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Presentation, Each student is expected to prepare a presentation on a topic assigned by the instructor Presentations. will be prepared and demonstrated in groups If you miss your presentation you will not be able to. make up Presentation dates can be changed in advance provided you agree with another peer group to. swap your presentation dates Please email your Power Point slides to the instructor at least 48 hours. before your scheduled date Failure to meet this 48 hour rule means that you will not be allowed to. present and you will lose your presentation points . Essay , Each student is expected to write an essay during this semester Essays should be submitted via e course. before the deadline Late work will not be accepted . Attendance Punctuality Participation , Students are expected to attend all classes and complete assignments on time Regular. attendance for this course is mandatory All students are also expected to be in class and in. their seats at the beginning of each class period Students who arrive more than ten minutes. late for class or who leave before the class has ended will be marked absent for that class . unless there is a legitimate excuse for doing so If you have a compelling reason to be absent or. late because of an illness or other emergency please discuss it with the instructor . If you miss six or more classes you will receive zero points for the class. participation attendance , You are expected to help keep this course stimulating and the discussions relevant by. completing the assigned reading and written assignments You are responsible for contributing. to class discussions based on the readings ,Additional Course Policies.
Please turn off all cell phones electronic devices before entering class Students using any. electronic devises without instructor s permission during class will be excused from the class . Please complete each reading assignment prior to the day it is assigned so you can take part in. discussions in class and apply the techniques learned from reading . Students must respect people s diversity and to be aware of the various ways in which language. can be discriminatory Thus everyone should avoid using biased language both in the class. discussions and in written assignments , Important announcements supplemental materials etc will be communicated via E mail Each. student is expected to have a valid E mail address and to check their E mail often . Plagiarism Policy, Please familiarize yourself with AUCA plagiarism policy as stated in the AUCA Student Handbook If you. plagiarize you will receive failing grade for the assignment AND for the course . It may seem to be easy to recognize something that is plagiarized However there is growing blurry line. about recognizing what plagiarism is Typically there are ten types of plagiarism TurnItIn software. outlines some common plagiarism practices For example . 1 The act of changing key words or phrases but retaining the essential content of the source. 2 Self plagiarism This is something when a student submits the same work to more than one class . 3 A mixture of copied material from several different sources without proper citation. 4 A written piece that includes citations to non existent or inaccurate information about sources. 5 Aggregator This typically includes proper citation but the paper contains almost no original work . 2, Grading Criteria,Class Attendance Class Participation 20 . Written assignments 2 20 10 each ,Presentations 30 . Essays 30 ,Total 100 ,Grade Appeal, If you disagree with a grade please come speak to me so I explain why you got the grade If still.
disagreement persists then speak with your academic advisor about filing an appeal There is no grade. negotiation Grades are earned not given,Grading Scale . A 93 100 Excellent,A 90 92 Excellent,B 87 89 Good,B 83 86 Good. B 80 82 Good,C 77 79 Average,C 73 76 Average,C 70 72 Average. D 67 69 Poor,D 63 66 Poor,D 60 62 Poor,F 0 59 Failure. 3, TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE,Week 1, Thu September 1 Course introduction Syllabus course objectives grading criteria etc .
Week 2, Tue September 6 Definition of mass media Different types and evolution of mass media New media. versus old ,Thu September 8 Case study new and old media . Week 3, Tue September 13 Public holiday Kurban Ait No class. Thu September 15 Elements and processes of mass communication . Week 4,Tue September 20 Mass communication models . Thu September 22 Mass communication theories as part of social science Terminology Different. approaches to analysis ,Week 5, Tue September 27 Mass communication in historical perspective Four eras of mass communication.
theory , Thu September 29 Four eras of mass communication theory Reasons for paradigm shifts . Week 6, Tue October 4 Preparation for group assignments How to prepare a presentation and present. successfully , Thu October 6 The mass concept Mass society and mass culture Origins assumptions examples and. limitations of mass society theory ,Week 7,Tue October 11 Case study mass culture. Thu October 13 Propaganda Definitions Origins ,Week 8.
Tue October 18 Propaganda Major theories ,Thu October 20 Case study propaganda. Week 9, Tue October 25 Normative theories Origins Libertarianism . Thu October 27 Normative theories Main theories influence . Week 10,Tue November 1 Case study journalism ethics . Thu November 3 Limited effects theory , 4, Week 11. Tue November 8 Fall Break No classes ,Thu November 10 Fall Break No classes .
Tue November 8 ,Thu November 10 ,Week 12, Tue November 15 Preparation for essay How to write an essay . Thu November 17 Focus on functionalism and children Media violence debate . Week 13,Tue November 22 Case study media violence . Thu November 24 Critical theories of mass communication. Week 14, Tue November 29 Cultural theories of mass communication . Thu December 1 Review session,Week 15, Tue December 6 Contemporary mass communication theory The rise of media theory Changes in. media theory and research , Thu December 8 Preview Audience theories The role of media in the social world Meaning making in.
the social world ,Week 16,Tue December 13 Essay feedback . Thu December 15 Course review Student reflection on their learning experiences. Note The schedule is only tentative and subject to change All changes will be announced in class. and or sent by email Please check your AUCA email regularly for the most up to date information . 5, RESOURCES FOR THE COURSE available in the AUCA library . Baran Stanley and Davis Dennis 2015 Mass Communication Theory 7th edition also. available as an e book on e course , McQuail Denis and Sven Windahl 1993 Communication Models 2nd edition . McQuail Denis 2010 McQuail s Mass Communication Theory 6th edition Several chapters. are available as e books , Werner J Severin and James W Tankard Jr 2000 Communication Theories Origins Methods. and Uses in the Mass Media 5th Edition , Jack Rosenberry and Lauren A Vicker 2008 Applied Mass Communication Theory A Guide for.

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