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LOVE ON THE ROCKS,A WORLD OF LOVELESS HEARTS, One of the signs of the times is the widespread deterioration of. human love Society is exasperated Mankind is at a breaking point. Ethnic conflicts violence economic exploitation trade wars. unemployment poverty family tensions materialism selfishness. corruption decaying ethics indecency and immorality are producing. lawlessness anarchy and contributing to the breakdown of cordial. human relationships The Bible prophesies concerning these brutal. loveless times at the end of the age are evident We don t like to. admit it but it seems we ve arrived And it s going to get worse. Y shua Jesus the Saviour and the one true Messiah said. Most people s love will grow cold At that time many will fall. away and will betray one another and hate one another. Brother will deliver up brother to death and a father his child. and children will rise up against parents and cause them to. be put to death Matt 24 12 10 10 21,The prophet Micah warned of our days He said. Do not trust in a neighbour do not have confidence in a friend. For son treats father contemptuously daughter rises up. against her mother daughter in law against her mother in law. A man s enemies are the men of his own household Micah. The Apostle Paul wrote, But realize this that in the last days difficult and perilous. times will come For men will be lovers of self lovers of money. boastful arrogant revilers disobedient to parents ungrateful. unholy unloving irreconcilable malicious gossips without. self control brutal haters of good treacherous reckless. conceited lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God 2 Tim. Examples are seen all around us, IN THE FAMILY Brothers are rising up against brothers sons. against fathers husbands and wives are screaming at one another. and at their kids Families the basic units in society are being. undermined and alternative de facto relationships are multiplying it. is easier to opt out rather than to love heal and pull together Abuse. of children is becoming a major social crime, In India Pakistan and Bangladesh many marriages are not arranged.
to provide a happy loving relationship They are arrangements of. extortion the young women are often treated as expendable. Countless young brides are burned to death each year In many. countries women are treated as sex slaves, IN SOCIETY A hatred of restraint and a rebellion against legitimate. laws are being ingrained in all generations Promiscuity is resulting in. foeticide Ethnic rivalries religious intolerance and political tamasha 3. nonsense are involving multitudes in social brawls communal riots. and violent conflicts, IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA politics and money promote. conflict and instability It s the lust for power and greed for wealth that. fans tensions and fuels brutal wars Then there s the illegitimate. business concerns such as the drug trade vicious enslaving and. mind blowing There s the pornography and related rackets that twist. human minds and produce schizophrenics sadists rapists and. perverted beasts, It s becoming an increasingly sick sick world It s not love sick It s. lack of love sick Multitudes of people today have known virtually. nothing of true love throughout their lives They have been exploited. and abused They have no concept of true love To many love. simply means sexual gratification True love is non existent. Many are homeless and friendless Love to them is a dime a half. rupee dropped into their outstretched paws, Others ache for love in the midst of their affluence Love is what. people need A baby cries for it A teenager begins a search for it. A young adult thinks he has found it but he often becomes. disillusioned because what he finds does not measure up to his. expectations, There s got to be genuine love somewhere There s got to be a.
sincere response somewhere to remedy my lonely heart and to fill. the emptiness that makes me feel undone A loving human. There s a saying A dog is a man s best friend That s not in the. Bible but if you had a word with the prophet Micah he might say. Well that s kind of what I m talking about Some people give up hope. for human 4 love and they settle for the friendship of a dog a cat a. pony or a parrot on their shoulder But isn t that sad. Humans who have such potential to love have learned so little about. It s in the midst of this LACK OF LOVE WORLD that followers of. Y shua must manifest the light and life of their Master The Son of. God came to bring LIGHT to a dark world and to bring LOVE to very. lonely people,And He said to His disciples, By this all men will know that you are My disciples if you have. love for one another And You have heard that it was said. YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AND HATE YOUR,ENEMY But I say to you LOVE YOUR ENEMES AND. PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU John 13 35,Matt 5 43 44. We are living in the last days in perilous times and in loveless days. And the question we must answer is What type of people should we. The Scripture says we should be holy and godly looking for. and hastening the coming of the day of God 2 Peter 3 11 12. If we are Godly our lives will be a manifestation of the love of God. You know very well that GOD IS LOVE, That s true but it does not mean that God is SENTIMENTAL or that. He s like an old grandfather dotting over his grandchildren Our. Heavenly Father YAHWEH is indescribably love His pure love has. no measure, You may measure the universe but you can t measure the love of.
God It was that love that created us It was that love that sent the. Son to secure our redemption after we got bogged down in sin It is. the same love that is moving in the world today offering salvation to. all who seek Him And He s saving thousands of lost sinners every. BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT,The Return of the Messiah is Near. This same Y shua Jesus who has been taken up from you. into heaven will come in just the same way as you have. watched Him go into heaven Acts 1 11, And that day is drawing very near What should be our response to. It would be very easy to panic or on the other extreme to be. indifferent Let Him come we re not bothered, The Bible does not call us to panic but it does warn us of careless. attitudes The Bible calls us to live like followers of the Saviour ought. to live The Father has called us to share His life and His immediate. plan is that we should begin to grow to maturity This of course is a. process and as we grow we learn the principles of God and how to. operate as He does, The Father is longing to share His Godly qualities with each one of. us He wants to lift us way above a mere human operating plane and. to learn His divine qualities and principles He wants us increasingly. to THINK to SPEAK and to WORK as He does His intention is that. we should become like His Beloved Son, At first this all seems too much We might say If I am a little bit like.
Jesus then I ll be happy Yes it s so often like that A little bit holy a. little truthful a 6 little sanctified a little godly a little prayerful a. little zealous Shouldn t be fanatical you know, As you are aware there is much failure in the Christian. Church As believers we are not always what we should be. And although we wi l l not become absolutely perfect here on. earth we are exhorted to perfect holiness in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 7 1, Certainly we have not been called to apathy We have not been. called to carnality And it would be a terrible mistake to settle down. for something inferior to God s perfect will for us. In this message I want to talk about the hallmark trademark if you. like of the true follower of Jesus, What is it about a believer that makes him different to the people in. the world if there is indeed a difference Of course the name. Christian is regarded by some as a bad word because of faulty. testimonies and because of the shame created by nominal. Christians or an abusive priesthood, Sometimes people will challenge us and ask What is different about. YOU people You are not much different to us you re not even as. good as we are, That may or may not be true But it shouldn t be There is something.
different about a believer it s the love of God manifest in his life. The hallmark of the believer is true sincere Godly LOVE. I m sure this is not the first message on Love that you have heard. But I want you to think deeply about this essential characteristic for. love is not an option it is a command of our Father Foremost. LOVE THE LORD YAHWEH YOUR GOD, This is not one of the Ten Commandments but it s there in. Deuteronomy 6 4 5,Hear O Israel The LORD Yahweh is our God the LORD. Yahweh is one And you shall love the LORD Yahweh your. God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all. your strength, Such love for our Heavenly Father is not a lip service It comes out of. a deep appreciation of the One we know as our Creator and Saviour. It is an appreciation of the PERSON and the WORK of God It is an. appreciation of the ways the principles and the precepts of God It is. an appreciation of the Word of God It also comes out of a deep. love for His NAME, This love comes from a redeemed heart and a cleansed heart. Loving God with ALL your heart is possible only when a person s life. is totally surrendered to and is living in fellowship with the Father and. That which we have seen and heard we, declare to you also so that you too may have fellowship with us and.
indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Y shua. Messiah 1 John 1 3, Love for God will be expressed in worship and in our walk in. fellowship with Him but it will also be expressed in our personal. And it will be expressed in love for other people, The love of Christ controls and urges and impels us 2 Cor. 5 14 Amplified Bible, If someone says 1 love God and hates his brother he is a. liar 1 John 4 20, Beloved if God so loved us we ought to love one another 1. Love for God will also be expressed in OBEDIENCE to His will and. to His directions, We are not talking now about HUMAN love but something much.
more superior the LOVE OF GOD,LOVE IS FROM GOD 1 John 4 7. When our Saviour said A new commandment I give to you that you. love one another even as I have loved you that you also love. one another He was not telling us to summon up our most noble. human love to shower upon our beloved brethren and sistren How. could we possibly love even as He loved with our human quality. love No God is love and love is OF God and love is FROM God. and love is TOWARDS God, The Master is asking us and commanding us to do something. humanly impossible it s the loving of YAHWEH with all our heart. But that s impossible unless we possess the supernatural type of. love the love of Yahweh Y shua reigning in our hearts and. minds So we should pray and ask Him to fill us with His love. CONSIDER THE LOVE OF GOD, For YHWH the Almighty God so loved the world that He. gave His only begotten His one and only unique eternal Son. so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have. eternal everlasting life For God did not send the Son into the. world to judge and condemn the world but so that the world. might be saved through Him John 3 16 17, My present concern is regarding the matter of the absolute love of. the Father as expressed supremely in the giving of His eternal Son. to be a Sacrifice for us and expressed so perfectly in the willingness. of Y shua to become the Lamb of God, Oh the love of the Father and the Son Y shua Are we not so.
thankful for this Divine love that has provided salvation and so much. more for us,We love Him because He first loved us 1 John 4 19. Lord Jesus I love you I know You are mine,For You all the follies of sin I resign. And as a result of His amazing love we pray and long for His love to. be manifest in our daily lives,Now my dear reader I want you to know and love. THE HALLOWED NAME OF GOD,YHWH YAHWEH, Yes our Heavenly Father does have a Name It is not GOD God is. a title It is not LORD That s also a title but not a name It is not. FATHER That is an endearment word expressing relationship. The Father has revealed His Name a long time ago to. Moses It was at the burning bush And when the Voice within. the burning bush commanded Moses to go to Egypt to. confront Pharaoh Moses said, Look I am going to the sons of Israel and I shall say to them.
The God of your fathers has sent me to you Now they may. say to me What is His name What shall I say to them. And God said to Moses I AM WHO I AM and He said, Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel I AM has sent me to. you And God furthermore said to Moses Thus you shall. say to the sons of Israel YAHWEH the God of your fathers. the God of Abraham the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. has sent me to you THIS IS MY NAME FOREVER and THIS. IS MY MEMORIAL NAME TO ALL GENERATIONS Exodus, A little later God spoke further to Moses and said to him. l am YAHWEH and I appeared to Abraham Isaac and, Jacob as God Almighty but by my Name YAHWEH I did not. make Myself known to them Exodus 6 2 3, Israel was commanded to love not merely the Lord but. specifically YAHWEH with all their heart, Why do we make this distinction Because the Father does and.
because Moses by inspiration wrote the word YHWH not Adonai. There are of course many times where Adonai Lord is used in. the Old Testament correctly and is not as a substitute But 6855 times. in the Old Testament the Name YHWH is written but it has come. across to our English Bibles as LORD, Adonai accurately translates as Lord or Master but the Name of. YHWH does not translate accurately as Lord But the Jews were. afraid of speaking the holy Name lest they miss use it So Yahweh. became a no no and they used the substitutes Adonai or HaShem. The Name for God, But God never commanded His people Don t speak my Name. Rather He said You shall not take the name of YHWH your God in. vain Exodus 20 7, A problem with translating YHWH as LORD is that the word LORD. which simply means Master can be misapplied as there are many. Lords in the world In the UK there is a whole House of Lords. In the Old Testament Baal was also called Lord just as today new. agers call the so called Maitreya Buddha Lord And the New Age. people try to make out that Lord Maitreya is the Master of Masters. and Lord of all, We of course do not accept that But we need to be very specific. We must be careful and we must make it clear when we use the. words Lord or God who we re talking about and that it is the. Heavenly Father whose Name is YAHWEH and that the Name of. the only begotten Son whom God sent into the world is. Y SHUA Jesus the Messiah the Word of God, And why Y shua He was born in ancient Israel and was given by.
an angel His Name Y shua Matt 1 21 He was a Jew with a. Hebrew name He was not an Anglo Saxon an American a Chinese. an Indian or a Latino and He was not a European man with feminine. features as is often portrayed in many Middle Age paintings He is. Y shua the Mighty to save He is Jesus full of joy love and. He was a powerful Israelite like Y hoshua Joshua in the Old. Testament like Daniel like Joseph like Caleb But of course Y shua. is greater than all of them Indeed He is more than a Jew He is the. One who transcends all nations He is the eternal Creator who made. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. and the Word was God He was with God in the beginning. before all time, All things came into being through Him and apart from Him. nothing came into being that has come into being In Him was. life and that life was the light of men John 1 1 4. LOVE FOR THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH, For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love. which you have shown for HIS NAME Hebrews 6 10,Your NAME is like purified oil Song of Songs 1 3. I will sing praises to Your NAME Psalm 18 49, In our English Bibles you must remember whenever the word LORD. in small capitals is used it is a substitute for the original declared. NAME of YHWH, These letters are usually printed as YHWH of YHVH and mostly it is.
pronounced as Yahweh The pronunciation of the letter V when in. the middle of the word is changed from V to W, There may be slight differences in pronunciation of course from. tongue to tongue but the original Name should be used in ALL. languages There is no justification for using substitutes and. corruptions and names of other gods should not be used in. reference to the God of the Bible When they are discovered they. should be eliminated, The word Jehovah for example is NOT a word found in the Hebrew. or Greek texts of the Bible It is a coined word from the 17th century. an attempt to vocalize the letters YHWH by inserting the vowels of. Adonai between the letters of YHWH YaHoWaiH,It simply create a new hybrid word. But Jehovah s Witnesses are sure they ve got it right They haven t. They ve built their cult on a faulty Anglicization of the original word. This may come as a shock to some of my readers who say But I ve. called God Jehovah nearly all my life and we love to sing the song. about JEHOVAH JIREH, Yes I know But you can always change If you want to be correct. sing about YAHWEH YIREH, But don t be fearful dear reader I am not trying to convert you into a.
Hebrew speaker I am simply emphasizing that there is an ORIGINAL. Name and that the Name of our Heavenly Master is most precious. The Almighty is not going to be angry however if we pronounce His. Name wrong But actually His Name is one of the most easy words. to say a baby will find it much easier to say Yawe or Yawa than to. pronounce Lord God Jesus or even Mummy or Daddy, My dear reader your name is important to YOU isn t it And if I spell. your name wrong on your address label you will notice it and if you. are like everyone else in the world you don t like it spelt wrong. Myself included Just this week I received two letters one was. addressed to Don Estantoni and the other one to Done Station The. first expression makes me feel like a Spaniard with Italian blood. which I m not and the second name makes me feel like a. dilapidated railway platform I m not amused, I m sure the Almighty is neither amused nor nonamused by our. wrong pronunciation of His Name But I believe He is concerned. when people start calling Him X Y Z false names Today sadly. every god is being called LORD, Shakespeare said A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. That s true But it is not true that you can call the Heavenly Father by. any name and expect the name to fit That is exactly what New Age. philosophy says, And a more or less guess at the true Name is not good enough I. might tell you about Dorj Gush and the tremendous power He had. But I m sure the man who was in the White House would not be. If you love your human father you will love his name and be proud of. it and certainly you will correct any corruption of the name Then why. not speak the correct rendition of our Heavenly Father s Name. But some Christians and Jews argue We shouldn t speak the. Name of the Father, If anyone is afraid to speak the Father s Name then they had better.
not use the word HalleluYAH and they had better not read Psalm. 68 4 in the old King James or the new King James where the short. form of the Father s Name is used Jah and Yah, No It is not wrong to speak the Father s Name if we do so. reverently Y shua told His disciples to pray Our Father in Heaven. HALLOWED be THY NAME Matt 5 9 Hallowed does not mean. eliminated It means to be regarded with greatest respect and awe. and treated as holy We must be on guard then against using the. Names of our Father and our Saviour irreverently or lightly They. are sacred holy and to be reverenced, Some will say Oh it s too late in the day to change from words and. pronunciations we ve always used That thought however is rather. like an old man on the way to hell who after hearing the truth says. Oh it s too late to change my direction now, If you know the Truth adhere to the Truth and proclaim the. And my dear reader I believe there is a revival on the way not simply. a restoration of the original authentic Names but also a deeper. LOVE for Yahweh Y shua, While love in the world is deteriorating may our love for our Master. become fervent in these last days And He says to us if we will but. You have made my heart beat faster my sister my bride you. have made my heart beat faster with a single glance of your. eyes Solomon 4 9,LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER, Y shua said to His followers A new commandment I give to.
you that you love one another even as I have loved you that. you also love one another John 13 34, This is a fundamental If we can t love our brethren how can we ever. love our enemies as our Master commanded us to do Matthew. Love for the brethren is reiterated in many passages Here s a few. Through love serve one another Gal 5 13,Let love be without hypocrisy Romans 12 9. We know love by this that He laid down His life for us and. we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren, Beloved if God so loved us we also ought to love one another. if we love one another God abides in us and His love is. perfected in us If someone says I love God but hates his. brother he is a liar for the one who does not love his brother. whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this 16 commandment we have from Him that the one who. loves God should love his brother also 1 John 3 16 4 11 12. It is tragic today that true love does not always exist even among. believers Sometimes it seems that Christians are more known for. their divisions than for their love for one another. Many of the problems amongst believers could be taken good care. of by the flow of divine love As Peter says,Love covers a multitude of sins 1 Peter 4 8. I am sure you will agree that love can take care of minor faults and. problems But love will also take care of even big faults Genuine. divine love always recognises the reality that our Father always. seeks restoration and rectification amongst His people. Divine love will lead to a spiritual reaction and a blessed solution. Love But Un love the absence of love leads to carnal reactions. with all the inevitable sorrow and harm This does not mean that evils. can merely be overlooked or that broken relationships should simply. be ignored But when there is love there can be a true spiritual. response that will bring rectification and blessing in the lives of those. It is the law of the love of Christ That love will help to restore those. who have fallen That love will bring forgiveness It will eliminate a. spirit of revenge It can cancel the rivalries the jealousies the. stubbornness and the pettiness It will silence the condemnations. slander and gossip, The Apostle Paul says Brethren even if a man is caught in.
any trespass you who are spiritual restore such a one in a. spirit of gentleness looking 17 to yourself lest you too be. tempted Bear one another s burdens and thus fulfil the law of. Christ Gal 6 1 2, The sad fact is that few believers will take this spiritual response on. board It means that few are spiritual Most of us are weak. spiritually but strong in carnality, Could the Master say to us to you and me my reader You are. spiritual Take care of my sheep Go after that sheep that s caught in. the thickets or fallen into a pit Or would we say Sorry Sir I can t. Why is there such FAILURE in the realm of LOVING Why does. love not prevail It could be largely because our efforts are largely. focused on the love of the flesh and not on God,LOVE BETWEEN HUSBANDS AND WIVES. Many marriages break down because they are based only on human. love And Christian marriages can break down for this same reason. Our brother Paul makes another exhortation Husbands love your. wives Eph 5 25 How is that possible, One Christian man says I love my wife Another man asks. What All the time Yes sir Good for you brother You ve found. the secret Yes Love is from God, Right And let s not forget the rest of Paul s verse which says Love.
just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for. Christian human love does not necessarily guarantee a successful. marriage There are non Christians who love their partner just as. much as the average Christian maybe even more Even robbers. pirates and the mafia love their friends But with what quality They. are loving with tainted human love, I m not saying that human love is wrong I m saying that the followers. of Jesus Christ are called to live on a much higher plane and that. they are chosen to be holy and blameless before Him in love. Ephesians 1 4, So when the Scriptures say Love your wife or your husband we. cannot reply I can t Because the Master is not asking us to love. with human love He s saying Love her or him with the love that I. supply Draw from Me and the love will flow, This is the tremendous privilege of those who are called to share the. LIFE of the Redeemer on High Yes the life of the true believer can. be and should be a supernatural one It is the life of the Father. reaching down to us through His Holy Spirit It is Christ in you the. Hope of Glory Colossians 1 26 27,THE HOLINESS OF GOD PRODUCES LOVE. The Fullness of Yahweh of course is comprised of an indescribable. quality called holiness This is the very core of His being And it. radiates glory and produces light life intelligence righteousness. and love Like the rays of the sun that reaches out continuously. permeating the physical galaxy, God s love reaches to every person everywhere but not everyone.
embraces that love Mankind has been so twisted in his. understanding and spiritual comprehension that he is impounded in a. state of blindness And thus he remains until the grace of God. reaches Him, It s the quality of God s love that Paul is talking about Our best. human resource will never pass the test It will fail again and again It. will crack up under pressures And that so often is the trouble with. our human relationships, The breakdown in marriages of worldly people is understandable But. what about the breakdown in Christian marriages Same problem. human love has declined even if it hasn t totally collapsed and the. couple have not learned to allow the LOVE OF GOD to reign. over or to over rule the issues, We do not need to despise human love Divine love and Human love. should be blended together But we should not depend simply of. human love to carry us through, Most married couples continue living together even after the love has. gone and the marriage has soured Often tension prevails and some.

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