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GUIDELINES LAID DOWN BY FCC RULES FOR USE OF THE UNIT IN THE U S A not applicable to other areas. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15. of the FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a. residential installation This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed. and used in accordance with the instructions may cause harmful interference to radio communications However. there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation If this equipment does cause harmful. interference to radio or television reception which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on the user. is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna, Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio TV technician for help. FCC WARNING, Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user s. authority to operate the equipment, Please note the following important information before using this product. Before using the optional AD E95100L Adaptor to power the unit be sure to check the AC. Adaptor for any damage first Carefully check the power cord for breakage cuts exposed. wire and other serious damage Never let children use an AC adaptor that is seriously. Never attempt to recharge batteries,Do not use rechargeable batteries. Never mix old batteries with new ones,Use recommended batteries or equivalent types.
Always make sure that positive and negative poles are facing correctly as indicated. near the battery compartment, Replace batteries as soon as possible after any sign they are getting weak. Do not short circuit the battery terminals, The product is not intended for children under 3 years. Use only CASIO AD E95100L adaptor,The AC adaptor is not a toy. Be sure to disconnect the AC adaptor before cleaning the product. This mark applies in EU countries only,Manufacturer. CASIO COMPUTER CO LTD, 6 2 Hon machi 1 chome Shibuya ku Tokyo 151 8543 Japan.
Responsible within the European Union,CASIO EUROPE GmbH. Casio Platz 1 22848 Norderstedt Germany,LK120 es cover1 4 p65 2 10 2 26 9 40 AM. Safety Precautions, Before using the instrument be sure to Symbol Examples. carefully read through the instructions,This triangle symbol means. contained in this manual,that the user should be careful.
The example at left indicates,electrical shock caution. Various symbols are used in this user s guide This circle with a line through it. and on the product itself to ensure that the means that the indicated. product is used safely and correctly and to action must not be performed. prevent injury to the user and other persons Indications within or nearby this. as well as damage to property Those symbol are specifically. symbols along with their meanings are prohibited The example at left. shown below indicates that disassembly is,prohibited. DANGER The black dot means that the,indicated action must be. This symbol indicates information that if,performed Indications within. ignored or applied incorrectly creates the,this symbol are actions that are.
danger of death or serious personal injury,specifically instructed to be. performed The example at left,indicates that the power plug must. WARNING be unplugged from the electrical, This indication stipulates matters that have socket. the risk of causing death or serious injury,if the product is operated incorrectly while. ignoring this indication,This indication stipulates matters that have.
the risk of causing injury as well as matters,for which there is the likelihood of. occurrence of physical damage only if the,product is operated incorrectly while. ignoring this indication,LK120 e 01 07 p65 1 10 3 19 5 27 PM. Misuse of the AC adaptor s,DANGER electric cord can damage or break. Alkaline Batteries it creating the risk of fire and. Perform the following steps electric shock Always make sure. immediately if fluid leaking from you observe the following. alkaline batteries ever gets into your precautions. eyes Never place heavy objects on, 1 Do not rub your eyes Rinse them the cord or subject it to heat.
with water Never try to modify the cord, 2 Contact your physician or subject it to excessive. immediately bending, Leaving alkaline battery fluid in Never twist or stretch the cord. your eyes can lead to loss of sight Should the electric cord or plug. become damaged contact your,original retailer or authorized. CASIO Service Provider,WARNING Never touch the AC adaptor. while your hands are wet,Smoke Strange Odor Overheating.
Doing so creates the risk of,Continued use of the product while. electric shock,it is emitting smoke a strange odor. Use the AC adaptor where it will,or heat creates the risk of fire and. not be splashed with water Water,electric shock Take the following. creates the risk of fire and electric,steps immediately.
1 Turn off power,Do not place a vase or any other,2 If you are using the AC adaptor. container filled with liquid on top,for power unplug it from the wall. of the AC adaptor Water creates,the risk of fire and electric shock. 3 Contact your original retailer or,an authorized CASIO Service. Misuse of batteries can cause them,to leak resulting in damage to.
AC Adaptor,nearby objects or to explode,Misuse of the AC adaptor creates. creating the risk of fire and personal,the risk of fire and electric shock. injury Always make sure you,Always make sure you observe. observe the following precautions,the following precautions. Never try to take batteries apart,Be sure to use only the AC.
or allow them to become shorted,adaptor that is specified for this. Never expose batteries to heat or,dispose of them by incineration. Use only a power source whose,Never mix old batteries with new. voltage is within the rating,marked on the AC adaptor. Never mix batteries of different,Do not overload electrical.
outlets and extension cords,Do not charge the batteries. Make sure the positive and,negative ends of the batteries. are facing correctly,LK120 e 01 07 p65 2 10 3 19 5 27 PM. Do not incinerate the product Plastic Bags, Never throw the product into fire Never place the plastic bag the. Doing so can cause it to explode product comes in over your head or. creating the risk of fire and personal in your mouth Doing so creates the. injury risk of suffocation,Particular care concerning this.
Water and Foreign Matter precaution is required where small. Water other liquids and foreign children are present. matter such as pieces of metal, pencils etc getting into the product Keep off of the product and stand. create the risk of fire and electric Climbing onto the product or stand. shock Take the following steps can cause it to tip over or become. immediately damaged Particular care,1 Turn off power concerning this precaution is. 2 If you are using the AC adaptor required where small children are. for power unplug it from the wall present,3 Contact your original retailer or Location. an authorized CASIO Service Avoid locating the product on an. Provider unstable stand on an uneven,surface or any other unstable. Disassembly and Modification location An unstable location can. Never try to take this product apart cause the product to fall over. or modify it in any way Doing so creating the risk of personal injury. creates the risk of electric shock,burn injury or other personal injury.
Leave all internal inspection,adjustment and maintenance up to. your original retailer or authorized,CASIO Service Provider. Dropping and Impact,Continued use of this product after. it has been damaged by dropping,or subjecting it to strong impact. creates the risk of fire and electric,shock Take the following steps.
immediately,1 Turn off power,2 If you are using the AC adaptor. for power unplug it from the wall,3 Contact your original retailer or. an authorized CASIO Service,LK120 e 01 07 p65 3 10 3 19 5 27 PM. CAUTION Before cleaning the product always,AC Adaptor unplug the AC adaptor from the. Misuse of the AC adaptor creates wall outlet first Leaving the AC. the risk of fire and electric shock adaptor plugged in creates the risk. Always make sure you observe of damage to the AC adaptor fire. the following precautions and electric shock,Do not locate the electric cord.
near a stove or other sources of Batteries,heat Misuse of batteries can cause them. Never pull on the cord when to leak resulting in damage to. unplugging from the electrical nearby objects or to explode. outlet Always grasp the AC creating the risk of fire and personal. adaptor when unplugging injury Always make sure you. Insert the AC adaptor into the observe the following precautions. wall outlet as far as it will go Use only batteries that are. Unplug the AC adaptor from specified for use with this. the wall outlet during product, lightening storms or before Remove batteries from the. leaving on a trip or other long product if you do not plan to use. term absence it for a long time,At least once a year unplug. the AC adaptor from the wall Connectors, outlet and wipe away any dust Connect only the specified devices. that is built up in the area and equipment to the product s. around the prongs of the plug connectors Connection of a non. Never use detergent to clean specified device or equipment. the power cord especially the creates the risk of fire and electric. plug and jack parts shock,Relocating the Product Location.
Before relocating the product Avoid the following locations for. always unplug the AC adaptor from this product Such locations create. the wall outlet and disconnect all the risk of fire and electric shock. other cables and connecting cords Areas subject to high humidity. Leaving cords connected creates the or large amounts of dust. risk of damage to the cords fire In food preparation areas or other. and electric shock areas subject to oil smoke,Near air conditioning equipment. on a heated carpet in areas,exposed to direct sunlight inside. of a vehicle parked in the sun or,any other area that subjects the. product to high temperatures,LK120 e 01 07 p65 4 10 3 19 5 27 PM. Display Screen Heavy Objects, Never push on the display Never place heavy object on top of.
screen s LCD panel or subject it the product, to strong impact Doing so can Doing so can make the product top. cause the LCD panel s glass to heavy causing the product to tip. crack creating the risk of personal over or the object to fall from it. injury creating the risk of personal injury,Should the LCD panel ever crack. or break never touch the liquid Correct Stand Assembly. inside of the panel LCD panel An incorrectly assembled stand can. liquid can cause skin irritation tip over causing the product to fall. Should LCD panel liquid ever get and creating the risk of personal. inside your mouth immediately injury, wash out your mouth with water Make sure you assemble the stand. and contact your physician correctly following the assembly. Should LCD panel liquid ever get instructions that come with it Make. into your eyes or onto your skin sure you mount the product on the. rinse with clear water for at least stand correctly. 15 minutes and then contact a,physician Stand is available as an option. Sound Volume IMPORTANT, Do not listen to music at very loud When using batteries be sure to replace them or shift to one.
of the alternate power sources whenever you notice any of. volumes for long periods Particular,the following symptoms. care concerning this precaution is,Instrument does not turn on. required when using headphones, Display that is flickering dim or difficult to read. High volume settings can damage Abnormally low speaker headphone volume. your hearing Distortion of sound output, Occasional interruption of sound when playing at high. Health Precaution Sudden power failure when playing at high volume. In extremely rare cases exposure to Flickering or dimming of the display when playing at high. strong sudden light or flashing light volume, Continued sound output even after you release a key.
can cause momentary muscle A tone that is totally different from the one that is selected. spasms loss of consciousness or Abnormal rhythm pattern and Song Bank play. other physical problems with some,individuals,If you suspect that you might be. susceptible to any condition such,as this be sure to consult with. your physician before using this,Use this product in an area that is. well illuminated,Should you ever feel any,symptoms similar to those. described above when using this,product stop using it immediately.
and contact your physician,LK120 e 01 07 p65 5 10 3 19 5 27 PM. Main Features,On screen fingering and timing indicators. Easy to understand on screen indicators help to simplify keyboard play even for novices. 100 amazingly realistic tones, Enhanced auto accompaniment function for greater versatility. 50 built in auto accompaniment patterns,100 Built in Song Bank tunes. A total of 100 built in Song Bank tunes comes built in for playback enjoyment or play along practice. 3 Step Lesson System, Develop your musical skills by following the keys as they light First you become familiar with the.
timing of the notes by watching the keys light as you playback one of the 100 built in Song Bank. tunes Next practice playing along at a pace that s comfortable for you Finally try playing along at the. normal tempo for the Song Bank tune, A simulated human voice is used during Step 1 or Step 2 play to call out the fingers you should use to. play the required notes Voice Fingering The timing of notes is also indicated on the display screen. Auto Accompaniment, Simply specify a chord and the keyboard automatically produces the matching rhythm bass and. chord patterns One touch fill ins make accompaniments sound interesting and natural. Transpose Function, An easy operation instantly changes the key of the keyboard. LK120 e 01 07 p65 6 10 3 19 5 27 PM,Safety Precautions E 1 3 Step Lesson System E 20. Using 3 Step Lesson System E 20,Main Features E 6,Voice Fingering Guide E 22.
Timing Indicator E 22,General Guide E 8,Step 1 Master the timing E 23. Attachment of Score Stand E 9,Step 2 Master the melody E 24. Quick Reference E 10 Step 3 Play at normal speed E 24. To practice the left hand part E 25,Power Supply E 11. Using a Household Power Outlet E 11 Technical Reference E 26. Using Batteries E 11 Troubleshooting E 26,Auto Power Off E 12 Specifications E 28. Settings E 12,Operating Precautions E 29,Connections E 13.
Appendix A 1,Phones Output Jack E 13,Tone List A 1. Accessories and Options E 13,Rhythm List A 2,Basic Operations E 14 Fingered Chord Charts A 3. To switch power on and off E 14 Song List A 5,To change tones E 14. Other Useful Functions E 15,Playing the demo tunes E 16. Playing rhythms E 17,Using auto accompaniment E 17.
Improvising with the preset patterns E 19,LK120 e 01 07 p65 7 10 3 19 5 27 PM. General Guide,1 2 3 4 5 6,8 9 0 A B 8,I J K L M N,LK120 e 08 12 p65 8 10 3 19 5 27 PM. 1 POWER MODE selector E RHYTHM button,2 VOLUME slider F TONE button. 3 SYNCHRO FILL IN button G SONG BANK button,4 START STOP button H Number buttons. 5 DEMO button,3 STEP LESSON,6 KEY LIGHT button,I STEP 1 button.
7 TEMPO VALUE buttons,J STEP 2 button,8 Speakers,K STEP 3 button. 9 100 SONG BANK list,L PART SELECT button,M ONE KEY PLAY buttons. A 50 RHYTHMS list,N SPEAK button,B 100 TONES list,C CHORD root names. D Percussion instrument list,Rear Panel,O PHONES OUTPUT jack. For connection of commercially available,headphones Output from the speakers is.
automatically cut when headphones are,P DC 9 5V jack. Attachment of Score Stand,Insert both ends of the music stand provided. with the keyboard into the two holes on the,top surface. LK120 e 08 12 p65 9 10 3 19 5 27 PM,Quick Reference. This section provides a quick overview of keyboard operation using steps one and two of the 3 step lesson feature See page E 20. for detailed explanations of these steps, 1 Set the POWER MODE selector to NORMAL 5 Play the melody part on the keyboard.
If you pressed the STEP 1 button in 4,Play the notes with the ONE KEY PLAY buttons. The accompaniment tempo automatically adjusts to,play along with your melody. 2 Press the SONG BANK button,indicator appears,Play the notes on the keyboard. 3 Find the tune you want to play in the Song Bank A sub melody obbligato plays in time with the. list and then use the number buttons to input its melody. With Step 1 the correct melody note is played no,two digit number. matter which keyboard key you press,To select 13 TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR.
input 1 and then 3,Tw i n k l e, Not all of the available songs are shown on the song If you pressed the STEP 2 button in 4. bank list printed on the keyboard console For a Play the notes on the keyboard pressing keys as. complete list see the Song List on page A 5,they light. 4 Press the STEP 1 button or STEP 2 button Keep the key depressed as long as it stays lit. If you selected any song from number 84 through 99. When you do the STEP 1 indicator or STEP 2 indicator the lit key goes out as soon as you press it. appears The key that corresponds to the next note you need. The keyboard sounds a count beat and waits for you to play will flash. to play something on the keyboard The keys that you After you press the correct melody key. need to press first flash accompaniment proceeds to the next note. Play in accordance with the fingerings that appear on. the display,Tw i n k l e,LK120 e 08 12 p65 10 10 3 19 5 27 PM. Power Supply,Prepare a household power outlet or batteries. Using Batteries,You can use six AA size batteries for power.
Use alkaline or zinc carbon batteries Never use oxyride or. Be sure to comply with the Safety Precautions provided. any other nickel based batteries, in this manual Incorrect use of this product creates the risk. of electric shock and fire, Open the battery cover on the bottom of the Digital Keyboard. Always make sure that the Digital Keyboard is turned off. load the batteries and then close the cover, before plugging in or unplugging the AC adaptor or before. Take care to ensure that the positive and negative. loading or removing batteries,ends of the batteries are facing correctly. Using a Household Power Outlet 1 Remove the battery. Make sure that you use only the AC adaptor specified for compartment cover. this keyboard Use of a different type of AC adaptor can cause. malfunction, Specified AC Adaptor AD E95100L JEITA Standard plug 2 Load 6 AA size batteries.
into the battery,DC 9 5V terminal,Household power outlet compartment. Make sure that the,positive and negative,ends are facing. AC adaptor,3 Insert the tabs on the Tab,battery compartment. IMPORTANT cover into the holes, The AC adaptor will become warm to the touch after very. long use This is normal and does not indicate malfunction provided and close the. To prevent breaking of the wire take care to avoid putting cover. any type of load on the power cord,No bending No winding.
Important Battery Information,The following shows the approximate battery life. Alkaline batteries 4 hours,Zinc carbon batteries 1 hour. The above value is standard battery life at normal. Never insert metal pencils or any other objects into the temperature with the keyboard volume at medium. product s 9 5V DC terminal Doing so creates the risk of setting Temperature extremes or playing at very loud. accident volume settings can shorten battery life, Any of the following symptoms indicate low battery power. Replace batteries as soon as possible whenever any of. the following occurs,Instrument does not turn on, Display that is flickering dim or difficult to read. Abnormally low speaker headphone volume,Distortion of sound output.
Occasional interruption of sound when playing at high. Sudden power failure when playing at high volume, Flickering or dimming of the display when playing at. high volume, Continued sound output even after you release a key. A tone that is totally different from the one that is. Abnormal rhythm pattern and Song Bank play,LK120 e 08 12 p65 11 10 4 5 5 56 PM. Auto Power Off, The Digital Keyboard will turn off automatically to preserve. power if you do not perform any operation for about six. To disable Auto Power Off, Hold down the TONE button while turning on the keyboard.
to disable Auto Power Off, When Auto Power Off is disabled the keyboard does not turn. off automatically no matter how long it is left with no operation. being performed, Auto Power Off is automatically enabled whenever you turn on. keyboard power, All keyboard settings are returned to their initial defaults. whenever keyboard power is turned back on after being. turned off by operation of the POWER MODE selector or. Auto Power Off,LK120 e 08 12 p65 12 10 4 5 5 56 PM. Connections,Phones Output Jack Accessories and Options.
Before connecting headphones or other external equipment Use only the accessories and options specified for this. be sure to first turn down the volume settings of the keyboard keyboard Use of non authorized items creates the danger of. and the connected equipment You can then adjust volume fire electrical shock and personal injury. to the desired level after connections are complete. You can get information about accessories that are sold. separately for this product from the CASIO catalog. Rear Panel, available from your retailer and from the CASIO website. PHONES OUTPUT jack Audio connection at the following URL. http world casio com,Stereo standard plug,White Red PIN plug. 2 LEFT RIGHT,3 Keyboard amp AUX IN or similar terminal. guitar amp etc of audio amplifier,Connecting Headphones Figure 1. Connecting headphones cuts off output from the keyboard s. built in speakers so you can play even late at night without. disturbing anyone,Audio Equipment Figure 2, Connect the keyboard to an audio equipment using a.
commercially available connecting cord with a standard plug. on one end and two PIN plugs on the other end In this. configuration you normally set the input selector of the audio. equipment to the terminal usually marked AUX IN or. something similar where the cord from the keyboard is. connected See the user documentation that comes with your. audio equipment for full details,Musical Instrument Amplifier Figure 3. Use a commercially available connecting cord to connect the. keyboard to a musical instrument amplifier, Be sure to use a connecting cord that has standard plugs on. the ends you connect to the keyboard and amplifier. Connection Example,To keyboard s,PHONES OUTPUT INPUT. Standard plug,Keyboard or guitar amp,LK120 e 13 19 p65 13 10 3 19 6 05 PM.

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