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Reviews site http scottwesterfeld com blog,Author s web site. About the author, Scott Westerfeld is me I m the author of five science fiction. novels for adults I ve also been an occasional ghost writer. which is like driving someone else s car really really fast for. lots of money I could tell you what famous authors I ghost. wrote for but then I d have to kill you In my artsy days I. wrote music for artsy downtown New York dancers some of. which sounds like this, I have written three sets of books for young adults The first is. called Midnighters a tale of five teenagers born on the stroke. of midnight for whom time freezes every night revealing a. dark and terrible hidden world All three books are out now. My other trilogy is Uglies set in a future where cosmetic. surgery is compulsory when you turn 16 making everyone. beautiful Of course there are some people who want to keep their own faces but. they re not allowed All three books Uglies Pretties and Specials are out now A. companion novel to the trilogy Extras will be out in October 2007. My third set of books is three stand alone novels from Razorbill all set in contemporary. New York The first is So Yesterday about a cool hunter who runs afoul of a plot to end. consumerism The second is called Peeps a vampire novel The third is The Last Days set. in the same world as Peeps which is also out now I ve also written a few short stories that. you can find online for free but be warned that all of them contain dirty words. I was born in Texas and split my time between New York City and Sydney Australia I have. more frequent flyer miles than you do You can read many personal details of my life on my. blog And consult the Scott fact sheet here, Anytime a new Scott Westerfeld novel hits the shelves it is cause for buzz and celebration. His Uglies series is wildly popular he continually hits the best seller lists and is a terrific. writer Couple Westerfeld s popularity writing skill with the burgeoning popularity of the. Steampunk genre then in Leviathan you ve got a sure fire hit. Leviathan is set in a 20th Century that is mostly familiar Archduke Franz Ferdinand is. murdered and World War I begins The definition of mostly in Leviathan is multi layered. The first of which is that Ferdinand had a son named Alek who survived and escaped the. night of his parents murder inside a giant walking tank with a retinue of loyalists In the real. world Ferdinand of course did not have a son named Alek The Austro Hungarians and. Germans for their reliance on mechanical technology like the walking machines that. resemble giant robots are known as Clankers There were of course no walking robot like. tanks in existence during the time in which the book takes place. Of course this technology was not quite as advanced in 1914 of our world as it is in the. world of Leviathan Westerfled s descriptions were enough to give hints and really put me. in the seat with Alek as he piloted his walking tank across the European landscape. Furthermore Alek is genuine in that while he is somewhat oblivious to world events and. headstrong Westerfeld doesn t make him a complete idiot The balancing act can be tough. to manage with the typical orphaned heir and Westerfeld pulled it off exceedingly well I. liked Alek I felt for his plight and I found myself rooting for him throughout the story. In contrast to the mechanical technology employed by the German Austrians the. British Allied Powers utilize biological technology in nearly all aspects of warfare The British. are also known as Darwinists for Charles Darwin who discovered DNA in Westerfeld s. imagined world The British extrapolated this discovery to DNA manipulation genetically. engineering creatures including the titular Leviathan which is a floating whale and Britain s. most powerful and recognizable airship Other creatures include six legged sniffers or. bloated jellyfish which are essentially personal air balloons While Alek gives the young. perspective on the Austrian side of the conflict on the British side young Deryn Sharp. disguises herself as a boy so she can join the British Air Service Deryn s father served in the. British Armed forces and she wishes to follow in his footsteps However girls are precluded. from joining so she must go in disguise Her early scenes in training are held together very. well especially when she takes flight in a runaway jellyfish balloon. So there are a lot of dichotomies in this novel and world mechanized technology v. biological technology boy protagonist v girl protagonist Allied Powers v the Central. Powers The technology conflict is presented in a very engaging manner with the Clankers. showing revulsion at the manipulated life forms while the Darwinists think the Clankers. some kinds of heretics for their devotion to mechanized technology. Fortunately Westerfeld populates his world and this novel in particular with fully realized. supporting characters Alek s retinue including the Count Volger as well as the mysterious. Dawinia who turns out to be Charles Darwin s granddaughter It is this character who. might come across as the most flippant at least initially As the story evolves so does her. character and the mystery behind her true purpose which seems to lead directly into the. next volume of the trilogy One might say it is a cliffhanger of an ending because of the big. tease Westerfeld give the readers On the other hand Leviathan is effective in setting up. the world giving good character development and providing a small sense of closure. In the end Scott Westerfeld does a lot of the things with this novel that have rightfully. earned him the reputation of a great storyteller He skillfully weaves Deryn and Alek s. stories towards their eventually meeting keeping tension high throughout He surrounds. the main characters with a great supporting cast and he puts all of these people in a. fascinating world with a great conflict that is a great mix of familiar and refreshingly new. Leviathan is only the opening novel of a series so the ending is just a beginning and in that. Westerfeld leaves me wanting more With classy and evocative illustrations by Keith. Thompson Leviathan is highly recommended, 2009 Rob H Bedford From http www sffworld com brevoff 573 html.
Here are some notes about the map from Keith Thompson explaining what all the. symbolism means,The Clanker Powers, Germany is a massive military machine with weapons aimed outwards to all surrounding. countries It points threateningly at Britain not so much as a sign of direct aggression but. more as an indicator that it was now Germany s turn to start a grand global Empire to. challenge the world s current one, Austria Hungary is an aggressive armoured giant teetering on shoddy foundations It is also. the primary aggressor in a land grab against Serbia with two bayonets piercing the border. The Ottoman empire is a teetering automaton collapsing under the weight of a paranoid. and ungainly spying network that gazes at Europe through many lenses and spy glasses. The Swiss watch ticks away the time comfortable to wait it all out. The Darwinist Powers, Britain is an militaristic lion beast with a Roman Imperial italic type helmet It sits upon a. mound of riches gathered from its Empire, France s elephant beast wearing the French kepi they started the war with before. adapting their firefighter helmets is influenced by the Elephantine Collossus built for the. Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris later it ended up going to the Moulin Rouge It also. represents France s huge significance in WWI which is something that tends to get a little. glossed over, Russia is a huge imperialist bear rotting and filled with maggots Russia collapsed during.
the real war, Serbia s imagery a skeleton is an indicator of the huge amounts of civilian deaths and. suffering they ll find themselves subject to, Norway and Sweden are both Scandinavian trolls in the style of John Bauer an incredible. and inspirational illustrator from the time who produced a lot of phenomenal work during. Portugal is a parrot for the Entente trying to goad a slumbering Spain into the war this was. based on something from a contemporary map and I m not totally sure about the. viewpoint s veracity but I couldn t resist the image and it seemed to match up with what I. knew of the situation, Ireland looks askance to Britain and brandishes a shillelagh An indicator of their very rough. relationship at the time and of their upcoming involvement with the Central powers. Italy is a clutch of snakes with intents on the Central powers despite existing agreements A. foreshadowing of their arrangements at the secret 1915 Treaty of London where they were. promised land in exchange for involvement It was heavily influenced by Italian Prime. Minister Antonio Salandra s open policy of serving Italy s self interest there s a great quote. where the notion of divine self interest is invoked but I can t dig it up unfortunately. From http scottwesterfeld com blog 2009 10 leviathan art the grand map. Activities,Remember Locating retrieving knowledge,Make a time line of events from the story. What animals are mentioned in the story and what impact influence do they have. Write an acrostic poem Leviathan or Clanker,Make an A to Z Chart of words from the story.
In your sketch pad and using a variety of art material draw what you regard as the. pivotal episode from the story, Write a top 5 facts about the world of Leviathan for a notice board display. Create your own graphic novel of an episode from the story as it is read as a serial. At the completion of the serial you will have your own mini graphic novel. Complete a crossword and word search based on Leviathan. Complete reading comprehension activities and a cloze activity based on the novel. Make a list of quotations from Leviathan and link them to the character that said it. Prepare a thumbnail sketch of characters from Leviathan including both appearance. and character Start with a simple web graphic organiser Prove the character traits. you ve attributed to characters by citing events from the story Use the Character. traits BLM provided, Children devise 5 quiz questions after reading a chapter of either story and test each. other after the book is completed, Understand Paraphrasing categorising extrapolating. Retell an episode in the story in your own words, Write a set of true or false questions about the story as part of a class quiz. Create a for sale advertisement for the walker What can they be used for other. than making war, Draw a cartoon comic of an important scene or event from the story.
What emotions was Alek and Deryn feeling at pivotal points in the story Children. determine the pivotal points and write a mini play highlighting dialogue between 2. characters such as between Deryn and Dr Barlow or between Alek and the Count. Ask children to determine what was the most important event or personal attribute. that helped Alek to survive Use a simple web graphic organiser to create a profile of. him Include a portrait of him in the style of the old royal portraits from the time. Complete a cause and consequence chart, Describe the job role of characters from the book Create a job advertisement for. their roles, Create a glossary of bid words like leviathan behemoth goliath etc. Apply Applying knowledge, Create your own collection of Clanker type artefacts. Create a story map for Leviathan including relevant information about events Use. the map provided in the end papers to help, Create a pop up book diorama or mural for an episode of the book. Create a missing persons poster or a wanted poster for Alek. List 2 problems in the book and how they are resolved. How does Deryn define bravery In what ways does she demonstrate bravery. Create a bravery award for her with a citation, Design a map of Deryn and Alek s respective journeys with captions and images.
highlighting important events, Design a newspaper front story as if Deryn was relating her experiences to a. journalist or an Austrian newspaper with a story about the assassination and. disappearance of the prince, Make a board game about the story Play Diplomacy or Risk. Design a poster for the library to illustrate one of Scott Westerfeld s books Find out. about the author, Create a model of one of the Clankers machine monsters. Create a PowerPoint project about tanks trench warfare airships thylacines the. Hindenburg disaster ironclad warships Political assassination World War One. Austria Hungary Switzerland or Charles Darwin, Analyse Distinguishing relevant from irrelevant determining points of view and how. elements fit and function within a structure, Write a commercial to sell the positives of Darwinist creations.
Create an action graph for selected episodes from the story. Prepare a fact file or oral report on the true causes of World War One. Complete a KLM for the book What have you learnt about the origins of World War. One or Steampunk novels, Create a Venn diagram for the Clanker world and Darwinist world or compare Alek at. the start of the story and at the end, Write a How to guide for an activity demonstrated in the book such as running in a. Walker or riding safely in a Huxley,Design a new front cover for the book. Write 5 questions you would ask the author Write to Scott Westerfeld. Create a list of the top 5 steampunk books students have read. Visit a transport war museum or war memorial and create a tourist brochure about. Create a Y Chart of an event from the story, Scott Westerfeld has released Behemoth the 2nd book in the trilogy and just. finished writing the 3rd book Goliath,Evaluating Checking and critiquing.
How could certain situations be handled differently than in the story Alek makes a. lot of mistakes For example what if he hadn t wanted to help the downed aircrew. Who would you be best friends with Why, Write a critical review of the story on an alternative DVD cover with an illustration of. what you believe is the most important episode from the story. Using De bono s six hats to discuss what the main characters do at dangerous points. in the story How do they survive, If the book was being made into a movie what changes would you make. Complete a Literary character report card for one of the characters Use your own. Draw a pivotal episode from the story as a puzzle Compare what other children. considered an important event, If you included yourself in the story who would you be Why. Create generating planning and producing, Create a new domestic fab to help around the house Plan a marketing campaign. Write an alternate ending for the story Write an additional chapter. Create a crossword for Leviathan using Puzzlemaker. Write a postcard as if you were Deryn to her brother telling about some of her. adventures, Develop a book report about the story using a format of your own which we can put.
on the school s web site, Create your own Leviathan PowerPoint presentation Children will recall elements. of the story characters problem solution and events on slides. The PowerPoint should consist of 5 slides,1 The title. 2 Character slide listing the important characters facts about them and a. 3 The problem Describe the major problems faced by the characters What is. the main plot and 2 sub plots,4 Solution Describe the solution to the problem. 5 Summary A summary of the story,Reading Comprehension. The Austrian horses glinted in the moonlight their riders standing tall in the saddle swords. raised Behind them two ranks of diesel powered walking machines stood ready to fire. cannon aimed over the heads of the cavalry A zeppelin scouted no man s land at the center. of the battlefield its metal skin sparkling, The French and British infantry crouched behind their fortifications a letter opener an ink.
jar and a line of fountain pens knowing they stood no chance against the might of the. Austro Hungarian Empire But a row of Darwinist monsters loomed behind them ready to. devour any who dared retreat, The attack had almost begun when Prince Aleksandar thought he heard someone outside. He took a guilty step toward his bed then froze in place listening hard Trees stirred in a. soft breeze outside but otherwise the night was silent Mother and Father were in Sarajevo. after all The servants wouldn t dare disturb his sleep. Alek turned back to his desk and began to move the cavalry forward grinning as the battle. neared its climax The Austrian walkers had completed their bombardment and it was time. for the tin horses to finish off the woefully outnumbered French It had taken all night to set. up the attack using an imperial tactics manual borrowed from Father s study. It seemed only fair that Alek have some fun while his parents were off watching military. maneuvers He d begged to be taken along to see the mustered ranks of soldiers striding. past in real life to feel the rumble of massed fighting machines through the soles of his. It was Mother of course who had forbidden it his studies were more important than. parades as she called them She didn t understand that military exercises had more to. teach him than musty old tutors and their books One day soon Alek might be piloting one. of those machines,War was coming after all Everyone said so. The last tin cavalry unit had just crashed into the French lines when the soft sound came. from the hallway again jingling like a ring of keys. Alek turned peering at the gap beneath his bed chamber s double doors Shadows shifted. along the sliver of moonlight and he heard the hiss of whispers. Someone was right outside, Silent in bare feet he swiftly crossed the cold marble floor sliding into bed just as the door. creaked open Alek narrowed his eyes to a slit wondering which of the servants was. checking on him, Moonlight spilled into the room making the tin soldiers on his desk glitter Someone slipped. inside graceful and dead silent The figure paused staring at Alek for a moment then crept. toward his dresser Alek heard the wooden rasp of a drawer sliding open. His heart raced None of the servants would dare steal from him. But what if the intruder were something worse than a thief His father s warnings echoed in. You have had enemies from the day you were born, A bell cord hung next to his bed but his parents rooms were empty With Father and his.
bodyguard in Sarajevo the closest sentries were quartered at the other end of the trophy. hall fifty meters away, Alek slid one hand under his pillow until his fingers touched the cold steel of his hunting. knife He lay there holding his breath grasping the handle tightly repeating to himself his. father s other watchword,Surprise is more valuable than strength. Another figure came through the door then boots clomping a piloting jacket s metal clips. jingling like keys on a ring The figure tromped straight toward his bed. Young master Wake up, Alek let go of the knife expelling a sigh of relief It was just old Otto Klopp his master of. The first figure began rifling through the dresser pulling at clothes. The young prince has been awake all along Wildcount Volger s low voice said A bit of. advice Your Highness When pretending to be asleep it is advisable not to hold one s. Alek sat up and scowled His fencing master had an annoying knack for seeing through. What s the meaning of this, You re to come with us young master Otto mumbled studying the marble floor The. archduke s orders,My father He s back already, He left instructions Count Volger said with the same infuriating tone he used during.
fencing lessons He tossed a pair of Alek s trousers and a piloting jacket onto the bed. Alek stared at them half outraged and half confused. Like young Mozart Otto said softly In the archduke s stories. Alek frowned remembering Father s favorite tales about the great composer s upbringing. Supposedly Moz art s tutors would wake him in the middle of the night when his mind was. raw and defenseless and thrust musical lessons upon him It all sounded rather. disrespectful to Alek, He reached for the trousers You re going to make me compose a fugue. An amusing thought Count Volger said But please make haste. We have a walker waiting behind the stables young master Otto s worried face made an. attempt at a smile You re to take the helm, A walker Alek s eyes widened Piloting was one part of his studies he d gladly get out of. bed for He slipped quickly into the clothes, Yes your first night lesson Otto said handing Alek his boots. Alek pulled them on and stood then fetched his favorite pilot s gloves from the dresser his. footsteps echoing on the marble floor, Quietly now Count Volger stood by the chamber doors He cracked them and peered out. into the hall, We re to sneak out Your Highness Otto whispered Good fun this lesson Just like young.
The three of them crept down the trophy hall Master Klopp still clomping Volger gliding. along in silence Paintings of Alek s ancestors the family who had ruled Austria for six. hundred years lined the hallway their subjects staring down with unreadable expressions. The antlers of his father s hunting trophies cast tangled shadows like a moonlit forest Every. footstep was magnified by the stillness of the castle and questions echoed in Alek s mind. Wasn t it dangerous piloting a walker at night And why was his fencing master coming. along Count Volger preferred swords and horses over soulless mechaniks and had little. tolerance for commoners like old Otto Master Klopp had been hired for his piloting skills. not his family name,Volger Alek began,Quiet boy the wildcount spat. Anger flashed inside Alek and a curse almost burst from his mouth even if it ruined their. stupid game of sneaking out, It was always like this To the servants he might be the young archduke but nobles like. Volger never let Alek forget his position Thanks to his mother s common blood he wasn t fit. to inherit royal lands and titles His father might be heir to an empire of fifty million souls. but Alek was heir to nothing, Volger himself was only a wildcount no farmlands to his name just a bit of forest but. even he could feel superior to the son of a lady in waiting. Alek managed to stay quiet though letting his anger cool as they stole through the vast and. darkened banquet kitchens Years of insults had taught him how to bite his tongue and. disrespect was easier to swallow with the prospect of piloting ahead. One day he would have his revenge Father had promised The marriage contract would be. changed somehow and Alek s blood made royal,Even if it meant defying the emperor himself. From http www penguin com au products 9780670073030 leviathan book 1 extract. 1 List 2 words in the first paragraph that describe how objects look in the. 2 How are the French and British fortification descried in the second. 3 Where are Aleksandar s parents Find it on a map What country is it the. capital of, 4 What is Alek playing Where has he set them up How long had it taken.
to set them up,5 Draw an Austrian soldier in 1914 uniform. 6 What is the sound made by the whispers in the hallway. 7 What was Alek s fathers warning to him Use a portrait of Franz. Ferdinand with a speech bubble to answer this question. 8 How far away were the sentries from Alek s room, 9 Count Volger said When pretending to be asleep you shouldn t. 10 What famous composer was supposedly woken up in the middle of the. night and taught musical lessons Find a portrait of him on the internet. and list 3 of his famous pieces of work, 11 Otto said that Alek was to take his first night lesson in a. 12 How long had Alek s family ruled Austria,13 Would Alek one day become emperor of Austria. 14 Draw a comic of what happens next or write a telegram from Alek to his. father telling him what happened next Investigate what a telegram. looked like and re create it Use no more than 30 words to tell your.

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