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Pump Model 5275703,Available Replacement Parts,5 Item Part. 3 11 No Number Qty Description,1 5157205 1 7 5 Amp Mini Blade Fuse. 10 2 5168832 1 Port Kit Fitting 1 2 MNPT,3 5168833 1 Port Kit Fitting 1 2 Hose Barb. 9 4 5168836 1 Port Kit Fitting 3 8 Hose Barb,6 8 5 5168837 1 Upper Housing Assembly. 7 4 6 5168839 1 Plunger Kit,7 5157202 1 Pressure Switch Assembly.
8 20408 000 1 Pkg 2 Clips Port Fitting,9 5168820 1 Check Valve Kit w O Ring. 10 5168838 1 Diaphragm Piston Cam Bearing Kit,5 11 5095202 1 Mounting Feet Pkg of 4. 2 12 5157207 1 On Off Rocker Switch w Cover,Troubleshooting the Pump. Motor does not run,Check for loose wiring connection s. Make sure the ON OFF switches in both the lead wire assembly. on the pump motor are in the ON position I is the ON position. and O is the OFF position, Check for defective pressure switch Make sure you are connected to a good.
12 volt power source Make sure your on off switches are in the on position. Remove the cap to the pressure switch Pull both red wires off of their terminals. and touch the two ends together If your pump runs when you do this. your pressure switch will need to be replaced,Check the fuse. Check for low voltage at the power supply Pump Specifications. Pump does not prime Flow Rate 2 1 GPM Open Flow, Check for air leaks in supply line Current 4 5 Amps 30 PSI. Check for debris in the check valve assembly,Check for defective check valve Check Valve Viton. Check for clogged strainer filter Port Type Plug In Port. Check for cracks in the pump housing Motor Voltage 12 Volts DC. Check for empty product supply,Wetted Parts Housing Polypropylene. Pulsating flow surging Diaphragm Santoprene,Check for defective pressure switch.
Check for leaks in the discharge line Liquid Temperature 130 F max. Check for restriction in the discharge line, Check for debris in nozzle orifice GPM Gallons Per Minute. PSI Pounds per Square Inch,Discharge hose may be too long DC Direct Current. Check for clogged strainer, Motor continues to run after discharge is shut off. Check for empty product supply,Check for open bypass valve if equipped 2 25. Check for low voltage,Check for leak in discharge line.
Check for defective or dirty check valve,Check for defective pressure switch. 527xxxx 0101000000,12 Volt Connection,On Off Switch. Pump Model Number,Here on Label Pump Serial Number. Here on Label,Exploded View Parts List,LG 25 PM 5301146 LG 25 SM 5301147. Item Part LG 25 PM Qty LG 25 SM Qty Description,1 5006209 1 1 Poly Knurled Swivel Nut 3 4 FGHT.
2 5016066 1 1 Garden Hose Washer,3 5020524 1 1 Hose 3 8 1 Brd x 15 Ft. 4 5051122 1 1 5 8 Black Nylon Loom Cable Clamp,5 5051144 2 2 Hose Clamp 3 8. 6 5058188 1 1 Tank Lid w Lanyard,7 5075018 1 1 Grommet. 8 5100359 1 1 Poly Bypass J Hose 3 8 2 1 25 Gal,9 5100452 1 1 Siphon Tube. 10 5117167 3 3 10 24 x 5 8 Phillips Truss Head Machine Screw. 11 5117234 1 1 10 24 x 1 2 Phillips Truss Head Machine Screw. 12 5117313 1 1 10 24 x 2 1 2 Truss Head Machine Screw. 13 5127191 1 1 Manifold Spacer 2 1gpm,14 5163100 1 Low Flow Handgun w X 26 Tip.
15 5167007 1 1 Pressure Gauge 0 100 p s i, 16 5169243 1 1 25 Gallon Tank White Side Mount Pump. 17 5273959 1 Deluxe Pistol Grip Handgun w X 26 Tip. 18 5274373 1 1 Drain Plug Cap Tether and Washer Assembly. 19 5274443 1 1 Lead Wire Assembly w Switch 96, 20 5274880 1 1 Handgun Clips Screws Pkg 2 10 24 Thread. 21 5275703 1 1 Gold Series 2 1 g p m Pump 60 psi 8 Amp. 22 5275877 1 1 Intake Sub Assembly,23 5277686 1 1 Manifold Assembly Spot Sprayers. ON OFF Switch Information For Your Sprayer,Your sprayer may be equipped with 2 ON OFF. switches The one on the pump will be at the,rear of the pump located underneath a clear.
plastic cover A similar switch will be located on,your battery connecting cable in most cases. Things you need to know about the switches,is for the ON position. o is for the OFF position,These symbols are based off the binary. number system where 1 ON and 0 OFF, Make sure BOTH of these switches are in the 12 Volt Pump. ON position before operating your sprayer This switch is shown. in the ON position,Manifold Assembly 5277686 Operation.
Your sprayer is equipped with 2 ON OFF switches One is on. the wire assembly that you hook up to your battery the other. 7 is on the pump itself on the opposite end of the pressure. switch The is the ON position and the o is the OFF. 9 position for the switches Make sure both switches are. depressed in the position for operation, 2 3 In addition to the ON OFF switch the pump is equipped with. an electronic pressure switch that is factory pre set for it to. shut off at 60 p s i This switch assembly is the square box. on the head portion of the pump, Always fill the tank with a desired amount of water first and. then add the chemical slowly mixing as you pour the chemical. into the tank You may use the handgun to spray into the. solution in order to mix the chemical and water,No Number Qty Description. 1 5006209 1 Poly Knurled Swivel Nut 3 4 FGHT, Initially begin spraying by opening the handgun This will. 2 5010236 1 Poly Elbow 1 2 FNPT x 1 2 FNPT enable the air in the line to be purged through the handgun tip. 3 5010430 1 Port Kit Elbow 1 2 FNPT while building pressure. 4 5016066 2 Garden Hose Washer, 5 5041073 1 Poly Reducing Bushing 1 2 MNPT x 1 4 FNPT The pumping system draws solution from the tank through the.
6 5046375 1 Poly Knurled Threaded Cap 3 4 FGHT strainer filter and to the pump The pump forces the solution. 7 5143188 1 Nylon Shut Off Valve 3 4 GHT under pressure to the handgun and or boom nozzles. 8 5143405 1 Manifold w Mounting Tab, 9 5149034 1 Poly Swivel 3 8 Hose Barb Open the handgun by squeezing the handle lever. Rotating the adjustable nozzle tip on the handgun will. change the tip pattern from a straight stream to a cone. pattern finer mist, Intake Siphon Tube Screen Detail of a Typical L G ATV Sprayer not including the EC units. to Inlet of Pump,Cut View of a Typical Tank,looking inside. Knurled Nut,Make sure the siphon tube is,rotated so that the tube just. touches the bottom of the tank,Vlave Valve,Open Closed.
Siphon Tube, Nylon Shut Off Valve 3 4 GHT Strainer 1 Filter Washer. The suction line of your sprayer should contain a siphon tube or intake tube. which should be rotated so that it just touches the bottom of the tank surface. see Detail Views Reach in and rotate it as needed if not already in this position. A nylon shut off valve is threaded onto the pipe nipple at the intake location on the tank. It is at this location so you can shut off the flow of solution to access your system s screen for cleaning. Checking Cleaning the sprayer s filter screen, Shut the nylon valve to the Closed position lever is perpendicular to the flow of fluid. Unscrew the knurled nut from the shut off valve leaving the valve connected to the tank. Swing swivel the intake assembly towards you Look in the nut you JUST unscrewed There is a screen washer there. Remove the screen and clean as necessary Replace when done and reassemble the entire assembly. Make sure the valve in turned to the Open position before restarting your pump. Intake Sub Assembly 5275877,Item Part Qty Description. No Number 7,1 5006209 1 Poly Knurled Swivel Nut 3 4 FGHT. 2 5020497 1 1 2 Polyspring Hose x 6,3 5051114 2 Hose Clamp 3 8 1 2 5.
4 5116242 1 Strainer 1 Filter Washer 4 6 1 3 2,5 5143188 1 Nylon Shut Off Valve 3 4 GHT. 6 5149035 1 Poly Swivel 1 2 Hose Barb,7 5168833 1 Port Kit Fitting 1 2 Hose Barb. Testing the Sprayer, It is VERY important for you to test your sprayer with plain water before actual spraying is attempted This will enable you to. check the sprayer for leaks without the possibility of losing any expensive chemicals. Conditions of weather and terrain must be considered when setting the sprayer Do not spray on windy days Protective clothing must. be worn in some cases,Be sure to read the chemical label s correctly. After Spraying, After use fill the sprayer tank part way with water Start the sprayer and allow the clear water to be pumped through the plumbing.
system and out through the spray nozzles, Refill the tank about half full with plain water and use FIMCO Tank Neutralizer and Cleaner and repeat cleaning instructions above. Flush the entire sprayer with the neutralizing cleaning agent then flush out one more time with plain water Follow the chemical. manufacturer s disposal instructions of all wash or rinsing water. For the boom if applicable remove the tips and screens from the nozzle assemblies Wash these items out thoroughly Blow the. orifice clean and dry If the orifice remains clogged clean it with a fine bristle NOT WIRE brush or with a toothpick Do not damage. the orifice Water rinse and dry the tips before storing. WARNING Some chemicals will damage the pump valves if allowed to soak untreated for a length of time ALWAYS flush the. pump as instructed after each use,Winter Storage, Drain all water out of your sprayer paying special attention to the pump handgun and valve s These items are especially prone to. damage from chemicals and freezing weather, The sprayer should be winterized before storage by pumping a solution of RV antifreeze through the entire plumbing system This. antifreeze solution should remain in the plumbing system during the winter months When spring time comes and you are preparing. your sprayer for the spray season rinse the entire plumbing system out clearing the lines of the antifreeze solution Proper care and. maintenance will prolong the life of your sprayer,.

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