Fund. During a career spanning over thirty years Jean Hawkins worked. as a partner in a chartered accountancy firm held various Financial. Directorships and is currently co owner of a large independent firm of. electrical contractors, Jean brings financial commercial and corporate expertise to the role of. Independent Director and commits many hours each week to ensure the. smooth running of each of the investee companies, Jean has also personally invested into the slate of CHF investee companies. and therefore has a strong interest in protecting and championing JEAN HAWKINS. shareholder rights, EXAMPLE OF POTENTIAL SPLIT OF INVESTOR FUNDS AND SHOWS IN THE.
CHF MEDIA FUND,INVESTMENT MANAGER,CREATIVE COMMERCIAL COMMITTEE CCC. TAX RELIEF 30 INCOME,TAX RELIEF,U P TO U P TO,PER COMPANY. PER COMPANY,DEVE LOPME NT,PRODUC TION SHOW,DEVE LOPME NT. Given the greater risk in investing in investee companies with shows. DEVE LOPME NT, which are still being developed or have yet to secure a commercial. broadcast platform where the CHF Media Fund makes a SEIS. investment into these companies it will invest at a lower share price. than it would were the show to be in production This increases the. potential upside for an Investor should a show in the early stages of. Given the greater risk of investing in investeeitscompanies. development When referring to produced,be successfully a show or concept.
broadcast in and,development, with shows or concepts which are still being developed that show. An Investor should alwaysorbeconcept will typically. aware though of thestill,riskybenature, or have yet to secure a commercial broadcastinvesting. platform in early stage,where its companies,concept and characters. please referare being,to the tested, where the CHF Media Fund makes an investment intoof this it. section requires further,Information work before,Memorandum it can 28.
on pages be topresented, these companies it is anticipated that it will invest broadcaster or a digital platform with a view to securing. at a lower share price than it would were the show a contract. to be in production or the concept to be in full scale. Typically the funds raised for development of such a. development This potentially increases the upside for. show or concept would be used for the creation of a. an Investor should a show or concept in the early stages. show bible storyboards character designs scripts and. of its development be successfully produced broadcast. a pilot as applicable Development costs would vary. and or monetised An Investor should always be aware. from concept to concept depending on the type of, though of the risky nature of investing in early stage. animation live action 2D CGI Stop Motion etc and, companies please refer to the Risk Factors section of. the complexity of the subject matter,this Information Memorandum on pages 30 to 35. To ensure that investee,companies shows or concepts.
have the best possible chance of,success both critically and more. importantly commercially each,will have access to the full range. of CHF s extensive in house,expertise and support, There will be occasions when a development show or action techniques In addition CHF Enterprises will. concept can be funded to completion of the project assist investee companies with their applications. solely by SEIS monies without the requirement for to the CHF Media Fund for further funding as and. further EIS investment Concepts such as these should when required for the production and development. therefore monetise far more quickly than fully blown of investee companies shows or concepts It should. EIS shows which require greater budgets to complete be noted that some shows may be co produced by. In this way CHF aims to have both shorter term and CHF Entertainment and another production company. longer term investment opportunities available in depending on the style of animation and the capacity. the CHF Media Fund investee companies taking into CHF has to complete a show entirely in house at a. account however the three year minimum holding given time. period for S EIS investments, The price per share at which the CHF Media Fund will. When the CCC decides that a show or concept is invest in an investee company will be determined by. ready to go into production or further development how far advanced its show or concept is in terms of. additional funds will typically be required At this stage its development and production If a show or concept. the investee company can benefit from EIS investment is still in an incipient state for example where it has. to raise the necessary funds Costs will vary from yet to be commissioned by a broadcaster or is still in. concept to concept but would typically be between 3 development the risks for an Investor are greater than. million to 5 million It is anticipated that the majority where a show or concept has already been picked up. of an Investor s Subscription Monies will be invested by a broadcaster or digital media platform This is the. in investee companies with shows or concepts in case even when the reliefs under the SEIS are taken into. production or development However it may also be account To reduce these risks and to give an advantage. possible to direct investment into specific EIS or SEIS to those Investors who invest in the CHF Media Fund. properties subject to the discretion of the Manager on at an early stage where an investee company s show. the recommendation of CHF Enterprises or concept is still in development it is anticipated that. the CHF Media Fund will invest at a lower share price. To ensure that investee companies shows or concepts. The price at which the CHF Media Fund invests will be. have the best possible chance of success both,approved by the Independent Director.
critically and more importantly commercially each, will have access to the full range of CHF s extensive There is no minimum target investment required. in house expertise and support Investee companies before the CHF Media Fund will invest in an investee. may engage CHF Entertainment for development company The Manager on the recommendation of CHF. production and animation services or on occasion Enterprises will always reserve the right to switch the. an external production company Where applicable flow of investment funds from one investee company. CHF Entertainment will take each concept from the to another according to the CCC s perception of which. brainstorming and storyboard stage through to the shows or concepts are more likely than the others. production of a full series devising plots scripts to attract interest from broadcasters or other media. and commercially attractive characters advising on platforms. colour palettes and appropriate animation or live,THE CHF CREATIVE COMMERCIAL COMMITTEE. The members of the CCC comprise directors and broadcast distribution toy creation and licensing As. senior employees of CHF s finance production such the committee is well placed to rigorously screen. merchandising and licensing arms Together they have potential shows or concepts including the stress test. an unrivalled number of years of experience in the of the commercialisation avenues before such shows. family and children s television industry and have been or concepts are transferred to investee companies and. selected for their specific skill sets and track records recommended to the Manager by CHF Enterprises the. The committee is comprised of experts in all areas Manager s strategic adviser for investment by the CHF. of family entertainment from the development and Media Fund. creation of content through to financing production. THE MEMBERS OF THE CCC ARE AS FOLLOWS, Jean is the Animation Director and Development Producer for all CHF. properties, Her BAFTA and international Emmy award winning career started at. Cosgrove Hall Originally an animator she soon progressed to directing the. classic series Danger Mouse and many others, She has originated produced and directed animated productions across a.
full spectrum of media from drawn 2D techniques stop frame puppets 2D. flash through to CGI and creating series specials and feature productions. for differing age groups within children s television. Her unique creative talents include concept development script editing. character design styling and art direction,JEAN FLYNN. Ben is the Head of Design for CHF Entertainment and a specialist in the. pre school entertainment market, Ben has over thirty years experience in British and international animated. productions, His long time association with Cosgrove Hall covers their most famous and. classic series across all forms of animation media A senior producer and art. director he acted as creative director of Cosgrove Hall Digital until 2006. In recent times as a freelance Art Director Ben has worked on current. successful broadcast shows such as Chuggington Ludorum PLC CBeebies. and Everything s Rosie V S Ltd CBeebies, He is a fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts. Manufactures and Commerce,BEN TURNER, Adrian is an Executive Director of CHF Media Group.
He is one of the leading figures in fundraising for the UK animation. industry and recently participated in a successful consultation with the UK. government which resulted in the introduction of the Creative Sector Tax. Credits for animation shows or concepts It is anticipated that the investee. companies shows or concepts will all qualify for this government tax credit. Adrian has over 28 years experience in advising investors raising. capital and structuring media investment funds and has an extensive. understanding of EIS SEIS and Venture Capital Trust tax products. Adrian structured the EIS fundraise for the CHF pre school show Pip Ahoy. which is airing on Channel 5 s Milkshake pre school slot He has also raised. significant funds into CHF Media Group and into shows in development. ADRIAN WILKINS, Nicola is Head of Finance and Director of CHF Enterprises. She heads up the corporate finance arm of CHF Enterprises and manages. its sales and investor relations team of industry professionals. Her background is firmly rooted in the marketing of complex structured. products for several international investment banks in the City and also in. her previous career as a structured finance lawyer with Clifford Chance in. London Moscow and Rome, Prior to CHF she worked for Gen Re Financial Products Bank where she ran. the sales teams for Italy the UK and Scandinavia, Nicola is also responsible for the promotion of the CHF Media Fund and. for overseeing the relationship between the CCC CHF Enterprises and the. NICOLA JOHNSTON, Simon is an Executive Director of CHF Media Group and is the son of Mark. Hall one of the founders of Cosgrove Hall, He has been involved in the production of family entertainment shows.
throughout his 26 year career, Simon has worked both in production and post production on award. winning children s series including Muddle Earth BBC Everything s Rosie. V S Entertainment Ltd Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Chapman Entertainment. Ltd Sooty CITV Bob the Builder Hit Entertainment Gerry Anderson s. Lavender Castle and Telling Tales Glasshead and in 2009 completed work. on Peter Kay s Animated All Star Band for Children in Need resulting in a. SIMON HALL,Keith is Director of CHF Music, A talented musician and composer Keith was an original member of the. 1960 s pop band Herman s Hermits which had many number one hits in the. US and the UK, Keith has a long history with Cosgrove Hall having written the theme. tune to the adaptation of The Wind in the Willows which was released. as a single in 1984 Keith also co wrote the music for Cosgrove Hall s. adaptation of Terry Pratchett s Soul Music and produced the music to the. 1989 film adaptation of Roald Dahl s The BFG Other Cosgrove Hall shows. he composed for were Creepy Crawlies Alias the Jester Foxbusters Andy. Pandy Discworld and Albie as well as Pip Ahoy, In 2004 he composed the music for the remake of Pingu for HIT. KEITH HOPWOOD Entertainment and started work on the Bob the Builder TV series which. was to last until production ceased in 2011, In 2013 he formed a music rights company CHF Music with CHF to look.
after all the music content for their new shows and recently composed and. recorded the theme tune for Pip Ahoy sung by Stacey Solomon. Mike is Head of Studio at CHF Entertainment, He joined Cosgrove Hall in 1979 as studio manager and worked his way up. to general manager and finally company director Mike was involved in all. of the major shows produced in that era which won many BAFTAS and. International Emmys The company also won a National Training Award. In 1992 Mike set up his own animation consultancy specialising in project. management and co production He has worked with broadcasters. production companies distributors and investors with clients such as. the BBC HIT Entertainment Film Finances 2SidesTV Aardman and. Ravensburger Germany, Mike was one of the founder members of The British Animation Training. Scheme BATS and is a chairperson for Cartoon Forum and Movie He is. MIKE ROBINSON also a moderator for Cartoon Finance Cartoon Cine and Cartoon Training. for Trainers,Helen is Head of Production at CHF Entertainment. Helen has produced several award winning shows including Bob the. Builder Rory the Racing Car Fifi the Flowertots and Pingu to name. just a few and most recently Randy Cunningham the Ninth Grade Ninja for. Helen has worked across every stage of animation production and has a. true appreciation for every process and role involved in producing high. quality programming enabling her to manage the personnel and pipeline. as efficiently as possible She was tasked with the implementation of CHF s. studio pipeline which has proven to be extremely efficient successfully. delivering CHF s first production Pip Ahoy on schedule and within budget. Helen oversees the studio production of all CHF s animated slate of shows. HELEN BROWN or concepts, Jenny is the Commercial Director for CHF Media Group. Jenny has worked in the TV distribution and licensing industry for over 23. years She has been responsible for bringing to retail some of the most. globally successful entertainment properties including Power Rangers. World Wrestling Federation Super Mario James Bond Digimon and Game. of Thrones where she exclusively managed EMEA licensing rights on behalf. of HBO this was in her role as Business Development Director at LMI. Her expertise in the children s sector has seen her representing broadcast. and licensing rights for some of the most widely recognised licensors. and production companies including DHX Media Ragdoll Productions. Freemantle Fox Kids Disney Futurikon and Millimages. In addition to her character and entertainment experience she has worked. JENNY JOHNSTONE with blue chip brand owners such as Pepsi Co and Budweiser to deliver. brand extension programmes in both the UK and Europe. Chris Fenna Head of Studio, Chris has been in the animation industry for over 35 years and has extensive.
experience in all genres of animation including traditional 2D stop frame. and high end CGI, Chris started in the animation industry in 1980 under the tutelage of Animal. Farm s Harold Whittaker Later Chris joined Siriol Animation to animate. Superted and went on to work on many other award winning series specials. and features Chris then animated The Little Engine That Could and The. legend of Lochnaghar in conjunction with Prince Charles In 1995 Chris was. Lead animator on the Emmy Award winning Moses and The Miracle Maker. feature film At this time Chris was also working with Cosgrove Hall on a. diverse range of award winning shows both in 2D and stop frame including. Peter and the Wolf Disc World Foxbusters Little Robots and Bill and Ben. CHRIS FENNA In 2003 Chris directed 26 half hour shows for the BBC BB3B produced. by Tweenies creators Tell Tale In 2005 Chris joined RealtimeUK a high. end CGI studio specialising in Games trailers as Creative Director Chris. worked on many AAA rated game titles from Motorstorm to Disneyland. Adventures A desire to move back into Children s TV brought Chris Back. to CHF in 2014 as Animation Director on Pip Ahoy Chris is now Head of. Studio and Directing Pip s third series, Lambros is the Managing Director of Glasshead and Head of Live Action. Production for CHF Media Group, Lambros started his Media career with the BBC in 1985 and worked as. Series Producer until 1994 He then formed Glasshead in 1994 which has. won 2 BAFTA awards a BAFTA Cymru award 2 BIMA awards the Japan. Prize and an RTS award He has produced programmes and websites in. a variety of genres Clients include BBC CBBC Channel 4 Discovery Bio. Channel ZDF Al Jazeera English BBC World News and Teachers TV. Lambros has a wealth of executive producer experience across the board he. was the EP on many series including Just So Darwin BBC2 short listed for a. Children s Bafta The Blue Dragon Channel 4 short listed for best animation. Children s BAFTA and more recently he was the EP on the animated zombie. thriller Madron Visor in English which won a BAFTA Cymru award for the. LAMBROS ATTESHLIS best Games and Interactive Experience a pioneering multi platform comic. spanning television live events and mobile technology. He is currently working on a documentary series for an international. broadcaster which tells the story of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car and.

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