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31 l power n np ngyou,32 shu water Hu ngh Yellow river. 33 x n heart a q ng love,34 mi n roof ji home family. 35 bed hu zhu ng make up,36 y n shelter sh ngdi n shop. 37 m n gate q ngw n excuse me,38 chu to walk q ngj n pleas enter. 39 g ng work g ngfu skill effort,40 t earth d hzh address.
41 sh knight sh ngy n voice,42 c o grass hu ch jasmine tea. 43 d big ku ji ng overpraise,44 g ng two hands f ngq to give up. 45 w ng lame g ng embarassed,46 c n inch s mi o Buddhist temple. 47 y to shoot zh ngsh Chinese style,48 sh u hand b w grasp certainty. 49 xi o small d oshao how much,50 k u mouth h ch to drink tea.
51 w i enclosure g ngyu n park,52 j n turban ch ngchang often. 53 sh n mountain su sh age,54 ch step y nh ng bank. 55 sh n decoration di ny ng film movie,56 x evening m ngxi ng dream. 57 su go f w serve,58 g u dog h li fox,59 sh food ch of n fried rice. 60 j hooter x nl ng soul,61 sh corpse p gu backside.
62 j self z j self,63 g ng bow qi ngli strong violent. 65 n woman g niang girl,66 y o young y ur yu n nursery. 67 z child h izi child,68 s silk s ch u silk stuff. 69 m horse lu tu camel,70 gu river ni och o bird s nest. 71 hu fire r q ng warm hearted,72 d u dipper c ili o material.
73 w n tattoo b nm zebra,74 f ng square m nz nation. 75 hu fire hu ch n dust,76 x n heart li n i love,77 h door frame di nsh n ventilator. 78 sh ritual l w gift,79 w ng king w nqu n complete. 80 w i opposition H ngu South Korea,81 m tree li sh willow. 82 qu n dog k cry,83 d i evil s wang death,84 ch vehicle ch l n steering wheel.
85 g pole axe zh nzh ng war,86 b compare b y to graduate. 87 w roof tile t oc pottery,88 zh stop k nd ng certainly. 89 p hit qi om n to knock the,90 r sun w nshang evening. 91 yu to say g nm o to catch cold,92 b i shell f c i to get rich. 93 ji n see c ngu n sightseeing,94 f father di daddy.
95 ni cow t bi especially,96 sh u hand t ij qu n tai chi. 97 m o hair d t n carpet,98 q air ti nqi weather,99 f n beat g ig reform. 100 pi n tablets k pi n kard,101 j n axe du nli break. 102 zh o claw ir n husband wife,103 r u meat x nz ng heart. 104 qi n yawn hu ny ng welcome,105 f ng wind pi od ng to float.
106 sh pike O zh u Europe,107 y brush y ns earnest sincere. 109 shu water y ngyu n forever,110 xu cave t ik ng universe. 111 l stand ch zh n station bus,112 chu ng illness izh ng cancer. 113 y garment q nzi skirt,114 sh ritual j nzh forbide. 115 sh stone ku ngqu n shu,mineral water,116 l ng dragon k n shrine.
117 y craft sh y undertaking,118 m eye p nw ng to hope. 119 ti n field sh ji world,120 w ng net f ku n to get a fine. 121 m n bowl gu ngp n CD,122 j n metal qi n money,123 sh arrow zh d o to know. 124 h spike g zh ng any every,125 b i white m ngbai to understand. 126 gu pumpkin x gu watermelon,127 ni o bird k oy roasted duch.
128 y ng use b ng not to have to,129 m o spear r uru n soft. 130 p roll q ngch clear,131 m mother d p n poison drug. 131 p skin zh uw n wrinkle,132 y cloth bi og form,133 y ng sheep M igu America. 134 m rice zh u gruel,135 l i statue g ngd to plough. 136 l o old k osh exam,137 r ear d big hanging ears.
138 ch n vassal w pu berth,139 x west j pi o airticket. 140 y head w nt question,141 h tiger qi nx modest,142 ch ng insect zh ngl ng cocroach. 143 f u jar qu di n defficiency,144 sh tongue sh fu comfortable. 145 zh bamboo ku izi chopsticks,146 ji scuttle j ujiu uncle. 147 z nose xi oxi news message,148 xu blood ti ox n provoke.
149 zh u boat l nchu n steamship,150 y feathers ch b ng wing. 151 g n firm ji nk hard,152 m silk j nzh ng nervous. 153 x n needle l ji o chilli,154 y n word r ngy fame. 155 m i corn d m i wheat,156 z u run ch osh supermarket. 157 ch crimson ch lu naked nude,158 d u bean g drum.
159 y u pot ji alcohol liquor,160 ch n chisel zu ch n lip. 161 sh swine ji family home,162 l salt cu salty,163 l village l m milimeter. 164 z foot t to kick,165 zh reptile w imao appearance. 166 g valley y w ng yearn ing,167 bi n differentiate sh x familiar. 168 sh n body sh nt body health,169 ji o horn ji f ng liberation.
170 q ng blue nj ng tranquil,171 q sieve x ngq week. 172 y rain xu snow,173 ch tooth y ch tooth,174 j n metal hu ngj n gold. 175 zhu little bird k ngq e peacock,176 y fish l y carp. 177 y n tone f y n pronunciation,178 g leather xi zi shoe. 179 g bone h ig sceleton,180 sh food ku ic n fast food.
181 gu devil m gu devil,10 strokes,182 d u struggle r n o lively noisy. 183 bi o hair b n temple part of head,11 strokes,184 m hemp m f ng mill. 185 l deer q l n mythical animal,12 strokes and more. 186 h i black shu m hu ink,187 sh rat x sh mouse,188 b nose n ng snuffle.

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