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MANDAMA OSHC INFORMATION PACK,Dear Parents Caregivers. Please read through all the information regarding,Mandama OSHC. Fill out enrolment form completely 6 pages,Please supply any relevant action plans and if. necessary medications,Please bring in child s health records to be. We will do our best to meet your booking,needs You will receive a phone call.
confirming your bookings,Ring Family Assistance Office if necessary on. 13 61 50 and give them your details,If you have any questions please don t hesitate. to call on 5243 7122 or 0447 775 757,Thank you Mandama OSHC. USEFUL INFORMATION,OSHC NUMBERS 5243 7122 0447 775 757. SCHOOL TELEPHONE NUMBER 5243 0820,FAMILY ASSISTANCE NUMBER 13 61 50.
OSHC ADDRESS 10 CORANG AVE GROVEDALE,MANDAMA PRIMARY SCHOOL. BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE,Dear Families, The OSHC staff and Management Committee of the Mandama Primary. School would like to welcome you and your child children to the Service. Our objective is to provide affordable and high quality child care that enables. parents to work and or study train in a full time or part time capacity The. service aims to provide quality recreational programs that are safe fun and. stimulating offering a wide variety of activities in a warm caring secure. environment The programs will cater for the diverse interest needs and ages. of the children attending the service Therefore we hope your child children s. time with us is filled with many new and enjoyable experiences. To assist us please read the information booklet enclosed and complete the. enrolment form This provides us with essential information to ensure the. safety of your child children whilst in care, If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact the. Co ordinator of the Service on 5243 7122 or 0447 775 757. Rachel Ward,OSHC Co ordinator,THE SERVICE OFFERS,Care for before school and after school. Full time part time or casual basis care,Quality care and supervision at all times.
Enjoyable and fun activities games art craft sport cooking etc. Breakfast in the mornings and snacks in the afternoon. Opportunity for children to play in a safe and secure environment. Dedicated qualified and experienced staff, A service that complies with the National Quality Standards for OSHC. Good quality and varied equipment designed for primary school age. Socialising with children of all ages,Flexibility and accessibility of service. Experiences with indoor and outdoor play,PHILOSOPHY. Mandama OSHC is committed to providing quality care for school aged. children in a safe secure welcoming supportive and inclusive environment. We aim to provide quality recreational programs and to ensure that children. attending feel valued as unique individuals within the program. As educators we value the importance of learning through play and. acknowledge its value to children s development Play and leisure activities. provide opportunities for children to learn as they discover create improvise. and imagine MTOP 2011 p14 We program to create an environment that. offers a wide range of activities and experiences and provides opportunities. for children to play and interact with other children and educators We. endeavour to provide an environment that is enjoyable engaging challenging. and fun without compromising the safety and care that our children deserve. The program caters for the diverse needs interests and ages of the children. using the service The program provides opportunities for the further. development of each child s social physical emotional intellectual and. creative potential whilst providing an environment in which they are relaxed. and comfortable We acknowledge that children s voices are integral to the. function of the program therefore they actively involved in all areas of the. program including the planning implementing and evaluating We want the. children who use the service to feel included and to take ownership of the. The program will be inclusive of the cultural and linguistic diversity of all. families using the service We will support the children to explore a range of. cultural experiences in an environment free from racial prejudice and. harassment Children with additional needs will be treated equally with the. same respect and care offered to all the children who use the service. We value collaborative partnerships and open communication between. children families educators and the wider community We acknowledge the. need and strive for supportive and respectful relationships between. educators children and families Families are the most important people in. children s lives and we want them to feel welcome and we value their support. suggestions input and feedback, We believe that children benefit from being connected to their environment. and nature We support natural play and encourage children s curiosity. Educators work with children to promote sustainable practices at the service. with the aim to strengthen their awareness, Technology is explored embraced and utilized for learning opportunities.
within the program The use of technology and traditional resources are used. to promote and develop life skills, We believe an effective team is built by working as a team motivating. inspiring and supporting each other Educators help to build an atmosphere. of trust and respect through open communication respecting different points. of view and maintaining confidentiality We believe that ongoing professional. development and a culture of continuous improvement and reflective practice. are essential to strengthen educator s understanding and knowledge This in. turn will benefit the program children and families. At Mandama OSHC we will provide inclusive practices for all by providing a. program that caters for the differing ages and needs of children treating them. equally and with respect all the while providing a safe secure welcoming. and supportive environment,GOALS OF THE SERVICE, Provide a home like environment where children feel welcomed safe. secure and supported,Provide quality care and supervision at all times. Have enjoyable and fun activities allowing for choice and the. opportunity for learning and discovery, Encourage children in developing caring relationships through respect. for themselves and others, Provide a program that is inclusive and values and respects each.
child s uniqueness and caters for all children s needs. Educators show respect to each other the families and children. Develop children s awareness of the environment and promote an. attitude of support for it, Develop children s awareness of the local community and invite others. to share in the program, Provide a program that promotes good communication with families. and encourages their input and support, Incorporate the National Quality Standards and the My Time Our Place. Learning framework into a daily practices, Be committed to further developing the knowledge and skills through in. service and training,Implement policies and procedures.
Commit to a culture of continuous improvement, Following a successful application by the school Mandama Primary School received funding. to begin an OSHC program in July 2003 The program officially opened on the 25 of August. at the end of term 3 When the program began it was funded for 15 places in Before School. Care and 30 in After School Care, Mandama OSHC has been operating for over 10 years and is committed to offering a fun. caring and high quality program for families of school age children during the schooling year. It aims to meet the broad range of children s social emotional recreational physical. intellectual and creative outside school hour s needs. CURRENT NUMBER OF PLACES FUNDED FOR, Currently OSHC is funded for 30 places in Before School Care and 60 in After School Care. The Mandama OSHC building which is called The Corang Centre is located on the school. property between the gym and the courts It is a great facility that has 2 rooms pink and a. blue toilets and a kitchen,COMMONWEALTH PRIORITY OF ACCESS GUIDELINES. One of the main reasons the Australian Government funds child care is to meet the child care. needs of Australian families However the demand for child care sometimes exceeds supply. in some locations When this happens it is important for services to allocate places to those. families with the greatest need for child care support. The Australian Government has Priority of Access Guidelines for allocating places in these. circumstances These guidelines apply to centre based long day care in home care family. day care and outside school hours care services They set out the following three levels of. priority which child care services must follow when filling vacant places. Priority 1 a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect. Priority 2 a child of a single parent who satisfies or of parents who both satisfy the. work training study test under section 14 of the A New Tax System Family. Assistance Act 1999,Priority 3 any other child, Within these main categories priority should also be given to the following children.
Children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Children in families which include a disabled person. Children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does. not exceed the lower income threshold or who or whose partner are on income. Children in families with a non English speaking background. Children in socially isolated families,Children of single parents. There are some circumstances in which a child who is already in a child care service may be. required to leave the service, Where a service has no vacant places and is providing care for a child who is a Priority 3. under the Priority of Access guidelines the service may require that child to leave the service. in order for the service to provide a place for a higher priority child but only if. The person who is liable to pay child care fees in respect of the child was notified. when the child first occupied the child care place that the service followed this policy. The service gives that person at least 14 days notice of the requirement for the child. to leave the child care service,ELIGIBILITY,An approved OSHC service must ensure that. Most of the children provided with care are attending school. If it provides before or after school care it operates on each school day. CONFIDENTIALITY PRIVACY, Mandama OSHC protects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals by ensuring that all. records and information about individual children and families are kept in a secure place. Mandama OSHC collects information about families for the purpose of enrolling children into. the OSHC program This information is used for administration purposes and to contact. families in the event of an emergency but will not be disclosed to any other party except as. required by law If families fail to provide this information the enrolment will not be processed. THE MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE,THE SPONSORING BODY, The Mandama Primary School School Council sponsors Mandama OSHC and has the.
overall responsibility for the OSHC program The School Council will accept reasonable. responsibility for the children attending the OSHC Program for the period that they are in care. and will ensure that all necessary precautions are undertaken for the safety of children. attending the program,MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, The Management Committee is comprised of the Coordinator of the OSHC Program parents. of children who attend the service and the line manager generally one of the principals. They meet a minimum of once a term to discuss relevant issues pertaining to the OSHC. service Information that is decided upon in the meetings is passed on to the School Council. Mandama OSHC under the banner of the School Council is responsible to maintain National. Standards and State and Commonwealth legislation, There is a minimum of two educators present at all times As per the Children s Services. regulations there is a ratio of 1 staff 15 children at OSHC On excursions there is a ratio of 1. staff 8 children and water based activities 1 staff 5 children There is one qualified staff. member to every 30 children and one nominee on duty at all times. Mandama OSHC program employs staff fitting the requirements as stipulated by the. Children s Services regulations All staff have a minimum Certificate 3 in Children s services. and or studying for a acceptable qualification and are trained in first aid asthma management. and anaphylaxis management, The service has a Coordinator who is in charge of the day to day operation of the service. The remaining staff consists of an assistant coordinator and assistants The Coordinator is. also the Educational Leader and this role it to lead the development and implementation of. the educational program or curriculum in the service The Coordinator has suitable. qualifications and experience as well as an understanding of the Framework for School Age. Care and the Early Years Learning Framework to be able to guide other educators in their. planning and reflection and mentor colleagues in their implementation practices. ENROLMENT PROCEDURES, Read through the family pack and fully complete an enrolment form and provide relevant. documentation to the Coordinator If you have any questions please don t hesitate to ask. Bookings for Before and After School Care will only be confirmed once the completed and. signed enrolment form along with any relevant action plans has been received There is a. limit to the number of children we can cater for so it is essential that you book your. child children in early to be ensured a place We will do our best to meet your booking needs. Both permanent and casual bookings can be made for these programs and it may be for one. or more sessions per week,PERMANENT BOOKINGS, Parents may book their child children in on a permanent basis That means if the program.
becomes full on a given night the parents carers booking is secure If the child is absent from. the service they still pay for their position, Parents carers with permanent bookings are allowed up to 42 allowable absences within a. financial year which means they are still entitled to CCB on the days their child children is. absent from the service, If a family goes away for example on holidays either a holding fee of 5 50 per child for. Before School Care and 6 50 for After School Care or their usual fee which either is the. lesser amount will still be charged to their account. CASUAL EMERGENCY BOOKINGS, Casual or emergency bookings are only possible on any particular day if a space is available. and if your child children have been registered with the program Parents carers should notify. the service on 0447 775 757 or 5243 7122 as soon as possible if casual or emergency care is. required Please note fees must be paid on the day,INABILITY TO ATTEND. If a child booked into the program on a particular day will not be attending the family must. advise the service by written note or phone ASAP Fees are charged for absent days for. children with permanent bookings,CHILDREN S ARRIVAL FROM CLASS.
Children will be expected to arrive to the program on their own undertaking Prep children. from Mandama Primary School will be collected by an OSHC staff member until they are. confident in arriving on their own,NON ARRIVALS, Please let Coordinator know if children are not going to be in OSHC If children who are. registered do not attend the Co ordinator will make contact with the family any siblings who. attend OSHC the office and child s teacher Every effort will be made to locate the. child children,UNREGISTERED CHILDREN, Only children registered with the program may attend Other children must be under the. supervision of a teacher and must not enter the OSHC program area. Children are not permitted to attend unless parents guardians have enrolled their. child children and booked prior to the session,CANCELLATIONS. Parents carers wishing to cancel their permanent bookings permanently must let the. Coordinator know 48 hours in advance Failure to do so will incur the fee of that booking. Cancellations of casual bookings will not incur a fee however letting the Coordinator know 24. hours in advance is helpful,HOURS OF OPERATION,Before School Care 7 00am 8 50am. After School Care 3 20pm 6 00pm, Times of operation will be reviewed from time to time.
CURRICULUM DAYS PUPIL FREE DAYS, If numbers warrant care on curriculum days will be available for children who attend the. Mandama Primary School Hours of operation for these days are 7 00am 6 00pm. However opening times may vary and parents will be notified if necessary. On these days we offer a range of exciting and fun filled activities Information will be made. available prior to these days to allow ample time for parents to enrol their children Fees will. vary due to the extended hours of care and activities offered Child Care Benefit is also. available on these days,EARLY FINISH END OF TERM, For terms 1 3 the service operates from 2 30pm to 6pm and for term 4 the service operates. 1 30 6 00pm,SIGNING IN AND OUT PROCEDURES, All children must be accompanied into the program venue and signed in and out by a. parent carer over the age of 18, Only authorised adults will be allowed to sign out and collect children. Parents carers can add additional authorised adults to the enrolment form if needed. Parents carers must notify the Coordinator if someone other than themselves will be. collecting their children and ID must be shown on pick up Children will not leave the program. with anyone that has not been authorised by the parents If someone comes to collect a child. that is unfamiliar the Coordinator will approach the person and ask for their name and ID and. check on the child s enrolment form if they are an emergency contact The Coordinator will. ring the family to confirm Only then can the child leave OSHC so it s crucial to let Coordinator. know if someone else is collection your child children. PICK UP OF CHILDREN, Only the parent s carer s specified on the enrolment form are allowed to pick up children.
from the service The service must be notified prior to the session if you wish an authorized. person other than yourself to collect your child children Authorized person must present ID. There will be no unauthorized pick up, N B If children are making their way to another venue e g sporting practice notification must. be given by a signed letter to the Co ordinator of the Service. LATE PICK UP, All children must be collected by 6 00pm If a child is left with staff after 6pm at least two. staff must remain at the program until all children have been collected without prior contact. from parents the Coordinator will ring the parents or the emergency contacts A late fee at. the rate of 1 00 per minute will be charged after 6 00pm In the case of unforseen. emergencies the service must be notified,CUSTODY DETAILS COURT ORDERS. If parents carers have custody details and or court orders regarding their child children please. include information on enrolment form and notify Coordinator This allows all involved to best. cater for the families needs, A flat fee is charged for all bookings for both Before and After School Care services. The current fees for 2016 are,Before School Care 11 00 After School Care 14 00.
The above fees are the maximum fees you can be charged per session Most families. however are eligible for a fee reduction simply by applying for Child Care Benefit. CHILDCARE BENEFIT, Child Care Benefit CCB is administered by the Family Assistance Office FAO and is a. payment made to families to assist with the costs of child care All parents guardians except. those who have not complied with immunisation requirements or are not Australian residents. are eligible for CCB,CCB can be received either as. Reduced weekly fees through the OSHC program or, A lump sum payment direct to families at the end of the financial year in which the. service is used, To receive CCB you must register for CCB and obtain a Customer Reference Number CRN. To register for CCB contact the Family Assistance Office by telephone on 13 61 50 between. 8am and 8pm Further information can be found on their website www familyassist gov au. If you DO NOT intend to claim Child Care Benefit as reduced fees OSHC still needs your. Customer Reference Number to comply with government reporting. It is the responsibility of all families to ensure that CCB registration details are correct. All families must contact Centrelink to activate their CRN prior to their child children. commencing care, It is each families responsibility to link each child to their CRN for the purposes of.
claiming CCB, It is each families responsibility to notify Centrelink that their child is now school aged. CCB is calculated at a different percentage 85 once children attend school If a. family fails to notify Centrelink that their child children has commenced school. Centrelink will backdate all CCB from the day they are notified to the first day of. CHILD CARE REBATE CCR, The Child Care Rebate pays up to 50 of out of pocket expense for child care up to annual. cap From July 2011 families can choose to receive the CCR on a fortnightly basis paid. either to their child care service as a fee reduction or directly to their bank account. To be eligible for CCR families must have used approved child care and received CCB and. passed the CCB work training study test requirements. www mychild gov au childcarerebate, In order to claim CCB CCR you will need to contact FAO Registering for CCB is a one off. process The FAO number is 13 61 50, This is paid quarterly You must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for the. Child Care Tax Rebate You must have, Used approved child care during the year been assessed as eligible for Child Care.
Worked or had work related commitments at some time during the period. Receipts and invoices should be retained for this purpose For more information visit. www familiyassist gov au and click on Changes to Child Care Tax Rebate View the child. care tax rebate details, Accounts will be issued weekly generally on a Monday They will either be emailed or. printed printed accounts can be found in the Accounts folder next to the daily sign in sheets. All fees must be paid weekly or fortnightly by cash cheque Credit Card B Pay Bank or. Eftpos Fees are to be placed in the Program Fee Box in the OSHC room Monies paid are. included on the account so parents can see what has been paid For casual bookings fees. need to be paid on the day so either before the session or on collection of children. Coordinator will let the families know the fees, Families who wish to pay by either B Pay or Direct Deposit need to contact the office to get. the necessary details, If paying by B Pay or Direct Deposit it is important to let the Coordinator know the amount. and date paid so the correct amount can be receipted to your account. Mandama OSHC is a non profit organisation that relies on the payment of fees therefore we. cannot carry non paying families Fees need to be paid weekly or fortnightly Fees are not to. be more than 14 days in arrears unless arrangements have been made with the Coordinator. If fees are 3 weeks or more in arrears a text message or notification will be sent out to the. parent carer advising them if a payment is not made by the date given the 20 late payment. fee will occur You will normally be given 7 10 days to pay and the 20 late payment fee. does not receive any CCB reductions If a payment has not been received by that date and. no communication has been given by the parent to the Coordinator they will be contacted and. notified that if payment is not made their child ren can no longer attend OSHC until the. account has been finalised Therefore it is encouraged to talk to the Coordinator if having any. difficulties, At the end of each term and the school year all accounts must be finalised failure to do so will. incur the 20 late payment fee and children cannot commence care until accounts are. If an account exceeds 250 and a payment if not forthcoming the care for that family may. cease until a payment has been made,CASUAL BOOKINGS.
For families that make casual bookings only every now and then they will need to pay their. account upfront An account will be printed and ready for them when they drop off or collect. their child children,ALLOWABLE ABSENCES, If a child is absent form a session of before or after school care or both on the same day it is. counted as one allowable absence day Parents carers with permanent bookings are allowed. up to 42 allowable absences within a financial year which means they are still entitled to CCB. on the days their child children is absent from the service. MULTIPLE CHILD RATE, Parents are able to access the multiple child rates on their assessment notices if siblings. listed are in care for the same week in any approved Long Day Care Family Day Care or. other OSHC Service, It is the parent s responsibility to notify service providers of other children in care and. changes to these arrangements,PROGRAM PROCEDURES, Mandama OSHC will provide a quality recreational program that is safe fun inclusive and. stimulating offering a wide variety of activities in a warm caring secure environment The. program is child focused with choice and variety Children will be actively involved in all. program planning implementing and evaluation processes The service will plan activities. with the children s involvement so that their needs and interests are being catered for. Play based learning is crucial for children s development Play and leisure activities provide. opportunities for children to learn as they discover create improvise and imagine MYOP. The service will provide special activities where possible for e g wheels week and will at. differing times of the year program for special events and celebrations for e g Mother s and. Father s day and Christmas, The service will provide a variety of equipment toys and materials for all children to play with.
regardless of gender The program is on display on the notice board. ACTIVITY TIMES, Activities will be available as soon as children arrive There is a set program for each day but. is flexible to allow for choice Activities are packed away at the end of the night with quiet. activities available for remaining children Daily routines are on display on notice board. SETTLING CHILDREN INTO THE SERVICE, Staff and children will endeavour to make new children feel welcomed and comfortable at. OSHC Families booking their children in are encouraged to bring their children to the service. before they start so they know where it is When new children start staff will introduce. themselves and other staff to them and show children around They will be given a buddy to. help settle them in If a child appears unsure or upset every effort will be made to make them. feel comfortable and at ease,EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. If children wish to participate in other activities on the school grounds they may do so as long. as parents inform the Coordinator in writing or in person Staff will supervise children to and. from their activity if parents are unable to Information will be documented on the OSHC. sports list for staff to see,CHILDREN LEAVING THE SERVICE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Children are not allowed to leave the service without written or verbal permission given by. parent If children do then every endeavour will be made to bring that child back Staff will. look for the child get an announcement put over the loud speaker and the family office and. Principal will be informed,CHILDREN INDIVIDUALS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.
Staff will endeavour to provide a safe environment for children attending OSHC Children and. individuals can only be on school grounds with the permission of either the school or OSHC. Visitors must report to the office and sign in so they can collect a badge to wear that identifies. EXCURSIONS, Excursion will generally occur on pupil free days and where possible once a term in after. school care Excursions give variety to the program and children benefit from experiences in. the local and wilder community Parents will be notified prior to an excursion talking place as. a permission slip needs to be filled out and signed before a child can attend. FOOD PROVIDED FOOD HANDLING HYGIENE, Breakfast snacks and cooking experiences are provided for the children in before and after. school care The food that is provided is healthy and nutritious Drinking water will be. available at all times Please note any allergies or special diets on the enrolment form. The service is registered as a Food premise with the Geelong Council and will therefore. uphold food handling procedures For example hands will be washed before preparing or. handling food The work bench area will be cleaned thoroughly before and after preparing. food Utensils like knives will be put away immediately after use Food will be stored properly. in either the cupboard or fridge Following good hygiene practices children and staff are to. wash their hands before eating and handling food Children and staff are to wash their hands. after being to the toilet If a child wets or soils their pants staff will provide clean underwear. and pants and handle the situation in a discreet manner. RESOURCES EQUIPMENT, The service will provide resources and equipment for the children to use to add to their. enjoyment at OSHC Children are encouraged to take good care of the OSHC equipment to. ensure the longevity of it,MEDICAL DETAILS, If your child children has any medical conditions details please include on enrolment form. and provide all relevant Action Plans signed by a doctor For example if a child has. Anaphylaxis an action plan signed by a doctor with the child s auto injection device must be. supplied to the service Children cannot attend the service without this information The. Coordinator will go through with the family the Risk Minimisation Plan and Communication. Plan which needs to be signed by the family and Coordinator This allows all involved to best. cater for your child children s needs,MEDICATION, If children require medication while at the service the parents carers must fill out the.
medication form and hand into the Coordinator and follow the services procedures. Medication must be in original packaging with the prescription label clearly stating child s. name and name of medication and handed to educators The medical form must be signed. by two staff members and the parents carers and the medication collected No medication is. to be left in children s bags, Mandama OSHC has a first aid kit that is stored away from children but easily accessible to. educators All educators are trained in first aid First aid will only be administered in the. event of minor accidents or to stabilise on injured person until expert assistance arrives. Details will be recorded for the parent carer to sign. SUN PROTECTION, Mandama OSHC sun protection policy has been developed to ensure that all children and. staff attending the service are protected from potential skin damage caused by the sun s. harmful ultraviolet UV radiation This policy will be implemented in terms 1 and 4 Often. children leave their hats in their trays in their class so please supply your child with a hat for. OSHC Wide brimmed and legionnaire hats are acceptable. SICKNESS AND ACCIDENT, Unwell children must not attend the service Fever vomiting diarrhoea and unexplained. rashes are examples that a child is unwell The service will exclude children with any. infectious diseases for the period determined by the Health Departments regulations Further. information can be obtained from the Coordinator and or School. If a child has an accident while in care the staff will administer first aid keep the child. comfortable and if necessary ring parent carer to come and collect child The regulations. state that staff must ensure that a parent or guardian of a child involved in a serious. incident accident is notified as soon as practicable of the incidence or occurrence. If a child becomes ill while at OSHC every endeavour will be made to contact the family If. unable to the educators will try the emergency contact list that is provided by the families. SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN,Children are supervised at all times. Staff work as a team to ensure appropriate supervision is maintained at all times. All children are in direct sight of staff at all times If a child needs to go to an area where they. will not be in direct sight of a staff member they must go with a partner and a staff member. must be aware of their whereabouts e g going to the toilet. Staff have the use of walkie talkies to communicate children s movements. COMMUNICATION, If at any time you wish to discuss a matter regarding your child children or another child or.
any aspect of the service please do not hesitate to arrange a time to speak to the Co. NEWSLETTERS NOTICES, Newsletters came out usually once a term and can be found near the sign in sheet. Notification will be given to let you know when they are available Any relevant notices will be. put on the OSHC notice board for you to read If at any time you wish to contribute any. information to the Newsletter or notices please let Coordinator know. PARENT INVOLVEMENT, We encourage the involvement and participation of parents carers and grandparents to the. service Differing activities that parents can be involved in is cooking experiences art and. craft activities sporting activities and anything else that would enhance the program Even if. parents can t come in offering activities for the children to do will be beneficial Please note. parents who wish to come in and help must have a Working with Children Check Forms are. available at Post Offices and there is no charge for volunteers. CHILDREN S INPUT, Children s suggestions and evaluations are encouraged so that staff can program effectively. for the children Children can offer suggestions at meetings suggestion box and informal. conversations with the educators and suggestion sheets. ITEMS FROM HOME, If you have any items at home that the service could use please bring them in We often use. recycle materials and goods At differing times we may ask for specific items and your help. would be greatly appreciated, If children bring belongings and toys from home they will be responsible to look after it.
Mandama OSHC will not be responsible for damaged or lost belongings or toys brought from. OSHC NATIONAL QUALITY FRAMEWORKS STANDARD LICENSING. Mandama OSHC policy and procedures reflect the National Quality Frameworks and the National. Quality Standards for OSHC, Mandama OSHC will be guided by the National Quality Frameworks and endeavour to meet the. expectations as outlined in the seven National Quality Standard Areas for School Age Children. These areas include Educational Program and Practice Children s Health and Safety Physical. Environment Staffing Arrangements Relationships with Children Collaborative Partnerships with. Families and Communities and Leadership and Service Management The practices at. Mandama OSHC will be guided by the My Time Our Place Framework for school aged children. This document is a nationally recognised framework and provides a foundation for Educators to. extend and enrich children s learning and to support and promote development There are five. outcomes which include children have a strong sense of identity children are connected with and. contribute to their world children have a strong sense of wellbeing children are confident and. involved learners and children and effective communicators. More information on the NQF is available for families through an ACECQA Families Newsletter.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Planning (But ...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Planning But

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Planning (But Were Afraid to Ask) J org Ho mann Saarland University Saarbruc ken, Germany Abstract. Domain-independent planning is one of the long-standing sub-areas of Arti cial Intelligence (AI), aiming at approaching human problem-solving exibility. The area has long had ...