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TABLE OF CONTENTS, What the Poole College of Management Career Center Can Do forYou 2. Your Career Starts Here 3,Checklist for Career Success 4. Set UpYour ePACK Account 6,Career Assessments Information Resources 6. Campus Recruiting Cycle 7,Recruitment by Academic Major 7. How to Find the Right Job 8 CAREER,How to Stand Apart from the Crowd 9.
DevelopYour Power Greeting 10,Your Online Brand 11. Job Search Strategies Tapping Into the Hidden Job Market 12. Informational Interviews Networking 13 GUIDE,Don t Forget the Small Companies 16. Getting the Most Out of a Career Fair 17,Ten Best Ways to Go Offline And Get the Job 18. Resume Building Opportunities Beyond Internships and Part Time Jobs 19. Transferable Skills 20 Poole College of,Become a Skill Seeker 21. The Art of Writing Resumes 23 Management Career Center. Qualities Desired in New College Graduates 24 Undergraduate Programs. Resume Content Guidelines 25, 6 Keys to Creating aTargeted Resume 26 1133 Nelson Hall.
TheTop 10 Pitfalls in Resume Writing 26,Resume Power Verbs 28. 919 515 7174,Resume Evaluation Form 29,Sample Resumes 30. General Outline for Cover Letters Sample Letters 33. Thank You Letter 35 Staff,Job Interviewing in Brief 36. 11Tips for a Successful Interview 37 Brian Newton Director. Questions Asked by Employers 38,Questions to Ask Employers 38. Janet Rakes Assistant Director,What Happens During the Interview 39.
AreYou Ready for a Behavioral Situational Interview 40. Students With Disabilities Acing the Interview 41,Dress to Impress 42. Dealing With Rejection in the Job Search 43,References 44. Correspondence Guidelines for Hard Copy and Email 45. Ethics the Art of Negotiating an Offer 47,Choosing Between Job Offers 49. Reneging on a Job Offer 51,Federal Jobs Working for Uncle Sam 52. Succeeding in the Internship 53 ADVERTISER INDEX,Professional Etiquette 54.
Dining Out 55 ALDI Inside Back Cover,International Students and the Job Search 56. Experience Business Globally 57 Keep America Beautiful 64. Is Graduate School Right forYou 58 U S Marine Corps Inside Front Cover. Letters of Recommendation 60, Special Interest Population Resources 61 USA gov 19. LinkedIn Profile Checklist 62,WHAT THE POOLE COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT. CAREER CENTER CAN DO FOR YOU, MOST STUDENTS GO through college without ever setting foot in their give you an edge over other candidates i e foreign languages. school s career services office Yet outside of the academic realm job study abroad community service etc Talk with a coach early on. seekers will pay thousands of dollars for the very same services that We have a checklist to facilitate your career success MAKE AN. are provided to you free of charge The mission of the Poole College of APPOINTMENT WITH A COACH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Management Career Center is to teach skills and provide services that. will facilitate the career development and job search process ranging Career Fairs. from assessing your abilities to negotiating employment offers These Career fairs offer a convenient opportunity to network talk face to face. are life skills that you need not only as a student but as a professional with a wide range of employers and set up interviews The Poole College. in your career Don t overlook this opportunity it could mean the of Management Career Center sponsors two College of Management. difference between getting a great job and a marginal job career fairs each year both of which are held in the McKimmon Center. Career fairs are a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with. DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS different employers recruiting for your major browse their available. Get to know the career coaches in the Poole College of Management positions talk with them informally and provide them with your. Career Center Try to meet with a career coach several different times resume. throughout your time at NC State Appointments are a great way to stay. motivated and to accomplish career related tasks A career coach will Mock Interviews. listen to your concerns and provide objective advice You can bounce When it comes to interviewing practice makes perfect The. ideas off him or her which will help you think through your options experience of having a simulated interview with a career coach can. Furthermore when unique job opportunities come in career coaches calm nerves enhance performance teach you how to answer tough. often alert students who they know well and think might be a good fit questions and prevent you from making big mistakes We find. with the position Remember the more you share about your skills and that those students who practice their skills in mock interviews are. your goals with the staff the better they will be able to assist you very successful when they participate in the real thing Our career. coaches will be happy to help you hone your interview skills and. PROGRAMS AND SERVICES become more comfortable in the process. Once you get to know the career coaches become familiar with all. of the programs and services offered through the Poole College of Employer Information Sessions On Campus Recruiting. Management Career Center which include Each semester a wide range of employers from various locations. and industries visit the campus to present information about their. Job and Internship Listings organizations to students Learn about potential career opportu. Hundreds of opportunities are posted for NC State students each nities and network with key employers by attending these sessions. year through the Poole College of Management Career Center jobs Also students will be able to take advantage of on campus recruiting. database ePACK Part time on and off campus jobs internships programs where employers collect student resumes and conduct. and full time positions are all posted in one easy to use system that on campus interviews for various internship and job openings. is available to all NC State students and recent alumni Employers. often post positions specifically for Poole students Career coaches Internships. also can provide detailed advice on how to apply for these jobs Internships are the most effective way to try out different career. Be sure to read our biweekly eNewsletter highlighting employers fields and gain hands on experience while you are still a student. coming to campus upcoming career events and the latest jobs and You can build your resume and learn the ropes Many internships. internships that we have received To make sure you receive these lead to full time opportunities. emails please login to your ePACK account and go to the Profile. Edit Privacy tab on your student home page and set the field Important Note We send important messages about programs and. called Receive Email Job Blasts to YES events via our email newsletter Job Howl Make sure you add us. to your address book so our important announcements don t end up. Resume and Cover Letter Critiques in your spam folder Check out our website at www poole ncsu edu. During individual appointments career coaches provide detailed undergraduate careers and ePACK frequently for the most up to date. advice on writing resumes cover letters and other job search information on programs and events. correspondence We offer a variety of services to help you create the. most effective job search correspondence, In addition to one on one resume guidance and critiques.
we provide sample resumes to help you design creative targeted KEY WEBSITES. resumes and job search correspondence and to help you get as Poole College of Management Career Center. many interviews and job offers as possible www poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers. University Career Development Center, Career and Job Search Strategies http careers ncsu edu. The most successful students start early FRESHMAN YEAR. working with a career coach on both career and job search ePACK. strategies What experience is needed to obtain the ultimate job www ncsu edu epack. you want upon graduation What other ancillary experiences will. 2 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 3. CHECKLIST FOR CAREER SUCCESS CHECKLIST FOR CAREER SUCCESS continued. Set goals for each year to achieve your career plans Set goals for each year to achieve your career plans. FRESHMAN YEAR SOPHOMORE YEAR JUNIOR YEAR SENIOR YEAR. Prepare Prepare Prepare Prepare, Check out the What can I do with a major in website Update and fine tune your resume and professional Update and fine tune your resume and professional Update and refine your resume and professional cover. www ncsu edu majors careers for information on cover letter discuss with a coach cover letter Have them ready to respond quickly to an letter. choosing or changing a major Familiarize yourself Update your ePACK account opportunity Update your reference list. with all of the resources available through the website Update your ePACK account including resume. Conduct practice interviews with a career coach Update your ePACK account and maximize your use of. including many career personality and interest, Get to know faculty in a major of interest They can talk Conduct a practice interview with a career coach the system. assessments, about career options and provide a reference when you Set up an appointment with a career coach to discuss Discuss your job search plan with your career coach. Talk with faculty mentors family friends and career. apply for a job or to graduate school refine career strategies including questions about Speak with faculty about career interest s and plans. coaches about majors and occupations Conduct, Join student organizations related to your major or graduate school.
informational interviews with professionals a career If applying for graduate school follow the individual. coach can help you prepare for these career of interest Speak with faculty in your major about career interest s program guidelines and deadlines. Assume leadership opportunities in student organi and plans explore career related project research. Explore NC State resources including the Poole College Schedule GMAT and other admissions exams if not. zations and class projects opportunities, of Management Career Center NC State University already completed. Career Development Center Co op Program Office of Reconnect with professionals you met at last year s Attend career development workshops on job search. Practice your interviewing skills with a career coach. International Services OIS and Academic Advising career fairs or other career related events strategies resumes interviewing LinkedIn etc. Office Join professional associations if you have not yet done so. Begin choosing courses that will help you make a career Research graduate school options and apply according. Take on leadership roles, Demonstrate excellent academic performance and decision to established guidelines and deadlines. strengthen your written communication skills in Be sure all of your social networking sites look profes. Select your Poole college major and concentration Choose electives to enhance your qualifications. English classes sional employers do check, especially your verbal and written communication data. Attend career related workshops on resumes, Create a first draft of your resume and have it critiqued analytics and IT skills. interviewing job search salary negotiations LinkedIn Participate. by a career coach at the Poole College of Management etc See your advisor about selecting a concentration. Career Center Schedule an appointment with a coach Begin your active full time job search at least two. Set up your LinkedIn profile semesters prior to graduation. discuss your resume and begin to define a strategy for Participate. achieving your career goals Identify target companies research companies and. Attend career fairs and employer information events Participate. Log into ePACK and complete your profile Become network with relevant professionals. to learn about employers internships and co op Attend career fairs and informational events to learn. familiar with the database watch the Quick Start Use the holidays to talk with family friends and. opportunities about internships and co ops enhance networking. Tutorial significant contacts regarding your career plans. Make yourself more marketable by speaking with skills. Start taking courses that will help you decide on a Poole Attend all campus career fairs and events to learn about. employers about future opportunities Obtain business Apply for internships posted in ePACK. major and concentration jobs, cards contact information where possible Set up job shadowing and networking informational.
Apply for posted jobs and on campus interviews in, Participate Apply for internships posted in ePACK or that you learn visits with professionals in career areas of interest. about from networking informational interviews Gain career related experience through internships. Take advantage of opportunities on and off campus to Take advantage of employer information sessions and. gain leadership and team skills through activities and Take advantage of employer information sessions co ops research or volunteer opportunities. other events posted on ePACK, organizations document your accomplishments to learn more about companies and to talk with Become active in campus community and profes. representatives Discuss salary negotiation with a coach. Attend career fairs to gather information on potential sional organizations or activities to strengthen skills. Gain career related experience through an internship in leadership team and problem solving seek out Use all resources available through campus Career. careers and employers Practice introducing yourself. co op summer job externship research or volunteer leadership opportunities committee chairs elected Centers. and learning to navigate a career fair, opportunity positions Notify a Poole College of Management Career Center. Obtain an experiential introduction to your initial. Talk to professionals in career fields you are considering Join career related student professional associations coach and update your ePACK profile once you have. field of interest through an internship job shadowing. Review this Career Resources Guide for additional accepted an offer. informational interviewing with a professional or Document your experiences skills and. conversation with a career coach information on informational interviewing Set up a job accomplishments Complete the new graduate Future Plans Survey and. shadowing experience with a professional in a career of join the Poole Alumni group on LinkedIn. View internship and job descriptions of interest posted Prepare a reference list employers faculty mentors. for the NC State students in ePACK Research companies before your job interview. Become involved in campus community and profes, Consider volunteer positions or a part time job to help sional organizations. build your resume and broaden your experience,Document your experiences skills and.
accomplishments, Adapted from and reprinted with permission from the NC State University Career Development Center. Enhance your computer skills, 4 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 5. SET UP YOUR ePACK ACCOUNT CAMPUS RECRUITING CYCLE, WHAT IS ePACK Follow these three easy steps to set up your ePACK account TO FIND SUCCESS during your job and internship search you must become aware of the standard recruiting cycle utilized by most employers. Jobs Internships Access hundreds of current jobs Recruiters begin searching for qualified candidates immediately at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters We encourage all students to begin. STEP 1 REGISTRATION, part time full time and internships Set up a search Go to www ncsu edu epack searching and applying for potential job and internship opportunities immediately when they return to campus Stay active on ePACK to see current. agent job alert and receive a message when the job Enter your username Unity ID and password If you don t know your job openings application deadlines and campus recruiting events e g career fairs employer information sessions and on campus interviews. or internship you want is posted password click on forgot password and it will be emailed to you. On campus Interviews See which employers are, coming to campus to interview Submit your resume STEP 2 COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE Early Fall August October.
directly for consideration Type and fill in all requested information contact academic and job search details Recruiters are on campus for information sessions events and career fairs to attract students to apply for their open positions. Complete your entire profile An incomplete profile will limit the ePACK Fall job and internship application deadlines approach in mid to late October. Employer Contacts Access thousands of employers, and contacts Search by industry and location features that you can use. Document Management Safely store resumes cover STEP 3 UPLOAD A RESUME. letters and other documents to support your job Meet with a career coach to discuss critique your resume Late Fall November December. search Have a career coach approve the final resume draft before you upload it On and off campus interviews are being conducted. Events RSVP to attend events such as career fairs Log on to your ePACK account and click on documents Recruiters are no longer on campus searching for candidates Instead they are screening and interviewing current applicants. employer information sessions and other special Click on add new to upload your resume and other documents Check them Job and internship offers are presented. events for accuracy after the upload,Early Spring January February. Job and internship offers extended in the fall are confirmed. Recruiters are on campus for information sessions events and career fairs They are here to maintain their brand while. filling additional job openings and last minute employment needs. CAREER ASSESSMENTS INFORMATION RESOURCES,Late Spring March April. CAREER ASSESSMENTS CAN help you explore your interests Focus 2 Active recruiting ends by spring break and employers generally stop making visits to campus. skills values and preferences as they relate to choosing a major or Learn about how your values interests competencies and Interviews are conducted for job and internship positions. career They can also help you narrow your search or consider new personality fit into the NC State majors and your future career Use Offers are extended and confirmed by employers. options Be sure to make an appointment with your career coach the access code wolfpack when you create your account. to discuss your assessment results NC State University s online. assessments https careers dasa ncsu edu explore careers SOKANU. This user friendly assessment is quick and easy to complete and it Summer May August. career assessments Summer internships are taking place. provides you with a list of careers that match your preferences. Full time position start dates begin for May graduates. FREE ASSESSMENTS OTHER CAREER INFORMATION RESOURCES Intern performance is evaluated at end of the summer and full time positions are extended to rising seniors. NC State Counseling Center, O NET Interest Profiler If you have tried other resources and feel you have continuing difficulties. www onetcenter org IP html with major or career decisions make an appointment by calling 919 515. A self assessment career exploration tool that can help students 2423 Following a consultation other assessments may be suggested. discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would. like and find exciting Students identify and learn about broad. career interest areas most relevant to themselves,Occupational Outlook Handbook OOH.
www bls gov ooh,RECRUITMENT BY ACADEMIC MAJOR, The OOH contains job descriptions that include nature of the work. O NET Work Importance Profiler training qualifications advancement job outlook projections WHILE WE ENCOURAGE all of our students to begin searching for employment in the fall semester it can be useful to know the typical. www onetcenter org WIP html earnings related occupations and sources of additional information recruitment schedule for your specific academic major Below is a visual representation of when students are most heavily recruited for each. The O NET Work Importance Profiler is a computerized major and concentration area. self assessment career exploration tool that allows individuals to O Net OnLine. focus on what is important to them in a job It helps people identify www onetonline org Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May. occupations that they may find satisfying based on the similarity O NET OnLine contains work descriptions for job seekers. between their work values such as achievement autonomy and workforce development and HR professionals students and. conditions of work and the characteristics of the occupations Finance Accounting. researchers Descriptions include on the job tasks and the Economics. technology tools education skills and abilities needed to complete. CareerOneStop Self Assessments these tasks occupational appeal regarding personal interests. https www careeronestop org ExploreCareers Assessments values and work styles state comparisons and career videos Supply Chain Management. self assessments aspx Information Technology, CareerOneStop offers an interest assessment skills assessment and Entrepreneurship. work values assessment to help you learn more about yourself as it. relates to different careers Marketing Human Resource. Management, This table reflects a standardized recruiting cycle ePACK continues to receive job posts for positions within all acadmiec majors and. concentrations throughout the year Please contact a Career Coach for more detailed information regarding your job search. 6 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 7. HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT JOB HOW TO STAND APART FROM THE CROWD. FINDING THE JOB you want takes many steps and involves just as GETTING EXPERIENCE COMPETITION FOR JOBS is at an all time high so it s essential that the first step toward proving that you re a collaborator During. many decisions This checklist is designed to help you along the way Narrow down the career options you are considering through you distinguish yourself from other job applicants Regardless of the interview you can further express what you ve learned about. and guide you to the appropriate resources Be sure to discuss your coursework and career research the field you re entering individuality matters Everything you ve yourself and others through teamwork. progress with your career coach experienced until now in the classroom during after school jobs. Participate in work experience and or internship opportu and internships and through volunteer experiences sets you LEADERSHIP 101. KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT nities in your chosen field to learn of the daily requirements of apart from your fellow students These unique experiences provide Teamwork is important but employers also want candidates who. the careers you are considering Such assignments can lead to knowledge and abilities that must be demonstrated to potential can step up to the plate and take charge when it s appropriate If. Choose your ideal work environment large corporation small permanent job offers following graduation. business government agency or nonprofit organization employers through the resume cover letter and interview This is you ve never been class president however don t fear leadership. Become an active member in one or more professional your chance to prove that you re the best candidate for the job and can be demonstrated in many subtle ways In addition to traditional. Choose your ideal location urban suburban or rural associations consult the Encyclopedia of Associations for that you will make a great addition to their team Here are some leadership roles leaders also take on responsibility by providing. Know whether you want to work with people data or things organizations in your field ways to make sure your true potential shines others with information and advice If you ve ever helped a friend. List your three most useful job skills and know which is your Volunteer for a community or charitable organization to gain with a project volunteered to teach a class or given a speech that. strongest further work experience Volunteer positions can and should be WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL motivated others then you ve served as a leader Class projects. Know whether you enjoy new projects or prefer following a included on your resume Your roommate may have the exact same major and GPA as you are opportunities to demonstrate leadership as well During your. regular routine do but those are secondary characteristics More importantly interview speak confidently about your accomplishments but don t. CREATING A RESUME everyone has his or her own set of life experiences that influence cross the line into arrogance Good leaders know when to show off. List some of the main career areas that might interest you personal growth and skill development Maybe you ve traveled as well as when to listen to others. Develop a clear Profile and Objective, List your favorite leisure time activities around the world speak several languages or were born in another. Know how your skills and experience support your Profile and country Or perhaps you ve worked your way through college ART OF THE RESUME. Know what kind of reward is most important to you in a job. Objective When an employer is evaluating you for a job you have to make sure Your resume provides the opportunity to stand out but don t. money security creative authority etc, Use action verbs to highlight your accomplishments your unique experiences come through on your resume and cover distinguish yourself by using bright colored paper or an.
RESEARCHING CAREER OPTIONS Unless you have extensive relevant experience limit your letter so that you have the opportunity to elaborate on the details unusual font Those tactics are distracting and leave employers. resume to one page and make sure it is free of misspelled words during the interview remembering you negatively Instead it s the content of your. Develop a list of career possibilities to research. and grammatical errors resume that will really get you noticed Make sure to describe each. Use the Internet to learn about various careers The Dictionary GO TEAM experience in clear detail highlight not only what you did but why. of Occupational Titles and the Occupational Outlook Handbook Create your resume using Poole College of Management. Employers want employees who can hit the ground running and it was important to the organization and the results gained from. are valuable resources Career Center guidelines and duplicate it on neutral colored. work well with others in a team environment Your academic your actions Don t forget to include special skills such as foreign. paper preferably white light gray or light cream When you are. Determine whether your desired career requires an advanced experience has been packed with teamwork even if you don t realize languages and international travel. submitting your resume paper or online be sure to include. degree it Just think back to all those group projects and study sessions. relevant keywords from the job description and don t overuse. Many extracurricular activities such as athletics fraternities and COVER LETTER NEEDED. italics bold or underlining, sororities clubs volunteer work and student government require While your resume chronicles your experiences the cover letter lets. Compose a separate cover letter to accompany each resume and team participation as well By using the language of teamwork your personality shine through Here you can expand upon your. Make at least three professional address the letter to a specific person Avoid sending a letter that and cooperation on your resume and cover letter you ve taken past experiences and briefly discuss what you learned Use concrete. begins Dear Sir Madam Use a subject line with job title and examples from your resume in order to showcase specific skills and. contacts through friends relatives job number if you cannot locate a specific person characteristics Be sure to tailor each letter to the specific organi. professors or LinkedIn com to learn PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW DO S AND DON TS. zation and position and state specifically why you want to work for. the organization Demonstrate that you ve done your research it. more about these professionals Arrange informational interviews with employees from DO dress the part Even employers with casual dress will impress employers and set your letter apart from the rest. companies that interest you Use your network of acquaintances codes expect interviewees to be dressed in professional. and your field of interest to schedule these meetings business attire INTERVIEW EXPERT. Thoroughly research each employer with whom you have an DON T chew gum wear cologne perfume or smoke When it comes to the interview preparation is key Be ready to talk. interview be familiar with product lines services offered before the interview about everything you ve done in a positive light and make sure. Keep up with current trends in your field through trade growth prospects and those who will interview you names and you re well informed about the organization and industry Focus. DO look your interviewer in the eye and offer a firm on what distinguishes the employer from their competition and. publications news business magazines and newspapers positions Ask who the interviewers are before the day of the handshake. interview and research their profiles on LinkedIn com as well why you are a good fit If possible speak to alumni or other current. Identify employers interested in interviewing someone with DON T try too hard to please or appear loud or cocky. as other websites employees to learn more LinkedIn com is a good resource for these. your academic background and experience create a list of three. DO emphasize your skills and accomplishments for their contacts Remember practice makes perfect career coaches offer. or more employers in the field you are considering Research salaries and know how to handle salary questions. job mock interviews And don t be afraid to ask for help from friends. Use the Internet to learn more about potential employers and Practice your interviewing techniques with your career and professionals as you review the answers to common interview. check out salary surveys and hiring trends in your anticipated DON T make excuses for failures or lack of experience. coach to help prepare for the actual interview Have your questions. career field Instead take responsibility for your mistakes and change. accomplishment stories ready what you did why it was. the subject to something positive, Make at least three professional contacts through friends important and your results metrics Adapted from material written by Jennifer Bobrow Burns Director. relatives professors or LinkedIn com to learn more about these Using the information you have gathered formulate questions Industry Relations Tisch Center New York University. professionals and your field of interest to ask the interviewers. Meet with faculty and alumni who work or who have worked in Arrive on time in professional business attire. your field to talk about available jobs and the outlook for your Collect the needed contact information business cards to write. field a thank you letter to each interviewer after the interview. 8 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 9. DEVELOP YOUR POWER GREETING YOUR ONLINE BRAND, THROUGHOUT YOUR JOB SEARCH and especially when you are 4 A. n open ended probing question about their needs and. in a job interview you need to be able to introduce yourself in a challenges YOUR ONLINE BRAND is a reflection of you Your emails and your online footprint will be. powerful way to people who don t know you What you say at that scrutinized by employers to help them make hiring decisions Use your online brand as an. moment will set the tone for the rest of your interaction To do this Here s an example Hello my name is Sam Jones I am pursuing effective recruiting tool in your job search We all use the web differently but however you use it it. most effectively you need a Power Greeting a bachelor s degree in Business Administration from NC State is critical to devise and follow an online branding strategy Below are some usage tips for getting the. A Power Greeting is like a 30 second commercial It provides University with a minor in Spanish I have gained a year and most out of your online brand from some of the most popular online sites and tools. just enough information to make the listener want to know more a half of experience in the operations field through a summer. about you internship with NACCO Material Handling Group in Greenville. It is clearly in your best interest to control this introduction and NC and a two semester co op position with National Waterworks. advanced preparation is the key A Power Greeting is composed of in Charlotte NC I have discovered that I enjoy supply chain. three distinct parts and a follow up question management and just in time delivery challenges I chose this Keep correspondence professional and use your. Google yourself and make sure you and, field because I enjoy finding new ways of solving problems I am email account for recruiter contacts it s part of. recruiters are comfortable with the online you, 1 Your education and credentials what you have studied a hands on person and I like getting into the thick of things and your brand.
dealing with tangible concrete problems What role does logistics. 2 Your experience in the field employment internship co op play in your business. volunteer positions, Adapted from and reprinted with permission from The Career. 3 Your strengths what you do best Write clear and concise subject lines and profes. Center East Carolina University Check your privacy settings and confirm they. sional content that is on point Employers are are what you want Facebook will occasionally. evaluating how you correspond with them be change privacy settings without your approval. professional,Hello my name is I am pursuing a,Convey a professional image Add a signature. degree in Post tweets suitable for all audiences and be line to your outgoing email messages. sure to keep it positive Remember followers can, from NC State with a concentration in retweet your posts Jane Doe. Class of 2016,Poole College of Management,North Carolina State University. I have gained experience in the field of jdoe ncsu edu. Many recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool Tel XXX XXX XXXX. so your profile should be robust and detailed Optional Your LinkedIn URL and or other. reflecting your skills and interests professional social networking account. through an internship with name company,I have discovered that I enjoy.
BUILDING YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE, Creating and maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile is a critical Write a keyword rich SUMMARY This is where you have a. aspect of your job search and professional networking Many chance to tell your story summarize who you are present your. recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool so your profile should background past and your career ambitions future Write in the. be robust and detailed reflecting your skills and interests first person and be conversational in showcasing your experience. Use keywords found in job descriptions in your target function. Follow these tips to create and maintain your professional profile industry or in profiles of people who are in the job you re targeting. I chose this field because or I m interested in your company because. I nclude a PHOTO Networking contacts feel more connected List your EXPERIENCE Include jobs internships or substantial. to you once they ve seen you Choose a recent professionally volunteer leadership experiences For each experience write. appropriate photo of yourself with attire and degree of formality one to two sentences that answer the question What did you. corresponding to your target industry You should be portrayed accomplish. alone with clearly distinguishable eyes face and a neutral to. Could you tell me more about your organization and positions you are seeking to fill positive expression Complete your PROFILE LinkedIn will walk you through the. profile completion process, Create a HEADLINE This is a personal tagline Keep it succinct. but use terms that signal your brand this phrase will be included Reprinted with permission from Your Guide to the BBA Career. in the results list of a Google or LinkedIn search of your name and Search 2013 University of Michigan Ross School of Business. may be searchable by LinkedIn recruiters, 10 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 11. JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS NETWORKING. TAPPING INTO THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS AND NETWORKING are handled. in similar ways the purposes are different Informational interviews. 4 Try to schedule a face to face meeting or phone call. Face to face is preferable to gain exposure to the work. are designed to get career information and identify other potential environment culture and to allow the professional to have a. YOUR JOB SEARCH should neither begin nor end with posted base expands your search will become easier Employers will professionals willing to share their career development and advice personal experience of meeting you. job opportunities Studies have shown that only 15 20 percent of appreciate your resourcefulness and professionalism and view 5 Research the person and company prior to the meeting or. An informational interview is not an interview for a job but rather phone call Call to confirm the meeting the day before. available jobs are ever advertised It takes much more than merely you as a future professional in the field. a way of getting valuable information about your field s or career 6 Dress professionally for an informational interview and arrive. perusing the Internet By employing a number of methods you. of interest Savvy job hunters have always used informational promptly. constantly increase your chances of landing a job TEMPORARY WORK. interviewing as a way of networking with potential employers 7 Show enthusiasm and balance staying on track with your. As more companies employ the services of temporary or contract. Informational interviewing can help you choose a major or industry prepared questions with letting the conversation flow naturally. NETWORKING workers new graduates are discovering that such work is a. Share appropriate information about yourself Don t dominate. Probably the most effective way to meet potential employers and good opportunity to gain experience in their fields Temporary and make connections with people in your field This type of. interviewing may be done in person or by phone the conversation or divulge anything you wouldn t want them. learn about possible jobs is to tap into your personal network workers can explore various jobs and get an inside look at different. to know if they WERE actually interviewing you, of contacts You might think it s too early to have professional companies without the commitment of a permanent job Also if. Networking is contacting professionals to help you make contacts 8 Take your resume with you and if appropriate ask for a critique. contacts but think about everyone you know family members a company decides to make a position permanent these temps. in your field of choice Potentially these individuals may have a job 9 Ask your contacts to recommend others you might speak to. and their friends co workers professors past employers neighbors already have made good impressions and often are given first in your specific field or industry and ask that they keep you in. and even your dentist Don t be afraid to inform them of your career consideration or know of colleagues who have jobs The goal for both informa. tional interviewing and networking is NOT TO ASK FOR A JOB mind should they hear of any positions or prospects. interests and let them know that you are looking for work They will 10 Offer your business card ask them for theirs and ask if you. likely be happy to help you and refer you to any professionals they IN PERSON VISIT rather it is to obtain career information and contacts However be. ready to share your resume during an informational interview or can add them to your LinkedIn network. think can be of assistance Use LinkedIn com to network it is free You can glean useful information from an in person visit to a 11 Send a thank you note after your call or visit and include your. and an essential tool in your job search company Your visit can provide insight into whether or not this networking event if asked. phone number and or email address Ask them to contact you if. organization is a good fit for you Also it allows you to introduce more information becomes available or if new opportunities arise. INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING yourself to the organization s staff STEPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW. 1 Identify key people to interview Ask for leads from family 12 Keep a record of all of the people with whom you have. This approach allows you to learn more about your field by setting conducted informational interviews Evaluate how the. up interviews with professionals The purpose of these interviews friends past or current co workers and employers neighbors. interview went and make notes regarding what you learned. is to gather career information and investigate career options get NC State University alumni faculty advisors colleagues at. what you still want to know and what you plan to do next. advice on job search techniques and get referrals to other profes professional association meetings plus their connections. 13 Try to help your contacts out when you can You don t want. sionals When setting up these interviews either by phone or email 2 Be clear about your objective before you contact the profes. them to get into the habit of thinking that every time you. make it clear to the employer that you are seeking information Persistence is the key to cracking sional Decide what you want to know and write a short email. contact them you want something from them Be sure to. script samples follow Have your career coach review your. only Interviewing also familiarizes you to employers and you the hidden job market email before you send it Be flexible with meeting places. make your relationship mutually beneficial, may be remembered when a company has a vacant position These 14 After you obtain employment or an internship notify all.
interviews can result in jobs at a later date and times to fit their schedule and needs 20 minutes is a. networking contacts Tell them briefly about your new. reasonable time span to request,position and thank them again. ON CAMPUS RECRUITING CAREER FAIRS 3 Explain why you are contacting the person and be clear. ePACK internship job notices on campus information sessions about what you want Be professional polite positive and If you aren t having any success contacting professionals in your field of. and interviewing and career fairs on campus are a great way to businesslike interest contact a Poole career coach for further assistance and resources. become familiar with recruiting employers and to take advantage INTERNET. of on campus accessibility Use ePack to receive internship and Although it s important to use the internet for your job search. don t just use it to search for job openings Studies show that SUGGESTED INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. job notices and research companies Easy 5 minute tutorials are. available on ePACK to familiarize you with the system If you only 15 percent of job seekers have success landing a job from About the Career Field How does your organization fill job openings Is that typical of. need help talk with a coach Career fairs bring large numbers of an internet job posting More importantly use the internet to How did you get into this career other organizations in your field. employers to campus Get your resume ready and go even as a expand your network and develop employer contact lists Use it to What do you do at work on a typical day What are your. freshman Become familiar with the event and how to navigate a conduct employer research and understand more about your career responsibilities About Future Growth Salary Information. career fair successfully direction What advice do you have for someone preparing for a career in What are the employment prospects for someone entering this field. this field What is the growth and promotional potential in your field. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS EMPLOYER TARGET LIST What majors and or minors do you recommend for someone What areas are growing changing in this field. Many professional associations have a resume bank and provide An important task in any job search is to develop an employer target interested in this field What is a typical starting salary in this field. an opportunity at chapter meetings for unemployed individuals list Determine where geographically you want to work and in What courses and or advanced degree s would be helpful for me How do salaries in your field compare with those of other fields. to stand up to introduce themselves and provide their resumes which industry banking finance manufacturing healthcare etc What experience skills are necessary to enter this field And you should research this as well. Attend meetings of professional associations and become an active Use databases such as CareerShift through ePACK to generate lists What do you like most about your job What is most. member After you begin the above processes and your network of companies that match your criteria challenging What one thing would you change Follow up Questions. What are the challenges in balancing work and personal life Can you recommend other professionals in this field with whom. Why do people enter leave this field I should speak May I use your name when I contact them Be. sure to get correct spelling and pronunciation of name job title. About the Organization Industry phone email and how the person knows them. How did you get into this organization industry What other May I contact you again if I have further questions May I send. organizations have you worked for you an invitation on LinkedIn. What is unique to your industry organization or office Do you have any feedback to strengthen my resume. What do you like most about the work you do Anything Which professional publications organizations and other. different you would want What is your work environment like resources do you consider important. 12 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 13. INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS,NETWORKING continued NETWORKING continued. 3 Be Professional Ask your networking prospects for advice. Dear not for a job Your networking meetings should be a source of EFFECTIVE NETWORKING DO S AND DON TS. SAMPLE 1 INFORMATIONAL career information advice and contacts Start off the encounter Do keep one hand free from a portfolio or purse so you. I am currently an undergraduate Accounting student in the Poole College of INTERVIEW EMAIL with a firm handshake eye contact and a warm smile Focus can shake hands when necessary. Management at North Carolina State University A colleague of mine Megan Smith on asking for one thing at a time Your contacts expect you to Do bring copies of your resume and research both the. who previously interned for your accounting firm suggested I contact you I would represent yourself with your best foot forward company and individual prior to the meeting call. like to meet with you to learn more about your firm background and the type of Don t tell them your life story you are dealing with busy. Informational Interview Tips 4 Be Patient Heena Noorani research analyst with New. work you perform at Smith Associates people so get right to the point. Provide a brief introduction of yourself York based Thomson Financial recommends avoiding the Don t be shy or afraid to ask for what you need. My passion is to become an Audit Accountant My colleague mentioned that you to the professional State that you are feeling of discouragement if networking does not provide Don t pass up opportunities to network. are an excellent mentor who could provide me with great insight regarding the skills a student who is seeking advice and immediate results or instant answers She advises Be prepared. and background necessary to be successful in this field Currently I am in the process information regarding this person s career for a slow down after you get started Stay politely persistent. of exploring different Master of Accounting programs Your experience and career and or industry with your leads and build momentum Networking is like. development in Audit Accounting will be invaluable to me as I explore my options gardening You do not plant the seed then quickly harvest 6 Be Referral Centered The person you are networking with. State how you found out about this person, Networking requires cultivation that takes time and effort for may not have a job opening but he or she may know someone. through a career fair friends family, At your convenience I would like to schedule a 30 minute informational meeting the process to pay off who is hiring The key is to exchange information and then. member his her professional colleague, with you in which I would like to treat you to coffee or a light lunch to discuss your expand your network by obtaining additional referrals each.
LinkedIn com etc, career path and your current job duties as well as the day to day operations of 5 Be Focused on Quality Not Quantity In a large group time you meet someone new Be sure to mention the person. Identify what you hope to get out of a setting circulate and meet people but don t try to talk to who referred you. your firm I have attached my resume to help you gain an understanding of my. meeting or call with this person career everyone It s better to have few meaningful conversations than. background and experience thus far, and or industry information 50 hasty introductions Don t cling to people you already know 7 Be Proactive Stay organized and track your networking meetings. I will contact you by telephone on April 26th to see if we can schedule a meeting Once the interview call date and time have you re unlikely to build new contacts that way If you are at a Keep a list of your contacts and update it frequently with the names. Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to meeting you and been established verify the professional s reception be sure to wear a nametag and collect or exchange of any leads given to you Send a thank you note or email Ask if you. learning more about Smith Associates address location date and meeting or call business cards so you can later contact the people you meet can follow up the conversation with a phone call or even better. time with a more in depth meeting in the near future. Sincerely Research the company and individual, 8 Be Dedicated to Networking Most importantly networking. prior to the meeting call be prepared, Patti Jones should be ongoing You will want to stay in touch with contacts. Sophomore Accounting Major over the long haul not just when you. Contact information need something Make networking part of. Dear your long term career plan Ask those you,contact if you can send them an invitation to.
I located your contact information from the North Carolina State University LinkedIn com. alumni network and I was hoping we might be able to connect over the telephone. STATISTICS SHOW THAT only 15 to 20 of jobs are ever NINE KEYS TO NETWORKING for 15 minutes at your convenience I am graduating in May from the Poole. College of Management at NC State with a Business Administration degree and a 9 Help Others and Say Thank You It. advertised which means that 80 to 85 of jobs remain hidden 1 Be Prepared First define what information you need and is important to help others Most of us. concentration in Finance It would be most helpful to me to learn more about your. in the job market For this reason networking remains the number what you are trying to accomplish by networking Remember background including how you got started in private equity at Weaver Smith and to notice who helped us and who did not. one job search strategy your purpose in networking is to get to know people who can connect with a fellow Poole College of Management alumnus We also notice others who are gracious. provide information regarding careers and leads Some of the in their assistance and who offer help. NETWORKING DEFINED many benefits of networking include increased visibility within While at NCSU I have enjoyed participating in two internship experiences as a without being asked It is a trait that. A network is an interconnected group of professionals who serve as your field propelling your professional development finding financial planning assistant with Northwestern Mutual and Edward Jones I have also. prospective employers notice Be sure to, resources for your job search and ultimately for your career Some suitable mentors increasing your chances of promotion and participated in the Poole Council and as a Student Ambassador These experiences. have been essential to my leadership development and have furthered my interest in thank those who help you. great network contacts might include people you meet at business finding your next job pursuing a career in the private equity markets I have attached my resume so you. and social meetings who provide you with career information Second know yourself your education experience and can gain a better understanding of my background and experience thus far Adapted from information written by Thomas. and advice Students often hesitate to network because they feel skills Practice a concise 30 second introduction of yourself J Denham managing partner and career. awkward asking for help but it should be an integral part of any so that people will know the kinds of areas in which you are Your help in discussing your career and identifying others who are also willing to counselor of Careers in Transition LLC. job search Though you might feel nervous when approaching a interested Your networking meeting should include the meet with me and share their career information in private equity would be greatly. potential contact networking is a skill that develops with practice following elements introduction self overview Q A obtaining appreciated If a telephone discussion is possible please send me some dates and. Most people love to talk about themselves and their jobs and are times convenient for you. referrals and closing Follow up with a thank you letter. willing to give realistic and free advice 2 Be Targeted Identify your network I don t have a network I don t Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to talking with you. Get business cards when networking and have your own it is know anyone may be your first reaction Start by listing everyone. much easier to ask for a card if you have one to give away Talk with you know who is a potential prospect family members friends Best Regards. your career coach about what to put on the card,SAMPLE 2 NETWORKING EMAIL. faculty neighbors classmates alumni bosses co workers and. Ask if the other person is on LinkedIn com and if you can send community associates Attend meetings of professional organi Ken Smith. them an invitation Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date zations in your field and get involved You never know where you are Junior Business Administration Major Finance Concentration. along with your resume Contact Info, going to meet someone who could lead you to your next job. 14 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 15. DON T FORGET THE SMALL COMPANIES GETTING THE MOST OUT OF A CAREER FAIR. MOST STUDENTS CONCENTRATE their job search on Fortune 500 There are fewer limitations and it s up to you to make the best or MANY EMPLOYERS USE career fairs both on and off campus. corporations or other large well known companies with defined worst of that freedom A small business often has a strong company to promote their opportunities and to pre screen applicants. CAREER FAIR ETIQUETTE, and approachable personnel departments And in an economic culture Learn that company s culture it will help you on your way Career fairs come in all shapes and sizes from small community. climate that has proved challenging for small business it would be up the corporate ladder sponsored events to giant regional career expositions held at major 1 Don t interrupt the employer reps or your fellow. easy to follow the path of most students convention centers job seekers If someone else is monopolizing the employer s. FINDING A JOB IN A SMALL COMPANY Most career fairs consist of booths and or tables staffed by time try to make eye contact with the rep to let him or her. But don t count out the small companies just yet Small businesses One of the biggest hurdles to finding a job in a small business is recruiters and other representatives from various organizations know that you re interested in speaking You may be doing a. have been at the forefront of innovation economic growth and job contacting a hiring manager Good timing is critical The sporadic For on campus events some employers also send alumni represen favor by giving the recruiter an out If all else fails move to. creation and there s no reason to doubt they ll continue to find growth of many small companies can mean sporadic job openings tatives Large corporations and some government agencies have the next exhibit and plan to come back later. themselves in this position in the future so you need to network A small business tends to fill its labor needs staffs who work the career fair circuit nationwide. informally through personal contacts and recommendations from An employer s display area also varies It could be a simple table 2 If you have a real interest in an employer find out the. Generally any business with 200 or fewer employees is considered a employees Job hunters must find their way into the organization with a stack of brochures and business cards and a lone represen procedures required for an interview At some career fairs. small company Whether the business has 20 employees or 20 000 tative or an elaborate multimedia extravaganza with interactive initial screening interviews may be done on the spot Other. and approach someone with hiring authority This means you must. the research you do in preparation for an interview opportunity displays videos posters and a team of recruiters times the career fair is used to pre screen applicants for. take the initiative Once you have someone s attention you must. will be the best gauge of the company s outlook As we ve seen large interviews to be conducted later either on campus or at the. convince him or her that you can do something for the company. companies can be just as shaky as small ones so the questions really PREPARATION employer s site. How do you find information on small companies Try these. come down to Is a small company right for you and Are you techniques It is important to thoroughly prepare for any career fair you attend 3 Sincerity always wins Don t lay it on too thick but don t. right for a small company There are several things to consider The Poole College of Management career fairs and participating be too blas either Virtually all employers are looking for. when deciding between working in a large versus a small company Contact the chamber of commerce in the area you would like employers are listed on ePACK Select 5 10 companies you are. to work Get the names of growing companies in the industry candidates with good communication skills. particularly interested in and do research on each You will need. IS A SMALL COMPANY RIGHT FOR YOU of your choice Peruse the membership directory this information to talk with recruiters and to make the most of 4 Don t just drop your resume on the employers display. Small companies tend to offer an informal atmo sphere an Participate in the local chapter of professional trade associ your time at the fair tables Try to get it into a person s hands and at least say a few. all for one camaraderie and require more versatility and dedication ations related to your career Send prospective employers a words If it is too busy and you can t get a word in edgewise. on the part of the company and workers Small companies are cover letter and resume then follow up with a phone call FASHION AND ACCESSORIES jot a note on your resume to the effect of You were so busy. usually growing so they are constantly redefining themselves The appropriate attire for career fair attendees is what you d wear that we didn t get a chance to meet I m very interested in. Read trade publications business journals and area. and the positions within them Look at the following list of small to an actual job interview In most cases a suit is the norm If you re talking to you Look around the display for the recruiter s. newspapers for leads Again follow up, company traits and consider which are advantages and which are unsure of the dress code particularly for off campus events business card or at the very least write down his or her name.
disadvantages for you Speak with small business lenders such as bankers venture it would be wise to err on the overdressed side you ll make a and get some literature with the company s address and send. You are given more responsibility and are not limited by job capitalists and small business investment companies listed in better impression if you appear professional Think of it as a dress a follow up note and another copy of your resume. titles or descriptions directories at local libraries rehearsal for your real interviews. Your ideas and suggestions will be heard and given more Remember to bring copies of your resume or resumes if you 5 Ask before taking anything on the display table You are. Keep the following differences between large and small companies. attention have several versions tailored to different career choices a nice pen not there to collect promotional items You are there to sell. in mind as you conduct your job search yourself, Career advancement and salary increases may be rapid in a a portfolio and some sort of note taking device paper or electronic. growing company Large Company Small Company pad Keep track of the recruiters with whom you speak and send. You have less job security due to the high rate of failure for a follow up emails Don t bring your backpack it screams student. small business Centralized Human Resources No HR instead of candidate. You have the opportunity to be involved in the creation or Formal recruiting program No full time recruiters. growth of something great STOP LOOK AND LISTEN you need to take to stay in contact with them and ask for a business. You may be involved in the entire organization rather than in a Standardized Keep your eyes and ears open there s nothing wrong with subtly card Then thank them for taking the time to speak to you. narrow department hiring procedures No standard hiring procedures eavesdropping on the questions asked and answers received by. You may be eligible for stock options and profit sharing Keep resumes on file Usually won t keep resumes your fellow career fair attendees You might pick up some valuable YOU RE A PROSPECTOR START DIGGING. The environment is less bureaucratic there are fewer rules and information in addition to witnessing some real life career fair The questions you ask at a career fair depend upon your goals. regulations and thus fewer guidelines to help you determine Interview held with Interview often held with do s and don ts If you re seeking internship job opportunities with a specific. what to do and whether you re succeeding or failing recruiters and managers the founder or direct boss In order to maximize your career fair experience you must be employer focus your questions on the needs of the organization and. Successes and faults are more visible Career section an active participant and not just a browser If all you do is stroll application interview process. Starting salaries and benefits may be more variable on website Little no career section on website around take company literature and load up on the freebies you. A dominant leader can control the entire organization This really haven t accomplished anything worthwhile It is essential INTERVIEW PRACTICE. can lead either to more political games or a healthy happy Hiring done months in to chat with the company representatives and ask meaningful By all means try to attend at least one career fair before beginning. atmosphere advance of starting date Hired to begin immediately questions your formal job interviewing process For new entrants into the. You must be able to work with everyone in the organization Formal training programs On the job training professional career marketplace this is a good way to make the. YOUR COMMERCIAL transition into self marketing mode without the formality and. Predetermined job categories Jobs emerge to fit needs. ARE YOU RIGHT FOR A SMALL COMPANY Create a 30 second commercial or Power Greeting as a way to possible intimidation of a one on one job interview. Because most small companies do not have extensive training Always do your homework on the company and persuade them sell yourself to an employer see sample on page 10 The goal is to. programs they look for certain traits in potential employees You to hire you through your initiative and original thinking If you connect your background to the organization s need In 30 seconds RECORDS AND FOLLOW UP. will do well in a small company if you are haven t graduated yet offer to work for them as an intern This will or less you need to introduce yourself demonstrate your knowledge Make sure you keep good networking and job search records and. Self motivated give you experience and if you do well there s a good chance that a of the company express enthusiasm and interest and let them know send a thank you email with your resume attached Ask if you can. A generalist with many complementary skills job will be waiting for you on graduation day how you can help them In closing offer your resume and ask if you send the recruiter an invitation to LinkedIn com Whatever you. A good communicator both oral and written can come to their organization for an interview Find out what steps promise to do make sure you follow up. Enthusiastic A risk taker A quick learner Adapted with permission from the Career Resource Manual of the. Responsible enough to get things done on your own University of California Davis. 16 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 17. TEN BEST WAYS TO GO OFFLINE RESUME BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES. AND GET THE JOB BEYOND INTERNSHIPS AND PART TIME JOBS. Richard Bolles author of the legendary job search book What wrong with that it doesn t help says Downs Look as conser OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPAND your relevant experience extend TECHNOLOGY. Color Is Your Parachute warns that the biggest mistake he sees vative as you can and remove all distractions beyond internships and part time employment As a student you Expanding your exposure to the different types of technological. job hunters make is spending too long looking online and getting have multiple opportunities both on campus and within the local systems in your field is a great way to expand your skills and make. nowhere Experts estimate that only 4 to 10 of online job seekers 5 TELL A STORY ABOUT YOURSELF community to gain experience through a variety of ways Check you more marketable to future employers Research your industry. have any success using that method What s a better option Ask for In addition to discussing general topics of interest learn how out these options for diversifying your resume and gaining valuable and take note of the top software programs and other technological. leads and info from family friends professors and any other folks to slip in a bit about your job search I m looking for a staff experience both before and after your land your first internship systems in use and identify if there are any training opportunities. you run into That s how most people find a job accountant job Later practice relaying more detailed career or certification programs Both trainings and certifications can. related information about yourself You need to be specific about be added into your resume to demonstrate knowledge beyond the. 1 GET FROM ONLINE TO F2F your skills and talents said Peggy Klaus author of BRAG The Art CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT classroom setting. If you ve been spending time searching online you may have of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It so you re able to As a student at NC State and Poole College of Management you. developed virtual friendships with members of industry special explain what it is that you do Prepare and rehearse little stories so it have the opportunity to join one of the hundreds of student organi. interest or alumni groups See if you can take those relationships comes off conversationally zations on campus Poole offers over 30 organizations specifically TRAINING DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES. offline Maintaining contacts made online is time consuming related to business and all majors within the college Adding The current job search process relies heavily on networking. says Vicky Oliver author of 201 Smart Answers to Business Etiquette 6 BE A GIVER involvement to your resume can demonstrate a deeper interest in skills and knowing people in your field Take advantage of local. Questions Then I realized that this LinkedIn group I belong to for Now is a great time to volunteer for a nonprofit or industry group the profession as well as provide networking opportunities and conferences training experiences and young professional groups. the alums of Ivies was actually meeting in my area so I attended an You ll get out of the house feel a sense of accomplishment and pick leadership experience Below are links to both the Poole student to begin building your network while expanding your knowledge. event What a great way to network up some new skills Maybe best of all Nonprofits have people organizations as well as the general NC State student organizations of current trends and developments within your profession Search. If there isn t a group already meeting set up one yourself maybe serving on their boards that may be able to help you and you d for professional associations email list serves and advocacy groups. through MeetUps com or invite one person for coffee Face time never make their acquaintance otherwise says Downs http poole ncsu edu undergraduate why poole to make contacts build your network and get involved within your. can take a relationship to a whole new level our students student organizations field. 7 PUT ON A HAPPY FACE, 2 JOB FAIRS CONFERENCES AND CLASSES A job search can be stressful especially if it s protracted but don t https studentinvolvement dasa ncsu edu. Go anywhere groups of people in your field assemble Because bring your emotional baggage with you when you re out and about. everyone has a common interest and often their intention is to says Klaus You may have just had a fight with your girlfriend but. make connections conversation will flow naturally While you still you have to act as if you re delighted to be there INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE. job fairs catering to your major and career interests are best it Employers appreciate diverse experiences in business beyond. may be worth casting a bigger net Say you hear about a medical 8 GYMS COFFEE SHOPS AND BIKE PATHS the classroom and your local area Poole offers business specific. Develop the ability to strike up a casual conversation about things. clinical professional job fair and maybe you re looking for a study abroad summer programs in China Germany and Spain In. that interest you such as karaoke city bikes or house roasted coffee. staff accountant job Pay your money and show up anyway says addition to study abroad opportunities you can explore interna. Geeky is good The low risk first step prepares you to engage in. Kathleen Downs recruiting manager at Robert Half International tional work experience semester study abroad opportunities. step two which is an information gathering career related conver. in Orlando Fla There will be HR folks there so bring your international organizations and more on the international. sation and finally the actual job interview, resume dress in interview clothes and talk to them Downs programs website. Plus by meeting people everywhere you go you can engage. especially recommends this tactic of networking for people who are. innumerable pairs of eyes and ears helping you look for a job which. extroverted and present well, is what often leads to success The best way to find a job is still. http poole ncsu edu undergraduate global, friends of friends says Oliver Build a network of connections so.
3 SET UP INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS that you hear about a job before it s posted. Spending 20 minutes with someone in the trenches is the best VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE. way to research a position industry or company you ve targeted 9 NETWORK FROM WITHIN Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to gain experience. It s a good way to add contacts to your network too You can have Taking a not perfect fit job at a dream company is a great way to related to your major and concentration This is a great option. interesting meaningful conversations They ll also be more likely network and develop relationships from the inside Say you want to for underclassmen who are preparing for their first internship or. to want to help you possibly put in a good word on your behalf or be a software developer at Apple but you re offered a junior quality for upperclassmen who are hoping to expand their professional. hand deliver your resume control position Take it and in a few years you may be right where network Many nonprofit organizations have strong needs in. Tap your network of friends and family and keep your request you want to be says Tim Sanders author of Love is the Killer App the business area but do not always have the funds to pay for an. simple Try some variation of this script Do you know anyone who How to Win Business and Influence Friends Don t worry about additional employee Reach out to a nonprofit or organization. works in sports marketing Or Do you know anyone who works getting stuck in your first role If you re a talented person who that supports a cause you are passionate about and offer your. at Nike Or Do you know anyone who might know someone who makes a good fit with the corporate culture a smart company will professional services For a list of local non profit organizations. knows such a person and finally Is it okay for me to contact them find a way to train and promote you divided by location and mission visit the North Carolina Center for. and mention you suggested I get in touch Nonprofits website. At the end of each informational interview ask for more leads so 10 RINSE AND REPEAT. you get passed on to others Even after you re hired don t stop adding to your network http www ncnonprofits org. and nurturing your contacts In an uncertain world no job is. 4 BE THE TOTAL PACKAGE permanent we re all temporary employees. Tattoos body piercings or hipster attire may be your personal. image statement but don t let your appearance scream so loudly Written by Jebra Turner a former human resources manager who. that people can t hear what you re saying Some girls will come writes about career issues and other business topics She lives in. in with a small nose ring and while I don t think there s anything Portland Ore and can be reached at www jebra com. 18 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 19. TRANSFERABLE SKILLS BECOME A SKILL SEEKER, IF YOU RE WONDERING what skills you have that would interest a Working With Data Information. potential employer think about your transferable skills in addition Writing Researching Analyzing Developing HOW TO DEVELOP SKILLS SOUGHT BY EMPLOYERS class project organization or personal goal. to carefully reviewing your coursework work and project history Editing Computing Forecasting databases Year after year regardless of job market conditions employers have Volunteer for a telephone hotline women s shelter after. campus and community involvement leadership and professional Accounting Gathering data Budgeting and systems a similar wish list for candidates skills and qualities Below is a list school program hospital nursing home etc. affiliation activities sports involvement language and travel etc Working with Auditing Calculating Testing distilled from employer surveys published by eminent national. associations universities and research groups 1 Listed below each Work as a tutor coach camp counselor mentor literacy or. You may still have a difficult time seeing how the skills you learned spreadsheets. skill are some opportunities to explore and develop that particular conversation partner or teacher. in college will transfer to the workplace Keep in mind that you ve. been acquiring skills since childhood Whether learning the value EASY STEPS TO IDENTIFY YOUR TRANSFERABLE SKILLS skill or behavior Use these suggestions to create your own powerful Work as wait staff info desk assistant office or retail staff. of teamwork by playing sports developing editing skills working Now that you know what transferable skills are let s put together a set of skills while in college in and out of the classroom A strong recreation assistant customer service staff etc. on your high school newspaper or developing countless skills while list of your transferable skills You may want to work with a career set of these skills and behaviors will increase your marketability for Become a personal assistant for an individual with disabilities. completing your college coursework each of your experiences has coach to help you identify as many transferable skills as possible internships jobs and graduate school. Develop interpersonal skills in classes that emphasize human. laid the groundwork for building work related skills Step 1 Make a list of every job title you ve held part time relationships or intercultural issues. full time and internships along with volunteer sports and. WHAT ARE TRANSFERABLE SKILLS other affiliations since starting college Be sure to record officer 1 COMMUNICATION SKILLS ORAL WRITTEN. A transferable skill is a portable skill that you take with you to positions and other leadership roles Write stories advertisements press releases or newsletters for 3 TEAMWORK SKILLS WORKS WELL WITH. other life experiences Student Media or a campus or community organization. Step 2 Using your transcript list the classes in your major field of OTHERS FLEXIBLE ADAPTABLE. Your transferable skills are often Enroll in an academic class that is writing intensive or. study along with foundation courses Include electives that may be Lead a project team or committee in class a student organi. acquired through a class e g technical writing or computer includes presentations or speeches. related to your employment interests zation or job. acquired through experience e g the student government Step 3 For each job title campus activity and class you ve just Work in a campus office i e at an information desk or in an Use an internship study group class or research project to. representative who develops strong motivational and recorded write a sentence and then underline the action taken operations or program assistant position help turn a group of people into a team with common goals. consensus building skills Avoid stating that you learned or gained experience in any skill Improve the way you listen to others use empathy and Help a new team develop through the stages of forming. Instead present your skill more directly as a verifiable qualification self control when diffusing disagreements storming norming and performing. Transferable skills supplement your degree They provide an employer While working for Jones Engineering performed 3D modeling and drafting. Refine your job search materials and skills resume Join a musical group or act in a play. concrete evidence of your readiness and qualifications for a position NOT While working for Jones Engineering I gained experience in. cover letter interviewing skills at your Poole College of. Identifying your transferable skills and communicating them to potential 3D modeling and drafting Participate on an intramural team or sports club coach Little. As a member of the Caribbean Students Association developed and Management Career Center. employers will greatly increase your success during the job search League become a summer camp counselor or recreational. coordinated the marketing of club events Act with a theater group film or broadcast production leader. Remember that it is impossible to complete a college degree. NOT As a member of the Caribbean Students Association I learned Do fundraising for charities or nonprofit events volunteer to. without acquiring transferable skills Campus and community Contribute as a valuable member of a team focusing on team. how to market events work on a political campaign, activities class projects and assignments athletic activities goals more than personal goals. internships and summer part time jobs have provided you with Step 4 Make a list of the skills experiences you ve identified for Help in a literacy or conversational English program. countless experiences where you ve acquired a range of skills future reference during your job search. many that you may take for granted 4 INITIATIVE STRONG WORK ETHIC RISK TAKER. USING TRANSFERABLE SKILLS IN THE JOB SEARCH ENTREPRENEUR. IDENTIFYING TRANSFERABLE SKILLS Your success in finding the position right for you will depend on your. ability to showcase your innate talents and skills You also will need Identify a campus or community need and proactively find. While very closely related and with some overlap transferable. to demonstrate how you can apply these skills at an employer s place and implement solutions. skills can be divided into three subsets, Working with people of business Consult the staff at the Poole College of Management The number one way to develop any Select a skill which you would like to improve and seek out. Career Center to help you further identify relevant transferable skills. Working with things, and incorporate them on your resume and during your interviews of these skills is through becoming experiences which help you achieve that goal. Working with data information Appropriately balance academics co curricular activities and. During each interview be sure to emphasize only those skills that involved in on campus organizations employment. would be of particular interest to a specific employer. For example some transferable skills can be used in every workplace. setting e g organizing or public speaking while some are more. Transferable skills are the foundation upon which you will and through work internship and Solicit strong instructor supervisor references from. build additional more complex skills as your career unfolds Start academic co curricular or employment activity. applicable to specific settings e g drafting or accounting making your list of skills and you ll discover that you have more to volunteer experiences Take pride in your work. The following are examples of skills often acquired through the offer than you realized. classroom jobs athletics and other activities Use these examples to Study abroad interact with other cultures. help you develop your own list of the transferable skills you ve acquired Start your own business while in college. ADDITIONAL TIPS TO HELP IDENTIFY YOUR,Working With People TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.
Selling Supervising Mediating Entertaining 1 Review your list of transferable skills with someone 2 INTERPERSONAL SKILLS RELATES WELL TO. Training Organizing Negotiating Representing in your field s of interest to help you identify any OTHERS SELF CONFIDENT TACTFUL FRIENDLY 5 ANALYTICAL SKILLS PROBLEM SOLVER. Mentoring Soliciting Advising Translating additional skills that you may want to include OUTGOING SENSE OF HUMOR DETAIL ORIENTED ORGANIZED CREATIVE. Teaching Motivating Delegating 2 Using a major job posting website print out descriptions. Engage in discussions with people different from you. STRATEGIC PLANNER, of jobs that interest you to help you identify skills. Working With Things being sought Also use these postings as guides for Participate in undergraduate research with a faculty member. Participate as an active team member in class a campus. Repairing Maintaining Crafting Creating terminology on your resume organization or at a job Work as a lab assistant in computer science or language labs. Assembling equipment Engineering 3 Attend career fairs and company information sessions to Organize a campus event including recruiting volunteer. learn about the skills valued by specific companies and Live in a group living environment on or off campus. Designing Constructing Processing staff budgeting publicity etc. Operating Building Troubleshooting industries Conduct interviews with people to gather information for a. machinery Sketching, Driving Working with CAD Adapted from information written by Rosita Smith. 20 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 21. BECOME A SKILL SEEKER continued THE ART OF WRITING RESUMES. PURPOSE go to http online onetcenter org to find the occupation s you. Seek opportunities to evaluate data to support decision 7 TECHNICAL SKILLS UTILIZE COMPUTER Getting a job is a sales process You are both the product and the are pursuing Review the tasks typical of that position Decide which. making SOFTWARE HARDWARE WEB AND FINANCIAL salesperson and the resume is your advertisement The end result skill sets are your strongest Condense the phrases down into resume. Manage your time well meet deadlines RESOURCES may be a job but no one gets hired from a resume The purpose of suitable descriptions and list them in a Profile Objective section If. Take a topic you are passionate about and research the Work as a student network or computer lab consultant the resume is to cause the employer to want to talk with you enough you are pursuing jobs in several different fields you may end up with. opposing view to invite you for an interview several different resumes Prepare one for each type of job you are. Design or maintain web sites for a student or community. Read an article in an academic area different from your own There is no right way to put together a resume many different pursuing each emphasizing the different capabilities required by that. organization campus office or yourself, and develop implications for your area styles can be effective A sure way to know if your resume is working field As you describe the work you have done in the different positions. Design a brochure advertisement or newsletter using desktop is whether or not it is generating interviews you have held use action verbs to communicate effectiveness. Develop a decision tree for an upcoming purchase publishing software Jobs exist because employers have a need a problem or challenge If you are having difficulty identifying what the employer s needs. researching all relevant information brand model size etc that they want to resolve by hiring an employee In other words they. Assist community agencies with databases statistical and challenges are come to the Poole College of Management Career. Develop a three year strategic plan for a student organization analyses financial or service reports need someone to do something for them Your resume should let Center and we will be happy to show you how you can obtain that. When considering a difficult decision appraise your choices Keep budgets or financial records for campus or community the employer know that you can help solve his her problems Simply information. realistically and seek professional advice when appropriate organizations or work in a billing office listing your education and work experience will probably not convey. this information You must also tell the employer what you could STYLES. Design PowerPoint presentations for class or a campus do in your area of expertise to help them solve their problems As in Resumes typically fit one of four styles. organization advertising your resume does just that it advertises how you can Chronological most common. 6 LEADERSHIP SKILLS COMMUNICATE VISION Work as a tech or projectionist help employers meet their needs or solve their problems and why they Functional. ACTION ORIENTATED INFLUENCE MOTIVATE might want to pay you a living wage in return Accomplishment. Sell computer hardware or software or start a web based. OTHERS ENTHUSIASTIC business A good resume should accomplish three goals It should 1 tell Curriculum Vita CV. Earn Leadership Certificates through the Center for the employer what type of internship or career opportunity you The chronological style presents information in chronological. Work in the studio or control room of a radio or TV station. Leadership Ethics and Public Service are seeking 2 showcase your background experience skills and order most recent listed first within each resume section for your. Learn computer and technical skills in classes and workshops abilities relevant to the job 3 create a positive reaction that results job related experiences. Run a campaign for student government or campus issues or that focus on software programs and applying technology. get involved in local or state politics in a phone call for an interview Functional resumes group your skills and experiences together. A resume is like a map You have to lead the reader through each based on job related functional areas regardless of when they. Become an active officer or committee chair for a campus 1. Sources include the National Association of Colleges Employers aspect of your resume In your profile and objective you should occurred. organization NACE Michigan State University University of Illinois at Urbana describe your capabilities In subsequent sections describe your Accomplishment resumes emphasize your accomplishments and. Identify a campus or community need and proactively find Champaign Hart Research Associates CareerBuilder US News education honors languages and international travel projects what you have done well that relates to the needs of the employer. and implement solutions World Report World Future Society American Society for Training experience leadership and professional affiliations community The Curriculum Vita is used for teaching in higher education and. Development and the U S Department of Labor service and activities sports and your computer skills Ideally in for research positions Come to our office for help if you decide you. Facilitate group discussions in class or in a campus. organization each part of your resume you will present information that will need to write a CV. Campus leadership and peer educator positions include Resident make the reader want to read more You may run into employers who request a scannable resume A. Organize and manage an intramural sports team camp or Assistant Orientation Leader Poole Ambassador or Peer Leader Students are often concerned that they cannot land a good job scannable resume is not an additional style rather it is a specific. recreation group Student Network Group Mentor Student Council Member because they do not have significant work experience Realize format that allows any resume to be read by a scanning device If. Lead children s programs tutor kids in a local school or Fraternity or Sorority Leader Student Government Representative that what you are selling is your potential Your resume is a tool you need a scannable resume create a resume using one of these. coach a children s sports team Academic Tutor Club Officer to communicate that potential Your first task is to learn your four styles and bring it into the Poole College of Management. Get an internship in an area of career interest consult with prospective employer s needs Review the job announcement Also Career Center for a critique. your career coaches to find opportunities Adapted from and reprinted with permission from the University of. North Carolina Wilmington s Career Center, Train new campus organization members or employees at. your job RESUME DO S DON TS, If you need printed copies of your resume use a high quality Include personal information such as weight height marital.
paper in white or off white or very light grey status social security number age race religious or political. Type your resume using an a easily readable font Print on a affiliation. laser or high quality ink jet printer Use graphics unless you are applying for a graphic arts design. FOR MORE INFORMATION, Be specific in your Profile and Objective sections position. Have bulleted accomplishments under experience they List detailed descriptions of unrelated jobs. Poole College Student Organizations, should contain what you did why it was important and your Use personal pronouns words such as I me or my on your. https poole ncsu edu undergraduate why poole our students student organizations. good results metrics resume, Use short phrases that convey a positive concise description Exaggerate your experience. Jobs Internships, of your accomplishments Start phrases in experience section with Responsible for. www ncsu edu epack, Limit your resume to one page unless you have extensive instead use action verbs.
relevant experience State salary, Check the spelling of every word make sure grammar and Use acronyms without spelling out initially what they stand. punctuation are correct for, Have your resume critiqued by a Poole career coach before Be dishonest about your qualifications or experience. sending it to potential employers, 22 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 23. QUALITIES DESIRED IN NEW COLLEGE GRADUATES RESUME CONTENT GUIDELINES. By Businesses Industries and Government Agencies SECTIONS BASICS SUGGESTIONS. ENERGY DRIVE ENTHUSIASM A ND INITIATIVE Listens well compassionate and empathetic Name phone number and email address Voicemail can be instrumental in your job. Hard working disciplined and dependable Excellent problem solving and a nalytical skills should be at the top of the page search Be sure your message is business. Creative and innovative Contact Information Always include area code appropriate. Eager professional and positive attitude, Strong self motivation and high self esteem Options Include link to LinkedIn profile. Confident and assertive yet diplomatic and flexible LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Sincere and preserves integrity Organizational skills and attention to detail Demonstrate to an employer that you are Use the job announcement to highlight key. Ambitious and takes risks Accepts and handles responsibilities directed in your internship job search Be qualifications and skills that match yours and. Uses common sense Action oriented and results driven Profile specific A profile that is too general will work to incorporate these into your Profile. Loyal to employers almost certainly not help you and could in fact This section should include the job you want. ADAPTS TEXTBOOK LEARNING T O THE WORKING Customer focused work against you and how you are qualified. WORLD Team spirited understands group dynamics,Quick learner Always willing to help others.
Begin with your most recent educational You may include the GPA in your major if it is. Asks questions Mature poised and personable, experience Include the degree you expect higher than your cumulative GPA. Analytical independent thinker Diversity aware treats others with respect and dignity Education to earn or have earned your major minor List any study abroad or other colleges. Willing to continue education and growth university date of graduation and GPA if 3 0 attended for a significant period of time. Committed to excellence ORIENTED TO GROWTH,Add relevant coursework as an option. Open minded willing to try new things Acceptance of an entry level position doesn t view required tasks. Academic excellence in field of study Include academic honors such as the Dean s List These may be listed under a separate heading or. KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS Honors, Views the organization s total picture not just one area of scholarships and honor societies as a subsection under Education. Established word processing spreadsheet database and. presentation software skills specialization, Excellent computer literacy Willing to accomplish more than required. Include any employment internships Use phrases beginning with action verbs rather. significant campus leadership volunteer work than sentences. COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS Source Recruiting Trends by L Patrick Scheetz Ph D Collegiate. and relevant class research projects Do not use pronouns in your job descriptions. Good writing skills Employment Research Institute Michigan State University. Include title name of organization location No need to restrict this category to paid. Excellent oral communication skills Experience and dates for each position experience. Emphasize skills abilities and accomplishments You may wish to separate this section. appropriate to the position for which you are into Relevant Experience and Other. MEET OUR PEER CAREER COACHES applying Experience, Foreign languages computer skills and other List level of fluency proficiency with.
Skills relevant skills should be included languages computer skills Do not overstate. your competence, Introducing List college related activities including student Be sure to note offices held and committee. Peer Career Coaches Leadership Activities government fraternities sororities student. clubs etc not mentioned elsewhere,involvement for college or other organizations. Community Service List volunteer and community organizations and If the setting is religious or political you may. Why See a Peer Career Volunteer Sports sports activities and how you were involved want to use generic descriptions. Welcome to piktochart,Don t have time to make a career. 1 Resume Cover Letter Critiques, appointment but have career questions It is recommended to. There is no need to indicate on your resume Create a separate reference page See example. that references are available upon request in this Guide. See a Peer Career Coach during drop in hours, use icons because they This is assumed and understood List names titles names of organizations.
This Poole student group is trained and approved 2 doePACK. not lose resolutions, References addresses telephone numbers email addresses. to provide resume and cover letter critiques,interview prep and career guidance by the. when you drag them and your relationship to the reference. Poole College of Management Career Center increase. Peer ledtheir size,brief information, To learn more and view their drop in hours visit sessions to identify resources for Always ask permission before using anyone s. the website below 3 name as a reference,your career needs e g job. search interviews etc,go ncsu edu pccdropin, Reprinted with permission from East Carolina University s Career Success Guide.
poole careers ncsu edu 4 Updates on upcoming career. events opportunities,1133 Nelson Hall, 24 Poole College of Management Poole College of Management Career Center poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers poole ncsu edu undergraduate careers Poole College of Management Career Center Poole College of Management 25. 6 KEYS TO CREATING A TARGETED RESUME THE TOP 10 PITFALLS. 1 Analyze the Job Description Review job descriptions for the. skills abilities and qualifications employers are looking for. Google OOH to research occupations You get one chance. to demonstrate in the Profile Objective section that you. IN RESUME WRITING continued, Highlight the key words Both your resume and cover letter understand the qualifications of the position and that you are a. should include a number of those key words It is recommended good candidate Make it count 7 Irrelevant Information Customize each resume to each Connect with current and former employees through resources. that you have a specific job in mind when creating a targeted NOTE TO ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE STUDENTS position you seek Of course include all education and work such as LinkedIn com and ask to schedule a call with them. resume Often banking and finance organizations want a shorter experience but emphasize only relevant experience skills Explain that you are considering applying to their company and. 2 Organize Your Thoughts and Begin With a Good Resume Profile Do your research homework try to find out their accomplishments activities and hobbies Do not include ask for their recommendation for next steps Thank that person. Take your resume and do a save as labeling the resume with specific format preferences marital status age sex children height weight health status for the information Follow up by contacting the department head. company name job title resume and date Then customize or religious or political affiliations etc and asking for an informational or regular interview Bring along. 4 Create Descriptive Phrases Create short phrases to describe. your resume to the key words and requirements of the specific your critiqued resume. your previous job duties and accomplishments with respect 8 Too Snazzy Of course use high quality resume bond paper. job Make sure you have results in your accomplishments and to the job description Avoid using diluted phrases such as but avoid exotic types colored paper photographs and. use commonly understood terms Learn and use terminology Research the position The more you know about the position the. responsible for or in charge of Arrange the descriptive graphics Electronic resumes should include appropriate. on your resume that is common to the field you are pursuing better able you will be to sell yourself and to target your resume to. phrases and accomplishments in order of importance to the industry keywords. Write out acronyms the first time used that position If possible interview someone who does that same. position and use action verbs, 9 Boring Make your resume as dynamic as possible Use active job In addition to finding out the duties ask if there is on the job. 3 Profile This section is a very important part of the resume 5 Ensure Resume Is Letter Perfect Misspelled words training whether they value education over experience or vice. verbs to describe what you have accomplished in past jobs. because it becomes an employer decision point whether to grammatical or punctuation errors will generally disqualify versa and what kind of turnover the department experiences. what you did why it was important and your good results. read more of your resume or NOT Indicate what internship job you from any position for which you apply Ask what they like about the position and the company more. metrics Take advantage of your rich vocabulary and avoid. you want when you want it and your qualifications Sample importantly ask what they might like to change about it. 6 Have Your Resume Critiqued Make sure you have your repeating words especially the first word in a section. resume and cover letter critiqued by a career coach in the Poole. 10 Too Modest The resume showcases your qualifications in Finally research yourself Your goal is not just to get a job Your. Business Administration graduate seeking a financial analyst College of Management Career Center. competition with the other applicants Put your best foot goal is to get a job that you will enjoy a career opportunity After. position Offers hands on experience in financial analysis forward without misrepresentation falsification or arrogance you find out all you can about the company and the position ask. interpreting investment risk trends and presenting oral and yourself honestly whether this is what you really want to do and. written reports Excels in collaborative team settings delivering THE THREE Rs where you really want to be The odds are overwhelming that you. tasks on time and to specifications The three Rs of resume writing are Research Research Research will not hold this position for more than two or three years so. A resume is a document that summarizes and highlights. You must know what the prospective company does what the it s not a lifetime commitment However this first job will be the. Start by highlighting the job description note key words your education job related skills experiences and. position involves and whether you will be a fit before submitting foundation of your lifetime career You must start successfully. and qualifications that are desired These should be in your activities The purpose of most resumes is to obtain an. your resume And that means doing research about the so that future recommendations will always be positive. resume as well as your cover letter Look at the Transferable interview for an internship or job On average an employer. company about the position and about the type of employee the Furthermore three years is a long time to spend doing something. Skills section on page 20 and think about skills qualifi spends 6 seconds reviewing your resume to determine. company typically hires you don t like working in a position that isn t challenging or living. cations you have that are relevant to the internship job If you whether to read more Make your first impression a. somewhere you don t want to live, need help thinking about qualifications look at similar job good one. Research the company Read whatever literature and other. descriptions and or go to The Occupational Outlook Handbook information the company has placed on its website Use Google to One last word of advice Before you go to the interview review. find recent articles and information For additional information the version of your resume that you submitted to this employer. call the company and ask for any literature it may have Find out so that you can speak in more detail about the information your. how the company is structured community involvement special resume provided The resume can only get you the interview the. events mission values bios of executives annual reports and interview gets you the job. what qualities the company generally looks for in its employees.

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