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General Requirements for Secondary Logos, systematic combination together with the UNESCO logo no duplication of elements of the UNESCO Logo. representation of the thrust and spirit of the concerned programme entity. effective recognition and distinction, effective reproduction with simple technical means e g black white low resolution photocopy. effective application on both print and electronic materials Internet sites e mailings. effective application on large and small materials. suitability for different cultural environments audiences. adaptability for different language versions including multi language versions logo should not include letters. possibility of a reduced version logo should not include text. general requirements 1, The temple emblem refers to a Greek temple More precisely. the temple symbol alludes to the Parthenon as mentioned by. Amadou Mahtar M Bow former Director General of UNESCO. UNESCO Headquarters November 25th 1982 this, House which chose the Parthenon as its emblem That. Greek temple which Phidias described as possessing. proportions rather than dimensions and which combines. strength with grace and ambition with moderation is a. 1 fine symbol of the quest for balance and harmony which. sums up one of the primary missions of our Organization. in regard to relations with nations, The UNESCO Logo as illustrated on the left consists of.
three inseparable elements,1 the temple symbol, 2 the full name of the Organization United Nations. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. 3 the vertical dotted line, Educational Scienti c and While this composition complicates its application the Logo. Cultural Organization has been adopted to achieve specific purposes. the temple symbol serves for the basic visual recognition. the full name of the organization identifies its mandate and. belonging to the United Nations system, Organisation the vertical dotted line facilitates both its linkage with and. separation from other elements, des Nations Unies The Logo has been designed to accommodate different. languages beneath the temple symbol, pour l ducation The Temple and the Dotted Line should never be.
la science et la culture, The Logo must be used correctly and consistently in. all applications,the logo 2,The colours used by UNESCO are Blue PMS. 285 and Black,The logo exists in three styles Black Blue and. White against a background It is important to,use the correct colour version to ensure the. recognition of the Logo Block,For use on a photographic image it is important.
to place the Logo Block on a clear background to,ensure visibility. A 40 tint may be used in copy or for tables and,Black PMSBLACK Blue PMS285. C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 100 C 89 M 43 Y 0 K 0 PMS Pantone Colour Matching System is a. R 34 G 30 B 31 R 0 G 119 B 212 popular colour matching system used by the. Hex 221E1F Hex 0077D4,printing industry internationally to print spot. Grey 40 PMSBLACK Light Blue 40 PMS285 colours Colours are specified by indicating the. C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 40 C 35 M 17 Y 0 K 0,PMS number,R 167 G 169 B 172 R 161 G 190 B 228. Hex A7A9AC Hex A1BEE4 CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow Black is the. colour model in which all colours are described,as a mixture of these four process colours.
CMYK is the standard colour model used in,offset printing for full colour documents. RGB Red Green Blue is the colour breakdown,on a screen. HEX Hexadecimal coding is used to specify,colour in HTML. United Nations United Nations United Nations, Educational Scienti c and Educational Scienti c and Educational Scienti c and If combined with a Secondary Logo only. Cultural Organization Cultural Organization Cultural Organization Black should be used for the UNESCO Logo. 1 When positioning a Secondary Logo,alongside the Logo it is important to ensure.
that its height does not exceed the height of,the Temple. maximum height of, secondary logo 2 A Secondary Logo should never dominate. the UNESCO Logo nor should it be,dominated by it It should be the same. h height as the Temple Where a Secondary, United Nations Secondary Text Logo is bigger than the Temple it will be. Educational Scienti c and Secondary Text necessary to reduce its size to create a. Cultural Organization Secondary Text visual balance where both logos have equal. 3 The Secondary Text which is aligned to the,left sits alongside the Organization Name in.
the same typeface Arial Regular and size,although bold may also be used judiciously. to add emphasis,h When there is multi language text the rules. for positioning and aligning text and multi,language text are applicable. 4 It is preferable that the line length of the, maximum height of Secondary Text not exceed that of the. secondary logo Organization Name,United Nations Secondary Text.
Educational Scienti c and Secondary Text,Cultural Organization Secondary Text. positioning of secondary logo and text 4,1 Logo 2 Temple alone. In special cases where it is not possible or practical to use the whole Logo. Block the use of these alternatives is permissible. 1 Logo The Logo without anything placed to the right of the Dotted Line. This could be used when the item or activity involves different UNESCO. entities or where the Organization as a whole is represented. 2 Temple alone The Temple used on its own without the Organization. Name and without the Dotted Line, United Nations 3 Linked Reduced Logo The Logo is used without the Organization. Educational Scienti c and Name and the Secondary Logo without the Secondary Text. Cultural Organization 4 Inline Logo Organization Name placed on the right of the Dotted Line. The use of the Inline Logo is preferable to the use of the Temple alone. because the Organization Name enables brand identification This is. an alternative to the UNESCO Logo Block in cases where the height is. 3 Linked Reduced Logo limited for example if several logos are aligned horizontally or vertically. These versions can be used, on applications where there is not enough space for the use of the. Logo Block e g USB sticks pens badges, Logo on very large surfaces which are viewed from a distance e g.
stadium billboards public viewing screens background panels in. televised conferences signage, where the Logo is displayed in motion and can be viewed for only a. very limited period of time e g films, 4 Inline Logo on creative and artistic products e g fashion items stone. It is always preferable to use the standard Logo Block The alternatives. should be used only in exceptional situations,United Nations. Educational Scienti c and,Cultural Organization,special cases 5. NIO MUN NIO MUN,AG I AG OI, United Nations World Heritage United Nations Qal at al Bahrain United Nations Qal at al Bahrain.
Educational Scienti c and Convention Educational Scienti c and inscribed on the World Educational Scienti c and inscribed on the World. Cultural Organization Cultural Organization Heritage List in 2005 Cultural Organization Heritage List in 2005. United Nations UNESCO United Nations United Nations. Educational Scienti c and Associated Educational Scienti c and Literacy Decade. Cultural Organization Schools Cultural Organization 2003 2012. Organisation coles,des Nations Unies associ es,pour l ducation de l UNESCO 2003 2012. la science et la culture,examples 6,United Nations UNESCO Chair Armenian State. Educational Scienti c and in Post Graduate Pedagogical. Cultural Organization and Lifelong University,United Nations Member of. Educational Scienti c and UNESCO,Cultural Organization Associated Schools. Organisation Membre des,des Nations Unies coles associ es.
pour l ducation de l UNESCO,la science et la culture. United Nations Name of School,Educational Scienti c and Member of UNESCO. Cultural Organization Associated Schools,examples 7.

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