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INTRODUCING MACKIE, Mackie Pty Ltd is part of the Mackie Group a privately owned property development. and construction company with a proud history spanning 75 years. Through strategic expansion and careful stewardship the The Group comprises three separate yet integrated. Mackie Group has grown to become one of Victoria s leading businesses spanning architecture and planning building. integrated construction companies and construction and facilities management. With a proud history spanning 75 years the Mackie Group This broadly based structure featuring Mackie Pty Ltd our. has built a reputation for outstanding achievement quality architects and planners at MSM Associates and the Facilities. construction and skilled teamwork Management Australia team underpins our financial strength. and gives the Mackie Group the power flexibility and network. to facilitate most project types,MACKIE PTY LTD,EXCELLENCE IN BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION. As the Mackie Group s construction and building arm Mackie Pty Ltd has specialist skills. and proven expertise in commercial retail educational and residential construction projects. Mackie Pty Ltd s skilled and dedicated workforce includes project and site managers plant. operators crane crews carpenters labourers and landscapers. This team works closely with the planners and architects at MSM Associates for seamless. efficient project delivery, Such internal partnering enables Mackie Pty Ltd to offer genuine end to end design. construction and facilities management services, While the company has expanded into most building sectors Mackie Pty Ltd is Victoria s. leading expert in the design construction and management of public infrastructure having. worked continuously with Government for 75 years Mackie Pty Ltd. 401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199,Telephone 03 9781 4066.
Facsimile 03 9783 1157,mackiebuild mackie com au,MACKIE PTY LTD. Our portfolio ranges from complicated laboratories radiology bunkers and multi deck car parks to. the refurbishment of heritage listed buildings schools and police stations This diverse range gives. Mackie Pty Ltd a powerful knowledge base to draw from when constructing any project. What makes Mackie Pty Ltd different,75 years of experience in construction. Privately owned family company where the Principals hands on. approach facilitates drive quality and problem solving. Stable low risk approach to development,Financially strong. Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199. Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,mackiebuild mackie com au.
MACKIE HISTORY, The Mackie Group s history dates back more than 75 years. The company s origins can be traced to a small shop in Little. Collins Street Melbourne where widow and mother of six. Nellie Nixon opened a decorating business in 1935, Known for her hard work and creative flair Nellie quickly began winning design contracts. for Melbourne s most prominent government institutions and landmarks These included. the Geelong Courthouse the Commonwealth Bank in Bourke Street St Andrew s Hospital. in Spring Street and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Mornington Peninsula carpenter and contractor Gilbert Lawson Mackie met Nellie Nixon. whilst working in the same Little Collins Street office building Nellie employed Gilbert to. build display screens for her showroom and it was here that Gilbert met and fell in love. with Nellie s daughter Joan,Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway. Frankston Vic 3199,Left Nellie Nixon and Ralph Mackie.
Right Joan Mackie with son Ralph Telephone 03 9781 4066. Facsimile 03 9783 1157,mackiebuild mackie com au,MACKIE HISTORY. Gilbert and Joan later married and settled on the Mornington Peninsula where they raised. a family They also aligned the two businesses with a particular emphasis on government. projects Over the years Mackie grew and diversified into construction architecture housing. finance and marketing and facilities management practices. Today the impressive range of projects completed by the group includes the National Institute. of Circus Arts The Alfred Hospital Retail Plaza and Multi level Car Park Mode Apartments Royal. Albert Apartments St Vincent s Hospital Car Park and Child Care Facility Dromana Secondary. College DHS Community Housing Broadmeadows Regeneration Project and the Peter MacCallum. Cancer Centre,Above Gilbert Mackie,Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway. Frankston Vic 3199,Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157. mackiebuild mackie com au,MACKIE PRINCIPALS,RALPH MACKIE. Managing Director Registered Builder CB U 3975,Experience.
Ralph Mackie has worked in the construction Ralph s deep committed to the development. and facilities management industry for over of health and government facilities in Victoria. 40 years giving him unparalleled knowledge has led him to successfully complete a range of. and an exceptional eye for detail leading edge projects from multi level residential. apartments and car parks through to industrial, He began working in the family business as a carpenter. and institutional facilities, and supervisor before travelling overseas for six years. gaining experience working with major construction He has also contributed to the expansion of the. groups in the UK industry through the provision of mezzanine finance. joint ventures and the development of his own,Upon his return to Australia Ralph took over the. residential and commercial properties, business from his father and went on to expand the. Mackie Group into an integrated company providing Ralph takes a hands on approach to all the. construction architectural and financial services to company s projects and is always available to. industry provide his expertise and guidance on construction. MACKIE PRINCIPALS,OLIVER MACKIE,General Manager,Bachelor of Business.
Master of Technology Construction Management, Experience With strong experience in project planning. contracts and budgeting Oliver is well placed, As the fourth generation to join the family company. to provide administrative and resource support,Oliver Mackie brings extensive management skills. to the project teams,and Information Communication Technology. experience to the company His knowledge and skill in project delivery methods. including lump sum design construction and, After graduating from RMIT with distinction in 2001.
private partnerships have come to the fore in,Oliver began working alongside his father at the. many projects,Mackie Group He has worked in all aspects of the. company s operations gaining a comprehensive,understanding of the construction industry. COMMERCIAL, CSIRO CENTRE FOR MATHEMATICAL AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. New office and laboratory facility for the CSIRO constructed. and managed under the National Code of Practice for the. Construction Industry, This project involved the design and documentation of new offices meeting areas.
and extensive laboratories to accommodate the Victorian based CSIRO Mathematical. and Information Sciences CMIS at the CSIRO main site in Clayton Victoria. The project involved a gross floor plan of approximately 1665m2 over three levels. Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199. Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 6m mackiebuild mackie com au. COMMERCIAL,ANGELATOS OFFICE, Construction of a new mult level office and commercial building. for the Angelatos Property Group,737 High Street Kew East. Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199.
Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 1 2m mackiebuild mackie com au. COMMERCIAL,HMAS CERBERUS, Construction of a Bricklaying and Lagging training facility. Mackie Pty Ltd designed the facility to use mezzanine classrooms over the teaching. areas capitalising on the volume of the building which was scaled to match the. adjacent historic buildings This design feature gained 200m2 foran additional. cost of 50 000,Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199. Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 2m mackiebuild mackie com au. COMMERCIAL,KINGSTON ARTS CENTRE, Mackie Pty Ltd was responsible for the refurbishment conversion.
and extension of a prominent historic building to house a. Community Arts Centre, The project involved external brick cleaning creating new timber windows producing. hard plaster and ornate cornices and doors together with blending in more modern. features including electric doors and down lights This project had a gross floor. plan of approximately 1665m2 over three levels,Mackie Pty Ltd. 401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199,Telephone 03 9781 4066. Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 4m mackiebuild mackie com au. COMMERCIAL,FRANKSTON CULTURAL CENTRE, This joint venture with Mackie Pty Ltd and Salzer involved construction of.
a new cultural centre including several seminar rooms an 850 seat theatre. function rooms library and a toy library,Mackie Pty Ltd. 401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199,Telephone 03 9781 4066. Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 20m mackiebuild mackie com au. COMMERCIAL,CARRUM DOWNS IGA SUPERMARKET AND HEAD QUARTERS. Construction of a new Ritchies IGA supermarket and specialty shops. in Carrum Downs, The project involved the fit out of the Ritchies supermarket which was to set the.
benchmark for future stores Following the successful completion Mackie was. contracted to construct the Ritchies head office located on the same site. Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199. Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 10m mackiebuild mackie com au. HEALTHCARE, ST VINCENT S HOSPITAL CAR PARK AND CHILDCARE FACILITY. Design and construction of a 110 place childcare facility and. eight level car park, The childcare facility was designed and built within a historically significant building. and involved extensive decontamination of the site prior to construction. This process required the development of a Remediation and Environmental Action. Plan to be employed throughout the duration of the works to ensure the site and. contaminated soil were managed in accordance with EPA regulations which included. the correct disposal and treatment of soil and management of air quality issues. Mackie Pty Ltd,401 Nepean Highway,Frankston Vic 3199.
Telephone 03 9781 4066,Facsimile 03 9783 1157,Project Value 15m mackiebuild mackie com au.

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