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2006 Jason E Zinza, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or by any information storage or retrieval. system without written permission from Sign Media Inc. ISBN 1 881133 20 6,How to order, Copies may be ordered from Sign Media Inc 4020 Blackburn Lane Burtonsville MD 20866 1167 For. credit card orders place your order online at www signmedia com or phone 1 800 475 4756. For my parents because they gave me this language,and for my students who wish to learn it. TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S, Acknowledgments ix Deaf Culture Note Labels Identity 48. Student Introduction xi Vocabulary In the Classroom 50. Becoming Acquainted Master ASL Level One xiii Focus What is deafness What is Deafness. Things to Know xv What is Deaf culture 52 53,Structure The Signed Question Mark 54.
Unit One Welcome Vocabulary Making Conversation 55. Unit 1 Vocabulary Key Phrases 2 Lesson The Days of the Week 57. Meet the Characters 3 Vocabulary Signing About Activities 59. Lesson Greetings 4 Structure When signs 59, Vocabulary How are you 5 Receptive Skills My Routine 60. Structure Vocabulary When 61,Conjugating To Be 6 Structure The WH Signs 64. Eye Contact 8 Vocabulary Making More Conversation 66. Closing Signals 9 Journal Activities 68,Lesson Names 9 Review Unit 2 69 70. Structure One word replies 10,Lesson Introductions 11. Unit Three Getting to Know You,Vocabulary Introductions 12.
Unit 3 Vocabulary Key Phrases 72,Deaf Culture Note Interacting With Deaf People 14. Receptive Skills Where are you from 73,Structure The Question Maker 15. Vocabulary Where are you from 73,Vocabulary Making Conversation 17. Lesson Where do you live 74,Lesson Signing Good bye 19. Vocabulary,Vocabulary Farewells 20,Background Signs 75.
Focus How Do People Learn ASL 22 23,Interests 77,Structure Facial Expressions. Non Manual Signals 25 States Provinces 78 79, Vocabulary Signing with Facial Expressions 26 Lesson Names of Cities Towns 81. Lesson Using Non Manual Signals 28 Vocabulary,Vocabulary Using NMS 29 Well Known City Signs 82. Structure Signing Yes and No 30 Distance 83, Vocabulary Conversation 30 Deaf Culture Note Name Signs 84. Journal Activities 33 Focus Is Sign Language Universal 86 87. Review Unit 1 34 35 Structure Topic Comment Structure 88. Vocabulary Topic Comment 89,Structure Possessive Signs 92.
Unit Two Getting Started,Vocabulary,Unit 2 Vocabulary Key Phrases 38 Colors 93. Receptive Skills My Advice 39 Favorites 94,Vocabulary My Advice 39 Email 96. Lesson Asking for Help 40 Lesson Numbers Questions I 98. Vocabulary Directionality 41 Structure Numbers 1 5 99. Structure The WH Face 42 Vocabulary Addresses Telephones 99 100. Receptive Skills I don t understand 43 Lesson Numbers Questions II 103. Vocabulary,Helpful Signs 44,Activities 47,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Vocabulary Vocabulary,Birthday Variations 103 Physical Qualities 156. Months of the Year 104 Personal Qualities 157,Seasons 105 Receptive Skills Friends 158.
Major Holidays 106 Vocabulary More Qualities 159, Lesson Talking About the Weather 109 Journal Activities 161. Vocabulary Review Unit 4 162 163,The Basics 109,Weather 110. Unit Five School Days,Journal Activities 112,Unit 5 Vocabulary Key Phrases 166. Review Unit 3 113 114,Receptive Skills Where do you go to school 167. Vocabulary Where do you go to school 167,Review Units 1 3 115 118.
Lesson Places Around Campus 168,Vocabulary,Unit Four Family Friends. School Locations 169, Unit 4 Vocabulary Key Phrases 120 Conversation 170. Receptive Skills What s your family like 121 Vocabulary Personnel 171. Vocabulary What s your family like 121 Lesson School Personnel 172. Lesson Signing About Family 122 Structure The Agent Marker 174. Vocabulary Vocabulary,Family Size 122 Activities 175. Family Members 123 More Locations 176,Family Signs 125 Lesson What are You Studying 179. Related Signs 127 Vocabulary, Structure Gender Distinction in ASL 128 What Year are You 180.
Lesson Contrastive Structure 130 Education 181, Structure Shoulder Shifting 131 Coursework 183 184. Vocabulary Household Pets 133 Computer Variations 184. Deaf Culture Note Deaf Family Dynamics 134 Focus Deaf Education Decisions. Structure The Age Spot 134 135 Controversies 186 187. Lesson Signing Age 135 136 Structure Initialization 188. Vocabulary Age Related Signs 137 Deaf Culture Note Gallaudet University 190. Structure Listing Ordering Technique 138 Lesson Classifiers 192. Focus The Deaf Experience the Arts 140 141 Structure Identifying Classifiers 193. Vocabulary Life Events 142 Vocabulary Classifiers 193. Receptive Skills My family 143 Structure,Lesson Friends Relationships 144 CL 1 194. Vocabulary Friendship 145 CL 195,Deaf Culture Note Friendship Patterns CL 3 196. in the Deaf Community 146 Receptive Skills Accident 197. Structure Conjugating Verbs To Go 147 Lesson Signing Time 199. Vocabulary Relationships 149 Vocabulary Time 199, Structure How to fix mistakes 150 Structure Time Spot 200. Lesson Pronouns II 152 Vocabulary Beginnings Endings 201. Structure Pronouns and Number 153 Structure Multiple Meanings 203. Lesson Describing Qualities 156 Journal Activities 205. Review Unit 5 206 207,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Vocabulary.
Unit Six Sports Activities,Signing Every 257,Unit 6 Vocabulary Key Phrases 210. Every Days 258,Receptive Skills The Storytelling Competition 211. Morning Routines 259,Vocabulary The Storytelling Competition 211. Evening Routines 261,Lesson Sports Activities 212,Structure Spatial Organization 262. Vocabulary,Receptive Skills Activities 266,Signing About Sports 213.
Lesson Personal Hygiene Care 267,Sports 214,Vocabulary Frequency 267. Deaf Culture Note The Football Huddle 219,Lesson Household Activities 270. Structure Experience Finish 220,Vocabulary Household Activities 271. Vocabulary Signing About Activities 222,Structure Nouns verbs pairs in ASL 273. Structure The Five Parameters 224,Lesson Signing About Clothing 275.
Lesson Classifiers CL 5 225,Vocabulary The Right Clothes 275. Vocabulary CL 5 225,Focus The Sign Language Continuum 276 277. Focus The Literature of American,Vocabulary Clothing 278. Sign Language 225 227,Deaf Culture Note Turn taking. Exchanging Information 281,CL Bent V 228,Lesson Describing Clothing 283.
CL B Base B 228,Vocabulary Describing Clothing 283. Vocabulary,Lesson Classifiers CL C 286,Classifiers 229. Vocabulary Classifiers 286,ASL Storytelling 230,Journal Activities 288. Review Unit 7 289 290,Using Tense in ASL 231,Tense Markers 231. Tense Syntax 231 Unit Eight Describing People, Lesson Signing in the Past Tense 232 Unit 8 Vocabulary Key Phrases 292.
Vocabulary The Past 233 Receptive Skills My Grandfather 293. Receptive Skills Dummy Hoy 235 Vocabulary My Grandfather 293. Vocabulary Dummy Hoy 236 Lesson Describing People 294. Lesson Signing in the Future Tense 236 Vocabulary Describing the Body 295. Vocabulary The Future 237 Lesson Signing Ethnicity 297. Lesson The Rule of 9 240 241 Vocabulary Ethnicity 297. Vocabulary Duration 240 Structure Alternative Ethnicity Signs 299. Structure Tense Markers Number 242 Deaf Culture Note Deaf Native Americans 299. Journal Activities 244 Lesson Describing Hairstyles 301. Review Unit 6 245 246 Vocabulary Hairstyles 301,Receptive Skills A Good Hair Day 303. Review Units 4 6 247 252 Focus Sometimes Normal Sometimes Disabled. Sometimes Handicapped 304 305,Lesson Describing Characteristics 307. Unit Seven My Daily Routine,Vocabulary Characteristics 307. Unit 7 Vocabulary Key Phrases 254,Receptive Skills My Friend Tara 310. Receptive Skills What s Your Routine 255,Lesson Signing About Health 312.
Vocabulary What s Your Routine 255,Lesson Daily Routines Activities 256. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Vocabulary Health 313,Unit Ten Making Plans. Structure Location Changes 315,Unit 10 Vocabulary Key Terms 362. Lesson Describing the Natural World 316,Receptive Skills Making Plans 363. Vocabulary Natural World 317,Vocabulary Making Plans 363.
Journal Activities 319,Lesson Signing About Work and Study 364. Review Unit 8 320 321,Vocabulary Work and Study 366. Structure Signing To Be 367,Review Units 7 8 322 327. Lesson Going to the Grocery Store 371,Vocabulary,Unit Nine My Home Community. Fruits Vegetables 372,Unit 9 Vocabulary Key Phrases 330 Meat Dairy 373.
Receptive Skills What s Your Hometown Like 331 Desserts Sweets 374. Vocabulary What s Your Hometown Like 331 Meals Fast Food 376. Lesson Where Do You Live 332 Lesson A Trip to the Zoo 378. Vocabulary Types of Housing 332 Vocabulary Animals 379. Structure Have 333 Receptive Skills The San Diego Zoo 381. Vocabulary Places Around the House 335 Journal Activities 382. Structure Spatial Visualization 336 337,Review Unit 10 383 384. Lesson Places Around Town 339, Vocabulary Places Around Town 339 Review Units 9 10 385 389. Focus The Deaf and Hearing Worlds 342 343,Structure Using CL Claw With Spatialization 344. Deaf Culture Note Collective Values 346,Vocabulary and Subject Index 391. Lesson Signing About Money 347,Vocabulary Money Signs 348.
Structure Money Signs 348,Receptive Skills Lost Found 350. Lesson Getting Around Town 352,Vocabulary Getting Around Town 352. Structure Using CL Bent V 353,Receptive Skills My Commute 355. Journal Activities 358,Review Unit 9 359 360,ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The cover of Master ASL Level One features only my name but behind it stretch the names of students. teachers reviewers professors editors artists illustrators sign models and more simply too many to list. individually but incomplete if just one is overlooked In the limited space below I thank those people who are my. foundation my unflagging advocates and my tireless partners in the pursuit of excellence Foremost I am grateful. to Dr Marilyn Severson Dr Luke Reinsma Dr Kathryn Bartholomew Dr John West and Dr Susan Van Zanten. Gallagher of Seattle Pacific University for being outstanding servant scholar role models I emulate each in my. teaching and passion for the learning process which leads me to acknowledge the many students I have taught at. the high school community college and university levels truly my students are my teachers I appreciate beyond. words their patience and insight as they provided feedback on my ideas materials and teaching methods As with. any textbook this work belongs to them Fortunately for them Master ASL took a different path and relies on. the insight into language learning and teaching inspired by Dr Penelope Eckert and Dr Eve Clark of Stanford. University Additionally a heartfelt thank you goes to Dr Samuel Mbongo of the University of California at. Berkeley for sparking the inquiry that led me here Tell me about your culture. Special gratitude goes to those who encouraged me throughout this long project Dana Vollmar Aundrea Love. Stephanie Pintello Glenna Ashton Alysse Rasmussen my Mission Springs family who constantly rallied support. and delivered much needed pats on the back all my proud coda brothers and sisters and my colleagues at the. Center for American Sign Language Literacy at Gallaudet University Without them Master ASL simply would. The Level One sign models were poised and articulate from start to finish even after long days spent under bright. lights Krystle Berrigan Rita Corey Chris Corrigan Maher Eshgi and Kami Padden have each placed their own. stamp on the overall character of Master ASL and I am grateful for it Similarly the artists and illustrators. whose works fill these pages elevate ASL instruction and the field of sign illustrations to a new level of excellence. This project could not have been possible without the dedication of my editor Barbara Olmert and my. Producer Director Verden Ness at Sign Media Inc A note to aspiring writers and curriculum developers You. want to work with Barbara and Verden While they may have privately rued the fateful day we sat and discussed. my ideas I cannot think of anybody who has been more enthusiastic supportive and excited about Master ASL. In closing I am keenly aware that I wrote this book it is Barbara that brought it to fruition I am lucky to have. worked so closely with such an outstanding woman, And lastly I owe everything to my community my culture my people of the eye.
STUDENT INTRODUCTION, Welcome to Master ASL Level One This textbook introduces you to American Sign Language ASL the. language used by the majority of Deaf Americans and to the culture of the Deaf World The Master ASL series was. developed in response to the tide of interest in American Sign Language among people of all ages and is designed. to provide a thorough foundation for using ASL as a second language with your Deaf neighbors children. coworkers and friends, In the not so distant past few hearing individuals aside from children of Deaf adults and those who worked. closely with the Deaf knew ASL Signing in public drew stares quizzical looks and often mocking or teasing by. people amused by the sight of individuals talking with their hands In this environment the Deaf community came. together and formed a close tight knit culture where ASL flourished and being Deaf was not considered a. handicap but simply a way of life Today the Deaf community forms one of many minority cultural groups in the. United States and Canada and interest in learning ASL has surged bringing with it greater opportunities for. mutual benefit Using ASL in public is now a common and proud experience for both Deaf and hearing people. While attitudes are changing more work remains to be done Though ASL and Deaf individuals are seen on TV in. movies the theater restaurants stores and crowded classrooms many people view deafness as an obstacle or a. pitiable handicap Deaf individuals are routinely denied employment because companies are uncertain how Deaf. employees can communicate with their hearing colleagues applicants for driver s licenses are asked Can Deaf. people drive and the many contributions the Deaf have made to the larger hearing society are generally. unknown and overlooked As quickly as an ASL class is offered it is filled with students who often think ASL is an. easy language and other language teachers administrators and counselors reflect this misunderstanding as. Do not be misled by these gross misunderstandings and myths surrounding American Sign Language ASL is not. easier to learn than spoken languages ASL is a unique visual language that does not simply match a sign to an. English word Instead ASL has its own grammar structure and specific features that pose a challenge to learn. like other spoken languages Indeed students of ASL must develop a pleasing visual accent exactly like learning a. satisfactory accent in spoken languages The best way to learn any language is by direct frequent contact with the. people who use the language on a daily basis Take a chance and initiate signed conversations with Deaf people. The following pages provide you with an introduction to several important aspects of American Sign Language. that will assist your experience with Master ASL Level One Take a few minutes to read these pages and refer. to the DVD that accompanies this text You will use both the text and DVD as a study guide to help you learn. American Sign Language,Jason E Zinza,www masterasl com. BECOMING ACQUAINTED MASTER ASL LEVEL ONE, Master ASL Level One includes a student textbook student companion and a DVD. In the textbook you will find extensive lessons on. Language Structure, ASL Up Close highlighting important functions of ASL grammar.
Eyes On ASL presenting the basic rules of signing in ASL. Accent Steps tips and advice to help hearing students improve their ASL skills. Expression Corner exposing students to ASL idioms phrases and expressions. Deaf Culture Notes featuring relevant aspects of Deaf culture. ASL Focus a two page section examining an important issue in the Deaf World. Did You Know sections presenting information about the Deaf World. Deaf Culture Minute explaining cultural tidbits, I Want to Know answering common questions about ASL. Comparison Reflection,Exposure to Deaf art,Poetry and other writings by Deaf authors. Journal opportunities to analyze and reflect on aspects of ASL Deaf culture and the Deaf experience. Student Companion Fingerspelling Numbers and Glossing. The student companion includes, ASL Fingerspelling including 200 exercises to develop fingerspelling skills. ASL Numbers with more than 150 exercises provided to develop ASL numerical skills. Glossing instruction and exercises to assist students to become familiar with the notation system used by many. people within the fields of ASL and Deaf studies, A glossary for linguistic social and cultural terms addressed in Master ASL. DVD segments are highlighted in the textbook with the DVD icon The DVD component contains. Select dialogues from each unit, Narratives that incorporate the language and cultural skills featured in each unit.
Shorter narratives on a variety of topics relevant to each unit. Language and structure lessons with examples on each feature of ASL grammar covered in the text. Examples of ASL literature including ABC and classifier stories handshape rhymes and number stories. THINGS TO KNOW,Important Terms, Explanations of all terms in bold are found in the glossary section of the Student Companion Fingerspelling. Numbers and Glossing,Eye Contact, The most important background knowledge to have before learning American Sign Language is to understand the. role of eye contact In Deaf culture not maintaining eye contact during a conversation is considered rude. Develop or improve the habit of looking people in the eye as you sign to others and as you watch others sign to. you Your eyes are like your ears Breaking eye contact signals that you aren t paying attention are day dreaming. or don t wish to participate in the conversation Keep in mind that maintaining eye contact does not mean to stare. You may be surprised how quickly your ASL teacher notices that you don t have eye contact Since Deaf people. generally rely on their eyes far more than hearing people broken eye contact is easily spotted. The Sign Space, An important concept to understand is the ASL sign space This refers to the area in. which most signs are made in normal conversation Signing outside the sign space is. uncomfortable on your hands wrists and shoulders Generally most signs are. centered to the right or left of your middle torso. Which Hand Do I Use, Sign with the hand that feels most comfortable and natural for you which tends to be. the hand with which you write The hand you use most often to sign with is called the. dominant hand and the other is called the non dominant hand Switching the. dominant and non dominant hands in conversation is a common error that should be. avoided If you are left handed and your teacher is right handed you do not need to. match or produce mirror image signs Allow your eyes and brain to tell your hands The ASL Sign Space. what to do,Dominant Left Hand Dominant Right Hand,.

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