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replaced with the,HiRes version or,Industrial lubricants. approved pic, Lubricants for circulation and OEM approved by Siemens Alsthom General. Chevron Global Lubricants scientists and engineers general lubrication. Electric Fiat Avio ABB Stal Atlas Copco MAN, work closely with customers to develop Texaco lubricants and. Omnis 32 Bulk 208 L Regal EP 100 150 320 208 L, specialist products that provide higher performance and superior A high technology gas and steam turbine lubricant for. Omnis 100 Bulk 1 000 L,geared and non geared systems.
protection for all the equipment your company operates Omnis 150 208 L. High viscosity index lubricant with good thermal, A high viscosity low pour point performance lubricant and oxidation resistance. This brochure gives you an overview of Texaco products highly resistant to carbon formation or gumming. Contains no detergents or ash forming additives and High thermal stability extends lubricant service. summarising their key characteristics their benefits major OEM delivers very low crankcase deposit performance life. For stationary diesel engines gas and dual fuel Excellent wear rust and corrosion resistance. approvals and specifications engines and reciprocating air compressors Rapid water separation for operating efficiency. Premium technology crankcase lubricants with and equipment protection. extremely stable chemical properties Meets specification standards and approvals. Product sectors covered here include including DIN BS ISO and Ansaldo steam. Outstanding quenching performance,turbine applications. Circulation general lubrication,Regal SGT 22 208 L. Turbines and circulation Hydraulics Lubricants for turbines A latest generation advanced technology stationary. Gears Pressure ways and circulation gas turbine lubricant specially formulated to deliver. maximum performance and protection to both,industrial and marine turbines. Pneumatic tools Refrigeration compressors Regal Premium EP 32 46 208 L. Excellent thermal stability and oxidation, Compressors White oils Regal Premium EP 68 208 L 20 L.
resistance, Ultra high performance high temperature gas and Low levels of carbon deposits and sludge. Thermal oils Gas engines steam turbine lubricant for geared and non geared formation. Outstanding rust and corrosion protection even, Dielectric oils Key to pack sizes Highly resistant to oxidation protects valves under high loads and temperatures. 4x and bearings from sludge and acidic by, Bulk 5L 250ml Excellent foam suppression for improved valve. De moulding 1 000 L 180,products of oxidation,operation and lubricant flow. IBC 1000L IBC kg 180kg,Long term wear protection extends turbine life.
Approved under MIL PRF 23699F Class STD,Greases 208 L. 208L 210L barrel 50 kg 50kg improving operating economics. specification US Navy,20L 18 kg 18kg 16kg Rapid water separation. Anti freeze Coolants OEM approvals include General Electric Rolls. 5L g 400g cartridges x24 x40 Fast air release and good foam suppression Royce Allison Centrax Rolls Royce Derby. protects turbine bearings,Anti corrosive 1L 1L 1L x12. replaced with the,Industrial lubricants HiRes version or. approved pic,Paper machine oil PMO 150 208 L, Next generation anti wear extreme pressure speed pressure vane and gear pumps Rapidly separates out water contamination and.
and oxidation protection additive technologies and axial piston pumps Excellent compatibility protects filter operation in humid or very wet. An all new range offering top tier lubrication protection. for superior keep clean performance with bronze and steel components and all types operating environments. and world class equipment performance and component. of valves and servos Meets and exceeds AFNOR NF E 48 690 and NF. protection to paper machines operating under Meets and exceeds the requirements of major. arduous conditions Designed to maximise production bearing OEMs including FAG and SKF Extremely stable anti wear additive technologies E 48 691 dry and wet filtration tests. performance through the reduction of planned delivering the highest levels of system protection Meets ASTM DIN ISO and SAE specifications. maintenance periods and unscheduled downtime in highly stressed hydraulic systems. Approved by Bosch Rexroth Cincinnati Machine, For use in the circulating systems of paper Optimum foam suppression performance in and US Steel. machine dryer sections and calendar stacks, Hydraulic lubricants demanding high speed operations. in crown controlled rolls suction box pumps Highly stable when water is present with Rando HDZ LT 32 208 L. vacuum and white water pumps reduction Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW 32 Bulk 1 000 L. maximum filterability and outstanding rust and, gears and gear head motors Delivers high performance protection and extended. corrosion protection,Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW 46 68 Bulk 1 000 L. 208 L 20 L service life to high speed high pressure hydraulic. Powerful detergency and dispersancy additive Meets ASTM DIN ISO and SAE specifications pumps operating in the most extreme conditions. systems keep bearing and gear surfaces Texaco Hydraulic Oil AW is a universal multi purpose. hydraulic fluid suitable for a wide range of light to across a wide range of climatic conditions including. deposit free Rando HDZ 15 208 L 20 L very low temperatures. medium duty applications, Outstanding water separation performance Rando HDZ 32 46 68 Bulk 1 000 L 208 L 20 L Recommended for use in all high performance.
Use as a multi service light to medium duty IBC, Exceptional ultra fine filterability properties hydraulic fluid where no more than DIN 51524 2 This zinc based severe service hydraulic fluid is heavy duty hydraulic systems working under. Superior oil film properties and protection HGLP is needed formulated with high performance and extremely a wide range of environmental and operating. against wear rust and corrosion shear stable viscosity index improver additive temperatures including high speed high. Oxidation resistance increases filter and oil life pressure vane and gear pumps and axial piston. systems for advanced multi grade viscosity, Detergent and dispersancy additives keep the performance across a very wide range of pumps Excellent compatibility with bronze. Paper machine oil PMO XL 220 208 L, system clean for greater uptime temperatures in arduous operating conditions steel and silver plated components. Delivers ultimate protection and performance to paper. Superior wear resistance for longer service life Recommended for use in all high performance Excellent low pour point performance. machines working under the most demanding operating. Protects against corrosion and wear heavy duty hydraulic systems operating under maximising fluidity and system protection. conditions and over very long service periods, a wide range of environmental and operating across the extremes of temperature. optimising product quality and output performance and Approved against DIN and ISO specifications. significantly extending component service life temperatures including high speed high Exceptional shear stability in severe high speed. pressure vane and gear pumps and axial piston high pressure operations. Recommended for centralised lubrication Rando HD 22 32 208 L 20 L. pumps Highly reliable wear and oxidation protection. systems including paper machines operating Rando HD 46 68 Bulk 1 000 L. 208 L 20 L, under severe conditions paper machines High viscosity index anti wear protection and provides a significantly extended service life to.
equipped with fine filters where super Rando HD 100 208 L. oxidation resistance across a superior operating all types of hydraulic system. heated steam is present or in those systems A range of highly robust and extremely reliable temperature window temperature Optimised surface protection for all types of. susceptible to water contamination hydraulic fluids designed to deliver exceptional system Significant and highly reliable cross grading system including high pressure high speed. For use in gear drive units pumps and self performance and protection under severe thermal and outstanding durability extending system vane and gear pumps. contained bearings in industrial applicators load offering high resistance to oxidation over operating life Meets DIN and Swedish Standard specifications. extended service periods, Highest protection against wear for high Exceptional protection to high speed high Exceeds manufacturers specification. performance paper machines in continuous Recommended for use in all high performance pressure systems operating under severe requirements including Denison Vickers. operation with reduced environmental impact heavy duty hydraulic systems including high conditions preventing surface contact in all Cincinnati Milacron US Steel. system components,Industrial lubricants,Rando WM 32 1 000 L. very high wear protection and exceptional load Provides mist lubrication of roller bearings Leading edge water separation characteristics. An ultra high performance multigrade hydraulic carrying capacity as well as protection against shock plain bearings gears slides and ways chain Protects against rust and corrosion formation. fluid designed for use in wind turbine systems and loads and micro pitting Designed to protect a wide drives and other applications where lubricants system impairment and damage. a wide range of other applications where maximum variety of heavy duty gear systems and bearings requiring good heat stability and anti wear. properties are needed Non corrosive to gear and bearing materials. protection and performance is required in very severe Recommended for the lubrication of a wide such as steel copper bronze babbitt and. operating conditions range of industrial mobile and marine Non corrosive to gear and bearing materials cadmium nickel. Excellent low temperature fluidity and a high equipment including all types of enclosed such as steel copper bronze babbitt or. gear drives and speed reducers chain drives cadmium nickel Resists thickening degradation and deposit. VI which provides a very wide operating formation maximising keep clean performance. temperature window sprockets low speed plain and anti friction Meets the requirements of DIN 51517 3 CLP ISO. bearings slide guides couplings screws and lubricant service life. Recommended for use in wind turbines and in 12925 1 CKD US Steel 224 AGMA 9005 E02. Good performance in industrial hypoid gears Textron Power Transmission Cincinatti Milacron Meets the following recommendations and. all types of high pressure hydraulic systems approvals US Steel 224 AGMA 9005 E02. across a very wide ambient and operating recommended for use in transmission gear. case and worm drive axles on automotive David Brown ET 33 80 DIN 51517 3 Cincinnati. temperature range Meropa WM 320 Bulk 1 000 L,208 L 20 L. construction and mining equipment Milacron for appropriate viscosity grades. Suitable for systems with gear vane radial and High durability gear lubricants that offer best in class Flender Valmet. axial piston pumps Marine applications include main propulsion wear and corrosion protection to a range of enclosed. systems centrifuges deck machinery such gear drives and reducers operating under heavy shock. Low pour point ensures optimum pumpability in Pinnacle EP 220 320 208 L 20 L. as winches windlasses cranes turning gears loads, low temperature start ups pumps elevators and rudder carriers and many Pinnacle EP 460 20 L. Recommended for the lubrication of heavily, Superior anti wear performance and corrosion other applications A range of synthetic lubricants that deliver world class.
loaded enclosed gear drives and reducers, resistance increases uptime and reduces Protects against gear wear micro pitting and wear and corrosion protection in very demanding. driven by fractional horsepower motors to, maintenance costs bearing wear increasing system life operating environments where water contamination. the large high horsepower units in heavy duty, Complies with Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 industrial applications Recommended for a and elevated temperatures will compromise the. Reliable thermal and oxidation stability extends, variety of gears including spur bevel helical performance of conventional oils. Meets ISO and DIN specifications oil life improving uptime and productivity. worm and industrial hypoid gear cases on Recommended for use in mobile and industrial. Approved by Vestas Vickers and Swedish Reduced deposit and sludge formation ensure. mobile contractor type equipment open pit and enclosed gear systems and other equipment. Standards cleaner systems reducing service downtime. underground mining equipment cement mills operating in adverse conditions including speed. Effective corrosion prevention increases ball mills rolling mills crushers shakers hoists reducers plain and anti friction bearings flexible. component reliability cutting unscheduled conveyors kilns winches machine tools skip couplings chain drives sprockets spur bevel. maintenance time lines and marine equipment and herringbone gear designs lubricated by bath. Lubricants for gears slash spray or circulatory lubrication systems. Rapid water separation optimises lubrication Highly effective micro pitting protection to. performance and rust prevention reducing costs heavily loaded gear systems under high shock Superior quality polyalphaolefin and polyol ester. Meropa 68 460 Bulk 208 L 20 L, Suitable for bath splash and circulation load conditions base stocks and powerful additive technologies.
Meropa 100 150 208 L 20 L application Meropa WM 220 surpasses the load stage 10 in are designed to deliver advanced wear. the FZG Micro Pitting test FVA 54 I IV and is protection through maximum extreme pressure. Meropa 220 320 Bulk 1 000 L, 208 L 20 L The lighter viscosity grades are well suited to. therefore classified as GFT High performance,Meropa 460 Bulk. mist lubrication systems where equipment such, as Norgren and Alemite is employed Low foam performance maximising oil film Exceptional wear protection extended. These premium industrial EP gear lubricants provide equipment service life and operating. protection and performance over long service,periods performance in very demanding operations. where water contamination is a hazard and,Industrial lubricants.
where elevated operating temperatures can Pinnacle WM 220 is approved by ARBURG for Way Lubricant X series can be used in Lubricants for refrigeration. place exceptional demands on equipment plastics injection moulding machines and the applications requiring the following performance. relevant additional equipment levels Afnor E 60 200 US Steel 224 DIN 51524 compressors. Extremely low viscous drag coefficient, performance delivers lower energy consumption part II Cincinnati Milacron P 47 P 50. and optimum wear protection over a very long Way Lubricant X 220 is approved against Capella WF 32 68 208 L 20 L. service period Cincinnati Milacron P 50, Lubricants for pressure ways Compressor lubricants that deliver outstanding. Approved by Staubli for textile machines super low freon floc temperature and pour point. requiring lubricants meeting Pinnacle EP 220 performance to both refrigeration systems and air. specifications Way Lubricant X 68 320 20 L,conditioning units optimising stable lubrication. Lubricants for pneumatic tools protection and system performance. Pinnacle EP lubricants meet the performance Way Lubricant X 220 208 L 20 L. requirements of US Steel AGMA David Brown These offer exceptional wetting adhesion and lubricity Recommended for use in refrigeration. scheme DIN performance delivering maximum lubrication to flat Aries 100 compressors and air conditioner systems. surfaces under heavy sliding loads minimising metal Aries delivers excellent equipment performance to using fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants or. Pinnacle WM 320 IBC, processing machine and slideway wear and stick slip percussion type air tools offering maximum wear ammonia and in compressor systems running. A line of ultra high performance synthetic gear problems protection and mechanical reliability over very long on fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants where. lubricants specifically designed for wind turbine gear service periods in demanding operating environments minimum evaporator temperatures of 45 C. Recommended for the lubrication of slide rails, systems that are subject to adverse high load shock R12 35 C R22 and 25 C R502 are.
and guidings of machines and tools used for Recommended for use in all percussion type. load and extremely hostile environments present, precision work air tools including rock drills paving breakers. Specifically designed for wind turbine gear pneumatic pile drivers and jackhammers used Meets and exceeds major compressor. Way Lubricant X 68 is suitable for most metal, systems for both on and offshore installations in the mining and construction industries and manufacturers performance requirements. working machines with horizontal slideways, all types of industrial plain and anti friction delivering a very low freon floc temperature of. Improves wind turbine reliability and for light applications Approved against. bearings 45 C,Cincinnati Milacron P 47, Protects wind turbine gears against wear and Optimised system efficiency and service. Way Lubricant X 100 X 220 and X 320 are Excellent wear protection and outstanding. corrosion reducing maintenance costs life through very robust and highly reliable. applied in more severe applications and for corrosion and rust resistance. Controls micropitting and wear extending chemical and thermal stability. machines with vertical slideways Highly adhesive maximising oil film reliability. equipment service life Highly resistant to waxing at very low. Delivers outstanding extreme pressure and Resists water wash out in very wet. Wide operating temperature range temperatures, wear protection to metal processing equipment environments.
Rapid water separation and low foaming Chemically stable performance in the presence. Completely chlorine free formulations offer Absorbs moisture in tool airflow in very humid. optimises oil film strength and improves of ammonia and fluorinated hydrocarbons such. high level protection against rust and corrosion operating environments. lubrication as R 12 and R 22, damage to slideways and critical metal Prevents fogging foaming or deposit formation. Pinnacle WM meets the following specifications processing equipment components Meets the following recommendations and. which may lead to loss of drilling performance, DIN 51517 3 US Steel 224 AGMA 9005 E02 approvals DIN 51 503 standard BS 2626 1992. Exceptional lubricity between metal and plastic due to slow or erratic valve operation. David Brown ET 33 80 Cincinnati Milacron Type A Lubricants NATO standard VV L 825. surfaces will not wash off surfaces if in the Maintains highly durable oil film integrity at. Valmet Approved for several grades by Sulzer Bitzer. presence of emulsifiable cutting fluids high temperatures. Approved by Bosch Rexroth for use in planetary Tecumsec Carrier York Sabroe J E Hall. High level adhesion and wetting performance Prevents ice related downtime in low. gearboxes for wind turbines Belgium Daikin Robert Bosch G Heinrich. ensures that this highly durable lubricant temperature situations caused by air expansion. Moventas for use in wind turbine gearboxes Huppman G Dorin I Matsushita J Trane. remains in place even on vertical surfaces,DWM Copeland US Kelvinator Inc US Carrier. replaced with the,Industrial lubricants HiRes version or. approved pic, Capella Premium 68 Approved by major compressor manufacturers Cetus DE 100 208 L 20 L.
Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, including Teikoku Machinery Air compressors Cetus DE 100 is specially formulated to lubricate and recommended for use as base materials for. A semi synthetic compressor lubricant formulated for. Tanabe Reciprocating type compressors Sperre protect reciprocating compressors operating at high ointments skin creams hair preparations. use in ammonia refrigeration compressor systems, Reciprocating type compressors Hatlapa V discharge temperatures and discharge pressures suntan lotions and emollients ingredients for. Recommended for the lubrication of ammonia Line piston compressors Hamworthy vertical baby and bath oils lotions lipsticks massage. optimising system operating efficiency energy, refrigeration compressors but NOT for compressors oils etc. consumption and maintenance costs,refrigeration systems using halogenated. Recommended for use in all types of air Food recommended for use in divider oils and. refrigerants freons 20 L, Cetus PAO 46 bakery pan oils coatings for eggs and fresh fruit.
compressors including reciprocating and rotary, Oxidation resistant in the presence of ammonia and vegetables impregnating oils for fruit and. Cetus PAO 68 208 L 20 L,screw units fans blowers hydraulic systems. keeps systems clean and reduces maintenance vegetable wrappings plasticisers in polystyrene. Cetus PAO lubricants deliver powerful long service centrifugal and other pump types. Low volatility reduces fluid consumption and and other plastic packaging materials. protection to compressor systems and marine diesel Leading edge high temperature performance. lubricant replacement costs Chemicals recommended for use in the. turbochargers operating over long periods and at high providing highly stable oxidation resistance. Reduced fluid carry over improves efficiency temperatures providing all the economic benefits of and preventing deposit formation optimising manufacture of plasticisers and internal. and uptime reduced maintenance periods long term operational performance and energy lubricants mould release agents and extrusion. efficiency through maximum fluidity and aids in plastics production manufacture of. Low pour point eliminates evaporator blockages For use in oil injected rotary screw compressors. lubricity carrier oils for pesticides and insecticides. saving time and money with high discharge temperatures of up to 100. C and pressures of up to 15 bar and in marine World class corrosion protection neutralising Lubricants recommended for use in lubricants. Meets DIN 51503 Part 1 KA group specifications, diesel turbochargers where two separate the effects of oxidation deposits or corrosive for medical instruments and apparatus filling. lubrication systems are in use components within the compressor system and packaging machines in food industry and. the cylinders of compressors in the beverages, Formulated with advanced polyalphaolefin Approved by major compressor manufacturers. Lubricants for compressors industry White Oils Pharmaceutical are also. synthetic technologies and latest generation including Sperre Tanabe H type and recommended as rayon oils and defoaming and. additive systems Matsubara glossing agents, Compressor Oil EP VDL 46 100 208 L 20 L Provides exceptional system performance and.
Industry recommended for use in drugs and,complete protection. Compressor Oil EP VDL 150 20 L pharmaceuticals cosmetics food processing. Delivers superior operational performance and,These lubricants deliver outstanding equipment. protection in all types of compressor, White oils and handling rubber plastics paper ropes. bakery textiles agriculture precision,performance and protection in high temperature. Excellent turbocharger protection and machinery,extreme pressure conditions.
long service performance in diesel marine White Oils Pharmaceutical 40 Bulk 1 000 L. Exceptional colour and oxidation stability,Recommended for use in single and multistage. turbocharger applications White Oils Pharmaceutical 70 Bulk 208 L. reciprocating compressors single and multistage Chemically and biologically stable oils that do. centrifugal compressors and oil flooded screw High performance thermal stability of Cetus PAO White Oils Pharmaceutical 240W 208 L not support bacterial growth. compressors operating at high pressures of up to 46 protects oil injected rotary screw compressors. Very high purity colourless clear and odourless Comply with purity standards set by. 1000 bar and high temperatures with high discharge temperatures of 100 C at 15. oily fluids designed to deliver highly consistent the European British and United States. bar extending drain intervals to 8000 hours, Delivers extremely durable and highly stable performance in a wide variety of pharmaceutical pharmacopoeias and meet and exceed United. oxidation resistance corrosion protection Excellent air release characteristics optimising food grade and industrial applications States FDA 21 CFR 178 3620 a and FDA 21 CFR. wear protection in oil flooded screw compressors 172 878 White Mineral Oils. Prevents deposit formation on pistons and valves,and promote seal swell reducing leaks and. Provides maximum protection against fire or optimising long term operational performance. Meets DIN 51506 VDL standard,Meets DIN 51 506 VDL specification. Approved by Atlas Copco Tanabe and ABB,Industrial lubricants.
Thermal oils Contains low levels of zinc and phosphorus Approved and listed by Dorman Diesels Chevron HDAX Low Ash Gas Engine Oil 208 L. elements making it suitable for use in engines Natural gas Fincantieri Diesels Jenbacher SAE 40. equipped with catalytic exhaust systems MWM Deutz Perkins Engines Ruston Diesels Outstanding oxidation and nitration resistance. Bulk 1 000 L 208 L,Texatherm HT 22 IBC, Meets the performance requirements of API CD which reduce the buildup of insolubles and provide. A high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid and Dresser rand Category III Geotex PX 40 Bulk. extended oil and filter life, formulated to operate over a wide temperature range Approved and listed by Deutz Power Systems A low ash formulation delivers exceptional oxidation Recommended for four stroke and selected. from 45 C up to 290 C where it gives excellent GE Jenbacher MAN B W MDE Dezentrale and nitration protection and robust and highly two stroke stationary engines fuelled by. oxidation stability and deposit free operation Energiesysteme MTU Perkins Natural Gas Rolls reliable wear and corrosion protection improving natural or synthetic gas and gas from digester. Its low pour point provides energy efficient Royce Bergen W rtsil engine performance and extending service life and landfill sources. start up and good pumpability in sub zero Meets the requirements of Caterpillar and has Recommended for use in naturally aspirated Recommended for four stroke engines. ambient temperatures where pipes or been successfully field tested in Caterpillar 3500 and turbocharged natural gas engines in manufactured by Caterpillar Delaval. expansion tanks may be sited outdoors series natural gas engines for over 6000 hours stationary applications where long oil drain Enterprise Dresser Rand Categories I II and III. Recommended for indirect heat transfer in intervals are required SAE 30 Superior Waukesha Worthington. Meets the requirements of the following, closed systems operating in a wide range of manufacturers for gas engines fuelled by Suitable for gas engines equipped with Satisfactory for selected two stroke engines. applications such as chemical leather textile natural gas Waukesha and Mirrlees catalytic exhaust systems manufactured by Ajax Clark Dresser. rubber chipboard food building materials and A high performance highly robust low ash low Fairbanks Morse MEP Worthington. fodder processing operations It is also suitable Geotex HD 40 Bulk 1 000 L 208 L Total Base Number gas engine lubricant. Low wear excellent protection against piston,for use in laundries. Delivers maximum protection against wear scuffing Delivers long service protection to naturally ring and liner scuffing scoring and wear. Within its wide operating temperature range oxidation and deposit formation in high output gas aspirated and turbocharged gas engines Reduced valve recession minimum valve. Texatherm HT 22 can also be used in cooling engines running on every type of gas running on natural gas or other non corrosive recession with low levels of combustion. applications for the removal of process heat gases in stationary applications. Recommended for naturally aspirated and chamber deposits to minimise the potential for. Meets DIN 51522 and ISO 6743 L QB turbocharged gas engines in stationary Exceptional oxidation nitration performance pre ignition and spark plug fouling. specifications applications running on biogas or landfill gas and long oil drain intervals Minimum oil viscosity increase oxidation. Recommended for dual fuel engines where Meets the lubricant specifications of most gas inhibited and nitration resistant to insure. pilot injection is used or spark ignited engines engine manufacturers for engines running on minimum viscosity increase long service life. Lubricants for gas engines running on natural gas particularly engines with natural gas or other non aggressive gases and low wear rates. low oil consumption characteristics including Caterpillar Dorman Diesels GE The SAE 30 and 40 grades are formulated to. For gas engines with catalytic exhaust systems Jenbacher MAN Mirrlees Perkins Engines meet the performance requirements of API. Geotex LA 40 Bulk, the catalyst manufacturer s recommendations Pielstick Ruston Diesels W rtsil NSD and Service Category CD1 CF.
High level wear protection and optimum engine on zinc phosphorus and sulphated ash level Waukesha. The SAE 15W 40 grade meets the performance, cleanliness to high output natural gas engines in limits should be consulted Approved by Deutz Power Systems and Rolls requirements of Cummins L10 M11 and. stationery applications maximising engine life A relatively high alkalinity reserve measured by Royce Bergen for applications using natural Detroit Diesel Series 50G engines running on. Recommended for naturally aspirated and Total Base Number neutralises acidic combustion gas or other non aggressive gases compressed natural gas. turbocharged gas engines in stationary products such as H2S chorine and fluorine. applications running on sweet or dry natural gas Meets and exceeds the following approval API. Recommended for natural gas engines with CD CD, catalytic exhaust systems Geotex HD also meets the performance. requirements of Mirrlees MAN and Waukesha,replaced with the. Speciality fluids and greases HiRes version or,approved pic. Dielectric oils Efficient release properties increase production Multifak 264 EP 00 000 arrangements from pain sleeve type to rolling. output This superior quality grease provides optimum heavy element bearings as well as bushings and other. Provides good surface finish and product quality duty stability and is highly resistant to water and sliding surface or pivot points. Transformer Oil Uninhibited moisture Heavy duty shock load wear protection extends. Protects wooden moulds from dehydration, A high performance mineral based non inhibited reducing maintenance and costs Recommended for the lubrication of wheel equipment service life.
transformer oil designed to provide high dielectric bearings in rail vehicles heavy duty road vehicles Can significantly increase the life of universal. strength superior oxidation and ageing resistance roller bearings in crushers mills and mixers joints up to 30 is achievable. and good low temperature properties, For use in steel plants particularly in hot and Excellent water wash out resistance ensures. Transformer Oil Uninhibited is recommended Greases cold rolling mills component protection and prevents rust and. as an insulating oil in transformers switchgear corrosion. For use in centralised lubrication systems where,inductors condensers transducers and similar 180. Multifak EP 0 kg 8 kg, grease is supplied to highly loaded lubrication Performance meets ASTM D4950 Service. equipment This product is suitable for low, points Classification LB and Association of American. temperature outdoor use Multifak EP 2 180, Approved by Firma Willy Vogel Tecalemit Railroads Specification M 929 75.
Transformer Oil Uninhibited insulates current Multifak EP delivers outstanding wear corrosion and. extreme pressure protection in a range of demanding Lincolm MB Approval MAN. carrying parts from each other and from ground Starplex EP2 16 kg. carries away heat prevents glow discharges heavy duty operations where high shock loads and Formulated with a range of highly effective. extinguishes electric arcs in switchgear and adverse working conditions prevail including steel additive systems delivering excellent rust Lithium complex grease for wheel bearings. impregnates insulating materials mills and other metalworking applications protection anti wear performance and Wide operating temperature range. Recommended for the lubrication of plain brass oxidation resistance. High dielectric strength and long service life Good thermal stability. and babbit roll neck bearings mill screws and Exceptional oxidation stability and extreme. Good anti oxidation performance and good low Does not drip onto brake discs or pads. nuts shears presses and shearing lines in pressure performance in low speed high. temperature properties, steel mills and other metalworking applications temperature bearing environments. Neutral behaviour toward all types of insulating High Temp Premium 2 8 kg. Also suitable for use in large rolling element Resistant to shock loads and offers high level. materials bearings in mining construction and marine An ultra high performance polyalphaolefin based. wear protection in high speed operations, Meets the specifications of IEC BS LABORELEC equipment operating in adverse conditions grease It is combined with an advanced polyurea. thickener designed to provide low volatility, This oil tested non corrosive with CIGRE A2 32 Complete protection in demanding heavy duty Molytex EP 2 180. performance and oxidation resistance over an, preferred method operations where heavy continuous shock. A high performance multipurpose lithium complex extended service life at temperatures of up to. loads are present, grease with solid lubricants formulated to give high 200 C and intermittently up to 230 C.
Shear stable exhibiting excellent mechanical load carrying protection. Outstanding pumpability in centralised systems, De moulding oils Performs well in high load conditions over a resisting the formation of hard deposits when. Offers durable and reliable load carrying wide temperature range and provides excellent exposed to radiated heat at temperatures of up. capabilities and resists water wash out resistance to rust and water wash out to 280 C. Texaform CRS 15 Bulk 1 000 L,208 L 20 L, Non corrosive to non ferrous bearing metals as Specially developed for use in constant velocity Highly resistant to softening at elevated. A chemically reactive de moulding oil formulated for well as steel and protects against the formation joints and suitable for all construction mining temperatures. use in the indirect de moulding of concrete elements of rust and agricultural applications and virtually all. Recommended for a wide range of industrial, It can be used to preserve wooden moulds Approved against MB Approval 267 MAN 283 grease lubrication points found on dozers. applications where continuous temperatures of, protecting them from dehydration when the scrapers earthmovers cranes shovels. up to 200 C are present or where intermittent, product is emulsified with water rollers tractors combines and cotton pickers.
temperatures of up to 230 C are possible,These include all types of anti friction bearing. Speciality fluids, Recommended for use in high temperature Anticorrosive Texaco Solutions. applications where bearings are subjected to,extreme temperatures such as in annealing. and drying furnaces rotary kilns cooling beds Havoline XLI Bulk. 208 L 20 L,Texcheck oil analysis,conveyor systems hot air fans electric motors. Havoline XLI delivers high performance Texaco offers to its clients the most useful and. exhaust gas fans for aggressive media stop, maintenance free environmentally friendly protection trustworthy tool to control the state of the oil in its.
valves in bulk material equipment ejector, to all types of metal component against all types of motor Texcheck With Texchek we sample lubricants. pins in plastic cast tools gate valves in bulk, corrosion over very long service periods taken from your equipment where sophisticated oil. material container systems, For engines manufactured from cast iron analysis will detect how the equipment is performing. High temperature stability maximises grease and will ensure the correct lubricant is being used by. aluminium or combinations of the two metals,service life reducing maintenance downtime. and in cooling systems made of aluminium or Locating any contamination in terms of fuel. Highly resistant to thermal oxidation protects copper alloys water coolant or dirt. against wear and corrosion increasing uptime, Patented organic and aliphatic acid technology Detecting degradation of the lubricant by.
Will not soften at elevated temperatures delivers long life maintenance free protection oxidation additive depletion and viscosity. sealing against water and other contamination against corrosion change. Protects metal engine components including Identifying any possible wear problems. iron aluminium copper and solder alloys and Highlighting any filter requirements if. Antifreeze coolants aluminium heat transfer surfaces applicable. Maintenance free corrosion protection for at This program provides fast and detailed results. Bulk 1 000 L 208 L 20 L, least 32 000 hours in marine and stationary and the recommendations and advice customers. Havoline ELC Concentrate IBC, applications compatible with glycol based need to improve machine and ultimately business. Bulk 1 000 L 208 L,Havoline ELC Pre mixed 50 50 IBC. coolants performance,Bulk 1 000 L,Havoline ELC Pre mixed 35 65 IBC. High stability virtually depletion free corrosion, Protects against winter freezing and summer boil over inhibitors offeingr maximum protection of all.
system components including thermostats,650 000 km or 8 000 hours without the need. radiators and water pumps,for supplementary coolant additives in heavy. duty diesel applications Superior nitrate free design is a silicate and. phosphorus free formulation and offers,Contains no silicate and is therefore free of any. excellent stability in hard water solutions,abrasive or sticky gel. Approved by Deutz Deutz MWM GEC Alsthom,Offers long term protection from corrosion.
Liebherr MTU Scania,Compatible with a wide range of engine. components and metals,www chevronlubricants com,For more information. contact your local Texaco distributor,Authorised lubricant distributor. IND SP TEX PRDOVWBRCv1 09 2008, 2008 Chevron Products Company San Ramon CA All rights reserved.

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Poule 1 (40 kg) Tapis 1 - FFJUDO

Poule 1 40 kg Tapis 1 FFJUDO

cm schreiber alice jc saulxures - 54 cv challal manon j.c foug - 54 cm pelamatti emma us des cheminot - 08 1d barato perrine ajbd 21 25 - 21 pinarci elise scam l hopital - 57 1d bresson maelys jsc pam - 54 cm berthod garance acs peugeot mul - 68 1d caudron emeline us tardenoise - 51 1d zitte payet orlane dojo dionysien - 97 cabaret n. varoquier a. 10 -0 / 01-h varoquier a. 10 -0 / 00-0 ...

Progress in Materials Science - UCSB

Progress in Materials Science UCSB

aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ, UK ... Indentation is one of the main techniques for probing mechanical properties of engineering materials. Compared with the tension/ compression tests, an indentation test is ultra-local and less invasive, in which the indenter is pushed into the surface of the sample. Distinguished by the indentation load L and ...

HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2 - ZeptoMetrix Corporation

HIV 1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2 ZeptoMetrix Corporation

HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA 2.0 Catalog Number: 0801008 This product was manufactured in a facility which has a Quality Management System that is ISO 13485 certified. Catalog Number ZeptoMetrix Temperature Limitation Lot Number Expiration Date For Research Use Only 800 Biological Risk Corporation 878 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202 -274 5487 PI0801008 Revision: 04 PCA# 19-030 ...



national strategies for financial education2 in June 2010. The work began by a wide and comprehensive stock-take of existing practices amongst INFE members between July 2010 and March 2012. This exercise formed the basis of a first comparative analytical report3 and of these High-level Principles. The development of the High-level Principles followed an iterative and thorough discussion and ...

The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration

The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration

The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration John Schmitt, Kris Warner, and Sarika Gupta June 2010 Center for Economic and Policy Research 1611 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 400 Washington, D.C. 20009 202-293-5380



THE GENESIS OF THE HOUSEHOLD GODDESS by KEITH BRANIGAN Perhaps the most popular and persistant cult in Minoan Crete was that of the Snake or Household Godqess. Her shrines are numerous from MM.I! onwards and persist into the sub-Minoan period I and around her she gathered many of the commonest elements in Minoan religion. She has received a great deal of attention from Minoan archaeologists 2 ...

3ZDIMPTQPKLZ - Hydroflex


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