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Preface 17 The Selling Concept 43,The Marketing Concept 43. PART 1 Understanding Marketing The Holistic Marketing Concept 43. Management 24 Updating the Four Ps 47,MARKETING INSIGHT Understanding the. Chapter 1 Defining Marketing for the New 4 As of Marketing 48. Realities 25 Marketing Management Tasks 49,Developing Marketing Strategies and. The Value of Marketing 25,Marketing Decision Making 25. Capturing Marketing Insights 50,Winning Marketing 26.
Connecting with Customers 50, The Scope of Marketing 27 Building Strang Brands 50. What Is Marketing 27, What Is Marketed 27 MARKETING MEMO Marketers Frequently. Who Markets 29 Asked Questions 50,Gore Marketing Concepts 31 Creating Value 51. Needs Wants and Demands 31 Delivering Value 51, Target Markets Positioning and Communicating Value 51. Segmentation 31 Conducting Marketing Responsibly for. Otterings and Brands 32 Long Term Success 51,Marketing Channels 32 Summary 51.
Faid Owned and Earned Media 32 Applications 52,Impressions and Engagement 32. Value and Satisfaction 33 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Nike 52. Supply Chain 33 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Google 54,Competition 34. Marketing Environment 34, The New Marketing Realities 35 Chapter 2 Developing Marketing Strategies. Technology 35 and Plans 57,Globalization 36,Marketing and Customer Value 57. Social Responsibility 36,The Value Delivery Process 57.
MARKETING INSIGHT Gettingto The Value Chain 58,Marketing 3 0 37 Core Competencies 58. The Central Role of Strategie Flanning 59,A Dramatically Changed Marketplace 38. Corporate and Division Strategie Flanning 60,New Consumer Capabilities 38. New Company Capabilities 39 MARKETING MEMO What Does It Take. Changing Channels 41 to Be a Successful CMO 61, Heightened Competition 41 Defining the Corporate Mission 61. Marketing in Practice 41 Establishing Strategie Business Units 64. Marketing Balance 41 Assigning Resources to Each SBU 64. MARKETING MEMO Reinventing Marketing Assessing Growth Opportunities 64. at Coca Cola 42 Organization and Organizational Culture 68. Marketing Innovation 69,Marketing Accountability 42.
Marketing in the Organization 42 MARKETING INSIGHT Creating Innovative. Marketing 69,Company Orientation toward the, Marketplace 42 Business Unit Strategie Flanning 70. The Production Concept 42 The Business Mission 71,The Product Concept 43 SWOT Analysis 71. MARKETING MEMO Checklist for Evaluating MARKETING MEMO Finding Gold at the. Strengths Weaknesses Analysis 73 Bottom of the Pyramid 97. Goal Formulation 74 The Economic Environment 99, Strategie Formulation 74 The Sociocultural Environment 100. Program Formulation and The Natural Environment 101. Implementation 75 MARKETING INSIGHT The Green Marketing. MARKETING INSIGHT Businesses Charting Revolution 103. a New Direction 76 The Technological Environment 104. Feedback and Control 77 The Political Legal Environment 105. The Nature and Contents of a Marketing MARKETING INSIGHT Watching Out for Big. Plan 77 Brother 107, MARKETING MEMO Marketing Plan Forecasting and Demand Measurement 107. Criteria 77 The Measures of Market Demand 108, The Role of Research 78 A Vocabulary for Demand Measurement 109.
The Role of Relationships 78 Estimating Current Demand 111. From Marketing Plan to Marketing Estimating Future Demand 113. Action 79 Summary 115,Summary 79 Applications 116, Applications 80 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Microsoft 116. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Electrolux 80 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Ferrero 117. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Emirates 81,Sample Marketing Plan Pegasus Sports. International 83 Chapter 4 Conducting Marketing,Research 121. PART 2 Capturing Marketing The Scope of Marketing Research 121. Importance of Marketing Insights 121,Insights 88,Who Does Marketing Research 122. Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Marketing,Chapter 3 Collecting Information and Research 123.
Forecasting Demand 89 The Marketing Research Process 124. Components of a Modern Marketing Step 1 Define the Problem the Decision. Alternatives and the Research,Information System 89. Objectives 124, Internal Records 91 Step 2 Develop the Research Plan 125. The Order to Payment Cycle 91, Sales Information Systems 91 MARKETING MEMO Conducting Informative. Databases Data Warehousing and Data Focus Groups 127. MARKETING MEMO Marketing, MARKETING INSIGHT Digging Into Big Questionnaire Dos And Don ts 130. MARKETING INSIGHT Getting into the,Marketing Intelligence 92.
Heads of Consumers 131,The Marketing Intelligence System 92. Collecting Marketing Intelligence on the MARKETING INSIGHT Understanding Brain. Internet 94 Science 133,Communicating and Acting on Marketing. Intelligence 94 Step 3 Collect the Information 135. Analyzing the Macroenvironment 94 Step 4 Analyze the Information 135. Needs and Trends 95 Step 5 Present the Findings 135. Identifying the Major Forces 95 MARKETING INSIGHT Bringing Marketing. The Demographic Environment 96 Research to Life with Personas 136. Step 6 Make the Decision 136 Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets 179. Measuring Marketing Productivity 137, Marketing Metrics 137 What Influences Consumer Behavior 179. Cultural Factors 179, MARKETING MEMO Measuring Social Social Factors 181. Media ROI 139 Personal Factors 183, Marketing Mix Modeling 140 MARKETING MEMO The Average U S.
Marketing Dashboards 140 Consumer Quiz 184, MARKETING MEMO Designing Effective Key Psychological Processes 187. Marketing Dashboards 141 Motivation 187,Summary 143 Perception 189. Applications 143 MARKETING MEMO The Power of Sensory. MARKETING EXCELLENCE IDEO 144 Marketing 189,MARKETING EXCELLENCE Intuit 146 Learning 191. Emotions 192,Memory 193, PART 3 Connecting with The Buying Decision Processi The Five Stage. Customers 148 Model 194,Problem Recognition 195,Information Search 196.
Chapter 5 Creating Long Term Loyalty Evaluation of Alternatives 197. Relationships 149 Purchase Decision 198,Postpurchase Behavior 200. Building Customer Value Satisfaction and,Moderating Effects on Consumer Decision. Loyalty 149 Making 202,Customer Perceived Value 150. Behavioral Decision Theory and Behavioral,Total Customer Satisfaction 153. Monitoring Satisfaction 155 Economics 202, Product and Service Quality 156 Decision Heuristics 203.
Framing 204,MARKETING INSIGHT Net Promoter and,Summary 205. Customer Satisfaction 157,Applications 205, Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value 158 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Disney 206. Customer Profitability 159, Measuring Customer Lifetime MARKETING EXCELLENCE IKEA 207. Attracting and Retaining Customers 160,Chapter 7 Analyzing Business Markets 211. MARKETING MEMO Calculating Customer, Lifetime Value 161 What is Organizational Buying 211.
Building Loyalty 164 The Business Market versus the Consumer. Market 211,Brand Communities 165,Win Backs 168 Buying Situations 214. Participants in the Business Buying,Cultivating Customer Relationships 168. Customer Relationship Management 168 Process 215,The Buying Center 216. MARKETING INSIGHT The Behavioral Buying Center Influences 216. Targeting Controversy 169 Targeting Firms and Buying Centers 217. Summary 174 MARKETING INSIGHT Big Sales to Small,Applications 174 Businesses 218. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Audi 175 The Purchasing Procurement Process 219. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Stages in the Buying Process 220. Harley Davidson 176 Problem Recognition 220, General Need Description and Product Global Communication Strategies 257.
Specification 221 Global Pricing Strategies 257, Supplier Search 221 Global Distribution Strategies 259. Proposal Solicitation 223 Country of Origin Effects 260. Supplier Selection 223 Building Country Images 260. Consumer Perceptions of Country of,MARKETING MEMO Developing Compelling. Customer Value Propositions 224 Origin 261,Summary 262. Order Routine Specification 226,Applications 263,Performance Review 226. Developing Effective Business to Business MARKETING EXCELLENCE Twitter 263. Marketing Programs 226 MARKETING EXCELLENCE L Oreal 264. Communication and Branding Activities 226,Systems Buying and Selling 228.
PART 4 Building Strong,MARKETING MEMO Spreading the Word. with Customer Reference Programs 229 Brands 266,Role of Services 229. Managing Business to Business Customer Chapter 9 Identifying Market Segments and. Relationships 230 Targets 267,The Benefits of Vertical Coordination 230. Bases for Segmenting Consumer,MARKETING INSIGHT Establishing. Markets 268,Corporate Trust Credibility and,Geographie Segmentation 268.
Reputation 231,Demographic Segmentation 271, Risks and Opportunism in Business Psychographic Segmentation 280. Relationships 231 Behavioral Segmentation 281, Institutional and Government Markets 233 How Should Business Markets Be. Summary 234 Segmented 283,Applications 235 Market Targeting 284. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Accenture 235 Effective Segmentation Criteria 285. Evaluating and Selecting the Market,MARKETING EXCELLENCE GE 236. Segments 286,MARKETING INSIGHT Chasing the Long,Chapter 8 Tapping into Global Markets 239.
MARKETING MEMO Protecting Kids,Competing on a Global Basis 239. Online 291,Deciding Whether to Go Abroad 241,Deciding Which Markets to Enter 242 Summary 291. How Many Markets to Enter 242 Applications 292, Evaluating Potential Markets 243 MARKETING EXCELLENCE HSBC 292. Succeeding in Developing,Markets 243 MARKETING EXCELLENCE BMW 294. Deciding How to Enter the Market 248, Indirect and Direct Export 249 Chapter 10 Crafting the Brand Positioning 297.
Licensing 249, Joint Ventures 250 Developing a Brand Positioning 297. Direct Investment 250 Understanding Positioning and Value. Acquisition 250 Propositions 297, Deciding on the Marketing Program 251 Choosing a Competitive Frame of. Global Similarities and Differences 252 Reference 298. Marketing Adaptation 253 Identifying Potential Points of Difference. Global Product Strategies 254 and Points of Parity 300. Choosing Specific POPs and PODs 304 Summary 352,Brand Mantras 307 Applications 352. Establishing a Brand Positioning 309,MARKETING EXCELLENCE McDonald s 353. MARKETING MEMO Constructing a Brand MARKETING EXCELLENCE. Positioning Bull s eye 309,Procter Gamble 354,Alternative Approaches to Positioning 313.
Brand Narratives and Storytelling 313, Cultural Branding 314 Chapter 12 Addressing Competition and. Positioning and Branding for A Small Driving Growth 357. Business 314 Growth 357,Summary 317 Growth Strategies 357. Applications 317 Growing the Gore 358,Competitive Strategies for Market. MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Nespresso 318 Leaders 359,Expanding Total Market Demand 360. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Protecting Market Share 361,Philips 319 Increasing Market Share 363.
Other Competitive Strategies 364,Market Challenger Strategies 364. Chapter 11 Creating Brand Equity 321 Market Follower Strategies 366. How Does Branding Work 321 MARKETING INSIGHT The Costs and. The Role of Brands 322 Benefits of Fast Fashion 367. The Scope of Branding 323 Market Nicher Strategies 368. Defining Brand Equity 324 MARKETING MEMO Niche Specialist. Brand Equity Models 326 Roles 370,MARKETING INSIGHT Brand Bubble. Product Life Cycle Marketing Strategies 370,Trouble 328. Product Life Cycles 370, Building Brand Equity 331 Style Fashion and Fad Life Cycles 371. Marketing Strategies Introduction Stage and,MARKETING MEMO The Marketing Magic of.
the Pioneer Advantage 373,Characters 332,MARKETING INSIGHT Understanding. Designing Holistic Marketing Activities 332,Double Jeopardy 374. Leveraging Secondary Associations 334, Internal Branding 336 Marketing Strategies Growth Stage 375. Measuring Brand Equity 337 Marketing Strategies Maturity Stage 376. Marketing Strategies Decline Stage 377,MARKETING INSIGHT The Brand Value. Chain 337 MARKETING MEMO Managing a Marketing,Crisis 378.
MARKETING INSIGHT What Is a Brand Evidence for the Product Life Cycle. Worth 339 Concept 380, Managing Brand Equity 340 Critique of the Product Life Cycle. Brand Reinforcement 340 Concept 381,Brand Revitalization 341 Market Evolution 381. Devising a Branding Strategy 343 Marketing in a Slow Growth Economy 381. Branding Decisions 344 Explore the Upside of Increasing. Brand Portfolios 345 Investment 381,Brand Extensions 347 Get Closer to Customers 382. Review Budget Allocations 382,Customer Equity 350,Put F rth the Most Compelling Value. MARKETING MEMO Twenty First Century Proposition 382. Branding 351 Fine Tune Brand and Product Offerings 383. Summary 384 MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Applications 384 Nivea 416.
MARKETING EXCELLENCE MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Samsung 385 Toyota 418. MARKETING EXCELLENCE SABIC 386,Chapter 14 Designing and Managing. PART 5 Creating Value 388 Services 421,The Nature of Services 421. Chapter 13 Setting Product Strategy 389 Service Industries Are Everywhere 421. Categories of Service Mix 422, Product Characteristics and Distinctive Characteristics of Services 424. Classifications 389 The New Services Realities 428. Product Levels The Customer Value A Shifting Customer Relationship 428. Hierarchy 389 MARKETING MEMO Lights Cameras, Product Classifications 391 Customer Service Disasters 430.
Differentiation 392, Product Differentiation 393 Achieving Excellence In Services. Services Differentiation 394 Marketing 431,Design 396 Marketing Excellence 431. Design Leaders 396 Technology and Service,Power of Design 397 Delivery 432. Approaches to Design 397 Best Practices of Top Service. Luxury Products 398 Companies 433, Characterizing Luxury Brands 398 Differentiating Services 435. Growing Luxury Brands 398 MARKETING INSIGHT Improving Company. Marketing Luxury Brands 399 Call Centers 436,Environmental Issues 400.
Managing Service Quality 439, MARKETING MEMO A Sip or A Gulp Managing Customer Expectations 440. Environmental Concerns in the Water,MARKETING MEMO Recommendations for. Industry 401,Improving Service Quality 441, Product and Brand Relationships 401 Incorporating Self Service Technologies. The Product Hierarchy 402 SSTS 443,Product Systems and Mixes 402. Product Line Analysis 403 Managing Product Support Services 444. Identifying and Satisfying Customer,Product Line Length 404.
MARKETING INSIGHT When Less Is Postsale Service Strategy 445. More 405 Summary 445,Product Mix Pricing 408 Applications 446. Co Branding and Ingredient,MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Branding 409. Club Med 446,MARKETING MEMO Product Bundle Pricing. MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Considerations 410,Parkway Group Hotels 448. Packaging Labeling Warranties and,Guarantees 412,Packaging 412 Chapter 15 Introducing New Market.
Labeling 414 Otterings 451,Warranties and Guarantees 415. New Product Options 451,Summary 415 Make or Buy 451. Applications 416 Types of New Products 452,Challenges in New Product Setting the Price 489. Development 453 Step 1 Selecting the Pricing Objective 489. The Innovation Imperative 454 MARKETING INSIGHT Trading Up Down. New Product Success 454 and Over 490,New Product Failure 455. Step 2 Determining Demand 492,Organizational Arrangements 456.
Step 3 Estimating Costs 494,Budgeting for New Product Development 456. Organizing New Product Development 457 MARKETING MEMO How to Cut Costs 496. Managing the Development Process Ideas 460 Step 4 Analyzing Competitors Costs Prices. Generating Ideas 460 and Offers 496, MARKETING MEMO Ten Ways to Find Great Step 5 Selecting a Pricing Method 497. New Product Ideas 460 Step 6 Selecting the Final Price 502. MARKETING INSIGHT Stealth Price,MARKETING INSIGHT P G S Connect Increases 503. Develop Approach to Innovation 461,Adapting the Price 504. MARKETING MEMO Seven Ways to Draw Geographica Pricing Cash Countertrade. New Ideas from Your Customers 462 Barter 504,Price Discounts and Allowances 504.
MARKETING MEMO Howto Run a Promotional Pricing 505. Successful Brainstorming Session 464 Differentiated Pricing 506. Using Idea Screening 465 Initiating and Responding to Price. Managing the Development Process Concept Changes 507. to Strategy 467 Initiating Price Cuts 507, Concept Development and Testing 467 Initiating Price Increases 508. Marketing Strategy Development 470 Anticipating Competitive Responses 508. Business Analysis 470 Responding to Competitors Price. Managing the Development Process Changes 509,Development to Commercialization 472 Summary 510. Product Development 472 Applications 510,Market Testing 473 MARKETING EXCELLENCE eBay 511. Commercialization 475,MARKETING EXCELLENCE,The Consumer Adoption Process 476. Air Arabia 512,Stages in the Adoption Process 476,Factors Influencing the Adoption.
Process 476,Summary 478 PART 6 Delivering Value 514. Applications 479, MARKETING EXCELLENCE Apple 479 Chapter 17 Designing and Managing Integrated. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Marketing Channels 515,Salesforce com 481 Marketing Channels and Value. Networks 516,The Importance of Channels 516,Chapter 16 Developing Pricing Strategies. Multichannel Marketing 516, and Programs 483 Integrating Multichannel Marketing.
Understanding Pricing 483 Systems 517,Pricing in a Digital World 484 Value Networks 519. A Changing Pricing Environment 484 The Digital Channels Revolution 520. The Role of Marketing Channels 521, MARKETING INSIGHT Giving It All Away 485 Channel Functions and Flows 522. How Companies Price 486 Channel Levels 523, Consumer Psychology and Pricing 487 Service Sector Channels 524. Channel Design Decisions 525 MARKETING INSIGHT The Growth of. Analyzing Customer Needs and Wants 525 Shopper Marketing 556. MARKETING INSIGHT Understanding the Marketing Decisions 557. Showrooming Phenomena 525 MARKETING MEMO Helping Stores to Seil 562. Establishing Objectives and Constraints 526,Private Labels 563. Identifying Major Channel Alternatives 527,Role of Private Labels 564.
Evaluating Major Channel,Private Label Success Factors 564. Alternatives 529, Channel Management Decisions 530 MARKETING INSIGHT Manufacturer s. Selecting Channel Members 530 Response to the Private Label. Training and Motivating Channel Threat 565,Members 530 Wholesaling 565. Evaluating Channel Members 531 Trends in Wholesaling 567. Modifying Channel Design and,Market Logistics 567,Arrangements 532. Integrated Logistics Systems 568,Channel Modification Decisions 532.
Market Logistics Objectives 569,Global Channel Considerations 532. Market Logistics Decisions 570,Channel Integration and Systems 534. Summary 573,Vertical Marketing Systems 534,Horizontal Marketing Systems 536 Applications 574. E Commerce Marketing Practices 536 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Zara 574. Pure Click Companies 536 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Best Buy 576. Brick and Click Companies 537,M Commerce Marketing Practices 538. Changes in Customer and Company PART 7 Communicating Value 578. Behavior 539,M Commerce Marketing Practices 539,Privacy 540 Chapter 19 Designing and Managing.
Conflict Cooperation and Competition 540 Integrated Marketing. Types of Conflict and Competition 541 Communications 579. Causes of Channel Conflict 541, Managing Channel Conflict 541 The Role of Marketing Communications 580. Dilution and Cannibalization 543 The Changing Marketing Communications. Legal and Ethical Issues in Channel Environment 580. Relations 543 MARKETING INSIGHT Don t Touch That,Summary 543 Remote 580. Applications 544,Marketing Communications Mix 581, MARKETING EXCELLENCE How Do Marketing Communications. Amazon com 544, MARKETING EXCELLENCE Tesco 546 The Communications Process Models 584. Developing Effective Communications 586,Identify the Target Audience 586.
Set the Communications Objectives 587,Chapter 18 Managing Retailing Wholesaling. Design the Communications 587,and Logistics 549 Select the Communications. Retailing 549 Channels 590,Types of Retailers 550 MARKETING MEMO Celebrity. MARKETING MEMO Innovative Retail Endorsements as a Message. Organizations 551 Strategy 591, The Modern Retail Marketing MARKETING INSIGHT Playing Tricks to. Environment 554 Build a Brand 593, Establish the Total Marketing MARKETING MEMO Measuring.
Communications Budget 594 High Performance Sponsorship. Selecting the Marketing Communications Programs 628. Mix 595 Creating Experiences 628, Characteristics of the Marketing Public Relations 629. Communications Mix 596 Marketing Public Relations 629. Factors in Setting the Marketing Major Decisions in Marketing PR 630. Communications Mix 597,Summary 631,Measuring Communication Results 599. Applications 632,Managing the Integrated Marketing. Communications Process 599 MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Coordinating Media 601 Evian 632. Implementing IMG 601 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Gillette 634. MARKETING MEMO How Integrated Is Your,IMC Program 601.
Chapter 21 Managing Digital Communications,Summary 602. Online Social Media and,Applications 603,Mobile 637. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Red Bull 603,Online Marketing 637. MARKETING EXCELLENCE L Oreal 604 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online. Marketing Communications 638,Online Marketing Communication. Chapter 20 Managing Mass Communications Options 639. Advertising Sales Promotions MARKETING MEMO How to Maximize the. Events and Experiences and Public Marketing Value of E mails 642. Relations 607 Social Media 642, Developing and Managing an Advertising Social Media Platforms 643.
Using Social Media 644,Program 608, Setting the Advertising Objectives 609 Word of Mouth 645. Deciding on the Advertising Budget 609 Forms of Word of Mouth 646. Developing the Advertising Creating Word of Mouth Buzz 646. Campaign 610 MARKETING MEMO How to Start a Buzz,MARKETING MEMO Print Ad Evaluation Fire 648. Criteria 612,MARKETING INSIGHT Tracking Online,MARKETING INSIGHT Off Air Ad Batties 614 Buzz 649. Choosing Media 615 Measuring the Effects of Word of. MARKETING INSIGHT Playing Games with,Mobile Marketing 650. Brands 618 The Scope of Mobile Marketing 650, MARKETING MEMO Winning The Super Developing Effective Mobile Marketing.
Bowl of Advertising 619 Programs 651,Mobile Marketing across Markets 651. Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness 621 Summary 652. Sales Promotion 622 Applications 653,Advertising Versus Promotion 622. Major Decisions 623 MARKETING EXCELLENCE,Events and Experiences 626 Facebook 653. Events Objectives 626 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Unilever. Major Sponsorship Decisions 627 Axe and Dove 654, Chapter 22 Managing Personal Communications MARKETING MEMO Characteristics of. Direct and Database Marketing and Company Departments That Are Truly. Customer Driven 681,Personal Selling 657,Organizing the Marketing Department 682.
Direct Marketing 657 Relationships with Other Departments 684. The Benefits of Direct Marketing 658,Building a Creative Marketing. Direct Mail 659,Organization 684,Catalog Marketing 660. Telemarketing 660 MARKETING INSIGHT The Marketing CEO 685. Other Media for Direct Response,Socially Responsible Marketing 685. Marketing 661,Corporate Social Responsibility 686,Public and Ethical Issues in Direct. Marketing 661 MARKETING INSIGHT The Rise of,Customer Databases and Database Organic 689.
Marketing 662 Socially Responsible Business,Customer Databases 662 Models 690. Data Warehouses and Data Mining 662 Cause Related Marketing 690. The Downside of Database Marketing 664,MARKETING MEMO Making a Difference. Designing the Sales Force 664 Top 10 Tips for Cause Branding 693. Sales Force Objectives and Strategy 666,Sales Force Structure 667 Social Marketing 694. Marketing Implementation and Control 697,MARKETING INSIGH7 Major Account. Marketing Implementation 697,Management 668,Marketing Control 697.
Sales Force Size 668 The Future of Marketing 702,Sales Force Compensation 668. MARKETING MEMO Major Marketing,Managing the Sales Force 669. Weaknesses 703,Recruiting and Selecting,Representatives 669 Summary 705. Training and Supervising Sales Applications 705,Representatives 669. Sales Rep Productivity 670 MARKETING EXCELLENCE, Motivating Sales Representatives 670 Starbucks 706.
Evaluating Sales Representatives 671 MARKETING EXCELLENCE Virgin. Principles of Personal Selling 673 Group 707,The Six Steps 673. Appendix Tools for Marketing Control 709,Relationship Marketing 674. Summary 675 Appendix Sonic Marketing Plan,Applications 675 and Exercises A1. MARKETING EXCELLENCE Progressive 676 Endnotes Et,MARKETING EXCELLENCE Victorias Glossary G1. Secret 677 Name Index 11,Company Brand and,Organization Index 15.
PART 8 Conducting Marketing,Subject Index 118,Responsibly for Long term. Success 678,Chapter 23 Managing a Holistic Marketing. Organization for the Long Run 679,Trends in Marketing Practices 679.

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