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3 In class midterm exam 1h30min It consists of 5 to 7 questions on the crucial. concepts and ideas studied in the first part of the course. 4 Take home final paper Essay 10 pages due at the end of the semester. These requirements will count toward your final grade as follows. Reading Report 20 percent,In Class Midterm Exam 30 percent. Take Home Final Paper 50 percent,Schedule of Classes Readings and Assignments. Session 1 Introduction, Presentation of the course organization and assignments. History of war coverage key dates, Sociology of war correspondence standards practices and public perception. Political involvement of war correspondents manipulation and propaganda tensions and. dilemmas role in conflict resolution,Session 2 Lessons from the first wars covered.
Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War an objective record of the past or a piece. of literature, The Crimean War the first modern war coverage Comparing William Howard Russell s. articles with Roger Fenton s photographs, The Russo Japanese War and the telegraph the role of communication technology. The American Civil War questions of aesthetics and ethics. Sontag Susan 2003 Chapters 1 and 2 in Regarding the Pain of Others New York. Farrar Straus and Giroux 1 39,Recommended, Baldwin Gordon Daniel Malcolm and Greenough Sarah 2004 All the Mighty World. The Photographs of Roger Fenton 1852 1860 New Haven and London Yale. University Press 1 24, Daniel Malcolm 2004 A Note on Early Photographic Techniques in Baldwin. Gernsheim Helmut 1986 A Concise History of Photography New York Dover. Publications 3rd edition 139 143, Gordon Daniel Malcolm and Greenough Sarah With contributions by Richard Pare.
Pam Roberts and Roger Taylor 2004 All the Mighty World The Photographs of. Roger Fenton 1852 1860 New Haven and London Yale University Press xii. Hanson Victor Davis 1998 Introduction to The Landmark Thucydides A. Comprehensive Guide to the Peloponnesian War Free Press ix xxiv. Knightley Phillip 1982 Chapter 1 The Miserable Parent of a Luckless Tribe 1854. 1856 in The First Casualty The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth Maker. from the Crimea to Kosovo London Quartet Books 3 17. Krigas E J 2009 Thucydides as a War Correspondent and Philosopher In Classical. Greece Authorhouse 1 48,Session 3 War and anti war propaganda. Propaganda techniques,Bernays and the role of PR,The end of innocence Lippmann. Knightley Phillip 2002 Chapter 4 The Last War 1914 1918 in The First Casualty. The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth Maker from the Crimea to Kosovo. London Quartet Books 63 96,Recommended, Andersen Robin 2006 Chapter 1 The Great War and the Fight between Good and. Evil The Birth of War Propaganda in A Century of Media A Century of War. New York Peter Lang Publishing 3 18, Bernays Edward L 2004 1928 The psychology of public relations in Propaganda. IG Publishing 71 82, Lasswell Harold D 1971 1934 Propaganda Technique in World War I Cambridge.
Mass The M I T Press, Nicholas Reeves Imperial War Museum 1986 Official British Film Propaganda during. the First World War London Wolfeboro N H C Helm, Society for Socialist Inquiry and Propaganda Great Britain 1932 What everybody. should know about propaganda how and why it works London. Session 4 Involvement commitment and detachment,Lessons from the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway between journalism and literature, Robert Capa s photographs democracy against fascism. Picasso s Guernica siding with the victims, Brothers Caroline 1997 Chapter 2 The Republican Militiamen and Chapter 3.
Insurgent Soldiers and Moors in War and Photography A Cultural History. Routledge 35 57 and 58 75,Recommended, Martin Russell 2000 Picasso s War the destruction of Guernica and the masterpiece. that changed the world Dutton, Rankin Nicholas 2003 Telegram from Guernica Faber Faber. Scannell Paddy 1984 The BBC and foreign affairs 1935 1939 Media Culture. Society 6 3 3 26,Session 5 War on all fronts,WWII Journalists as team players or truth tellers. The question of censorship,The role of music and cinema. Keller Marcello 2007 Why Is Music So Ideological Why Do Totalitarian States Take. It So Seriously A Personal View From History and the Social Sciences in. Journal of Musicological Research XXVI 2 3 91 122,Recommended.
Horten Gerd 2002 Radio Goes to War The Cultural Politics of Propaganda during. World War II University of California Press 1 88, Moeller Susan D 1989 Chapter 7 The Context An Urgent Obligation in Shooting. war photography and the American experience of combat New York Basic. Books 155 180, Moeller Susan D 1989 Chapter 8 The Photographers a Model Partnership in. Shooting war photography and the American experience of combat New York. Basic Books 180 212, Roeder George 1993 War as a Way of Seeing in The Censored War American. Visual Experience during World War Two Yale University 81 104. Wagner Lilya 1989 Women War Correspondents of World War II Greenwood Press. Vettel Becker 2002 Destruction and Delight World War II Combat Photography and. the Aesthetic Inscription of Masculine Identity Men and Masculinities 5 1 80. Session 6 The controversial role of journalists,The Cold War and McCarthyism. The controversial coverage of the Vietnam War,The role of television.
The influence of Literary Journalism, Hallin Daniel C 1989 Introduction to and Conclusion of The Uncensored War The. Media and Vietnam University of California Press 3 12 and 211 216. Recommended, Andersen Robin 2006 Chapter 4 Vietnam Shattered Illusions in A Century of. Media A Century of War New York Peter Lang Publishing 47 68. Bernhard Nancy 2003 Chapter 2 A Weapon for Truth Democracy and the Advent of. Television News in U S Television News and Cold War Propaganda 1947. 1960 Cambridge University Press 46 68, Bernhard Nancy 2003 Chapter 7 The most vigorous anticommunist campaign. Objectivity and consensus journalism in U S Television News and Cold War. Propaganda 1947 1960 Cambridge University Press 155 177. Elwood Akers Virginia 1988 Women War Correspondents in the Vietnam War 1961. 1975 Metuchen NJ The Scarecrow Press, Hoskins Andrew 2004 Televising war from Vietnam to Iraq New York and London. Continuum International 16 20,Session 7 War and collective memory.
The image of war correspondents in popular culture. Iconic news images and Israeli collective memory, Cohen Akiba Boudana Sandrine and Frosh Paul 2018 You Must Remember This. Iconic Photographs and Collective Memory Journal of Communication 1 27. The Image of the War Correspondent in Movies and TV 1931 2007 produced by IJPC. program of the Annenberg School for Communication and screened at the 2009. conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Extract from Hitchcock s Foreign Correspondent 1941. Midterm examination,Session 8 War as a spectacle,Blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Representing pain and trauma,The Gulf War as a videogame. Pinchevski Amit 2016 Screen trauma Visual media and post traumatic stress. disorder Theory Culture Society 33 4 51 75,Recommended. Ashuri Tamar 2010 I Witness Re presenting Trauma in and by Cinema The. Communication Review 13 3 171 192, Baudrillard Jean 1995 The Gulf War did not take place Indiana University Press 1 15.
Chouliaraki Lilie 2006 The aestheticization of suffering on television Visual. Communication 5 3 261 285, Debord Guy 1967 Society of the Spectacle Detroit IL Black and White 1 7. Kellner Douglas 2004 Media Propaganda and Spectacle in the War on Iraq a Critique. of U S Broadcasting Networks Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies. 4 3 329 338, Tomanic Trivundza Llijal 2004 Orientalism as news Pictorial representations of the. US attack on Iraq in Delo Journalism Theory Practice Criticism 5 4 480. Yosef Raz 2010 War fantasies Memory trauma and ethics in Ari Folman s Waltz. with Bashir Journal of Modern Jewish Studies 9 3 311 326. Session 9 Media and terrorism,Terrorism needs the media. Evolution of the coverage of terrorist attacks in Israel. Griffin Michael 2004 Picturing America s War on Terrorism in Afghanistan and. Iraq Journalism Theory Practice Criticism 5 4 381 402. Zizek Slavoj 2002 Welcome to the Desert of the Real Verso Selected extracts 5. Recommended, And n Papadopoulos Kari 2008 The Abu Ghraib torture photographs News frames. visual culture and the power of images Journalism Theory Practice. Criticism 9 1 5 30, Popp Richard K and Mendelson Andrew L 2010 X ing out enemies Time.
magazine visual discourse and the war in Iraq Journalism Theory Practice. Criticism 11 2 203 221, Wigoder Meir 2004 Revisiting the Oslo Peace Process and the Intifada A. conversation with Eldad Rafaeli an Israeli photojournalist J Journalism. Theory Practice Criticism 5 4 500 518,Session 10 The drone war. Drones as weapons of targeted killing and mass communication. Case study Operation Protective Edge 2014, Gregory Derek 2011 From a view to a kill Drones and late modern war Theory. Culture Society 28 7 8 188 215,Recommended, Fitzsimmons Scott and Sangha Karina 2013 Killing in High Definition Combat. Stress among Operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Proceedings of the. International Studies Assocation annual convention. Accessible at http www cpsa acsp ca papers 2013 Fitzsimmons pdf. Foucault Michel 1975 Discipline and Punish The Birth of the Prison New York. Gere Charlie 2006 Genealogy of the computer screen Visual Communication 5 2. Jacobstein Neil 2013 Drones A 360 degree view World Policy Journal 30 3 14. Niva Steve 2013 Disappearing violence JSOC and the Pentagon s new cartography of. networked warfare Security Dialogue 44 3 185 202, Wall Tyler and Monahan Torin 2011 Surveillance and violence from afar.
Theoretical Criminology 15 3 239 254,Session 11 Fake news and war. What s new about fake news,Does fake news influence opinion formation. How to detect fake news, Carlson Matt 2009 The Reality of a Fake Image News norms photojournalistic craft. and Brian Walski s fabricated photograph Journalism Practice 3 2 125 139. Lees Caroline 2017 Fake news the global silencer Index on Censorship 88 91. Recommended, Nielsen Rasmus Kleis and Graves Lucas 2017 News you don t believe. Audience perspectives on fake news Factsheet Reuters Institute 1 8. Tandoc Edson C Jr Lim Zheng Wei and Ling Richard 2018 Defining Fake. News Digital Journalism 6 2 137 153, Vargo Chris J Guo Lei and Amazeen Michelle A 2017 The agenda setting power.
of fake news A big data analysis of the online media landscape from 2014 to. 2016 New Media Society 1 22, Vosoughi Soroush Roy Deb and Aral Sinan 2018 The spread of true and false news. online Science 359 1146 1151,Session 12 Fairness in war reporting. Comparison between American and French models of journalism. Labeling the participants,Framing the reported event. Narrative and storytelling, Entman Robert M 1993 Framing Toward Clarification of a Fractured Paradigm. Journal of Communication 43 4 51 68,Recommended, Boudana Sandrine 2016 Impartiality is not fair Toward an alternative approach to the.
evaluation of content bias in news stories Journalism Theory Practice. Criticism 17 5 600 618, Hackett Robert A 1984 Decline of a Paradigm Bias and Objectivity in News Media. Studies Critical Studies in Mass Communication 1 3 September 229 259. Labov William 1997 Some Further Steps in Narrative Analysis The Journal of. Narrative and Life History 395 415, Labov William 2001 Uncovering the event structure of narrative Georgetown. University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. Matthes J rg and Kohring Matthias 2008 The Content Analysis of Media Frames. Toward Improving Reliability and Validity Journal of Communication 58 2. Session 13 Is Peace Journalism the solution, The conflict in former Yugoslavia and the emergence of Peace Journalism. The role of journalists in conflict resolution, Hanitzsch Thomas 2004 Journalists as peacekeeping force Peace journalism and. mass communication theory Journalism Studies 5 4 483 95. Recommended, Galtung Johan 2006 On the role of the media in worldwide security and peace in.
Tapio Varis ed Peace and Communication 249 266, Liebes Tamar and Kampf Zohar 2009 Black and White and Shades of Gray. Palestinians in the Israeli Media During the 2nd Intifada The International. Journal of Press Politics 14 434 453, Lynch Jake and McGoldrick Annabel 2005 Peace Journalism United Kingdom. Hawthorn Press Stroud, McLaughlin Greg 2002 Chapter 9 Something Must Be Done Journalism in The.

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