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Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power,Introduction,What is the Inner Circle . The Inner Circle is an online community where men and women. interested in cultivating and growing their knowledge awareness and. understanding of chi can receive detailed instructions from Masters who. have gone before them Students receive consultation and training. techniques exercises specifically tailored to their level of progression . Conference calls between the Master Instructors and interviews with. Instructor who have trained with the Masters along with accompanying. articles are available for review via the Inner Circle website There . members of the Inner Circle have access to a wealth of knowledge . gleaned from the past successes and pitfalls of those who have gone. before them ,What is behind the Closed Door , The Closed Door is a system designed to take members who have. completed the training regimen offered in the Inner Circle to the next. level of chi ability The Closed Door system is a much more involved. training environment where the margin of error grows slimmer and. slimmer the more your chi energy increases although many want to gain. access into the Closed Door System only a very select few handpicked. by the Master Instructors will be invited into said community High. moral values and a steadfast mind are needed more than ever when. entering chi development cultivation at this level . Many are called few are chosen , Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 2, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. INNER CIRCLE CLOSED DOOR 1, Secret trainings and techniques that until now have never been.
shared with anyone other than our closest most personal students 1. Scientific Premium Company USA 1,Introduction 2, What is the Inner Circle 2. What is behind the Closed Door 2,Chapter 1 What is Chi 7. The Physics behind the Mysticism 7, Chi and the Human Body 7. Chi and the Brain 8, Electricity Chi One and the Same 12. Bioelectricity 13, Bioelectricity and the Body 13.
Chi and the Body Continued 15, Chi the Inner Circle and You 16. Chapter 2 The SPC Method 17, Mental Preparation 17. Ascending Euphoria 17, Affirmations and Autosuggestion 18. Chi Distillation 18, Physical Exercises 19, Bloodwashing 19. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 3, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power.
Standing Meditation 19, Lying Down Meditation 20, Micro Macro Cosmic Orbits month 3 20. Chapter 3 The Inner Circle 22, Welcome 22, About the IC 22. The Nature of Chi 23, Circular Chi vs Linear Chi 23. Three Stages of Chi 24, Light Chi Heavy Chi 25, Nutrition and Chi Power 26. Chapter 4 Inner Circle Curriculum 28, Techniques and Building Blocks 28.
Telekinesis and Psi abilities 28, Using Chi to Bend Metal 29. Got Skills 29, Sensing Objects 30, Sensing Colors 30. OBE 32, Remote Viewing Astral Projection 32, Advanced Healing Techniques 33. Transferring Energy Hot and Cold Temperatures 33, The Law of Attraction 34. Pheromones 35, Pheromones Yin and Yang 36, Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2.
http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 4, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. Pheromones and Chi 37, Pheromones and the Inner Circle 38. Emotional Content 38, Chi Training Partner 42,Chapter 5 Inner Circle Community 43. Questions Answers Sessions and Topics 43, Q A Session 1 43. Q A Session 2 45, Q A Session 3 46, Q A Session 4 48.
Q A Session 5 49, Q A Session 6 51, Q A Session 7 53. Q A Session 8 55, Q A Session 9 57, Interviews with Certified Instructors 59. Sifu Michael Allen 59, Sifu Benjamin Richardson 60. Sifu Andrei Biesinger 61, Sifu Charles Dragoo 61, Sifu Don Brown 62. Chapter 6 The Closed Door 63, Behind the Closed Door 63.
Two 6 Month Intensive Training System 64, Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 5, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. The 1st 6 Months Form Chi 64, Closed Door Module One Release of Advanced Chi DVD. Volume 3 64, Closed Door ModuleTwo Body Breathing 65. Closed Door Module Three Advanced OBE 65, Closed Door Module Four Wall to Wall Exercise 65.
Closed Door Module Five Advanced Circle Training 65. Closed Door Module Six Levitation 101 66, The 2nd 6 Months Closed Door System Super Set 66. Training 66, Closed Door Module Seven Effective Control Methods 66. Closed Door Module Eight Liquid Chi 67, Closed Door Module Nine Hypnotic Devices Training 67. Closed Door Module Ten Super Set Variations 67, Closed Door Module Eleven Fractal Images 67. Closed Door Module Twelve Integration of All Techiques 68. Scientific Premium Company USA Products 69, Chi Power Plus 69.
Advanced Chi Training System 69,Mind Force Collection of Esoteric Products 69. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 6, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. Chapter 1 What is Chi ,The Physics behind the Mysticism. Although surrounded by ancient mysticism chi is that which. Western scientists have called the Quantum Field The theories are. markedly similar when compared side by side Each Chinese. Mysticism and Quantum Mechanics1 speaks of an energy field made up. of tiny particles that comprise everything and move through everything . Looking at it from a scientific point of view the shroud of mystery. is removed and an objective scientific perspective remains. Chi and the Human Body, With the understanding that chi synonymous with quantum. particles makes up everything and moves through every object it. logically extends that human beings are also made up of these small. particles and as both camps postulate this energy moves through. everything , In the movie the Matrix it is proposed that .
The human body generates more bio electricity than a 120 volt. battery and over 25 000 BTUs of body heat , This is a form of energy . According to the Center for Space Power and Advanced. Electronics a NASA commercial center in Alabama the human body is. capable of producing 11 000 watt hours Broken into usable terms . waiting to be harvested are 81 watts from a sleeping person 128 from a. 1, Quantum mechanics is the study of how the tiny particles which make up atoms behave. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 7, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. soldier standing at ease 163 from a walking person 407 from a briskly. walking person 1 048 from a long distance runner and 1 630 from a. sprinter according to the center 2, When explaining chi to friends I like to do a simple example that. many people can perform , Place your index finger in the air wiggle it This is a rudimentary.
example of electricity in motion more specifically bio electromagnetic. energy in motion , The brain sends an electric signal through the nervous system that. reaches the finger informing it to wiggle as your thoughts suggested . These electrical impulses that the body produces are manifestations of. quantum mechanics chi Extending this analogy we can view the. nervous system as a bio electromagnetic circuit this has huge. implications with regards to the SPC USA exercises such as blood . washings which we will speak to in separate articles in appropriate. depth and detail ,Chi and the Brain, The human brain is quite possibly the most advanced system on. planet Earth We at SPC USA view it as a system because when viewed. as a singular component in the complex structure called the human body . the human brain itself is composed of many differing components. working together to perform to the various functions of what we have. come to call the physical brain , At SPC USA we have studied how the brain works as well as how. the brain functions and use the most appropriate and safeguarded. techniques when dealing with this intricate and delicate organ while. using chi energy We are very specific with the information you need to. 2, http www space com businesstechnology technology body power 011128 1 html. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 8, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power.
know to effectively and safely send energy through any of the brain. areas , The human brain is in fact as system of systems that is the brain is. a system composed of multiple independent systems Within the brain. we find the limbic system which regulates our hormones and emotions . the nervous system of which the brain is the controlling agent of the. nerves and nerve fiber running through the body as well as various. hemispheres through which various functions are attributed akin to the. division of labor in an automobile factory , Scientific advances over the course of time have contributed to our. understanding of the brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI and. Functional MRI fMRI Computed Axial Topography CAT Scans . Positron Emission Tomography PET as well as a plethora of other. imaging techniques technologies and biomedical research have given us. increasing levels of insight into not only of what the brain is actually. composed but as to the brain s functionality Even still although we. the human race are capable of sending robots to Mars and controlling. them remotely we have only become more aware of all that we do not. know when it comes to the totality of the human brain Even still the. limited information available to us regarding the brain is vast and. provides huge insights into just how deeply human beings are connected. to chi bioelectric magnetic energy and the individual psi capabilities. many of us involved with chi gung have come to believe and know . Weighing in slightly over 3 pounds 1 4 kilograms the human brain. is by far the complex and amazing biological product to date As. previously mentioned it is the controlling agent of the human body s. nervous system The brain itself is comprised of one hundred billion. nerve cells these cells are what people refer to when speaking of grey. matter , http www newscientist com article dn9969 instant expert the . human brain html full true, Along with the grey the human brain is also comprised of white . matter and glial cells Whereas the grey matter is the neurons the white. matter is the network of axions that connect cells to neurons these are. the axons and dendrites The glial cells which represent the ruling. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 9, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power.
majority of the cells in the brain outnumbering the neurons by ten to one. 10 1 amplify neural signals , The human brain is viewed not only as one structure but also as. having an upper brain lower brain left and right hemispheres as well. as a many other components each with specific tasks which they. perform , The lower brain which consists of the spinal cord brain stem and. diencephalons also contains the following components . The medulla regulates blood pressure and breathing and. regulating information from the sensory organs , The pons relay information regarding movement and spatial. awareness which is conveyed from the cerebellum to the. cerebral cortex , The thalamus participates in motor information exchange. The hypothalamus controls the hormonal secretions of the. pituitary gland and regulates our circadian rythms . http health howstuffworks com brain htm printable. The mid brain represents an area where the higher and lower. brains share functionality Portions of the limbic system rest in both. areas for example the hypothalamus is more closely aligned with the. lower brain whereas the amygdala is associated with the higher . brain , The limbic system is important in emotional behavior and.
controlling movements of visceral muscles see the Emotional Content . article on the Chi Power blog http chipower com blog p 97 for more. information regarding the limbic system , The higher brain which houses the cerebrum consists of the. following components , The parietal lobe receives and processes all somatosensory input. from the body touch pain , The frontal lobe is involved in motor skills including speech . and cognitive functions , Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 10, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power.
The occipital lobe receives and processes visual information. directly from the eyes and relates this information to the parietal. lobe one of the things it must do is interpret the upside down. images of the world that are projected onto the retina by the lens. of the eye , The temporal lobe processes auditory information from the ears. and relates it to the parietal lobe and the motor cortex of the. frontal lobe , The insula influences automatic functions of the brainstem and. processes taste information , The basal ganglia work with the cerebellum to coordinate fine. motions such as fingertip movements, http health howstuffworks com brain htm printable. The cerebrum is the largest part of the human brain and is divided. into the left and right hemispheres Although the interactions between. and functionality of each is complex beyond the scope of this article it is. largely viewed that the right hemisphere is more creative and emotional . specializing in spatial and body awareness whereas the left hemisphere. deals with logic speech and language , http www newscientist com article dn9969 instant expert the .
human brain html full true, The concept of consciousness and where it resides within the. brain is widely debated and under intense scrutiny from across the entire. scientific community Biologists physicists medical doctors and. chemists all play a role in the investigation of where human. consciousness resides Recently it has been proposed that human. consciousness is a result of the direct connection we have with the actual. quantum particles via the microtubules within the brain The interaction. of microtubules and quantum energy and the correlations said energy has. with chi is something that did not go unnoticed , In particular Stuart Hameroff MD has done extensive research and. written many papers concerning this and similar topics in relation to the. brain its microtubules and the inherent quantum behaviors therein . Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 11, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. In his paper Chi A Neural Hologram Dr Hameroff details the. discovery of the microtubule and its quantum behaviors Interestingly. enough the specific pathways of the microtubules and their. functionality he notes correspond strikingly similar to that which. Chinese mystics refer to as chi , neural Microtubules MT are hollow cylinders which are. capable of intercepting energy in the far ultra violet UV range and. the upper limit of the narrow window of solar and celestial nonionizing. radiation writes Hameroff , http www quantumconsciousness org documents chi hameroff 000 pdf.
In the program Supernatural Science Extra Sensory Perception. Discovery Channel 1999 Hameroff states These microtubules are. ideally designed quantum computers which makes the connection from. our macroscopic world to the microscopic fundamental quantum worlds. so we can access and select and taste and experience . Via neuroimaging techniques Hameroff was able to observe. microtubules flickering on and off in a fashion very similar to that of. photons and other subatomic particles of the quantum spectrum . It is the very fact that subtle magnetic fields have been detected. outside the human head and neuronal generated magnetic fields . which allow neuroimaging to exist , http www quantumconsciousness org documents chi hameroff 000 pdf. These same fields this electromagnetic phenomena is that which. we call chi from the nerve fibers that carry electrical signals throughout. the body to the brain s distinct magnetic field to the ion exchange at the. cellular level human beings directly interact with and through. electromagnetic energy ,Electricity Chi One and the Same. Electricity defined by Merriam Webster is as follows a. fundamental form of energy observable in positive and negative forms. that occurs naturally as in lightning or is produced as in a generator . Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 12, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. and that is expensed in terms of the movement and interaction of. electrons , Generally speaking when thinking of electricity we think of it as. something external to our human bodies the naturally occurring. lightning and human created technology being two said instances There. is however a form of electricity that is prevalent in every living. creature bioelectricity ,Bioelectricity, Bioelectricity is the electric phenomena related to living organisms .
It is bioelectricity that enables a shark to map the ocean floor It is. bio electromagnetic phenomena that enable migratory birds to travel. great distances at the same time each year with the accuracy we have. only been able to reproduce with maps and GPS It is bioelectricity that. enables the electric eel to generate large fields of current outside their. bodies , The difference of electricity vs bioelectricity is in degree not in. kind Whereas a lightning bolt can exceed temperatures of 54 000. degrees Fahrenheit 30 000 degrees Celsius that same current runs. through the human body just on a smaller scale , In fact the human body runs largely off of bio electricity and has. organs dedicated to sensing electromagnetic impulses both inside and. outside the human body The pineal and pituitary glands are both. directly tied to the human body s ability to sense and actively experience. electromagnetic phenomenon ,Bioelectricity and the Body. The pineal gland is the evolutionary descendant of our ancestors . ability to perceive light It also regulates the circadian rhythms of the. body biological rhythms that are attuned to the day night cycle . Celtoslavica Electricity and Human Consciousness these rhythms . can be and have been disrupted by electromagnetic fields both naturally. occurring as well as man made The pituitary gland controls and. influences all other hormonal organs which report back to the pituitary. gland Celtoslavica Electricity and Human Consciousness in fact . Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 13, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. the pituitary gland is largely responsible for the overall functioning and. efficiency of the human nervous system , The nervous system in human beings is based entirely off of the.
ability to transmit electric pulses Every cell within the human body. pumps ions e g that which makes up the quantum field in and out of. the cell for energy purposes this is called the Sodium Potassium pump . and can be found in all animal life Said energy in the biological. animal is called adenosine triphosphate ATP biologists and. biochemist alike have noted that ATP can be neutral or carry a charge. plus or minus and is infact a charged particle which the cells use for. energy ATP is the final product of the digestive cycle and further. exemplifies the human being s connection and ability to experience. and manipulate the electromagnetic fields that permeate the Universe . Bio magnetism An Awesome Force in Our Lives an article. published by Reader s Digest January 1983 highlights some of the. still cutting edge concepts the scientific community is and has been . practicing , When a patient with a broken leg that is not healing properly. comes to Dr Basset Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in. New York City NY he is likely to go home with two heavy. pads connected by wires to a box that can plug into an. electrical wall socket The patient puts one pad on each side. of his broken bone and turns on the device Coils of wire in. the pad induce a pulsing electromagnetic field into his flesh. and bone a field of energy that somehow commands the. bone to heal itself , As postulated by the scientists interviewed in the article it makes. sense that human beings have the innate ability to sense electromagnetic. phenomena , We live on a sun lit planet and most living things have. acquired some means to use the light We live in a world. filled with sounds and most living things have developed a. means to sense vibrations Since our planet is also a giant. magnet it should not surprise us to discover that we and. Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2. http www ChiPowerInnerCircle com 14, Master Secrets of Qigong Chi Power. many other living things have a sensitivity to Earth s. magnetic force field , As we look from large scale physics e g the lightning bolt and the.
sodium potassium pump to smaller scale electromagnetic phenomenon . we find ourselves in the realm of quantum mechanics Light is an. electromagnetic phenomenon Light is both a wave and a particle In. terms of quantum mechanics electricity and light are the same The. oscillations of the impulses create the divergent effects Microwaves . radio waves even the non lethal weapons of the US Army such as the. Active Denial System https www jnlwp com ads asp are based out of. electromagnetic fields ,Chi and the Body Continued. Chi too is an electromagnetic phenomenon Chi is energy light. energy bio electromagnetic energy electricity The degree of strength. in an electromagnetic impulse is the difference between the heart. pumping vs a heart attack When building chi it is important to. understand important to know that the electricity you are both. introducing to your body as well as augmenting within your body can be. controlled manipulated by your mind without direct and focused intent . the electrical impulses will be raw hot and uncomfortable . In the previously quoted Reader s Digest article researchers as far. back as 1983 were able to accelerate cellular regeneration in adult rats by. intruding electromagnetic waves to afflicted parts of their bodies . humans too have been shown to have enhanced healing at the cellular. level when electromagnet fields are introduced At the same time it has. been well documented that people exposed to high intensity. electromagnetic fields such as those created by power line generators . are more susceptible to cancerous develops such as leukemia . SPC USA certified instructors teach the Chi Power practitioner how. to harness this energy in a healing fashion without painful side effects . The difference being similar to an invigorating spa massage vs being. seated in an electric chair at half power , Copyright 2009 SPC USA All Rights Reserved Version 1 2.

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