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Pathogen Antagonism of Municipal and Farm Composts Biological Agriculture and. Horticulture 22 349 367, Asea PEA Kucey RMN and Stewart JWB 1988 Inorganic phosphate solubilization by two. Penicillium species in solution culture and soil Soil Biology and Biochemistry 20 459. Ash C Farrow JAE Wallbanks S and Collins MD 1991 Phylogenetic heterogeinity of. genus Bacillus as revealed by comparative analysis small subunit ribosomal RNA. sequences Letters in Applied Microbiology 13 202 206. Aviles M Borrero C and Trillas MI 2011 Review on Compost as an Inducer of Disease. Suppression in Plants Grown in Soilless Culture Dynamic Soil Dynamic Plant 5 1 11. Bacchus GL 2010 An evaluation of the influence of biodynamic practices including foliar. applied silica spray on nutrient quality of organic and conventionally fertilised lettuce. lactuca sativa l Journal of Organic Systems 5 4 13. Bachman GR and Metzger JD 2007 Physical and chemical characteristics of a commercial. potting substrate amended with vermicompost produced from two different manure. sources HortTechnology 17 336 340, Badr MA Shafei AM and Sharaf SD 2006 The dissolution of K and phosphorus bearing. minerals by silicate dissolving bacteria and their effect on sorghum growth Research. Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences 2 5 11. Bakker AW and Schippers P 1987 Microbial cyanide production in the rhizosphere in. relation to potato yield reduction and Pseudomonas spp mediated plant growth. stimulation Soil Biology and Biochemistry 19 451 457. Bar YB Rogers RD Wolfram JH and Richman E 1999 Pseudomonas cepacia mediated. rock phosphate solubilization in kaolinite and montmorillonite suspensions Soil Science. Society of American Journal 63 1703 1708, Barnett JA Payne RW and Yarrow D 1983 In Yeast Characterization and identification. 2nd Edition Cambridge University Press Cambridge P 642 644. Basak BB and Biswas DR 2008 Influence of potassium solubilizing microorganism. Bacillus mucilaginous and waste mica on potassium uptake dynamics by sudan grass. Sorghum vulgare grown under two Alfisols Plant and Soil 317 235 255. Beg QK and Gupta R 2003 Purification and characterization of an oxidation stable thiol. dependent serine alkaline protease from Bacillus mojavensis Enzyme and Microbial. Technology 32 294 304, Behl RK Narula N Vasudeva M Sato A Shinano T and Osak M 2006 Harnessing wheat. genotype x Azotobacter strain interactions for sustainable wheat production in semi arid. tropics Tropics 15 121 133, Bennett PC Choi WJ and Rogera JR 1998 Microbial destruction of feldspars Mineral.
Management 8 149 150, Bent E Tuzun S Chanway CP and Enebak S 2001 Alterations in plant growth and in root. hormone levels of lodgepole pines inoculated with rhizobacteria Canadian Journal. Microbiology 47 793 800, Berg G Krechel A Ditz M Sikora RA Ulrich A and Hallmann J 2005 Endophytic and. ectophytic potato associated bacterial communities differ in structure and antagonistic. function against plant pathogenic fungi FEMS Microbiology Ecology 51 215 229. Berg G Kurze S Buchner A Wellington EM and Smalla K 2000 Successful strategy for. the selection of new strawberry associated rhizobacteria antagonistic to Verticillium wilt. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 46 1 10, Bhupinder S Senthil AN Singh BK Usha K 2005 Improving zinc efficiency of cereals. under zinc deficiency Current Science 88 36 44, Bhushan B 2000 Production and characterization of a thermostable chitinase from a new. alkalophilic Bacillus sp BG 11 Journal of Applied Microbiology 88 800 808. Biao X Xiaorong W Zhuhong D and Yaping Y 2003 Critical impact assessment of. organic agriculture Journal of Agricultural and Environmantal Ethics 16 297 311. Birkhofer K Bezemer TM Bloem J Bonkowski M Soren C and Dubois D 2008 Long. term organic farming fosters below and above ground biota Implications for soil quality. biological control and productivity Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40 2297 2308. Blackburn TH 1968 Protease Production by Bacteroides amylophilus strain H 18 Journal. of General Microbiology 53 27 36, Blaker NS and MacDonald JD 1983 Influence of container medium pH on sporangium.
formation zoospore release and infection of rhododendron by Phytophthora cinamomi. Plant Disease 67 259 263, Blumer C and Haas D 2000 Iron regulation of the hcnABC genes encoding hydrogen. cyanide synthase depends on the anaerobic regulator ANR rather than on the global. activator GacA in Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 Microbiology 146 2417 2424. Bohme L Langer U and Bohme F 2005 Microbial biomass enzyme activities and. microbial community structure in two European long term experiments Agriculture. Ecosystems and Environment 109 141 152, Boller T and Mauch F 1988 Colorimetric assay for chitinase Methods in Enzymology 161. Boopathi E and Rao G 1999 A siderophore from Pseudomonas putida type A1 structural. and biological characterization Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1435 30 40. Borneman J and Triplett EW 1997 Molecular microbial diversity in soils from eastern. Amazonia evidence for unusual microorganisms and microbial population shifts. associated with deforestation Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63 2647 2653. Bougnom BP Greber B Franke Whittle IH Casera C and Insam H 2012 Soil microbial. dynamics in organic biodynamic and integrated apple orchards Organic Agriculture 2. Brandon MG Lazcano C and Dominguez J 2008 The evaluation of stability and maturity. during the composting of cattle manure Chemosphere 70 436 444. Brinton WF 1998 Dynamic chemical processes underlying BD horn manure preparation. Journal of Biodynamics 214 1 8, Brito LM Coutinho J and Smith SR 2008 Methods to improve the composting process of. the solid fraction of dairy manure slurry Bioresource Technology 99 8955 8960. Budi SW Tuinen DV Arnould C Dumas Gaudot E Gianinazzi Pearson V and Gianinazzi. S 2000 Hydrolytic enzyme activity of Paenibacillus sp strain B2 and effects of the. antagonistic bacterium on cell integrity of two soil borne pathogenic fungi Applied Soil. Ecology 15 191 199, Butler TA Sikora LJ Teeinhilber PM and Douglass LW 2001 Compost age and sample. storage effects on maturity indicators of biosolids compost Journal of Environmental. Quality 30 2141 2148, Cakmak I 2008 Enrichment of cereal grains with zinc agronomic or genetic.
biofortification Plant and Soil 302 1 17, Camerini S Senatore B Lonardo E Imperlini E Bianco C Moschett G Rotino GL. Campion B and Defez R 2008 Introduction of a novel pathway for IAA biosynthesis to. rhizobia alters vetch root nodule development Archives of Microbiology 190 67 77. Cardenas J Alvarez E Alvarez MSC Montero JMS Valmaseda M Elson SW and. Sinisterra JV 2001 Screening and catalytic activity in organic synthesis of novel fungal. and yeast lipases Journal of Molecular Catalysis B Enzymatic 14 111 123. Carpenter Boggs L Reganold JP and Kennedy AC 2000 Organic and biodynamic. management Effects on soil biology Soil Science Society of American Journal 54 1651. Castano R Borrero C and Aviles M 2011 Organic matter fractions by SP MAS C NMR. and microbial communities involved in the suppression of Fusarium wilt in organic. growth media Biological Control 58 286 293, Cayuela ML Millner PD Meyer SLF and Roig A 2008 Potential of olive mill waste and. compost as biobased pesticides against weeds fungi and nematodes Science of the Total. Environment 399 11 18, Cazorla FM Romero D Garcia AP Lugtenberg BJJ Vicente AD and Bloemberg G 2007. Isolation and characterization of antagonistic Bacillus subtilis strains from the avocado. rhizoplane displaying biocontrol activity Journal of Applied Microbiology 103 1950. Chae DH Jin DR Hwangbo H Kim YW and Kim YC 2006 Control of late blight. Phytophthora capsici in pepper plant with a compost containing multitude of chitinase. producing bacteria Biocontrol 51 339 351, Chakraborthy U Chakraborthy B and Basnet M 2006 Plant growth promotion and. induction of resistance in Camellia sinesis by Bacillus megaterium Journal of Basic. Microbiology 46 186 195, Chandna P Nain L Singh S and Kuhad C 2013 Assessment of bacterial diversity during.
composting of agricultural byproducts BMC Microbiology 13 99 113. Chefetz B Hatcher PG Hadr Y and Chen Y 1996 Chemical and biological characterization. of organic matter during composting of municipal solid waste Journal of Environmental. Quality 25 776 785, Chen W Hoitink HAJ and Madden LV 1988 Microbial activity and biomass in container. media for predicting suppressiveness to damping off caused by Pythium ultimum. Phytopathology 78 1447 1450, Chen YP Rekha PD Arun AB Shen FT Lai WA and Young CC 2006 Phosphate. solubilizing bacteria from subtropical soil and their tricalcium phosphate solubilizing. abilities Applied Soil Ecology 34 33 41, Chernin L Ismailov Z Haran S and Chet I 1995 Chitinolytic Enterobacter agglomerans. antagonistic to fungal plant pathogens Applied and Environmental Microbiology 61. Chowdhury SP Schmid M Hartmann A and Tripathi AK 2007 Identification of. diazotrophs in the culturable bacterial community associated with roots of Lasiurus. sindicus a perennial grass of Thar Desert India Microbial Ecology 54 82 90. Chung S Kong H Buyer JS Lakshman DK Lydon J Kim SD and Roberts DP 2008. Isolation and partial characterization of Bacillus subtilis ME488 for suppression of. soilborne pathogens of cucumber and pepper Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. Chun qiao X Huan HE and Zhang W 2009 Characterization of tricalcium phosphate. solubilization by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia YC isolated from phosphate mines. Journal of Central South University of Technology 16 581 587. Clarridge JE 2004 Impact of 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis for identification of. bacteria on clinical microbiology and infectious diseases Clinical Microbiology Reviews. 17 840 862, Cohen RK and Chet I 1998 The molecular biology of chitin digestion Current Opinion in. Biotechnology 9 270 277, Collmer A Reid JT and Mount MS 1988 Assay method for pectic enzymes Methods in.
Enzymology 161 329 335, Colmenares R and Miguel JMD 1999 Improving permanent pasture s growth An organic. approach Cahiers Agricultures 39 189 191, Costacurta A and Vanderleyden J 1995 Synthesis of phytohormones by plant associated. bacteria Critical Reviews in Microbiology 21 1 18, Crosa JH and Walsh CT 2002 Genetics and assembly line enzymology of siderophore. biosynthesis in bacteria Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 66 223 249. Curtis GW Knauer HE and Hunter LE 1951 Symposium on flame photometry American. Society for Testing Materials 116 67, Danon M Nahum SZ Chen Y and Hadar Y 2007 Prolonged compost curing reduces. suppression of Sclerotium rolfsii Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39 1936 1946. Dao TH and Schwartz RC 2010 Mineralizable phosphorus nitrogen and carbon. relationships in dairy manure at various carbon to phosphorus ratios Bioresource. Technology 101 3567 3574, Das SN Sarma PV Neeraja C Malati N and Podile AR 2010 Members of Gamma.
proteobacteria and bacilli represent the culturable diversity of chitinolytic bacteria in. chitin enriched soils World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 1875 1881. Datta M Palit R Sengupta C Pandit MK and Banerjee S 2011 Plant growth promoting. rhizobacteria enhance growth and yield of chilli Capsicum annuum L under field. conditions Australian Journal of Crop Science 5 531 536. Dave A and Patel HH 1999 Inorganic phosphate solubilizing soil pseudomonads Indian. Journal of Microbiology 39 161 164, de Boer W Gunnewiek PJAK Kowalchuk GA and Veen JAV 2001 Growth of chitinolytic. dune soil beta subclass Proteobacteria in response to invading fungal hyphae Applied. and Environmental Microbiology 67 3358 3362, Defago G Berling CH Burger U Haas D Kahr G Keel C Voisard C Wirthner PH and. Wutrich B 1990 Suppression of black root rot of tobacco by a Pseudomonas strain. potential application and mechanisms Biological control of soil borne plant pathogen. Deffune G and Scolfield AM 1995 Effects of humic acids and three bio dynamic. preparations on the growth of wheat seedlings Soil Management in Sustainable. Agriculture 11 364 371, Desai S Kumar PG Sultana U Pinisetty S Ahmed MHSK Amalraj LDE and Reddy G. 2012 Potential microbial candidate strains for management of nutrient requirements of. crops African Journal of Microbiology Research 6 3924 3931. Dimkpa CO Merten D Svatos A Buchel G and Kothe E 2009 Siderophores mediate. reduced and increased uptake of cadmium by Streptomyces tendae F4 and sunflower. Helianthus annuus respectively Journal of Applied Microbiology 107 1687 1696. Donate Correa J Leon BarriosM and Perez Galdona R 2005 Screening for plant growth. promoting rhizobacteria in Chamaecytisus proliferus tagasaste a forage tree shrub. legume endemic to the Canary Islands Plant and Soil 266 261 272. Doran JW and Zeiss MR 2000 Soil health and sustainability managing the biotic. component of soil quality Applied Soil Ecology 15 3 11. Downer AJ Menge JA and Pond E 2001 Association of cellulytic enzyme activities in. eucalyptus mulches with biological control of Phytophthora cinnamomi Phytopathology. 91 847 855, Drinkwater LE Letourneau DK Workneh F Vanbruggen AHC and Shennan C 1995. Fundamental differences between conventional and organic tomato agro ecosystems in. California Ecological Applications 5 1098 1112, Drinkwater LE Wagoner P and Sarrantonio M 1998 Legume based cropping systems.
have reduced carbon and nitrogen losses Nature 396 262 265. Driss F Awad MK Zouari N and Jaoua S 2005 Molecular characterization of a novel. chitinase from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp kurstaki Journal of Applied Microbiology. 99 945 950, Droogers P and Bouma J 1996 Biodynamic vs conventional farming effects on soil. structure expressed by simulated potential productivity Soil Science Society of American. Journal 60 1552 1558, Dubnau D Smith I Morell P and Marmur J 1965 Gene conservation in Bacillus species I. Conserved genetic and nucleic acid base sequence homologies Proceedings of National. Academy of Science USA 54 491 498, Dugar G Gopinath B Arun B and Sharma S 2013 Plant growth promoting abilities of. phosphate solubilizers from the rhizosphere of Parthenium hysterophorus African. Journal of Microbiology Research 7 147 151, Dunn C Crowley JJ Loccoz YM Dowling DN de Bruijn FJ and Gara FO 1997. Biological control of Pythium ultimum by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia W18 is. mediated by an extracellular proteolytic activity Microbiology 143 3921 3931. Dye DW 1962 The inadequacy of the usual determinative tests for the identification of. Xanthomonas spp New Zealand Journal of Science 5 393 416. Egamberdiyeva D 2007 The effect of plant growth promoting bacteria on growth and. nutrient uptake of maize in two different soils Applied Soil Ecology 36 184 189. Elad Y and Kapat A 1999 The role of Trichoderma harzianum protease in the biocontrol of. Botrytis cinerea European Journal of Plant Pathology 105 177 189. El Tarabily KA Sykes ML Kurtb ke ID Hardy GESTJ Barbosa AM and Dekker RFH. 1996 Synergistic effects of a cellulase producing Micromonospora carbonacea and an. antibiotic producing Streptomyces violascens on the suppression of Phytophthora. cinnamomi root rot of Banksia grandis Canadian Journal of Botany 74 618 624. El Tarabily KA 2006 Rhizosphere competent isolates of streptomycete and non. streptomycete actinomycetes capable of producing cell wall degrading enzymes to. control Pythium aphanidermatum damping off disease of cucumber Canadian Journal of. Biotechnology 84 211 222, Esperschutz J Gattinger A Mader P Schloter M and FlieBbach A 2007 Response of soil.
microbial biomass and community structures to conventional and organic farming. systems under identical crop rotations FEMS Microbial Ecology 61 26 37. Fasim F Ahmed N Parsons R and Gadd GM 2002 Solubilization of zinc salts by a. bacterium isolated from the air environment of a tannery FEMS Microbiology 213 1 6. Fiddman PJ and Rossall S 1993 The production of antifungal volatiles by Bacillus subtilis. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 74 119 126, Fliessbach A and Mader P 2000 Microbial biomass and size density fractions differ. between soils of organic and conventional agricultural systems Soil Biology and. Biochemistry 32 757 768, Fliessbach A Oberholzer HR Gunst L and Mader P 2007 Soil organic matter and. biological soil quality indicators after 21 years of organic and conventional farming. Agricultural Ecosystystems and Environment 118 273 284. Foldes T Banhegyi I Herpai Z Varga L and Szigeti J 2000 Isolation of Bacillus strains. from the rhizosphere of cereals and in vitro screening for antagonism against. phytopathogenic food borne pathogenic and spoilage micro organisms Journal of. Applied Microbiology 89 840 846, Forge TA Hogue E Neilsen G and Neilsen D 2003 Effects of organic mulches on soil. microfauna in the root zone of apple implications for nutrient fluxes and functional. diversity of the soil food web Applied Soil Ecology 22 39 54. Friedrich S Platonova NP Karavaiko GI Stichel E and Glombitza F 1991 Chemical and. microbiological solubilization of silicates Acta Biotechnology 11 187 196. Gajera H Domadiya R Patel S Kapopara M and Golakiya B 2013 Molecular mechanism. of Trichoderma as bio control agents against phytopathogen system a review Current. Research in Microbiology and Biotechnology 1 133 142. Gajera HP and Vakharia DN 2012 Production of lytic enzymes by Trichoderma isolates. during in vitro antagonism with Aspergillus niger the causal agent of collar rot of. peanut Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 1 43 52, Galal HRM Salem WM and El Deen FN 2011 Biological control of some pathogenic. fungi using marine algae extracts Research Journal of Microbiology 10 1 10. Garcia C Alvarez CE Carracedo A and Iglesias E 1989 Soil fertility and mineral nutrition. of a biodynamic avocado plantation in Tenerife Biological Agriculture and Horticulture. Garc a Gil JC Plaza C Soler rovira P and Polo A 2000 Long term effects of municipal. solid waste compost application on soil enzyme activities and microbial biomass Soil. Biology and Biochemistry 32 1907 1913, Geremia RA Goldman GH Jacobs D Ardiles W Vila SB Van Montagu M and Herrera.
Estrella A 1993 prb1 a gene specifically expressed during simulated mycoparasitism. by Trichoderma harzianum Molecular Microbiology 8 603 613. Gerze A Omay D and Guvenilir Y 2005 Partial purification and characterization of. protease enzyme from Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus megaterium Applied Biochemistry. and Biotechnology 124 335 345, Glick BR 1995 The enhancement of plant growth by free living bacteria Canadian. Journal of Microbiology 41 109 117, Goennandi DH Siswantto H and Sugiaeto Y 2000 Bioaccumulation of poorly soluble. phosphate rocks with phosphorus solubilizing fungus Journal of Soil Science of America. 64 927 932, Goldstein AH Rogers RD and Mead G 1993 Mining by microbe Bio Technology 11. Goldstein AH 1986 Bacterial phosphate solubilization Historical perspective and future. prospects American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 1 57 65. Goldstein WA and Koepf HH 1982 A contribution to the development of tests for. biodynamic preparations Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 36 41 53. Gomes RC Semedo ITAS Soare RMA Linhares LF Ulho CJ Alviano CS and Coelho. RRR 2001 Puri cation of a thermostable endochitinase from Streptomyces RC1071. isolated from acerrado soil and its antagonism against phytopathogenic fungi Journal of. Applied Microbiology 90 653 661, Gorodecki B and Hadar Y 1990 Suppression of Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotium rolfsii in. container media containing composted liquorice roots Crop Protection 9 271 274. Grayston SJ Wang SQ Campbell CD and Edwards AC 1998 Selective in uence of plant. species on microbial diversity in the rhizosphere Soil Biology and Biochemistry 30. Groudev SN 1987 Use of heterotrophic microorganisms in mineral biotechnology Acta. Biotechnology 7 299 306, Haas D and D fago G 2005 Biological control of soil borne pathogens by fluorescent.
pseudomonads Nature Reviews of Microbiology 3 307 319. Hadar Y and Mandelbaum R 1986 Suppression of Pythium apahnidermatum damping off. in container media containing composted liquorice roots Crop Protection 5 88 92. Hadar Y and Papadopoulou KK 2012 Suppressive composts Microbial ecology links. between abiotic environments and healthy plants Annual Review of Phytopathology 50. Halbeib CM and Ludden PW 2000 Regulation of Biological Nitrogen Fixation The. Journal of Nutrition 130 1081 1084, Han HS Supanjani A and Lee KD 2006 Effect of co inoculation with phosphate and. potassium solubilizing bacteria on mineral uptake and growth of pepper and cucumber. Plant Soil and Environment 52 130 136, Han J Xia D Li L Sun L Yang K and Zhang L 2009 Diversity of culturable bacteria. isolated from root domains of Moso Bamboo Phyllostachys edulis Microbial Ecology. 58 363 373, Happerly P Douds D and Seidel R 2006 The Rodale Institute Farming Systems trial 1981. to 2005 long term analysis of organic and conventional maize and soybean cropping. systems Canadian Journal of Plant Science 1 15 21, Hardy RWF Holsten RD and Jackson EK 1968 The acetylene ethylene assay for N2. fixation laboratory and field evaluation Plant Physiology 43 118 127. Hargreaves JC Adl MS and Warman PR 2008 A review of the use of composted municipal. solid waste in agriculture Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 123 1 14. Hartmann M Fliessbach A Oberholzer HR and Widmer F 2006 Ranking of crop and long. term farming system effects based on soil bacterial genetic profiles FEMS Microbiology. Ecology 57 378 388, Hassimi MS Hamdali H Ouhdouch Y Pinelli E Merlina G Claude RJ and Hafidi M 2013.
Moroccon rock phosphate solubilization during a thermo anaerobic grassland waste. biodegradation process African Journal of Biotechnology 12 6859 6865. Heinze H and Breda E 1978 Tests o the composting of farmyard manure Biodynamics. Herencia JF Ruiz JC Melero S Galavis PAG and Maqueda C 2008 A short term. comparision of organic vs conventional agriculture in a silty loam soil using two organic. amendments Journal of Agriculture science 146 677 687. Hoitink HAJ and Boehm MJ 1999 Biocontrol within the context of soil microbial. communities a substrate dependent phenomenon Annual Reviews of Phytopathology 37. Hoitink HAJ and Fahy PC 1986 Basis for the control of soil borne plant pathogens with. composts Annual Review of Phytopathology 24 93 114. Hoitink HAJ Inbar Y and Boehm MJ 1993 Compost can suppress soil borne diseases in. container media American Nurseryman 178 91 94, Hoster FJ Schmitz E and Daniel R 2005 Enrichment of chitinolytic microorganisms. Isolation and characterization of a chitinase exhibiting antifungal activity against. phytopathogenic fungi from novel Streptomyces strain Applied and Environmental. Microbiology 66 434 442, Howell CR Beier RC and Stipanovic RD 1988 Production of ammonia by Enterobacter. cloacae and its possible role in the biological control of Pythium pre emergence. damping off by the bacterium Phytopathology 78 1075 1078. Hsu JH and Lo SL 1999 Chemical and spectroscopic analysis of organic matter. transformations during composting of pig manure Environmental Pollution 104 189. Hsu SF and Buckley DH 2009 Evidence for the functional significance of diazotroph. community structure in soil International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal 3 124. Hu XF Chen J and Guo JF 2006 Two phosphate and potassium solubilizing bacteria. isolated from Tiannu mountain Zhejiang China World Journal of Microbiology and. Biotechnology 22 983 990, Hunsley D and Burnett JH 1970 The ultrastructural architecture of the walls of some fungi. Journal of General Microbiology 62 203 218, Idriss EE Iglesias DJ Talon M and Borriss R 2007 Tryptophan dependent production of. indole 3 acetic acid affects level of plant growth promotion by Bacillus. amyloliquifaciens Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction 20 619 626. Igual JM Valverde A Cervantes E and Velazquez E 2001 Phosphate solubilizing bacteria. as inoculants for agriculture use of updated molecular techniques in their study. Agronomie 21 561 568, Illakkiam D Anuj NL Ponraj P Shankar M Rajendhran J and Gunasekaran P 2013.
Proteolytic enzyme mediated antagonistic potential of Pseudomonas aeruginosa against. Macrophomina phaseolina Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 51 1024 1031. Illmer P and Schinner F 1992 Solubilization of inorganic phosphates by microorganisms. isolated from forest soil Soil Biology and Biochemistry 24 389 395. Illmer P and Schinner F 1995 Solubilization of inorganic calcium phosphates solubilization. mechanisms Soil Biology and Biochemistry 27 257 263. Imran H Darine TH and Mohamed E 2012 In vitro screening of soil bacteria for inhibiting. phytopathogenic fungi African Journal of Biotechnology 11 14660 14670. Inbar J and Chet I 1995 The role of recognition in the induction of specific chitinases. during mycoparasitism by Trichoderma harzianum Microbiology 141 2823 2829. Inbar J and I Chet 1991 Evidence that chitinase produced by Aeromonas caviae is involved. in the biological control of soil borne plant pathogens by this bacterium Soil Biology and. Biochemistry 23 973 978, Islam R Trivedi P Madhaiyan M Seshadri S Lee G Yang J Kim Y Kim M Han G. Chauhan PS and Sa T 2010 Isolation enumeration and characterization of diazotrophic. bacteria from paddy soil sample under long term fertilizer management experiment.

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