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Monday is One Day Arthur A Levine and Julian Hector ill Scholastic 2011. Subtle gay content Written in the form of a poem from working parents to their children this book. depicts a diverse range of family situations including white and black families single parents and a. two dad family, Mini Mia and her Darling Uncle Pija Lindenbaum translated by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard R S. Books 2007, Dad David Baba Chris and Me Ed Merchant and Rachel Fuller ill British Association for Adoption and. Fostering 2010, This UK picture book features a multi ethnic adoptive two dad family. Everywhere Babies Susan Meyers and Marla Frazee ill Harcourt 2001. Very subtle LGBT content but included here as there are so few LGBT board books available The. illustrations show same sex couples included among a wide range of families of different ethnicities. Donovan s Big Day Lesl a Newman and Mike Dutton ill Tricycle Press 2011. Daddy Papa and Me Lesl a Newman and Carol Thompson ill Tricycle Press 2009. A rare example of a board book depicting a two dad family. Mommy Mama and Me Lesl a Newman and Carol Thompson ill Tricycle Press 2009. A rare example of a board book depicting a two mum family. The White Swan Express a story about adoption Jean D Okimoto Elaine M Aoki and Meilo So ill. Houghton Mifflin 2002, A story of inter country adoption featuring four Chinese baby girls and four Western families including. a single mother and a lesbian couple, Milly Molly and Different Dads Gill Pittar and Cris Morrell ill Milly Molly Books 2001.
Children of different ethnicities discuss their diverse family situations. In Our Mothers House Patricia Polacco Philomel Books 2009. Depicts a multi ethnic adoptive two mum family, And Tango Makes Three Justin Richardson Peter Parnell and Henry Cole ill Simon Schuster. Mom and Mum Are Getting Married Ken Setterington and Alice Priestley ill Second Story Press. Spacegirl Pukes Katy Watson and Vanda Carter ill Onlywomen Press 2006. This UK picture book features a family with two mums as a fact not as an issue. Want Toast Katy Watson and Vanda Carter ill Onlywomen Press 2010. This UK picture book features a family with two mums. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012, Early readers and chapter books for junior school children. The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister Charlotte Agell Henry Holt 2010. The adopted Chinese American protagonist relates stories of her daily life including coming to terms. with her dad s new male partner,No Castles Here A C E Bauer Random House 2007. The Manny Files Christian Burch Atheneum Books 2007. Hit The Road Manny a Manny Files novel Christian Burch Atheneum Books 2007. Charlie Eggleston s Talking Skull Bruce Coville Hodder 2003 first published in US in 1997 as The Skull. In this fantasy chapter book a talking skull reveals that Charlie s uncle is gay. Two Weeks With the Queen Morris Gleitzman Puffin 1990 reprinted 1999. The Misfits James Howe Walker Books 2001,Borderline junior school young teens. Totally Joe James Howe Atheneum Books 2005,Borderline junior school young teens.
The Popularity Papers series Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia. Goldblatt and Julie Graham Chang The Long Distance Dispatch Between Lydia Goldblatt and Julie. Graham Chang Words of Questionable Wisdom from Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham Chang The. Rocky Road Trip of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham Chang Amy Ignatow Abrams 2010 2012. Borderline junior school young teens One of the main characters has two dads. Sonny s House of Spies George Ella Lyon Atheneum Books 2007. The Death Defying Pepper Roux Geraldine McCaughrean Oxford University Press 2009. This UK book features a cross dressing sidekick Borderline junior school young teens. Luv Ya Bunches Lauren Myracle Amulet Books 2009, One of the characters has two mums They are background characters but the family relationship is. made clear, The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans Johnny Valentine and Lynette Schmidt ill Alyson Wonderland. 1992 reprinted 2004, A series of original illustrated fairy tales featuring children with LGBT parents. The Boy in the Dress David Walliams HarperCollins 2008. The main character in this funny and sensitive UK book is a boy who likes to wear dresses. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012,Young Adult novels. Choir Boy Charlie Anders Soft Skull Press 2006, Arguably not strictly a trans book but has attracted positive comments for its interesting exploration of.
gender About a choir boy who takes hormones to keep his treble voice. The Boys and the Bees Joe Babcock Carroll and Graf 2005. Also potentially suitable for junior school children. Girl From Mars Tamara Bach translated by Shelley Tanaka Groundwood Books 2008. David Inside Out Lee F Bantle Henry Holt 2009, Am I Blue Coming out from the silence Marion Dane Bauer ed HarperCollins 1994. I Am J Cris Beam Little Brown 2011, The protagonist is trans FtM and characters of different ethnicities also feature. Speaking Out Steve Berman ed Bold Strokes Books 2011. An anthology of stories about characters from across the LGBT spectrum. Vintage a ghost story Steve Berman Lethe Press 2007. Starting From Here Lisa Jenn Bigelow Amazon Children s Publishing 2012. My Invented Life Lauren Bjorkman Henry Holt 2009, Features a bisexual questioning character and Hispanic characters. The Modern Faerie Tales series Tithe Valiant Ironside Holly Black Simon Schuster 2002 2007. The Poison Eaters Holly Black Big Mouth House 2010. A couple of stories in this collection feature LGBT characters. Welcome to Bordertown Holly Black and Ellen Kushner eds Random House 2011. This anthology features several stories with LGBT characters as well as ethnically diverse characters. Zombies vs Unicorns Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier eds Margaret K McElderry Books 2010. Several stories featuring LGBT characters,Boys Don t Cry Malorie Blackman Doubleday 2010. This UK book from a respected and popular author features a black protagonist His brother is gay and. deals with homophobic bullying in a sub plot, The Dangerous Angels series Weetzie Bat Witch Baby Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys Missing.
Angel Juan Baby Be Bop Francesca Lia Block Atom 2002 2003 first published in US 1989 1995. This magical realism series features major gay characters as well as some trans characters in a. background role NB Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys features minimal LGBT content but is worth. getting for series continuity The series is also available in a bind up collected edition. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012, Dare Truth or Promise Paula Boock Graphia Books 1998 reprinted 2009. Crash Into Me Albert Borris Simon Pulse 2009, Tells the story of a group of suicidal teenagers including a lesbian bisexual Korean American girl who. find a reason to live,Will Maria Boyd Alfred A Knopf 2006. Beauty Queens Libba Bray Scholastic 2011, This novel includes trans bisexual and lesbian characters The cast is ethnically diverse and also. includes a deaf character,Going Bovine Libba Bray Delacorte Press 2009.
A major secondary character who also has dwarfism is discovered to be gay towards the end of this. magical realist novel, The Demon s Lexicon series The Demon s Lexicon The Demon s Covenant The Demon s Surrender. Sarah Rees Brennan Simon Schuster 2009 2011,This series by an Irish author is based in the UK. Brooklyn Burning Steven Brezenoff Carolrhoda Books 2011. Debbie Harry Sings in French Meagan Brothers Henry Holt 2008. Features a cross dressing protagonist,Sugar Rush Julie Burchill Picador 2004. A TV series based on this UK book was screened in 2005 2006 The sequel Sweet is in my opinion. much less good indeed arguably rather homophobic in parts and is now out of print. The Vast Fields of Ordinary Nick Burd Dial Books 2009. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You Peter Cameron Farrar Straus Giroux 2007. How Beautiful the Ordinary twelve stories of identity Michael Cart ed Harper Teen 2009. An edited collection of stories about LGBT characters including a couple with trans protagonists. My Father s Scar Michael Cart Simon Schuster 1996,Evil Timothy Carter Flux 2009. Postcards From No Man s Land Aidan Chambers Definitions 1999 reprinted 2007. This UK novel won the 1999 CILIP Carnegie Medal, The Mortal Instruments series City of Bones City of Ashes City of Glass City of Fallen Angels City of.
Lost Souls Cassandra Clare Walker Books 2007 2012,Very LeFreak Rachel Cohn Alfred A Knopf 2010. The protagonist is bisexual pansexual,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. Naomi and Ely s No Kiss List Rachel Cohn and David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2007. Nick Norah s Infinite Playlist Rachel Cohn and David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2006. A film of this book was made in 2008,The Traitor Game B R Collins Bloomsbury 2008. A major secondary character faces homophobic bullying when it is revealed that he is gay but this UK. novel is much more than just an issues book, Beautiful Music For Ugly Children Kirstin Cronn Mills Flux 2012. The protagonist is trans FtM, The Sky Always Hears Me And The Hills Don t Mind Kirstin Cronn Mills Flux 2009.
Bisexual questioning protagonist,Angry Management Chris Crutcher Greenwillow 2009. This novel features a black gay character, Ironman Chris Crutcher Greenwillow 1995 reprinted 2004. This sports themed novel addresses many challenging issues in a non didactic way including the. protagonist s need to tackle his own homophobia when he discovers that a favourite teacher is gay. The Miseducation of Cameron Post Emily M Danforth Harper Teen 2012. Happy Families Tanita S Davis Alfred A Knopf 2012,Deals with a trans MtF parent. My Side of the Story Will Davis Bloomsbury 2007,UK crossover novel adult young adult interest. Hollow Pike James Dawson Indigo 2012, This UK book includes a young lesbian couple and a questioning boy as major secondary characters.
Of All The Stupid Things Alexandra Diaz Egmont 2010. Down to the Bone Mayra Lazara Dole Harper Teen 2008. The protagonist is a teenage Hispanic lesbian,The Side Door Jan Donley Spinsters Ink 2010. Big Big Sky Kristyn Dunnion Red Deer Press 2008,Science fiction. Mosh Pit Kristyn Dunnion Red Deer Press 2005,Wildthorn Jane Eagland Picador 2009. This UK book is a historical novel set in the nineteenth century. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012, f2m the boy within Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy Ford Street Publishing 2010. This Australian novel deals with the transition process of a young FtM trans person. Tillmon County Fire Pamela Ehrenberg William B Eerdmans 2009. With Or Without You Brian Farrey Simon Pulse 2011,Touching Snow M Sindy Felin Atheneum Books 2007.
In this novel about Haitian characters lesbianism is important but not the issue. The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second Drew Ferguson Kensington Press 2008. Crossover novel adult young adult interest, Suicide Notes Michael Thomas Ford Harper Teen 2008. Secrets of Truth Beauty Megan Frazer Hyperion 2009. My Heartbeat Garret Freymann Weyr Macmillan 2002,This novel includes a bisexual character. Keesha s House Helen Frost Farrar Straus Giroux 2005. Novel in verse, Annie On My Mind Nancy Garden Farrar Straus Giroux 1982 reprinted 2007. Hear Us Out Nancy Garden ed Lesbian and gay stories of struggle progress and hope Farrar. Straus Giroux 2007,Say The Word Jeannine Garsee Bloomsbury 2009. The Difference Between You and Me Madeleine George Viking Children s Books 2012. Includes a bisexual character, King of the Screwups K L Going Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2009.
Two Parties One Tux And A Very Short Film About The Grapes of Wrath Steven Goldman Bloomsbury. The Mariposa Club Rigoberto Gonzalez Alyson Publications 2009. This novel features Hispanic characters,Hello Groin Beth Goobie Orca 2006. Sister Mischief Laura Goode Candlewick Press 2011, This hip hop themed novel features a romance between a white American girl and a South Asian girl. The Dragoneye series Eon Rise of the Dragoneye and Eona Return of the Dragoneye Alison. Goodman David Fickling Books 2009 2011, These crossover novels are also available in adult editions under the titles Two Pearls of Wisdom and. The Necklace of the Gods respectively,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. Will Grayson Will Grayson John Green and David Levithan Dutton Books 2010. The Last Exit to Normal Michael B Harmon Laurel Leaf Library 2008. Geography Club Brent Hartinger HarperTempest 2003, Includes a range of LGBT characters including a bisexual character.
Shadow Walkers Brent Hartinger Flux 2011, The Hex Hall series Hex Hall and Raising Demons Rachel Hawkins Simon Schuster 2010. Note that Raising Demons was also published under the title Demonglass in the US. M O 4EVR Tonya Cherie Hegamin Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2008. Features a black lesbian protagonist, Good Girls Don t Claire Hennessy Poolbeg Press 2004. This Ireland based novel has a bisexual protagonist. Jack A M Homes Simon Schuster 1989 reprinted 2004,Crossover novel adult young adult interest. Perfect Ellen Hopkins Margaret K McElderry Books 2009. A novel in verse, Tricks Ellen Hopkins Margaret K McElderry Books 2009. Includes a range of LGBT characters, The Chaos Nalo Hopkinson Margaret K McElderry Books 2012.
The main character is biracial and has gay and lesbian friends. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend Emily Horner Dial Books 2010. Freaks and Revelations David Wills Hurwin Little Brown 2010. Becoming Chloe Catherine Ryan Hyde Alfred A Knopf 2006. Jumpstart the World Catherine Ryan Hyde Alfred A Knopf 2010. This book features a trans character FtM who is the love interest. Country Girl City Girl Lisa Jahn Clough Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2004. The Bermudez Triangle Maureen Johnson Razorbill 2004. Tips on Having a Gay Ex Boyfriend and the sequel Love And Other Uses for Duct Tape Carrie Jones. Flux 2007 2009, Another Kind of Cowboy Susan Juby Harper Teen 2007. Almost Perfect Brian Katcher Delacorte Press 2009, This book features a trans character MtF who is the love interest. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012,Out Joanna Kenrick Barrington Stoke 2010. Hi lo novel,Love Drugged James Klise Flux 2010,My Most Excellent Year Steve Kluger Speak 2009. Also potentially suitable for junior school children. Boy Girl Boy Ron Koertge Harcourt 2005, Out of the Pocket Bill Konigsberg Dutton Books 2008.
Absolutely Positively Not David Larochelle Scholastic 2005. Absolute Brightness James Lecesne Harper Teen 2008. Boy Meets Boy David Levithan HarperCollins 2003,How They Met David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2008. Love is the Higher Law David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2009. The Realm of Possibility David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2004. Wide Awake David Levithan Alfred A Knopf 2006,Gravity Leanne Lieberman Orca 2008. The protagonist is an Orthodox Jewish lesbian, Girl Nearly 16 Absolute Torture Sue Limb Bloomsbury 2005. Carbon Diaries 2015 Saci Lloyd Hodder 2008, This UK novel is set in a future London where carbon rationing has been introduced The protagonist. has a gay friend amid a multi ethnic cast of characters. Adaptation Malinda Lo Little Brown 2012, The protagonist is bisexual and the cast is generally inclusive and multi ethnic.
Ash Malinda Lo Hodder 2009, The protagonist in this fairy tale adaptation is bisexual. Huntress Malinda Lo Little Brown 2011,The lesbian protagonist is of Asian origin. Dramarama E Lockhart Hyperion Books 2007,The Less Dead April Lurie Delacorte Press 2010. Crush Carrie Mac Orca Soundings 2006,Hi lo novel,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. Cycler Lauren McLaughlin Random House 2008, A speculative fiction novel about a character who regularly changes sex also features a bisexual.
character The sequel Re Cycler is another interesting exploration of gender although the bi. character plays a smaller part in this one,Strange Boy Paul Magrs Simon Schuster 2002. A UK novel,Pretty Things Sarra Manning Hodder 2005. This UK book involves a complex love rectangle of LGBT characters. Fat Hoochie Prom Queen Nico Medina Simon Pulse 2008. The Straight Road to Kylie Nico Medina Simon Pulse 2007. Truth Dare 20 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness Liz Miles ed Robinson Publishing 2011. Six of the stories have significant LGBT characters and the anthology also features black and Asian. characters,Hero Perry Moore Corgi 2007,Features a gay teen superhero. Babylon Boyz Jess Mowry Aladdin 1997, The protagonists are three young black men one of whom is gay His sexuality is important and there is. a sub plot devoted to it but it is not the sole issue of the novel. Kissing Kate Lauren Myracle Puffin 2003,The Shell House Linda Newbery Red Fox 2002.
This UK novel was shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize in. Sisterland Linda Newbery Definitions 2003,The End Nora Olsen Prizm 2010. This dystopian novel includes an array of young LGBT characters including bisexual and trans. characters, M or F Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbetts Razorbill 2005. Sprout Dale Peck Bloomsbury 2009, Belinda s Obsession Patricia G Penny Lobster Press 2007. For early teens and junior school children A quick easy read which may appeal to reluctant readers. Between Mom Jo Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2006. Far From Xanadu Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2005 reprinted as Pretend You Love Me in 2011. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012, grl2grl short fictions Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2007. A collection of short stories about lesbian and bisexual girls and an FtM trans youth. It s Our Prom So Deal With It Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2012. Keeping You a Secret Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2003. Luna Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2006, A novel about an MtF trans character narrated by her brother.
Rage a love story Julie Anne Peters Alfred A Knopf 2009. Deals with the issue of domestic violence in a relationship between two lesbian teenagers. She Loves You She Loves You Not Julie Anne Peters Little Brown 2011. The Will of the Empress Tamora Pierce Scholastic 2005. First in the Circle Reforged series, What Happened to Lani Garver Carol Plum Ucci Harcourt 2004. Features a non gender conforming character,Scars Cheryl Rainfield Westside Books 2010. This novel deals with issues of sexual abuse and self harm The lesbian relationship is positive and. supportive rather than being another issue,Punkzilla Adam Rapp Candlewick Press 2009. Features Hispanic and black characters, A Question of Manhood Robin Reardon Kensington Press 2010. A Secret Edge Robin Reardon Kensington Press 2007, This sports novel deals with a relationship between a white American boy and an Indian boy.
The Evolution of Ethan Poe Robin Reardon Kensington Press 2011. Clean Amy Reed Simon Schuster 2011, Told in the voices of five teens in rehab one of whom is gay. Scrivener s Moon Philip Reeve Marion Lloyd Books 2011. The female protagonist falls in love with a girl in this book having fallen in love with a boy in a previous. Chulito Charles Rice Gonzalez Magnus Books 2012, The main character is Hispanic and the cast is generally diverse. Gemini Bites Patrick Ryan Scholastic 2011,Includes a bisexual character. In Mike We Trust P E Ryan Harper Teen 2009,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. Empress of the World Sara Ryan Speak 2001,The Rules for Hearts Sara Ryan Speak 2007.
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Benjamin Alire S enz Simon Schuster. This critically well received novel deals with bisexual Mexican American characters. Boyfriends with Girlfriends Alex Sanchez Simon Schuster 2011. Features bisexual characters,Getting It Alex Sanchez Simon Schuster 2007. The Rainbow Boys series Rainbow Boys Rainbow High Rainbow Road Alex Sanchez Simon. Schuster 2001 2006, The series includes a bisexual character and a trans character. So Hard To Say Alex Sanchez Simon Schuster 2004, This novel includes a major Hispanic character and is also potentially suitable for junior school children. Mousetraps Pat Schmatz Carolrhoda Books 2008,The Kid Table Andrea Seigel Bloomsbury 2010. Swimming in the Monsoon Sea Shyam Selvadurai Tundra Books 2005. A literary YA novel featuring a young gay Sri Lankan boy. Letters in the Attic Bonnie Shimko Academy Chicago Publishers 2002. Crossover novel adult young adult interest, A Really Nice Prom Mess Brian Sloan Simon Schuster 2005.
Tale of Two Summers Brian Sloan Simon Schuster 2006. One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies Sonya Sones Simon Schuster 2005. Novel in verse, Centre of My World Andreas Steinhofel translated by Alisa Jaffa Andersen 2006 first published in. Germany in 1998,Big Guy Robin Stevenson Orca 2008,Hi lo book. Inferno Robin Stevenson Orca 2009, 101 Ways To Dance Kathy Stinson Second Story Press 2006. This short story collection includes several stories about LGBT or questioning characters It also. contains an excellent story which explores desire between two young people with Down s syndrome. Freak Show James St James Speak 2007,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. 7 Days at the Hot Corner Terry Trueman HarperCollins 2007. Don t Let Me Go J H Trumble Kensington Press 2011,Finding H F Julia Watts Alyson Publications 2001.
Pink Lili Wilkinson Allen Unwin 2009,Bisexual protagonist. Kiss Jacqueline Wilson Corgi 2007, What They Always Tell Us Martin Wilson Delacorte Press 2008. Street Dreams Tama Wise Bold Strokes Books 2012,The novel has a Maori protagonist. Hard Love Ellen Wittlinger Simon Schuster 1999,Includes a major Hispanic character. Heart on my Sleeve Ellen Wittlinger Simon Schuster 2004. Love Lies Marisol s story Ellen Wittlinger Simon Schuster 2008. Parrotfish Ellen Wittlinger Simon Schuster 2007,The protagonist is trans FtM.
What s In A Name Ellen Wittlinger Simon Schuster 2000. True Believer Virginia Euwer Wolff Faber and Faber 2001 reprinted 2003. The black protagonist must deal with the knowledge that the boy she likes is gay. After Tupac D Foster Jacqueline Woodson Putnam 2008. Black characters There is a sub plot about the older gay brother of one of the protagonists. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun Jacqueline Woodson Puffin 1995 reprinted 2010. The eponymous narrator a young black boy has to come to terms with his mother s new relationship. with a white woman, The House You Pass on the Way Jacqueline Woodson Speak 1999 reprinted 2010. Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy Bil Wright Simon Schuster 2011. Briar Rose Jane Yolen St Martin s Press 1993 reprinted 2002. This fairy tale retelling deals with the Holocaust The second half is narrated by a gay man who is a. Holocaust survivor,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012. Useful sources of information on LGBT fiction for children and young people booklists. reviews new publications etc, Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln 2008 Family Diversities Reading Resource 100 picture. books to value children s families, http www bishopg ac uk docs Research Family 20Diversity 20Reading 20Resource pdf. Cart and Jenkins 2006 The Heart Has Its Reasons Young Adult literature with gay lesbian queer. content Lanham Maryland The Scarecrow Press, Cart and Lo 2011 LGBTQ Young Adult Books 2009 2011 http www malindalo com wp.
content uploads 2011 09 LGBTQYA2009to2011 pdf, Gay s The Word 2009 Children s Books That Promote Diversity The most up to date version of the. list is available on request via www gaystheword co uk. Gay s The Word 2009 Fiction That Deals With Coming Out The most up to date version of the list is. available on request via www gaystheword co uk, Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered Round Table and Social Responsibilities Round Table of the. American Library Association 2011 Rainbow Books GLBTQ Books for Children Teens. http glbtrt ala org rainbowbooks, GLBTRT of the American Library Association 2011 Stonewall Book Awards List. http www ala org ala mgrps rts glbtrt stonewall honored index cfm. Jenkins 2009 Young Adult Fiction with Gay Lesbian Content 1969 2009 a chronological bibliography. http people lis illinois edu cajenkin papers YAbib pdf. Lambda Literary 2012 Lambda Literary www lambdaliterary org. Lo and Pon 2011 Diversity in YA Fiction http www diversityinya com category blog. Martin and Murdock 2007 Serving Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning Teens a how. to do it manual for librarians New York Neal Schuman Publishers. Porter 2013 QueerYA http daisyporter org queerya, Sarles 2011 Gay Themed Picture Books for Children http booksforkidsingayfamilies blogspot com. Silverrod GLBTRT 2006 Bibliography for Gay Teens http isd usc edu trimmer glbtrt bibteens htm. Silverrod GLBTRT 2006 GLBT Resources for Children a bibliography. http isd usc edu trimmer glbtrt kidsbib htm,Stonewall 2011 Primary School Books.
http www stonewall org uk what we do at school primary school books default asp. Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012,Stonewall 2011 Secondary School Books. http www stonewall org uk what we do at school secondary school books default asp. Webber 2010 Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Questioning Teen Literature a guide to reading. interests Santa Barbara California Libraries Unlimited. Wind 2013 I m Here I m Queer What the Hell Do I Read http www leewind org. Further reading on providing services to LGBT young people and families. Greenblatt ed 2010 Serving LGBTIQ Library and Archives Users Essays on Outreach Service. Collections and Access Jefferson North Carolina McFarland Co. Martin and Murdock 2007 Serving Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Questioning Teens a how. to do it manual for librarians New York Neal Schuman Publishers. No Outsiders Project Team 2010 Undoing Homophobia in Primary Schools Stoke on Trent. Trentham Books,Elizabeth Chapman e chapman shef ac uk 24 01 2012.

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